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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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the couple, hilda, a low key wedding after years of criticism and media scrutiny over their relationship, doctors even say 'cause, the 30 year old princess to suffer post traumatic stress disorder. the pair will be moving to the united states where community works as a lawyer. ah half past the hour, and these are the headlines, antique, who protest as are on the streets of sedan again for 2nd day. this is after the 7 demonstrators were killed when the military dissolved the transitional government on monday, the you and security council is also meeting to discuss the crisis or from hip morgan in how to this by the state of emergency that has been imposed by general abdel for the hell behind hundreds of people this morning took to the streets in various parts of the capitol, hot. hm. denouncing the military takeover that happened on monday. now others have set a barricades on various neighborhoods or roads leading to various neighborhoods in
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the capital honeycomb. they say that they're trying to prevent security forces from entering neighborhoods and paving their way and it basically harassing people as people protest. se asia is most important, regional summit has begun without me and miles, military ruler, leaders excluded to mingle life form for refusing to take steps to end the violence in his country. since the crew in february greenhouse gas levels hit a new record high last year assigned to say they're increasing at a faster rate than the annual average for the last decade. the u. n says the world is now way off track to cap rising temperatures. australia is prime minister scott morrison says he will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent. by the year 2030 activists had been hoping for a more ambitious target australia been accused of dragging its feet when it comes to getting emissions down to net 0. chinese foreign ministers met members of afghanistan's taliban governments in kata. the 2 sides discuss securities with
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trade and investment, trying to share the narrow border with have kind of stuff and has previously to the taliban. not to provide safe haven for what it calls terrorists. police and right get used water cannon to break up a protest in peru. capital supported the socialist president, pedro kathy or angry, that congress has delayed a vote of confidence on the president's new cabinets. the opposition led congress postponed it to more than a politician who died suddenly on monday. but this delay leave the fate of the new cabinet unknown. and it's just so japan princes marco had married her non royal college sweetheart cake. moodle, formerly giving up her royal status, the couple held a low key wedding, the years of criticism and mediate scrutiny over their relationship. you are up to date. with the headlines on al jazeera, the latest edition of the stream is next. well as experiencing unprecedented extreme weather, record temperatures have been said glass years and i feel for deteriorating false.
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remember the quote running down world leave is amazing. laws go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out of a deal to slashing machine to port to late all over you and climate summit on al jazeera. i have them. yeah. okay. you're watching the stream last october. massive protest across my gerry bought about the end of a notorious police unit. just recently, i guarantee gathered in a boot or the capitol of nigeria to mark the anniversary of the end sauce successful campaign. take a look. i do not have any demands. i live in south america and that also it is important that has not been jailed. i released immediately 300 of down and more than all this from
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somebody elicit i'm a member of the middle school menopause to deal with videos with home. it's meant that we come from mount our piazza with fonts, every short dablin i may show in this episode, we will hear from active a still pushing for social justice and for police reform in nigeria. and i would love to hear from you as well. the comment section, it's open on youtube, be part of today's discussion. now normally i start the show talking about the guests that we have, i think is also relevant. if i tell you about the guess, he said no, we're not coming on the stream today. the head of the complaint police response unit in nigeria. i think commissioner nigeria police wouldn't talk to us and talk to you. i even talked to the special assistant of president bihari. i have a statement video comment with you like to be on the show? no, thank here,
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but the actress that we do have you'll be very pleased to hear from them. but our new jew, i'll be out again renewed the science so good to have you. let's start with opium, new jew yee. first of all, we introduce yourself to audience. tell them why go important on this topic if they know and saw us, they will know. but this is for the benefit of our international audience. get my news with energy line. yeah. i mean gender equality advocate on the so she just discussed, you know, we knew welcome to the statement she herself to our international audience. i renewed i i also think that the connecticut it's a platform that the comments and advocate against violence in nigeria. thank you. get to have yes, i a welcome to the strain telephone who you are, what you think? why you important to this conversation? good you, my name is lisa or sheila, i'm defined on the quote you on the partnership with johnson. on october 20
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2020 i conducted and published equally parking verification on into what happened was one who calls going to threats to so do but you for calling the victims. those who are killed, i'm parked the vehicle gone the injuries for sale in the introduction. i talked about the successful and sauce campaign. it was pretty remarkable that protested that people power toppled close down a notorious police unit. let me show you here. i know you've seen this over the, over the past year from the nigeria, police force 5 things to know about the dissolution of the special anti robbery squad, also known as sars. and as a whole list of things that will happen. offices from the unit, they're going to be re deploy, there's going to be a new policing arrangement. citizens strategy. so police were taught citizens and that there will be a new way of, of working a new way of the police operating in nigeria. fis, iowa,
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you shaking your head because none of these things are happening. absolutely not. one of them. you know, beyond this in one week or 2 now, soon of out a lawyer saw nothing has changed. you know, the big policeman way in south asking him or the unit for the police. you know, brutality is still going on. police are pressured extortion or you know, sense citizens, my organization inside the household is law. so series then dozens of then says the progress ended, so not the law stand about your shuttle to police. this was was given out to the people because at that time the government doesn't. busy need to get with their start off the streets. you know and was that was that you'd business or? yeah, exactly. exactly. so when nothing has changed of
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the online job, what does that mean business as usual, what does that mean for the police? what it means is that a police is going ahead to keep exploiting people to keep profiling young people to keep keep us federally. val, it's, you know, and all of these will also more importantly, it means that there's been no justice for people who are the victims of us, or survivors of says, with that be no justice or closure for the families. and as a very horrible we, we also understand the importance of so should justice in a democratic stetson in the country that claim to be democratic and wants to the below you my right side. what that to be respected and why what that is. so she just this baby is they key when people do not have access to justice listings and that is that the state of unlikely people begin to seek justice for themselves. so we have a large number of faculty says one to have committed crimes
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against humanity. one to be moderate, and yet they walk around 3 and it, well we have not us, but i rely, don't let beside just told you what the deed was absorbed into the system a jump release. so the continue and get more trust at the continue barley think it was right. we continue keen on the so it business as usual, nothing has changed. nothing would ever change if the bible pipe is not currently listening to. i'm taking to cobb cobb is as yeah. so i am i really yeah. rena guy had i want to fill up the foot. so if for cutting sharp, i could say denija and the inventions of police brutality, just like a piano jewel, i like to say that because they've been freed from dignity from the nation. they benefit from the suppression and the oppression of the niger. one thing that you
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didn't stop asking for dignity from people will benefit from the indignity we are asking for freedom from people. benefits in from a steve. i mean, like, you know, just maybe they are processing responded with a full time job or not without actually respond but many purposes i've been made without actually into promises from the human mind of my job. and so people don't know what's that area that is not for expulsion, that's from extra judicial canons and best and torture they were frightening. should crimes just didn't kill given step effectively. killing dreams on futile need us out there in the sporting, i guess, casey resulting from when you can. and i believe the cool thing on for kate and
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i was also very didn't even before my judgement on one of the say that special but and i doing what critical issues like okay, i'm just trying to remain focused on a bit of exposure extra shocked in the country that we saw from us been documented cases of expulsion. i mean that's the thing i'm going to call me back when it came by police officer eclipse. so a guess, let me put some thought teeth and you chew because our audience are joining in your conversation. didn't do say nothing. absolutely nothing has changed with policing
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a year after the am sounds process, nothing has changed. but michael says, i have noticed a change in the way the government handle cases of police violence. if there is a recorded incident being spent on social media, the government swiftly tackles the offices involve the sire thoughts. i disagree. i do we. yeah, i'm you see, i don't want to see i'm so the guy, the talk of the police who should the cleanup. i beneficiaries of the system. now those benefits in from the system who are going to give them all through their lives. rules through the ranks in baton road done are going to dismantle the spot to school. so it's not going to happen. what they do is that, well, casey, so we'll use with the xt. i shall get reported. did you want to be victim if, when you like sports or from you they were what it all on ish. the area of the
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science and that shows you that the intention is not to cost change is autistic. don't get quotes. you know that the guy got, he thought it should also what is it implicitly? yes. so the police officer call to the street x block. people just don't get caught and i don't want, you know, let me just bring here matthews thought, what are we gonna need you? i'm going to put this t. matthew says, can you imagine one year after n south protest more than $300.00 protesters are still languishing in different prisons and police cells across the south of nigeria. i will say want to remind people about the protest this being scooped up. ok, so this is one of them. they spoke to us just a little bit earlier on. he's a programmer, he's an enzymes protester, and he just, he just explained the how of his last year. have a listen to this or be and you, and then have a common immediately afterwards. let's take a look. i do the entire school does because as a programmer,
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all students move on my fools on my laptops, a resource for school this. i use this for 2 services in nice to me. so why am i on my family? oh yes, i was trying to not lose it much. just the only piece also i use the services. i've been denied. i don't this entire as the services. i didn't always ok. i must with michael emilio, i must retain, you know, buddha, he was with me during the interview with. so i know 1st hand where he was looking about immediately after the inside with no one was to on going. and then of course i to leave our house is because it was not here unlucky. you're one of the lucky
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ones. i would be paid and then abducted from his house without any, even michelle, what say about we want me to show to our lawyers to different organizations, to the d. i said to the police and they denied having a study and how bad it was. and they point either point that to higher than they drastic, you assistant e, you do not have one or you until i mean, i accused of a crime. i think i think the person to court j b. i books, people they could not. and if you do not be up until you lose your local doctors, like my kids, my, but everywhere i stayed home, resting, never seeing again for the past 10 years now, did not have access to my. but i don't know if he's alive or dead. and if he's dead, we do not even have access these. deborah bob, bob, you roxanne, than a jungle mit and the major companies force is they will go out any way to silence anybody. and to show that the show, of course,
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the bother has been to our home bi weekly using i've been deem feeds. and this is a problem. i thought to them because i was the pothole, the c on what i thought the book and about the 5 or 5. like, like i said, i got you hospital in prison for justice and my but a 17 year old prison for beating up on the grounds when it does show up on our notes in the 1st place. but correct for change of recall. and the movement to nigel barry still tied up the kidney. what type of expulsion, what part of the fighting the indiscriminate treatment and the fright, tv screens, people to the police. and i do like it
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cecilia is everything over there. we're just waiting for from, for a moment. they have been state panels account for accountability and stories of people come forward for the state panels. where does that fitting into police reform in nigeria? how helpful have these panels been to the extent that the government i spoke to did in the gallery that help from our local find those how i would did sums of money. and i do have the weekends or stock where they have been paid because we lost a lot better out of the additional cost to you. if, if you were to pay by a corporate lo, deafening tradition has to be grime not to not have them. don't see a lot of what you've seen in the, in the past because i work on good media and i will strengthen all fantastic companies. asked me these all the slums of money that i've been approved for the
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victims. you know that we trust in the circle these if you being most important, if you did of the defining moment, the crown momentum going to ask with this also in the didn't was up to about 20 that i know that was settled by the government was restricted be, i don't know, close the thing. read are you. they called me sean and a member of the condo there that we frustrated. we cannot receive definite score. we saw on what i've gone down. the question is, what exactly is the goldman hygiene government? i set up the panel and i know you've been for stupid, that cannot be any indeed you got any organizational ballpark in many countries and the government. so we forced, isn't that kind of, you know, what we need to of this is a freight,
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i want it to be able to time because of pressure to take any listen when the proof is just like the site said, because the kimber would officially book club come up with justice and it took it in a position. so it was christ. what's called effective. do you think ok this fun else was set up because of public pressure? so when the government realized that extension was winning, using the printer as it means what's going on, what's washington? 900. 60. what you have some of this fun, and again, even in the 1st little hoss stations that i'll be be bad, but i will print whatever i took. it would be a problem for privacy. the true. what's coming up with this is what a good. all right, so you have. yeah. so again, if i may,
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you have so many questions and the questions that deserves to be altered when you say renew about gas lighting. i want to give you our example of a concrete example of what that may well look like. october the 20th, last year, people gathered at leki toll gate. they gathered to protest peacefully. they were singing the nigerian national anthem. i'm setting the scene because that day that protest turned into a horrific massacre. take a look and then i'm going to play you lie mohammed who is the information minister and his response to what you're about to see with your very eyes, just a week later, take a look. ah, a r o 7 where who has done so? nobody will more dub with what our word would our bulky
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b while about to live guam begin on his dash shooting. oh, 1st of all, when is she a so on the anniversary of that masika lima hammett who is the information minister of nigeria? said this ah so guess i'm just gonna get you an instant response, a very brief one because i'm going to push on. there was no massacre. fire if, if i can let me go 1st. well, listen,
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i to cya finish up. when i renew, then you go next to societies. and if rule is the ultimate rule that made you even go by the pool, we've got absolute lack of conscious guys. i'm no conscience because your what? so what happened with short r i d the story? i name the best i should say. we're not going to spend a lot, we're not going to spend a lot of time on this. i'm away. oh, i don't really know what happened really quickly. i think, i think it's a good example of gas lighting right. that we, i yeah, we're not going to do an in depth about like the math. so i wouldn't happen. you know, i don't want to say that fashion by our own very spin doctor, the minister say for me. and he thought the information that it didn't happen is doesn't usually the nice difference. they still got, like you said a,
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they will be a political interest with it in think. i said, i would think that's all the time we're going to spend on that because we, we are not debating reality here. i want to bring in a print technology, isn't it? any songs pro tester, what we are hearing audience is a lack of trust in government and obviously the police. this is what he told us a little earlier since the 20 s asked with this was the output engine than just use our to lead good mirror lead altura of activities of the sauce unit of denija police force. i'm all godaddy mother to the proposals not to tell a successful fight, or you look at it here down the line d. our way of engaging is emmy denija police. joe will bring you to the sooner did
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the change, which with the particular jamal has not been met. so those with are people colombo for unfair to reform of didn't ensure police were so that they can give back the trust of the civilians. upper wonderful world of effect of my phone come from it comes from will you see make you, we have some equal, you see the whole america. i used to show stronger and gain the main dram. police should not use any weak b account of what it is, it should be on its own. it can be proved at any time. a game i think that should be taught our commission b. problem on duty or crime should be punished. and again, we should do the balconies, the back in the country is selling the sovereign. i don't, i don't, i don't, i do. yeah. but i know we have with,
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i'm using it in young people. that is role. we need to leave that as out. even how easy engage with them, because it doesn't really look, that doesn't mean they do that. you are kill you. i'm not what would happen? i can kill you and get i really think it's, you know, it's, you know, it's, it's very hard to, to really contemplate the id that the chelsea that we're talking about are being committed by police officers. it's really hard to get my head around that. in i you, chit chat, our audience guy see cheapest. there's a lot of antique government speak and i understand why you're doing that. i want to bring if it's possible, a tiny little positive spin. this comes from long ray. i have a listen to what he says for science. i'm intrigued by this is have a listen, immobile, this must be want to share with you. i just moved out that a we have a morris on see what me on the scene system because of the order
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process is with i believe these are some of the benefits that we don't see. ok again. well, this is i a time you one positive benefit that came out of the n sauce campaign. what is it one? i think this one is an toggle or galler. this one was an idea. we disconnect. i do it is 914143. yeah. is that the put that should be gone meant you're not going to go into each foundations for you, chris, i the government in the 40 public got me sat down, i realized that the you have the voice. and this can happen again. is government continues to be responsible and the police coordinate to put the lights are not
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that in south that none of that shape or form will have to happen again on the line . all right, i'm going to say thank you guess for now. there is always so much to talk about. i will look here on my laptop. these are guess i know you were gray who i was following on twitter. this is opie, a new juice, twitter account. let me move over to rinney's bihari, your dad. nice banner. and finally, this is for size twitter account. thank you. get, appreciate you each have comments were excellent. i'll see you next time. and so watching everybody's like, ah, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting his victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain,
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a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that a scene united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors coming soon on out. just sierra assassination of discipline, destabilizing the democratic process. if we lose it, it will be a loss for all little a documentary explorer. how autocratic leaders undermine democracy to consolidate their power through the eyes of those who dare to stand and defy it. our country deserves so much better than being ruled by a cleft. aquatic dictatorship, opposing autocracy. democracy may be on al jazeera. from talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies. one kid is not all. 4. 19 has been terrible. demonstration of the
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failure of human, sorry, that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera canada is approaching a tipping point. in the lead up to the car, 26 climate summit, al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the reality of the climate emergency. whitney screen film documenting the human experience on the frontline planet, at the west report from green and on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been filling affected in fighting climate change. both lines investigate horizon temperatures, appealing a water war in the us. al, just they were shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources. the stream takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community. and upfront, he thought,
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demanding environmental accountability that led me to imagine c, a season of special coverage on al jazeera, ah, antique who protests is returned to the streets of sudan the day after the military takeover. ah, and come all santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera, southeast asian leaders are meeting for summit focused on me and mob of excluded the countries june to lead it from attending. also, australia commits to a 35 percent emissions caught by 2030 use the world as want its way of tracking containing global warming and we get rack.


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