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we know enough about living under fashion and with life unequalled broadcasting gum nelson have been august and i was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm the baka, this is the al jazeera news, our life from london coming up. the military takes charge in sue damn dissolving the transitional government, and imposing a state of emergency thousands porn to the streets to protest against the takeover . 3, demonstrate as a killed and dozen small injured turkey's president cushions, 10 foreign governments over interfering in his company's affairs. but
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a major diplomatic crisis has been averted for now. and africa's 1st official digital currency launches, but do tech savvy nigerians to use it. and in school, barcelona condemned the abusive behavior fast, who has their coach at ronald bloom and plus afghanistan. this thought that campaign with a massive win over scotland at the te, plenty woke up. ah, the military is in power in sudan with the state of emergency now in force of the government that was meant to asha in a new era of democracy dissolves the general who led to the takeover. abdul fos, alberta says he had to act. the growing protest assigned that the country was in turmoil. free demonstrators have been killed in a day of protest with the internet down at port shot, a prime minister,
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abdullah ham doc detained. his location remains unknown. elections has been promised by mid 2023, prolonging a transition. this already lasted for 2 years, and we should been beset by disagreement to protest in the past few weeks. the crews being condemned by sedans, neighbors, key investors, like china and others around the globe is unacceptable. a betrayal of the sudanese people, if a morgan has the latest cotton eye after months of power, struggle with civilian leaders to dance generals have stage a coup and imposed a state of emergency breaking up a faction transitional government that has been leading the country home of jesus yoga, adding to god, we dissolve the sovereign council and the cabinet, and we put an end to the mass jobs and under secretaries. and the state governors will revise everything and will take decisions to watch everything. ah, general hines, as the military had to intervene to and political and fighting with
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a cross to dan. this fury tens of thousands of men and women and breaching on the street to show the anger against the fed and military takeover. i didn't have an urgent call to all sudanese civilians who want to protect the revolution. what the military is doing is a betrayal to all citizens on all fronts. it is the duty of all civilians to move and to block all roads outside to prevent any military force to move right now, all of us must unite to show the truth. i didn't know was the, hey know, the return of the old regime is impossible. no matter what the excuses or the justifications return is impossible. this is the 1st statement of the people, women and men are refusing any kind of fraud on democracy and civil society. the military has arrested several civil in members of the transitional government and moved prime minister, abdullah ham booked an undisclosed location fronting global concerns. you is very
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concerned about sedans, military forces reportedly putting, ah, prime minister, hum, duck under house arrest. and as well as detaining other members of the civilian leadership and we urge for their fast reedy ah, included the pro democracy forces of freedom and change coalition. born out of the 2018 uprising that ousted longtime leader, omar bashir, sculpture protests and strikes to resist the cool division between the military and civilian side of the transitional government. why didn't after last month failed to attempt by forces loyal to both sides, blame each other for the lo reforms, worsening economic crisis, poverty and corruption. many people are angry, but some sort of writing the news of the military take over. a coalition of political parties has been staging and sitting in front of the presidential palace for more than a week, urging the military to take control its members. they. some of those who participated in the 2018 uprising against the government have not been listened to
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. the military have been key to creating the conditions for this discord in security. and certainly in congress to given that behind as you know, in many ways, assistance we had a state in this hybrid transitional arrangement. and those who have been part of this movement to push the government out are themselves key members of government. so any criticism of government performance is very much self criticism. i think the hard one gains of the pro democracy uprising have not led to the reforms. many people thought force and now with more political upheaval, the nation is once again on the edge. he but morgan august 0 to me. the house of the takeover is the power balance between the military and civilian governments and the men in control of both sides are built fatter albums. the general who heads the sovereign counselled the ruling body that shared power. he was you to hand over to a civilian leader in less than a month, but insisted he had to intervene now,
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after political disagreements in the civilian leadership, led by prime minister abdullah ham dog. the economist was tapped to head up a technocrat administration, but face splits with the military, coupled with rising prices and food shortages. he's now being held in an undisclosed location. our number of countries and the agencies of voice concern over the qu, the u. s. special envoy called it deeply alarming while neighboring egypt set its own security, depended on suzanne sedans. the united nations representative to the country called for restraint. today, i'm good morning everybody to exercise utmost which grand restraint i am calling on the military release. all those that were unlawfully de change today. and i'm asking those stakeholders to return to dialogue in restores a constitutional order, as well as not to poach domestic peace in political transition at risk. we
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stand ready of course to for of support the country on its path, thomas domestic peace and political transition over the u. s. reaction. let's go straight now to rosalind jordan, who is at the state department at rosalind, the u. s. it clearly is put a lot of time and money into supporting handbooks, civilian leg government wants that message from the administration. while the 1st message from the biden administration is one of condemnation. the u. s. has invested, as you said, a lot of time, a lot of money into trying to help this transitional government get to of very and fair elections in the u. s. is view and establish and a definitive end to a years of dictatorship under the former leader. omar alba, sheer, but that was not the case. and in fact, to show its deep displeasure with the situation in cartoon, the u. s. has suspended all $700000000.00 that it was giving to the transitional
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government to carry out its work. none of that money had been dispersed and until things change, none of the money will be dispersed. certainly the u. s. is also concerned about other things, such as the safety of the prime minister, abdulla hum doc and his wife and other civilian leaders. this is more of what ned price the department spokesperson had to say. it is very early hours. this happened overnight. we're evaluating the situation on the ground. we're watching very closely. we are communicating and coordinating very closely with our allies and with our partners around the world. so i don't want to get ahead of, of where we are. but suffice to say that we are willing to resort to any and all appropriate measures to hold accountable are those who are me be attempting to derail on the will, the aspirations of the sudanese people and those who may be responsible for violence for violence that we may yet see now there's also the question of
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whether the situation in cartoon is going to complicate an already difficult situation that of the grand ethiopian renaissance damn better known as gerd. as our viewers may know, the countries of ethiopia, sudan, and egypt have all been locked in a very tough diplomatic fight over the future operation of this facility, which ethiopia says is key to providing its people with potable water. however, the u. s. is position right now with we need to resolve the crisis in khartoum before we can worry about these other very serious and very important regional issues. first things 1st, rosalind joining in washington d. c. thank you. coming up on this news hour from london. children are going to die and afghanistan from hunger once the united nations with half the
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country. now at risk of starving. facebook whistleblower francis hogan tales, british politicians, the social media john feeds on line hate to maximize profits. and later in sports, we hear from a full manchester united plan about increasing dramas about traffic ah turkish president, richard pipe. oh, i'm says no foreign diplomat can remain in the country unless they respect turkish law. his remarks follow a row with 10 ambassadors from western countries over a general business, been an activist. on saturday, the u. s. and other nations issued a joint statement, calling for the release of osman corolla is charged over a failed coo in response soto on said the envoys must be stripped of that diplomatic status and immunity is in year 2. miss osler, chris, you got a marquee. our aim is not to start
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a crisis. it's only to preserve and protect the rights and interests of our country . to day, the masters took a step back and refer to the vienna convention dear statement. let us to believe that they will be more careful in terms of our rights that are derived from our sovereignty. people who don't respect our rights cannot remain in this country. russell certain, following developments for miss dumble sources, none can. i says that the usa took the initiation to day to deescalate the taschen that us, his embassy a couple of hours ago. just before our last cabinet meeting has to with it that they maintain a bite of whip by the air they did. the vienna can wash an article of $41.00, which says that the diplomat should respect the added that the laws and regulations of the receiving or the hosting countries. and that has been a strong sign off
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a wheel to deescalate the passion. so avalon received that and that an answer that he welcome the, the, did the statement from the embassy of the united states. and just after the 3 of you as his embassy germany, the netherlands, france, and the other countries also re to with it. that it was a retreat as the sham from this embassies that they are taking a step back. so for now, we can see that the diplomatic crisis over also colace keys is over. however, at the, the, the, the, the next hearing in cavellas trial is going to be a month later on november 26. and the council of europe says that if or small koala is not immediately released, it will this start the infringement proceedings against rocky which cooled a followed by the a sanctions. and if the european console takes such an action in such a direction, we do not know what will be at once
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a reaction to that as well. egypt president adel sat, i'll c, c has lifted the country state of emergency. he made the announcement and a facebook post. egypt 1st imposed a state of emergency in 1990 and most recently in 2017 following deadly church bombings and attacks on coptic christians that killed more than a 100 people. the measures allowed for arrests without warrants the swift prosecution of suspects and the establishment of special course. the chinese foreign minister has met members of the taliban government and cut off with the talks focusing on security and good governance. a spokesperson for the taliban says, wang ye express support for the afghan government and pledge humanitarian assistance. the meeting also focus on trade and investment between the 2 countries . china shares a narrow border with afghanistan and has previously urged the taliban not to provide a safe haven for terrorists. the un says afghanistan is on the brink of one of the
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world worst humanitarian crises, and the millions of children will die because of food shortages. the you and food program is asking world leaders to take action and unfreeze billions of dollars of frozen humanitarian donations. the un says nearly 23000000 people from afghanistan's population of 39000000 of food insecure that numbers and keep creased by 10000000 sis last month. afghans have been selling their belongings to buy food, and the taliban has also been unable to pay wages to civil servants. stephanie decker reports from couple count down 2 catastrophe and one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. if not the worse, those are the warnings from the world food programs executive director. if you look at the numbers over hoff voc aniston's population are facing severe food insecurities in this latest report, 22800000 people. $14000000.00 of those are children and also interestingly saying
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that for the 1st time urban areas, areas like cobble and the main cities are facing the same rate of food insecurities as the rural areas. there are various reasons for this, but the main one also recently compounded by the fact that the international community is withholding billions and billions of dollars of much needed money here everyone. we've spoken to whether they're civil servants under the taliban government taliban fighters, people who work in the health sector and nurses, people who work in centers of drug rehabilitation. they have not been paid their salaries and months. people do not have the cash to feed themselves. also recently a couple of weeks ago, even world food program saying that only 5 percent of households across the country are getting enough to eat so desperate time 0 really going to get worse with the onset of winter temperatures dropping below freezing. here it will snow it will be wet, and also the aid agencies warning that many people who are displaced will be cut off for much needed aid and russia. briefly. also quoting for the international
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community to release those funds. we've been talking to people here, one man yesterday telling us that this is not the money of the taliban. this is not isolate money. this is the money that belongs to the afghan people. and the situation is so desperate that they need to release it as soon as possible. and other news, a former facebook employee turned whistleblower has been giving evidence to you. k politicians, for instance, how again says the tech john has knowingly fed online hate and violence to maximize profits. her appearance could affect new rules for social networks in the u. k. well, we challenge reports. not frances, how going says she never wanted to be a whistleblower. but since leaving facebook with tens of thousands of internal documents earlier this year, her alarm call is being heard around the world. october the 5th us congress. october 25th, the u. k. parliament's, a message that is deeply critical of the way facebook is run. mark soccer bird is, has unilateral control over 3000000000 people. right?
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there is no will at the top to make sure the systems are run adequately same way. the systems francis, how good is most concerned about the algorithms promoting content to uses of the social media giants? i think lots of research the says that kind of ranking engagement based ranking prioritizes polarizing extreme divisive content. it doesn't matter for on the left or on the right, it pushes the to the extremes, and it fans have right anger. and he is the easiest way to grow on facebook. she says it's a system, this being abused. there is something called by reality hacking, where you figure out all the trips and how to optimize facebook and good actors, good publishers are already publishing all the content they can, they can do. but bad actors have an incentive to play the algorithm. facebook executives know this, says francis, how going? but the reason they haven't changed the algorithm is money. they think user engagement would decline, and with it add revenues. i think there is
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a view inside the company that safety is a cost, a cost center. it's not a hunter, which i think it's very short term and thinking us congress and regulators are investigating facebook. part of the deadly storming of the u. s. capital, an independent report commissioned by facebook, said it failed to stop the platform being used to incite ethnic violence in me and mar. so miss how god believes as a real world cost in lives, i have no doubt the traps like the events for scene around the world. things like me on martin if those are the opening chapters because engagement based ranking does 2 things. one prior prioritizing, amplifies divisive polarizing extreme content and to it's hyper concentrated in, you know, 5 percent of the population. and you only need 3 percent of the population on the streets to have a revolution. facebook says, much of the reporting is based on a false premise. yes, we're a business and we make profit, they say. but the idea that we do so at the expense of people safety or well being misunderstands where our own commercial interests lie. the truth is we've invested
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$13000000000.00 and have over $40000.00 people to do one job. keep people safe on facebook. but with a consortium of news organizations going over the thousands of pages of lead to internal memos, facebook crisis isn't over yet. re challenge. how does era? hundreds of companies and organizations rely on to us base computer systems are being hit by a new wave of russian cyber attacks. microsoft says it's notified more than $600.00 customers between july and october. but they've been a tax, but there's only a small number, was successful. it says the russian group behind last year solar winds attack is behind the assault that gave cyber critical criminals potential access to thousands of u. s. government and private computer networks. a cheerio has launched a digital currency just months after banning financial institutions from dealing in crypto. currencies is called e niagara and will operate like
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a wallet where customers can hold existing funds in their bank account. the central bank says it will be accessible to everyone like the physical narrow. am it interest reports from a boucher with after 3 would delay nigeria digital currency is now legal tender at its launch. president obama bahati says the ina, will i sharon opportunities or banks? customers and the country's economy visa, central bank, digital currencies can half move, or we more people and businesses from the info into the former sector there by creating the taxes of the country. i long say digital innovations center has been digital currency in for say, economy grows through better economy activities,
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about an hour after the launch. michaela called downloaded the app but says it didn't work. one would expect that if a government is rolling out on, on official platform, one would expect that it's been tried, it's been tested and it's running so much. so that of the, the launch, the launch itself would be like um, the 1st to probably city for its right. so when i log on after 40 minutes, and i'm not getting the of the, i says it gives me some level of concern. the government hopes this new virtual courtesy will also improve cross border trade, expend, accessed financial services, and increase remittances from elijah das properties. the central banks has more than 2000 customers registered within 24 hours of the narrow platform starting. not a great start when the banking population is more than 100000000 by deficiency, i expect to rise in the numbers using it in the near future. but ex was worn,
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that the central bank must provide confidence for customers, skepticism and weak infrastructure on the only challenge is facing the new digital currency nigeria central bank able to move 10 percent of more true transaction to the platform. it months to come. and in the se, not all financial institutions would like that. this is a really trait to the commercial bands, because if you move funds, they already india cost study to this in there. it means that this one has gone up of this house of this commercial bank, and i foresee a situation where commercial about we do. one of the things they asked of sublet tides is very process. almost half the country has no access to bank account. the central bank says this digital currency will change that by drawing millions of nigeria to banks. what are the initial skepticism greeting this launch? it's hard to say if the new digital current platform will succeed. why the
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traditional banking system has failed? ahmed it reese al jazeera apple j or than 243000000 people have been infected with corona virus since 2019. and almost 5000000 of them have died. the virus is also kind of sway through the world's economies. and with thousands of doses of vaccines administered every day as a hope of an end. but that's only if everyone has access as a global health summit in berlin is discussing dominic cane reports for almost 2 years. the world has been struggling to deal with the corona virus 1st with lock towns, masks, and social distancing. and then for much of this year, with the vaccine fil, before. now, in berlin, many of the world's top scientists, medics and ministers, are working through what they see is the next big challenges. debating what new measures to take against the virus with the continuing ability to mutate into more dangerous forms. we know that no vaccine is going to be 100 percent effective
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against infection, even optimal stuff. so you still have to take the other precaution like wearing of the mos maintaining the distance. still divided transmission around the world has gone down to the level that we feel comfortable. and so it's really very important for people, whether they receive to those of the vaccine all the time. those do not feel that they are 100 percent protected because they can still get infected and they can infect others as well. but in order to have a booster shot, the patient must 1st have been vaccinated. and some survey suggest there is an increasing gap in availability between developed and developing countries. with campaigners describing this is vaccine inequity. far more people in europe and north america have access to vaccines compared to those in africa. government made promises to share that scene, but only very little of that has actually been shared with a lot of promises on the table for by the end of the year. some of these promises
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were made in the middle of this year. i was just way too slow. people are dying in the 6 months that were waiting for promises to be fulfilled. some of those promises were made by the e. u and its member states here and the german capital. the government has faced some criticism for the speed of its aid response. ministers say they plan to give at least a $100000000.00 doses of vaccine to the needy countries. part of a wider you response of around 5 to 1000000 doses that are being made available. but that still leaves potentially billions of people waiting for a vaccine uncertain of how all, when it might come and vulnerable to the virus. while they wake. dominic cane al jazeera berlin, most more still to come. this our 10000 troops on their way to strengthen europe's border. but are they only the precursor to all one palestinian family can keep the
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roof over their head for now was in his ready court holds often an eviction decision. and in the end, bay unhappy fans of the brooklyn that's rally behind the star player on that story . later in schools. ah, hell i, we got fine weather across a good part if you're, but still plenty of storms rumbling away in the merits. right? some really nasty weather. they're still affecting our sicily pushing the southern part of italy biggest for the most part, find a dry high pressure in charge. there is a change on the way up towards the northwest where it's and windy weather garage pushing over to ward. so the british houses coming into ireland pushing across good part of the u. k. as we go through tuesday and on into wednesday. so we'll turn by the wet and windy here, common dry up towards those eastern path bits and pieces of cloud right around the
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baltic states and still very unsettled, more thunder downpours affecting central parts of the mediterranean, not just tuesday or so going on into wednesday. so this system does look somewhat stuck for the time being still pretty wet up towards a northwest. france looking good. we'll see some dry weather coming across the other low countries into germany. fight and drives warm sunshine there for good part of spain and portugal over the next couple of days. and finally, try to get part of north africa. we have got bits and pieces of cloud arranged, northerly bureau course up to was initially where we have got that disturbance in the mediterranean and still plenty of work, whether they're in 2 central areas of africa. still some heavy now balls across a good part of nigeria, midweek. ah, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain,
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a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors coming soon on out just era. in the next episode of planet s o s a head of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep underground and up into the air. get a new perspective of the changing face of the coal mining industry in poland. will report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wise in greece since created new problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather joy for planets as the west on al jazeera blue.
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ah, a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera sedans, military chief, has vowed to hold shadowed elections after dissolving the transitional, government, and declaring a state of emergency. the health ministry says 7 protest as have been killed by the army and large protests against the military. take over. the u. s. state department says it will suspend $700000000.00 of aid to sit down and response to the qu. egypt as joy, cat are france of the un envoy to sedan and calling for restraint. turkeys president says foreign diplomats must respect the country's laws if they want to remain. there is remarks follow a route between ankara and 10 ambassadors from western countries over a jailed activists. are more on our top story now,
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the military currency down and to understand what's happening now. it's important to look at the key events of recent years. in december 2018, thousands of people in the northeastern region of r, r a protested against high unemployment poverty and corruption. within days the anger spread to other cities, including the capital cartoon. in april, 2019, it reached a crescendo when the military remove present. omar bashir from office after nearly 30 years in power 4 months later and after claims of violence against protest as the military agree to form a civilian lead transitional government, which came into place a month later, led by prime minister abdullah humbug. this was supposed to lead to elections after 3 years, while abdul cully, it's iab, is a sudanese attorney based in bahrain. he says the military is.


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