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state department. now, the big issue is whether or not this will affect the resolution of another regional crisis. that of the grand ethiopian renaissance dam, otherwise known as gert officials here at the state department, say they need to deal with the political situation and cartoon 1st. and worry about other regional issues later. gillian laughs cuz should on analyst she joins us now live from london, gillian, a lot of the international aid that was promised to sit on following the, the top of the toppling of oma alba ship. and the formation of the, the transitional government hasn't even arrived. so is the threat of, of holding back aid to suit on money from saddam actually going to hold any sway with the cooley does. i don't think it will not very much know. i mean, what the truly is really, really keen on most needs have been saying since long before the co happened this to be taken off a united states terrorist list, which they were,
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which was done of course. so you know, that will be the re, a weapon, they could you tell them unless this evidence on the u. s. has evidence of terrorism of terrorist things, then they're not going to put them back. so i think the calculation of securely just says that they can get away with this for some time. and that's the time you need to consolidate. but saddam is in a desperate mass, is that he can only clear them over the people really need that aid money. yes they did. and there was a to is to also not only from the united states, of course, but from the european union, from various other countries from arab countries. and so if any of that is suspended, it will make a difference to ordinary people. where does the army get its money from? ah, well, the army has a lot of industries of its own, and in fact there has been much talk recently in the civilian wing of the government. they the transitional government and premier abdullah handbook. there's
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been much talk about investigating these at mandatory in distress and so on. and obviously they only didn't want that well. so there are links to go for production and exporting. how do you see this playing out over the next few days and weeks as the army on the estimated public opinion ensued on i'm not sure that it has because last thursday, so a huge demonstrations all over the country supporting the civilian government. people had often been quite critical of the government, the public, i mean had often being quite critical of the government before that. and you know, not doing certain things quickly enough, particularly dealing with the old regime. but on thursday, when it became clear that people from the old regime was speaking out and islamists
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were calling for a co no. and that qu, that call was led by islamists, it wasn't just ordinary people. and then, you know, because of that millions but perhaps not millions, hundreds of thousands people came out on the streets and they're out again now. so i think i think the army knows what it's up against, but it's prepared to balance. but the look of it, i don't know whether you heard a general, a bill for elbow, hans statement just a few minutes before we began speaking, he said that an independent tech record tech to crack government will run the country until the elections in july 2023, he kept reiterating that but, but he will abide by the constitution. he kept using words like democracy, freedom and justice. he was appealing to the youth that the revolutionary youth in the country who wanted to change so badly. but what do you make of what he's trying to do here? i reckon his stalling for time. well, you know,
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the real people behind the politicians because i'm sure they're politicians. and most certainly seem sure of that too. while they, you know, consolidate while they get a hold, that's very important. if you launch a code, it's not just, you know, take care of certain buildings and not saying that you've done a coup. it's actually getting control of various structures and putting your people into places. so you know, that kind of thing. i think he knows what's happening, but i don't think it will work. i mean, we've already had this morning. marianne methodical, foreign minister, has called for civil resistance. the student, nissan. bassett, in washington noted in sati, who's a highly respected veteran and academic and politicians. he's called for several resistance. i think the civil resistance will continue. i don't think that anybody will believe what he's not on thursday and the demonstrations people were
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shouting almost equally, i'm toad against but harm himself and against the finance minister to prayer. so job really, but i him, that is so you know, i think that's a lot of there's a lot going on there which will continue to go on. i don't think if people don't with this, it doesn't mean they won't accept it because they're afraid. but, but you feel you're concerned that there's a real threat of violence if the, if the army feels pressure. if, if, if the, the public demonstrations get out of control the all or more than they can handle well, they will 100 them with fun and safe. already been doing that. i mean, we've seen video clip of what appeared to be rapid support forces, but could also be ordinary soldiers just and ordinary fatigue. so could be a climate militia. they've all been described as being involved in this,
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the beating up people just walking down the street, including women. not people protesting. this is just people getting home and the eclipse of this, you know, which from good sources. so i think they would just use violence. that's what they did before, but of course the public resisted epistle. you know, i think the could be a lot of violence ahead and then it will be interesting to see how the outside world reacts. chilling this been really good talk to you. really appreciate you being with us, mary. thank cindy. gillian, last that i loved him. okay, well, if you've just joined us, we began on usa a little early because about breaking news. but this is indeed that he's out from al jazeera still to come on. the program, australia commits to a 35 percent emissions cup by 2030. as the world is warned, that it's way off track in containing global warming. by jerry, a launches africa's 1st digital currency joining a growing list of nations to adopt virtual money and in sport. a 2017 cheating
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scandal. costs a shadow over the baseball world series. as came game one is said to begin in houston. ah, south korea's former president rotate woo has died at the age of 80. 8 burrow was a pivotal figure in the country's transition to democracy. he part took in a 1979 military coup at a deadly crackdown on pro democracy protest as he later accepted growing calls for a direct presidential election. in 1987 ro was sentenced to a 17 year jail term for the military crew and cracked down, but was pardoned around a year later. money charge of south korea's samsung group has been fine for misusing an illegal anesthetic drug. lee jr young was fined $60000.00 for taking the drug at a plastic surgery clinic console. over the course of several years,
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leah's been my legal issues over the last 5 years, was released from prison for bribery and the bezel month. 2 months ago. he's been running samsung since 2014, after his father suffered a heart attack and later died. southeast asian leaders are holding the annual meeting without me unless military rule up there was excluded for refusing to take steps to end violence in his country. he seized power and february leaders from assy and we'll also discuss regional security. i was just a scott highlight, reports me and mars gentle leader, men on lie inaugurate new military ships. that was just days before his neighbouring south east asian nations excluded him from a regional summit. this week it's viewed as a potential watershed moment for the block of 10 nations known as aussie on, as it's very rare for it to take such a strong stance against one of its own. meaning life stage a coup in february after the opposition one,
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a landslide election victory led by on songs who cheat. he called the election flawed and has since led crackdowns, killing hundreds of people and jailing thousands, some c. this is a foothold for the block to take a more robust than unified positions in the future, including on issues outside the region, the implications or the consequences of this inviting and mine getting through that and prevailing if you will. and i think that will billable woven appetite, more bold enough yon for take on the more equally more important issues of the day . there will be infants for instances where asi and its members can afford to be neutral. and those instances will involve large economic and military powers within the region and the superpowers, the united states and china. while austria and members have been divided about china's territorial claims in the south china sea, recent military posturing around the korean peninsula and taiwan has prompted a steep increase intention and military build up that has made its way south. many
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military's within austin and are now intent on buying the latest weapon technology and expanding their capabilities like submarines and unmanned surveillance. but purchasing many of these weapons comes with strings attached training and installation by military advisors usually mean involving a country outside the region and concerns over the lack of transparency within the 10 asi members about the new technology and weapons author, members are moving forward, required to some of these without any agreement on how the issues like trust, me, trust can be handle how the issues of dynamics between different people. pablo supplying different supplies to different countries can be an impact for relations among members. but many of the few nations are still struggling with the pandemic. as new waves continue to break out and vaccine rates remain low. so governments might face public resistance if they start spending
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billions of dollars on weapons and not on restarting economies and reopening borders. got either al jazeera, bangkok that's come on from out as you, as far as louis his monitoring developments from caller lumper florence band, mother. and clearly the hot topic on the agenda at the summit. but as he has excluded the joint elidah, how can it talk about myanmar without its leader being there? while ours in foreign ministers had made the decision earlier this month, that it would not invite senior general to june to achieve and invite a non political representative. instead, some member countries felt that there was a need to send a strong message to me. and if it's failure to implement and ozzy and lead peace process, and in particular there was unhappiness that announcing appointed envoy would not be allowed to meet with deposed civilian the mental laying. now, on the and on the eve of this young man, on the eve of the summit, issued
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a statement saying its participation would be either by its head of state or a minister. and it also accused of not abiding by its charter. now, myanmar stand is that the violence in the countries being provoked by him. the government terms as terrorists, aided by the shadow government opposed to the qu, and says austrian hasn't considered this when it declined to invite june to achieve to the meeting. now this also goes against the whole principle that ozzy has held on to for many decades of his exist for the decades of its existence. that's the principle of non interference in a members domestic affairs. but they are saying clearly felt it needed to send a strong message. and i think me on my going to be a main sticking point in this summit. ty, prime minister said that the, all the associations ability to solve the issue of myanmar is going to be, is going to be
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a key test of audience ability and audience. credibility and reputation in a sense will also depend on how it deals with this issue. now already there's increasing pressure being put on the and to be firm with me on that cause for us to recognize and to engage more with the parallel government. this is what the u. s. and you have started to do. and also, you know, that also analysts have also pointed out that perhaps it's also time for us in 2000 about how it's going to engage with the member countries in the future. it's it, it now works on a, on a car, on a consensus driven policy, consensus driven model for decision making. but now it needs to consider whether or not that model can work and whether or not it wants to stick to its principal of non interference. florists many asian nations still struggling with the coven. 19 pandemic. what else is on the agenda at this summit?
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while member countries are going to discuss how to strengthen or how to build more resilient public health systems, they're going to talk about how they can strengthen economies that are going to talk about trade agreements, free trade agreements within the region and with other countries. in particular, are going to be looking at weaknesses in supply chains. these weaknesses have been exposed during the pandemic. and also going to be talking about security, particularly in the south china sea, whether it's increasing militarization, where they are competing claims between china and several of the member states. and of course, linked to that is the security rivalry between the u. s. and china. now for the 1st time in 4 years, the u. s. will be participating in the audience summit us president joe biden will be joining via video conference later on tuesday. in contrast, former president former us present donald trump, skip the last 4 events now, but member states of ozzy and have said they don't want to have to choose between china and us. these are 2 big giants, and the u. s. has been
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a traditional long term allied for some of the member states, but china geographically is in the region. and china is also a very important trading partner for these. for, for all these countries, now be often some, it is also taking place against the backdrop of a new security pack that's just been inc. this is the trilateral packed known as orcus. it's between the u. s. u. k. and australia for security in the india pacific region and member states have already expressed consent. some member states have expressed concerns about a possible security build up in the region. so i think that's going to be on the agenda as well. so it's many thanks. so florence reed, i live in quite a long time. well, debbie, debbie start hot is the founder and coordinator of the alternative se i'm network on. but she says that i see an attitude, the shocks, the military joint in the law, but more needs to be done to avoid a regional humanitarian crisis. the main concern, bossier, is that we are seeing the imminent of the, the, an imminent offensive intensive,
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authentic being launched in a not which could cause massive regional instability because of refugees. we, the un experts have already want that to build up is reminiscent of what happened in a kind of state in 2017, when a 1000000 ro hang go wake spell to bangladesh. it's getting to the point where i see on has no choice as the end was polar and tried to be conciliatory. had the 5 point consensus, which was supposed to be focused on a cessation of violence and a result and a resumption of dialogue that didn't happen the opposite happen. so i see and now has to grapple with the fact that senior gentlemen, online personal ambition and gree hoses, the greatest threat to regional security at both for me on my end to the region itself. and if and doesn't act now, the situation could get out of control and will be dealing with a disaster. the next 10 years. i think it's the certainly shock to the hunter that
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as the and finally took a line here. but i think if we want to actually get the hook up to start listening seriously as the on has to partner with the un security council, the burmese military is extremely afraid of the c is the security council. in the past are china, us foreign minister, wearing a spoke to meeting with tom about representatives here in council for live. now to outsource charles stratford, who's been following the meetings here in doha, just wanted the forms to have to say well, i don't, we were expecting him to give some sort of official statement, but instead he took 2 questions, one from a representative of the chinese media visiting her, along with his delegation and one from al jazeera am, his answers were long and comprehensive and i'll just run you through some of the
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things on the assailant points that he mentioned. these are often meetings with as a say the yet the tale bonds acting foreign minister will talk in acting deputy prime minister molar burden. he said that china's and trying to recognize is the full sovereignty of afghanistan, of the afghan people. he said that he recognizes that talk about rules across the country, thought about very much now in control. he said he said that china never bullied afghanistan throughout history. but he said that the taliban should seriously take into account all factions and ethnicities in afghanistan in order to ensure an inclusive government, an inclusive policy. that being very much the focus of the wider international community as well. he said that the u. s. and the west have a responsibility to play a concrete role in improving the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the
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country. we now, according to the un that is estimated at least 22000000 people in the country. that's around half the population of facing acute food insecurity. and bearing in mind that we know that the winter months are just starting and afghanistan, the humanitarian situation is very die in the country. when he went on to say that said, he said that assets are frozen in the west, afghanistan's assets that have been frozen in the west since the taliban took control of the entire country in august should be on frozen. we know that his estimated $9000000000.00 us dollars in afghanistan that have been frozen in the last couple of months. and those are according to analysts, according to many of the international community, including china. they are a vital in order to avoid a further deterioration of the situation in the country. and of course that has huge ramifications for security as well. i'm form, it's a one. he also said the official recognition of the taliban into government would
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be too early a move at this stage. he said that that is an ongoing process. he said it will be, it will take time. he said it was premature to do that at the moment. but he also said that china opposes any new sanctions on taliban officials. taliban figures in that government. so as i say quite a quite a comprehensive list of statements they're made by the chinese. i'm the fact that this again was held here in concert or an example of cut his efforts to act as a linchpin between the taliban leadership and the international community in order to try and get some unified response to to the situation in afghanistan. since the taliban have taken control as a say back in august, just when a thanks i was this child strive for their life until more than 2 months after the count exceeds at campbell,
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airport things are now slowly returning to normal. it's open to aid deliveries and a few charter and evacuation flights with security controlled by what's described as an elite taliban unit out a 0. stephanie deca obtained exclusive access to that unit. gold battery, 313, patrolling cobbles, international airport, the badge we 313 especial unit of the taliban. they didn't look like your traditional taliban fighter. out of the blood that he gets elected. you know, who are they? the most important malicious number one. be off. yes, no one from any other country can be for the number 2, they are muslims. of course, on number 3 are healthy strong. and of course the most important is to be a martyrdom seeker. the units members have been responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against us in nato forces and the afghan national army. during years of conflict badge we 313 is seen is one of the most elite and hard core units
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of the taliban. yeah, we can go, we can go, we were given rare access to them at cobble airport. it is the only part of the capitol where it's being deployed. we're told one of the things that distinguishes the by 3313 visually from other taliban fighters is their uniforms also wearing american accessories like sunglasses face moth, and night vision goggles. this is also part of a p r change. moving away from the idea of being an insurgency and our being a very well trained official security arm of the state. we meet the airport commander mohammed salam side is in charge of the battery, 3131 at securing the airport. dr. bandanna commack from the airport to represent the whole country. so most important point to show that our country is functioning as security and flights are operational. so to maintain this, we needed a loyal and well trained unit. the troops that are station here are the suicide unit of the battery, 313. and whenever the security situation becomes more stable,
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they will go back to their camps. and the previous governments police force will come back and maintain the security the job or rather to with this getting sort from here securing the man, inference the front door and looking safe and warm. and those who are going to the way in since i the important because a concern issa is car bombs. yes or so. so to kind of concerned that still exist and we cannot ignore, does not officially war 222 or 31. you see here they are checking the people for getting for just the driver's being checked here. all the people arching the inside. inside. there's a body check. there remains mistrust between the people and the taliban. for many afghans, years of conflict are not easy to forget. whoa, whoa, whoa, or message to our country men is don't fear these lie mc emirates of afghanistan. the 20 year fight was to defend your rights. we are not your enemies. we are your
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friendless up and we will secure your life and your belongings on the streets of the capital. we want to get a sense of how people see them. well, other security is better than before, but welcome the economy are in a very bad state. i'm asking the world, why have they blocked afghanistan's money? it's not the taliban. so i sals, it's the money of the afghans they need to release it. i laugh, i gotta walk here. rather they say they'll ensure security, but they can't because there's no work, no jobs. people are exhausted. they can sure security like this. it is one thing to talk about change to give assurances that things will be different from the past. but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt. stephanie decker al jazeera cobble, australia's prime minister says that he'll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by 2030 activists have been hoping for a more ambitious target. prime minister scott morrison says his country is early
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aiming from net 0 emissions by 2050 wealth leaders, a meeting at glasgow to address climate change issues. next sunday, australia has been accused of dragging its feet when it comes to setting that 0 targets. and the world is failed and another climate targets with greenhouse gas levels hitting new records. last year the u. n. says the world is now way off track to cap rising temperatures. carbon dioxide levels are rising at the highest average rate in a decade. that's despise a temporary, different emissions to you to cobit 19 loc downs. will stephan is a climate change expert at a professor at the australian national university. he says it's in the interests of rich nations to help poor ones. it's a global problem. we all have to work together on this, and we'll have to do our fair share in that means we wealthy countries have to do more. we need to come out at glasgow, united no matter what our political systems are, no matter what or economic systems are. this is a global problem and we need everyone on board. so if there is,
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if there is this lack of trust, if there is this feeling that the wealthy countries are not pulling their fair share, that is going to be road confidence as we go into glasgow, it may certainly affect the outcome as we come out when you look at the impacts around the world, be a drought, be very extreme heavy rainfall and flooding in the, in the asian, monsoons being at sea level rise and tropical cyclone in the pacific island states that you do find yes, there is a biased one. more severe and more frequent impacts in the developing world. and yet they are the least responsible for the problem. china has just announced part of its plan to cut emissions page inc says that it wants to reach its carbon peak by 2030. let's get the details from out to cirrus. katrina, you in beijing. what, what do we know? katrina, what was it? and she didn't ping 1st announced that china would achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 last september. but since then, we haven't really seen any concrete details as to how country expects to achieve
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that target until now. now, china's state council has just really a, a released a document to achieve carbon peaking by 2030. and it really provides a kind of roadmap in terms of how to achieve those targets and addresses a range of sectors here in china, including the energy sector, the renewable sector, transport construction, as well as waste reduction. though it's a very hefty documented, but some of the key targets that it points out is that by 2025, a china wants to have non fossil fuel energy consumption, reach 20 percent. and they plan to that to increase to 25 percent by 2030. they also want energy consumption per unit of g. d p to drop by 13.5 percent in 2025 compared to 2020. now a big part of this report is also addressing china's coal consumption, which is
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a huge issue here because this is the main source of energy throughout the country . it is the main source of economic growth for many of china's provinces and reducing the reliance on coal has been a major issue for the chinese government. now, it's set out in this document, some targets in terms of coal consumption. it says that it will control the growth of coal consumption until 2025. which is interesting because it means that co consumption could still expand over the next 4 years. but it will start to reduce co consumption starting in 2026 and drastically control the number of coal power plants built and start to stop the operation. presumably of some of those coal power plants, it also says it plans to increase wind up sola and hydro power. actually the use of hydra plants power plants in the countries southwest as well. now this is extremely and vicious documents and planned for china,
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especially considering that right now china is in the middle of a power crunch. there's been a power shortages of power shortage, affecting many provinces throughout china, in the north and the south. specifically, this is affecting a lot of manufacturing areas, and this is affecting exports and the export of many chinese products around the world, so that really hurting china's economy. so the government has to really balance achieving its climate targets without also hurting its economic growth. and his productivity as well. but if china does manage to pull off this uh, this plan, it will reach presumably carbon neutrality after just 30 years. so carbon achieving this carbon peak according to this plan by 2030, and then achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. this will be the fastest decline of the major economy to go from peak to neutrality to just 30 is observed katrina,
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you live in bridging katrina. china has locked down a city of 4000000 people in a bid to stamp out a corona virus outbreak. 6 of china's 29 new recorded cases are in lan, joe. the provincial capital of both western province gone to the outbreak is linked to the board, contagious delta variants. china is still pursuing a 0 covey strategy. we'll get to whether update banks here. all these how then back to school children and venezuela, once again, sitting classrooms after a long cove at 19 shut down. facebook post, huge profits hours after a whistleblower accusative accuses it of putting growth before uses safety at its sport. the la clippers bounced back after a disappointing start there and be a season far will be here with all that he sells a little later in the yeah ah
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70000000 people.


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