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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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warfare a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge braying something and they didn't even see the kid. but 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange coming soon on al jazeera ah was purchased spread against the currency. don international pressure is mounting on the ministry. ah, allow money inside this is al jazeera life, doha also coming up. israel defies american objections on approved plans for
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thousands of new illegal settlements and the occupied westbank. europe's top court finds potent $1200000.00 a day off to dispute over judicial independence. and lifeline from venezuelans, a bridge shot for years juice tensions with columbia reopens, allowing them to cross over food and medicines. ah, we begin with saddam and the mounting demands at home and abroad for the military to walk back at school. the u. n's assistance mission to see donna's tweeted. the envoys from several western countries have met with the ousted prime minister, abdullah hum dock at his residence and the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking, spoke to his foreign minister. she don's neighbors are also showing disapproval. the african in ha,
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suspended cartoon until civilian rule is restored and the world bank has put a deliveries on hold again within its country as also a growing state oil company workers and doctors have also joined protests against the power grab. meanwhile, the military's crackdown continues more politicians and activists have been arrested. sick sudanese ambassadors have been sacked. hip of morgan has this report from call to these road blocks on the streets and neighborhoods around to dance capital. hope to him are now a common fight. once used to keep out security forces during anti government protests against then president obama, bessie, in 2019, they've become a symbol of rejection, of monday's military coup. and on the 3rd day of the military peak over in the city where the revolution that overthrew us your thought that people were back on the street the out in hard to protest. those have called for a general strike and civil disobedience state oil workers. doctors,
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businesses and other sectors have responded to that call. i'm going to move banks, government institutions and private companies are all closed. this is a full civil strike and people are preparing for the main event on october 30th. and i know these people were elected because we saw that they had to know how, but the military didn't give them the space to do their jobs right now. because the military has power, they have halted the past and taken us back to square one. but that doesn't work for us. this is why it's better than of we're hungry versus his decisions. the who has already had an economic and political impact on to them. the u. s. has an hour it will hold back a $700000000.00 assistance package that was meant for the transitional government that has been deposed. the african union suspended to dance membership on wednesday . and the world bank, which provided financial assistance, has withheld back to us. and i'm the tenant general, i've been put, the hon said he took power and dissolved the cabinet to avoid sliding into civil
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war. his promised a cabinet of professionals, but some analysts say forming a government accepted by all will not be easy if they manage to come up with acceptable government government that is formed with real exhibit, white independent political affiliations. who can be trusted to pick the country into election in 2024. as it was the stipulated before, i think that would be the these demonstrators say they'll continue to build their momentum for more protests calling for an end to the military rule. several people have been killed since the crew on monday, and many more injured, but protested they, they'll go on until their aims are achieved. he bow morgan al jazeera, hot, whom he owns nations, has reiterated cause for all the tain government officials to be released. the situation in c, dawn was discussed at the un for 2nd day in a row,
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kristen salome housman, several council members took the opportunity to day to i condemn what's happened, the u. s. called the military takeover, completely unacceptable. kenya, african member of the council before the meeting. i called on the security council to follow the lead of the african union, which is suspended, sudan temporarily. i and speak with one voice, but so far the counsel has been unable to speak with one voice. negotiations on a statement are ongoing that we did also here today from sue dan's representative at the united nations. and he did not speak directly about the takeover. but he did call on the international community to help ah build baba, new food oncle, up, some delegations have expressed their concerns as to what is currently happening in sudan. and while understanding their concerns, we would reiterate the need for the international community and the security
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council. more specifically, to continue providing that support to the people of sudan at this very important moment, which is a crossroads in order to bring together the positions of the different sudanese parties, civilian or military so that the country can continue with its transition office, which is in keeping with the sacrifice of the women and the sudanese young people and what has been achieved in the last 2 years in order to preserve the stability as expressed by the sudanese people and in keeping with the juba agreement for peace and the constitutional document. at this time, it's very important to bring the different points of view of the parties and sudan together and asked for that security council statement. we are told by diplomatic sources that 3 draft statements have been put forward by the united kingdom. the 1st 2 were objected to by russia over language condemning the military's takeover. we're told that that language has been softened to express serious concern. we may
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on thursday at last have the council way in on this issue. israel has approved plans for about 3000 new illegals settlement units in the occupied west bank. they'll be the 1st to be built on the prime minister enough sally bennett on during president jo biden's term. the u. s. is deeply concerned about the plan, saying it will hot prospects for 2 state solution. settlements on illegal on the international law though israel rejects this while the american nissan actually is reporting that sex, your state, antony blinking, vocally opposed israel's decision. so says, told the site there was a tense cool between blinking and the israeli defense minister benny ganz. lincoln reportedly told gowns what was taking place was unacceptable. made. abraham has moved from nablus in the occupied westbank. what a number of units approved in wednesday's meeting might not be as large as it was during the era of the u. s. president. donald trump,
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for palestinians. one settlement unit is one unit too much. we're standing here in front of the league israeli settlement of a lead has been here since the eighty's and it has been expanding, has been connected to other illegals, ready settlements. and israel with a network of roads, transportation, it has access to electricity and water. and it has also prevented past indians from accessing their lands. we're not just talking about the built up area, but the whole mountain has been off limits to palestinians who own agricultural lands there. now in wednesday, the meeting, there are 2 is really outposts that have been approved by this meeting. it means that sometimes settlers decide to put up caravans, but they are not approved by the government. but many of them we've seen across the years were do through actively, later on, approved and recognized by the government. although in the mean time they are acts
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as they have access to infrastructure and services. when it comes to the palestinian authority, it's condemned. the new settlement building and said that all supplements are considered illegal under international law, urging the international community to intervene. hawkstern's government is threatening to crack down on a bound group all to 4. policemen were killed at a rally, nearly a whole dozen small were injured. protesters happened blocking one of pakistan's busiest highway since last week. they had demanded the release of their leader and the expulsion of the french ambassador of the 2017 charlie abdel cartoons in haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. providing healthcare is difficult even in the best of times, but these all times of crisis gangs have blockaded ports, crating of fuel shortage as a life or death situation for hospital patients. as rob reynolds reports from the
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capital, porto prince. of all the places that are suffering in haiti to day this may be one of the deepest wells of misery. port of princes general hospital, where patients receive bare bones treatment for chronic diseases, cove infections and traumatic injuries. this man says he was attacked by bandits with machetes, not by them when they tried to kill me, and i don't even know he was compounding conditions and haitian health care. a severe fuel shortage is crippling. many hospitals, the public electrical grid is unreliable, so hospitals are powered by generators without fuel for the generators. hospitals can't operate, kidney, dialysis machines, ventilators, incubators for premature babies, and other equipment nasty to sanitary when the hospital cannot provide properly because of a fuel problem. it could be that affects other things. so if they can't provide the
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right services for the kids, the pregnant women and compet patience when evil, many hospitals are now near the end of their supplies. some 40 hospitals have that a method, the unit of thing that they may have to close immediately is it is true. what's the situation there? we saw saw effects of mo hospitals carries anything for it. please a little bit. there are a lot of hospitals bubble clothes because they can't find a fuel escape for the can't function. occasion of the majority of them are publicly at private. i value the fuel crisis is largely due to gang said of hijacked tanker trucks and blockaded the port where fuel depots are located. dozens of hospitals have warned that they may have to shut their doors in the coming days as a result of the fuel shortage. and that would leave thousands of people in need of medical care with no place to go mill n b n m a has come to the hospital, bringing food and clothing for her 20 year old nephew who is suffering from severe diabetes. i miss it. yeah, i think i'll pull gabber,
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you have to buy everything for them. garcia, my nephew is a diabetic, so he needs indication, but everything is shut down if you and agencies and haitian authorities are trying to create a sort of humanitarian corridor or to get fuel to hospitals. but unless there's a breakthrough, the consequences may be dire. massey suggests small quantity if the situation continues high of the data company like this weekend coming up with hundreds of complications and death. aside in a country full of suffering with a government that has virtually ceased to function. the prospects for these patients and many other haitians is bleak. rob reynolds, al jazeera, puerto prince, and an effort by haiti's justice minister to try and prove it safe to go to petrol stations amid the fuel crisis has backfired. less could tell was heading for a photo op when his vehicle was shot at is seen here, just speaking just after the incident. it's not yet clear who fired the shots.
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fell head on al jazeera equity was president office concessions as protest over economic crisis line. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hi, they're good to see. we are tracking them, showers, moving across parts of the middle east. let me show you. i see a by the way. so this is more for a northern areas of syria on thursday over the higher ground in oman as well. and you know, so huh. we may see some showers. there is a chance, it will evaporate before it hits the ground. but one thing is certain, we will see an increase in humidity on friday, so the air will certainly be more saturated. let's go to pakistan right now and not much to report plenty of sun rate across the country. karachi,
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32 degrees is warmer. bob. 26, so that's slightly below average for this time of the year. as we go toward turkey, we still get a breeze through the boss for assemble. 15 degrees and we've got some showers for turkey is black sea coast, also through central parts of the country. there and there is some of that what, whether hanging around northern areas, syria, i do think that a leper will stay dry. we've seen a lot of rain in gap. bon libra, ville, a 109 millimeters over the past 24 hours. so that's about a quarter of what you should get for the month in such a short span, and it's still coming out on thursday through cameroon, and southern sections of nigeria. and it also remains unsettled as we had a war botswana break through a parts central parts of south africa on thursday. the weather sponsored by katara ways. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting this victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain,
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just proportionally high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism could a seem united kingdom fail. it citizens, britain's true colors coming soon on al jazeera. ah ah, you're watching out as a reminder, if our top stories this our 6 didn't eas, ambassadors have been sacked by the military as international pressure grows against mondays to the african union. how suspended cartoon on the well bank has put aide on hold. israel has improved plans for about 3000 new illegal settlement
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units in the occupied westbank. fast to be billed on the prime minister natalie bennett. and during president j. biden's. 10 shots have been fought at haiti's justice minister convoy was targeted as an event to prove it safe to go to petrol stations. he was unharmed, gangs of blockading fuel depos, bringing much of the capital to a standstill. the european court of justice has ordered poland to pay a daily fine if more than $1000000.00 in a row over judicial reforms. the e u is angry about a chamber within the pony supreme court, which is meant to discipline judges earlier. punish court ruling challenge the supremacy of law in the country. under simmons reports from the calmness of the european union's court of justice in luxembourg comes with amounts to
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a bombshell in this crisis involving poland and the you. the text is brief. e. c, j, vice president, orders, poland, to pay a fine of 1000000 euros a day because it's failed to suspend a disciplinary chamber of its supreme court. that order was made in july in a country where the vast majority of people support membership of the european union. it's government has been defying legal reforms ordered by the u. poland stands accused by brussels of political interference with a new disciplinary system for judges. polish judges have declared that some e u laws clash with their constitution. even before the latest action, the governing party of poland, accused the e. u. of blackmail. the $1200000.00 fine from brussels coincided with a harsh warning from belgium's prime minister, aimed at polish leaders. you're playing with fire when waging war with our european colleagues for internal political reasons. this is about an overwhelming majority
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of member states from the baltic supported gal who agree our union is a union of values, not a cash machine. you cannot pockets all the money, but refused the values that attack contrast it. with a diplomatic approach, the french president emanuel micron had been taking with the polish leader andre duda. however, micron had said, well ahead of this meeting that poland needed to make concrete proposals. the question now is whether poland will be compliant or defiant. what's next? it's hard to say you could expect. now the ball is government to say, well, sorry, we're not able to pay this fine because it, our own polish constitutional court has said that this would not be in line with the polish constitution. can the polish government afford to keep going against the
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majority view of polish people who value you membership that is unclear. andrew simmons, al jazeera indigenous communities and labor unions are protesting in ecuador for a 2nd day. they want the government to freeze the price of fuel, which has risen many times in recent months. there is also anger about pounds to double oil and mining exploration in the amazon region. theresa bo reports ah, be blocked the main highway outside quito. residents of san miguel lake, a lid on se precedent, yet more lesser who has been in office for 4 months, lie to them during the election campaign about fixing but troubled economy and improving their lives. well, they say he's with indecision to race. fuel prices proves it. this woman does not want to show her face. she is a nurse and says, we're dorians are struggling to survive. when i was young, i make $400.00
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a month and i cannot make it to the end of the month. the president increases the price of fuel and this affects us in every possible way. it wasn't long before the police and armed forces marched in. the president declared a state of emergency a week ago to combat racing. crime, and protests are not tolerated. the police are using tier gulf and rubber bullets to clear the roads. now they're going into this community and going after the protesters, the processors are saying, the president is adam will last with her. that is hurting their interests and that's why they remain on the streets. the government says demonstrators are trying to generate chaos, but those protesting say they just want the price of fuel frozen, along with indigenous communities who want to hold in government plans to increase oil and mining production. they also want the police to stop using tier gus to break up the protest. yeah, yeah,
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but i don't know why my grandchildren are inside. one is 2 months old. they can't breathe, they're throwing guys inside my house. several people were detained, and others were injured. doing the clashes in sammy gallagher, done president general lasso. he's heading to glasgow this week to participate in the cove. 26 climate meeting at people here. want him to look at what's affecting them directly in the community where you are that the tell us what it does. we don't have work. we are poor. there are no millionaires here. we all suffer here. there is no water, no electricity lasso came to power with a promise to improve the economy and has been trying to pass a series of business friendly laws that will help him get out of the current crises . he's now asking equipped audience to unite our own yamato, i'm calling for dialogue, consensus to think about what's good for our country, not in personal interests. while we rebuild ecuador, there are people who want to divide it by people have lost trust in the administration. oh,
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they say the government's development plans do not include people like them. but he said, well, i'll just cedar. send me a like a lead on a thought bridge between columbia and venezuela has reopened. after being closed for 2 years. it's closure led to venezuelans relying on people smugglers to get them over the border as they escaped economic, tamara, back home, and was on the ramparts. he reports from the columbia and border city of corporate in 3 weeks, up to person. now seeing it's been as well as finally reopened former border crossings with columbia for pedestrians and the simone believe our international bridge is again dreaming with activity as eager venezuelans cross in search of goods and health services that your, your ha, thank god, this is real progress it's a big advantage because crossing through the illegal trails is tough and dangerous, especially for the sick and elderly fellow motto, columbia opened that side of the border on june, 2nd,
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but its limiting entry to keep daily numbers under control. while authorities police, some of the legal crossings often controlled by criminal gangs that thousands used during the closure. being able to cross legally and safely is a huge relief for people on both sides of the border. but many here hope this will also be the 1st step towards or restart of commerce in trade, and that could jumpstart an economy that was badly hurt by years of closure by target. i don't fuss about tom. they took the step now let's hope it will be fully restored. we have a lot to gain from more trade and more interchange. former congressman fred the barrel. al, who's been given the title of border protector by them, are due to government, came to the bridge to check on the proceedings, and called on the columbian government to reopen trade, or to say my heart. fremont. colombian side of the border is the region with the highest unemployment in the country. the paralysis has killed thousands of jobs and
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businesses when we are ready to restart boilers breast as soon as they lay the borders. merchants association says it has spent more than 2 and a half years trying to convince the government to reopen. it says the closure is meant the end of $1300.00 businesses and more than $13000.00 jobs in columbia alone . those are those and then there must come up and i understand that the governments in caracas in bogota, the distance because they have different political ideologies and economic systems . but that doesn't mean that regular people and businessman can get together locally. and we evidently do in the needs keep the border opened up. it's time to set aside the differences and regenerate the commercial activities. the always existed in ice darkly open border. some exporting companies are so anxious to restart that they are already filling trucks with goods like toilet paper to send to venezuela. as soon as their green lighted politics have long disrupted the codependent economic relationship between cologne in venezuela. now many can't wait
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to return to some level of normality. allison that i'm petty and jesse dakota, the u. s. is military's most senior officer has called a hypersonic missile test by china. very concerning. general mark, milly is the 1st pentagon official to confront the nature of the test. earlier this year, the hypersonic weapon launched into obit has the potential to evade america's missile defenses. the u. s. is working on its own hypersonic technology, but it's behind both china and russia. we've been very clear about our concerns over china's advancements in, in certain capabilities, a wide range of capabilities, capabilities that the secretary noted himself. but do very little to help us decrease tensions in the region and beyond. and there are paired with these advanced military capabilities are, are paired with
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a foreign and defense policy approach that uses intimidation and coercion of, of neighboring nations. the number of victims of sexual abuse by aid workers in the democratic republic of congo has been under reported. this is according to a senior official from the world health organization. a recent report detailing assaults, horsemen, i'm rape, has led move victims to report their experiences. the independent inquiry found around $8038.00 workers were involved in abuse during the ebola epidemic from 2018 . i think the independent commission report and the testimonies of victims and survivors is, is a message to all agencies, not just w h o that something is wrong with the system. but we have to now guard against being reactive. and, and to really think of what we can do, step by step to prevent something like this from happening again,
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something so massive, something so prolonged, something that was not brought to the surface madagascar southern region is experiencing its worse drought in decades more than a 1000000 people are being pushed to the brink of famine. for consecutive droughts have wiped out harvests with reports of people dying of hunger. and as priyanka go to reports their cause for rich nations to do more to help madagascar. sudden madagascar is facing its wa strout. it 40 years, the level of hunger here is so severe the un wants it could so lead to the world's 1st famine, caused by climate change. the situation in the grand suit of madagascar is absolutely dire. right now we are entering the next lean season, which began in october. we have 1300000 people who are severely food and secure. that means they do not know where the food that they need each day to survive. it's
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going to come from of those $28000.00 people are facing catastrophic food insecurity, which is to say famine like conditions. the tropical island country in the indian ocean that's used to psych loans, heavy rainfall and drought has seen an allow me decline and rainfall in recent years. affecting small farmers and cattle heard us. people have southern madagascar has seen their incomes decline even more. water is scarce, fields have dried up, crops have died, and there is little food. some are eating locus cactus and even mud just to survive. some of those years of drought seems to be related to the el nino system in the pacific. ah, one of those years it seems to be related to what's happening in the eastern indian ocean. and over all of those years, there tends to be a increase in the pressure systems. the atmospheric pressure to south of madagascar,
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madagascar is extremely vulnerable to climate change. even though it's carbon emissions are some of the lowest i offer. oh, what separately. why not less? the government is faulty, responsible because that country ask um, hold to deacons of neglect by the political establishment. but the people who am i saw or sort of the so by additions committed by the international community that has failed to take the necessary measures, took up any shots and pledges of the world leading polluters. not nearly enough to do use the effects of a warming planet. it's devastating impact is already being felt by those who can do little to fight it. bianca group though, i'll to 0. the u. s. government is trying once again to expedite, the wikileaks found the julian or songs from the united kingdom protested against
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the expedition down that outside the high coat in london on tuesday, where a 2 day hearing is being held. a lower court previously ruled that songs could not be sent to the u. s. on mental health grounds. he faces 18 charges there related to the publication of secret military documents. the spanish for all john barcelona, has sacked its coach, ronald coleman. he was dismissed out a series of defeats left. the club in 9th place in my legal team needs to finish and the top 4 to qualify for next season's champions league all face a deeper financial crisis. ma selena a $1500000000.00 in debt and counting. javi hernandez, a former midfielder currently in charge of the guitar. a club outside is favorite to replace comin. oh, this is our desert these year top stories, sick sudanese in boston,
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happens sacked by the military as international pressure grows against mondays. the african union has suspended carts whom around the world bank has put.


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