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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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ah, hello again. this is these are from al jazeera adrian frequently with you here in dough. how the headlines. there's been a qu in sudan where the military chief has dissolved the government and declared a state of emergency abdul father. elbow han says that he acted to rescue a country in turmoil, and the elections will still happen as scheduled in 2023. large numbers of people have been out on the streets, pro democracy groups called for peaceful resistance to the qu, several civilian leaders and the government have been detained, including private, esther abdullah. and in other news, the un says that afghanistan is on the brink of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. it's warning the millions of afghans could die due to food choices. israel supreme court has postponed a decision on an appeal by a palestinian family against forced eviction from their home and occupied east jerusalem. the du wake family. and so one is one of
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a 100 families that could lose their homes because of eviction suits. bro applies really settlers, a law enacted by the cadets. it allows jews, but not palestinians to reclaim land lost in the 1948 or out his ear is hotter. abdul hamid has more for outside the court in western islam. what happened here is that the family of today's hearing has submitted to the court document showing that its own that house in san juan since 1965 at the time occupied east jerusalem was under control of the jordanians. and they had purchased it from douglas, georgia. indian custodian at the time, now fast forward to 2002, that's when the 2nd organization decided that actually that lad belonged to a jews. because back in the 19th century, at the end of the 19th century, under the ultimate empire, that land belonged to
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a jewish endowment that had put it at the service of do help out gemini jews who were in poverty. it is an extremely complicated case, really to understand, but this is exactly what happened. not only for the families to debbie today that concerned with this year, but it by, by and large, many families in occupied east jerusalem and actually in other parts of israel. so certainly what will happen eventually what the judge will decide whether it's in a few days, weeks or months, will set the tone for many other families. but what we have been searing seeing actually over the past month, whether it's here over this hearing course and one or the previous hearing a few months ago. push a rock is that see the record is being hesitant of it coming up with a final decision simply because of the charge atmosphere in jerusalem because of
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the political aspect of this case. and because tensions are so high that they can flare up at any time by jerry has lost a digital currency only amongst shelter at bob banks and financial institutions from dealing with crypto currencies. the central bank of nigeria said that the country named in iraq will operate as an electronic wallet. thanks. governance says that he wants to make the inquiry accessible to everyone like cache worn out from al jazeera, as i would address, who joins us live from a boucher what's the thinking behind this? but it's not as if the in ira is going to have any more buying power than the regular dyrock. so why would people want to use it? exactly. yeah, andrea basically they, according to the government, the officials. yeah, i mean the president of the central bank or the minister finance, they feel that the data will cut the cost of banking in this country and facilitate trade. not only nigeria, but across the world, especially dias for him, remy,
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texas, which of course the central bank is encouraging nigeria, living abroad to send me that dollars with extra cash above the exchange rate here in the country. now this is the idea behind it, and it's also given the government platform to raise its taxes. this is a country that's struggling with revenues and it has a lot on the fleet and look for an extra view of the government sees another opportunity to raise revenues. and it's also trying to say that this will ease transactions among individual corporate organizations and anybody transacting banking in this country. however, there are concerns about how these this will work. already we understand the thousands of applications or thousands of downloads have been met by individuals eager to see how this works. but again, there are security concerns, especially in the countries in a country where financial fraud is still
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a major concern in nigeria. now also worries about accessibility. the government wants to make sure that at least 10 percent of the current bank holdings are transferred into these e commerce or a wallet, as they call it, the ira now will, ah, traditional banks agree to that. that is a very interesting a proposal. people are watching closely to see how these banks will react to this. apart from that, we also have access to internet. how many people in this country have access to internet to do all these online transactions successfully and seamlessly? there are concerns about that as well. now, like i said earlier, that i also concerns about online transactions, about security and how easily some hackers can easily access. somebody's account through these applications out there, as i would address reporting live from a budget of many thanks, did around 2000000 people in kenya are facing starvation as
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a long lasting drought effects crops. the government has declared a national disaster. i'm 0 is catherine sawyer reports now from ne, in kenya, in this part of what you are county, there's nothing left to eat for a black man. hussein up these remaining cattle. nearly every day he wakes up to this. his animals are wasting away and dying from hungering disease. he said he's prized pull the wood on a good day, cost around $700.00. does not have long to leave either. most of the animals, he, a ne, in kenya are in poor condition. his desperate and low low to read a higher part of a ball on if we're struggling of $700.00 cattle for 3 families to this. only 300 left there malnourished. the ones that appear healthy, just drop. i'm not sure what's affecting them in another village. many kilometers away, shabanni soc, is just getting back home from
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a 4 hour track to fetch water for his family and the sheep and goats. he desperately needs to keep alive, bad and dying livestock scatter. he's compound a lot, a lot. for 7 months we've been fetching water from very far away, the malnutrition rates continue to rise. children are receiving emergency food supplies from 8 agencies. eric mas lakin, our children are affected, they get sick. often. we hope to get more food for them. many people are suffering from the drought. the local government is distributing hey, nutritional livestock pallets, as well as transporting water to the most remote villages. but the need is to great haydn's from different communities across the region come to watering point such as this one to share the resource. but because of the drought, the water is running low, so is pasture, and government officials, talis, there of alarms. the drought in part of kenya wasn't by climate change. has been
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declared a national disaster here in what year? partially stelis. it has not rained for the last 2 years where the caster say the current short rings will not help much the food security currently there. in the 3rd phase, sir, will be caller critical. and the for we may not receive an adequate drain. val in the coming few days, then that definitely is not something we can handle as a county. the resources we have is very limited times are hard even for the most resilient of animals. rare, while species found only in this part of the country. also succumbing to hanger, dust, and exertion. back in the village, a black man was seen tells us he's helpless as he watches his animals die every day . catherine saw you al jazeera,
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what year ne kenya investigators in haiti of so far failed to trace a group of north american missionaries who were kidnapped 10 days ago. church leaders say the increasingly worried about their safety. attacking religious institutions of previously considered off limits by criminal gangs, but they've now become lucrative targets. marinello reports from haiti's capitol. it's early morning in puerto prince and worshippers dressed in their sunday best are on their way to church as a wave of violent crime groups. the city many are praying for divine intervention against criminal gangs who are fighting for control over haiti's capital. religious leaders tell us, even places of worship have become a target for kidnappers. like we know with our church that has been exposed because we are right there on the streets once. a week ago, they tried to kidnap a member of our church by the grace of god, she ran why,
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so we all have been affected, but what is going on in the country? oh, so far this year at least 40 church members have been kidnapped in haiti. this includes 17 missionaries associated with a us based christian charity, who were abducted last weekend by a group called 400 miles. one of the cities most dangerous gangs. ah, rare services across town. now count on added security measures like barbed wire fences and even metal detectors to screen for danger. this street in downtown port prince leads to a church and on sunday morning. so security guards block off the exits using motor vehicles and they keep a close watch on every one who crosses the ropes. the efforts are to prevent kidnappers from driving up to the doors of the church and abducting the pastor in just the 1st 8 months of the year, close to 800 people were kidnapped in the country. and the u. n. is pointing to another alarming trend. a dramatic increase in the number of women and children
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being targeted killings can take place at any given time of the day or the night. and anywhere it sometimes takes place a whole industry as whole or even in churches. so there is no safe place for children and more, and we really see that criminal games are using children increasingly as marketing shoes. it's an increasingly lucrative business in the hands of the criminal guys. this man who has asked us to hide his identity is a kidnapping survivor. he tells al jazeera that he still lives with the trauma. the experience and worries that it could happen again as insecurity continues to grow and feel at novel mouthful. was medical until the odd and pick up the problem inside your la at la to have to figure out for them to get nothing. i don't think marker out. good, good luck, nickel. going to hear more than a 100. addictions have been recorded in the country in october alone. haiti
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currently has the highest kidnapping rate in the world per capita. many hearsay violence has grown beyond the ability for authorities to control. ah, and that the last place they have left to find solace is in the mercy of god. manuel rap a low al jazeera puerto prince. it's been 7 years since eric garner uttered the words i can't breathe because he was dying under the choke hold of a new york police officer. gone has case that to a national movement against police violence in the u. s. a. read judicial inquiry is getting underway. looking into how his death was handled on to serious gabriel alexander reports now from new york. eric gardener was unarmed, and by all accounts, minding his own business. when new york police officers accused him of selling loose cigarettes outside a convenience store, daniel pen to leo, one of the officers on seen, put gardener in a cho, cold,
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and prohibited under department use of force guidelines. and that led to the death of the 46 year old father of 6, a grand jury decision not to charge pen to leo sparked nationwide protests, gardeners dying words. i can't breathe, became a national rallying cry against police brutality. 5 years later, pennsylvania was fired from the new york police department, and the city settled a wrongful death claim, with gardener's family for several $1000000.00. but 7 years on gardener's mother, gwen carr says there is still work to be done. there is no justice for eric, eric is gone, but we still need closure and closure. what look like to me? if all those offices who was involved in my son's death that day, stand accountable. and there was transparency and which we know all of that was try
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and tried to be hidden. a judge granted when cars request to hold a judicial inquiry into her son's death. such inquiries are very rare. the last time one was held here in new york was over a 100 years ago, and it's not a trial. there will not be a jury, and nobody will be found guilty or innocent when it's over. but it's a way for lawyers to question powerful people that dealt with gardener's death and a way to get a public record of who knew what, when and why certain decisions were made. in a setback to the gardener family, the judge decided new york mayor bill de blasio does not have to testify saying he can instead submit a written statement. despite being directly named in the inquiry, one of the critics said that reasoning undermines the very point of what the inquiries meant to address transparency. how do we whole our public leaders accountable if they're allowed to just submit statements, right?
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when you're named on a case and you're not being called to be active, participating, vocal and under sworn oh, it's a pass. the city fought against holding an inquiry, arguing it was unnecessary. a spokesperson for the city's lawyers declined to request for an interview. gabriel's ando al jazeera new york turkeys presidents is welcomed remarks by 10 western embassy saying that they respect the laws of his country by chup topper to wanted earlier said that the ambassadors must be declared persona non grata or stripped of that diplomatic status and immunity that was in response to the u. s. and others issuing a joint statement calling for the release of the jail businessman osman cobbler. the embassies tweeted and re tweeted that they abide by diplomatic conventions not to interfere in a host countries. internal affairs, amnesty international says that it's closing it's 2 offices in hong kong because it
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can't guarantee the safety of its workers. the human rights group says that a national security law imposed by bay ging makes it impossible for a staff to work without fear of reprisals from the government. the laws been used to target pro democracy protest as civil society groups, and dissidence. a report from amnesty international is criticizing the bangladesh government for what it calls a crackdown on freedom of expression. the group says that a special cyber law has been used to target dissenting voices, including journalists and artists out serious tongue via child re reports from docker. la steer, political cartoonist, ahmed kabir, ki sure, and 10 others were arrested. they were accused of criticizing the bangladesh governments response to quote 19, after 10 months in jail fisheries. now out on bail, i'm of the longer the same. i could never imagine that one day i would be facing jail terms and torture,
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just for drawing political cartoons and making critical comments. we're going through a time when they are trying to break an artist, brush and writers pen. this is not the kind of bundled dash we jumped of the digital security act that was used to arrest people like he sure was passed 3 years ago. it gives the government wide ranging powers to search, find an arrest anyone without a warrant. hundreds of dissenting voices, including young students, have been charged and detained on that this law. the last resort for an accused is to seek justice in bangladesh as high as coat in a verdict wrenched in march this year, the chief justice of bangladesh cautioned a man it cuz violating the digital security act that there would be no consideration for bail for people who tires the image, a bang of that in any way too many. a that interpretation of law was both vague and discouraging. after 53 dre, mr. his disappearance for the journalist shuffle, islam cudgel was found blindfolded and tied up near the indian border. his son
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pollock says his father was subsequently arrested and is on bail now facing trials . my father's journalist is now facing tv because if we take cases against him in one of them out of the $32.00 accused, he's the only one still being charged by the other. 31 names have bingo. this says it's all about what we're going to government admits the legislation has not worked perfectly, but it's law minister say steps would be taken to make sure no one can be arrested before the end of an investigation. we have see, you misuse it, piece of the digital psycho in here and we are having a dialogue with the united nations. hi felicia for human rights office in geneva so that we can understand the best practices and all of the work. and we would like to stop at the misuse and the abuse of a cam. why does amman was a professor, bangladesh of national university. he was sacked last year after
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a post on social media about the prime minister, his exile fearing prosecution. under the digital act. the current government is faithful of the general public. they don't tolerate any kind of descent or free speech that would inspire people to rise up. they used section 57 under the i c t act to terminate me from my job and sent me to jail. in recent years, at least 10 editors of national and regional daily's and online news platforms have faced legal charges under the cyber law. according to amnesty international, many now resort to self censorship. despite the mass protest and criticism from human rights groups after the mysterious death of the writer much the government in custody, the government has refused to revoke the act. but in a year when the nobel peace prize was awarded to 2 journalist, many here believe the use of the digital security act threatens the rights and
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freedoms they're guaranteed under their constitution than we children. al jazeera, dr. an american rental company has ordered 100000 electric cars from tesla. it's the biggest order in long asks companies ever received a $4000000000.00 deal we'll give hurts the largest electric vehicle fleet and north america. each tesla model or cost $40000.00. the rental company we'll take full delivery of the cars by the end of next year. greenhouse gas emission has reached a record high again last year puts the world far behind its climate change goals. according to the world meteorological organization, it found that the rise was higher than average over the last decade. just i had here on out sir, and sport we hear from one of all i got a soul shaws for my majesty eliza, teammates about the clubs crisis. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with with mm
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pool. ah a ton of sports his for adrian. thank you so much. all again, our soldier admits new manchester united have hit rock bottom falling there. 5 mill thrashing by liverpool. bought the new region has vowed not to give up a loss with united heaviest, defeated old trafford against the reds and leaves in 7th and the primary league 8 points off the top from u. k. bookies. that means soldier. their favorite to be the next, primarily coach to be fired. a 48 year old has been managing united for nearly 3 years and is yet when them
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a major trophy course is the worst feeling the you feel rock bottom cuz this, this is the worst of in the lowest of i've been. but us upset and i expect there is i accept the responsibility and not that is mine today and it's mine going forward. we've been speaking to for a man just united goalkeeper mark boss edge, he says is a former old trafford teammate, has 3 games to save his job and told us who he feels would be the ideal replacement . these next 3 games taught them away a kilometer away and match day for the champions league. and also mentioned the city at home, right before the international reich. i got to be absolutely crucial. this whole period would be crucial. so if looking at it from the outside point of view, it's very difficult to say because as an ex teammate a such a good man, he was an excellent player and you want him from the bottom my heart to do so well . and you know, you want to be as loyal as you can,
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but you've got to be loyal to the club as well in terms of the fact that this cannot go on. and i really do believe that these next 3 games will tell a story in itself, in which case that if i happen to lose the 3 games, maybe even 2 out of the story, which is a huge possibility that there will be a big chance that come to international break, that there will be a change from the top of my head, i would get his anything down. he's had experience before the top club and being successful. the course one of the greatest players that play. so that would give you, you know, norma's crude awesome respect in terms of you know, in terms of the dressing room in the united states, fans have been routing around and be stark. hiring irving. he's been sidelined from his team for refusing to get vaccinated. the presidency has tried to storm the barclay center and brooklyn had been that's home game. on sunday, the team announced the head of the season about the 7 time all star would not be
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able to play or practice with an ad until we vaccinated more than 700000 people and died from colgate related complications in the us. while irving was definitely missed on courses, and that was their home opener to charlotte hornets. kevin duran, for 38 points for brooklyn were played in the 2nd half the last 11195 to the warning. we definitely want carry or not. you're on the floor and he's a huge part of what we do. but it's not happening right now, so we gotta figure it out. but nobody lose confidence while we plan and hold carry, come and say was during the game. huh. we got to play over an alley, the lakers sealed their 1st when of the season. lebron james ford 19 points and the game against the memphis grizzlies, but it was carmel. anthony who led with 28 help the alley team to 121. to 118 when you know, we kind of get the monkey of our a birds with the wood
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a when i regards to a road for bell, where we fill out both these warnings too. so i just gonna start off know that there's wine beer, a momentum boost to force max for shop and has extended his lead in the formula one championship after winning the united states grand prix. red bull driver started on pool, but was overtaken at the start by lose. hamilton grabbed the lead on lap 13 after hamilton made his 1st pit stop. the dutchman took the checkered flag ahead of hamilton by 1.3 seconds shop and now leads to championship. by 12 points, we did go aggressive and i was not sure it was going to work with her. yeah, the last 2, lots of fun. i'm sorry. sorta dies her high speed corners rather to grab your voice, strangle gave it up to the everything. but at the end of the day, they just, they just had of hand this weekend and we've been really awesome. all that. a big,
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big thank you to, to my team for you know, great pit stops great. how worked throughout the weekends and what an amazing crowd and tom brady has become the 1st and f l player to throw 600 career touchdown passes. december bay buccaneers quarterback accomplished the feat during his team's $3083.00 thrashing of the chicago bears the 44 year old, leaving the venting super bowl champions to their 4th street. when so many guys play great tonight, the running back sway. great. the line played phenomenal anytime you always have churn yards, russian defense was incredible. receivers did a good job on so you know, just wish i had a couple better throws, but other than that, it was great when. okay, and that is august work now back to you entering far. how many thanks indeed, we'll see you again. a one story dominating the news today. here on al jazeera, the head of saddam's military has launched a qu, dissolving the fractured council that have been leading the country. the prime
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minister has been moved to an on the location. that's it from the news all, but i'll be back to update you on the very latest from saddam in just a few moments here, sir. ah, talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies, one tedious not hopeful covered 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of humans so that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera lanita is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop $26.00 climate summit al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency. witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the west report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having
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a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been filling affected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate horizon temperatures, appealing a water war in the us out is there a well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources. the green takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community. up front hits are demanding environmental accountability. with language emergency, a season of special cup act on al jazeera, global food production is wasteful and it's training our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jellyfish is delicious with a very light c food taste and texture seminars, calamari, and innovative production techniques. and i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in
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a restaurant half to say this is great. earth rises feeding the billions on a jessina all be the hero, the world needs right. ah, washer for ah. ready bad of sedans, military launch is a crew, dissolving the friendship councils that has been leading the country. ah, hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is al jazeera life window house are coming up. the country's prime minister abdulla hom dock has been moved to another location after refusing to issue a statement in support of the military's actions. ah, the protest is denouncing the dimensions of fill the streets some of been met with


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