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just the he is out there is katrina, you live in beijing, katrina, many things china has locked down a city of 4000000 people in a bid to stamp out a corona virus outbreak. 6 of china's 29 new recorded cases or in land. joe, the provincial capital of both western province gumshoe the outbreak is linked to the board, contagious delta variance. china is still pursuing a 0 coven strategy. we'll get to whether update banks here. all these are then back to school children and venezuela. once again, sitting classrooms after a long coven 19 shut down. facebook post, huge profits hours after a whistleblower accusative accuses it of putting gross before uses safety. at school, the la clippers bounced back after disappointing start to the embassies and fall behavioral that he sells a little later in the yeah. ah
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70000000 people are under threat as the 1st snore, easter, the season takes shape. hello everyone. so we had to sort storm systems come together here creating this beast of a storm. this one's going to pack a punch. if we focus specifically on new york city. we'll see wind gusts here about 80 kilometers per hour and rainfall. a 150 millimeters. that's more than a months worth of rain and under 24 hours. go to the west straight now, that wild whether that was plaguing the pacific northwest and california move in across the rockies. and it's going to redevelop and sparked some storms through that central plains in the days to come western canada as still while still windy. i think her vancouver, we'll see when gets anywhere from about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour remnants leftovers of what was hurricane rick of largely dissipated across mexico, getting striked with some heavy rain for western cuba, thunderstorms for habana. and we've got heavy falls stretching from rio de janeiro
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rate through to the pacific coast of columbia on tuesday, blast it with some powerful winds for a cold or a river. davia will see the wind up to about a 105 kilometers per hour on tuesday. temperature is in santiago, have fallen a bit. you're at 29 degrees, but that's still good wall above average. that's it. see you soon. ah, too many have been forced to flee their homes escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricane and floods besieged communities. full lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives, and fueling migration exit on doris at time, much in crisis on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the
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trade bar and watt indonesia, his firms for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now. ah ah. well again, this is, these are from al jazeera adrian. so they go with you here in doha, the headlines southeast asia, most important regional summit has begun. but without me, are mas jones,
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alida leaders excluded men on line saying that he hasn't done enough to end violence. antique crew protested on the streets in sudan for a 2nd day. at least 7 demonstrators were killed after the military dissolved transitional government. on monday. the u. s a suspending 700000000 dollars of aid to see don in response to the qu, egypt as join to cut off france and the you and envoy to sudan in calling for restraint. molly is expelling the envoy from west africa. regional block echo was, it said that his actions are incompatible with his status and gave no further details. of course has been pushing marley to respect its vow to hold elections in february, following last year's military coup marley's. transitional leader said that he will confirm a date in december. thousands of migrants from haiti, central and south america, have formed yet another caravan heading to the u. s. some 3000 people,
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including families with young children, are marching through mexico. hundreds of mexican law enforcement officers have tried to block that path, but many have been able to break through the u. s. as that had arrested, a record breaking 1700000 migrants trying to enter from mexico since october of last year. or police in riot gear used a water cannon to break up a protest, him for ruse. capital supporters of the socialist president federal castiel. an angry, the congress has delayed a vote of confidence on the president's new cabinet. the opposition led congress delayed the vote to mourn a politician who died suddenly on monday. the delay leaves the face of the new cabinet. answer. children in venezuela back in class, after a long gap due to the pandemic, the government has gone on a p. r. drive showcasing spruced up schools ready to welcome back students. but many say the conditions are far from ideal. genial schwabl reports.
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many schools across venezuela have reopened their classrooms 19 months after the pandemic force them to close and after several delays, due to rising rates of infection, could add on the sea on it. but i thought i thought they were laughing. we've created the conditions to return safely to classrooms. the administrations and the teachers have been working to make sure their attorneys safe so that parents feel comfortable and oh, of the so long without face to face learning or playing with his friends. one is clear about what he expects from school, home concert hall, i am and he says he wants to things to play and to learn yet the wires. cedar fair . if his mother 1000000 says she was nervous about the return, but it was necessary your letter on tampa, florida talk laugh is happy to be coming back. v needed communication with other kids to play, to share things with a teachers that motivation. one second foils. i'll put grandma the government is called the reopening campaign, a drop of love for my school year. this video released on one of president nicolas
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. my daughter's social media accounts shows workers spruce in up school buildings and the state delivering vital learning equipment where he admits many pupils of abandoned their education. i gave my yamaha in the bill, invite them back so they can return to the class lawn and de la la glass. oh, isn't many teachers and parents say buildings are in disrepair, supplies a low and thousands of teachers. the lowest paid in the region have left the profession or join the millions were fled venezuela to escape poverty and inflation . just what they are going up and laugh only for now. i don't think the conditions are suitable for children to return. there are schools that lack wasser that are not a quit that don't have the infrastructure. many teachers let your wanna have supplemented their meagre incomes by inviting pupils into their homes. let alone we are very concerned because we are going to find many gaps and that education, for example,
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a stay lead and say so good aid. brenda pandemic began. they have already passed a 2nd or 3rd. and maybe they don't know how to read. official figures said the virus is killed, less than 5000 people in venezuela and infected 400000. however, many health experts dispute, those numbers, as well as the government claim that it is vaccinated, 80 percent of teachers. ha, the welcome return to school in venezuela is proving to be fraught with difficulties with the coven. 19 pandemic, highlighting and exacerbating many of the problems the countries education system was already facing. oh, thank shimla al jazeera poland is increasing the number of troops on its border with bella. rooster, 10000 to stop illegal migrants from entering hundreds of been trying to enter poland every day. the e u as accusing minsk of weapon ising migration and retaliation for sanctioning
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owners declare a state of emergency and plans to build a war on the border. moldova is buying 1000000 cubic meters of natural gas from poland as it tries to reduce its dependency on russia and turned towards the e. u. the balkan country declared a state of emergency of a gas shortage is on friday and requested supplies from its neighbors. it's been locked in negotiations with washes, state own gas prom. to secure a new supply deal for weeks, the russian thumb extended the current contract to the end of october. that is threatening to cut supplies by december 1st. the still no word on the kristian mission reason, their families who are kidnapped by a gang in haiti. the group is the latest of several 100 people to be held for ransom this year in a country that many residents feel is increasingly lawless. as rob reynolds reports now from puerto prince, the countries found itself in yet another crisis. a general strike gripped haiti's capital on monday streets, normally choked with traffic,
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were practically empty. the usually bustling outdoor markets were mostly deserted. patients say the strike is one way of demonstrating their disgust and frustration with widespread crime, gang violence of fuel shortage, and government paralysis is coming out of dine of it. and no, no solution. we want to have about the future will grab about ago. we don't want to leave like slaves, but this woman said the strike prevented her from getting to her job in another part of the city. oh me, in the effect of the wonderful people and i have to feed my family. if i stay high and what will i feed my kids. i have to go on the straight to find some things out . the shut down hurts, impoverished haitians, many of whom lived from hand to mouth every day. schools and shops were also shuddered at this neighbourhood clinic, the proprietor said severe shortages of medicine left him unable to help people in
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need. they are sick, they can come a vehicle, i kinda go again to looking for them because because they're on medicine, i can get medicine. fuel shipments have been blocked from reaching the city by gangs and most petrol stations are closed. these people are waiting on the chance to this station, we'll get some supplies. local journalists reported that 3 leaders of fuel costs upward of $20.00 us dollars. outside the haitian ministry of justice. a small group of demonstrators protested, pounding on the locked steel door with rocks that meanwhile, there's still no word on the fate of 17 u. s. and canadian missionaries, kidnapped by a gang more than a week ago, the f. b, i is assisting haitian authorities in the case. the gang has threatened to kill the hostages, including young children unless a $17000000.00. some is paid in the us home. town of one hostage family people
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gathered to pray for their release. haitians are seeking deliverance to from their countries. many desperate problems will do. which county do people who are living order place would assist. they have to have 80 a cry for help from a nation spiraling into may him rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince, a man accused of handing actor alec baldwin. a loaded gun on a movie set was reportedly dismissed from a previous film job over weapons safety u. s. media outlets say that the assistant director david halls was let go in 2019 on a gun. unexpectedly discharged on the baldwin set holes indicated to the actor that the prop weapon was safe, but it was loaded with live rounds leading to the fatal shooting a filmmaker, alina hutchins, another crew member, was mood. japan's princess marco was married, her non royal college sweetheart, k camaro, formerly giving up her royal status. the couple held
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a low key wedding of years of criticism and media scrutiny over their relationship . the pair will now be moving to the us, where camera works as a lawyer. i'm 0 is priyanka good to reports. acid roil japan's princess marco didn't bow to criticism or intense public scrutiny about her marrying the man she loves. instead, with a syllable fairville at the doors of the imperial residence, the empress niece said good bye to her family. and her roy title. it was that a typical fairy tale japanese roy reading marco camaro as she is now known, and her husband k camaro. skip the wedding ceremony and rituals. instead filing marriage papers before making a media statement. what actually thought dec, case out to me get, hey, isn't your replaceable person? and for us, for marriage was a necessary choice to live while cherishing our heart as a book order was actually our love macro. i want to spend my only life with someone
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i love until now we have shared and encouraged by various feelings both when we were happy and when we were not princess michael grew up in a roy system that heaps extra pressure on its fema members. and are engaged, been brought an even more intense media spotlight, including around a financial scandal involving her husband's family dock to see she still recovering from a form of post traumatic stress disorder. but despite her personal struggles, public opinion remains divided on the marriage boundary. from now, i am very much against those who are against this marriage, and sincerely wish mekaux to be happy. the most important thing is that she is happy in the future. lady emma cut on the media coverage of the story was, it seems to me exaggerated, and i feel sorry for her in that sense. but on the other hand, she had a symbolic status, a pillar of our country. she was a public figure. japan's mir voyles can marry outside freely,
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but for women it means for feeding the royal status and japan is one of the few monarchies with only a meal line of succession in a country that already ranks pully engender quality. the latest departure least imperial family with just 17 members. only 3 are as to the throne. many it wants to set sustained a status quo, especially amongst the emperor in his family. ah, the fact of the matter is that although the japanese emperor or the royal family do not have any autonomy over political issues or economic issues, there still remained to be a very strong symbol of the japanese. and for that reason, a lot of japanese walk to somehow keep the image that they want to keep with some princess macos tumultuous engagement is perhaps a missed opportunity to mix symbolic changes to old traditions as
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a couple prepare for new life abroad. bianca gupta all to see her. former facebook employee turned whistleblower has testify that the tech giant knowingly fed on line hastened violence to maximize profits. frances huggins. appearance could effect new rules for social platforms in the u. k. as were a challenge, reports. france is how god says she never wanted to be a whistle blower. but since leaving facebook with tens of thousands of internal documents earlier this year, her alarm call has been heard around the world. october, the 5th us congress walked over 25th. the u. k. parliament's message that is deeply critical of the way facebook is run. mark sucker burg is, has unilateral control over 3000000000 people. right? there is no will at the top to make sure the systems are run adequately same way. the systems francis, how can, is most concerned about the algorithms promoting content to uses of the social
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media giants. i've seen lots of research that says that kind of ranking engagement based ranking prioritizes polarizing extreme devise of content. it doesn't matter if you're on the left or on the right. it pushes you to the extremes, and it fans have right anger. and he is the easiest way to grow on facebook. she says it's a system that's being abused. there's something called by reality hacking, where you figure out all the tricks on how to optimize facebook and good actors, good publishers are already publishing all the content they can, they can do. but bad actors have an incentive to play the algorithm. facebook executives know this, says francis, how going? but the reason they haven't changed the algorithm is money. they think user engagement would decline, and with it add revenues. i think there is a view inside the company that safety is a cost, a cost center. it's not a hunter, which i think it's very short term and thinking us congress and regulators are investigating facebook. part of the deadly storming of the u. s. capital,
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an independent report commissioned by facebook, said it failed to stop the platform being used to incite ethnic violence in me and mar. so miss how god believes as a real world cost in lives, i have no doubt the like the events we're seeing around the world. things like me on martin if those are the opening chapters because engagement based ranking does 2 things. one, a prior priority as an amplified device of polarizing extreme content into its hyper, concentrated in, you know, 5 percent of the population. and you only need 3 percent of the population on the streets to have a revolution. facebook says much of the reporting is based on a false premise. yes, we're a business and we make profit, they say. but the idea that we do so at the expense of people safety or well being, misunderstand where our own commercial interests lie. the truth is we've invested $13000000000.00 and have over $40000.00 people to do one job. keep people safe on facebook. but with a consortium of news organizations going over the thousands of pages of lead,
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internal memos, facebook crisis isn't over yet. reach helen's. how does era banks on the visa and sport afghanistan stop that campaign with a massive when at the t 20 woke up with with
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with a pool. ah ah. get top of sport, his foreign adrian, thank you so much. and he has cricket board, the b, c, c, i a national team captain 0 coley, r, yet to comment on religious abuse towards indian fastball where muhammad shami a 31 year old, was the only muslim playing for india as they lost the pakistan on sunday. shami
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was the team's most expensive bowler and the 10 wicked defeats and has since received torrent of a sense of attacks on line. a number of indian politicians and cricket legends such and such, and 10 duke, i showed sammy some support on social media al jazeera has as a, b, c, c. i to comment, but it's received no response or journey. now from by is sports a broadcaster, veronica poor? thank you so much for joining us. first of all, why do you think india's cricket board in vera coley have stayed silent? do they have a responsibility to protect their player? absolutely far. i think this is just a minute. good. one, we've seen the new board and the new players are always apprehensive, reluctant to speak out on issues, especially when the data on community religious angles. the one thing i would say though, is what you said of the opening of your statement. noah's chum use performance and this was irrelevant. this seems to be a bit of a narrative that he was the most expensive, although he had an off there. no,
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none of that matters. 9 players. i don't know how he was targeted because of the religion he belongs to as a minority. i think that's the issue that needs to be addressed by the board and they're already doing it on it. and we heard from the likes of such intent, okay. who's shown support for shami, but do you feel that the support has sort of missed the point? i entirely believe that i like the fact that they have spoken out in support of the demit. yes. but i think even if it is unintentional, if someone puts the focus away from the issue, it makes it sound like sammy was abused because he had a bad day. that's not exactly what happened. the nature of the abuse was outright hate speech. it was bigoted in nature was discriminatory in nature. we don't even have enough law stringent enough to punish hate speech and hate crimes age which leads to france. i think what needed to come out was no one should be abused on the basis of their religion. we have no place for that. 0 tolerance for that. something that in front baton did to formative. decorative also is of course belonging to a minority communities muslim. so that is what i would like to see from the likes
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of such an and go. it's nice to this a border chairman, but i do think mr. pointed, that is a bit ironic that the board hasn't commented on this situation. given that the indian team took a knee and supported the black lives matter movement before that game. absolutely, the irony couldn't be more starstruck. let me stay at the dub. i like many other support, black lives matter movement unconditionally it's. it's essentially a movement that stands against racism. why wouldn't you support it? however, it has to be said that racism in our part of the world is humans, different forms, doesn't it? the burden to bear for the majority in about of the world is stand up for the minorities that up a secured and have been so for many, many years. yeah. it's one thing to take the need for a movement that essentially with due respect to it has its issues in the western world far away from home. it's easier to take that up. the dust 'cause to take is the one that's at home. and i do think the ironing couldn't be more profound. the fact that they took the knee just before the games. and this has happened just 24
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hours ago. what do you think, incidents like this do for andy has global in edge they don't hell. i, as it turns out, this isn't new. i'm almost disappointed to say that i'm not surprised that there's been no outright condemnation of the abuse and identifying it as abuse based on one player on the basis of his religion. because that's what we've come to know. now, indian players do not speak out on issues, certainly not when it comes to ideological differences, all community shoes. they, we have seen that happen the cricket world in other parts of the world. but indian plays just stay shut on it, and that's an extension to indian public figures even be on sport, with the exception of a few. and i must say that the notable exception of the fuel wanting to get into this for the fear of social media, backlash, political backlash. it can choose the reason you want, but it doesn't help. and all i can say is, it's disappointing. i wish they did more with the insurance then. okay, we gotta leave it there for now. we're on a copper. thank you so much for your time. as your thanks for south africa are
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currently playing the west indies at the t 20 world cap. one player not taking part is quinton. to cock the pro tier star is decided to skip the match. it follows a directive from south africa. cricket board for the team to take the knee before the games. several other teams are adopting the gesture in protest against racism. afghanistan's 1st international sporting match since the taliban to control of the country ended in pure joy. they are cricket team made a winning start to their campaign at the t 20 rock half and it was a crushing victory over scotland. afghanistan. bad at 1st and scored a $190.00 runs in replies scotland were ball down for just 60 g berman was name to match the match after taking 5 weekends. the 1st game of the tournament. dorothy, this is very important. so if you needed that for him to start our tournament for, we wouldn't be complacent about this when you move forward, you will enjoy the victory. it was a good game, but looking forward to the tournament, we're still organ of our slona have condemned the treatment of coach ronald human
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race route. crewmen received from fans after sunday's last arch. rivals ral madrid . but he, i was on social media, showed people surrounding and blocking humans cars. he tried to leave the stadium also received verbal will use, a club, has labeled the treatment as violent and disdainful human is under increasing pressure. falling barcelona was poor start to the season and the and the viola clippers have pulled off their 1st when of the season. they be the portland trailblazer is a $116.00 to 86th to do it. luke canard scored 23 points. while paul george added 16 more and a career best 8 steals a club or is defeating trailblazers for the 7th consecutive time. a 2017 cheating scandal is overshadowing the houston astros trip to the world series. a baseball team are having to defend themselves on the eve of game one. the asters are getting ready to face the atlanta braves later on. houston won the championship back in
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2017 but investigation since found the team had engaged in sign stealing during that season. on the franchise were hit with a huge fine, but no players involved were punished. the astro say they have nothing to prove. we're just here because we work really hard from the moment. no, we should have to spring training because the last last year, one went away from the, from the worse it was bittersweet. and the who is, was really show the world that were the best team out there. and in our for us, who though we gotta get for more when something they all say noise motivates us at all. meanwhile, the atlanta braves are headed to the world series for the 1st time since 1999. the last time they won, the title was 26 years ago. they knocked off the reigning champions. the alley dodgers on saturday when the national league championship. okay, and that is all your sport for now. back already. thanks,
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dana farrell. i will be back with all the usa beginning in to us try, but so she now has g n t. next up here on al jazeera, the man is about to enter stage, right? come on santa maria will be here to update you in a few seconds and see again ah ah and a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the club. 26 climate summit al jazeera, so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses queens films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at
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the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population, people and power off why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. algae, there were well shows how a community in santa gold is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources. the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech and algeria good. he could not hold back the tide about jerry and independence. all keep francis colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series out there explores how the long and
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bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today. reluctant is french, the colonization on al jazeera reason to stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, crowds returned to the straits in sudan, protesting against the military seizure of power in a cood. ah, hello dan and come out santa maria here and joe hall with the world news from al jazeera southeast asian leaders are meeting to discuss me and not without inviting it's joan to late. it was
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a china reveals its action plan to reduce carbon emissions, will have led us from badging plus red access to the elite taliban unit schwab.


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