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east and undertakers, this is europe on alta 0. ah, shoot a set of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera, with a blow to sue dans clearly does money flows, a cart, doctors go on strike, and the country is shunned by its neighbors. ah, hello i'm, i am the mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. could this become the world's 1st fan, then paused by climate change. drought leaves a 1000000 people hungry and madagascar. goods of all shapes and sizes of free to
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flow off the venezuela re opens a cake crossing with columbia, hoping it could deliver better. enormous news. we look at why poland 2050 called the neutral target is about more than combating climate change. ah, we begin with developments in sudan wet 6 diplomatic figures have been removed from their post following mondays, qu, state television ensued on reports that army chief, general abdel for to our hon is to down the ambassadors to the united states. the european union, china, cat are and fronds as well as the head of the consulate in geneva, although have been growing demands for the military to reverse a government takeover and a group of western envoys is met. he asked it prime minister up to la han dog, and they say he's well, but are still concerns for the millions of people in the country already dealing
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with an economic crisis. and a shortage of basic goods had been morgan reports from harton. these road blocks on the streets and neighborhoods around to dance. capital hudson are now a common sight once used to keep out security forces during anti government protests against them. president omar bashir in 2019, they've become a symbol of rejection. of monday's military. cool. and on the 3rd day of the military takeover in out for the city weather revolution that overthrew bush year thought that people were back on the screen in her to protesters have called for a general strike and civil disobedience, state oil workers, doctors, businesses and other sectors have responded to that call a most banks, government institutions and private companies are all closed. this is a full civil strike and people are preparing for the main event on october 30th. and that's not going on. hold on a 2nd. this people were elected because we saw that they had to know how,
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but the military didn't give them the space to do their jobs right now, because the military has power. they have halted the past and taken us back to square one. but that doesn't work for us. i know what this is why it's better than alber, henry versus his decisions. the crew has already had an economic and political impact on sudan. the u. s. has announced it will hold back a $700000000.00 assistance package that was meant for the transitional government that has been deposed. the african union suspended sedans, membership on wednesday. and the world bank, which provided financial assistance, has with held back to so less. and i'm either lieutenant general abdel, shut the hell behind that. he took power and dissolved the cabinet to avoid sliding into civil war. his promised a cabinet of professionals, but some analysts say forming a government accepted by all will not be easy. we'll see if they manage to come up with ah, an acceptable or government government that is formed with a real expert who are independent from political affiliations. who can be trusted
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to take the country into election in 2020 city or 24. as it was stipulated before, i think that would be the key. these demonstrate as fe, they'll continue to build their momentum for more protests calling for an end to the military room. several people have been killed since the cool on monday, and many more entered. but protest as they, they'll go on until their aims are achieved. he bow morgan, i'll dedira harpoon o western nations have denounced the crew fearing what it could mean for a transition to democracy. and the united nations has reiterated calls for government officials and sit down to be released. what's important for the secretary general and for all of us, is to see the immediate and unconditional release of all other government officials who continue to be on, on lawfully detained as well as activist or anyone else who has been detained
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arbitrarily, but by the authorities. and every once human rights of course, must be respected. the secretary general has been on the phone, and his advisors have been in touch with relevant for people and out there as christian salumi has been following talks and in i to nations. she gave us this up, diarrhea. several council members took the opportunity to day to i condemn what's happened, the u. s. called the military takeover, completely unacceptable. kenya african member of the council before the meeting. i called on the security council to follow the lead of the african union, which is suspended sudan temporarily, and speak with one voice, but so far the counsel has been unable to speak with one voice negotiations on a statement are ongoing out. he did also here to day from sedans,
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representative at the united nations, and he did not speak directly about the takeover, but he did call on the international community to help ah build baba new food oncle, up, some delegations have expressed their concerns as to what is currently happening in sudan, and while understanding their concerns, we would reiterate the need for the international community and the security council. more specifically, to continue providing that support to the people of sudan at this very important moment, which is across roads in order to bring together the positions of the different sudanese parties, civilian or military so that the country can continue with its transition office, which is in keeping with the sacrifice of the women and the sudanese young people and what has been achieved in the last 2 years in order to preserve the stability as expressed by the sudanese people and in keeping with the juba agreement for peace and the constitutional document. at this time, it's very important to bring the different points of view of the parties and sudan together and asked for that security council statements. we are told by diplomatic
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sources that 3 draft statements have been put forward by the united kingdom. the 1st 2 were objected to by russia over language condemning the military's takeover. we're told that that language has been softened to express serious concern and we may have on thursday at last have the counsel weigh in on this issue. o. israel has approved plans for almost 3000 you illegal satellite units in the occupied west bank. they'll be the 1st to be built on the prime minister enough tale. bennett, the u. s. is deeply concerned about this plan saying it'll help prospect for 2 state solution settlements. are illegal under international law, but israel with checks this led to abraham has more from nablus. and the occupied westbank was
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a number of units approved. and wednesdays meeting might not be as large as it was during the era of the u. s. president. donald trump, for palestinians. one settlement unit is one unit too much. we're standing here in front of the legal israeli settlement of a lead has been here since the eighty's and it has been expanding, has been connected to other illegals. israeli settlements an israel with a network of roads, transportation, it has access to electricity and water, and it has also prevented past indians from accessing their lands. we're not just talking about the built up area, but the whole mountain has been off limits to palestinians who own agricultural lands there. now in wednesday's meeting, there are 2. it is really outposts that have been approved by this meeting. it means that sometimes settlers decide to put up caravans, but they are not approved by the government. but many of them we've seen across the
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years were did through actively, later on, approved and recognized by the government. although in the meantime, they are acts as they have access to infrastructure and services. when it comes to the palestinian authority, it's condemned. the new settlement building and said that all supplements are considered illegal under international law, urging the international community to intervene. now in a deepening risk between warsaw brussels ear, opinions top court has ordered poland to pay a $1000000.00 euros each day for not suspending a controversial chamber. chamber gives poland governing party the power to discipline its judges. polish authorities fail to comply with the july ruling to immediately holt its proceedings. 2 sides of disagree for years on poland. judicial reforms is mont, poland. constitutional court rule. parts of e law were incompatible with its constitution. when other stores are falling,
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burton will return to meeting itself imposed foreign aid spending target in the next 4 years is comes after the government ditch. the pledge during the corona virus pandemic, to criticism from rights groups. our improving fiscal situation means we will meet our obligations to the world. horace. i told the house, then we met our fiscal tasks. we would return to spend the 0.7 percent of all national income on overseas aid. some people said this was a trick or a device. i told this house, it was no such thing. i'm based on the tests. i set out today's fall cross show that we are in fact, scheduled to return to point 7 in 2425. why attend to some of the latest have elements in lebanon now? protests it haven't. process in bay were off the leader of a christian political party, refused to testify about recent violence in a city near georgia was due to appear at lebanon's defense ministry,
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but says he won't do so until the leader of has bhalla santas. rolla is also summoned. 7 shia muslims were killed and fighting this month in a hodder reports from beirut. yes, they created a human shield along the road to my rob, north of a root. that's where the head of the christian lebanese forces party samir charge our lives. he was supposed to appear at the army intelligence building, to answer questions related to the fighting in the lebanese capital earlier this month, that killed several people. oh josh, i support to say they are protecting him from what they call an unjust system. this must book has below occupation. iranian occupation has bala leverage over the court . busy over the over judges over a political a life should stop long time enemies the she r groups has mala and amal on one side and the christian lebanese forces on the
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other accuse each other of starting that gun battle. the case is now in the hands of the military court, which human rights groups say has been used by the authorities to intimidate and retaliate for political reasons. for we do have very grave concerns about the independence of those judges. given that they are subordinate to the executive, josh are described. the judge had the r kiki, who summoned him as hezbollah as commissioner in the military tribunal. and his lawyers are trying to remove him from the case many here worry that the lebanese forces party is being targeted because it is a vocal challenger of what the opposition calls the has well, are dominated political order. some opposition leaders also believe the case against georgia will be used to bury the investigation into last year's explosion at bay root ports. has molina to ally, amal accused, thought it better the lead judge in that investigation of political bias and want
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him removed. and it seems they want georgia convicted pool unless they seem to be attempts to give georgia political and maybe even religious cover from the church. this is not acceptable. so me a judge and all the killers should be taken to the place where they need to be. the growing confrontation between the 2 sides has raised tensions that can yet again lead to sectarian violence. it is a dangerous standoff center there al shahida, beirut. without is there a lie from london? much more cell to bring you on the program? live rounds used on a films that police update their investigation to the shooting that from an old. when's new movie? and despite years of abuse and a loss of faith, canadian indigenous lee to say it's never too late to heal. ah,
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hi, there, good to be with you. we do have some driving rain moving across indo china. so this is impacting eastern areas of taiwan and also getting a pretty good batch of ranges south of being and, you know, for central areas of non 15000 homes have been effected by flooding there some scattered showers through central eastern parts of china toward the south is wall, but hong kong will stay dry with a high of 26 degrees where we go to japan right now and you know, for hawkeye to some disturbed weather here. this will plague support with the height of 15 degrees southeast asia. get instruct with some rain across java. the same goes for western areas of borneo and next stop. we're going down under the weather maker moving across the bike. here it's going to generate white and windy conditions, south australia toward victoria, you know, across south australia. i do think we'll see wind gusts here of up to a 120 kilometers per hour that could produce some damage. off to new zealand, high temperatures have got some high humidity as well. in fact,
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severe storms denita and just the other day and a heavy run of rain for the north island. this will play gives bin with a high of 23 degrees. but look at these temperatures still well above average. also wet and auckland, that's it. that's all we'll see again soon. ah . but too many have been forced to flee their homes escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, where the related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. fort lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives, and fueling migration exit on doors. a climate in crisis on al jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back. look at main stories now. and state tv in shavon is reporting that 60 sudanese ambassadors have been removed from that post office mondays. curb are also growing international demands for the military to reverse it. take over israel has approved plans for almost 3000. you illegal settlement units in the occupied by bank statements are illegal on to international law that israel rejects this. and europe's top court has ordered poland to pay more than a $1000000.00 every day. it does not suspend the chamber that gives poems governing party the power to discipline judges.
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madagascar was southern region, is experiencing its was drought and decades. pushing more than a 1000000 people to the brink of famine. for consecutive droughts have wiped out harvests with reports of people dying of hunger. and there are calls for rich nations to do more to combat the climate crisis. brianca gupta, reports southern madagascar is facing it's was drought it for 2 years. the level of hunger here is so severe the un wants it could. so lead to the world's 1st famine, caused by climate change. the situation in the grand suit of madagascar is absolutely dire. right now we are entering the next lean season, which began in october. we have 1300000 people who are severely food and secure. that means they do not know where the food that they need each day to survive. it's going to come from of those $28000.00 people are facing catastrophic food
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insecurity. which is to say famine like conditions. the tropical island country in the indian ocean that's used to cycles heavy rainfall and drought has seen an allow me decline and rainfall in recent years. affecting small farmers and cattle heard us. people have southern madagascar have seen their incomes decline even more. water is scarce, fields have dried up, crops have died, and there is little food. some are eating locus cactus and even mud just to survive. some of those years it's a drought seems to be related to the el nino system in the pacific one of those years. it seems to be related to what's happening in the eastern indian ocean. and over all of those years, there tends to be a increase in the pressure systems. the atmospheric pressure to south of madagascar, madagascar is extremely vulnerable to climate change. even though it's carbon
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emissions are some of the lowest i offer. so people call what? 72, my not less. that government is faulty. responsible because that can't she asked con, haunted deacons. on a leg. i have a pretty good establishment, but the people who are sort of the piece of vinyl ations committed by the international community that has failed to take the necessary measures to cut any shots and with pledges of the world's leading polluters. not nearly enough to do use the effects of a warming planet. it's devastating impact is already being felt by those who can do little to fight it. bianca group though, i'll to 0. now a bridge between columbia and venezuela is reopened after being closed for 2 years . the border between the countries has been the center of control the see, especially as venezuela, thanks deeper into economic turmoil. now,
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venezuelans will be able to cross in fine goods that they couldn't otherwise purchase a home on a sandra, m d as your ports. now from the columbia border city of cook, top 3 weeks, up to personnel, sing. it's venezuela's finally reopened form of border crossings with columbia for pedestrians and the simone believe our international bridge is again dreaming with activity as eager venezuelans cross in search of goods and health services. yes, yeah. thank god, this is real progress. it's a big advantage because crossing through the legal trails is tough and dangerous, especially for the sick and elderly and mano, columbia opened its side of the border on june, 2nd, but its limiting entry to keep daily numbers under control. while tori disbelieved some of the legal crossings often controlled by criminal gangs that thousands used during the closure. being able to cross legally and safely is a huge relief for people on both sides of the border. but many here hope this will
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also be the 1st step forwards, or restart of commerce in trade in that could jumpstart an economy that was badly hurt by years of closure. but okay, and i don't fuss about time. they took this step. now let's hope it will be fully restored. we have a lot to gain from more trade and more interchange. former congressman fred the barrel. al, who's been given the title of border protector by them, are due to government, came to the bridge to check on the proceedings, and called on the colombian government to reopen trade. or to set my mind a colombian side of the border is the region with the highest unemployment in the country. the paralysis has killed thousands of jobs and businesses. what we already to restart boilers prefer as soon as they lay the borders. merchants association says it has spent more than 2 and a half years trying to convince the government to reopen. it says the closure as meant the end of 1300 businesses and more than 30000 jobs in columbia alone. those
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are those and then they're montgomery, and i understand that the governments in caracas in bogota, distance because they have different political ideologies and economic systems. but that doesn't mean that regular people and businessmen congregate together locally and we evidently do in the needs keep the border opened up. it's time to set aside the differences and regenerate the commercial activities that always existed in i star oakley, open board. some exporting companies are so anxious to restart that they are already filling trucks with goods like toilet paper to send to venezuela. as soon as their green lighted politics have long disrupted the codependent economic relationship between columbia, venezuela. now many can't wait to return to some level of normality. i listened that i'm petty and jesse dakota as he reported on cheese dare un report shy as going gas emissions reaching a record high last year. most countries are working to respond. poland as agreed with the european union to hit its 2050 carbon neutral target,
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although it's still generate 70 percent of a lot of its electricity by burning coal and other dirty fuels. our environment editor nic clark reports across poland, coal heartlands. this is a familiar site every day of the year and has been for decades, power stations working non stop to keep the country running. this is the biggest and most carbon polluting power plant in the whole of europe. it is a balance of power station and it counts around a 5th, about 20 percent opponents total energy requirement. and it's fueled by this colossal open pit my. we can see in front of his head and employs nearly 10000 people but everyone across the industry is deeply worried about the future as the transition to renewables means coal should be phased out entirely by 2049 at the latest. so the question is, what happens to the minus now shows us no by am fee lay provision. but if
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a proof i understand change is taking place in the money industry are necessary, but those changes have to put people 1st. it must be a just and fair transition securing their existence for the government. the green transition is a huge challenge. it admitted to al jazeera, it's unlikely to hit the 2050 carbon neutral target, agreed by the e u. it might be a few years beyond that. we haven't said that goal specifically in our, in our legislation today, we are currently working on, on a strategic until 2050, but that hasn't been finalized. i don't, that's don't, certainly does not make the forthcoming you in climate negotiations in glasgow any easier with their focus on the phasing out of co. a bad news too. because from a health perspective, the green transition cannot come soon enough. across poland, toxic coal smoke billows from millions of chimney tops. and this at
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a time when the world health organization says it, air pollution is more dangerous than previously thought. killing an estimated $7000000.00 people a year in poland itself. air pollution causes $45000.00 premature deaths each year, while the country has some of the most polluted air in europe. and 36 of europe's 50 most polluted cities are in the country. but in the once badly polluted city of crack of science is hitching a ride into the evening sky. every time this sight, seeing balloon goes up on both senses, sent air pollution measurements down in 2019 city authorities been the burning of fossil fuels. within city limits and the effects have been immediate, we see a great changing the city. the quality of the air is su, improving the crack of experience demonstrates the possibilities ahead for poland. phase out coal, you slash emissions and clean up the air at the same time. but getting there is
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a challenge. mcclark al jazeera, salisia, poland, now authorities in the last day of new mexico confirmed the act. alec baldwin fired alive bullet when he accidentally shot a director of photography last week lane hutchins was killed on the sat in the film rust and films direct to gel, says i was wounded. baldwin was told, the gun was safe to use and was pointing it towards the camera while rehearsing a scene. please say the actor has been cooperating with the investigation, but it's too early to charge any one yet. we believe that we have in our possession the firearm that was fired by mister baldwin. this is the wire. this is the firearm we believe. discharged the bullet. we also believe that we have the spent shell casing from the bullet that was fired from the gun. the actual lead projectile that was fired has been recovered from the shoulder of mister sousa. put francis
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has agreed to visit canada on a pilgrimage of healing and reconciliation. country is really from the discovery of more than a 1000 graves. in the sight of former church run schools. for decades, indigenous children were taken from their homes and placed in these institutions. there was romping abuse, and many never came home from this adjust intruders called for a formal apology from the jodi vance reports from vancouver. it's not hard to see the generational trauma. indigenous communities suffer from catholic residential school abuses, to broken families to children, lost in the cracks of foster care. there is more than one place to lay blame, but it's the young people who suffer most. they have issues that they faced from their parents and like anger, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, because of all the horrible things that they went through in residential school. in
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those unresolved issues are passed down to the young people and they don't know how to face it. canadian human rights tribunal, as well as federal courts recently ruled that foster care survivors must be compensated. most will tell you that there is no price tag big enough. how could somebody assess 40000 or 50000 or 100004 being raped and molested? and condemned and paid little and robbed from family for no good reason. even though prime minister just into those government has appealed court decisions on compensation when pressed. he reflects the millions of catholics like me across the country, expect the church to step up and fulfill its moral responsibilities, its legal and economic responsibilities, its historic responsibilities, but also to practice what quite literally creatures catholic bishops issued an
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apology last month. they are promising to fundraise with a goal of collecting $30000000.00 for victims over the next 5 years. but survivors say they simply don't trust the church. memorials like these are across canada honoring the 215, unmarked graves of children in kamloops. certainly there is a role that has been played by the canadian government as well as the church in the generational trauma suffered by indigenous peoples of canada. children taken from their families, put into an under funded and often racist foster care system wherever holds was talking stick. now, members of the community are trying to bridge that divide, giving into the culture, learning the language, learning those songs, and the love of the community will replace that anger. that's and saw him even after a long road of struggle. there is hope and for some,
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a feeling that it's never too late to heal. took a 199 years to learn what can't be ruled by hatred in the enemy of our peace, a reclaiming of culture, and faith, they say, is the path to recovery. jody vance. al jazeera, vancouver. ah, look at the main stories now and state television and sudan is reporting that 6 sudanese ambassadors including those to the united states. the e. u and china have been removed from that post. i. the military chase are also growing international demands for the military traverse. it's curb. the african union has suspended, sued on from all activities until civilian rule is restored and the well bank has put a hold on any aid state oil company work as in doctor's are among the latest to join strikes and protests inside the.


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