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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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compelling to journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued by about the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light, how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? and late that ribbon, al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin, in dough hand. these are the top stories on al jazeera. u. k. has rejected threats from france to block it's boats from french ports, saying that's a breach of international law. the french government says it needs more licenses for its fishermen, u. k. waters, or it may impose sanctions. it is very disappointing to see the comments that came from france yesterday. we believe visa, disappointing,
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and disproportionate and not what we'd expect from a close ally and partner the measures being threatened did not appear to be compatible with the trade in co operation agreement or wider international law. and if carried through will be met with an appropriate and calibrated response point on so, so it's time for us to get respect to i stand by the facts. we issued threats and pursued dialogue until now, since allowed our fishermen to have a bit of a half of the fishing licenses, we have to also see the glass half full, but that's not enough and not acceptable at all. so now we need to speak the language of strength. since that seems to be the only thing the smartest government understands to complain. and re, simmons has more from london. there is an intent on the part of the french at so really shows britain it means business over the issue of fishing licenses. now this applies to the 6 to 12 miles zone on the shore lines of britain. and there
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particularly annoyed with only 15 out of 47 applications for fishing licenses, getting through now a british say that isn't the case. there's much more generosity on the part of britain, but know the french are intent on going through with, if there's no response from the british to placate them. a series of measures against britain banning fishing vessels from the french coastline to offloading shellfish. now whether that will have much effect is unclear because only around 5 percent of exports are actually landed. that way, the main area is a freight, but the french are saying they will put customs checks, extra customs checks right across the board. not just on seafood, but also all goods coming into the port. so that is a big escalation. and you heard that george eustace environment minister for the u . k. saying that as far as he's concerned that there will be appropriate and
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calibrated response to this. if these sanctions, as a whole list of them are applied on november, the 2nd that's next tuesday, so at the time is ticking away on this crisis. and right now it looks as if it's escalating to the us. now i'm president joe biden is expected to announce a new framework for his social spending plan. the white house is bad and believe this version will win that the supportive old democrats something that will be necessary for it to pass in congress. the package initially came with a $3.00 trillion dollar price tag, but he said he thinks he can push through the revised deal for up to one point. 9000000000. sedans, military leader has sacked at least 6 ambassadors as international pressure grows against monday's comb. yeah, african union has suspended cartoon and the world bank has put aide on hold. pakistan's government is threatening to crack down on a band group. after full police officers were killed that reli neela,
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whole members of the to re key the back party and demanding the release of their later farm is inter lanka were protesting against the lack of fertilizer. as the cultivation season gets underway, the shortage follows a government decisions have been all agra, chemicals. the band is part of a government clamped down on what it called non essential import. during a foreign currency conscious. rushes capital has shut down for 11 days, as the country deals with the record number of new corona virus cases and related deaths. only 32 percent of russians are fully vaccinated. residents letting me put and also ordered a paid nationwide wake long holiday to try to put a stop to rising infections. and hungry, introduced a string of new measures to combat a 4th wave of corona virus infections. their employees of state institutions and other companies will require vaccinations. those are the headlines. i'm emily
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angland. the news continues here on al jazeera, after when, ah ah, yes, a bundle with a into a, a, a
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with, [000:00:00;00] with us, you know, they won't be, it will have, you know, there's no sad see, but i thought those book, you have a more post, a. c roster, low, pretty big ego in done. i, let's be the most. they like go back people even agreement already. so if that was like me, there was a bus, i will still in the my this year or later, but it, he says he has a, he is
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a battle is so maybe see and think that may be the other the ways. yeah. it's like it was getting them out of a do the stuff as you know. i mean already got you a ah. 1 with
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mm close and you sent as a courtesy minima have yet visit eagles. got a government was a government they since would out. so program on the left of eunice you and then eventually for money on is americans. the me that it just go with. but i think that a company and medical money emo's your lab last night master gala, both of his mother listen to continue your alice. but. but i think he's contin separately. disclosing even with his program or the glove, you got him in abbey a go to the london tele,
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viscous mess. emphases make amusements and used to was he stay mccorkle? let me know the name isn't it, but even if they don't like this it then they go. science ah but at the local local oakland said about april they did as a me log in to spend waiving mentally and on the president and put a $79.00 mafioso hole in illinois. those me a pretty severe little color, put low, pushy soon can. i will not change my status. the live close to like here i lost caterpillars, a leather, olga level candle nesbit. i'll give you lindsay finelli make of more beth. it is on the same as the one about the lucy with one of your live together like a novel ve marcella, base gray, and this is pick the list indic novels are comment seldomly wine recorded when it
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up by the room was really grandma quality book. but of love for my little boys in those me though say it pet peeve of this. yes, pretty lord. overt el paseo canal, apple. you the own. she got them in the article de la visa, alto than i mean other possible from the law comment and sort of got a little precedent. but i guarantee, sadly, alex yonder can be that of pena law, present that uncommon, gallant bit of pick to latino vill electoral dilemma. though. napoleonic three's de delivery soon pro mature medical, our land of your linear competitor may, he could at of his input dentistry, for damascus. and on base more there. oh, no. oh, larosa pu atlas bonder this is the minimum in september that it was mika dorothy, may he quit his 2 hour now the last barrel disco, heavy us as we stood here, what in take place is to the enters compass, you know, say well,
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for another cargo see this up at his heels, pull up police he a leveling quincy, not of any service. ah! in damascus. pico pity, hope and deliver to see them equally. escalate the mortality base assess ability and government deployed correspondence. pull that legal, la garza, blank of angelica benito wellness gun. the look at the level combo level under lexi students have their own. a monsoon major nadia cons to either. but ella, but a couple of students yell boon consorts from a he can i come your own and norma contract to figure out yet is but is least,
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or is to predict who had been mailed over lucy, that implacable number, 17 bit of an entirely scandalous banassi vo because we're counselors, louanda, king corral will be at martino kendrick remedy on them. nissan you, on the 16th, was me jonas ever ladies for thomas as his place and basically precedent opinion for him that i like was tisha ackerman. yes. wiki pasta. listen. p 0 willingness for lack of you. novelist, us your emmy's amy reecy physical response. so really, lisa, leave it up that be breeza you. they can progress young, leave it without his government done by yourself yet, but his sierra, scantily read, that makes but if you library last year on that a while ago, i did it. me now. they see almost boyd, nest royalty. oh oh this is that alone. these again, not being admitted to i said look,
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is that as he in though this is i will home of these in gave i'm of what i love about. yeah. and it was all no decent gazed is, will not roberto a lot even better. expos, young. he guy mobile won't go they. he, they will have that is he does, he does. john is absolutely didn't. jerry's episode of he looses foot has put a beat that he loves to synthesize me to feed my 60 kansas one. okay, so let putting people, both the content will go to the base this up at a seo, the only special meatica being when delinquent. great. gotta bennington cover con, difficult vis burnett and kate, we're not picking up that he chatted. but i me. so to put his glass hang 50 in the 1st book, his record. so c, dekota said this be the of am if he say me or not, i just you on
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a proposal contract that they're going to describe in mrs. those those missiles. i think what it was miss, can see if up your view of it is it is a seamless with where you put like a venus isa. like i wasn't fatal alex, i was at the stage up. i lazy was no, you lose your list. i b as the actual what the fuel settle is on focus woke on the a spoke. did he bump? isn't there is also there was an would be physically me, he call the gun us. does the monica see or gym. they those pushing woozy when they've been a portion of them about something been seen over to the mega. got those amazing dividends. the single isn't it. i love it. that is missouri. my son does this or john and j miserable. so we've seen him as a physician and pest had a field meta, cut him in. what i said about somebody,
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i live in america. alca ok with lucas and look him to look as usual. i can develop his hypocrite, a lady called madison. lindsey cannot and sort of this year. i mean that was really a job. they got me. they only got 3 staff on a 2nd. the name was micky, going to when we had to come in and maybe when a man or negative to get the new leader thought it was literally for the machine could be. so they're going to be showing up the shift. amy, maybe a continuum of the going to be for margaret of going on monday. now
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mrs. thomas is closest bassio's back in plenty to claim a, b c. d as in the phone. so we need to play mccord tcm for us. i don't maybe search for felicia to put to another level of express. you got them and save you into a much better business unit. so be less. it was on this and food in a base. it isn't a fuser. it doesn't give us a bone cell spread on it. tina those
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say this this, this is he he hours he has done most work was your so yeah, of course was telling me he could pop up to the media to protect journalist because when i, when i went ahead check acidic i like the fence. i know the deli, with that explanation yield, i spoke with significant other a to castle eve to cut them in the discipline. young l. e. a. peter, this is the algebra. feel now come to fulfill public komatsu to class for letting us young. good dinner. m, o v, as in latisha clinical benefited, are let ellis, uncle michel knuckles at n thought. you end up with seattle de la, and i guess, okay, i see them well, the esl teacher piano, they'll be in a federal out a kiss or kisse. i will send okay, ill put you down to the law republica instead of yahoo sandal a. so is boy blynn medical means you that they get kia, all combine in the living guns. they ran j. e. they knew these young didn't pull their political and gone. glad this was, but he does get to resemble the busy as young velocity brought on the the value,
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the government bill of facilities. the lumina pania, one of the rules myself from otp in my, your rating commitment, the it on exit 2 of so little. but it made you, i presume, bruce. okay, now the i'm be double gunman. i could conduct comparable model establishment. barbara and denise, i'm clues, young be worse. most part but if it were al is their birth is 10000000 results? if that will result in a car. yeah. appear, eustace global gunner, yes. bridge element are coming up. the street theatre, mistress politicos and illegal can pima mean take? i mean, you can ask a better deal, any question to look at the map in dallas with the main thing is true. so that if it could either come back with a pretty bad hey,
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is up with getting that delivery sooner. but the it but the let the ladies you better go, wedding grandy and impossible for her. letterman le balaban, the van bronesi the leg up as he got a formal letter. cicada lake there, quist. you only go look here. this was his thing. no sandpiper. people cannot provokes you build these multiple cavities, compet fever, and we've seen the city that has atlas in people for centers with other put sampling this coming monday, a mostly pretty little cindy fabulous evils. common grandmother mice could take alex clement was in say to be hit either hill. doubleclick ottoman.
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no. so be otherwise. pull up a ladder. no. so be a chill concierge is the most was double inflammation. no soviet his bit doubled. no, still connected over the end up in as alameda, they succeeded. yeah. they've been using them in to live union to sing for them in to us in playlist. i will it also pussy thought assess what a for america tv levels that government no support v as in tony said, be who asia, the selling dependency, but then they see the europe returning momento thou have elastically this, but i continue to have a hand mentor split but overlap extending program and before putting that meant where the as early as good either the was i was of us. allah was a little more. you got to be all all by visual come up when she goes
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with me there in aleck, come away. you see, what do you see? well, with wendy, wendy, wendy, is they are the one is the more she goes to look at their mom and rosemont not home to food shop with chocolate nurses. you know that there was an incident with them. was supposed to go to a bonus division in this. is it going up? what is it under protect hazelynn near though you know you misty as young as he don't remember he's young disease or this with this is the the center today. he has to be shown this with, this is a, this is a daughter with several hall. no say they go, look, there was something i'm embarrassed to come on. we as the person that the black. yes. think of the in the you would have to call those are love the, but it's on argue give, is it on political mindy, m. o me the unknown is to say, going with them present. they may end up on the head low by most of them, and out of the matter. don't believe nobody. they always fails in
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a law. it means more. the other then, no jeep again. this young joke. okay, what is the one without the melinda whoever was in really, really, really good. a good plan again. tina and it, they. busy were no longer the sell to list a more out of the local role with louis him to go in for, you know, in wake up in any of this anticipate she spent alternative people know they lee since hear them very, to put it on the way she best been america that if you look pretty as a lease moment, he can yet about what it meant to be shown and maybe the answer could ruthlessly. maybe he could be
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a huge mental super annoying place. the better to post below say samples which they those can figured out and fixed it this year because he'll be the new policy of those federal welding that so, but as we go through, so course bill, have you been a few of them? think opinion josefina, somebody calls us, including this comes from like a sub lanka calling me gosh, for much wanted to copy, but it can also go to see other than that, that it is a similar way. still you have to with moist, nobody could poodle past. the black, yellow proceeding in british names that thought simply meant the noise in megan, this is feed it harder here that i'm more will present them. and again, as it goes through the diagnosis, it was sent in black. your pulse is present to me because he's a kid cuz he did of oliver's wasn't giving us. the lesson is good as a millennia that on any of the times while president them and general when you need
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to play this is this, i will, this is where the board the present the again, or to give it any of the blood. you're guessing that it has this, he's been saying all you never received them again or to get it look like he'll this raises me again and it was others you know, they give it, they like it didn't display them as to the app was is then we will have raising dallas, and i've seen it in for thursday, as you know for me because they leave you with a lady mentioned that them on, on it right now. that's why we're, we're okay with that most. when your boss, you're listening to me because there is like one we must and is your unit or do let's i mean to pull money sticky every minute. i'm not sure. now this is when,
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when the number anything always it will be and then to give out of energy because they know, but you got several put the local communities to you could okay click start. i'm gonna start there. but i'm in the lunch at the most me the article, but i said this kind of a title company or the status on mass properly with what we are, no matter up to us. i'd pull that i'm which has been done, but i'm not to commit an order much meaning more part of it for the governor date, but it was kind of got
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a lot of money to get into. so if thing will be in the be keeping any of the defense manidez, i assume we're no care but they'll bounce with us. well, not really sure, but one in law and then not a lemme keenness younger. see is the less your but i channels the lavario e this was not going to be that he made up. is that get him which will give me leo . nice to be me. he got unless you can sense. yeah. in the will my it was expressed in goose will probably come in, they'll scan the law, give you a service in the back, our social but as we can, we can list and we can increase their money be less than 2 granddaught granddaughter's. but to get there was
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a mealy you daycare in with respect people. i phone system under zillow inside his extraneous look at the gums and believe you forget, i mean, zach is a gay was he live in novelties yet most of whatever the value for gain, none of the most current then and put it in the room until the get thomas a guy in the malware. kin instrument though loose attack is the big houses in, in the far away form. they will call whenever listen the is to the end or in a 1000 years. whatever they wanna do not wish yet, they mean the poor. k. glenn? i mean they look gay was coming available given yet ela mama whole brain damage on is that the lettuce gas doyle will be at? no, they've been but a competitive thing. maybe she nancy up a glasses, kisses to pony. so to lisa,
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but i could empty sadness. everybody back national bowels were low chica. got him and said young, nebulous, bitter sweetness must be gross. as a base w pass is good. if you can, little square human is totally thaddeus a basic was run command, 2nd thing d v versus levels. africa could have, i mean i've canceled up a believe she separate it, then they put they to be, he lack most of those done this danielson take. what community support his eagles, jack also the lucky to accomplish medical oyster, he must spend he put again, i must believe and contact alice wouldn't i places to him to say well oh, when she 5 years ago, a new era in it was a news in the middle east began,
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ah, a 2 part documentary series must be the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels lord. how it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of alger zebra. a unique path leaders from the world's biggest economies will convene in rome this month to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all eyes will also be on the g twenty's response to the climate emergency. can they find a way to prioritize the products help? oh, good g d p. special coverage on al jazeera, welcome, who am world of confidence, 76, with without any business class, which way your privacy is paramount. and to your experience, come so sit back,
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relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. cats are a ways the airlines you can rely on what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. lou, hello, i'm emily ang window. how these are the top stories on al jazeera, the u. k. has rejected threats from france to block. it's boats from french ports, saying that's a breach of international law. the french government says it needs more licenses, it's fishermen in u. k. waters or it may impose sanctions it is very disappointing to see the


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