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and up into the air, get a new perspective of the changing face of the coal mining industry in ponies. we report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wall flies in greece since created new problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather joy for planet to, to west on al jazeera, ah. ready one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders lays out his conditions for easing the fuel crisis, is gripping the caribbean nash ah, and come out santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera state oil company workers say they will join the campaign of civil disobedience against
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sedans, military coups. protests as the u. s. makes a new bids to have what he makes found. the julian awesome. extradited from the u. k. more than a 1000000 people on the brink of famine, as madagascar experience is the worst drought in decades. ah, al jazeera had spoken exclusively to one of haiti's, most powerful gang leaders. armed groups like the one run by jimmy, shut his yet control large parts of the country violently enforcing their authority . they are also causing a severe fuel shortage. should as you're told, i correspond rob reynolds, what it'll take to end the blockade. i have to sit through his name is jimmy shell, say we're commonly known by his childhood nickname, barbecue once a haitian police officer, he is now the leader of
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a powerful confederation of gangs called g 9, which controls much of florida prince in its suburbs. with an automatic rifle strapped to his chest shells a took us through the garbage strewn alley ways of la celine, a sprawling slum. he urged us to show the world, the desperate poverty in which millions of haitians live out their lives. without basic sanitation, healthcare education, or hopes for a better future. although he is the feared leader of a violent criminal gang, cheryl z a appears to be trying to reinvent himself as a leader, a man of the people who are battling a corrupt system. and the current government led by prime minister arielle henri, who shares a condemns. no ma'am, got boom, able look. we'll see. also see that we are fighting for another society with another haiti. there is no only for the 5 percent of the people who keep older. well figured but a new hater where everyone can have food, clean water,
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so they can have a decent house to live in another haiti where we don't have to leave the country. we get their b shiraz. a also stands accused of masterminding, numerous assassinations and massacres, including one in 2018 that killed up to 25 people. he denies all the allegations. you buy gun bombs, young. i'm not a gangster. i never booby a gangster is the system i'm fighting against today. the system as a lot of money, they own the media. now they try to maybe look like a gangster, was lena shall say, condemned the kidnapping of 17 u. s. and canadian missionaries who are being held for ransom by a rival gang look or danny tud. zach could not be we condemn old kidnappings that happen in this country, that the special one is the missionary set me soon. there americans, when we talk about missionaries and they came to this country to help us here today, we cannot support any gangs who could not able to, you know, fuss if you, a severe fuel shortage has practically shut down haiti's capital,
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the result of gangs hijacking fuel drugs and blockading depos shells a says he can get the petrol flowing again, but says haiti's prime minister must go debbie if ari alone, re resigns at 8 o'clock, then at 8 o 5, remove all the barricades so that the trucks can come to the fuel depot and fill up, and then the crisis will stop, cheryl de says he wants to tear up haiti's political and oligarchic system by its roots. his system sac. this system is criminal. the revolution we're preaching to day. we cannot do this without guns because we have our own guns. this gun is a symbol of our revolution, the revolution against the 5 percent of those who hold all the wealth of our nation . as he walked, the streets of la celine barbecue was greeted warmly by many. does this gang leader have ambitions to one day rule, haiti. he certainly talks like a politician, comparing himself to one of haiti's most revered leaders in its struggle for
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independence from france in the 18th century. he. this is cynthia jones. jak de salon, was a great man. the father of the nation who fought hard to free hate here today, i am doing the same fighting at the salon. did i am following his dream? the dream of de salaam was to see the wealth of his country b shed equally outlaw wood. the revolutionary leader of men in arms, the man they call barbecue is one of the most powerful and enigmatic figures in haiti to day rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto rinse. on for the news and sedans, state oil company workers have joined a growing civil disobedience movement against monday's military. cou, a coalition of unions has been calling for strengths to protest. the military's power. grab general love the photographer, hands as detaining civilian aid as i was necessary to avoid a civil war. the prime minister of de la han doc has been allowed to return to his own residence, where he's under tight security, the latest with him or morgan. now,
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any cartoon, let's start hebert with word that caught him. airport is reopening. yes, indeed. we spoke to the civil aviation authority director who said that the airport will open at around 4 pm local time. that's around 14 g and said that afterwards. slice can resume their operations. now there has been a backlog because lights were canceled since monday morning when the military then re enforcement to the airport and started from operation. but there's also questions about how many workers will be present, how the operations will be run. because of the calls for protest and for a general strike of civil disobedience by the forces of freedom and change coalition. they've called on people, people on civil workers, both at state and federal, federal and state level, to join the growing movement off of protest and general strike thing that they want to make it clear the military that they want a civilian transitional government. they want to see the political figures who have
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been arrested and continue to be arrested with more arrests happening on tuesday and on, on wednesday night. they say that they want to see what started on tuesday night. so they want to see those people who are being arrested, release the politicians, and the members of the dissolved sovereignty council and executive council who arrested monday morning released. so this is all reason concerns about how many workers will be there at the airport, how the operations will be run and flight companies will feel that it's safe to return with calls not just for civil disobedience, but more protests around the country and the capital. here what's the story on oil workers and potentially joining the civil disobedience was massively important in sudan. yes, the oil sector was already freezing challenges before the military take over on monday and the strike that has been called for by the state or workers. now for more than a month, oh, it was important for me within a month, the main port that brings in or through the rest of the country, port sudan in the state was blood by processes who say that they want a part of
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a peace deal that was signed in october last year, cancelled before they open the 4th. that for it is it to be opened despite all the changes that have been happening. and today, over the past few days. and the ministry of energy in the government that have been dissolved by the military council had said that the petrol reserves and the all reserve were running low. so with oil workers are joining the strike and the civil disobedience caused by the sudanese professionals association. and the forces of freedom and change coalition, the concern that we will see more more aligned mark he was in front of petrol stations. people already queueing up when the news of the military takeover came in . they see that they were worried about the coming days. there's a lot of uncertainty, many did not know what was going to happen in the next few days. so people were queueing up at bakery than at the fuel station because especially a fuel station because of the news that the military is taking over. but also because of the news that the oil reserves will also own workers, safe work state work is joining. the strike is led to increase the panic among civilians here and the capital one other parts of the capital. thank you. have
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a morgan the latest from sudan, the of the us government is trying again to extradite the wiki leaks found a really nice sounds from the u. k protested, denouncing the extradition are outside the high course in london with that to day hearing is being held a lower court previous the rule that songs not be sent to us on mental health from the face of 18 chances, they are related to the publication of secret military documents, nothing baba reporting from london for us today and looks like plenty of people still very interested in the case of julie. nice orange absolutely, i'm sure you can hear some of virginia hassan. just supporters behind me. his father has already entered court, and he's a fellow wikileaks found a christian reference in his address. the crowd asked as his partner stella morris, with whom he now has 2 children. she said she saw him on the weekend and was worried about him. he, she said it is very thin. of course, as you were saying,
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it was on a health grounds that the judge at a lower court earlier this year said he shouldn't be extradited to the us. so that is significant because since then the u. s. lawyers have tried to introduce other factors which might change the circumstances around julian sounds is a mental health. and notably the fact that he does have those children and for a bit more own way this case could go. i'm joined by stefan sim out of it from amnesty international stefan the u. s. has a given assurances do the u. k. that julian assigns will not, in fact, be dealt a crew of harsh punishment in the us and that he could even be jailed in australia for example. what do you make of those assurances? well, not so much the, i mean if tuning assigned to is an extra large america,
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he could face detention conditions which could amount to torture under international law. now the assurance is given by the americans and saying that they won't put him into special administered tension, which is, is one of the, the lulu, the descriptions of these mexican maximum security facilities whilst they may sound good. they also reserve the right to reverse that decision, and therefore that kind of undermines any credit policy to those decisions. also, we saw last month on the yahoo news report that are over 30 whistle blowers from the cia and the u. s. government had said that the u. s. under might compare, had allegedly plotted to kidnap or even assassinate gillian fashion that further undermines any credibility to those assurances. and i also raises questions about the political motivations of this whole call that we're seeing here. i want about
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the wider arguments what, what implications would face have for, for free speech and for journalist activity, journalistic activity. if the extradition goes ahead, well, they are very grave. i mean, the implications here for free speech or massive. this isn't about one man, this is a much wider implications. but really, in a fashion, as a publisher was doing something that we journals to as a regular on a regular basis, which is part of our our job is to find information which is in the public interest and of government going, doing potentially. and to bring that to the public, and if journalists all stop from doing that, and another worrying thing is about the jurisdictional issues, the fact that america can choose to go off to someone who is not american citizen who's not in america and to try and expedite them on the expedition laws. now, this is a deeply concerning issues amongst which amnesty have repeatedly raised both with american authorities. c amish political. c services that on some of its thank you very much for your time. well, just
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a reminder that today the court we hear from us lawyers tomorrow juliana sanchez defense, will be given the chance. and it could take several weeks. in fact, for the high court to give its ruling, but whatever it does that could then be appealed at the you case, supreme court. so this could be a lengthy process, not in barbara's reporting from london today. thank you. 9, a brazilian senate committee has recommended president john wilson aro fights criminal proceedings for the way he handled the pandemic. it calls on prosecutors to put balsam arrow on trial for charges ranging right up to crimes against humanity. sentences say many of the countries, 600000 karone of our estates could have been avoided. the committee also wants the president's band from social media for full si lincoln cove at vaccines to h. i. v. wonky in ocoee of now monitoring developments from neighboring argentina. this damning report was approved,
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i sent out and they will be sending it now to the attorney general. and the attorney general, who was appointed by president j bull sonata, and may be biased towards him, has 30 days to give a response. he has to say whether he accepts the charges or not. there 9 charges in total. the most serious of them is on for the present being accused of crimes against humanity. now this specific charge of crimes against humanity. the senators will also take to the international court in the hague. so they are also, if, in case the attorney general does not address that, the charges that they, that, that this committee has recommended. they are thinking also of going directly to the supreme court. now will anything happen on the short term? no, the most likely not. um, this is a process that takes
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a long time present. jade was one out of would have enough to be impeached just with these results. but the impeachment is a political process and elections will be presidential elections will be held in exactly one year. so there isn't time for that. will check the world whether next and then looking at wine, denise indigenous communities in ecuador blocking major road staff and how some of the world long running humanitarian emergencies are getting overlooked by the more pressing crises of recent metals. ah ha, we got some very heavy right now making its way across southern parts of vietnam,
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a tropical depression, making its way through. it brought some huge down pools. that's just in 12 hours, a 153 millimeters to find and it will stay very wet as it makes his way across cambodia. pushing across into thailand, but the least the winds are easing down to the final warning has now been issued for this particular system. elsewhere across the region. more heavy showers there through our malaysia, some big down. pause now coming in across a good part of smarter java, much of indonesia, seeing some rather wet weather as we go through the next day or 2. got some rather wet weather, also pushing across southern parts of australia. band of cloud here, some storms, dis, ease in the way on this cold front. that'll make his way through the bite. heading over towards satellite, wednesday afternoon temperatures, natalie got up to $31.00 degrees celsius. we can get 27 is that rain makes its way in on thursday, and its cooler still as we go on into friday. 17 celsius here, but at least by then it should be largely try the gusty winds, the thundershowers. they will continue to dry the way further east with say some
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rather lively weather coming in across tasmania. turning mother went to to parts of due south wells. wet weather that the queensland all the way up to was the top hand ah, in the country with an abundance of results. byron walk in the museum, he's turns forming, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now move
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the me a reminder of the top stories and she had spoken exclusively to one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders. jimmy, she runs shows. yeah. who says he will lift a fuel blockade if the prime minister resigns, the petro shorter, just the latest crisis to grip hazy. sedans and state oil company workers have joined to growing civil disobedience movement against monday's military. coalition of unions has been calling for strikes, to protest the military power grab how to example. also reopen later on wednesday afternoon shop for day and the us government's trying to use for 2nd time to have the wiki expanded julian songs extradited from the u. k. life pictures here process has gathered outside london, high court, or to day hearing, for washington's appeal is being held. the leader of a christian political party,
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the lebanese forces, has refused to testify on the recent violence in the capital they root. some asia was due to appear at the defense minister, but said he won't until the leader of hezbollah health and the rolla is also summoned. 7 shameless limbs were killed in fighting early this month was sparked by protests against the judge to be thought was the lead investigator. the last 2 years lost a bare report from georgia denies. any responsibility for the deaths was in a hotel is in march. north of berry were protest as of gathered to support some the decision by the army intelligence to summon the head of the lebanese forces, severe charge for questioning over the deadly clashes earlier this month. in beirut is really causing a lot of anger. the supporters of the lebanese forces are here outside my door. this is where some of your charge has residence, is they are saying they're here to protect him. they're not going to allow what they call an unjust the system to question him charge i was supposed to appear at
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the army intelligence headquarters at 6 g m t. this morning. he did not show up. he has, has refused to show up saying that he will not be the only one to be questioned. he believes that the other party involved in the cautious the she r has bella, movement to their leader hatton, the seller should be questioned again. and now, josh, how's the lawyers are also filing a case saying that the military judges decision to summon him is illegal because when the army passed the case transferred, the filed to the military court, there was no reason for the army intelligence to get involved. and it's not just that there's a lot of concern that he is a politician. he is a civilian. why is the case being decided by the military? in fact, human rights groups have criticized the military courts in lebanon as being politicized . they say that judges are not independent because they answer to the defense ministry. so people here feel that their leader is being targeted politically that
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the judge is going after him a single in him out, because this is a party that is the most staunchest and vocal opponent of has the law and has been in its allies now control the the, the political order in lebanon until those classes really were a dangerous escalation. now, the investigation further a, creating a divide polarizing this society, southern region of madagascar is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years, pushing more than a 1000000 people to bring your family. this is according to an the international report where says, 4 consecutive drops of white dot harvests and claims lives. the number of children with life threatening malnutrition, as a result is also quadrupled. the un says not against god's close to experiencing the world's 1st climate change driven famine. we spoke to mark hobbin about the through the climate change expert at these trading national university and it's vice chair all the i p c. c, d intergovernmental panel on climate change. he says world leaders need
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a comprehensive approach in aiding countries most impacted. i think we need to look at those vulnerable countries which include places like madagascar, and it's vulnerable because it's a combination of, of social, economic and climatic factors. and so we need to take all of those as a package and see what we can do to, to support those countries deal with these sorts of changes. and, and one of the problems that we see with things like drought, to some extent is drap seeds on itself. is that a drought and makes things harder because there isn't the moisture to evaporate and cool down the landscape. and that because it's hotter and that tends to dry the air out and that tends to dry the landscape out more and was more heat. and in the process, of course, it reduces agricultural productivity. and we've seen that in madagascar with people being a forced to eat food stuff that they normally wouldn't eat. and of course,
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that then causes disruption of different types socially and asked us to phrase the social fabric and reduce the ability of that country to act in a way that supports all of the of the inhabitants. and so we can see these things building on each other, and that's why we need to take a comprehensive approach in meetings like the black guy called in iraq at least 11 people have been killed by i still attack as indiana province. they used hand grenades and machine guns during their assaults on the village of al, how usher a u. n. report published early this year, estimated around $10000.00 ice will find his are actually still active across iraq and syria despite their self claimed caliphate collapsing. israeli forces of arrested 16 palestinians across the occupied west bank including 2 children. the raids mostly happened in the palestinian village of beard alba and jeanine. video shows people's belongings strewn across the floor. after these ready soldiers
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conducted rights on several hugs, his operations tonka people wanted on outstanding warrants. the estate department says it's deeply concerned about and is ready planned to build thousands of jewish settlements in the occupied west bank. it is also concerned about the publication of tended full $1300.00 settlement settlement units of the settlements are illegal under international law. though israel disputes that we strongly oppose the expansion of settlements, which is completely inconsistent with efforts to lower tensions and to ensure. com and it damages the prospects for a 2 state solution. we have been consistent, as i said, and clear in our statements to this effect. we also view plans for the retro active legalization of illegal outflows as unacceptable. we continue to raise our views on the tissue directly with senior israeli officials in our private discussions. now the crisis in afghanistan,
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the conflict in ethiopia. these are the things which currently have the world's attention, but the urgency of those crises as overshadowed other long running humanitarian emergencies is particularly dire in syria. yemen in somalia funding though is scarce. our diplomatic editor james base as well. any, the humanitarian situation in afghanistan is already a crisis, but the un fears that if there's a total economic collapse in the country, it will become a catastrophe. conditions of worse and to in ethiopia, where the effects of conflict now spread well beyond t gray. the to crises now threatened to overload the whole humanitarian system. other conflicts from syria to yemen to somalia continue to cause immense suffering . these wars have not ended, but they're no longer at the center of the world's attention. and international donors seem to have forgotten them. for example, the current un humanitarian appeal for syria is funded at just 36 percent. the
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figure for molly stands at 32 percent. it's clear that not all humanitarian crises are created equal. some get more attention from the media than others, but the bottom line is that they all need to be funded. those countries that can afford it need to show global solidarity. i. one of the biggest global humanitarian organizations is the international committee of the red cross. the t c o t y is the i c r, c's representative at the u. m. we definitely have a crisis that, that gone for many, many years and there's a certain donor fatigue god that also poses to us and challenges at the same time. we also come to the point where quick a quick fix center and humanitarian bandaid solutions are not the response that needs to be brought in because it is really the capacity to tackle
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broader issue that we actually bring more. we live to the people in a matter of weeks at the beginning of december, the u. n. will finalize its humanitarian appeal for 2022. last year they asked for record amount $35000000000.00, and it's already clear that this time the figure will be considerably higher. james bays al jazeera, at the united nations indigenous communities across ecuador have been protesting against the government's economic policies. they demanding the president reverse of rise and fuel prices, and are angry as well about plans to double the amount of oil and mining exploration in the amazon. theresa bo reports from the province of caught the poxy south of the capital. kito have ready to means wake up in the local key to indigenous language. and here in the province of got a back scenic, whether it is what indigenous leaders are asking their people to do. oh,
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demos tweeters are reposing a rise in the price of fuel and increasing mining and own production. and a series of laws that they claim will hurt the countries poorest. the government says the reforms are necessary to jumpstart the economy. it fully equipped to realized that india another the equity. ryan people are tired of the measures taken by the governmental neo liberal policies. that's why we're implementing our right to resist. according to our constitution, little by little people are joining us in the town of sack italy also got a foxy, young members of the community, use metal spears to flash the tires of those who were seen working. not every one supports the protesters. course truck drivers like r lopez, i frustrated, he needs the truck to make a living with a little bit of work for a private company. we have to work where employees and they stop breaking our toys . you know, president, he had a more lateral, took off his 4 months ago. last week he declared a state of emergency to come back racing crime,
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cost by drug trafficking and to control social and rest the country so. so in the middle of an army crisis, lever unions and other activities groups join tuesday protests as well. the police use tear gas on demonstrators in the capital quito as small classes to place. photos like this one are happening all around the country. a government says that they won't allow indigenous groups to block the roads. they're saying that they're trying to generate instability in the country. but indigenous groups are saying a bit of the only way they have to protect the environment and to protect their way of life. in the little buffer, another indigenous leader, loneliness isa, told us equality is violating the constitution in trying to double the amount of oil and mining production in the country. ave colorado in the grip of the government has declared that the carry 151 for the mining and 95 for oil. it cannot be sustained and we have shown that these territories should be used for other type
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of economic activity. we are growing our food producing to exports. why do they want to destroy our 30 tories by using extracting economies? ecuadorian. indigenous communities had historically been affected the most by oil spills and destruction of the environment caused by extraction of natural resources . they see their communities end up devastated and poor. that's why they insist they have the right to resist and fight government development plans. but they say, come at their expense. did he say? well, i'll just cedar put a poxy equator ah half past the hour and these are the top stories. al jazeera has spoken exclusively to one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders. jimmy shall say, whose promise to ease a blockade on fuel to oppose. if the prime minister resigns, severe petro shortages have been added to the list of emergencies gripping hazy,
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debbie, our yellow. if ari alone re resides at 8 o'clock, then at 8 o 5, we will remove all the barricades.


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