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talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe tiny bugs, relationship with the us? we listen copied, ninety's not told for coffee. 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure to view much solely that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, ah oh, i thought i spreads against the military coup. international support groups for sedans halted transition to democracy. ah, i'm how marketing this is al jazeera at my front door are also coming up. europe,
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stock courts penalize as poland, $1200000.00 a day after a disputes over judicial independence. israel defies american objections and proves plans for thousands of new illegal settlements in the occupied westbank . and despite years of abuse of children in residential schools, canadian indigenous leaders say it's never too late to heal. ah, we begin with sit on and the mountain demands at home and abroad for the military to walk back. it's qu, the u. n. z assistance mission to sudan has twisted that envoys from several western countries have met with i said, prime minister of done hon. dog at his residence, it comes a day at a u. s. secretary of state's antony blinkin, spoke to him. sedans,
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neighbors are also showing disapproval. the african union has suspended cartoon until civilian rule is restored and the world bank has put a deliveries on hold anchor within this also growing state oil company workers and doctors of also joint protests against the paragraph and the military is cracked and goes on more politicians and activists have been arrested and officials and ambassadors have been sacked. hipaa morgan reports form cartoon these roadblocks on the streets and neighborhoods around to dance capital hard to are now a common sight once used to keep out security for says during anti government protests against them. president, i'm going to be here in 2019. they've become a symbol of rejection, of monday's military, cool. and on the 3rd day of the military takeover in the city where the revolution that overthrew us here thought that people were back on the street. the out in her
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to protesters have called for a general strike and civil disobedience, state oil workers. doctors, businesses and other sectors have responded to that call. i'm going to move banks, government institutions and private companies are all closed. this is a full civil strike and people are preparing for the main event on october 30th. and i know these people were elected because we saw that they had to know how, but the military didn't give them the space to do their jobs right now. because the military has power, they have halted the past and taken us back to square one. but that doesn't work for us. well, this is why it's better than our 100 versus his decisions. the who has already had an economic and political impact on to them. the u. s. has an hour it will hold back a $700000000.00 assistance package that was meant for the transitional government that has been deposed. the african union suspended to dance membership on wednesday . and the world bank, which provided financial assistance, has withheld back to us and the tenant general, i've been put,
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the hon said he took power and dissolved the cabinet to avoid sliding into civil war. his promise, a cabinet of professionals. but some analysts say forming a government accepted by all will not be easy if they manage to come up with acceptable government government that is formed with real x, the better. what independent from political affiliations, who can be trusted to take the country into election in 2020 city or 20 for us, it was a stipulated before. i think that would be the key. these demonstrate as fe, they'll continue to build their momentum for more protests calling for an end to the military rule. several people have been killed since the crew on monday, and many more injured, but protested they, they'll go on until their aims are achieved. he bow morgan, alta 0 harpoon. the united nations has reiterated calls for all detains government officials to be released. the situation and see don was discussed at the un for 2nd
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day in a row. kristen salumi has more. several council members took the opportunity to day to condemn what's happened, the u. s. called the military takeover, completely unacceptable. kenya, african member of the council before the meeting. i called on the security council to follow the lead of the african union, which is suspended sudan temporarily, and speak with one voice, but so far the counsel has been unable to speak with one voice. negotiations on a statement are ongoing that we did also here today from sue dan's representative at the united nations. and he did not speak directly about the takeover. but he did call on the international community to help a little bodily food. don, cut up some delegations have expressed their concerns as to what is currently happening in sudan. and while understanding their concerns,
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we would reiterate the need for the international community and the security council. more specifically, to continue providing that support to the people of sudan at this very important moment, which is across roads in order to bring together the positions of the different sudanese parties, civilian or military so that the country can continue with its transition office, which is in keeping with the sacrifice of the women and the sudanese young people and what has been achieved in the last 2 years in order to preserve the stability as expressed by the sudanese people and in keeping with the juba agreement for peace and the constitutional document. at this time, it's very important to bring the different points of view of the parties and sudan together and asked for that security council statements. we are told by diplomatic sources that 3 draft statements have been put forward by the united kingdom. the 1st 2 were objected to by russia over language condemning the military's takeover were told that that language has been softened to express serious concern. and we
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may on thursday at last have the counsel way in on this issue. cameron hudson served as chief of staff for the us special envoy for c done. he says, the military seized power despite earlier warnings by western nations. i think that we have to recognize that the military undertook this qu, knowing full well what the consequences would be. the u. s. envoy was there on the ground just hours before the who was initiated, warning the military of the condemnation that would come of the sanctions of the cutoff in assistants debt relief, that would be suspended. so they took this decision knowing full well what the consequences were. the question is, you know, are they starting to bend now that the street protests have only continued to grow and will likely grow even further in the, in the coming few days. and now that the international community has shown
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a great deal of resolve in speaking out and condemning this, i think what we'll be looking for is to see whether or not some of the. busy protectors of the regime within the arab world, and certainly at the security council with russia, whether they begin to crack as well, or whether they will continue to hold firm and defending the military. that will be a big determining factor as to whether or not the military can really hold on. well, i think there's a number of factors that are, that are playing in. i think number one, the generals might be saying, well, we lived under us sanctions for 30 years, and we survived just fine again. the people of sudan did not survive just fine, but the elite military generals did. and i think what this crew proves is that the military generals are putting their own interests above the interest of the sudanese people. that's number one. number 2, they may have well received some assurances from friendly government suggesting that they might step in with emergency funds to fill the vacuum that's been created
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by the suspension of international assistance into the country. but i think, but the bottom line is that the military took this decision, believing that it could withstand the pressure that was going to come from the street and from, from the international community. i think only time will tell if that's the case. the european court of justice has ordered poland to pay a daily fine of war, the $1000000.00 in a row over judicial reforms. he was angry of a chamber within the polish supreme court, which meant he discipline judges. earlier, a polish koch willing challenge the supremacy the law in the country and to sentence reports from the calmness of the european union's court of justice in luxembourg comes what amounts to a bombshell in this crisis involving poland and the you? the text is brief, e c. j, vice president orders poland to pay a fine of 1000000 euros a day because it's failed to suspend
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a disciplinary chamber of its supreme court. that order was made in july in a country where the vast majority of people support membership of the european union. it's government has been defying legal reforms ordered by the u. poland stands accused by brussels of political interference with a new disciplinary system for judges. polish judges of declare that some e u. laws clash with their constitution. even before the latest action, the governing party of poland, accused the e. u. of blackmail. the $1200000.00 fine from brussels coincided with a harsh warning from belgium's prime minister, aimed at polish leaders. you're playing with fire when waging war with our european colleagues for internal political reasons. this is about the overwhelming majority of member states from the baltics to portugal. who agree? our union is a union of values, not a cash machine. you cannot pocket all the money,
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but refused the values that attack contrast it. with the diplomatic approach, the french president emanuel micron, had been taking with the polish leader andre duda. however, micron had said, well ahead of this meeting that poland needed to make concrete proposals. the question now is whether poland will be compliant or defiant. what's next? it's hard to say you could expect. now the ball is government to say, well, sorry, we're not able to bait is fine because it or own bowden constitutional court has said that this would not be in line with the polish constitution. can the polish government afford to keep going against the majority view of polish people who value e. u. membership that is unclear. andrew simmons al jazeera
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israel has approved plans for around 3 sizes, new, illegal settlement units in the occupied westbank. they'll be built their 1st to be built on to prime minister in of tale bennett and during president job biden's term . the university of the concerns about the plan saying it will hurt prospects for 2 state solution. settlements are legal under international law. the israel rejects this, the american use i tax uses reporting that secretary of state antony blinking, vocally opposed to israel's decision sources. told the sites there was a tense coal between blinkin and this really defense minister. any dance than can reportedly told cancels taking place was unacceptable. it abraham has more from nablus in the occupied west bank. what a number of units approved in wednesday's meeting might not be as large as it was during the era of the u. s. president. donald trump, for palestinians. one settlement unit is one unit too much. we're standing here in
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front of the legal israeli settlement of a lead has been here since the eighty's and it has been expanding, has been connected to other illegal israeli settlements. an israel with a network of roads, transportation. it has access to electricity and water. and it has also prevented past indians from accessing their lands. we're not just talking about the built up area, but the whole mountain has been off limits to palestinians who own agricultural lands there. now in wednesday, the meeting there are 2. it is really outposts that have been approved by this meeting. it means that sometimes settlers decide to put up caravans, but they are not approved by the government. but many of them we've seen across the years were did through actively, later on, approved and recognized by the government. although in the meantime they are acts as they have access to infrastructure and services. when it comes to the palestinian authority,
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it condemned the new settlement building and said that all sacraments are considered illegal under international law, urging the international community to intervene still has on al jazeera, we'll tell you why iraq's electoral commission, as we can sing some votes from last month's parliamentary election. and could this be the world's 1st famine caused by climate change? front loose over a 1000000 hungry in madagascar. ah . look forward to brighter skies the with sponsored play cuts on airways. hello, good to see you. let's get right to your weather forecasts for asia, and we're going to be locked into a soggy pattern for southern areas of india. you don't really see it come into full play on thursday, but i'll take you to the beta then goal. because we got
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a lot of what, whether that's going to slam into the southeast of india. that's going to move right across to the western gads. there are weather alerts in place your orange, amber weather alerts. so the rain's going to pile up quickly, and certainly there is the potential of seeing some flash flooding ticket to indo china right now. and we've got some driving rain moving across. this is plugging eastern areas of thailand. well, they dispatch of what weather just south of being, you know, central parts of the vietnam, 141516000 homes have been effected by fighting here. some places had seen over half a meter of rain over the last little bit of central eastern southern areas of china . just a few spits of rain. it's going to be dry and hong kong with a hive $26.00 degrees. and as we go to japan, disturbed weather for western hoko, that's going to play the part with the high 15. and we do have a typhoon running across the pacific. but i want to show this because this is not going to have an impact on japan by the time friday rolls around into the sunshine in tokyo with a high of 20 degrees. that's it. ceasing the weather,
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sponsored by katara, always a being late to attract tourists and underpins the local economy. thousands depend on his precious souls. ah, al jazeera world explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface. the threatened lake reckless, very existence ah shinagle spring played on ouch. as lou ah,
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this is al jazeera reminder of the top stories this arm, humans assistance mission to sit on has to issue that invoice from several western countries of met with. i said, prime minister of donna hm. dog at his residence. it comes to day after you as secretary of state's ansley. blinkin spoke to him. international pressure is going on saddam's military leaders. the african union has suspended cartoon for moment. cities. world bank has pittafield on 816 and he's ambassadors have been removed from their posts. and european court of justice is ordered home to pay a daily fine of more than $1000000.00 in a row over judicial reforms. he was angry about a chamber within the push supreme court, which is matched to discipline judges. iraq's electoral commission has begun the manual re kinds of some of the votes from this month's parliamentary elections. it's in response to claims a vote rigging by parties who lost badly, but moved up the law,
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had reports from baghdad. it's labor intensive process counting by hand bullets from nearly 2000, pulling the stations across several iraq to provinces. this came about after supporters of political parties that last seats demanded our account. the representatives have been monitoring the process along the denim overlooked vall. today we have recounted, over a 100 stations we are comparing current in old results to see if there is a difference between manual and electronic numbers. in this case, we go by minor county, then we'll announce the results day. by date, there is more than 50 observers here. iraq's parliamentary election earlier this month, which was moved up to meet the demands of protesters. so a turn out of 41 percent. that's the lowest figure in the post saddam hussein era. the blog affiliated with the influential she, alida looked at a souther,
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$173.00 seats the most of any party. however, the pro, iranian multi party and fed alliance security only 17 seat down from 48. in the last election. several previously dominant political parties have rejected the election results, accusing the electoral commission of vote frigging. the commission says it has received more than 1400 appeals so far. but it says, it has turn it down most of them because they're not supported by evidence. ha! for more than a week, supporters of the losing parties have been protesting near the entrance to baghdad the green zone. most of these protesters are members of the iran backed popular mobilization forces. the military are of the shia alpha to lions. security
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measures have been tightened around the area, which is home to the u. s. embassy. other international diplomatic missions and government offices that followed threats made by the protesters to storm into the green soon. they have denounced do and mission which monitored the election. and i q is, did of facilitating fraud, or the la, la ya, 2000 pulling stations will not change much, shall we want a manual recount of votes in all provinces in the presence of neutral international observers. otherwise there will be escalation and would mandatory lecture, but many people also say that he count will not change march. supporters of the popular mobilization forces have organized sporadic protestant across the country. in recent days, they burn tires, unblocked roads, north and south of baghdad. for them, the election result is crucial for their future. and if their political parties
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can't get into parliament, they feared they'll have nobody to look out for their interests. mode up through a had algebra, bothered in pakistan for policeman and 2 protested. had been killed during a rally by members of the band to he killer bike group. it's he sides exchanged gun fire. near the hor, on wednesday, is administrators have been blocking some of pakistan's busiest roads for a week and demanding the release of their leader and the expulsion of the french ambassador over the 2017 shirley abdur satirical portrayals of the prophet mohammed indigenous communities and labor unions and protesting in ecuador for a 2nd day, they wants the government to freeze the price of fuel, which has risen many times in recent months. there's also anger of plans to double oil and mining exploration in the amazon region to reasonable reports o. b block, the main highway outside kito, residents of san miguel lake,
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a lit on se precedent. he had a more lasso who has been in office for 4 months, like to them during the election campaign about fixing but troubled economy and improving their lives. wow. they say he's within decision to raise fuel prices proves it. this woman does not want to show her face. she said nurse and says we're dorians are struggling to survive. i learned, you know, i make $400.00 a month and i cannot make it to the end of the month. the president increases the price of fuel and this affects us in every possible way. it wasn't long before the police and armed forces marched in. the president declared a state of emergency a week ago to combat rising, crime and protests are not tolerated. the police are using fear. gov and rubber bullets to clear the roads. now they're going into this community and going after the protesters, the processors are saying, the president is animal ass with hunger,
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that is hurting their interests. and that's why they remain on the streets. the government says demonstrators are trying to generate chaos, but those protesting say they just want the price of fuel frozen, along with indigenous communities who want to hold in government plans to increase oil and mining production. they also want the police to stop using tear gas to break up the protest. yeah, java a lot. my grand children are inside. one is 2 months old. they can't breathe. therefore in got inside my house. several people were detained, and others were injured doing the clashes in san miguel liquor lead on president general lasso is heading to glasgow this week to participate in the cove 26 climate meeting. people here want him to look at what's affecting them directly in the community. where you are that they tell us where they dug, we don't have work, we are poor. there are no millionaires here. we all suffer here. there is no water, no electricity lasso came to power with
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a promise to improve the economy and has been trying to pass a series of business friendly laws that will help him get out of the current crises . he's now asking equip dorians to unite our own yamato and calling for dialogue. consensus to think about what's good for our country notting, personal interests. while we rebuild ecuador, there are people who want to divide it, but people have lost trust in the administration. they say the government's development plans do not include people like them. but he said, well, i'll just cedar. send me a like a lid on the u. k says it's seeking urgent clarification from france santa paris, threatened sanctions. if progress isn't maids on a post bricks at fishing, writes dispute france haunts britain to grant more licenses to french fishermen to operate in u k. waters. the proposed sanctions would come into effect on monday and include increased checks on british goods at
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a gas grill. southern region is experiencing its a worse drought in decades for consecutive droughts. of white said harvests with reports of people dying of hunger. and us priyanka go to reports, there are coals for richard nations to do more. to help madagascar sudden madagascar is facing its wa strout it 40 years. the level of hunger here is so severe the un wants it could. so lead to the world's 1st famine caused by climate change. the situation in the grand suit of madagascar is absolutely dire. right now we are entering the next lean season, which began in october. we have 1300000 people who are severely food insecure. that means they do not know where the food that they need each day to survive. it's going to come from. of those 28000 people are facing catastrophic food insecurity. which is to say, famine like conditions. the tropical island country in the indian ocean that's used
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to cycles heavy rainfall and drought has seen that allow me decline and rainfall in recent years. affecting small farmers and cattle heard us. people have southern madagascar have seen their incomes decline even more. water is scarce. fields have dried up, crops have died and there is little food. some are eating locus cactus and even mud just to survive. some of those years it's a drought seems to be related to the el nino system in the pacific. one of those years it seems to be related to what's happening in the eastern indian ocean. and over all of those years, there tends to be a increase in the pressure systems. the atmospheric pressure to south of madagascar, madagascar is extremely vulnerable to climate change. even though it's carbon emissions are some of the lowest. oh oh, what 72. then why not less?
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that government is faulty, responsible because that country as con, halted deacons of neglect. i have a pretty cool establishment. but the people who are sold of the bio nations committed by the international community that has failed to take the necessary measures to cut any shots and with pledges of the world leading polluters. not nearly enough to do use the effects of a warming planet. it's devastating impact is already being felt by those who can do little to fight it. bianca group though, i'll to 0. hope francis has agreed to visit canada and light of the scandal involving former schools run by the catholic church. while the 1000 graves have been discovered near the sites of so called residential schools. in recent months, digit, as children were taken from their homes and placed in the institutions,
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kansas government wants the pope to apologize, jody vance reports from vancouver. it's not hard to see the generational trauma. indigenous communities suffer from catholic residential school abuses, to broken families to children, lost in the cracks of foster care. there is more than one place to lay blame, but it's the young people who suffer most. they have issues that they faced from their parents and like anger, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, because of all the horrible things that they went through in residential school, in the unresolved issues or pass down to the young people. and they don't know how to face it. have a good, they're both the canadian human rights tribunal as well as federal court recently ruled, but foster care survivors must be compensated. most will tell you that there is no price tag big enough. how could somebody assess 40000 or 50000
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or 800004 being raped and molested and condemned and paid little and robbed from family for no good reason. even though prime minister just in today's government has appealed court decisions on compensation when pressed. he reflects the millions of catholics like me across this country, expect the church to step up and fulfill its moral responsibilities. its legal and economic responsibilities, its historic responsibilities, but also to practice what it quite literally preaches. catholic bishops issued an apology last month. they are promising to fundraise with a goal of collecting $30000000.00 for victims over the next 5 years. but survivors say they simply don't trust the church. the catholic church is in crisis in the country. people have lost faith. many people have turned away. in some cases in the catholic church has had to abandon communities due to the loss of congregations
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because frankly, indigenous peoples and canadians have lost faith in the church to fulfill its promises. memorial like the r across canada, honoring the 215, unmarked graves and children in kamloops. certainly, there is a role that has been played by the canadian government as well as the church in the generational trauma suffered by indigenous peoples of canada. children taken from their families, put into an under funded and often racist foster care system wherever holes was talking stick. now, members of the community are trying to bridge that divide, getting into the culture, learning the language, learning the song, and the love of the community will replace that anger. that's inside them. even after a long road of struggle, there is hope and for some a feeling that it's never too late to heal. took a 199 years to learn what can't be ruled by hatred in the enemy of our peace,
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a reclaiming of culture and faith. they say is the path to recovery, jody vance.


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