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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2021 3:30am-4:01am AST

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ok, so people are exhausted. the can true security like this. it is one thing to talk about. change to give assurances that things will be different from the past. but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt. stephanie decker, al jazeera cobble. a darnesha bill's court says the collection of ancient crimean gold artifact should be returned to ukraine. there were lawns to museum and amsterdam shortly before russia annex crimea, in 2014, both moscow and key of claim, the artifacts for crimean museums launched a joint legal bird 7 years ago to reclaim the historic treasure. ah, i love them how the more he is in with the headlines on al jazeera, a committee of brazilian senators voted to recommends criminal charges against the
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countries president for his handling over the croon of iris pandemic. the attorney general now has 30 days to decide if job ball sanara should face charges good and crimes against humanity. on the 600000 people have died from corona virus in brazil, when akin archives following the story from argentina. this damning report was approved. ah, a sent and they will be sending it now to the attorney general. and the attorney general, who was appointed by president abel san ardo and may be biased towards to him, has 30 days to give a response. he has to say whether he accepts the charges or not. they're 9 charges in total. the most serious of them is long for uh, the president being accused of crimes against humanity. sedans, military jones has made more arrests following mondays. qu protests against the crew of continued lead into the nights. the military leader says he has to seize
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power to avoid a civil war. your secretary stays ansley, blinking was will, can to have double hum doc sued ons to pulls prime minister. he was detained on monday, but as no reportedly moved back to his residence in you and climate reports as google promises to cut emissions aren't enough to meet the parents agreement targets of a 1.5 degree temperature rise. by the end of this century, it says there's a 60 percent chance temperatures will rise. i nearly double glance. you and warns that many g 20 nations are likely to release more warming gases in 2030. when they did 11 years ago, ditches communities across sack was are protesting against the government's economic policies. demanding the president reverse arise in fuel prices was announced last week. and those are the headlines tuesday with his hearing al
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jazeera inside story is next. ah, japan's not so while wedding at princess goes though with her decision to marry a nun while giving up her titles, parking massive media scrutiny and a public outcry, what does the future hold. busy for the wells oldest monarchy, this is inside story. ah
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hello, welcome to the program. i am hashem, i had borrower. royal marriage laws have drawn a lot of controversy in a number of monarchies at recent union in japan is no different. it's highlight her the prussia, impair, women face after years of media scrutiny and public criticism. princess marco married her college sweetheart k camaro, who is not a royal, but michael had to give up her royal title to do so. the former princess was never a line to the throne because japanese law does not give women that right. many japanese people say the thing the laws should be amanda, to allow female members of the royal family to be in the line of succession. we'll discuss that with our gas shortly. but 1st, priyanka gupta reports as a royal japan's princess marco didn't bow to criticism or intense public scrutiny
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about her marrying the man she loves. instead, with a sambal farrell at the doors of the imperial residence, the emperor's niece said good bye to her family and her royal title. it wasn't a typical fairy tale japanese roy reading marco camaro as she's now known and her husband keiko morrow skipped the wedding ceremony and rituals. instead filing marriage papers before making a media statement. what action you thought debt case, our k to me. k is an irreplaceable person. and for us seek marriage was a necessary choice to live while cherishing. our hearts was ax you are. mock was all i story. must i love miko. i want to spend my only life with someone i love until now we have shared and encouraged various feelings both when we were happy and when we do a lot more. princess michael grew up in a roy system that heaps extra pressure on its fema members. and are engaged,
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been wrought and even more intense media spotlight, including around a financial scandal involving her husband's family, doc to see she still recovering from a form of post traumatic stress disorder. but despite her personal struggles, public opinion remains divided on the marriage. the hungry man, i am very much against those who are against this marriage and sincerely wish mekaux to be happy. the most important thing is that she is happy in the future made the n cut and the media coverage of the story was, it seems to me exaggerated and i feel sorry for her in that sense. but on the other hand, she had a symbolic status, a pillar of our country. she was a public figure. japan's mean voice can marry outside freely, but for women, it means forfeiting their royal status. japan is also one of the few monarchies with only a meal line of succession in a country that already runs poorly in gender equality. the latest departure least,
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imperial family with just 17 members. only 3 are as to the throne. for some princess marquess tumultuous engagement is perhaps a missed opportunity to make symbolic changes to old traditions as a couple repairs for a new life abroad. bianca doctor inside tori. ah . lettering in our guests in tokyo, nance is no. she is professor of public diplomacy at kyoto, university of foreign studies from she is walker. c 0 decker sheet are professor of management of the university of she is walker. and also in tokyo. father has name, who is researcher and white her the japan times welcome to the program. nancy, why is it a more than times in a place like japan for a princess to choose a college with heart was not
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a royal to be her husband creates all this drama in japan. and what, why does she have to go through all the ordeal? it, it really wasn't that dramatic at the start. i mean, these were 2 who fell in love early on when they were undergraduates international christian university. and they were scheduled to have a very royal wedding in 2018, i believe 3 years ago. but unfortunately, there was tabloid media that dug up some dirt on the family background of her fiance and in japan you have to acknowledge that you're not just even, i mean she's a member of the royal family, but also he is somebody who has a background as
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a commoner that's going to come under scrutiny and also he, his mother had some money that she had to pay back and it just began to unravel so that they had to not only postpone the marriage, but ultimately have a very quiet wedding ceremony behind the scenes today and then have a prepared statement before the press and now they're going to move on to the biggest media market in the world, new york city. and they've asked a lead of private life as a young married couple. so all we can do is really wish them the very best, but the fact that she comes from the imperial family is add so much gravitas to this because so many japanese people really look at the imperial family as the the soul of this country. ok says 0 princess marco chose and
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outside the comma to be her husband and this family created all the media coverage about his mother's financial troubles. and since media reports, as you're suggesting that he's not fit to marry someone from the imperial household, is it because of the very nature of the imperial households of the japanese, a very keen on protecting the house or is it because of the conservative nature of the japanese people that we have a goal, this drama about a prince is marrying a commoner. well, i think it's actually both. plus the fact that there are many people who still wants to be a virtual peeping. tom, in regards to this capital like issue are very unfortunate, and the fact is that the most japanese still consider the rural family is a very strong symbolism of their identity. and for that reason,
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many people feel that they want it to have a person who is extremely clean in their background. but again, the fact of the matter is it's none of our business to start out with. it's 2 individuals is getting married. but certainly that is not how you know, the surrounding media and those people who benefit from rocking the boat feel that way. and unfortunately, has resulted in a very much of a dirt throwing type of issue as a whole. and the question of the whole issue should have been about the human rights and how the royal family should fear from here onwards. but certainly that is not the issue that people have been talking about. they've been focusing on watching over privatized issue on her fiance and herself, etc. so i'd say the argumentation has really circled around tabloid like
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issue, rather than looking at much more of a bigger picture. father, should we blame the media for the fact that a marriage who's supposed to be a happy event for the way of family ended up being just those bushes that we solve back was in good bye to her parents. her sister calico putting her into an embrace and that's moving into the air, mary, at your office. i think honestly it's a combination of several things. the 1st and foremost, i definitely think the media is kind of pushing the narrative a bit is the cb international media. you know, for example, i keep seeing articles thing like japan biggest scandal with this commenter marrying michael. but honestly, if you talk to anybody who is actually a princess h, including myself, nobody really cares about who she marries or even her life. really. i actually am
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a student at international christian university. i've talked to my classmates and i've interacted with several japanese people. i mean, none of them even knew that the wedding or the press conference was today. so it seems to be specifically nish topic to an extent. so i feel like what the media is portraying is not accurate, accurate, but you're all of what the general population thinks. just finish segment of it really. but yeah, i remember when the quote unquote scandal broke out, they're just obsessed over what k call middle was wearing. so his pin striped suit which he wore anyway. she said press coverage which i'm happy about. and his pony tell what she was lying back. so i feel like at this point is being nit picky, and they're just trying to make a story. and i think it's very convenient that there's sensationalizing this event . ok when the japanese represented elections are coming. nancy,
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the dramatic exit of princess baccha from the royal law law life invited many in media companies in japan to draw comparisons with the british wild family, particularly prince harry and his wife began market. how do you see the comparison? by the way, i think there's no comparison there because megan markel and harry, they really taken on this embrace of hollywood. and they've got all these deals, these mega deals. they sorta have it, they want it both ways. they want to have this private life. and then they also want to really bank a lot. they live just outside of los angeles and mana seato. and oprah winfrey is a neighbor. so they, this is a very different scenario because this young couple has said we want a private life. we're not going to make mega deals, he's going to, he's already with the substantive law firm in new york city. we don't yet know what
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princess marco's going to do, but that's again, i would agree, it's their business. and they're not going to take on a very public profile, at least if you can go by the few remarks in the prepared statement today. clearly, princess marco even shed. busy her upset in her illness and her inability to really speak to opened late today had to do with these, this libelous coverage, this sort of incessant media coverage. so i think they would be pulling back and comparison to hearing. and meghan, who've been so like, that's just a useful hook in the media. i don't think it's really that accurate says 0. now that the princess is going to disappear from the public life in japan. moved to the us to live with her husband. do you think that this could be the moment for more
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consideration of what's next for the chrysanthemum, thrown in japan? should the royal family reinvent itself? because obviously you can see that the and the mounting pressure of many people. well, i would like to think that, you know, there will be argumentation or at least discussion about how the royal family or i would say the, the way you know these. i would say ministers are being run as a whole on which is excessively secretive and excessively conservative. the fact of the matter is, is that in this case, she could become now a commoner. but if, for example, a lady gets married to a japanese rural family, then she would lose her right. as a human being, you know, if you join the role of family, i know it's something that sounds very strange,
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but it still remains to be true. but it's very, you know, very little talked about and these kind of issues are the things that should have been talked about. but you know, hardly anybody talks about it. they all talk in a very much of a tabloid manner. and as the 2 ladies have been expressing right now so far, and one example is that, you know, the couple have basically declined to receive a one time payment of $1.00 and a half $1000000.00. which again shows you that they really want to leave a private life. and at least in this case, she has the choice to do that. but you know, if it was the other way around, other words, it was a lady getting married to a family, she loses the right as a human being. so basic rights of the human. so, you know, these are things that should have been discussed about, but you know, certainly i haven't heard a whim about this at all. so far, we're talking here about gender equality at the end of the day in
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a place like japan. many people just were not expecting this to be happening in a place like japan, which is one of the most financially to connect to the logically advanced societies in the well yeah. like while japan is one of the big g 7 countries, it still has the largest one of the largest gender gap from the world. and i remember watching the megan markle interview with oprah a few months ago. and i didn't notice some parallels with michael. michael. so of course he, in the situations are quite different. there's less of a nuance with race and attacks within the family compared to make merkle situation . but, you know, they did experience a certain level of trauma because they're always under the public eye and they always have to act a certain way. and as i was listening to the press conferences, she always has to be very proper japanese and has to exert herself and
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express yourself in a certain way. so i think proportionately women are under pressure to act that way too. if they're in royal families, especially nancy, if you look back at the history of the imperial family in japan, empress the chico impress masako prince, his dark princess yuri. in the past the all how to go through a huge pressure to produce some mail to the rhone, or to readjust to this strict life within the impale household. and those tories will always shrouded in secrecy because it was the royal family. and therefore you have to be careful about those stories. do think that this could be the moment to give those people more voices to talk about exactly what they had to undergo though to be part of the royal family. yeah, i don't see it really going in that direction because we don't really know how this
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story is going to grow legs. i mean this couple is planning to relocate to new york city. maybe as early as next month. they're applying now for pass a passport. i mean she is, princess mako hasn't had a passport as a member of the the royal family. but i wanted to just address the, the issue of sort of mental illness or having challenges mentally especially attached to women. and i think that it can be somewhat problematic if you characterize women, you know, living in a society like japan where the gender equality gap is so wide that they struggle so much in this came out recently with princess marco being diagnosed with complex p t. s. d, i have no reason to really question that, but this often comes up that that women suffer so much when they go under public
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scrutiny. and we've got to figure out ways to empower both women and men to speak for themselves and to be able to find their voices so that they can get beyond just the what can be so quickly labeled as being a victim, as opposed to one who is is really able to find herself and i would hope that now in this new life in new york that she, princess mako, can start her own career, go into the arts and culture and he will have to wait said, but she may do it privately and she'll do it her own way. the bottom line though, i don't think that it's suddenly going to open up others to talk about the pressures that they were under. that's an added pressure to talk so openly about as pressures says you are those laws. traditional laws of the royal family are not
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only are, are not only creating problems for women, but the are creating problem for the dynasty itself to the point where the impair, household now is running out of male as to lift thrown. because when you look at the other members we have you have the crown prince or a casino, and then his son, his a heater. don't you think that this could now lead to a profound debate about denise, to reform the way of family, to the point where the can bring about those branches of the way of family that were scrapped back in 1945 or to allow women back into the household, even when they get married to her, nor royals. as i've been saying that is exactly where the direction of, you know, the argument or debate should have gone. rather than looking at these very pity issues of how the couple communicates or how they behave,
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which is important, you know, i'd say a part of creating identity. i totally understand that. but rather than pinpointing about these issues, they should have been talking about how the role of families future should be. you know, change as you say, physically speaking, obviously there is a problem. and also, there etiology is obviously, or people who support that is obviously outdated, by decades. and if you look at, you know, for example, i haven't seen a cohort, you know, analysis of this. but i think it would be very interesting. if you make a cohort analysis, in other words, you know how people perceive this or how people feel about this, depending on your age group. and i think it would be very clear, there would be a clear differentiation between the younger generation in the older generation. obviously, what we had to do was inherit the values of the younger generation as well,
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which basically should have connected to issues that you were talking about. but again, i should have gone there. but unfortunately, the debate and argumentation in people's concern have been on a very low tabloid level and we really haven't gone above that. so far, far, we're talking about a come to a women now taking up senior positions in the government to the political parties and vying to become a sooner or later prime minister over a japan. do you think that this is going to be the prior year to starting a real debate also about the need to give women the right to become in the line of succession, to the phone? ah, i'm not sure if it will go as far as to let women join the throne, but i definitely know they will definitely start more conversations about gender equality for sure. especially when referencing the situation with princess michael, i didn't notice on social media and japanese. a lot of women began to talk about
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the double standards between women and men, and a people of different genders and attaining royal status and comparing that to you know, promotions in the workplace. so i do believe that the conversations are getting bigger and there is potential for change. nancy, old dynasty is usually don't embrace change quickly because they think that could be bathing the way to whiskey overtures, to where the unknown in the case of japan. could this be the moment to start that? talk about the need to have a more than monarchy or imperial household that is more receptive to the concerns of its own people. japan really has no choice. the demographics are against the country in terms of the low fertility and the shrinking size of the imperial family. they're going to have to change now,
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the rate at which they change may be more modest. here it's not usually a radical change, but you have a japanese people, a public if they were listened to their royd already be a change in place. it's just that the imperial family can't make that change. it would have to come from the government and the government skews to the far right, or at least place to that constituency. many of whom are traditional lists and don't want any change. don't want women to take over the throne, even though that's in their head. interesting back centuries. so it's inevitable, but the public will here is often ignored speak of the public will see 0 no. the princess michael's father was reported to have said 3 years ago. i will give my
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consent only when the people of japan give a consent to this. mary's do want to think should change 1st, the royal family with it up and his people both how say both obviously of the marriage should be focused on the people who are getting married rather than surrounding you own families or whoever. and so i think, you know, his statement is self already tells you how embraced are, you know, and how long you know, these people are quite, unfortunately, partly because you know, the japanese public as a whole has a very strong conservative nature. in fact, amongst all people in the world, we have the highest level risk avoidance. it's not only individual corporation organization as well. so there is a tendency that people tend to stick to stay at status quo and would not like to make, you know, quick changes. but this is particularly showing you know,
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quite vividly in areas like royal family, a household and nobody this story belongs to the family tells, but because of a very particular circumstances in a place like japan, you have all these controversy about a princess who decides to marry her cali sweetheart. but then people say, you have to adhere to the traditional values of a nation like japan, which is widely considered as one of the oldest dynasties in the world for the time being nancy, snow, seattle, that she hate and father has. then i really appreciate your side. thank you. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion, got our facebook base. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a james. i story can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is a inside story from the house and the entire team here. and uh huh. bye for now.
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ah and a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people and power off why politicians have been so in affected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us algae, they were world shows how
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a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah. ready i'm how am i, he didn't know how the top stories on al jazeera, a committee of brazilian senators is recommending criminal charges against president gyre bull scenario for his handling of the pandemic. 11 member panel approved a report ending a 6 month investigation and calls for both in r, o and $77.00, others to face indictments, ranging from corruption to crimes against humanity. the attorney general will now
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have 30 days to decide whether to fall charges. one key in our care is monitoring developments from neighboring arch.


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