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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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lead us from the world's biggest economists will convene in rome this month to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all ice will also be on the g twenty's response to the climate emergency. can they find a way to prioritize the planets, health? oh, good g d p. special coverage on out to sir ah, it hello, i'm darren jordan dough on the top stories here in al jazeera haiti's most powerful gang leader has promised to ease a blockade on fuel depos if the prime minister resigns, a shortage of fuel as brought the capital to a standstill armed groups now run large parts of the country and i feel the power vacuum left by the assassination of the president jovan em. lease in july. debbie are, you know, if i re alone, re resigns at 8 o'clock than at 8 o 5, we will remove all the barricades so the trucks can come to the fuel depot and fill
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up and then the crisis will stop here. system sack, this system is criminal, the revolution we're preaching to day. we cannot do this without guns because we have our own guns. this gun is a symbol of our revolution. the revolution against the 5 percent of those who hold all the wealth of our nation. a committee or brazilian senators is recommending criminal charges against president j bowles and arrow for his handling of the pandemic. it says bolton, aro, and 77 others should face indictments, ranging from corruption to crimes against humanity. the attorney general will now have 30 days to decide whether to file charges, monica yaki has more. this damning report was approved i sent, and they will be sending it now to the attorney general. and the attorney general who was appointed by president j bull sonata and may be biased towards him, has 30 days to give
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a response. he has to say whether he accepts the charges or not. they're 9 charges in total. the most serious of them is on for the present being accused of crimes against humanity. now, this specific charge of crimes against humanity. the senators will also take to the international court in the hague. so they are also, if in case the attorney general does not address that the charges that they, that, that this committee has recommended they are thinking also of going directly to the supreme court. now will anything happen on the short term? no. the most likely not. um, this is a process that takes a long time for president shay, annabelle, so now to would have enough to be impeached just with these results. but the impeachment is a political process and elections will be presidential elections will be held in
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exactly one year. so there isn't time for that. so don's military has made more arrest falling mondays to protests have continued late into the night. the military de says he had to seize or to avoid a civil war. you are sick to state anthony blinkin as welcome the release of saddam's deposed prime minister from custody of the lamb dogs office says he's been returned to his residence on his, on the surveillance while others does remain in detention. if the un security council held an emergency meeting on for them, the 2nd agenda is calling for a strength the sudanese people as shown very clearly their intense desire for reform and democracy. now we are seeing a multiplication of could it to us and my appeal obviously is for so especially the big ball worse to come together for the unity of the security policy in order to make sure that that
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effect the, the terms in relation to these epidemic of good at us, at least in iraq's at least 11 people have been killed in an ice attack, indiana province. the attackers use hand grenades and machine guns during the are sold. the government declared victory of the group in 2017. but attacks have continued. indigenous communities across a kiddo are protesting against the government's economic policies that demanding the president reverses. a rise and fuel prices announced last week. so angry at times to double an oil and mining exploration of the amazon. or you and climate report says recent promises to cut emissions fall far short of averting dangerous climate change. it says common pledges put the world on track for temperature rise of $2.00 degrees by the end of the century. that's way above the goal of the paris climate agreement. so that was where the headline news continue is, hey,
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on al jazeera, after witness stage with thanks for watching. ah deborah stood shaken. dad let of so duffy gather at yell fun. you'd know a de la amy and tomorrow and said to my aunt, whom bombing one, only one yet or does say a fight is night. my mom, she's at home a supplemental mama slow to
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designed you mean? come on. i. i hope. yeah. miss austin, images, dentist. oh no. just let me know what your name unless let me let you know. my son tell me. he'd abdomen megatar allegheny. nathan smiled slightly longish. no. i'm the chief i looking. she took chin. lizzie, you guys are my mother, but as soon as i am and knows how many elias la questioning and need a delight to chance such. and that's how some of that has a genuine and as every year. but the g. mangin had never been with
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more fans all went on for jesus orange and was the school papers you could all do in school. i said, get a sofa men down the soya upwards enticing. i'm a mo, okay, oh, i got a p o a man. i was a cool. yeah, it's all to plague m t m. as in the supply, the host thought was he already know the and if i see him need hi tammy. i do it. and so did
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i say, i guess i am currently in venom and to for as a who's teachers to serve as i'm at home in santa taught. ok. ah, in the next test on that i was i got a child some time ago. i, when i had that with my next bob b
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a. and he was to be here and i understand you know, but there's not even a guarantee that she'd be a lot of trouble. i think we should actually discuss to make it happen that get in trouble with this. so yeah, i mean if you take a yeah with me.
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so how many if you haven't seen her for, for you while a ah amy in ganging teams in delana city. okay. nice. ah, with
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with it could do your hobby. denmark soon. daughter, fabi, sushi beaut, always get better. amy, if your soon disc. awesome. my wife will be a bit not ordered who are not also hipaa issue. walk in it. could you provide to compound 40? does he say or dish. i know what you know, the 1st the gun can it could yeah, wound for each. your wise or mission means the dead or an organization means guidance on what you're doing to denmark, mold o'clock, that's fine. or in the minutes we've been with gabby thank you for meeting me and i would love to hear your story. whatever you have to say. long hold on one side, demo me to navigate to the movie amongst icons. got to be going from at all. he got
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a medical, this was on the demo back, got messed up after a little black up, there was another one of the other 2 underlay medical machine. i am actually the one at a moment, the food. and then as i tried those role, she was here, kids. yes, she was told that after 5 years after amy really get to know denmark, that they will come back, few ciocca see their mother and see their country and every 3 months that she would get photos, videos of her children, and she will be out of their lives that she will be an active, active and their lives will each other than i'm very sorry to hear about the situation and, but it's difficult for me to change as to be honest, she change much for you in your century. then you have to set your case and that you're sticking out as
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a beginning political debate in i don't now see in dark size or something we thought was griffin good from that is well, with the, with the you i look in miami, yellow i that diligent she has the 1000000 only of color de mother year company, but one of the money nominated for him letting in him and instead of getting out of the technical
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a go. i am right here. you funny is now is one of your solution. you're on a one day, we will one day we will see each other again. i will. i promise you, i will assume a to the to leave one other thing on the election. then when it was a nick jani, i said, well,
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we need to give you like a note here for say the here some years now go home with men, many of you seem to for 50, it is go here was met me. now ranga tick is the antenna day in atlanta to yo yo very permit for let me get you over to today mac. okay. c man, man out, amy, my biggest yeah, yeah. its got clay hour and we say so 8 of hello to rice pursues me for media job pin. i can see to let my food or buy a hot alum unit bonhams mina, amina min more to the sack. and ganna, caea, denmark. okay, i mean, who then, so fatty bo, he bestowed a 5 e n. mean more mean more. he can
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if you are willing hi tis leslie b i l l i e lane. they got a van the moon and he said, oh, i need to get out of you. i could take all of your money either. i wanted man, god one, but i thought, oh yeah, i live in clear thought may be ne, i deep appear. some common now goes to austin has sent timmer yard, obviously order idea, iga cur me 18. yeah,
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we're going to say in am i vaguely for bias? go and so i do scores. well i'm in be shortening mania. mean a go. he had them, me say i did, they are far. yeah. no hours through the mean banding adding play. hell now he battery, you can make he said mm. i mean, ah, the police to say yes. and then have hooked up. i've says here who do my to handle as high as i'm on break. and so any.
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but now that i'm recording, i see you, i have to take this off with socially should is, this is destabilizing the democratic process. you will, you will lose it. it will be a loss for holding
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a documentary explores how autocratic leaders undermine democracy to consolidate their power through the eyes of those who dare to stand and defy it. our country deserves so much better than being ruled by a cleft aquatic dictatorship, opposing autocracy. democracy maybe on al jazeera, the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk, but little action is all about distract, create confusion to create smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically supported. the oral industry was a made bank roller or opposition to clock back to campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing more to to a business? here's the thing. absolutely. on all g 0. the latest news, as it breaks the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days. without congress's approval,
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we detailed coverage with his rights group in southeast asia. say they confirmed about the rise in reported cases of whole working conditions from around the world government. unsecured agencies are described a recent incident as planned with the aim of this table. i think the country ah hello, i'm darren jumped into a lot of the top stories here in al jazeera haiti's most powerful gang leda has promised to ease a blockade on fuel depos. if the prime minister resigns, a shortage of fuel has brought the capital to a standstill armed groups, now rum large parts of the country and to fill the power vacuum left by the assassination of president shipping my ease in july. if i re alone, re resigns at 8 o'clock, then at 8 o 5, we will remove all the barricades so the trucks can come to the fuel depot and fill
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up. and then the crisis will stop the system sack. this system is criminal. the revolution we're preaching today, we can.


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