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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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and then living with a witness at the coal face on al jazeera, ah ha, protest is returned to the streets denouncing monday's qu in sudan, while the u. s. suspends millions of dollars in 8. ah, i can all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera southeast asian leaders are meeting for a summit, focused on me and mark, but having excluded the country's john to lead it from attending. also, australia commits to a 35 percent emissions cut by the
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a 2030 as the world is warned its way off track and containing global warming. and we get rare access to the taliban unit. aiming to provide security at cobbles, internationally. what's ah, well, a day after the coo and protest as are on the streets again in sudan defiant despite the violent response by security forces on monday, the crew by the military laid out they'll fat audible. hon is also attracting widespread international condemnation. the u. s. for example, suspending $700000000.00 in emergency aid and demanding the release of everyone detained, including the prime minister of dela hm doc. also, the united nations security council will discuss sudan behind closed doors on tuesday. mosquitoes, stakeholders to return to dialogue in restore a constitutional order, as well as not to poach domestic peace in political transition at risk. we
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stand ready of course, to forbes of support the country on its path, thomas domestic peace and political transition. meanwhile, sources at the health ministry of told al jazeera 7 people were actually killed in monday's unrest. there is a state of emergency now in false and phone and internet services are still down, but check in with him. morgan reporting on the qu is that unfolded yesterday. but what's it like today? welcome all, despite the state of emergency that has been imposed by general abdel, how about 100 the people this morning took to the streets in various parts of the capital from denouncing the military took over that happened on monday. now others have set a barricades on various neighborhoods or roads leading to various neighborhoods in the capital hudson. they say that they're trying to prevent security forces from intern neighborhoods and paving their way and basically harassing people as people
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protests. there is also a call for civil disobedience by the force of freedom and change coalition. there are all people who support the pro democracy movement to stay away from offices, both federal and state level, to show the military that they are against the took over. many of them have thought that when they started the revolution in december of 2018, what they wanted was the civilian led government. even the fact that there was a power sharing agreement with the military, with something that be accepted because that's the what would the force of freedom and change coalition said? so what they want to do the civil in that government until elections are house. now that this is not happening, many of them say that they are planning to resist and address the cause of the force of freedom and change. but the army is saying that they are trying to show the people that they are pro, approve democracy, and that they're trying to protect the revolution. something that many people on the streets and thing away from or say they do not believe. so i wonder than here, but what this new well done, if it will be a transitional government,
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they will call but what's the temper government until the 2023 elections and how it will actually look, this was a military coup, is going to be effectively a military government one from the time before for the time being listening to general han statement when he read his announcement on monday, he said that he's sticking to the to the constitutional declaration. that's the power sharing agreement that brought the previous transitional government that has now been dissolved by bill for the hon. he said his sticking by that declaration or that constitution with the exception of few articles. but those are major articles . there's no longer a sovereignty council. no longer in executive cabinet, the authority of those 2 councils have also been dismissed and brought back the transition military council that the council was leading the country following the overthrow of president thomas pursued by the military. and that was headed by general abdel for the 110 other senior military officials. so we yet to see if
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there will be 10 members in the new military council that is to be found now that he's and now as his involving the sovereignty counsel and bringing back that transition military council, we didn't know how many members will be there, but for, for now what we do understand despite him saying that he wants to form a government of technocrats and said williams, that will need the country until as political parties organized themselves for elections in july 2023. it looks like the highest body that will be leading this transition period. that general abil factor has laid out will be transitional military council. that is hebrew, morgan, in cartoon the day after the crew. thank you. hipaa. and now more on the international reaction, roslyn jordan in washington, d. c, with how the u. s. has reacted to mondays. can the biden administration is taking every opportunity to say that it condemns the coup attempt in cartoon on monday. not only has the by debt ministration decided to suspend all $700000000.00 and economic assistance to the transitional government. it also says it is watching
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very closely how members of the hotel are behaving as the process carries out. this is what bad price had to say about the prospect of sanctions against members of the military rosin. it is very early hours. this happened overnight. we're evaluating the situation on the ground. we're watching very closely. we're communicating and coordinating very closely with our allies and with our partners around the world. so i don't want to get ahead of, of where we are. but suffice to say that we are willing to resort to any and all appropriate measures to hold accountable. those who me be attempting to derail the the will, the aspirations of the sudanese people and those who may be responsible for violence for violence that we may yet see. the co happened just hours after the u. s. as special envoy for the horn of africa. jeffrey feltman left the country. he
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had been left with the impression that the process of political transition and reconciliation was still on track according to some in the state department. now, the big issue is whether or not this will affect the resolution of another regional crisis. that of the grand ethiopian renaissance damn otherwise known as gert officials here at the state department, say they need to deal with the political situation of carton 1st and worry about other regional issues. later on to other news and southeast asian leaders are holding their annual meeting without me and mows military ruler who was excluded for refusing to take steps to in the violence in his country. this is after he sees power back in february. ladies from the young group will also be discussing regional security as scotland reports. me and mars gentle leader minute lie inaugurate new military ships. that was just days before his neighbouring southeast asian nations excluded him from a regional summit. this week it's viewed as
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a potential watershed moment for the block of 10 nations known as aussie on, as it's very rare for it to take such a strong stance against one of its own meaning lie stage a coup in february after the opposition one, a landslide election victory led by on songs to cheat. he called the election flawed and has since led a crack down, killing hundreds of people and jailing thousands, some c. this is a foothold for the block to take a more robust than unified positions in the future, including on issues outside the region, the implications or the consequences of this inviting and mine getting through that and prevailing if you will. and i think that will billable walden appetite more bold enough yon for take on the more equally more important issues of the day. there will be infantry instances where asi and its members can afford to be neutral . and those instances will involve large economic and military powers. within the region and the super powers, the united states in china. while also members have been divided about china
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territorial claims in the south china sea, recent military posturing around the korean peninsula. and taiwan has prompted a steep increase intention and military build up that has made its way south, many military within austin and are now intent on buying the latest weapon technology and expanding their capabilities like submarines and unmanned surveillance. but purchasing many of these weapons comes with strings attached training and installation by military advisors usually mean involving a country outside the region and concerns over lack of transparency within the 10 asi members about the new technology and weapons. often, members are moving forward quite get some of these without any agreement on how the issues like trust, me, trust can be handle how the issues of dynamics between different simple power supplying different supplies to different countries can be
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an impact fall relations among members. but many of the foundations are still struggling with the pandemic. as new waves continue to break out and vaccine rates remain low. so governments might face public resistance if they start spending billions of dollars on weapons and not on restarting economies. and reopening borders. got either al jazeera, bangkok, mobile, so in st. louis now in quality assurance. and i'm trying to figure out how this summit is going to work and how successful it can be when may and miles been uninvited, as it were. and, and that is seen as a big sort of symbolic step, isn't it blocking a member nation from even attending? absolutely, it's very rare and bold move from this 10 member association which has made the principle of non interference as one of its main principles. and it's always made it a point not to interfere in what they see as a member states domestic affairs. but some member countries wanted to send
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a strong message to me on my, for failing to implement and all the, and let piece plan. and in particular for not allowing audio appointed and voice to meet deposed civilian data on fancy g. now, man law on the, on the eve of the summit issued a statement saying that it's participation would be by head of state or a minister. and it also accused me on of not a bio, tooth avia, and of not abiding by its charter. now remember me on my stand is that the violence in the country is being provoked by who the government says terrorists and that these terrorists are being aided by the shadow government as opposed to the coo and it says, aussie and has not taken this into account i think i think myanmar is going to be a key sticking point at the summit. the audience has not recognized me on most military leadership, but myanmar is still a member of this 10 member block. the ty, prime minister said the situation in man, mom is going to be
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a test of audience ability to solve problems within its region. and how ozzy and deals with me on not is going to affect it's credibility and reputation. now, already the calls for audience to do more to put more pressure on myanmar. and in particular to engage more with the shadow government opposed to the coo as the you and the u. s. have started to do. now some analysts have also started pointing out that perhaps it's time for us to rethink how it's going to operate in the future. is it going to keep is consensus driven model for decision making? and is it going to stick to its principal of non interference? and whether this is feasible, when it comes to dealing with problems that going to come up such as the cou, in all very fraught, isn't it? florence louis? thank you. reporting from quarreling today. australian prime minister says he will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by the year 2030 activists had been
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hoping for more ambitious target prime minister scott morrison says he's only aiming for net 0 emissions by 2050 would lead has a meeting in glasgow to address climate change issues next sunday with a strategy or accused of dragging its feet when it comes to setting net 0 targets. and we're wanting to, well as failed in another climate target with greenhouse gas levels hitting new records last year. the united nations that says the world is now way off track to cap rising temperatures. carbon dioxide levels are now rising at the highest average rate in a decade. even though we have that temporary different emissions from the cove at 19 loc dance. will stephan now, who is a climate change expert and a professor at the australian national university, he says it really is in the interests of rich in asians to help poorer ones. it's a global problem. we all have to work together on this. and we'll have to do our fair share in that means we wealthy countries have to do more. we need to come out of glasgow, united no matter what our political systems are,
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no matter what or economic systems are. this is a global problem and we need everyone on board. so if there is, if there is this lack of trust, if there is this feeling that the wealthy countries are not pulling their fair share, that is going to be road confidence as we go into glasgow, it may certainly affect the outcome as we come out when you look at the impacts around the world, be a drought, be very extreme heavy rainfall and flooding in the, in the asian, monsoons being at sea level rise and tropical cyclone in the pacific on states. but you do find, yes, there is a biased one. more severe and more frequent impacts in the developing world. and yet they are the least responsible for the problem. and then use the head back to school children and venezuela once again sitting in their classrooms after a long cove and shocked. and nigeria launches africans 1st digital currency joining a growing list of nations to adopt virtual money. ah
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways. hi, they're welcome. see your world's weather update for europe and africa. we've got a weather makers spinning around the central mediterranean, and that's within rain around all sides. we'll take it at sicily right now. over the past 24 hours, we did see more than a months worth of rain. so water logged roads here, railway tracks for also buckled and those flood waters for some cars onto those tracks. highest weather alert for southern parts of italy on tuesday. some severe storms, certainly capable of producing some flash flooding. as we head toward the east. it's also settled here on talia 25 degrees in a breeze through the boss. first,
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it's stumble. we'll look for wind gusts of about 40 kilometers per hour toward the west. it's also settled safe for a few showers for eastern portions of spain on tuesday. we have a run of rain for northern parts of the united kingdom. this will impact edinburgh with a high 15 degrees and for the baltic states more so toward the west. some disturbed weather here. we got high 8 degrees full and this farther broadcast in africa right now. in western portions of the ivory coast picked up almost a month's worth of rain over the past 24 hours. and that weather is leaking into liberia and sierra leone, conic re, has thunderstorms, in the forecast on tuesday, with a high of 28. 0, the weather sponsored by casara always in the country with an abundance of results for the road. already won indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier now . ah ah. with al jazeera, these are the top stories, this, our antique who protest as are on the streets of sudan for a 2nd day. at least 7 demonstrators were killed after the military dissolved the transitional government on monday. se asia most important regional summit has begun without me and mazda shouldn't, at leader. they excluded men on lie saying he hasn't done enough to end violence.
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and greenhouse gas levels hit a new record high last year with you and saying the world is now way off, tried in containing rising temperatures. within 2 months after the chaotic seems a cobble airport and things are slowly returning to normal, the airports now open to a deliveries. there are a few charter and evacuation flights. security controlled by what is described as an elite taliban unit. stephanie decker got exclusive access to the units known as boundary 313, patrolling cobbles, international airport, the badge re 313 especial unit of the taliban. they didn't look like your traditional taliban fighter. how did the buddies get selected? you know, who are they? the most important collisions, number one, be off. yes, no one from my other country can be for the looking. number 2, they are muslims. of course. on number 3 are healthy,
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strong. and of course the most important is to be a martyrdom seeker. the units members have been responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against us in nato forces and the afghan national army. during years of conflict, battery 313 is seen as one of the most elite and hardcore units of the taliban. yeah, we can go. we can go, we were given rare access to them at cobble airport. it is the early part of the capitol where it's being deployed. we're told one of the things that distinguishes the by the a 313 visually from other taliban fighters is their uniforms. also wearing american accessories like fun, glasses face moth, and night vision goggles. this is also part of a p r change. moving away from the idea of being an insurgency and our being a very well trained official security arm of the state. we meet the airport commander mohammed salam side is in charge of the battery, 3131 at securing the airport. director bonded commack from the airport to represent the whole country. so most important point to show that our country's functioning
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has security and flights are operational. so to maintain this, we needed a loyal and well trained unit. yet the troops that are station here are the suicide unit of the battery, 313. and whenever the security situation becomes more stable, they will go back to their camps and the previous governments police force will come back and maintain the security, the job, or whether it's or with is getting thought from here. securing the man in france, the front door and lurking safe and warm and those who are going to the way and say inside airport because a concern is a, is car bombs? yes or so? so it's kind of concerned it's still exist and we cannot ignore that, that position or $2.00 to $2.00 or $31.00. you see here we are checking the people who are getting, but just the driver's being checked here. all the people are checked inside inside . there's a body check. there remains mistrust between the people and the taliban. for many afghans, years of conflict are not easy to forget. model, oh,
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or message to our country men is don't fear these lie mc emirates of afghanistan. the 20 year fight was to defend your rights. we are not your enemies. we are your friends up and we will secure your life in your belongings. on the streets of the capital, we want to get a sense of how people see them. well, other security is better than before, but work and the economy are in a very bad state. i'm asking the world, why have they blocked afghanistan's money? it's not the taliban. so i sels, it's the money of the afghans they need to release it. my law packet of all the other that they see they'll ensure security, but they can't because there's no work, no jobs. people are exhausted. they can sure security like this. it is one thing to talk about. change to give assurances that things will be different from the past, but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt. stephanie decker al jazeera cobble. china's foreign minister has met members of afghanistan's taliban
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government. here in cutter. i spoke and for the taliban says, wang ye express support for the government and pledged humanitarian assistance. the 2 sides also discussed trade and investment at china, shares or a narrow border with afghanistan. and as previously urged the taliban not to provide a safe haven for what it calls terrorists. china has locked down the city of 4000000 people in a bid to stamp out a nother karone of ours outbreak. china's recorded 29 new cases, 6 of them in longitude. the provincial capital of north western province. can sue the outbreaks have been linked to that highly contagious delta variance? the man in charge of south korea, samsung group has been fined for misusing the anesthetic drug proper fall. b, j young was find $60000.00 for taking the drug at a plastic surgery clinic and sol, over the course of several years. but he has been mired in legal issues in the past 5 years and was released from prison for bribery and embezzlement. 2 months ago,
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he's been running samsung since 2014, after his father suffered a heart attack and later died. and as when children are back in class, almost 2 years after the pandemic closed down the schools and the government's working to show off what it says are spruced up facilities. but many parents say school conditions are still far from ideal and support from daniel schwein. law many schools across venezuela have reopened their classrooms 19 months after the pandemic force them to close. and after several delays, due to rising rates of infection, can add on this jani. but i said i thought they were laughing. we've created the conditions to return safely to classrooms. the administrations and the teachers have been working to make sure their attorney safe so that parents feel comfortable and oh, of the so long without face to face learning or playing with his friends. one is clear about what he expects from school. i'm cancer and he says he wants to
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things to play and to learn the wire. cedar fair, if his mother midian says she was nervous about the return, but it was necessary you want to let up on dan. possible are going to talk. laugh is happy to be coming back. v needed communication with other kids to play, to share things with a teachers. that motivation funds are gone for the sale program out. the government is called the reopening campaign, a drop of love for my school. this video released from one of president nicholas my daughter's social media accounts, shows workers spruce in up school buildings and the state delivering vital learning equipment where he admits many peoples of abandon their education. i gave my yamaha in the bill, invite them back so they can return to the class lawn in de la la glass. ah. however, many teachers and parents say buildings are in disrepair, supplies a low and thousands of teachers. the lowest paid in the region have left the profession or join the millions were fled venezuela to escape poverty and inflation
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. guess what? they are not unless only for now i don't think the conditions are suitable for children to return. there are schools at lac wasser that are not a quit that don't have the infrastructure. many teachers let your wanna have supplemented their meagre incomes by inviting pupils into their homes. resume own, we are very concerned because we are going to find many gaps and that education, for example, as daylight and 1st grade, when the pandemic began, they have already passed a 2nd or 3rd. and maybe they don't know how to read official figures, say the virus is killed, less than 5000 people in venezuela and infected 400000. however, many health experts dispute, those numbers, as well as the government claimed that it is vaccinated, 80 percent of teachers. the welcome returned to school in venezuela is proving to
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be fraught with difficulties with the coven 19 pandemic, highlighting and exacerbating many of the problems the countries education system was already facing. ah, shimla al jazeera nigeria is launched a digital currency on the months after it bought banks and financial institutions from dealing with crypto currencies. it will be called the niagara and will operate as an electronic wallets mandatory explains not from a boucher vicki after a 3 week delay. no juris digital courtesy is now legal tender. at its launch. president obama winery says the myra will. i sharon opportunities or banks, customers and the country's economy visa, central bank, digital cadences, can half move away more people and businesses whom the informers into the former sector,
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thereby creating the taxes of the country. i long say digital innovations center has been detail currencies can 1st say economy of growth through better economy activities, about an hour after the launch. michaela co downloaded the app but says it didn't work. one would expect that if a government is rolling out on an official platform, one would expect that it's been tried, it's been tested and it's running so much. so that of the launch, the launch itself would be like um the 1st to probably city for it's right. so when i log on after 40 minutes on, i'm not getting the of the i says it gives me some level of concern. the government hopes this new virtual courtesy will also improve cross border trade, expend, accessed financial services, and increase in remittances from elijah das properties. the central banks has more
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than 2000 customers registered within 24 hours of the e. not a platform starting, not a great start when the banking population is more than 100000000. but officious e. i expect to rise in the numbers using it in the near future. but ex was worn, that the central bank must provide confidence for customers, skepticism and weak infrastructure. and the only challenge is facing the new digital currency nigeria central bank able to move 10 percent of montreux transaction to the platform. it wants to come and only say, not all financially institutions would like that. this is a really trait to decline national banks. because if you move forms, they already india cost study to this in there. it means that this one has gone up of this house of this commercial bank. and i foresee a situation where commercial about we do. one of the things they asked of subsides is very process. almost half the country has no access to bank account. the central
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banks has this digital currency will change that by drawing millions of nigeria to banks, whether the initial skepticism greeting this launch. it's hard to say if the new digital current platform will succeed. why the traditional banking system has failed. ahmed it rees al jazeera apple j. there are more questions emerging about the assistant film director who handed act. alec baldwin, a loaded gun on set. us medias reporting dave holes was dismissed from a movie only in 2019 when a gun unexpectedly discharged and injured a crew member. on the side of the bolden film holes indicated that the prop weapon was safe, but it was loaded with live rounds and it led to the death of filmmaker alena hutchins and injured another crew member and japan's princess mako has married to her non royal college sweethearts k, komodo formerly giving up her royal status. the couple held
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a low key wedding after years of criticism and media scrutiny over their relationship. doctors even say 'cause, the 30 year old princess to suffer post traumatic stress disorder. the pair will be moving to the united states where comedy works as a lawyer ah, half past the hour. and these are the headlines, antique, who protest as are on the streets of sudan, again for a 2nd day. this is after the 7 demonstrators were killed when the military dissolved the transitional government on monday. the you and security council is also meeting to discuss the crisis or from hip morgan in a hot room. this by the state of emergency that has been imposed by general abdel, put the house behind. hundreds of people this morning took to the streets in various parts of the capitol, hot. hm. denouncing the military took over that happened on monday. now others have set up barricades on various neighborhoods or.


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