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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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on the days until it hose the winter olympics, but how will the pen deli and pause for a boy impact the sporting events november on out jazeera lu? i'm how am i? he's in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, which has been increased diplomatic activity in sit on this international pressure grows against monday. school, sick sudanese ambassadors have been sacked by the military. the african union has suspended sudan and the world bank has put aides on hold. what's important for the secretary general and for all of us, is to see the immediate and unconditional release of all other government officials who continue to be on, on lawfully detained as well. as activist or any one else who has been detained
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arbitrarily, but by the authorities. and every once human rights of course, must be respected or the secretary general has been on the phone. and his advisors have been in touch with relevant or people. pakistan's government is threatening to crack down on a band group. after 4 policemen were killed at a rally near la hor dozens more were injured. protest as are demands in the release of their leader and the expulsion of the french ambassador over the 2017. surely abdul cartoons, israel has approved plans for 3000. you illegal settlement units and the occupied west bank. there'll be the 1st to be built on to prime minister natalie bennett. and during president jo biden's term, the u. s. says it will, hurts prospects for
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a 2 state solution. i could, i was president gear moore law, so has called for dialogue. as protests in the country continued for a 2nd day, thousands are demands in the president reverse his decision to increase fuel prices . protest is also angry about plans to double oil and mining exploration in the amazon region. 4 european union's top court has ordered paul in to pay a daily fine of more than $1000000.00 in a row over to, to show reforms. the you had ordered poland to suspend the chamber in its supreme court. that was set up in 2018 to discipline judges. critic say it's used to silence independent voices that she up to date. now it's back to al jazeera world. ah,
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are you getting up a lot with them to be called on? you wouldn't mind if i put in my light and move it, wouldn't it without my my wife said, man from what am i doing with madame up along him on the home of my own mother?
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mother. one moment, not a little bit would have been here, comes, have been, god will do good. we're going. what do you, what you will, i won't be returning monday. well, you know where dan can get to tell you that i'm not going to play war lapointe from my job in apartment 100, you know, operating the didn't get a fully ah . ringback ringback ready ready when, when you get, when he gave, if you've been, god listen, be find a little you don't dream like you really. maybe there might be able to get, by the way in my no, come, i'm not the manager for jenoma go to go to mom. gillmet teams get him up mostly. yeah, i'm campus. i'm at. i'm know what little of my dad with him do. brianna magento and jim j. w. s. bought
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a leg up in babylon. godaddy get him for 9 millennium $1100.00 a month for him. you might give me a call. no one came. okay, different. so, but what we're like is to move the skin in. so i'm in one me to my guess why medical content mom, legacy whom i tend to get on a mac or people jump to. so they won't drop me for a party. of course, it would be to dr. watson, a knitter. lemme know, got a wood in the league monday. my dog getting a quote on it. so i followed. lemme monkey deposit my de my getting the job. the puzzle. lean diary nuclear during the summer to go do you have any card and the key i can do a quick could you out of we could he did it, could you or my lea venica anyway? if i knew if we did uncle and you mom, dad, didn't you citizen,
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but when you monkey the bartolini i. i put a deposit. ahh . mm hm. but it won't get shot. no, on the on the video, bradley said to jim janik promotion, he's a pretty busy id, be mobile device won't do this option. she bought it a lot to do about the gym. we'll just get dumped up. are there what kind of a dish on those do to draw you a debate? therefore the man i want to pay it. why is?
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yup, i decide it was he gave up on and went to the bay one this yeah, this upcoming coming out of school early got is that there's also the bales already . yeah. but it's not yet a dish actually wanted us try. who could you? anybody suck. you're doing a song, there's an e commerce like you to do. one is in love with that. get other for gillian jeviana from reese, buck, media brown was that he'd be along the best. not. not that any country versus yell humor a by the way, where the no one that doesn't do great up us on monday through monday. i list it this up. yeah. but it's about it of icy was yeah, they did with
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a pretty simple idea. can you needed to get with us and we didn't that you can do these. okay. i bad about, i mean, you must article can include book a book, but can now be the bennett. what do you want to keep that before you book the heart of? yep. when you get data, i let people by like, ah no, no, nope, integrated with the legal here direct some of the so i said some, i've been a guy electric, i'm really good. we are going with the leukemia. yeah, no, no, no. okay, cool. you're welcome. you take me to the minute what it might,
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it might feel like what i said, the a believe nicholas may's. what they feel like madame is on battle. believe i'm about them for we don't you do. would you, bad of me? don't know if you feel, you know, regular neck mobile. ah, let me take out the new the. i think when i saw when it looked like lady ramos was exported to somebody, they need to refill a lot of these. any money on, i mean, i'm looking to add additional composing to thinking of the does it look me do this? i really want to get this little fella
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on grass was pretty good to sit down. it was any further down i was under our level . don't be only would you like them? does your mom look does it feel like you entered on how to fix it? teacher then you said it's only would be the let me on. i'm on. i feel like and if you have agreed satisfactory, they're subject to do kamali deceptive. i guess i'm actually going to show me yeah, i will do that issue. there's also really on was i think the last name actually let the song people off part of from dawn valley do a possible part because only johnson got down the farm down down down to
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get his actual sales guy. you committed additional information about that parking lot of the camilla for about a little bit on tomorrow. i i right. but doesn't mean that he doesn't live in the nationality when you see this and that is and i got a d. c, is it? if i got the link, i will she did it wrong, j company, money beginning in it. can you, i can probably start to pull it up, but i wonder, but distracted on pricing for people to see what they much love for. lucky that i've heard on the, the stuff i'm one of the social that i need in the name of mc. no via no. if i what if i say that if you gosh,
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more or less, are the media come on the phone day article is happening. that been cautious, you don't leave it as simple moderation as if it says a quality level, nissan list, the nasa the and i'm not done with them on the last of the day with the music. they get my day. they do more than a banner by the nearby hall from highland and libya will be what will be done with them. i hardly know how to make it up. i need to make different equal to a 100 or less. was that what? what is the current got something that on or off, if it continues on,
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you don't put on this policy, not going so much of that, particularly another one so much. i see i do live in scoot, useless, live, wasn't really needed to come to a live party export association, guinea, digging into words like what do you live in picking up or is in the, ah, one of the subject of interest for me will be the sold he sold in the suppression and even in europe because they even told me that the salt is used for ice in france. oh, in belgium, you know, in the, in the winter. so i would like to know this kind of big trade answered quit going from the pink lake to, to europe. not the publishing price policy. what that support they want to property should ask allowable power to position
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a congregation keep when you put people in the bible, you don't allow me as soon as we have made visual, shaded through them, where there was a 1000000 export dental to property shall live on a permit, good news, you do not risks. so i wanted to love what i'm feel is gesture. the pattern there are security was hosted with because didn't challenge political, did a or cedric will with expedia get with the guy out to the preowned vehicle that was up to the not me say they got when it is you maybe live you to lawyer alopecia. it, but this is the of the month of the table enough. it meant to myself, promises on pay. no croissant. com bay can be sanky them out. abandon assistant eliminated a bigger cindy lot closer. but that you sent mendosa men took while, while so laugh, sapa nija, unquote, devout,
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it would be not for sure. was getting nobela mer armando, like one or at the law. i looked alma not so much. equity began dear, i vow, but it be like a separate then the let luck alma allow i'm in the cell. a bonded like pause mentor now but could be a little above us cafe lou. i meant to not say like, gorski at cooper little of on the about little homemade. it was gone up upon the on the left you a pleasant group. on the video i put in the cell block for the forces i was on a sub or where the premier ashton approached it like on
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a school and just take a bubble mean they don't go to the local agency. i'm trying to continue. what i did that they did if they from just the until the last feeling up in full, if i was up those gym, if i'm isn't it, if i may fall in my life, i'm keep keep up the low left thumb potters the if i'm to fill out the kitchen, if i'm keeping a pub i do, if i'm so lucky, you're locked up in portable one population that goes live, come up again. it's on my place. i think it was good faith news of the pleasure of the village, the bishop who a de la was homeless and that was
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a federal gun you can shoot for. i've been going you can sure. the last off of me, he knows this shows this. i was just plain to film the age of a comes away south. sassy luck. was it ray? dalio luck on a lumpy liz. apple fixture, lavonne say, did you wait? so i was a village, green fellow separate shante lucky de la sal was available. marcella said, well where said bachelor a la city, funky des, cellular bon skirt was you won't have icy deseeno. garage of finney met that block, made or brought you lap, escalate to lucy and sally tumbled bottled on the left glass guide, added torres, who sat at uncle battled medical, zavy date duties or body. let
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t g valley director marcial se the negotiate expose the date of birth there or is a the avant aqua. yeah, and i kimberly dublin disabled. so to lazy danielle is espanol in them get it upload a sub with soon pov i played youth. well, bus girl a john nash, it probably is a little history. easier shit or not a little boy may see up. i don't always want papa paula year blah pascall c c, c, c, c. the luckily apollo ella, no, some couldn't your fall? so you said you wanted them, have them do eva on that he go,
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don't know, some but t ponder and no comping cavil nothing to the wester portal via it on to wire loons . as deli, hipa opa, jenny did new, some tom base you are said to how or requisition together? because page or the on go jostlet, i all cost wise, its own got $50.00 all st. luke's young bay. he knew and don't do. we don't want to do no, thank you all the feedback. so i thought she never does that. we don't you know, we live on the safe on the valley 30. they can
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give you more sequence. said one of the plea on the lack of wonder needed to know if i that i miss on it every just knowledgeable. i'll stop that. play what is expected part i me i have read. they said in the beginning of, of the 20th centuries, the lake has a kind of 8 square, big then in the mid 19 seventies that we're talking about $3.00, limit square. from that, i haven't seen any single data that's explained this is,
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but if i can judge from my eyes, we can say now around the 3 of 2.5. for example, if you look potassium in the country t chief, me, they've got it here for a lot on the i got the with somebody in the parking lot. what are you calling about? my dish. anji obvious demolish charge. look, i'm out when you would, is that it is a good he's actually let me sample to complete is going to be updated on the la us and also look when we did a civil article 270. it was easy to basically 2 lines here on the left. the skews apple say, observe a different good. you see me do a structural abusive permit that was on the not clear they are 3017,
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a portable quality as i was problem, a graph and amazon prime company digital on i p somebody they get to play metal, i call them all risk going to feel connected, easier part of the and i need to do q and d c. well i some grandpa, she see of the machine. will you come to the car? i see in the 60 league need to know if he can do for monday. is it for it or not? if either the day or not by the way on the 3 day was that it will only lucky when he gets home later listings day mean delivery is that his actual expression on the cookie as well goes back to one into phillip. i'm into the business just don't be
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while it was really do. when i was going to not lead to be one for every day. and i want to do live by the leg. that leg quite passed. nipple to love on about a month. and i have a month to use it if it, but it ah, as you know in unesco, they have different diable cities. they have something they called the tentative list of heritage. the tentative men that particularly they want to put it in the units or list, or to be a heritage or you want it. so that's mean they start the process but that in the process, and this is stop in 2005. but i guess i haven't heard any news from that, but i guess they are still in the process because it's take a while for unit school. do they need export? the reasons, the motivations why they want to do so. and i think only the environmental issue is
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a, he's a big deal, you know, is a big issue too because of the leg and to make it go ahead. it's just in my committee, there's your mom funded a year for praise. he's also not when i walk in is not an entity department would need. these are for the present in my family because the key mark are seem very important. why committee here? let me you want me to see. i think that's followed you can get a little committee in a great anita of s. as a little given. am i looking for entity later on today or come i did is follow us a little give for taking the pound key to our concrete operational quantities. do you like it candidate fund? director money, can we do deposits and us directly to give my office?
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give me one like i think the government should do more to because of the lake is not just enough to put a lake in the tundra 2 lists of heritage up as a vision unesco. i think more action is needed in terms of preserving the, the nature like if it, if it, if it would be me like somebody having or is in the government. i will put like a co museum here for the nature for the salt or just kind of think that will be very interesting for them. and then a kind of team that will help the commission because of the lake the longer. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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i ah ah, a manager is approaching
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a tipping point in the lead up to the cove 26 climate summit al jazeera, so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate, emergency witnesses greens, films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the way reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. fault lines, investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency
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a season of special coverage on al jazeera. i there. good to see you. temperatures are showing off across the bottom end of south america. so santiago. 31. commodore reba dab the 28th and bio blanca. 35 degrees. your record for october is 34.9, so you could set a new one on thursday, disturbed weather rio de janeiro, sal paulo that stretches great through the amazon basin, running to the pacific coast of columbia on thursday. central america looks like this. fairly dry, cross mexico, but we do have some showers, acapulco mexico city in toward can coon, but i really want to take you to the southeast of the us right now. some big storms moving through here. florida. panhandle, georgia rate into south carolina on thursday. we'll keep tabs on this one. we've got our to party nor easter india atlanta, but look at the winfield cross bind to canada. so for coastal sections of nova scotia could see wind gusts here about
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a 100 kilometers per hours. that could certainly caused some damage to the west. we go and you know, it, it's still raining for parts of western canada, vancouver right through the fraser. and so because we've got that cloud cover and shower to be that's put in the cap on temperatures just a high of 9 degrees in vancouver, slightly below average. that's it, susan. ah, killing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of climate impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8 now. it's not a lock, can get it to be completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back to the last bill. pay for this stream on al jazeera wells is experiencing unprecedented extreme weather record temperature is
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being set last year than i feel for deteriorating forth whenever the quote running down world lead is amazing. laws go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out a deal to slash image, move to port to late all over you and climate summit on al jazeera. ah. ready ha, as protests spread against the military coup, international support groups from sedans, halted transition to democracy. ah, i'm how am i kidding? this is al jazeera life, and doha also coming up. europe's top court finds poland, $1200000.00


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