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colonial tori thesis said that they are working on the protocols necessary to a restart trade between the 2 countries. hopefully at some point the in november that will happened when i have to see 2 things. then how quickly the economic activity will pick up again. and the 2nd, if this reopening of that border will be in that we will again see large numbers of venezuela migrating to colombia, as was the case at the height of the crisis inside venezuela. back in 2016 in 2017 right from cook. i was on from kathy, thank you. still ahead on this news out from london, will tell you on poland 2050 comp and mutual target is about more than combating climate change. and conflicting messages from australia's prime minister on vaccinated tennis players
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ah hi there, good to be with you. we can pick out 2 areas of disturbed weather across europe, the 1st toward the west, and then we've got this weather makers spinning around in central mediterranean. first, let's go to the west, the northwest, and we do have a run of some atlantic rain here through the united kingdom. it's going to be heavy at times. so the potential is seen some flash flooding. it's still tapping into that south facing when so many spots, temperatures above average. the same band of rain is also going to play northern areas of portugal into the northwest of spain. and by friday it's going to envelop more of the peninsula. ok, here we go to the central mediterranean now, and this disturbance pretty much stalled out. we've got some heavy falls over malta and still red weather alerts in play for southern sections of italy to see more
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flash flooding. further toward the east. it says settled toward this part of the mediterranean on tale at $25.00 degrees, but some showers over a cypress and a levant, but it will stay dry in bay root with a height of $26.00 degrees on thursday. when this weather report right now in africa, we've got some heavy bouts of weather across western africa. and some thunder downpours can be expected. legos, abby, john rate into free town, free towns got a high of 28 on thursday. that's it, sir soon. ah. too many have been forced to flee their homes, escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. fort lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives,
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and fueling migration exit on doris. apply much in crisis on al jazeera gutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ronnie casa, needed to open and develop it school track international shipping company to become a p middle east and hub. tried and wanting skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of development, who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future, wanted cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. lou ah.
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in fact, the main stories now have been growing demands for sedans, military to reverse its qu, the african union had suspended saddam from all activities until civilian rule is restored in the country. israel is approved plans for almost 3000 new illegal settlement units in the occupied weiss, bank settlements are illegal and international law, but israel rejects this and europe's top court has ordered poland to pay more than a 1000000 dollars every day. it does not suspend the chain, but it gives poland governing policy. the power to discipline is judges. when we go to iraq, now at least 11 people have been killed in an i still attack, stoking sectarian tensions in the allah province. police say the attackers used hand grenades and machine guns in their assault on a predominantly shia village. on tuesday, the victims relatives then carried out revenge attack on a neighboring sunny village,
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killing 9 people under ship. our reports i saw gunman with semi automatic weapons drove into eastern rocks, remote village, about to washer and open fire, killing several people. all members of the same trot defenseless civilians is how he, rocky security services described them at least 15 others were wounded. o victory against iso was declared in 2017, but violence continues. one attack in july killed more than 30 people when a roadside bomb went off in a crowded market and solder city. it's very hard to tell from one incident or 2 incidents. ah, whether there's a pattern, we don't know that there's a resurgence. 10000 i so fighters may still be active in iraq and syria, according to a you an estimate. prime minister mustafah come to me has promised to find the perpetrators wherever they go. oh, the influential shia cleric mc tuttle solder who's sonorous block one,
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the most seats and parliamentary elections this month says the village was targeted by what he calls terrace. because politicians too busy jocking for power neglected to focus on security, sought or has banned armed groups from using weapons outside of state control. but others are already taking action on their own. videos. shared on the messaging app telegram appeared to show members of the she, a tribe attacking the neighboring sunny village of not her early mom on wednesday. after accusing them of facilitating the ice will attack a number of people were killed according to local sources. i so feeds on, certainly resentment of the shia domination. let's say of the political system. and what i think is perhaps, could happen is that the she of malicious now will say there were i sal attacks and we need to be empowered to push back to fight back against i. so, and they made use these attacks to have their own empowerment again. ah,
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political parties linked to the iran backed popular mobilization forces, say they're willing to carry out broader operations against deisel. after this attack, andrew chapel al jazeera, now authorities in the estate of new mexico have confirmed the act to alec bolden fight alive bullet when he accidentally shot the director of photography last week . elaine hutchings was killed on the set of the film rust and the films direct to gel. sousa was wounded police as the actor has been cooperative, but that it's too early to charge any one. as the investigation continues, we believe that we have in our possession the firearm that was fired by mister baldwin. this is the wire. this is the firearm we believe discharged the bullet. we also believe that we have the spent shell casing from the bullet that was fired from the gun. the actual lead projectile that was fired has been recovered from the shoulder of mister sousa. now there are just
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a 100 days left until the wind heard and picks began in bay jang organizes of res pandemic protection guidelines allowing local spectators to attend. but count down has also been plagued by new cove at 19 outbreaks and calls for boycotts from human rights activists. katrina, you reports from beijing ha baiting his entered the final stage of preparations for the 2022 winter olympics with just 100 days left until the opening of the games. volunteers have been recruited. test events underway and metal designs have been unveiled, edge him were him in with the support of the chinese people and the international community. we will be able to overcome all difficult challenges, successfully complete preparations to do an offer the world, a wonderful olympic event. unlike during the tokyo summer games, local spectators in china will be allowed to attend, but regulations will be much stricter. organizes have released
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a so called pandemic playbook to control the spread of curve at 19. all participants, including teams and the media, will be confined to a tightly controlled venue. bubble vaccination is required. those who are not will face a $21.00 day quarantine that lasts longer than the games itself. exemptions on medical grounds only will be considered daily covered 19th or compulsory. those who don't comply with the rules could be banned from the event. officials here say the 2022 winter olympics will be the safest yet. but as organizes enter the final sprint ward, the games, the country is battling a new foss spreading outbreak. the grown of iris delta variance targeted looked downs, had again been horrors and domestic travel. discouraged. the latest outbreak has spread to 12 provinces, and more than 200 cases have been reported. authorities say 75 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated. booster shots are being offered to residence in
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the capitol. oh, the corona virus isn't the only challenge organizes face activists around the world, a cooling for boycotts fighting human rights concerns. and growing tensions with taiwan threatened to overshadow the event. bating has dismissed or criticisms. its leaders heard a successful winter olympics. will underscore china's soft power and position on the world stage. katrina, you al jazeera beijing will a successful when to games of be another feather in the cap of for president teaching thing has become something of a rarity on the world stage. recently he's not going to be going to the g 20 summit this coming weekend, nor the cop 26th high climate conference after that. in fact, he hasn't left china for around 2 years. so what's behind that, patrick? chauvinistic as an adjunct professor at columbia university school of international and public affairs, he joins as by skype from new york city. so president,
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she usually, i suppose, were accustomed to him taking a very assertive, bold approach on the global stage. usually why the absence some of it's simply practical, you know, he hasn't left china since the outbreak of, of covey, mainly because china has taken a kind of 0 tolerance policy towards forts go good and travel. it is very hard for anyone to come in or come out of china without going through pretty extensive warranty. so that's one thing. you know, the other thing is that china has seen a bit of a shift in priorities in word. it is still assertive on the world stage, but whether or you know, attending a summer is necessarily, she's biggest priority. i think that that has changed. it is, it seems to suggest there are some domestic reasons for this decision is obviously
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chosen not to attend to crucial summits that are coming up. caught 26 on climate change and the g 20 bit. when you say it's not in china's priorities, i mean, is it also about rising tension and, and that antipathy with the united states in west and leaders? so i wouldn't read too much in terms of domestic political unrest into she not leaving china or, or ram. you know, or attending a give it a summit, you know, there was, there was actually a period of time just before she took power, where he disappeared for 2 weeks. and everybody wondered where he was. ah, and then he popped up again. and it really was nothing. so, you know, there is always lots of speculation. when somebody doesn't show up, it doesn't mean something or absent. neither evidence, i wouldn't say that it does. um, you know, that being said, your china's attitude towards international sun, it's like the g 20 or climate is generally that they want again and get out without
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anybody telling them what to do. ah, they, they want to just go their own path. they don't necessarily have an agenda that they're promoting. they just don't want to be have anybody else's agenda imposed on them. and even when it comes to climate, for instance, you know, internationally up the restaurant world wants china to use less coal. well, china's right in the middle right now of a coal shortage which is leading to our electricity shortages. and so, you know, there are trying to get any kind of coal that they can anywhere they can. so it just kind of representative of the disconnect between what china's domestic prairies are and what the agenda is that some of these international that's it, it's interesting because there are others such as president putin and brazil. jar balls scenario also not attending cop 26 or g 20 for that matter. does it reflect that this growing divergence with western powers at
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a time when there does need to be some degree of global unity to deal with the chronus kind of virus pandemic? of crucially in meeting climate change targets. it's possible, you know, the g 20 was always a place where people wanted to go on. but one thing that has been ah, symptomatic of this or of you know, during cove it has been the lack of international cooperation. ah, you, in contrast, for instance, to the 2008 financial crisis where representatives for top level representatives from the u. s. in china and europe were on the phone all the time with each other, coordinating a response in a fairly cooperative way. armed cove. it has been, it has really been a case where there's been not that much international cooperation over which vaccines are acceptable for travel. what the travel rules are, are all sorts of distribution of vaccines. it's been kind of every country for
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itself. and i don't know whether them not attending the g 20 is necessarily reflection of that, but that is a reality. all right, thank you very much, patrick. show the neck for at joining us, getting a bit of insight on that cheers on how many countries band lead paint decades have go because of its health impact on young children. but in indonesia these paints as still widely available and activists across the capital, a calling on the government to stop them being made and sold. jessica washington reports now from jakarta. in the indonesian capital minority has spray painted cars for more than 20 years. oh yeah, i know the paint contains dangerous chemicals. it's very dangerous, so i will mask. despite his concerns, he says he has to work with what he's given. toxic pains with ingredients like lead
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a still commonly used in indonesia, on houses, cars, school buildings and more. well, many above can lead exposure causes disturbances in a child's development. their neuro development is disrupted and it reduces their intelligent researches say the widespread use of lead paint creates a hidden danger in unexpected places. me my check stubs. we have done testing in $32.00 children's playground around jakarta, almost 70 percent of them had led levels above a 90 pm, which means they are not safe and children can get lead contamination just from playing in the playground. these volunteers are repainting equipment and playgrounds around the city. with safe non toxic paints. a report by the local n g o. nicholas foundation found more than half of the paint brands available in indonesia sold at least one product with extremely high lead concentrations. many
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countries banned lead pains decades ago and implemented strict regulations, but the pains are still widely available here in indonesia and activists. a calling for stronger regulations, deteriorating lead paint is also considered a hazard as dust and paint chips can result in dangerous levels of lead exposure. get up when the regulations are still voluntary. it is not compulsory for pain companies to reduce unleaded paint. she's working with paint companies in indonesia to encourage them to make safer products. one company, mo, legs changed its paint formula in 2019 and started using organic pigments rather than lead, without increasing its prices. placing a premium safety is not what we were after. this was important to us as most developed countries and abandon let it pains as early in the late seventy's. but
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authorities say it is still difficult to stop the sale of lead paint that the government on. the main problem is in small and medium scale industries. they have problems switching to unleaded raw materials because of many factors including price in the absence of regulation and enforcement. experts say toxic paints remain a dangerous threat to the health of young children. jessica washington out to 0 jakarta. now you reported on tuesday, you and report shows greenhouse gas emissions reached a record high last year. most countries are working to respond to that. poland is a great with the european union. it's 2050 comp neutral target, although it's still generate 70 percent of its electricity by burning coal and of the fuels. nick clark has our reports across poland, coal heartlands. this is a familiar site every day of the year and has been for decades, power stations working non stop to keep the country running. this is the biggest
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and most carbon polluting power plant in the whole of europe. it is a balance of power station and it counts around a 5th, about 20 percent opponents total energy requirement. and it's fueled by this colossal open pit my. we can see in front of his head and employs nearly 10000 people but everyone across the industry is deeply worried about the future. as the transition to renewables means coal should be phased out entirely by 2049 at the latest. so the question is, what happens to the minus now shows us and i buy him, feel a provision, but if a profit i understand change is taking place in the money industry are necessary. but those changes have to put people 1st. it must be a just and fair transition securing their existence for the government. the green transition is a huge challenge. it admitted to al jazeera, it's unlikely to hit the 2050 carbon neutral target, agreed by the
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e u. it might be a few years beyond that. we haven't said that goal specifically in our, in our legislation today, we are currently working on, on a strategic until 2050, but that hasn't been finalized. i don't, that's don't, certainly does not make the forthcoming you in climate negotiations in glasgow any easier with their focus on the phasing out of co. a bad news too. because from a health perspective, the green transition cannot come soon enough. across poland, toxic coal smoke billows from millions of chimney tops. and this at a time when the world health organization says it, air pollution is more dangerous than previously thought. killing an estimated $7000000.00 people a year in poland itself. air pollution causes $45000.00 premature deaths each year, while the country has some of the most polluted air in europe. and 36 of europe's
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50 most polluted cities are in the country. but in the ones badly polluted city of crack of science is hitching a ride into the evening sky. every time this sight, seeing balloon goes up on both senses, sent air pollution measurements down in 2019 city authorities band. the burning of fossil fuels within city limits and the effects had been immediate. se, yeah, great, changing the city, the quality of the air is se improving. the crack of experience demonstrates the possibilities ahead for poland. phase our coal, you slash emissions and clean up the air at the same time. but getting there is a challenge. mcclark al jazeera, salisia, poland. coming out after a quick break, we will show you the baseball saw so desperate feature in the while series. he played with a broken leg ah
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with with
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a whole ah ah pineapple the sport with sorrow in dough. thanks a lot, my am all the pressure is intensified on boss load a head coach, ronald acumen after his slide slip to a 3rd defeat in full games on wednesday boss or away. it's right by cono the home side pulled the only goal of the game. cut see of colombian, strike for them. our fall cow bus. learn and now lie nights in the standing. the only good news on the night is that legally to israel madrid. what helps with mil military by assistant on this and then pick ice hockey team needs
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a new general manager for beijing because the man who had the job has resigned. san bauman left the role just hours off the quiz thing is in chicago. black hawk gm, it followed results from an investigation found the franchise had mishandled allegations of sexual assault back in 2010. now the team have been fine to 1000000 dollars by the n h l. the head of football sto, will play as unions as a wall comp held every 2 years could have terrible consequences for players welfare . 55th pro rather all seen when will play gets a chance to rest off for proposed to hold the world cup every 2 years. on the side of the, of the workload i think is a very self defeat as argument from the different competition organizers to, to keep running, running, running the players. because in the end, yes, it's about the players rest and their family life and their their physical ability . but who's winning? when the players are injured? who's, who's winning?
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the players can maybe only go 90 percent or 80 percent confusion on whether on vaccinated tennis players will be allowed to compete at the strategy and open continues with conflicting information from different political leaders. last week, the local and federal governments indicated that players wouldn't be allowed into the country if they weren't double jobs against coded 19. bought in a television interview, the australian prime minister scots morrison contradicted this thing. they could be granted special axis if they quarantine for 2 weeks that hasn't gone down to well though in hosts they victoria, which is only just emerging from months of locked down. i think we just got to be sensible and practical. and we want major events in this country. a lot of jobs depend on it. we want to stride inside of the world that we're up and we're getting on with it. we're going to ask and, and actually require people sitting in the grandstand, paypal working at the event to be vaccinated while plays on. so we're not going to be applying for an exemption. so therefore the issue is basically result. yet lance
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appraisers taking game one in baseballs wald series against the houston astros jorge solaire returned to the tea mos recovering from coven 19. and became the 1st player of it's a start, a world series with a home run that set the tone as atlanta cruise to a 6 to win, to take a one. nothing lead in the series that they did suffer a massive injury blow starting pitcher charlie morton broke his leg after being hit with the bull. he tried to carry on playing but was eventually forced to leave the game and the rest of the series. and he said with alan, got me good. and then he he was kind of walking a little funny. um i didn't think it was broken. i just thought you took a line drive off of off his leg, but to go out there and strike out the next guy with a broken leg close on mine. at the t 20 cricket world cup england have beats and bangladesh by 8 wickets to make it to wind from 2, both seemed took the knee against racism before the game,
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and i will darby bangladesh won the toss and chose to bath 1st, but were restricted to 124 for 9. then england opened. jason royce stole the show with 61 runs off 38 balls. england stay top of their group, moving them to step closer to the semi finals. and the may be a continued to make history at the tournament after winning their 1st of the match at c 20 world called from the player in the round. they now have their 1st victory in the main draw. they restricted scotland to $1.00 oh, $9.00 for 8, and then knocked off the target with 5 balls to spare. so you get week will apply for the for to see the finals of the will come. is going to be a massive, massive ob roy. good will. i'm like, we know again it's, it's possible we are, we understood what was really enjoying it like we all believe we got to be a and now by its man. thanks sarah. had set for the news, al, but i'll be back with a full burleson in just a couple of them. ah
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ah. in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi toxic, had the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instruments for chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, spraying something they didn't even see the 2 foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus
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agent orange. coming soon on, al jazeera, compelling journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion, inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made fabric al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. it's oldest muslim. undertakers working here is a 7 days a week job that's grown with a community. my father purchased a black and blue sky and started to do the funeral in london and a family. we saw a stop being father and daughter and began. is this hotness the stories we don't often hear told by the people who love them? jeff is such a level of life super east and undertakers. this is europe on all to 0.
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ah, showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah, i got a blow to su. dawns clearly does money flows, a cot, doctors go on strike, and the country is shunned by its neighbors. ah, hello, i'm marianne. the mozy and then you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. could this become the wilds fust fan then paused by climate change. drought leaves a 1000000 people hungry and madagascar. goods of all shapes.


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