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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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it's hot, demanding, environmental accountability, the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera, ah, antique, who protests is returned to the streets of sudan the day after the military takeover . ah, uncommon, santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera, southeast asian leaders are meeting for summit, focused on me and mob have excluded the countries june to lead it from attending. also, australia commits to a 35 percent emissions cut by 2030. the world is want its way of tracking containing global warming and we get racks as to the taliban unit aiming to provide
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security at cobbles, air force. ah, oliver, an answer to protest is, are on the streets for 2nd day in sudan defiant despite the violent response by security forces to the crew. on monday it was of course led by the military lead abdul father albert han and is attracting widespread international condemnation. the u. s. is suspended $700000000.00 in emergency aid and is demanding the release of everyone, including be prime minister, abdullah hum dock. also, there is the united nations security council which will discuss sudan behind closed doors. later on tuesday. am asking the stakeholders to return to dialogue in restores the constitutional order as well as not to poach domestic peace, employee or transition at risk. we stand ready, of course,
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to firms of support the country on its path, thomas domestic peace, and political transition, and sources at the health ministry of told al to 07 people were killed in monday's unrest. the state of emergencies now enforce phone and internet services are still down. let's get an update with hip morgan reporting from khartoum. and haber, i should point out we are actually waiting. we think we're going to be hearing from general, but hun again today, any indication of what's coming while general, let them put their head, will hon is said to speak at the general command of the military, where he's expected to address senior military officials on the latest developments now he has said previously that one of the reasons why he has dissolved both the sovereignty counsel and the executive cabinet, which was led by prime minister of them. because because of the security situation in the country saying that the political differences between the various political groups was leading to insecurity as well as to economic crisis. that people were
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complaining about forcing him to act and dissolve the transitional government and let the kinds of military council now see a charge. now again, we're still waiting to hear more from him. we're expecting him to exactly out what the new transitional government, which he says will take charge until july 2023 will look like we're already seeing some steps being taken by general abdel for the album, hon. he has dissolved all unions in the country. now let's remember that when the transitional government took over, they developed new new, the unions in existence and placed in trim unions to basically dismantle and take away elements of the former region because they say it was highly politicized. now those interim unions have been dissolved as well, and general abdel for the had 100 state that he wants political parties. he wants all these unions and groups and associations to get themselves together to prepare for elections, which is scheduled for july 2023. so were expecting in the next few in the out, in the next hour or so generally have them put the alcohol to speak to senior
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military officials until in the senior military figures. explaining what the next few steps will be. because he says again, the reason why he took charge of the country and evolve both to secure the sovereignty. and the executive cabinet was because of the security situations in the country. me. so tell me about the day after the cou here, about how have things or to what extent of things that have settled down for me. yesterday there fell roadblocks and barricades set up by people who are defiant and angry against the military takeover. you can see smoke rising from various neighborhoods, that's the signs of burning tires were of barricades where protests are setting up road blocks to prevents security forces from coming into neighborhoods. but they're also saying that they don't want people coming out of their home going to work the forces of freedom and change coalition. that was the ruling coalition before the executive cabinet was dissolved, has called for people to carry out general strikes and civil disobedience,
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saying that people should not go to work whether they work at federal or state level ministries and, and government institutions. so they say that they are trying to be fully pressured, the military and handing back power to civilian lead leadership. now again, protest, i see that they're still angry. in some areas, you can see people going out on the streets, voicing their anger at the military takeover and the other neighborhood. you can see people, you can see quiet streets, barricades, their tires burned, and you can see the smoke rising. but mostly quite because people say that they are not going to work for the retina right now. military or lead government hippa morgan, but the latest from cow to him a day after the qu, in sudan. thank you. hipaa. and now we want things out with rosalyn jordan, who has more on the u. s. reaction to mondays code. the biden administration is taking every opportunity to say that it condemns the coup attempt in cartoon on
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monday. not only has the by debt ministration decided to suspend all $700000000.00 and economic assistance to the transitional government. it also says it is watching very closely how members of the holder are behaving as the process carries out. this is what ms. price had to say about the prospect of sanctions against members of the military. rosen. it is very early hours. this happened overnight. we're evaluating the situation on the ground. we're watching very closely. we're communicating and coordinating very closely with our allies and with our partners around the world. so i don't want to get ahead of, of where we are. but suffice to say that we are willing to resort to any and all appropriate measures to hold accountable. those who me be attempting to derail the the will, the aspirations of the sudanese people and those who may be responsible for violence for violence that we may yet see. the co happened just hours after the u.
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s. as special envoy for the horn of africa. jeffrey feltman left the country. he had been left with the impression that the process of political transition and reconciliation was still on track according to some in the state department. now, the big issue is whether or not this will affect the resolution of another regional crisis. that of the grand ethiopian renaissance dam, otherwise known as gert officials here at the state department, say they need to deal with the political situation and cartoon 1st and worry about other regional issues. later on to other news, some southeast asian leaders are holding their annual meeting without me in miles military ruler who was excluded for refusing to take steps to end the violence in his country. course the military st. power there in february, leaders from the ass down group, also discussing regional security. guard hunting reports. me and mars gentle leader,
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men on lie inaugurate new military ships. that was just days before his neighbouring southeast asian nations excluded him from a regional summit. this week it's viewed as a potential watershed moment for the block of 10 nations known as aussie on, as it's very rare for it to take such a strong stance against one of its own. meaning lie, stays a coup in february after the opposition one, a landslide election victory led by on songs to cheat. he called the election flawed and has since led a crack down, killing hundreds of people and jailing thousands. some see, this is a foothold for the block to take a more robust than unified positions in the future, including on issues outside the region, the implications or the consequences of this inviting and mine getting through that and prevailing if you will. and i think that will billable more than appetite, more and bold enough for take on the more equally more important issues of the day . there will be infantry instances where asi and it's kind of ought to be neutral.
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and those instances will involve large economic and military powers within the region, and the super powers, the united states in china. while our seo members have been divided about china's territorial claims in the south china sea, recent military posturing around the korean peninsula, anti wan has prompted a steep increase intention and military build up that has made its way south, many military within austin and are now intent on buying the latest weapon technology and expanding their capabilities like submarines and unmanned surveillance. but purchasing many of these weapons comes with strings attached training and installation by military advisors usually mean involving a country outside the region. and concerns over lack of transparency within the tent, asi members about the new technology and weapons author, members are moving forward. quite get some of these without any agreement on how the issues like trust, me, trust can be handle how the issues of dynamics between different people. pablo
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supplying different supplies to different countries can be an impact fall relations among members. but many of the few nations are still struggling with the pandemic. as new waves continue to break out and vaccine rates remain low. so governments might face public resistance if they start spending billions of dollars on weapons and not on restarting economies and reopening borders. got either al jazeera, bangkok and more now with florence louis reporting from calling them. it's always made it a point not to interfere in what they see as a member states domestic affairs. but some member countries want to send a strong message to myanmar for failing to implement and argue, let peace plan and in particular for not allowing and ongoing appointed and void to meet deposed civilian data on fancy g. now, myanmar, on the,
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on the eve of the summit issued a statement saying that its participation would be by a head of state or a minister. and it also accused me on of not a by accused arguing of not abiding by its charter. now remember me on my stand is that the violence in the country is being provoked by the government says terrorists, and that these terrorists are being aided by the shadow government as opposed to the coo and it says, often has not taken this into account. i think i think myanmar is going to be a key sticking point. the situation in the mom is going to be a test of audience ability to solve problems within its region. and how ozzy and deals with me on not is going to affect it's credibility and reputation. now already the coals for are going to do more to put more pressure on myanmar. and in particular to engage more with the shadow government opposed to the qu, as the u and the u. s. has started to do. now, some analysts,
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it also started pointing out that perhaps it's time for us to rethink how it's going to operate in the future. is it going to keep, is consensus driven model for decision making? and is it going to stick to its principle of non interference? and whether this is feasible, when it comes to dealing with problems that going to come up such as the, the cou, in the australia's prime minister says he will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by the 2030. but activists have been hoping for a more ambitious targets feminist has got. morrison says this country's only aiming for net 0 missions by 2054 date is we'll be meeting in glasgow to address climate change issues. next sunday, australia been accused of dragging its feet when it comes to setting net 0 targets . no more widely, the world has failed in another climate target with greenhouse gas levels hitting new records last year. the u. n says the world is now way off track to cap rising temperatures. carbon dioxide levels are now rising at the highest average rate in
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a decade, despite the temporary dip in emissions from the code 19 lockdown is, will stefan is the climate change expert, a professor at the australian national university. he says it is in the interest of rich nations to help out poorer ones to global problem. we all have to work together on this. and we'll have to do our fair share. and that means we wealthy countries have to do more. we need to come out of glasgow, united no matter what our political systems are, no matter what our economic systems are. this is a global problem and we need everyone on board. so if there is, if there is this lack of trust, if there is feeling that the wealthy countries are not pulling your fish in, that is going to be road confidence as we go into glasgow, it may certainly affect the outcome as we come out when you look at the impacts around the world, be a drought, be very extreme heavy rainfall and flooding in the, in the asian, monsoons being at sea level rise and tropical site loans in the pacific island
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states that you do find yes, there is a biased one. more severe and more frequent impacts in the developing world, and yet they are the least responsible for the problem. will check the world weather next and then we'll have a better demo. we don't want to leave like slaves as haiti lunches from a security crisis to few shortages to national strikes. life in the country on against more difficult imagery launches africa's 1st digital currency joining a growing list of nations to adopt virtual money. ah hi there. welcome to your world, whether updates hot stella and asia. here we go towards that southwest of australia . it remains unsettled, wet and windy. so perth, the hive,
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18 degrees. going to put the colors on right now. the darker the color, the higher the temperature i want to show the wind coming down from the interior. so that's cranking up temperatures in adelaide 30 and melbourne has a high of 26 degrees. also talking about high temperatures in new zealand. look at this gives been 25 degrees, it's typically attempt her that you would see in january and a few spits in spots of rain across both the north and the south island. next stop, we're going to asia and central parts of vietnam over the last few days, a picked up about half a meter of rain. so folks are moving belongings to higher ground waterlogged roads here. and guess what? there is more rain coming out. shift for central parts of vietnam toward the south that moves into eastern portions of cambodia and southern sections of laos on wednesday. hong kong we get yacht to hive 27 degrees on wednesday. so this is pretty well where you should be in that weather maker that was picking eastern portions of honcho now out toward the north pacific. but the next one moves in, so this will impact northern honcho,
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the west of ho cato and it scattering of showers in the forecast for tokyo on wednesday with a high of 17. ah aah! confronted with some of the worlds was des quality, mongolia government has begun shutting the nation's polluted capital. cities, coal mines. ah. but as the struggle rages to save the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who are living beneath it? a witness at the coal face on al jazeera ah
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ah, on al jazeera, these are the top stories, this, our antique, who protest is on the streets of sedan for a 2nd day. this is after the 7 demonstrators were killed when the military dissolved the transitional government on monday. se asia most important regional summit has begun without me in margin to leader, meaning may not lie, was excluded. i with a design, he hasn't done enough to end the violence in greenhouse gas labels hit a new record to high last year. the u. n says the world is now way of tracking containing rising temperatures. within 2 months after the chaotic scenes at campbell airport and things are slowly returning to normal, it's open to a deliveries. there are a few chart or an evacuation flights with security controlled by what's described as an elite taliban unit. stephanie decker obtained the exclusive access to that unit. and his boundary 313, patrolling cobbles, international airport,
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the badge re 313 especial unit of the taliban. they didn't look like your traditional taliban fighter. out of the by that he gets elected, you know, who are they? the most important collisions. number one be off gets no one from any other country can be affordable. number 2, they are muslims. of course on number 3 are healthy strong. and of course, the most important is to be a martyrdom seeker. the units members have been responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against us in nato forces and the afghan national army. during years of conflict. deandre 313 is seen is one of the most elite and hard core units of the taliban. yeah, we can go, we can go, we were given rare access to them at cobble airport. it is the only part of the capitol where it's being deployed. we're told one of the things that distinguishes the by 3313 visually from other taliban fighters is their uniforms also wearing
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american accessories like sunglasses face moth, and night vision goggles. this is also part of a p r change. moving away from the idea of being an insurgency and our being a very well trained official security arm of the state. we meet the airport commander mohammed salam side is in charge of the battery, 3131 at securing the airport. director bandanna commack from the airport to represent the whole country. so most important point to show that our country is functioning as security and flights are operational. so to maintain this, we needed a loyal and well trained unit. how many of the troops at our station here are the suicide unit of the battery? 313. and whenever the security situation becomes more stable, what they will go back to their camps and the previous governments, police force will come back and maintain the security. the job or rather to with this getting thought from here securing the man in france, the front door. i'm looking for safe and warm and those who are linked to the way
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inside their portal. because a concern is a, is car bombs? yes or so? so to kind of concerned that still exist and we cannot ignore, does not officially, we are to do to what degree you see here. they are checking the people who are getting but just the drivers being checked here, all the people are checked inside inside. there's a body check. there remains mistrust between the people and the taliban. for many afghans, years of conflict are not easy to forget. whoa, whoa, whoa, or message to our country men is don't fear these lie mc emirates of afghanistan. de 20 year fight was to defend your rights. we are not your enemies. we are your friendless up and we will secure your life and your belongings. on the streets of the capital, we want to get a sense of how people see them. well, other security is better than before, but welcome the economy are in a very bad state. i'm asking the world, why have they blocked afghanistan's money? it's not the taliban,
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so i shall say it's the money of the afghans they need to release it. my life, i could have all here, rather they say they'll ensure security, but they can't because there's no work, no jobs. people are exhausted. they can sure security like this. it is one thing to talk about. change to give assurances that things will be different from the past, but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt, stephanie decker al jazeera cobble. now there is little word on progress in negotiations to free the christian aid workers in haiti, or among many people, held rat for ransom this year in a country seen as increasingly lawless. and now shut down by strikes, rub reynolds reports. now from puerto prince, a general strike gripped haiti's capital on monday streets, normally choked with traffic, were practically empty. the usually bustling outdoor markets were mostly deserted. patient say the strike is one way of demonstrating their disgust and frustration
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with widespread crime, gang violence, a fuel shortage, and government paralysis is coming out of dine and no, no solution. we want to have a better future. we'll grab about a demo. we don't want to leave like slaves. let's this woman said the strike prevented her from getting to her job in another part of the city. i mean, the effect of the old us up on bay. i have to feed my family if i stay high and what will i said, my kids. i have to go on the straight to find some things out. the shut down hurts, impoverished haitians, many of whom live from hand to mouth every day. schools and shops were also shuddered at this neighbourhood clinic. the proprietor said severe shortages of medicine left him unable to help people in need. they are sick, they can come the vehicle i can do, i can do nothing for him because because they're on medicine, i can get medicine. fuel shipments have been blocked from reaching the city by
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gangs and most petrol stations are closed. these people are waiting on the chance that this station will get some supplies. local journalists reported that 3 leaders of fuel costs upward of $20.00 us dollars. outside the haitian ministry of justice. a small group of demonstrators protested, pounding on the locked steel door with rocks that. c meanwhile, there's still no word on the fate of 17 u. s. and canadian missionaries kidnapped by a gang more than a week ago, the f. b i is assisting haitian authorities in the case. the gang has threatened to kill the hostages, including young children, unless a $17000000.00 ran. some is paid in the u. s. home town of one hostage family people gathered to pray for their release. haitians are seeking deliverance to from their countries, many desperate problems. what do you do?
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which county do people are leaving order place? what a sees they have to have 80 a cry for help from a nation spiraling into may him rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince venezuelan children are back in class. almost 2 years after the pandemic closed on schools, the governments are working to show off what it says, a spruced up facilities. but many parents say school conditions are still far from ideal. daniel schriner reports many schools across venezuela have reopened their classrooms 19 months after the pandemic force them to close. and after several delays, due to rising rates of infection could add on the ceiling. but i thought nothing were rec, laughing. we've created the conditions to return safely to classrooms. the administrations and the teachers have been working to make sure their attorneys safe so that parents feel comfortable and oh, after so long without face to face learning, all playing with his friends. one is clear about what he expects from school and
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i'm calling i, he says he wants 2 things to play and to learn the wires. cedar fair if his mother midian says she was nervous about the return, but it was necessary. and i thought on tampa, florida, fuck, laugh is happy to be coming back. v needed communication with other kids to play, to share things with a teachers that motivation. once i've gone for the sale program out, the government is called the reopening campaign. a drop of love for my school here . this video released to one of president nicholas my daughter's social media accounts shows workers, spruce thing up school buildings, and the state delivering vital learning equipment, where he admits many peoples of abandon their education. i gave my yamaha in the bill, invite them back so they can return to the classroom alone in the low low class. ah, there was a many teachers and parents say buildings are in disrepair, supplies a low and thousands of teachers,
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the lowest paid in the region have left the profession or join the millions who have fled venezuela to escape poverty and inflation. just what they are going up and laugh only for now. i don't think the conditions are suitable for children to return. there are schools that lack wasser that are not a quit that don't have the infrastructure. many teachers let your wanna have supplemented their meagre incomes by inviting pupils into their homes. resume down . we are very concerned because we are going to find many gaps and they education, for example, a stay lead and 1st grade. when the pandemic began, they have already passed a 2nd or 3rd. and maybe they don't know how to read. official figures, say the virus is killed, less than 5000 people in venezuela and infected 400000. however, many health experts dispute, those numbers, as well as the government claim that it is vaccinated, 80 percent of teachers. ha,
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the welcome returned to school in venezuela is proving to be fraught with difficulties with the coven 19 pandemic, highlighting and exacerbating many of the problems the countries education system was already facing. ah, shimla al jazeera, funny nigeria has launched a digital currency only months after it bod banks and financial institutions from dealing with crypto currencies. this one's been named the e nara, and it'll operate as an electronic wallets. and it just explains from a boucher, with after 3 would delay. no. juris digital currency is now legal, tender i'd it's launch president. bombard, bahati says the neither will i showing opportunities or banks customers and the country's economy 0 central bank. digital cadences can half move away more people and businesses whom the informers into the former
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sector, thereby creating the taxes of the country. i long say digital innovations center has been detail currency can 1st say economy grows through better economy activities. about an hour after the launch, michaela co downloaded the app but says it didn't work. one would expect that if a government is rolling out of on official platform, one would expect that it's been tried. it's been tested and it's running so much so that the launch the launch itself would be like um the 1st probably city for it's right. so when i log on after 40 minutes, and i'm not getting the, the i says it, it gives me some level of concern. the government hopes this new virtual courtesy will also improve cross border trade, expend, accessed financial services,
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and increase remittances from elijah das properties. the central banks has more than 2000 customers registered within 24 hours of the night of platform starting not a great start when the banking population is more than 100000000 by deficiency, i expect to rise in the numbers using it in the near future but ex was worn, that the central bank must provide confidence for customers, skepticism and weak infrastructure. and the only challenge is facing the new digital currency nigeria central bank, able to move 10 percent of more true transaction to the platform it months to come and only say, not all financially a stooges would like that. this is a really trade to the commercial bands because if you move force, they already india across study to this in era, it means that this one has gone up of this house of this commercial bank. and i foresee a situation where commercial bounce, we do. one of the things they asked of sub tides is very process. almost half the
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country has no access to bank account. the central banks has this digital currency will change that by drawing millions of nigeria to banks better than he shall skepticism greeting this launch. it's hard to say if the new digital chorus platform would succeed. why the traditional banking system has failed? how many degrees al jazeera apple j ah, well, how fast they are here on al jazeera. these are the headlines, antique, who protest as are on the streets of sudan for a 2nd day. at least 7 demonstrators were killed after the military dissolved. the transitional government on monday un security council will be meeting to discuss the crisis more from him. morgan in hutton, we're already seeing some steps being taken by general abdel for the alberto hand. he has dissolved all unions and the.


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