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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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media landscape in search of justice, ah, an epic saga of truth seeking under refusal to be gagged. radio silence. a witness documentary on al jazeera. the u. s. is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to what people are here and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah. i sat back for sedans, coolie does money flows, a cart, doctor's go on strike. the country is shunned by its neighbors. ah, lo, i'm marianne mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. more than a $1000000.00
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a day. europe's top court puts a price on poland. fight with the you. of the independence of judges. could this become the world's 1st famine caused by climate change? drought leaves a 1000000 people hungry and madagascar. ah, the calendar days to go, china says coded won't pushing the beijing winter olympics. of course, ah, in sudan or growing demands for the military to reverse monday's coup, international pressure is growing as well. the african union has suspended, sued on from all activities until civilian rule is restored and the world bank has put a hold on aid era. also fears about what it could mean for the millions of people in the country who were already dealing with an economic crisis involving
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a shortage of basic goods in the country. algae, there is hip morgan reports now from the capital hart. tim. these road blocks on the streets and neighborhoods around to dance. capital hudson are now a common sight once used to keep out security forces during anti government protests against then president america bashir in 2019. they've become a symbol of rejection. of monday's military. cool. and on the 3rd day of the military takeover in algebra, the city weather revolution that overthrew bashir thought that people were back on the screen. in cartoon, protested, have called for a general strike and civil disobedience, state oil workers, doctors, businesses and other sectors have responded to that call a, you know, moles, banks, government institutions and private companies are all closed. this is a full civil strike and people are preparing for the main event on october 30th.
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nothing and can you hold on a 2nd? this people were elected because we saw that they had the know how, but the military didn't give them the space to do their jobs right now, because the military has power. they have halted the past and taken us back to square one. but that doesn't work for us. i know what this is why it's better than albert henry versus his decisions. dick who has already had an economic and political impact on sudan, the u. s. has announced it will hold back a $700000000.00 assistance package that was meant for the transitional government that has been deposed. the african union suspended sedans, membership on wednesday. and the world bank, which provided financial assistance, has with held back to so less and a lot of lieutenant general abdel for to hobble hon. that he took power and dissolved the cabinet to avoid sliding into civil war. his promised a cabinet of professionals, but some analysts say forming a government accepted by all will not be easy. we'll see if they manage to come up with ah, an acceptable or government government that is formed with
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a real expert who are independent from political affiliations, who can be trusted to take the country into election in 2024. as this was the stipulated before, i think that will be the key. these demonstrate s t a, they'll continue to build momentum for more protest calling for an enter the military room. several people have been killed since the call on monday and many more entered. but protested they, they'll go on until their aims are achieved. he, bill morgan august 0, harpoon, western countries were quick to denounce the crew. while the united nations has reiterated calls or government officials to be released. what's important for the secretary general and for all of us, is to see the immediate and unconditional release of all other government officials who continue to be on, on lawfully detained as well as activist anyone else who has been detained
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arbitrarily by the authorities. and every once human rights of course, must be respected. the secretary general has been on the phone and his advisors have been in touch with relevant people, crescent louis joins his life in the united nations. already, we are saying that the international condemnation is resulted in economic and financial consequences with emergency a being cut off to su. don, now security council schedule to discuss the relations between su, dawn and south sued on what is likely to happen on that. and of course, the, the crisis that is playing out and sued on itself. so still no unified statement from the security council on the situation in sudan. there was a meeting today pre scheduled job,
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scheduled prior to the take over in khartoum about relations between sudan and south sudan. and during that many un officials express concerned that the situation cartoon could negate progress made between the 2 countries. and certainly many council members took the opportunity to condemn the take over i n and call for further action. the united states said it was completely unacceptable. but again, no unified message from the counsel, yet discussions are going on behind closed doors to reach some sort of consensus and how to respond to the crisis there. and we did here for the 1st time from the sudanese representative to the united nation. he's a counselor, not an ambassador mohammed, mom. do. mohammad speaking to the counsel didn't dress the take over directly, but he did call on the international community to help
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a little bodily food. don, cut up some delegations have expressed their concerns as to what is currently happening in sudan. and while understanding their concerns, we would reiterate the need for the international community and the security council. more specifically, to continue providing that support to the people of sudan at this very important moment, which is a crossroads in order to bring together the positions of the different sudanese parties, civilian or military so that the country can continue with its transition office, which is in keeping with the sacrifice of the women and the sudanese young people and what has been achieved in the last 2 years in order to preserve the stability as expressed by the sudanese people and in keeping with the juba agreement for peace and the constitutional document. at this time, it's very important to bring the different points of view of the parties and sudan together. now we know that the united kingdom has circulated to draft statements for the security council to issue potentially on the
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situation they are. both were objected to by russia and negotiations on the document are ongoing. russia does not want to go as far were told by sources in the security council that they don't want to go as far as condemning the takeover of the prime minister. but kenya's ambassador to the security council martin kamani. i also spoke to the press outside of the meeting and he said that african members of the council are also pushing very hard for a statement from the security council. and that he hopes that the african unions suspension of sudan gave impetus to the council to speak out to follow the lead of regional players. they are. but again, those negotiations are ongoing in terms of as counsel statement as we speak. thank you, chris. since lumiere, the united nations o israel has approved plans for almost 3000 new illegal
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satellite units in the occupied westbank. they will be the 1st to be built on to prime minister enough tale. bennett. the united states is deeply concerned about the plans annual prospects for 2 state solution. settlements on illegal on the international law that israel rejects this. and abram has more from nobliss and the occupied westbank. was a number of units approved in wednesday's meeting when not be as large as it was during the era of the u. s. president. donald trump for palestinians. one settlement unit is one unit too much. we're standing here in front of the legal israeli settlement of a lead has been here since the eighty's and it has been expanding, has been connected to other illegals. ready settlements, an israel with a network of roads, transportation. it has access to electricity and water. and it has also prevented past indians from accessing their lands. we're not just talking about the built up
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area, but the whole mountain has been off limits to palestinians who own agricultural lands there. now in wednesday's meeting, there are 2. it is really outposts that have been approved by this meeting. it means that sometimes settlers decide to put up caravans, but they are not approved by the government. but many of them we've seen across the years were did through actively, later on, approved and recognized by the government. although in the meantime they are acts as they have access to infrastructure and services. when it comes to the palestinian authority, it condemned the new settlement building and said that all supplements are considered illegal under international law, urging the international community to intervene. ah, europe's top court has ordered poland to pay more than
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a $1000000.00 every day. it fails to suspend a controversial chamber designed to discipline judges. the latest turn in a deepening rift between the block and one of its members, which is even races factor of it leaving andrew simmons has this report now. from the calmness of the european union's court of justice in luxembourg comes with amounts to a bombshell in this crisis involving poland. and the you, the text is brief. e, c, j, vice president, orders, poland, to pay a fine of 1000000 euros a day because it's failed to suspend a disciplinary chamber of its supreme court. that order was made in july in a country where the vast majority of people support membership of the european union. it's government has been defying legal reforms ordered by the u. poland stands accused by brussels of political interference with a new disciplinary system for judges. polish judges have declared that some
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e u laws clash with their constitution. even before the latest action, the governing party of poland, accused the e. u. of blackmail. the $1200000.00 fine from brussels coincided with a harsh warning from belgium's prime minister, aimed at polish leaders. you are playing with fire when waging war with our european colleagues for internal political reasons. this is about an overwhelming majority of members face from the baltic supported gal who agree our union is a union of values, not a cash machine. you cannot pocket all the money, but refused the values that attack contrast it. with the diplomatic approach, the french president emanuel micron had been taking with the polish leader andre duda. however, micron had said, well ahead of this meeting that poland needed to make concrete proposals. the question now is whether poland will be compliant or defiant. what's next,
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or it's hard to say you could expect. now the boys government to say, well, sorry, we're not able to bay this fine because it or own bowden constitutional court has said that this would not be in line with the polish constitution. can the polish government afford to keep going against the majority view of polish people who value e. u. membership that is unclear. andrew simmons al jazeera. i know all the stories are following closely. burton will return to meeting its self imposed foreign aid spending targets in the next 4 years is comes after the government dish. the pledge during the course of the current of ours pandemic to criticism from might scripts. our improving fiscal situation means we will meet our obligations to the world. horace. i told the house,
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then we met our fiscal tasks. we would return to spend a 0.7 percent of our national income on overseas aid. some people said this was a trick or a device. i told this house, it was no such thing. i'm based on the tests i set out. today's for cross show that we are in fact, scheduled to return to point 7 in 2425. now there have been protests in the lebanese capital they were to after the leader at a christian political party refused to testify about recent mileage in a city. and he had a charger was due to a pair at lebanon's defense ministry, but says he won't until the leader of his butler has a natural. le is also summoned. 7 shia muslims were killed in fighting this month. they know honda reports now from barret, they created a human shield along the road to march up north available. that's where the head of
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the christian lebanese forces party some years john lives. he was supposed to appear at the army intelligence building, to answer questions related to the fighting in the lebanese capital earlier this month, that killed several people. josh, i support to say they are protecting him from what they call an unjust system. this must have been occupation. iranian occupation has been leverage over the court. busy over the over judges over political life should stop long time enemies the groups has below and on one side and the christian. nobody forces on the other accuse each other of starting that gun battle. the case is now in the hands of the military court, which human rights group say has been used by the authorities to intimidate and retaliate for political reasons. for we do have very grave concerns about the independence of those judges. given that they are subordinate to the executive.
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josh, i described the judge, the ocoee who summoned him as hes bullet commissioner in the military tribunal. and his lawyers are trying to remove him from the case many here worry that the lebanese for this party is being targeted because it is a vocal challenger of what the opposition calls the has well, are dominated political order. some opposition leaders also believe the case against georgia will be used to bury the investigation into last year's explosion at bay root ports. has molina to ally, amal accused, thought it better the lead judge in that investigation of political bias and want him removed. and it seems they want joshua convicted pool unless they seem to be attempts to give georgia political and maybe even religious cover from the church. this is not acceptable or severe judge and all the killers should be taken to the place where they need to be. the growing confrontation between the 2 sides has
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raised tensions that can yet again lead to sectarian violence. it is a dangerous standoff center there al shahita, beirut, you watching al jazeera life from london. still had foil in the program. live rounds on a film. sad police give an update on the accident which resulted in the death of a camera operator. ah hi there, good to be with you. we can pick out 2 areas of disturbed weather across europe, the 1st toward the west, and then we've got this weather maker spinning around in the central mediterranean . first, let's go to the west, the northwest, and we do have a run of some atlantic rain here through the united kingdom. it's going to be heavy at times. so the potential of seen some flash flooding, it's still tapping into that south facing when so many spots, temperatures above average. the same band of rain is also going to plague northern
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areas of portugal into the northwest of spain. and by friday it's going to envelop more of the peninsula. okay, here we go to the central mediterranean now in this disturbance pretty much stalled out. we've got some heavy falls over malta, and still red weather alerts in play for southern sections of italy to see more flash fighting. further toward the east did says settled toward this part of the mediterranean antalya 25 degrees, but some showers over a cypress and a levant, but it will stay dry in bay root with a high of 26 degrees on thursday when this weather report rate. now in africa we've got some heavy bouts of what weather across, western africa and some thunder downpours can be expected. a legos, abidjan rate into free town, free towns got a high of 28 on thursday. that's it, sir soon. ah. most people will never know what's beyond this happening. so
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100000 forms with to touch danger. every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is fresh with oh, a come back, a look at the main stories. now there are growing demand, so if you don't minute treat, it could, the african union has suspended on for more activities until civilian rule is
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restored. it's also facing international isolation. israel is approved plans almost $3000.00 new illegal settlement unit and the occupied westbank inigo on the international law. israel jackson and europe's talk courses. ringback order, poland pay more than a $1000000.00 every day. it does not suspend the chamber that gives colon dominic policy, the power to discipline judges. now next week's major climate conference has being surrounded by emissions. pledges and warnings about the effects if they are not met . of many people in africa, rising temperatures that are already dangerous. well, meet your logical agencies as at least 40 of africa's 53 countries, the drought as a hazard of gracious concern. the world food programs has more than half of people in zimbabwe will have required food aid in the 1st half of this year. that's at least 7700000 people and neighboring angola,
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40 percent of crops of failed jew to drought. with warnings of impending impending hunger crisis that a decade ago, more than a quarter of a 1000000 people, half of them children died in somalia with scientists wanting drought this year. could lead to another famine. kenya's already declared a drought emergency this year with an estimated 2100000 people facing starvation. and now more than a 1000000 people are on the brink of famine in madagascar triggered by 4 consecutive droughts. brianca gupta, reports sudden madagascar is facing its wa strout. it 40 years, the level of hunger here is so severe the un wants it could so lead to the world's 1st famine, caused by climate change. the situation in the grand suit of madagascar is absolutely dire. right now we are entering the next lean season, which began in october. we have 1300000 people who are severely food and secure.
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that means they do not know where the food that they need each day to survive. it's going to come from, of those $28000.00 people are facing catastrophic food insecurity, which is to say famine like conditions. the tropical island country in the indian ocean that's used to cycles heavy rainfall and drought has seen an allow me decline and rainfall in recent years. affecting small farmers and cattle heard us. people have southern madagascar have seen their incomes decline even more. water is scarce . fields have dried up, crops have died and there is little food. some are eating locus cactus and even mud just to survive. some of those years of drought seems to be related to the el nino system in the pacific. ah, one of those years it seems to be related to what's happening in the eastern indian ocean. and over all of those years,
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it tends to be an increase in the pressure systems. the atmospheric pressure to south of madagascar, madagascar is extremely vulnerable to climate change. even though it's carbon emissions are some of the lowest i offers. oh, what separately? why not less? that government is faulty, responsible because that cause she asked come halted deacons of neglect. i have a pretty good establishment, but the people who are so living in so bio nations committed by the international community that has failed to take the necessary measures to cut a shots and with pledges of the world leading polluters. not nearly enough to do use the effects of a warming planet. it's devastating impact is already being felt by those who can do little to fight it. bianca group, though i'll to 0 to iraq now are at least 11 people have been killed in an isolated
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stoking sectarian tensions indiana province. lisa attack has used hand grenades and machine guns in their assault on a predominantly shia village. on tuesday, victims relatives van carried out or avenge attack on a neighboring sunny village, killing 9 people. under chappelle reports, i saw gunmen with semi automatic weapons drove into eastern iraq's remote village of al washer and opened fire, killing several people. all members of the same tribe defenseless civilians is how we, rocky security services described them. at least 15, others were wounded. wow, victory against iso was declared in 2017 but violence continues. one attack in july killed more than 30 people when a roadside bomb went off in a crowded market in sauder city. it's very hard to tell from one incident or 2 incidents. ah, whether there's a pattern. we don't know that there's a resurgence. 10000 i so fighters may still be active in iraq and syria,
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according to a you an estimate prime minister mustafah come to me has promised to find the perpetrators wherever they go. oh, the influential shia cleric mc tuttle solder who solder his block one the most seats and parliamentary elections this month says the village was targeted by what he calls terrace. because politicians too busy shocking for power, neglected to focus on security. solder has banned armed groups from using weapons outside of state control, but others are already taking action on their own. videos shared on the messaging app telegram appear to show members of the she, a tribe attacking the neighboring sunny village of na, her ali mom on wednesday after accusing them of facilitating the ice will attack a number of people were killed according to local sources. i so feeds on, certainly resentment of the shia domination. let's say of the political system. and what i think is perhaps, could happen is that the she of malicious now will say there were i sal attacks and
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we need to be empowered to push back to fight back against i. so, and they made use these attacks to have their own empowerment again. ah, political parties linked to the iran backed popular mobilization forces, say they're willing to carry out broader operations against deisel, captured his attack. and a shapell al jazeera, they're more victims of sexual abuse by aid. black is in the democratic republic of congo than previous have reported as senior official from the wild health organization says, report detailing assault harris meant to write as lead more victims to report their experiences. the independent inquiry found that around $8038.00 workers were involved in the apiece. during the info, latha danica from 2018. i think the independent commission report and the testimonies of victims and survivors is, is a message to all agencies, not just w h o that something is wrong with the system. but we have to now guard against
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being reactive. and, and to really think of what we can do, step by step to prevent something like this from happening again, something so massive, something so prolonged, something that was not brought to the surface. now, authorities in the state of new mexico of confirmed the act to alec baldwin fired a live bullet when he accidentally shot a camera operator last week lane hutchins was killed on the set of the film rust and the films direct to gel. sousa was wounded. police a, the actor has been cooperating with investigation. we believe that we have in our possession the firearm that was fired by mister baldwin. this is the wire. this is the firearm we believe. discharged the bullet. we also believe that we have the spent shell casing from the bullet that was wired from the gun. the actual lead projectile that was fired has been recovered from the shoulder of mister sousa. now
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there are just a 100 days left until a winter olympics. begin in bay. jang organizes of release. pandemic guidelines lying local spectators to attend. but the count down has been plagued by new outbreaks and calls for boycotts from human rights activists. katrina, you reports from beijing ah, beating his entered the final stage of preparations for the 2022 winter olympics with just 100 days left until the opening of the games. volunteers have been recruited. test events are underway, and metal designs have been unveiled. their chem were em in with the support of the chinese people and the international community. we will be able to overcome all difficult challenges, successfully complete the preparations to do and offer the world a wonderful olympic event. unlike during the tokyo summer games, local spectators in china will be allowed to attend,
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but regulations will be much stricter. organizes have released a so called pandemic playbook to control the spread of curve at 19. all participants, including teams and the media, will be confined to a tightly controlled than you bubble. vaccination is required. there is who are not, will face a $21.00 day quarantine that lasts longer than the games itself. exemptions on medical grounds or in li will be considered daily. covered 19 tests are compulsory . those who don't comply with the rules could be banned from the event. officials here say the 2022 winter olympics will be the safest yet. but as organizes enter the final spring toward the games, the country is battling a new fast spreading outbreak of the corona virus. delta variance, targeted, locked down, have again been empowers and domestic travel discouraged. the latest outbreak has spread to 12 provinces, and more than 200 cases have been reported. authorities say 75 percent of the
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population is now fully vaccinated. booster shots being offered to residence in the capitol. oh, the corona virus isn't the only challenge. organize his face activists around the world, a calling for boycotts, fighting human rights concerns. and growing tensions with taiwan threatened to overshadow the event. bating has dismissed or criticisms. it's leaders hope a successful winter olympics will underscore china's soft power and position on the world stage. katrina, you al jazeera beijing ah, how many stories now are growing demands for sedans, military traverse. it's qu, the african union has suspended on from all activities until civilian rule is restored. the world bank has put a hold on aid state oil company workers, and doctors are among the latest to join strikes and protests over monday's qu,
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general abdel for to albert hans, as he sees power to stop it on sliding into civil war. but there are obviously concerns about what this could mean the transition to democracy. meanwhile, the u. n. is reiterated calls for the government for government officials to be released. what's important oh.


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