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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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has gone out of this house on this commercial bank, and i foresee a situation where commercial bank were do one of 2 things they asked of saba tides is very process. almost half the country has no access to bank account. the central banks, us business, digital currency will change that by drawing millions of nigeria to banks. what are the initial skepticism greeting this launch? it's hard to say if the new digital curse platform will succeed. why the traditional banking system has failed ahmed res algebra, appalachia ah, what, how fast they are here and al jazeera. and these are the headlines, antique, who protest as are on the streets of sudan for a 2nd day. at least 7 demonstrators were killed after the military dissolved. the transitional government on monday, un security council will be meeting to discuss the crisis more from heaven, morgan in hutton. we're already seeing some steps being taken by general abdel for
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the albert han. he has dissolved all unions in the country. now let's remember that when the transitional government took over, they dissolved in union, the unions in existence and placed in trim unions to basically dismantle and take away elements of the former region because they say it was highly politicized. now those interim unions have been dissolved as well. and general abdel for to handle hunt said that he wants political parties. he wants all these unions and groups in associations to get themselves together to prepare for elections, which is scheduled for july 2023. we have a headlines that se ages most important regional summit has begun without me in mars, military ruler, leaders, excluded meng online for refusing to take steps to end the violence in his country since the coon february greenhouse gas levels in your records last year assigned to say they are increasing at a faster rate than the annual average of the last decade. the u. n says the world
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is now way off track to cap rising temperatures. studies prime minister scott morrison meanwhile says he will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by the a 2030 activists. we're hoping for a more ambitious target. australia is been accused of dragging its feet when it comes to getting emissions down to net 0. china's foreign ministers met members of afghanistan's taliban government and cutter, the tucson discussed security as well as trade and investment. china shows a narrow border with afghanistan and as previously urged the town about not to provide a safe haven for what it calls terrorists and police in riot gear. use water cannon to break up a protest and peruse capital. supporters of the socialist president, pedro castillo, are angry at congress, has delayed a vote of confidence, even on the president's new cabinets. the opposition that congress had postponed it to mona politician who died suddenly on the witness is next on al jazeera and then i drink. finnegan will be along with your new zone when the news break
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until i got into doing good losing the was it was using the audio play close friends of mine at adult. oh wow. that's good news. we're breaking into this program to take your life. a cartoon general up to the hands to don military leader is getting a statement right now with mr. beginning of it next, listening to by doing class t as that is that a lot more money based on that on computer? come out on that, who was out of the story. if we're going to play rock on what i'm sure. i sure i'm no michael, as that is sell the current condition. our country is living is that thing, but add to a threat to them at people's aspiration that change our hopes to words or democratic homeland. as to we have been stepping into the state of civil courses,
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democracy and justice, the political wrangling, and of competing for power. my entire smith for violence, n or k, s q. my has had diarrhea percussion on our country, including the economy and as a result, it was mandatory for us in the armed forces, the rabbit interception and the rabbit supposed to take the initiative in order to preserve the achievement of their glorious evolution. until our ultimate goal is achieved, as civil democratic state is estate established and as a result it is, it is odd or 1st to declare the state of emergency across the country. second. so good to go. totally adhered to the constitutional document for the transition
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period in 19 and 2019 and the peace agreement signed in jibber of october 2023rd. the articles are 111-2015. 16 cannot 24. but i go out $37172.00 of the constitutional document be suspended when you provided that the international agreements. sy and during the transition, government will be honest. with the 4th, the were interim sovereignty council, dissolved and members disbanded. the cabinet of ministers be dissolved 6 to have the government of brothers terminated without aid, the director general of ministers and provinces to undertake the affairs of the respective provinces. finally done to freeze the empowerment of
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committee until their action are being evaluated. and that the resolution are enforceable, exempted from these measures are the peace agreement obligation side in java in october 2020. as we reiterate that there are historical grievances for our people in days as our across the many provinces including demands for the justice. freedom. so and equality were all required to join forces to reach workable solutions to live up, to the aspiration of our people. and to remedy the roots of our problems across our country. we believe that this glorious revolution will continue to march forward by the grace of god, and the firm believes of the young youth for war toward them with their blood.
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we will not stay away from the stipulations of article aid of because you shall document and from this day forward until the general election are held in july 2023 to improve the living condition of the people provide maximum safety and security to the people and to provide the positive atmosphere for all the political parties in order to work our, their efforts before the debt, the general elections and the affairs of the country will be undertaken by an independent technocrat government. where people of this sir dan from all walks of life will be presented. we will continue to work for ensuring to achieve their requirement and obligation of social justice, including the supreme judicial accounts at the constitutional court. and there are, sees prosecution and as
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a result of the young youth who have been part of the revolution will be part of the observation committee in order to observe and monitor their progress. as we hope all the people of the sudan to come together in order to rebuild our country, engage in productivity. our country deserves every sacrifice for our people's freedom and dignity. whence again, what is today that we are ready to rate our commitment to the constitutional thought commit, including the peace agreement with the army of factions in job parsonage of him, and were called for general al, hello and orders. so to be part of the new sudan got the sudan of democracy, freedom and justice. we cannot be dictated to by any particular party or faction. we extend all appreciation to iran and the brother and friends of
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sir dan, who have always been supporting our country for the success of our transition period. we suck all you salute, our people, the fortitude for your fortitude and patience, and we salute the personnel of the regular armed forces who are guarding the land. as skies of the sudan may god accepted his mercy, the fallen martyrs, and grand sweet speeds recovery to the are injured to law. thank you very much. but in the lrc, not at the high level. sir. deborah general abdel fatter elbow hunt sedans, military leader speaking, following the military's takeover of su down on monday. the most important thing of note, i think to come out of that, that statement was that the country is going to be run by an independent technocrat government until elections in july 2023. that's bringing out as he was hipaa morgan
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in khartoum, who was listening with us to word that statement. and he kept saying using the words freedom, democracy, justice, ah, the constitution, the fact that he will still abide by the constitution. what. what do you make of what you heard him? while general abdel pepper abraham has says that has said that he wrote, he is committed to the constitutional declaration. that's the power sharing agreement that was signed between the military that took over from, from the following. the, our thing of, from a president dominated machine and before so freedom in change coalition. now things have quickly developed here on the ground before of freedom and change. coalition have called statements from general hon as a coo saying that it's a violation of that constitution declaration, which he says he abide by now the he has suspended several articles in that
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constitution. so that includes the, the formation of the transitional government, which obviously is the sovereignty council, the executive cabinet and the formation of legislative assembly. he's bringing back that transition military council after counseling, one of the main articles of that constitution declaration. but people on the street, some of them have responded by announcing general strikes and civil disobedience thing, that they will not go to work whether a state level or at the federal level. on the other hand, some have taken to the streets, burning tires, assessing barricade for sure. they anger at the military takeover. so what was the point of the general speech, adjust them? what was he was he trying to achieve? well, it looks like what he's trying to do is to assure the public that he, that the military will not be retaining par for long. he has trans that there will be elections in july 2023. so it looks like what he wants to lead the public know
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is that this is a temporary transitional government. this is not something that is basically open with no deadline. he says that he wants to give a chance to the political parties to organize himself for elections. but he also said that he wants a government made of technocrats people who basically are professionals in their fields leading the country partly because of the economic crisis that the countries is facing. and partly because of the reforms that people have been doing have been asking for. so it looks like what he wants to the general public to know is that there will be a civilian government, or rather a government of technocrats with professional people in their post to try to run the country until the end of the transition period in july 2023. ok here, but stay with us for a moment. we'll be back with you in a few seconds. let's take a look at some of the other developments that have been happening in sudan today. hundreds of people as he was saying, and again on the streets despite a violent response by security forces. on monday, the military chief of the father, alba han has dissolved the transitional government. and now all unions in the
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country to the u. s. is suspending $700000000.00 in emergency aid? at his demonte, the release of everyone detained, including prime minister abdullah humbug. the un security council was disgust sudan later on tuesday. at least 7 people were killed in monday's unrest. a state of emergency as enforce phone and internet services are still down out of this was land. jordan has more now from washington d. c, on the u. s. reaction to mondays qu the biden administration is taking every opportunity to say that it condemns the coup attempt in cartoon on monday. not only has the bite administration decided to suspend all $700000000.00 and economic assistance to the transitional government. it also says it is watching very closely how members of the holder are behaving as the process carries out. this is what matt price had to say about the prospect of sanctions against members of the
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military. at rosen, it is very early hours. this happened overnight. we're evaluating the situation on the ground, we're watching very closely. we're communicating and coordinating very closely with our allies and with our partners around the world. so i don't want to get ahead of, of where we are at. but suffice to say that we are willing to resort to any and all appropriate measures to hold accountable. those who are me be attempting to derail the will, the aspirations of the sudanese people and those who may be responsible for violence for violence that we may yet see. the co happened just hours after the u. s. as special envoy for the horn of africa. geoffrey feltman loved the country, he had been left with the impression that the process of political transition and reconciliation was still on track according to some in the state department. now,
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the big issue is whether or not this will affect the resolution of another regional crisis. that of the grand ethiopian renaissance dam, otherwise known as gert officials here at the state department, say they need to deal with the political situation of cartoon 1st and worry about other regional issues later. gillian laughs cuz should on analyst she joins us now live from london, gillian, a lot of the international aid that was promised to susan's following the, the top full of, of the toppling of oma alba ship. and the formation of the, the transitional government hasn't even arrived. so is the threat of, of holding back aid to suit on money from student actually gonna hold any sway with the coolant us? i don't think it will not very much. no, i mean what the coolest is we're really, really keen on. most st needs have been saying since long before the co happened this to be taken off a united states terrorist list which they were,
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which was done of course. so you know, that will be the re, a weapon, they could you.


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