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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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all concerned about the rise in the 40 cases of whole working conditions from around the world. government and the good agencies are described a recent incident as planned with the aim of this day to lug around the country. ah, this civilian lead transitional government should be immediately restored. the biden administration condemns the coincidence and suspends millions of dollars of age in response. ah, lindsay don, thousands come out on to the streets to protest against the military takeover. at least 7 people are killed and foreign by the security forces. ah,
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madame, how am i hidden? this is al jazeera life, am doha also coming up a nationwide strike in haiti to protest against violence masked him kidnappings and a few crisis. in his back to school children across venezuela is in learning in classrooms or to months of covet 19 shantay. ah, united states as condemned the military coup in sudan saying it will not hesitate to hold her count those responsible for the overthrow of the transitional government that was supposed to assure and democracy the by the administration is demanding the release of all the attained political prisoners it suspending 700000000 dollars and emergency assistance to sit on the un security council will
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discuss it on behind closed doors on tuesday for un is calling for restraint. i'm asking the stakeholders to return to dialogue in restore the constitutional order, as well as not to poach domestic peace and political transition at risk. we stand ready, of course, to 1st, to support the country on its path. tom's domestic peace and political transition. a state of emergency is no enforce in the country, so says that the health ministry had told al jazeera that 7 people been killed out of protests following monday's crew or bring in more detail on the global reaction . in a moment, 1st though, this report from hippa morgan, what happens earlier on monday? oh, my god, yes. after months of power, struggle with civilian leaders, to dance generals have stage a coup and impose a state of emergency breaking up
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a fashion transitional government that has been leading the country home of the sierra link to god. we dissolve the sovereign council and the cabinet, and we put an end to the mass jobs and under secretaries. and the state governors will revise everything and will take decisions to watch everything general behind as the military had to intervene to and political and fighting with a cross to dan. this fury tens of thousands of men and women can breaching on the street to show the anger against the fed and military takeover. i didn't have an urgent call to all sudanese civilians who want to protect the revolution. what the military is doing is a betrayal to all citizens on all fronts. it is the duty of all civilians to move and to block all roads outside to prevent any military force to move right now, all of us must unite to show the truth. i didn't know was the, hey, know, the return of the old regime is impossible,
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no matter what the excuses or the justifications the return is impossible. this is the 1st statement of the people, women and men are refusing any kind of fraud, democracy and civil society. the military has arrested several civilian members of the transitional government and moved prime minister of the lamb duke to an undisclosed location fronting global concerns. you is very concerned about sedans, military forces, reportedly putting, ah, prime minister hand duck under house arrest. and as well as did meaning other members of the civilian leadership. and we urge for the past really into down the pro democracy forces of freedom and chase coalition. born out of the 2018 uprising that out, that long time leader model. but he has called for protests and strikes to resist the coo division between the military and civilian side of the transition. government widened after last month failed to attempt by forces loyal to both sides,
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blame each other for the lo reforms, worsening economic crisis, poverty and corruption. many people are angry, but some also bring the news of the military takeover. a coalition of political parties has been staging and sitting in front of the presidential palace for more than a week, urging the military to take control its members. they. some of those who participated in the 2018 uprising against the government have not been listened to . the military have been key to creating the conditions for this discord in security. and certainly in congress to given that behind, as you know, in many ways, since we had a state in this hybrid transitional arrangement and those who have been part of this movement to push the government out are themselves key members of government. so any criticism of government performance is very much self criticism. i think the hard one gains of the pro democracy uprising have not led to the reforms. many people fought for us. and now with more political upheaval,
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the nation is once again on the edge. here morgan august 0 to me rosalind jordan has more on the us reaction to him on these qu, from washington d. c. the biden administration is taking every opportunity to say that it condemns the coup attempt in cartoon on monday. not only has the by debt ministration decided to suspend all $700000000.00 and economic assistance to the transitional government. it also says it is watching very closely how members of the holder are behaving as the process carries out. this is what med price had to say about the prospect of sanctions against members of the military. at rosen, it is very early hours. this happened overnight. we're evaluating the situation on the ground. we're watching very closely. we're communicating and coordinating very closely with our allies and with our partners around the world. so i don't want to
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get ahead of, of where we are. but suffice to say that we are willing to resort to any and all appropriate measures to hold accountable are those who are me be attempting to derail the will, the aspirations of the sudanese people and those who may be responsible for violence for violence that we may yet see, the co happened just hours after the u. s. as special envoy for the horn of africa . jeffrey feltman loved the country. he had been left with the impression that the process of political transition and reconciliation was still on track according to some in the state department. now, the big issue is whether or not this will affect the resolution of another regional crisis. that of the grand ethiopian renaissance dam, otherwise known as gert officials here at the state department, say they need to deal with the political situation of cartoon 1st and worry about other regional issues. later lately i spoke to cameron hudson, who has
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a u. s. special envoy to sit on. he was also director of african affairs at the national security council. he had lines the us options to punish the sidney's miniature into lights of the cars. of course, their sanctions are a possibility. i don't think they've been prepared so that those take time to, to prepare. there has been discussion about creating your sanctions program that would be targeted against individuals who are undermining or preventing the civilian transition. so these would not be the same sort of sanctions that plagued sudan for 30 years under the bashir regime. these would be very targeted against individuals in the military who are trying to subvert the democratic process incident. but again, those take time to put into place. i think the options that washington has right now are the, the diplomatic tools are the obviously the financial leverage. things like suspending the debt relief negotiations that are going on. that would,
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that would bring sudan debt really. that's a very powerful tool at washington, still has to use in all this, but i think the bottom line here is that our envoy was there warning of the consequences. the military took the decision anyway in my analysis that suggest one of 2 things. one that the military was so threatened by the power of civilian rule in the country, that there was nothing that was going to undermine their effort to maintain power, or number 2 that they had received guarantees from outside of the country. perhaps the gulf states, perhaps neighboring egypt to go to step in and to fill the gap that the cut off from us and european assistance is going to create that they felt confident that they could replace whatever money that they would be losing with new money promised from outside actors that we don't know, but something has happened to change the calculus of the military to think that
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they can, whether the worst that washington has to throw at them. but still no word on the faces, the american and canadian missionaries who were kidnapped by a gang in haiti. the group is the latest of several 100 people to be held for ransom this year in a country many residents feel is increasingly lawless. and as ro reynolds reports from puerto prince countries find itself in another crisis. a general strike gripped haiti's capital on monday streets, normally choked with traffic, were practically empty. the usually bustling outdoor markets were mostly deserted. patients say the strike is one way of demonstrating their disgust and frustration with widespread crime, gang violence, a fuel shortage, and government paralysis is coming out of dine. and notice on it, we want to have about the future. we'll grab about
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a demo. we don't want to leave like slaves, but this woman said the strike prevented her from getting to her job in another part of the city. i mean, the effect that a lot of the ones that i have to feed my family. if i stay high and what will i feed my kids. i have to go on the straight to find some things out. the shut down hurts, impoverished haitians, many of whom lived from hand to mouth every day. schools and shops were also shuddered. at this neighbourhood clinic, the proprietor said severe shortages of medicine left him unable to help people in need. they are sick, they cannot come the vehicle akin to again to do nothing for him. because because they're on medicine, i can get medicine. fuel shipments have been blocked from reaching the city by gangs and most petrol stations are closed. these people are waiting on the chance that this station will get some supplies. local journalists reported that 3 leaders of fuel costs upward of $20.00 us dollars. outside the haitian ministry of
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justice. a small group of demonstrators protested, pounding on the locked steel door with rocks that meanwhile, there's still no word on the fate of 17 u. s. and canadian missionaries, kidnapped by a gang more than a week ago, the f. b, i is assisting haitian authorities in the case. the gang has threatened to kill the hostages, including young children unless a $17000000.00. some is paid in the u. s. home town of one hostage family people gathered to pray for their release. haitians are seeking deliverance to from their countries. many desperate problems will do. which country do people who are living order place? order says they have to have eaten a cry for help from a nation spiraling into made him rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince at implementer, gro, between turkey and the west appears to be de escalating turkey's president had
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threatened to expel ambassadors from 10 western countries. they were demanding the release of a jailed act list, accused of being parts of a could tense. in 2016 wretched type her to one had called their demands an attack on turkey sovereignty. on monday, the embassies issued statement saying they'll abide by an un convention which calls on diplomats to respect the laws of the whole state. museum near to miss osler, curious to go to market, i aim is not to start a crisis. it's only to preserve and protect the rights and interests of our country alone. today, the ambassadors took a step back and refer to the vienna convention. they statement led us to believe that they will be more careful in terms of our rights that are derived from our sovereignty. any one who doesn't respect our rights cannot remain in this country. so hands on al jazeera, southeast asian leaders survey to hold their annual summit, me and mars top general as him last night. and africa's 1st official digital
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currency is lowe's. but the tech savvy nigerians want to use it ah look forward to pearly to sky's the weather. sponsored by kettle airways. hello, we got some rather unsettled weather. make just wait was eastern parts of japan at the moment last. so cloud showing up or through han shoe sweeping up that eastern side of the reach and pulling out of the open water as we go through tuesday and on into wednesday. brightest guys do come back in. i'm pleased to say little bit of wet weather. also making his way across the korean peninsula, but some dry weather tucking in for the middle part of the week. that wet weather will come into western pass of japan as we go through wednesday. china is generally dry, generally quiet. we have got some sherry rain down towards the se, my catch
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a shower or 2, maybe some longest spells of rain in taiwan. surely not be the showers that we have across southeast asia. a line of bird live is storms. they are just running into the philippines, southern parts of vietnam could see some localized flooding for a time. doesn't rather disturb 10 and a good scattering, a shower through malaysia and also into indonesia. and it continues as we go on through wednesday by wednesday, that wet weather running across much of our cambodia allow seeing some live to showers, to still some lie, be showers in the forecast across southern parts of india to where to where they were up towards the north east into myanmar for much of northern india is fine and dry, local, settled, and sunny for good part pakistan. lou, whether sponsored by katara, always too many have been forced to flee their homes, escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts,
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hurricanes and floods besieged communities. hot lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives, and fueling migration exit on doors at climate in crisis on al jazeera. ah, the me this is al jazeera, quick line. the top stories are the state of emergency is now in force in sit on the to the military seas. tar in qu, dissolving the transitional government health ministry says 7 people in killed protests against the military takeover. the bike and ministration is suspending
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$700000000.00 and $8.00 to sit on in response to the cool egypt as joint cutter france, i'm the un invoices for don calling for restraints and people in haiti have held a general strike to protest against the worst thing security situation still no word on the fate of the american and canadian missionaries who were kidnapped by again over a week ago. southeast asian leaders are holding their annual meeting without me and was top general, was excluded for refusing to take steps to and violence in his country. he sees power in february, leaders from the se in group. it will also discuss regional security. scott hyler, reports me and mars. don't delete, minute lie, inaugurate new military ships. that was just days before his neighbouring south east asian nations excluded him from a regional summit. this week it's viewed as
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a potential watershed moment for the block of 10 nations known as aussie on, as it's very rare for it to take such a strong stance against one of its own. meaning lies, stays a coup in february after the opposition one, a landslide election victory led by on songs to cheat. he called the election flawed and has since led a crackdown, killing hundreds of people and jailing thousands, some c. this is a foothold for the block to take a more robust than unified positions in the future, including on issues outside the region, the implications or the consequences of this inviting and mine getting through that and prevailing if you will. and i think that will billable moment, appetite more bold enough, yon for take on the more equally more important issues of the day. it will be infant for instances where asi and its members can afford to be neutral. and those instances will involve large economic and military powers within the region, and the super powers, the united states and china. while asi and members have been divided about china's
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territorial claims in the south china sea, recent military posturing around the korean peninsula, anti one has prompted a steep increase intention and military build up. that has made its way south, many military within austin and are now intent on buying the latest weapon technology and expanding their capabilities like submarines and unmanned surveillance. but purchasing many of these weapons comes with strings attached training and installation by military advisors usually mean involving a country outside the region and concerns over lack of transparency within the 10 asi members about the new technology and weapons. often, members are moving forward quite get some of these without any agreement on how the issues like trust, me, trust can be handle how the issues of dynamics between different simple power supplying different supplies to different countries can be an impact for relations among members. but many of the foundations are still
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struggling with the pandemic. as new waves continue to break out and vaccine rates remain low. so governments might face public resistance if they start spending billions of dollars on weapons and not on restarting economies and reopening borders. got either al jazeera, bangkok, let's bring in debbie's thought hard. she's found her and coordinator of the alternative is in network on burma, and joins us from bangkok by assume it to have you with us here on the program. let's focus on who won't be at the as in summers. how significant would you say it is that the leader or me in mars military gender has not been extended an invitation. oh, this is definitely a significant development because i see on has been somewhat notorious for being to tolerate attacks on human rights and democracy amongst the members. but i think this must not be the end. we need to move forward to ensure that the military gets
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the message strongly, not just from us yet, but also it's dialogue with the military. i have responded and quite angry terms. see this, this lack of invites, so that message certainly has been received. but in concrete terms, what exactly is this snob likely to achieve me? what will it change? well, the main concern is that we are seeing the imminent, the, the, an imminent offensive intensive, authentic being launched in the north, which could cause massive regional instability because of refugees. we and the u. n. experts have already won that to build up is reminiscent of what happened and what kind stayed in 2017 when a 1000000 rule hang away spelled to bangladesh. so at the end is very good because we can't afford this to happen, especially when regressing with
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a cove. it's been damaged for, to pick this review beyond the symbolism as the and again, dialogue. this need to build a strategy with the un security council to ensure that this military draws back from the pilot. is there an appetite with n as in to, to, to do that? do you think? because certainly when the 1st happens, as the nations were quite reluctant to intervene and you can have this policy of non interference. and there was a certain degree of frustration in the way of international community that as animals doing more, do you think there is an appetite but then again, members to tackle the gym to have its own. it's a, it's, it's getting to the point where as young has no choice as the n was tolerant, tried to be conciliatory. had the 5 point on senses, which were supposed to be focused on a cessation of violence and a result and
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a resumption of dialogue that didn't happen the opposite happen. so i see a now has directly with the fact that celia gentlemen, online personal ambition and gree hoses, the greatest threat to regional security. go for me on my end to the region itself . any of the and doesn't act. now the situation could get out of control and will be dealing with a disaster for the next 10 years. just how powerful are us, ian? oh, do you think that the trends are likely to listen to the group at all? i think it is the 3rd, the ne, shocked the junta that as the and finally took a line here. but i think if me want to actually get that the that to start listening seriously as the on has to partner with the un security council. the burmese military is extremely afraid of the c is the security council. okay, debbie so sorry, it's great to get your views. thank you for so much for joining us here on al jazeera and the see international says it will cause it's 2 offices in hong
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kong. by the end of the year, because it can't guarantee the safety of staff. the group says a national security law imposed by ging makes it impossible for its employees to work without fear of reprisals. the law has been used to target pro democracy protesters, civil society groups and dissenting voices. nigeria has launched a digital currency on the months saturate bar banks and financial institutions from dealing with crypto currencies occur and c names. the e niagara will operate as an electronic wallets with the trees reports from a poacher. with after a 3 week delay nigeria, digital currency is now legal tender at its launch. president obama bahati says the ina, will i showing opportunities, whole banks, customers,
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and the country's economy. nissan central bank didn't currencies can have moved away, more people and businesses from the info into the former sector there by creating the taxes of the country. i long say digital innovations center has been detail. currency can 1st say economy grows through better you economy activities about an hour after the launch. michaela co downloaded the app but says it didn't work. one would expect that if a government is rolling out um on official platform, one would expect that it's been tried, it's been tested and it's running so much. so that of the, the launch the launch itself would be like um, the 1st to probably city for it. right? so when i log on after 40 minutes, and i'm not getting the,
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the i says it gives me some level of concern. the government hopes this new virtual courtesy will also improve cross border trade, expand accessed financial services, and increase remittances from elijah das properties. the central banks has more than 2000 customers registered within 24 hours of the in our platform starting. not a great start when the banking population is more than 100000000, but officious e. i expect to rise in the numbers using it in the near future. but ex was worn, that the central bank must provide confidence for customers, skepticism and weak infrastructure on the only challenge is facing the new digital currency nigeria central bank able to move 10 percent of montreux transaction to the platform it months to come and only say not all financial institutions would like that. this is a really trait to the commercial bands, because if you move funds, they already india cost study to this in there. it means that this one has gone up
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of this house of this commercial bank. and i foresee a situation where commercial about we do one or 2 things they asked to subsides is very process. almost half the country has no access to bank account. the central banks as this digital currency will change that by drawing millions of nigeria to banks. whether the initial skepticism greeting this launch, it's hard to say if the new digital current platform would succeed. why the traditional banking system has failed. how many it res al jazeera, apple j. children in venezuela? back in class, after a long gap g to the pandemic, the government has gone on a piano drive showcasing spruced up schools ready to welcome back students. but many se conditions are far from ideal. daniel schwein, there reports many schools across venezuela have reopen their classrooms. 19 months after the pandemic force them to close,
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and after several delays, due to rising rates of infection, could add on the c on it. but i thought i thought they were laughing. we've created the conditions to return safely to classrooms. the administrations and the teachers have been working to make sure their attorneys safe so that parents feel comfortable. oh, of the so long without face to face learning or playing with his friends. one is clear about what he expects from school, home cancer, and he says he wants 2 things to play and to learn yet the wire. cedar fair if his mother media and says she was nervous about the return, but it was necessary. your letter on tampa, florida talk laugh is happy to be coming back. v needed communication with other kids to play, to share things with a teachers that motivation of on 2nd foils alberto grammar. the government is called the reopening campaign, a drop of love for my school year. this video released from one of president nicholas my daughter's social media accounts,
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shows workers spruce in up school buildings and the state delivering vital learning equipment where he admits many peoples of abandon their education. i gave my yamaha in the bill, invite them back so they can return to the class lawn in the lower class. however, many teachers and parents say buildings are in disrepair, supplies a low and thousands of teachers. the lowest paid in the region have left the profession or joined the millions who have fled venezuela to escape poverty and inflation. guess what? they are going up and laugh only so now i don't think the additions are suitable for children to return. there are schools that lack wasser that are not equipped that don't have the infrastructure. many teachers let your wanna have supplemented their meagre incomes by inviting pupils into their homes. rather late on we are very concerned because we are going to find many gaps and that education, for example, a stay late and 1st grade. when the pandemic began,
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they have already passed a 2nd or 3rd. and maybe they don't know how to read. official figures said the virus is killed, less than 5000 people in venezuela and infected 400000. however, many health experts dispute, those numbers, as well as the government claim that it is vaccinated, 80 percent of teachers. the welcome returned to school in venezuela is proving to be fraught with difficulties with the coven 19 pandemic, highlighting and exacerbating many of the problems the countries education system was already facing. ah, dang, swindler al jazeera ah, how am i doing? with the headlines on al jazeera, a state of emergency is now in force in sudan after the transfer.


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