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in the final episode of the series, al jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates to day. aladdin tis french, the colonization on al jazeera reason just i am the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel, to year he crowds returned to the streets in sudan, protesting against the military seizure of power in acute ah, lorden, uncommon, santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera, southeast asian leaders are meeting to discuss me in law without inviting it's john to lead it. was
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a china reveals its action plan to reduce carbon emissions will have letters from begging, plus rare access to the elite taliban unit, working to secure cobbles, m. ah, by the tuesday afternoon in sudan where auntie qu protesters remain defiant, hundreds of them again out on the streets, despite the violent response from security forces on monday, was military chief outdoor favorable hand to solve the transitional, government, and has now resolved all the unions in the country, the united states in responses suspending $700000000.00 in emergency age and is demanding the release of everyone detained, including prime minister abdullah hum duck. but the un security council, due to discuss sedan later on tuesday as well, should also point out at least 7 people were killed in monday's arrest. unrest,
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i'm sorry, a state of emergencies and force phone and internet services are still down. so let's look at this international reaction. i mentioned the us suspending aid to sudan that will no doubt be hard knocked for the country. earlier we heard from sedan analyst julian laska balances and she said it's going to be a major setback for culture. what the crew late is, what really, really keen on most seed may have been saying since long before the co happened is to be taken off a united states terrorist list which anyway, which was done of course. so you know, that will be the re, a weapon, they could you tell them unless the sentence or the u. s. has evidence of terrorism, terrorist links, then they're not going to put them back. so i think the calculation of securely just says that they can get away with this for some time. and that's the time you need to consolidate. a to is to also not only from the united states, of course,
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but from here opinion from various other countries, from arab countries and so on. if any of that is suspended, it will make a difference to me. people, the army has a lot of industries of its own, and in fact it has been much talk recently in the civilian wing of the government. they the transitional government and premier abdullah handbook. there's been much talk about investigating these at mandatory in distress and so on. and obviously they only didn't want that well. so there are links to go for production and exporting on uptake with hip morgan now in khartoum hipaa. the qu, yesterday, today, the unions are in the sites of the army. yes, indeed. now, a general under footer and will hon, who's due to speak to top military leaders, or in a few hours, or in a few minutes, as do to speak about why he dissolved the sovereignty counsel and the executive
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cabinet. one thing he said in his statement yesterday was that the security situation as a result of the political divisions between political parties, was worsening. and this is why the military had to take charge. now while he has declared a state of emergency, which means that there will be additional security forces on the streets and that there will be curfew. people are still defiant, with many taken to the streets, voicing their anger at the military takeover. they say that they want a civilian lead transitional government, big especially because general adam for the hub or hon, dissolved, one of the most important articles of the constitutional declaration, the power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the forces of freedom and change coalition the coalition that lead anti government protests against president armored was here from 2018 up until 2019, when he was overthrown. now that constitution declaration, that perishing agreement, needs to the for me, led to the formation of the executive council and the sovereignty cancelled. but it also dissolved the transitional military council,
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which took charge following the overthrow of president bashir. that is now back and that is now the body that will be decided that the supreme body leading the transitional period, which is why people are out on the streets saying that they want a civilian leadership despite their space, state of emergency, despite the additional security forces they will continue to take out so we've been seeing people setting up road blocks and barricades burning tires. you can see the smoke rising from those are burning tires in various neighborhoods saying that they're calling for civil disobedience. people should not go out and go to work where they're at state and federal level to show their anger at the move by the military. you mentioned the transitional period a couple of times there. hey, but we're talking elections set down at least for 2023. that's still a long time away. i mean, just it's, it's hard not to see sedans sort of lurching through this period again with, with more instability. and that is the biggest concern, especially because the street or rather the processes on the street are still not.
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they're not willing to let the military take over. and now this election day that he said july 2023 is just a few months earlier than what was initially set in the constitution declaration. now, after that constitutional declaration, elections were supposed to be held in january 2024. so he ended it. he brought it up bracketed forward by about 6 months early. now he says that because he wants political parties to try to organize themselves to try to get together and present a vision to the people. so that when they go to the election, to election them. when people vote for the political parties, they know what they're looking for. in the meantime, he said there will be a civilian government, but a government of technocrats was people from no political background. and that is going to be very hard because many of the people right now, even without political backgrounds, many of them have been voicing anger at the military. there is the street there yet to see a figure that is not associated neither with the military nor with any political
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party that they can round out, gather around and agree to, to have them lead the transitional government for the current period. hebrew morgan with the latest from khartoum. hipaa. thank you for that. onto the news. southeast asian leaders holding their annual meeting without me and miles military ruler who was excluded for refusing to take steps to the violence and me enough men b. c. power in a qu, back in february, leaders from the asked young group discussing me and i as well as regional security issues. more in this report from scotland. me and mars gentle leader min on lie inaugurate new military ships. that was just days before his neighbouring southeast asian nations excluded him from a regional summit. this week it's viewed as a potential watershed moment for the block of 10 nations known as aussie on, as it's very rare for it to take such a strong stance against one of its own. meaning lies, stays a coup in february after the opposition one, a landslide election victory led by on songs to cheat. he called the election
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flawed and has since led a crackdown, killing hundreds of people and jailing thousands. some see, this is a foothold for the block to take a more robust than unify positions in the future, including on issues outside the region. the implications of the consequences of this inviting mine, getting through that and prevailing if you will. and i think that will billable woven appetite more bold enough for take on the more equally more important issues of the day. it will be in future instances where our young and its members can afford to be neutral. and those instances will involve large economic and military powers within the region, and the super powers, the united states and china. while our seo members have been divided about china's territorial claims in the south china sea, recent military posturing around the korean peninsula, anti one has prompted a steep increase intention and military build up that has made its way south, many military within austin and are now intent on buying the latest weapon
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technology and expanding their capabilities like submarines and unmanned surveillance. but purchasing many of these weapons comes with strings attached training and installation by military advisors usually mean involving a country outside the region. and concerns over lack of transparency within the 10 awesome members about the new technology and weapons author, members are moving forward, required to some of these without any agreement on how the issues like trust, me, trust can be handle how the issues of dynamics between different people pablo supplying different supplies to different countries can be an impact for relations among members. but many of the foundations are still struggling with the pandemic. as new waves continue to break out, and vaccine rates remain low. so governments might face public resistance if they start spending billions of dollars on weapons and not on restarting economies. and
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reopening borders got either al jazeera banker and we'll get more on this with florence louis reporting from quite a number. always made it a point not to interfere in what they see as a member states domestic affairs. but some member countries wanted to send a strong message to myanmar for failing to implement and organ. let peace planted in particular for not allowing adina pointed and void to meet deposed civilian data on fancy g. now, me and me off on this, on the eve of the summit, issued a statement saying that it's participation would be by a head of state or a minister. and it also accused me on of not a by accused ozzy and of not abiding by its charter. now remember me on my stand is that the violence in the country is being provoked by who the government says terrorists and that these terrorists are being aided by the shadow government as
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opposed to the coo and it says, often has not taken this into account. i think i think myanmar is going to be a key sticking point. the situation in man is going to be a test of audience ability to solve problems within its region. and how ozzy and deals with me or not is going to affect it's credibility and reputation. now already the coals for are going to do more to put more pressure on myanmar. and in particular to engage more with the shadow government opposed to the qu, as the u and the u. s. have started to do some analysts. it also started pointing out that perhaps it's time for us to rethink how it's going to operate in the future. is it going to keep, is consensus driven model for decision making? and is it going to stick to its principal of non interference? and whether this is feasible, when it comes to dealing with problems that going to come up such as the, the cou, in the prime minister frustrated. he says he will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by the year 2030 activists have been hoping for more ambitious target
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. the prime minister scott morrison says this country's only aiming for net 0 emissions by 2050 or leaders are meeting in glasgow to address climate change issues from next sunday, australia, one of the countries accused of dragging its feet when it comes to setting net 0 targets china meanwhile reveal its long term goals on how it will deal with climate change. document released on tuesday shows china's action plan to build more hydro power and nuclear plants and to increase solar and wind capacity. katrina, you with more from beijing? well, president, she didn't hang faster now, but china would a 2 carbon neutrality by 2060 last september. but since then we haven't really seen any concrete details of how the country expects to achieve that target. and now now the china state council has just really released a document to achieve carbon peaking by 2030. and it really provides
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a kind of roadmap in terms of how to achieve both targets. and it addresses a range of sectors here in china, including the energy sector, the renewable sector, transport construction, as well as waste reduction. now it's a very hefty document, but some of the key target that it points out is that by 2025, a china wants to have non fossil fuel energy consumption, reach 20 percent. and they plan to that to increase to 25 percent by 2030 and reducing the reliance on coal has been a major issue for the chinese government. now it's set out in this document some targets in terms of coal consumption. it says that it will control the growth of coal consumption until 2025. which is interesting because it means that co consumption could still expand over the next 4 years. but it will start to reduce co consumption starting in 2026. it also says it plans to increase wind solar in
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hydropower, especially the use of hydro plug power plants in the countries southwest as well. now this is an extremely and vicious documents and planned for china, especially considering that right now, china is in the middle of a power crunch. there's been a power shortages po, shorter, detecting many provinces throughout china, in the north and the south. specifically, this is affecting a lot of manufacturing areas, and this is affecting exports and the export. and then the chinese products are around the world so that really hurting china's economy. so the government has to really balance achieving its climate targets without also hurting its economic growth. in his productivity as well. the weather is next and then back to school. children and venezuela, once again sitting in the classroom after a long cuz it's shut down in japan's princess not give up her royal title to marry
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her college sweetheart. after heavily dispersion i engaged ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored my cattle airways. hi there, thanks for joining in a way we go with your weather story for asia pacific. i'm going to take you to central vietnam right now in this province. we've got folks moving belonging to higher ground water logged roads. it's because we've seen about half a meter of rain over the last few days. and there is more come in central and southern sections of vietnam. this will leak into eastern portions of cambodia and southern sections of laos on wednesday. next, take you to japan, that weather maker that was played in eastern portions upon you out toward the north pacific but q are next disturbance. this one will play g northern sections of a hunch you and the west of hope, cato few scattered showers for tokyo, with
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a high up 17 degrees southeast asia, salo bands of rain, setting up across java western areas of borneo. we have seen landslides across sumatra, and sula ways, so we will continue to be on the look out for that. cross india, all amber alerts have been dropped, but it remained soggy for carola. next stop, i want to take you to the bay. have been gone because what weather will continue to slide further toward the west impacting the southeast of india. so fortune i late thursday into friday, this frame will move in and you'll see heavy bursts of rain in the forecasts on friday. but for thursday, we've got you up to a high of 34. 0, the weather sponsored by cataract ways, in the country with an abundance of results for la road walk, indonesia, whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me pause when denise is pros and progress, invest in indonesia now. ah ah. on out as they were, these are the top stories, antique, who protest as are on the streets of sudan for 2nd day. this is already 7, demonstrators were killed when the military dissolved the transitional government on monday. se asia is most important, regional summit has begun without the john to lead it from me and mom it is excluded. me. don't lie saying he hasn't done enough to read and china's reveal
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it's long term goals on how to deal with climate change. a document released on tuesday shows china's action planned to build more hydro power in nuclear plants to increase solar and wind capacity. also, china's foreign minister has met members of afghanistan's taliban government during a visit to cotton. this is the highest level contact between the 2 since the taliban take over all the afghan has done. the 2 sides discussed security and the economy. china does share a narrow border with afghanistan and is previously urged the taliban not to provide a safe haven for what he calls terrorists. ah, he is more from shall stratford and our ha we were expecting him to give some sort of official statement, but instead he took 2 questions, one from a representative of the chinese media visiting here. along with his delegation and one from al jazeera, china's trying to recognize the full sovereignty of afghanistan of the afghan people. he said that he recognizes that talking about rules across the country town
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very much. now in control, he said he said that china never bullied afghanistan throughout history. but he said that the taliban should seriously take into account all factions and ethnicities. he said that assets are frozen in the west. afghan stands assets that have been frozen in the west since it's all about took control of the entire country in august should be on frozen. we know that as an estimated $9000000000.00 us dollars in afghan assets that have been frozen in the last couple of months. and those are according to analysts, according to many of the international community, including china. they are vitally in order to avoid a further deterioration of the situation in the country. and of course, that has huge ramifications for security as well. let's stay with afghanistan. you remember these chaotic scenes that we saw at cobble airport more than 2 months ago now? well, things are slowly returning to normal. the airport is open to
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a delivery. there are a few charter and evacuation flights. and security is being controlled by what's described as an elite taliban unit. stephanie deca obtained exclusive access to the unit called boundary 313. patrolling cobbles, international airport, the badge we 313 especial unit of the taliban. they don't look like your traditional taliban fighter. out of the blood that is get selected. you know who are they? the most important malicious number one. bure afghans. no one from any other country can be for the number 2, they are muslims, of course, on number, free or healthy strong. and of course, the most important is to be a martyrdom seeker. the units members have been responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against us in nato forces and the afghan national army. during years of conflict, deandre 313 is seen is one of the most elite and hardcore units of the taliban.
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yeah, we can go. we can go, we were given where access to them at cobble airport. it is the only part of the capitol where it's being deployed. we're told one of the things that distinguishes the by the 313, visually from other taliban fighters is their uniforms also wearing american accessories like sunglasses face moth, and night vision goggles. this is also part of a p r change. moving away from the idea of being an insurgency and our being a very well trained official security arm of the state. we meet the airport commander mohammed salam side is in charge of the battery, 3131 at securing the airport director bandanna carmack from the airport to represent the whole country. so most important point to show that our country is functioning as security and flights are operational. so to maintain this, we needed a loyal and well trained unit. how many of the true said our station here are the suicide units of the bedroom. 313, and whenever the security situation becomes more stable, they will go back to their camps and the previous governments police force will
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come back and maintain the security. the job by the insurance is getting thought from here. securing the man in france, the front door and making a safe and warm and for those who are way through the way and say inside airport. because a concern is xa is car bombs? yes or so. so to kind of concerned that still exist and we cannot ignore, does not officially, we are to to, to what degree you see here. they are checking the people who are getting so just the drivers being checked here, all the people arching the inside inside. there's a body check. there remains mistrust between the people and the taliban. for many afghans, years of conflict are not easy to forget. whoa, whoa, whoa, or message to our country men is don't fear these lie mc emirates of afghanistan. de 20 year fight was to defend your rights. we are not your enemies. we are your friendless up and we will secure your life in your belongings. on the streets of
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the capital, we want to get a sense of how people see them. well, of security is better than before, but welcome the economy are in a very bad state. i'm asking the world, why have they blocked afghanistan's money? it's not the taliban. so i sals, it's the money of the afghans they need to release it. my laugh, i gotta walk here, rather they say they will ensure security, but they can't because there's no work, no jobs. people are exhausted. they can sure security like this. it is one thing to talk about. change to give assurances that things will be different from the past, but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt, stephanie decker al jazeera, cobble. china has locked down a city of 4000000 in a bid to stamp out a corona virus outbreak. 6 of china's 29 new recorded cases are in lungess in the capital at which is the capital of the northwestern province. cancer outbreak is linked to the more contagious delta variance in while children in venezuela are
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back in class after a long gap due to the pandemic, the government's gone on a p. r. drive showcasing, spruced up schools ready to welcome back students, but many se the conditions are still far from ideal. and which one last more many schools across venezuela have reopened their classrooms. 19 months after the pandemic force them to close, and after several delays, due to rising rates of infection could add on the sienna. but i thought nothing will rec, laughing. we've created the conditions to return safely to classrooms. the administrations and the teachers have been working to make sure they're attorneys safe so that parents feel comfortable and oh, after so long without face to face learning, all playing with his friends. one is clear about what he expects from school. and i'm calling. i know he says he wants 2 things to play and to learn in the wire. cedar fair if his mother midian says she was nervous about the return,
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but it was necessary. and i thought on tampa, florida, fuck, laugh is happy to be coming back. they need it, communication with other kids to play, to share things with a teachers that motivation. once i've gone for the sale program out, the government is called the reopening campaign, a drop of love for my school year. this video released to one of president nicholas my daughter's social media accounts, shows workers spruce in up school buildings and the state delivering vital learning equipment where he admits many pupils of abandon their education. i gave my yamaha in the bill, invite them back so they can return to the classroom alone in the low low class. however, many teachers impair, say, buildings are in disrepair, supplies a low and thousands of teachers. the lowest paid in the region have left the profession or join the millions were fled venezuela to escape poverty and inflation . just what they are going up and laugh on with an air. i don't think the conditions are suitable for children to return. there are schools that lack wasser
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that are not a quit that don't have the infrastructure. many teachers let your wanna have supplemented their meagre incomes by inviting pupils into their homes. my resume down, we are very concerned because we are going to find many gaps and date education. for example, stay late and 1st grade. when de pandemic began, they have already passed a 2nd or 3rd. and maybe they don't know how to read. official figures say the virus has killed less than 5000 people in venezuela and infected 400000. however, many health experts dispute, those numbers, as well as the government claim that it is vaccinated, 80 percent of teachers. the welcome returned to school in venezuela is proving to be fraught with difficulties with the coven 19 pandemic, highlighting and exacerbating many of the problems the countries education system was already facing. oh,
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thank shimla. al jazeera police in riot deer views bought a cannon to break up a protest in peruse capital. supporters of the socialist president, pedro castillo, are angry. congress is delayed a vote of confidence on his new cabinet. that opposition led congress delayed. the vote though after a politician, died suddenly on monday vaunted japan's princess margaret has married her non royal college sweetheart. take a moodle, formerly giving up her royal status. the couple have held a low key wedding after years of criticism and media scrutiny over their relationship. and i'll be moving to the u. s. were commer walks works as a lawyer proud he got asthma. acid royal japan's princess mako didn't bow to criticism or intense public scrutiny about her marrying the man she loves. instead, with a sambal farrell, at the doors of the imperial residence,
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the empress niece said good bye to her family and her royal title. it wasn't a typical fairy tale japanese roy reading mark okamuro as she is now known. and her husband keiko morrow skipped the wedding ceremony and rituals. instead filing marriage papers before making a media statement. what actually thought dick case, our k, to me, k is an irreplaceable person. and for us seek marriage was a necessary choice to live while cherishing our hearts was ox you are. map was all i story? must. i love marco. i want to spend my only life with someone i love until now we have shared and encouraged various feelings both when we were happy and when we will not you more? princess michael grew up in a roy system that heaps extra pressure on its fema members. and are engaged, been brought an even more intense media spotlight, including around a financial scandal involving her husband's family doc to see she still recovering
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from a form of post traumatic stress disorder. but despite her personal struggles, public opinion, true means divide it on the marriage. i beg of now i am very much against those who are against this marriage and sincerely wish mekaux to be happy. the most important thing is that she is happy in the future made the end of the media coverage of the story was it seems to me exaggerated and i feel sorry for her in that sense. but on the other hand, she had a symbolic status, a pillar of our country. she was a public figure. japan's me, his voice can marry outside freely. but for women, it means 4 feet in the royal status. and japan is one of the few monarchies with only a meal line of succession in a country that already ranks pully engender quality. the latest departure least imperial family with just 17 members. only 3 are as to the throne. many, it wants to set sustained a status quo,
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especially amongst the emperor in his family. ah, the fact of the matter is, is that although the japanese emperor or the royal family do not have any autonomy over political issues, are you gonna make issues? there still remained to be a very strong symbol of the japanese, and for that reason, a lot of japanese walk to somehow keep the image that they want to keep. for some princess macos tumultuous engagement is perhaps a missed opportunity to mix symbolic changes to old traditions. as a couple prepares for a new life abroad. bianca gupta alters ear, keeping an eye on events in sudan a day after the qu, which was called by this man, general abdel father albert hun. now about to give her a news conference. all the microphones assembled at this as often as we say, that military takeover.


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