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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 12:30am-1:00am AST

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the military to and sit down and to understand what's happening now. it's important to look at the key events of recent years. in december 2018, thousands of people in the northeastern region of a barbara protested against high unemployment poverty and corruption. within days, the anger spread to other cities, including the capital cartoon. in april, 2019, it reached a crescendo when the military remove present. omar bashir from office after nearly 30 years in power. 4 months later, and after claims of violence against protest as the military agree to form a civilian lead transitional government, which came into place a month later, led by prime minister abdullah humbug. this was supposed to lead to elections after 3 years. while abdul cully, it's iab, is a sudanese attorney based in bahrain. he says the military is running a brazen effort to legitimize its takeover. we don't have a civic in lead government because you just hold the supreme council. you just hold
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the cabinet. what else is remaining? this is, these are basically the pillars of the political agreement that the have find the transition metric council find with f s c, before the, before the constitution talk to. so what's remaining is basically transitional. i mean, if it transition counsel trying to, to, to get on the country with certain provisions of the, of the, of the constitution i've talked to make it look like this is not a cool, but it's a cool there's, you know, 3 main factors that lead to in a school, one of it is there is an argument about who should be running the the that the military should be handed over the, the president and she off the 70 also to civilian. this was an issue and it should have been resolved in november. another issue might be the icpc i'm handing over of of icpc criminals to the to the, to the have. so i guess and also the economy, the economy is doing. the sudanese government has made it very clear from the
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beginning that one of the future study has to do is to go back into another community and they've done successfully that. so we've had the sanctions been lifted from americans. we have the initiative agreeing to wave certain certain debts from sudan including principal i'm interest so i think we were in the right track. yes. slowly but we were in the right track. so to use the argument that the sudanese government failed to, to add here to what this is denise, people want to need as, as it's ridiculous, poland is increasing the number of troops on its border with baller raised to around $10000.00 in a bid to try and stop illegal migrants crossing the border. hundreds have been trying to enter poland each day with the e. u accusing minsk of weaponized migration and retaliation for sanctions. poland has declared a state of emergency and plans to build a wall on the border. the use of belarus is also trying to send migrants across the border in lithuania, into lithuania and latvia, which has seen
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a search in arrivals. mince could denies the accusations, while we can now speak to mark mass, russia. he's a defense and security analyst and joins us now from warsaw. a thanks for joining us. firstly, as you can even tell us whether or not you see this as a, a show of muscle by poland or simply something else. what is the show of realism? ultimately, what poland alongside some of the baltic states are now being faced with. this is a full of ex, essentially hybrid warfare by the will shank regime in ballard. for sure, if you studied your introduction at a weapon, eyes, the migrant situation, as we all know the buck shanker receives actually funding the flights of these migrants from iraq and syria and other places in the middle east, into men's combusting them to the border. and essentially at gunpoint, bella, russian security forces are forcing them to cross the border. and she, some of the migrants, assisted by the bell ocean forces, are actually breaking open the fed signal redirected the rest of the apartment is
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ready. so we only what the e u. is actually said is a good idea, which is protecting the territorial integrity, not just opponent, but also of the eve itself is strongly supported by this, by germany and other states as well. so it's a form of grid is rather not saber rattling or anything of that sort was pulse we. poland have been criticized for not acting proportionately, and it's particularly in its treatment of those making. the crossing from bella russo into poland. i'm talking about comments from pollution international. a groups have accused problems conservative government of illegally turning people back. sometimes on several occasions and failing to provide a central medical support, an adequate food and shelter here. what kind of message do you think that sends to alexander? well, the legality that's happening here is the attempt by the will cache, the regime to force margaret to enter. you territory illegally, the post cup to say quite frequently that the people want to come to part of the quite for you to do. so this of embassy admits they could apply for
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a visa to come to come to the board or actually pause at the company that she offered. humanitarian assistance you back, sir, and convoys will be offered up to the regime, but they've been refused entry into better. so those refugees that do actually make it across the border into poland, all care poor in caps and not being processed lobo. this is really about rejecting an illegal attempt by the shaker regime to weaponized my good situation at the expense, not just opponent. but if you territorial integrity, can you tell me why? observers has not, i've not been allowed in the area. we're talking about observers from the use from text for which as you know, monitors the european union's external borders. not to mention human rights groups and journalists, why the spiral of secrecy? well, i think the, the reason is really quite simple to pose. couple knows one of the ways in which the regime is conducting this hybrid war for his making use of the media. there's
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no need for the me just to go there to see said she, what is happening on the border because it's the way in which the sugar propaganda machine contains origins. so quite right in the polish cub just declared the state to see there's no access to that area or not to keep up visiting what the regime was doing on the border. surely the role of journalists in that part of the world is to scrutinize what's going on as well, particularly the, the work of the military that all essentially answered all to the european union as well as the polish government themselves. well, i mean that the job is quite free to report on what's happening. i think there's been a large, is this, it itself is a form of media scrutiny. but i think the polish got to say quite rightly that for the moment there's a need to maintain order in that area. or people are free to the villagers who live in that area. free to come and go. but there is a news blackout quite right, because the news media very often used by the workers shanker regime is
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a proxy for generating very propaganda. what we're talking about a situation where there are have been at least 7 deaths in the last few days. the idea of keeping the journalists and observers from the e u at arms length only creates a vax vacuum, which potentially dis, information falls into. surely the polish government is doing themselves a disservice by doing that. well, i think the other way of looking at this is those deaths in so far as they have it could have occurred on the brother russian side of the border. the only people who are responsible for the it's death saw the russian security forces. right. she pushed these migrants into that area and i think it's, it's a fair question to was media. ready outlets why they are asking them in school, 40 submission to go to the bell, russian side of the border report from there. i think that will be quite an easy way of testing whether there is transparent was or whether it was a significant distinction between a leadership of alexander lucas shenker regarded by many, many as the last dictator of europe and poland, and e. u. member. surely poland should have the moral upper hand here play the
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moral high ground here. laws that the moral high ground is really to do what the law says to be done. that's protecting the use board as opposed really acting. only that solely interested the interest of the european unit, quite rightly taking the view that permitting these markets across the border play into the hands of the ricochet. encouraging plato hands, people smugglers, and would actually encourage further in claxon of migrants. and that's something that not just poland does what is actually something that germany doesn't want, does the european commission doesn't? what suppose really on the side of the e. e. u on this. so we really need to go get the fax records who is writing, who is in the wrong here. okay, my rec, my trash, like thank you very much for your time. eric joining us sir. life. thank you very much at warsaw via skype. thank you. thank. who's mike, his dance president shaft cut misery oil has been reelected for 2nd 5 year term in a landslide victory over the weekend incumbent secured more than 80 percent of the
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pole in an election, western observance of described as not overly competitive with no strong opposition . standing against him, msi jojo, is expected to continue what has been seen as a largely successful reform campaign, including devolving some powers to district councils while also pledging rapid economic growth by opening up the country to more foreign investment. israel supreme court has postponed a decision on an appeal by a palestinian family against forced eviction from their home and occupied east jerusalem to devote family. and so one is one or $400.00 families that could lose their homes because of eviction seats. by israeli settlers. a law enacted by the canal that allows jews, but not palestinians to reclaim land lost in the 948 war is spark violent clashes in fil one and shake gerad occupied east jerusalem harder. abdul hamid has more from outside the court in west jerusalem. what happened here is that
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the family of today's hearing has submitted to the court document showing that its own that house in san juan since 1965 at the time occupied east jerusalem was under control of the jordanians. and they had purchased it from lucas, georgia. indian custodian at the time, now fast forward to 2002, that's when the 2nd organization decided that actually that lad belonged to a jews. because back in the 19th century, at the end of the 19th century, under the ultimate empire, that land belonged to a jewish endowment that had put it at the service of do help out. d jamini jews who were in poverty. it is an extremely complicated case, really to understand. but this is exactly what happened. not only for the families
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to debbie today that concerned with this hearing that it by, by and large, many families in occupied is jews of them actually in other parts of israel. so certainly what will happen eventually what the judge will decide whether it's in a few days, weeks or months, will set the tone for many other families about what we have been searing. seeing actually over the past few months, whether it's, as it is a hearing for some one or a previous hearing, a few months ago, for cetera. is it see that the board is being hesitant? coming up with a final decision simply because of the charge atmosphere. andrews and am abby for them. the political aspect of this case and because tension does so high that they can flare up at any time. m. c international says it will close its 2 offices and hong kong by the end of the year, because it can't guarantee the safety of staff. the human rights group says a national security law imposed by china makes it impossible for its staff to work
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freely without fear of reprisals. the law has been used to target pro democracy, protested civil society groups and dissenting voices. hong kong and chinese authority say the national security law and shrines, individual rights there's still no word on the safety of 17 christian aid workers kidnapped by gang in haiti. the group was the latest of several 100 people to be held this year in a country. many residents feel is increasingly lawless. and the u. s. embassy in haiti has scaled back its operations, rescheduling all routine appointments. as the country faces another crisis, rob reynolds reports from porter prince, a general strike gripped haiti's capital on monday. streets, normally choked with traffic, were practically empty. the usually bustling outdoor markets were mostly deserted. patients say the strike is one way of demonstrating their disgust and frustration
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with widespread crime, gang violence, a fuel shortage, and government paralysis is coming out of dine of it. and notice on it we want to have a better future. we'll grab about a demo. we don't want to leave like slaves, but this woman said the strike prevented her from getting to her job in another part of the city. i mean, the effect that a lot of the people, in fact, i have to feed my family. if i stay high and what will i said, my kids, i have to go on the straight to find some things out. the shut down hurts, impoverished haitians, many of whom live from hand to mouth every day. schools and shops were also shuddered at this neighbourhood clinic, the proprietor said severe shortages of medicine left him unable to help people in need. they are sick, they can come. the deacon i can do, i can do nothing for him because because they're on medicine, i can get medicine. fuel shipments have been blocked from reaching the city by
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gangs and most petrol stations are closed. these people are waiting on the chance that this station will get some supplies. local journalists reported that 3 leaders of fuel costs upward of $20.00 us dollars. outside the haitian ministry of justice. a small group of demonstrators protested, pounding on the locked steel door with rocks that meanwhile, there's still no word on the fate of 17 u. s. and canadian missionaries, kidnapped by a gang more than a week ago, the f. b, i is assisting haitian authorities in the case. the gang has threatened to kill the hostages, including young children, unless a $70000000.00. some is paid in the u. s. home town of one hostage family people gathered to pray for their release. haitians are seeking deliverance to from their countries. many desperate problems will do. which country do people who are leave
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you order place? order sees they have to have each a cry for help from a nation spiraling into mayhem. rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince, but target for rich countries to provide poor nations with a $100000000000.00 to tackle global warming is set to be mis. according to canadian and german officials, the team assembled to break a deadlock in negotiations ahead of the you and climate talks in glasgow say the goal for climate finance will not be reached until 2023. that's 3 years later than previously agreed. and the world has failed and another climate target with greenhouse gas concentrations hitting record levels by the end of last year. the u . n. says the world is now way off track on capping rising temperatures with carbon dioxide levels rising at a higher average rate than they have over the past decade. that's even with a temporary dip and emissions due to cov 19 looked dams and dutch climate experts. a warning the netherlands could be at risk of highest sea level rise is the
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previously forecast. large parts of the country lie below sea level, often by several meters. the royal netherlands meteorological institutes the sea levels along the coast could rise by 1.2 meters by 2100. if global emissions aunt reduced around 2000000 people in tenure are facing starvation, as a drought continues to ravish the countries northeast crops and free production of being hard hit and price of goods is sorry, i'll just say was catherine saw you sent us this report from one year, a warning view is may find some images distressing in this part of what you are county, there's nothing left to eat for abdel mon hussein. abe's remaining cattle nearly every day he wakes up to this. his animals are wasting away and dying from hanger in disease. he phase his prized pool, the wood on
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a good day cost around $700.00 does not have long to leave either. most of the animals here in ne, in kenya are in poor condition. his desperate a lot, a little higher, put on a ball on if we're struggling of 700 cattle for 3 families, there's only 300 left there, malnourished. the ones that appear healthy, just drop. i'm not sure what's affecting them in another village. many kilometers away. shabanni soc, is just getting back home from a 4 hour track to fetch water for his family and the sheep and goats. he desperately needs to keep alive, dead and dying livestock scatter his compound. i thought for 7 months we've been fetching water from very far away. dad malnutrition rates continued to rise. children are receiving emergency food supplies from 8 agencies early moth. lacking our children are affected, they get sick often. we hope to get more food for them. many people are suffering
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from the drought. the local government is distributing hey, nutritional livestock pallet, as well as transporting water to the most remote villages. but the need is to great haydn's, from different communities across the region come to what are important such as this one to share the resource. but because of the drought, the water is running low, so is pasture, and government officials, talis, there of alarms. the drought in part of kenya wasn't by climate change. has been declared a national disaster here in what year? partially stelis. it has not rained for the last 2 years where the caster say the current short rings will not help much the food security currently there. in the 3rd phase, sir, will be caller critical and the fur we may not receive an adequate train fall in the coming few days. then no, definitely is not something we can handle as
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a county. the resources we have is very limited times are hard even for the most resilient of animals rare, while species found only in this part of the country. also succumbing to hanger, thirst, and exertion. back in the village, a black man who seemed tells us he's helpless as he watches his animals die. every day. catherine saw you al jazeera, what year ne kenya official say the canary islands volcano, which has been erupting for the past 5 weeks, is now more active than ever take least pitches. new fishes and side vents. cracks open along the cambro vehicle slopes over the weekend. about to see some live pitches, its lat, well science is described as a giant lava fountain to escape that they are. that means more people may have to leave their homes as the new flows threatened previously, unaffected areas. around 7 and
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a half 1000 people have already had to flee the home since the rupture began. war, thousands of buildings have been destroyed. the force of nature won't show them. sports is next out. this news tom brady reaches yet another and i fell milestone as the details of the bright. ah
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ah ah ah ah. was probably as soon as you know with the sport. thank you very much need. we'll have gone to the fans 1st international sporting match. since the taliban took
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control of the country has ended in pure joy, a cricket team made a winning star to their campaign at the t 20 wal cup. and it was a crushing victory over scotland. i've got to stand that battered 1st and scored a 190 runs in reply, scotland or bull down for just 60. would you barbara mun was named man of the match after taking 5 wickets. the 1st game of the tournament. dorothy, this is very important. so if we needed that for him to start our tournament, or we wouldn't be complacent about this brand new, we'll forward you will enjoy the vic. it was a good game, but looking forward to the tournament, we're still on both alone. i have condemned the treatment of coach ronald coleman, who received from france after sunday's a loss to our travels. well, a madrid videos on social media showed people surrounding and blocking humans car.
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as he tried to leave the stadium, he also received verbal abuse. the club has labeled it treatment as violent and disdainful coleman is under increasing pressure following barcelona support. start to the season. yeah. kim, i was actually close to the fact about 2 weeks ago just for the international break . it looked like he was going to be stuck. there are lots of people at the club that wanted. in fact, joe, on the floor to the president was, was leaning towards 2nd him and then in the last minute, just a defeat to madrid. following advice from, from some of the people inside the club to trust the law whose opinion he really, really values like like jody roy, he decided to stick with him and, and i did to stick with criminal, decided to give him a bad time and see what stability can bring as possible and bring plays back the time, but human noted as much as the next one is dependent on result. stay of execution if you will. he is 12 games and then the classical to put the pressure back on in boston. i have 4 winnable games for the champion before the november international
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break story, including a big jump in play game and bosses progress in the champions league. it's probably going to be dependent on unconvinced future as long as they can stay with in touch . the top 4 in the make, it is getting all that jumping later that's going to be that's going to be k e live on a case by case basis, which is an ideal. there's no expectation to be hit beyond just a question of how long he can remain image of this season. i should say knighthood manager only going a soldier received a very different response from fans outside old trafford. despite that 5 no last liverpool norwegian might be under intense scrutiny, but he was happy to sign autographs and post for selfish before leaving the stadium after the last to their bitter rivals. social said that he was at rock bottom. and earlier we spoke to former manual night, goalkeeper market was in it about social future at the club. i really think it has come to a game by game situation up to what we saw yesterday. and you know,
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it's easy, very, very easy to turn around and say ok, you know, you've got a 2nd now a couple things on that. number one, if the club have or have not told to any possible suitors, you don't know what those, you know, possible replaces of said i might have said, you know, we don't want to come in unless we come in at the end of the season. or we want certain conditions met. so there's that and then the other thing is, well, you know, these next 3 games taught them away at the lots are a y in matched a for the champions league. and also i mentioned the city at home, right before the international, right. i going to be absolutely crucial. this whole period will be crucial. so if you're looking at it from the outside point of view is very difficult to say because as an x team my, are you such a good band? ah, he was an excellent player and you want him from the bottom of my heart to do so well . and if you want to be as loyal as you can, but you've got to be low to the club as well. in terms of the fact that this cannot go on, and i really do believe that these next 3 games will tell a story in itself,
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in which case that if i happen to lose these 3 games, maybe even 2 out of the 3, which is a huge possibility that there will be a big chance that come international break, that there will be a change in the united states. fans have been rallying around and be a saw having, who has been sidelined for refusing it to get vaccinated against cove. at 19 protest tried to solve the barclay center, had to brooklyn's 1st home game of the season. having isn't allowed to play new york because of no jap but no play policy. so the nets won't allow event to play or practice with the team until his vaccinated was definitely missed on call to as a net loss. their home opener to the saw, the town it kind of to run school to city a point, but brooklyn were out play the in the 2nd half, losing 516 point we definitely want carry or not. you're on the floor. and he's
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a huge part of what we do, but it's not happening right now, so we gotta figure it out. but nobody lose confidence why we plan it. and oh, carry, come and say was going again. we got to play. while tom brady has become the 1st nfl player to throw $600.00 korea touchdown passes, he temp of a call about accomplished at the feet during his team $38.00 to $3.00 thrashing of the chicago best 44 year old lead the defending super bowl champions to the 4th straight when so many guys play great and i to running back by great the line played phenomenal anytime you always have to and your eyes, russian defense was incredible. receivers did a good job so, you know, just wish i had a couple better throws, but on that it was great when and as i spoke for me, i hand you back to me in london like you. so that's it for me nave barker, for this news out, but i'll be back in just a moment. we're more of the days news. don't go away. say with the sale now just
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ah ah and a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet. s o s reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people and power off why politicians have been
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so unaffected in fighting climate change. fault lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us out is there a well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. most people will never know what's beyond these doors. the deafening silence of 100000 forms. how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an action. but we're not most people
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a wood winning documentary from around a 0 with the military takes charging see don dissolving the transitional government and imposing a state of emergency. thousands. paul wants the streets to protest against the take over 7 demonstrators killed and dozens more injured. ah, this is al jazeera life.


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