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metal and also depend on the reality on been could on, but is why i became a journalist, a mom or dad book. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello i marianna marcia. very well. welcome to the news, our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. i got a blow to see don's coolly does money flows caught. doctors go on strike. the country is shunned by its neighbors. more than a $1000000.00 a day, europe's top port put some price on poland. fight with you over the independence of
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judges. could this become the world's 1st famine caused by climate change? drought leaves a 1000000 people hungry and madagascar and goods of all shapes and sizes are free to flow off to venezuela. reopens a key crossing with columbia opening it could deliver, deliver better economic use and i'm sorry hives into her with all the de sport news. the pressure intensifies on barcelona bos, ronald cayman, after 3rd league defeats, and for games that more in the way later in the zone. ah hello, welcome to the news ensued on there, growing demands for the military to reverse. monday's qu, international pressure is growing as well. the african union has suspended so on
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from all activities until civilian rule is restored and the world bank has put a hold on aid group of west and envoys has met the, our prime minister hand dog and says he is well. but there are concerns for the millions of people in sudan already dealing with an existing economic crisis and a shortage of basic goods in the country. it, but morgan reports now from the capital hard. tim. these road blocks on the streets and neighborhoods around to dance capital 2 are now a common sight once used to keep out. security for says during anti government protests against then presidente, i'm going to be here in $29.00 to become a symbol of rejection. of monday's military coup, and on the 3rd day of the military peak over in the city where the revolution that overthrew this year thought that people were back on the street. the out in her to protesters have called for a general strike and civil disobedience, state oil workers. doctors,
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businesses and other sectors have responded to that call. i'm not going to move thanks government institutions and private companies are all closed. this is a full civil strike and people are preparing for the main event on october 30th. and i know these people who are elected because we saw that they had to know how, but the military didn't give them the space to do their jobs right now. because the military has power, they have halted the past and taken us back to square one. but that doesn't work for us. this is why it's better than we're hungry versus his decisions. the who has already had an economic and political impact on to them. the u. s. has now and it will hold back a $700000000.00 assistance package that was meant for the transitional government that has been deposed. the african union suspended to dance membership on wednesday . and the world bank, which provided financial assistance, has withheld back to us. and i'm the tenant general, i've been put, the hon said he took power and dissolved the cabinet to avoid sliding into civil
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war. his promise, a cabinet of professionals. but some analysts say forming a government accepted by all will not be easy if they manage to come up with acceptable government government that is formed with real exhibit, one independent from political affiliations. who can be trusted to take the country into election in 2020 city, it would go up to 4 as it was stipulated before. i think that would be the key. these demonstrate as fe, they'll continue to build their momentum for more protests calling for an end to the military rule. several people have been killed since the crew on monday and many more entered, but protested they, they'll go on until their aims are achieved. he bow morgan, i'll dedira harpoon. meanwhile, united nations is reiterated calls for all government officials in sudan to be released. what's important for the secretary general and for all of us,
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is to see the immediate, an unconditional release of all other government officials who continue to be on, on lawfully detained as well as activist. so any one else who has been detained arbitrarily, or by the authorities. and every once human rights of course, must be a respected of the secretary general has been on the phone. and his advisors have been in touch with relevant or people. or christian salumi is following the sorry, from the united nations and joins us now. and obviously that the people of sit on chris and suffered for decades from violence. conflict in isolation under a model share. how does the minute trees? how might the military seizure of power now affect the country?
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well, this is of great concern to united nations officials. the meeting of the security council to day was about relations between sudan and south sudan and the contested region of abbey. and there is concerned that efforts to normalize relations and deal with that contested region will be i offset will be put back as a result of the military takeover in khartoum. and certainly several council members took the opportunity to day to i condemn what's happened, the u. s called the military takeover, completely unacceptable. kenya, african member of the council before the meeting. i called on the security council to follow the lead of the african union, which is suspended, sudan temporarily. i and speak with one voice, but so far the counsel has been unable to speak with one voice. negotiations on a statement are ongoing. we did also here today from sue dan's representative at the united nations and he did not speak directly about the takeover. but he did
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call on the international community to help a bottle bobbins food on fill up, some delegations have expressed their concerns as to what is currently happening in sudan. and while understanding their concerns, we would reiterate the need for the international community and the security council. more specifically, to continue providing that support to the people of sudan at this very important moment, which is a cross road in order to bring together the positions of the different sudanese parties, civilian or military so that the country can continue with its transition office, which is in keeping with the sacrifice of the women and the sudanese young people and what has been achieved in the last 2 years in order to preserve the stability as expressed by the sudanese people and in keeping with the juba agreement for peace and the constitutional document. at this time, it's very important to bring the different points of view of the parties and sudan together and ask for that security council statement. we are told
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by diplomatic sources that 3 draft statements have been put forward by the united kingdom. the 1st 2 were objected to by russia over language condemning the military's takeover were told that that language has been softened to express serious concern. we will know in the next 24 hours if there are objections to that we may on thursday at last have the council way in on this issue. thank you very much. from united nations christian salumi. now in our, the headlines a israel is approved plans for almost $3000.00 you illegal settlement units in the occupied westbank will be the 1st to be built under the premonition of tale bennett, the u. s. is deeply concerned about the plans, annual hot prospects for a 2 state solution. settlements are illegal on the international law, but israel rejects this is deborah im has mo, from nobliss and the occupied west bank was
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a number of units approved. and wednesdays meeting may not be as large as it was during the era of the u. s. president donald trump, for palestinians. one settlement unit is one unit too much. we're standing here in front of the legal israeli settlement of a lead has been here since the eighty's and it has been expanding, has been connected to other illegals. israeli settlements an israel with a network of roads, transportation, it has access to electricity and water, and it has also prevented past indians from accessing their lands. we're not just talking about the built up area, but the whole mountain has been off limits to palestinians who own agricultural lands there. no one wednesdays meeting. there are 2. it is really outpost that have been approved by this meeting. it means that sometimes settlers decide to put up caravans, but they are not approved by the government. but many of them we've seen across the
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years were did through actively, later on, approved and recognized by the government. although in the meantime, they are acts as they have access to infrastructure and services. when it comes to the palestinian authority, it condemned the new settlement building and said that all supplements are considered illegal under international law, urging the international community to intervene. now europe's top court has ordered poland to pay more than a $1000000.00 every day. it fails to suspend a controversial chamber designed to discipline that judges. this is the latest turn in a deepening rift between the block and one of its members, which as even raised the spectre of it leaving under simmons. hast this report from the calmness of the european union's court of justice and luxemburg comes with amounts to a bombshell in this crisis involving poland and the you. the text is brief. e, c, j, vice president, orders, poland, to pay a fine of 1000000 euros
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a day because it's failed to suspend a disciplinary chamber of its supreme court. that order was made in july in a country where the vast majority of people support membership of the european union. its government has been defying legal reforms ordered by the u. poland stands accused by brussels of political interference with a new disciplinary system for judges. polish judges have declared that some e u laws clash with their constitution. even before the latest action, the governing party of poland, accused the e. u. of blackmail. the $1200000.00 fine from brussels coincided with a harsh warning from belgium's prime minister, aimed at polish leaders. you are playing with fire when waging war with our european colleagues for internal political reasons. this is about an overwhelming majority of member states from the baltic supported gal who agree our union is
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a union of values, not a cash machine. you cannot pocket all the money, but refused the values that attack contrast it. with the diplomatic approach, the french president emanuel micron had been taking with the polish leader andre duda. however, macro had said, well ahead of this meeting that poland needed to make concrete proposals. the question now is whether poland will be compliant or defiant. what's next? it's hard to say you could expect now the poor government to say, well, sorry, we're not able to pay this fine because it or own poses constitutional court has said that this would not be in line with the polish constitution. can the polish government afford to keep going against the majority view of polish people who value you membership?
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that is unclear. andrew simmons al jazeera, well in other news or following person will return to meeting itself and ppos foreign aid spending target in the next 4 years comes off to the government ditch. the pledge during the course of the corona virus pandemic, to criticism from rights groups. our improving fiscal situation. mean we will meet our obligation to the world port. i told the house, then we met our cisco tech. we would return to spending 0.7 percent of all national income on overseas age. some people said this was a trick or a device. i told this how it was no such thing. and based on the test i set out today for ca, show that we are in fact, scheduled to return to point 7 in 2425 will now to developments in lebanon, there have been protesting the capital bay route after the leader of
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a christian political party refused to testify about recent violence and necessity . the mere judge was due to appear at lebanon's defense ministry but says he won't do so until the leader of his bala has been. the thriller is also summoned. 7 she, unless limbs were killed in fighting this month, than a 100 reports now from beirut. they created a human shield along the road to my job, north available. that's where the head of the christian lebanese forces party some years john lives. he was supposed to appear at the army intelligence building, to answer questions related to the fighting in the lebanese capital. earlier this month, that killed several people. josh and support to say, they are protecting him from what they call an unjust system. this must have been occupation if an occupation has been leverage over the court. busy over the over judges over political life should stop long time
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enemies the groups has below and on one side and the christian. these forces on the other accuse each other of starting that gun battle. the case is now in the hands of the military court, which human rights groups say has been used by the authorities to intimidate and retaliate for political reasons. for me to have very grave concerns about the independence of those judges. given that they are subordinate to the executive. josh, i described the judge side the kiki who summoned him as well as commissioner in the military tribunal. and his lawyers are trying to remove him from the case many here worry that the lebanese forrest's is party is being targeted because it is a vocal challenger of what the opposition calls there has will are dominated political order. some opposition leaders also believe the case against georgia will be used to bury the investigation into last year's explosion at bay root ports. has
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molina to ally, amal accused, thought it better the lead judge in that investigation of political bias and want him removed. and it seems they won't charge a convicted fool unless they seem to be attempts to give georgia political and maybe even religious cover from the church. this is not acceptable. samir judge and all the killers should be taken to the place where they need to be. the growing confrontation between the 2 sides has raised tensions that can yet again lead to sectarian violence. it is a dangerous standoff. santa who there are theater, beirut. in watching the news, our life from london villa had on the program, the live rounds on a film said please give an update on the accident which so alex baldwin, shoot the director of photography dad with a 100 days to go to china, says code that was pushed the beijing winter olympics of school and england
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continue that good start to teach 20 cricket wildcard sorrow. be here with us that actually ah next week major climate conference is being surrounded by emissions. pledges and warnings about the effects if they are not met. but for many people in africa, rising temperatures are already dangerous. the world meet your logical agency says at least 40 countries in africa see drought is a hazard of greatest concern. while food programs has more than half of people in bomb way, would have required food aid in the 1st half of this year. at least 7700000 people a decade ago, more than a quarter of a 1000000 people. half of them children died in somalia with scientist wanting trout this year. could lead to another famine? can use already declared a drought emergency this year with an estimated 2100000 people facing starvation
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there. and now more than a 1000000 people are on the brink of famine in madagascar triggered by 4 consecutive droughts. branca gupta has more on the story now. sudden madagascar is facing its was drought in 40 years. the level of hunger here is so severe. the un wants it could so lead to the world's 1st famine, caused by climate change. the situation in the grand suit of madagascar is absolutely dire. right now we are entering the next lean season, which began in october. we have 1300000 people who are severely food insecure. that means they do not know where the food that they need each day to survive. it's going to come from of those $28000.00 people are facing catastrophic food insecurity. which is to say famine like conditions the tropical island country in the indian ocean that's used to cycles heavy rainfall. andrew out has seen an
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alarming decline and rainfall in recent years, affecting small farmers and cattle heard us. people have southern madagascar have seen their incomes decline even more. water is scarce, fields have dried up, crops have died, and there is little food. some are eating locus cactus and even mud, just to survive. some of those years of drought seems to be related to the el nino system in the pacific one of those years. it seems to be related to what's happening in the eastern indian ocean. and over all of those years, there tends to be a increase in the pressure systems. the atmospheric pressure to south of madagascar, madagascar is extremely vulnerable to climate change. even though it's carbon emissions are some of the lowest. i'm responsible for what's happening to them. why not that government is responsible because that country as controlled to
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decrease of neglect by the political establishment, but the people are so the violations committed by the international community that has failed to take 70 may have to cut asia and pledges of the world's leading polluters not nearly enough to do you see effects of a warming planet. it's devastating impact is already being felt by those who can do little to fighters, bianca 0. well, chris funk, as the director of the climate, has a center at the university of california, santa brother. he joins us now by skype from santa barbara. so there is already this hunger and food crisis playing out in madagascar affecting tens of thousands of people. how close is the country to declaring famine?
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well, i'm not really, you know, an expert on, on food security. and i don't think it's, you know, i can tell you that the country, no, kenya. so the field of somalia was the small. yeah. it's really been racked by 2 droughts in a row in the fall of 2020. and then in the spring of 2021. and now in the midst of another field, rain is october, november, december. and we think that there is a really good chance of yet another grab and just to be you, you starting east african droughts very closely. you. you have done work supporting the early famine warning systems network. right? and that is, i mean, that's crucial. so that contingency plans and preparations can be made to deal with an impending crisis. so then how far in advance can you predict dangerous
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conditions for the region really, really far? you know, basically we started looking at this really closely after the 20 and 2011 droughts and examined in somalia. and you know, after decade work we've linked many of these droughts to exceptionally warm waters in the western pacific and cruel waters in the eastern pacific. and, you know, the current generation of climate models can predict those sea surface temperatures very, very well. and climate change is actually contributing to our ability to predict because we can now anticipate exceptionally warm waters in the west. and so, you know, we predicted dry october, november, december reins back in july. and now we're predicting dry march. april may 2022.
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so many, many months in advance. sometimes we're wrong, but they, but the overall skill level quick. i mean, we were mentioning earlier, not just madagascar, but also there are issues around this in zimbabwe, but also smaller, i'm wondering which countries you are watching, particularly closely in terms of these, these dangerous variations or swings in and weather patterns. so this year we, in last year we faced exceptionally warm west pacific tooth risk temperatures and cruel eastern pacific conditions, which is referred to as a live mia. and under that type of pattern, it's typically kenya, southern small, i thought most of somalia and southern and so we're,
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we're now worried about for dr. you in a row. there are, it's not just about madagascar as you say. there are other or other countries in africa, the risk from the same conditions. what then are your projections for the future, particularly in light of the upcoming cop 26 summit? well, we're going to, you know, my experience is sort of that frontline climate scientist is that you know, we are see you climate change already doubts or bathing natural variations in, in users, temperatures. you know, things like, let me years in el nino, 16 year 2 pictures. and so that's going to continue to testify very rapidly. and we can, you know, improve our early warning systems. and that's going on that we also have to stop
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and thank you very much for joining us there from santa barbara, chris funk. thank you very a bridge between columbia and venezuela as reopened. after being closed for 2 years. it lies on a border which has been the center of control the sea, especially as venezuela, deeper into economic turmoil. now venezuela will be able to cross and find goods that a con, otherwise get at hun sandra to join us live from crooked time. really, this route has been something of a lifeline for many venezuelans, alessandro. our people receiving the news of this reopening. absolutely. marian, well, they obviously with great relief and means that now they're able to cross legally safely throughout the day that they can cross into columbia to look for basic food
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items, medicines, axis, medical services. and this obviously greatly improved their life and for almost 3 years now. if they want to do that, they have to cross through illegal crossing on their pass along the river that divides the 2 countries. these crossings are often very dangerous. they were and they are controlled the often the by criminal gangs that also require them to pay money to cross not only if they're crossing on their own, but also if they're carrying luggage or if they're buying things on the columbia inside. they'd also get tax to do that. so definitely this is that is a great improvement, but it goes beyond the crisis inside venezuela. this has long been an open border.
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a lot of people here have dual citizenship. they might have family members of both sides of the border. they might have businesses on one side and live on the other ones. so life has been hell for them for almost 3 years. and this is the 1st step towards the regaining some of the normal c. they've been hoping to return to 3 weeks after 1st announcing it's been it's will finally reopen the form of border crossings with colombia for pedestrians. and the simone believer international bridge is again dreaming with activity as eager venezuelans cross in search of goods and health services. yes, yeah. thank god, this is real progress. it's a big advantage because crossing through the illegal trails is tough and dangerous, specially for the sick and elderly fell and mano, columbia opened that side of the border and june 2nd. but it's limiting entry to keep daily numbers under control. while authorities police,
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some of the legal crossings often controlled by criminal gangs that thousands used during the closure. being able to cross legally and safely is a huge relief for people on both sides of the border. but many here hope this will also be the 1st step, the worth or restart of commerce in trade in that could jumpstart an economy that was badly hurt by years of closure. by talking about tom, they took this step now let's hope it will be fully restored. we have a lot to gain from more trade and more interchange, former congressman fred, the better lal, who's been given the title of border protector by them are due to government. came to the bridge to check on the proceedings, and called on the colombian government to reopen trade, or to say, my ha, fremont colombian side of the border is the region with the highest unemployment in the country. the paralysis has killed thousands of jobs and businesses where we are ready to restart dallas police as soon as they lay the boarders merchants
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association says it has spent more than 2 and a half years trying to convince the government to reopen. it says the closure has meant the end of 1300 businesses and more than 13000 jobs in columbia alone. those are those and then they're montgomery. and i understand that the governments in caracas in bogota, distance because they have different political ideologies and economic systems. but that doesn't mean that regular people and businessman can get together locally and we evidently do in the needs keep the border open. it's time to set aside the differences and regenerate the commercial activities that always existed in ice darkly open border. some exporting companies are so anxious to restart that they are already filling trucks with goods like toilet paper to send to venezuela. as soon as their green lighted politics have long disrupted the codependent economic relationship between cologne in venezuela. now many can't wait to return to some level of normality. hello,
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ms. tori thesis said that they are working on the protocols necessary to restart trade between the 2 countries. hopefully at some point in november, that will happen. we're gonna have to see 2 things then. how quickly the economic activity will pick up again. and 2nd, if this reopening of the border will be that we will again see large numbers of venezuela migrating to colombia, as was the case at the height of the crisis inside venezuela. back in 2016 in 2017 right from cook syndrome. cathy, thank you. so bad on this news out from london will tell you why poland.


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