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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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paloma knowledge is iraq, with no money bought in london, the top stories on al jazeera, the military is now empowered in sudan, and the declaration of a state of emergency brought an end to a government. it was meant to see in democracy free demonstrators have been killed in a day of protest within that, down apple shot and prime minister detained. the u. s. says it was suspend 700000000 dollars of age to sudan in response to the qu, hip morgan reports and caught him. i, after months of power, struggle with civilian leaders to dance general have stage a coup and imposed a state of emergency breaking up a fact,
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transitional government that has been leading the country homogeneous yoga, i think the garden, we dissolve the soften council and the cabinet and we put an end to the mass jobs and under secretaries, and the state governors will revise everything and will take decisions to watch everything. ah general hans, as the military had to intervene to and political and fighting with a cross to dan. this fury tens of thousands of men and women converging on the street to show their anger against the fed and military takeover. i didn't have an urgent call to all sudanese civilians who want to protect the revolution. what the military is doing is a betrayal to all citizens on all fronts. it is the duty of all civilians to move and to block all roads outside to prevent any military force to move right now, all of us must unite to show the truth. i think i was the hey, now the return of the old regime is impossible,
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no matter what the excuses or the justifications the return is impossible. this is the 1st statement of the people, women and men are refusing any kind of fraud on democracy and civil society. the military has arrested several civil in members of the transitional government and moved prime minister, abdullah ham built to an undisclosed location fronting global concerns that you is very concerned about. sedans, military forces reportedly putting, ah, prime minister, hum, duck under house arrest. and as well as detaining other members of the civilian leadership. and we urge for their fast relief ah, included the pro democracy forces of freedom and change coalition. born out of the 2018 uprising that out, that long time leader omar bashir has called for protests and strikes to resist the coo division between the military and civilian side of the transition. government widened after last month failed to attempt by forces loyal to receive both sides,
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blame each other for lo reforms. a worsening economic crisis, poverty and corruption. many people are angry, but some of writing the news of the military take over a coalition of political parties has been teaching assistant in front of the presidential palace for more than a week or the military to take control its members. they, some of those who participated in the 2018 uprising against the government have not been listened to. the military have been key to creating the conditions for this discord in security. and certainly in congress to given that the bar hon is in many ways. and since we had a state in this hybrid transitional arrangement and those who have been part of this, this movement to push the government out are themselves key members of government. so any criticism of government performance is very much self criticism. i think the hard one gains of the pro democracy uprising have not led to the reforms. many people thought force and now with more political upheaval,
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the nation is once again on the edge. he but morgan august era cartoon took as president rush of time and says, no foreign diplomat can remain in the country unless they respect turkish law. his remarks follow around with 10 ambassadors from western countries over at jail, businessman and activists. they issued a joint statement, calling for the release of osman corolla whose charge over a failed coo egypt president abdul. fossil cc, has lifted the country state of emergency. he made the announcement in a facebook post egypt 1st impose the state of emergency in 1980, and most recently in 2017 following a series of deadly church bombings. the measures allowed for rest without warrant the swift prosecution of suspects and establishment of special court. those were the top story, stay with us for the program blood, and t is french dealer compromise. zation is coming. ah
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mm ah, crimes once had an empire covering enormous areas of the world and millions of people. but after the 2nd world war, the countries had colonized began to demand a french withdrawal and south rule france did not want to let go, and was drawn into terrible wars. in indo china, madagascar, and algeria, syria and lebanon were granted independence. and trouble similar in sub saharan africa and the caribbean. however, france could simply not hold back the tide. and the 7 year war and indo china ended
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in a humiliating defeat. north africa was next. and both to misha and morocco left the french union, while the battle for algeria raged on. this is the story of the end of one of the largest in pies the world as ever seen. and how the blood and tears shed decades ago, a still felt in the world today. ah ah, by the summer of 1956, the war in algeria had been going on for nearly 2 years. french troops met the forces of the national liberation front, the evelyn with all mighty force and inflicted huge losses. the evelyn needed to regroup and to try and regain the initiative. it completely change its
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strategy. it took the war to the very heart of the capitol, algiers. and in september 1956. it planned an attack that would have far reaching in suitable la la pepper. he longmont at least assembled. jimmy's bow. katy concrete, a play. leslie, guam gab monty, i'll soon ha those tito, to. and if we can don't city your whole new vo, lady becky, over new york city. ha! don't palmer's up. keep the don't we'll leave to swell up. loose way tim of let me grab city lou. go hong, let's see dungy, kitty dollar, who pies, bell e city all the while. people player when they offer me machine glass e mail. mom, they're mostly that done, young, less direct costs healthy from see me alternative pleasant baker,
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or sat the plas lucian, to share his law, which i did these. she did do a 3rd of all the clue. no more like least show her lam warm her de la bomb he in the shadow on julius car exclaimed, death knell beneath this is his hot tea ah machine to push to you? tin wise repelled. you imagine, gosh, as formula sheet and python, this is near produced detwiler's, new new bow a decay a year may, may a death whose shock enamel on the path. he cook us from soft in my booth. she completely in that quicker pottery most have a desk. will deep alex please, your kim, what to do the holy communion phone. me can wasn't much on the back on,
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on julie excuse. you all have a complete a there. 11th of birth to depict that she'd you must, who are her members to put out no city to push is all on did the work t. c, the hot wall? lemon law really quickly hush millenniums. who g bear on a hazel algiers was the most french of old algerian cities and had never experienced such a violent attack. several people were killed and doesn't injured, including children. ah, lisa tampa. so camille, just to the victim inpatient chilly. mit silva, sonya name apo. oh, good bob. bob de la cook her father not only colonial or lead levia shore it
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actually doing up on w lan shelter t, the tulip on there as she cooler fennel nod, ashanna shaka issued provalshie showed up, well, actually with the french authorities retaliated. and in january 1957, the announce marshall law and ordered paratroopers a suite b arab old town. the casbah the battle of algiers had begun. a felon leaders fell one after the other as the paratroopers arrested and then tortured them. ah, his uncle, my vehicle for you? well i do. um, it says fun depot 0. well busy, but i yelled at the game for fiscal would issue out more than you wanted. you don't
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oh, to dodge said, been, you know, shorter than it is rule knocked on it, horses are, isn't all secreted out all her by pon, pon is omitted. her ear demanded the momentum. going percy, bells, halsey, imogen bearing are you not res jones? though he says, even your becker drew good, remiss it's too early either immediately or if he comes to complain about he's on the morning or not. this one he knows. yeah. he can do is john can ha e bally buttons him. he pavilion. oh no. we have the dog, dylan, p, l daughter, oriental trip, bishop dishwasher dr. else miserable diona dot b. not or do called out to her bill knocked on. you're gonna have to leave she bertha, lucre. a shot or more coverage of a vol. gosh cooper, to sean. all through a regular vancouver. it wishes fit dog celebrities. later to see she sung
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generically, she daveille fletcher brought on genevieve priscilla don't yell the french army knew it could behave, however, it light because it would be supported by the french authorities. regardless, the number of ethylene attacks decreased and its leadership was gradually eliminated. among the arrests was the milk bard bomber. zora address is a p l, a p. bullshit the if on behaviors who he p asia feels hipaa, these are the ala paul de la. dr. really for deal. okay. any theory? it is a premier and english more soberly book. every good me call? no. as twixt all cook up on it. the other thing. if elliot pointed to near flat dr
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. pond on caesar, maxima, basketball, marcia talkative tear, shall she took the class? he proceed on. yes, earlier he there, mom pu huntley left the but the crackdown in algiers also triggered a french crisis of conscience. intellectuals like housewife maria openly expressed their outrage despite media censorship. the french people could no longer close their eyes, torture would damage frances reputation at home and abroad, permanently. ah, c, algerian war continued. it provoked a major political and constitutional crisis. a may 1958. charles de gaulle was brought back as prime minister, and he immediately terminated the 4th french republic. only 3 days after taking
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power. he flew to algiers. ah, he said, daddy's algeria is dead. and if we don't understand it, we'll die with of he'll get hauled again. de la, this is all sole little man or mill mill told her to go to seek a cautious last year of enamel to play or told of the whole 50 more. i finished. well, mit become about me. oh, in front of a huge crowd. the gold gave one of his most famous speeches, but also one of the most ambiguous. in
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searcy hear back from his form, it was a complete. i lost, i can't issue la fontose. i saw i saw pushy. i like have taken ref. okay. if you're not with my luck, i think like, ah to see will see that g. d coolant cookie. cellular. still no jelly to sure. he's just to call the cuckoo salus high glare. good fellas, dominique will have yellow upon ah, the goal words to bring the evelyn to the negotiating table. and he freed prisoners and announced the major economic development plan while maintaining military flesh. many
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algerians believed in him, including the worsley, sosa dazzled, series in the french army on the 23rd of october, 1958. the gold took a historic step by calling the evelyn for what he called repay the peace of the brave hurry n bailey bob b. b, j. your doorstep, us all. good. okay. or do releford were say if you don't like you aren't all humility, us your i'll funny enough. all right. formula bid them have to fill quo and converse handle sit here on co lift horses, low hope beer. she vanilla pill law school nurses,
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italy colo stitching him electoral, the police the f l. n. fort on to separate the evelyn and ordinary people. the french colonial authorities moves nearly a quarter of the algerian population into camps over 2000000 people in shocking conditions. for a young socialist graduate, michelle holcomb went to algeria and wrote a report on the camps which was leaked to the press. it forced the government to urgently release funds to feed the entire population and care for the weakest. ah, the evelyn meanwhile was in terrible shape. it's leadership decimated and it's 2 numbers half. but it remains resolute despite the prospect of yet more bloodshed.
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algeria monopolized the goals attention, but he realized he also had to deal with the future of sub saharan africa. it's overseas, the bottom all and polynesia ah, in 1958, he embarked on a major african tore to try and avoid the disintegration of what was left of french africa. his plan was to unite the colonies into a community of states under french control through a referendum 1st off, madagascar, to a warm welcome. then on to ivory coast with the leaks in fed, one ye control political life on frances behalf. ah, in madagascar in ivory coast, the goal had nothing to fear. there was
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a glitch in guinea. however, where secretary spoke his mom. i had, they did learn to read your opinion with the goal was humiliated and again, in the senegalese capital dot com, where placards calling for immediate independence put the goal for once on the back flips. good, got a dog with them. but despite these protests, french colonial africa generally rallied to the goals. com. although france was accused of electoral fraud and of neutralizing opponents. in the referendum only guinea voted no to the new colonial french community. on the 2nd of october,
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1958, guinea became the 1st french colony in sub saharan africa to gain independence a. but denise independence triggered a rapid chain reaction. other african countries also started demanding full independence. the goal realized that he was losing control, and that is great dream of the african union was dying. 1960 was a year of great change. in less than 10 months, 15 new african states joined the movement for independence. for many africans from a members of the french parliament, now governs their own country. like phillips who fed why ne, in ivory coast only opposed it, ask things are in seneca, africa experienced
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a collective euphoria of freedom. hope enjoy. ah. when you do this good. um id love you dial it in. oh go. moon bell. sure knows all shirt. madonna. doug, give you the darla bow. barry mission . me not to to get you know connected didn't one. we are harlan gambling, the thumb. toma. well, i got,
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you got a lot of thunder drift. could they fall it over to let you fly to within a th? ah, france had no choice but to let go of his once glorious empire in sub saharan africa. only a handful of territories remained. and there to nationalist movements were increasingly gaining ground. in algeria, things were different. the french didn't even officially refer to the conflict as a war, but simply as events. however, this nameless war now entered is final and most violent fees to goal had already given way to the next level in sub saharan africa. and when he spoke on the 4th of november 1960, he knew that the days of french algeria were numbers, e o 3 elected a whole j,
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we'll is say dish. she de also know this relies from a new book. yes remark, audrey, no. oh no more, do not really bother me papa. all said miss anna julie again. the 132 year link between france and algeria was about to be broken. anxiety spread among the french living in algeria. today, bus fuels. i talked to steve at all, but he had you komatsu oscar santiago more barely did you stick jimmy? no. when you go back to your store bar house of jackal said, it's a to ha dollar for me. every dish could choice. jenny me? oh, chris kenney mim and the divide is pretty, pretty chicken ah french people who wanted desperately to stay in algeria went on the offensive. in february 961,
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they founded the secret army organisation. the o a s o s attacks over several months were violent and bloody in algeria and in france. on the 18th of june, 1961, the o. s. bombed the strasbourg to paris express, killing 24 people. france went into shock. the goal had thought the algerian situation was under control, but it was slipping from his grasp. france was at the mercy of the combined threat of the o. e. s. and algerian, evelyn and the police in paris began to take the law into their own hands. on the 17th of october, 1961, they attended a peaceful ethylene demonstration near the shahan metro station in eastern paris with bloody consequences. that dark night,
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the police killed gillian demonstrators and through their bodies into the river. since the death toll remains unknown, but some algerian estimate say, over $200.00 people were killed for the french government, something had to be done. the goal is leadership and the f. l. n. had been negotiating the basis for algerian independence for some time in the spa town of a valuable center, w to go. he also sold reducing a fee of you deuces will need to dispute your senior years as you see legal assembling to do well from if you need bond on to through i have your li medicine, li, memphis. this is all what we are they glued on at this modality? drill? who's got it up, let me do these remarks. simila sauce was on to do. well, i didn't get your process was you did um, should we drugs through d, miss your i complete the a via accords were more than a year in the making. the $93.00 page agreement included clauses about francis
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military rights in the sahara. in return, the evelyn's demands for self determination were accepted along with a package of financial and economic aids. but in the cafes of the shores easy, the regions focus on the headline ceasefire. a lot of these are called if you're interested for digital buff, body shop lead. you can't go wrong, does it? your 15 i'm on been sitting been when of course both feel equal. the veneer she knew but the violence took a new turn. the o. e s. stepped up, it's a time to time sabotaged the if ya course. the goal is government, however, would not tolerate the toys violence. and on the 26th of march, 1962 shooting broke out on the streets of algiers. the french army, fired on
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o. yes. supportive o 80 o s support has died in these clashes with french police for the colonial settlers in algeria. it was a very deep wound indeed. they finally realize that they no longer belong in the new algeria. blue algerian independence was not simply the end of a political iraq on a human level. the lives of many thousands of people were turned upside
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down. ah, a big lake near attract tourists and underpins the local economy. thousands depend on its precious. so i'll just hear a world explorer, the major environmental issues above and below the surface. the threatened lake reckless, very existence. center goals briefly on al jazeera lead us from the world's biggest economists will convene in rome this month to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all ice will also be on the g twenty's response to the climate emergency. can they find a way to prioritize the planets, health? oh, good gdp, special coverage on al jazeera. we know what's happening. i region,
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we know have them get to places that others in off. if i, as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, i'm the banker here in london with the top stories on al jazeera. the military is now empower in sudan after the declaration of a state of emergency brought an end to a government that was meant to see in democracy. the general who led the takeover says he had to act with growing protests, a sign that the country was in time or 3 demonstrators have been killed in a day of protests with ins that down apple shot and prime minister detained egypt. his joint cut off france and b u. n. envoy to sedan and calling for restraint in sudan and the us state department.


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