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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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of a house to search. already the authorities, al jazeera, has teens on the ground liquid rocephin shot up into the air as well as chemicals, being released to bring you reward when documentaries, and live news. ah, hello, i'm mariam ozzy in london with a look at our main stories now all in sudan barrel growing demands for the military to reverse monday's qu, international pressure is growing as well. the african union has suspended, sued on from all activities until civilian rule is restored and the world bank has put on hold as put aid on hold able morgan reports to us now from the capital hart . tim. these road blocks on the streets and neighborhoods around sedans. capital ha, 2 are now a common sight once used to keep out security forces during anti government
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protests against them. president omar bashir in 2019. they've become a symbol of rejection, of monday's military. cool. and on the 3rd day of the military takeover in algebra, the city where the revolution that overthrew bashir thought ed people were back on the screen in her to protest as have called for a general strike and civil disobedience, state oil workers, doctors, businesses and other sectors have responded to that call a moles, banks, government institutions and private companies are all closed. this is a full civil strike and people are preparing for the main event on october 30th. and that's why i love this. people were elected because we saw that they had to know how, but the military didn't give them the space to do their jobs right now, because the military has power. they have halted the path and taken us back to square one. but that doesn't work for us. my know what, this is why it's better than albert henry versus his decisions. the crew has
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already had an economic and political impact on sudan. the u. s. has announced it will hold back a $700000000.00 assistance package that was meant for the transitional government that has been deposed. the african union suspended sedans, membership on wednesday. and the world bank, which provided financial assistance, has with held back to so to less than a lot of lieutenant general abdel had the hell behind that. he took power and dissolved the cabinets to avoid sliding into civil war. his promised a cabinet of professionals, but some analysts see forming a government accepted by all will not be easy if they manage to come up with ah, an acceptable or government government that is formed with a real expert who are independent from political affiliations. who can be trusted to take the country into election in 2020 city it would go to for us. it was the stipulated before i think that would be the key. these demonstrators say they'll
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continue to build their momentum. for more protests calling for an end to the military rule, several people have been killed since the crew on monday, and many more injured, but protest as they they'll go on until their aims are achieved. he bo morgan al jazeera harpoon. meanwhile, the united nations has reiterated cause for government officials in sudan to be released. what's important for the secretary general and for all of us, is to see the immediate, an unconditional release of all other government officials who continue to be oh, on, on lawfully detained. as well as activist, oh, any one else who has been detained arbitrarily or by the authorities. and every once human rights of course, must be a respected israel as a pro plans for most $3000.00 you illegal settlement units in the occupied west bank. they will be the 1st to be built under prime minister enough tale bennett,
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the u. s. is deeply concerned about the plan. say it will hot prospects for 2 state solution. settlements are legal under international law, but israel rejects this use top court has ordered poland to pay a 1000000 euros a day for not suspending a controversial chamber that gives owen's governing party. the power to discipline judges. authorities in poland fell to comply with the july ruling to emit a halt. its proceedings sides have disagreed for years on poland, judicial reform and had been protest in beirut after the leader of a christian political party refused to testify about recent violence. miss city severe georgia was due to appear at lebanon's defense ministry but says he won't until the leader of has ballasa master. allah is also summoned. witness is the program coming up next? i'll see you later. oh
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yes. did you make a bundle with a little bit your a, a with
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us, you know, they wanna go have you like there's no sad see, but i don't know what those book you have a post logo that. c they're all still not pulling up either in done i, let's be the most, the people even agreement already. so if that was that me, this was a little bit more of this year or later, but it, he's a, he's a battle is so we maybe see and think that will be the, the other, the ways. yeah. is, is well how good it was going to come out with the unit got, i think we do the stuff as, as you know,
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i love him already. i think i'm you will never have to bother with . 3 mm hm. so send you sent as it gets his unanimous heavy it basically bruschetta gunman was like of oven distance would out. so
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programmer the left of eunice, human event for money on his americans the me that it is contracting with . but i think that a competent medical might be emma's you left a message to kayla both of his and the other. listen. second thing i list, but that content up with his program or the glove, you got him and have you go to the london television mess emphases. you'll make a nice mostly new systemic group. don't let me know. the name is nobody, even if political dentist that then they go so with
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home but at the local, local, local, set of adult for this in louisiana, 2 spent in wavy meant the mendel. they proceeded and put a 70 in a box mafioso whole in illinois. those me a pretty severe that will cover port lopez. he soon can. i will not on my side of the living cadillac. here i lost caterpillars, a leather, olga level candle nesbit. i'll give you lindsay melanie making more investigators on the same as the authority. lucy, with one of your linds have a like a novel v marcella base re ennis. yes. pick the list. indic novels are comments otherwise recorded when it up by the room was really good about quality book, but i'm glad for my little voice in those mendoza in particular, this jamara lord over at el paseo canal, apple. yo, they own, she got them with your ticket number day lisa, alto, the me now the apostle from the law. com that sort of got
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a little press event. but i guarantee saddle, alexander can be that the pena law present that come with a little bit of pick up the little innovative electoral dilemma. another napoleonic that he's, that the libyan parameter that medical our la vio, lence. yet he committed a messy cooking at of his input dentistry, for a masked and by his mother. oh, no. oh. you live close to politeness wonder this simply made a moon in september. if it was meet cut dorothy may he cross his to our nebulous build is a heavy as we stood. why didn't they places to the enters campus? you know say well for another carlo. see this up at his he was pull up police he a leveling quin, sort of any server. oh,
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in in damascus. pico but a hovens deliver to see them, eke wendell escalate. the morale, the base assess ability and the government deployed, caught us on. we'll put a legal la garza, blank of angelica benito wellness gun. the look at the elaborate combo level under lexi students have their own. a monsoon major nadia cons to either but ela, but a couple of students yell boon consorts for me. can i come jojo? norma, congrats federal gaddy is that is les story is to predict who had been mailed to lucy, that implacable number, 17 bit of rental escandone, banassi, vo, because were counselors logan?
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king corral will be at martine. kendra clarity on them. nissan you on the 16th was me, jonas eval at is for thomas as his place and basically proceeded to ping incident that our locals, tecia ackerman. yes. wiki pasta. listen, pv willingness for lack of he never left us. your name is amy racy cecile responsibly. please leave it up that been please, sir. if they can progress young, leave it without his government done by yourself yet, but his sierra, scantily ripped up the expedition laterally last year on that. our goal at that, i mean i will, they, they see our most boy nest royalty. ah, oh, this is that alone. these again are being admitted to i said look, is that us handle. and this is our home of these inc, gave amazon. i love a barrier, a young guy over the lady
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that is he that he does. john is absolutely been jealous. episodically lost his foot, was put to beat that. look, he la, so sent us me to feed my 60 kendall swaniker, diesel happening? see pelvis, a contemporary that buys this up at his heels and his bus humiliating when delinquent? 3 got a minute and tub icon, difficult davis burnett and kate on epic and getting cheated up. but i me sort of put a sir just hang 15. this is brooke his record, so see dekota said this be the of am if he say me will not rest us. you on a proposal contract that they're going to discuss dublin. mrs. gould with those missiles garcia, what was miss? because you thought you were with miss elizabeth. sh with where you are like
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a venus. he's the guy he doesn't say let's where i was at the stage up. i lazy was know you lose you lose worth a b. as to lou, i thought you were little little is on foot was woke on these spoke. did he bump, isn't there is also, there was an would be physically me, he call the going us. does the america see or gym. they those you see where they've been, ays, portion of them about the sink over to the mega. got those amazing dividend. the single isn't it, i love it. that is missouri. my son does is or john and j miserable. so we've seen him as a physician, and pest had a feeling medicament in play, caught up a set of ideas from bradley's fiance and look at a lot of his on his own could, could oak of his to pluck his indeed little chance to look at you val accommodate element upward that anybody who attends hipaa. gregory sat a lady. i couldn't, mattie says he linds wilkinson sort of his he i've law number a mirror,
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that alia, job. people they got, they only got 3 stack on a 2nd. the name was making going with the sun when we had to come in and when a man or negative did it he up in the leader thought it was literally for them could be. so they're going to be showing up the shift. maybe you could think i'm going to be out here for monday now, mrs. daniel cisco says bassio's that you are back in plenty tissue claim to be c. d,
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as in the form. so municipal court difficult for us. i don't maybe search for felicia to put fuel left. you another level of expertise to government. save you into a much better alice, better luck than in business. so be less. it was $200.00 and food in a base. isn't it? it doesn't give us that, but i get both of us thermal spirit owner, gina, that is say this, this, this is easy hours. he has done most work, was your so yeah, course will tell him he could pop on to the media to protect journalist, because when i, when i went ahead cosivity caroline defense, i know that i'll leave it that express young carol darcy, focusing me a to casso e,
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platinum in the discipline you on l. e. i content, peter, this is the algebra. feel not going to fulfill public komatsu to class for that unless you don't get danger. emiliano theseus clinical benefited are let ellis, uncle michel knuckles at, and thought you end up with sample de la, then i guess, okay, i see them will be as an o t shall be in. there will be an, a fidel our, our see to assist out with some. okay. ill put you down to the law republica instead of yahoo sandal a. so is glenna medical means that they get kia all combine in the there in guns. believe i'm j e. they knew john didn't pull their political in color. this was, but he's just going to resembling busy as young velocity. he brought, i'm willing to value the government de la cecil as use the lumina pania, one of them was marcel, to promote it, by your rating curtailment, the it up on exit, 2 of so little broader it made you, i bloom press. okay,
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now the, i'm the dog gunman, icon is comparable model establishment. barbara and denise abcnews young. be worse . those factors are eligible nerve is to have more than to result. is that with results in a yeah, a b of eustace global connor he is preserved. mentor are coming up strict ah, data missed was political st. and he's a computer. i mean they can even ask a better deal any question. so look, tina opinion travels with the main thing is true, so that is it will require the complete she vastly luckily with
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that the ladies union. but it but even let the ladies young but at her wedding but envy an impossible for her. letterman la balaban event on us se they look up as he got the formula cicada lake there could question the late there. look here. this was his thing most. i'm pretty look them up. looks yes, me most book i will use combine fios and we've seen nessie that has atlas and people for symbols with other put symptoms time in morning. a mossy petty little cindy fabulous evils. common grandmother mice could take alex clement was in say to be hit either hill, doubleclick, ottoman nor soviet they've always been up a love. it also be a chill, conscientious and most was double inflammation. no soviet his but douglas was still connected with the end up in as an ammeter. they succeed new. they've
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been using them in to live. you lean to separate them into entirely style, you know, so pushy toward assess what a for america tv levels that government knows to pull. the as in tony said before asia visiting to been then seattle. they said you are probably chatting. momento thou have elastically this, but i continue to have a hand mentor split, but our epilepsy on the program and before putting that meant where the as one of the as good either was i was as a boss. allah, as it was, you got a real all the visual gallegos bowen, i'm a sub in there in a la go away. you see where you 0 with wendy, wendy. wendy is the other one is the most. she goes to look at tomorrow's minot
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congress to lou chop with chuckle, to put it this is, you know, that if it was an incident, we still are supposed to go to a bonus technician. if this is going up, why is it under package already been in it? don't you you misty as young as he's automatically? he's young disease or this with this is the, this is a buddha e. as that would be shown. this is up to, there were several hall, where do they go look those, implement the risk of all morning as the person that god bless you think you're the and then you would have to call us i love the but as soon as you get this, i don't want to go with the i know me. the unknown is disabled with 10 percent. they me, he ended up on the head low by most of them and out of them i don't believe i was in a law. it means, well, yeah, there is no job again. no joke. okay. what is the one without the melinda whoever was in the new
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really, really, really cool a senior and it, they were. busy no longer the sell to list a more out of the local role with louis him to go in for you know, in pickup in any of the st. joseph hospital finance. people know they lee, since hear them very, to go to best buy america. but if you look in places, haley's mom, if you can help you out about or whomever, to be sure, if you don't stick a group policy, let me call, let me know super annoying place you to propose below, say simple switch and tables can figured out and fixed, if it's you guys, he'll be with a welding or so, but i feel so we'll have you been a few of them think opinion need to speak with somebody in schools including this
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kind of like a sub lanka bully me. gosh, 4 months, but it can also go to see other looking on that, that it is just some of a still you have to look much like, well nobody can pull up a little. i proceed in. mm hm. it appreciate that though, i simply meant the noise in megan. this is really hard to hear that i'm more interested in them. and again, as it goes through the diagnosis, representing the black. you your post and present them. cookies, cuz he's develop isn't good as their lessons good as a millennia that on any of the times while preceded them in general, when you need the blanket. this is this, i will, i see. have you learned about the present the weekend or to give it any of the blood your costume, that it has this been say all you have of this, so you want to be present them again to get rid of the black here that this race of
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movie channels on it was pretty and then giving it the black. it didn't display them. is that the app was, is then we we will have raising dallas and i've seen it in for thursday and then not was university for me is a leave you with a demo. that's why we are we in okay. yeah, those would have been with them on that. huh. but most when your boss, you're listening to me because there it was, then this year, you know, i did let's, i mean people money sticky if we're not sure. now this is when, when the number anything always it will be the one the one then we give out of the
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because they know but. * the seller put the local communities to you could ok, just double check on them. but i mean when lunch at the most me the article. but i said this kind of, it will go into the company or the status on mass broken, you know, must grievous. i'd pull that i'm which has been done is better not to commit an order much meaning more for the governors date, but it was kind of got a lot of money to get into. so
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if the will be in the be keeping any of the defense manidez, i assume we're no care but they'll buy us. well, not really sure. but one in law and then not a lemme keenness. younger. see is the less your but i channels the lavario e. this was not going to be that he may so it is that get him which will give me leo. nice to be me. he got unless you can sense. yeah. in the this will my, it was explicit goose will probably come in that one is can the law give you a service in the back? are sometimes you can to hear the girl is telling who's piano? couldn't you spend money with lunch yet? i'm going to glen door going little bit a get them was a me leave you daycare in was to respect people. i phone system under them into his extraneous look at the gums and believe you forget, i mean zach is a gay because he live in. nobody's you every most or whatever, the values for game,
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none of the most current then and put it in a room into the get thomas, a guy in the malware kin instrument though this attack is the big houses in, in the live one way form they will call whenever listen, the is to the end though in a 1000 years. whatever they wanna do, not part of it yet. i mean the per k glen, i mean they look a most commonly available give and yet ela mama ah brain damage on his head or let his guest doyle will be at. no, they've been but a competitive stay mother. he learns hippy last was kisses to pony. so to lisa but i could empty. sadler so good. he, beth national bowels were low. he got him. insidious nebulous. bitter sweetness must be gross. as a base w pass is good if you can look for
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humanistic. tele thaddeus, a bicycle swan communes a country versus levels asked i could have, i mean i've canceled that he, them he separate it then they put a to be he like most of those. don't this pendleton think? what tremendous about his eagles, jack, also the lucky i can play medical oyster, he must spend he put again, i must believe and contact alice couldn't. i place as to the i'm to say well november on al jazeera, also a year. a fabulous weather. well, lead us gather in glasgow for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning for blinds goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the us. millions in car gustavo, both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution and more than
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a year after the lawful frigate, a political, quite immersive personal, short documentary africa, direct show cases, african stories from african filmmakers. china marks $100.00 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cause for a boy impact the sporting events november on al jazeera news, welcome to a world of comfort and service excellence. a business class with where your privacy is paramount, and your experience cumbersome. sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on fixing longer hours, some shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to
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death. one 0 one, east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience and south korea. on al jazeera lu, i'm marianne was in london a quick look at the headlines now. there are growing demands for citizens, military traverse. it's who the african union has suspended sudan from all activities until civilian rule is restored and the world bank has put a hold on aid. stay all company workers and doctors are among the latest to join strikes and protests over mondays. could general abdel for to upper hands as he sees power to stop sudan sliding into civil war. but there is mounting international concern. the united nations is reiterated calls for all government officials to be released.


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