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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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g escalades hoping that his counter ports would, you know, sort of take a step back or tone down or offer engagement. and you can find much more on our website or the latest on that breaking news out of sedan. but the military has arrested circle sybil. ministers and officials, including the prime minister al jazeera dot com ah type of question. the headlines here on al jazeera saddam's information ministry says a number of ministers and officials have been detained by the military, including the prime minister, abdullah ham doc. protest leaders are calling on people to take to the streets to resist what they say is a military coup. meanwhile, sounds military has restricted internet services in the capital. cartoon. bridges and roads have been close to the international airport has reportedly been shut down out as areas. even morgan is falling developments from car to what we do is
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that it's $383.00 hasn't been erected. we also know that the public to come back to pavilion member of the body that effectively the president, the oxycodone has been arrested. now it come up in light of countries between the 2 . if i've been more than a week, probability in front of the potential ballot, demanding that prime minister on the la dissolved cabinet. because a fraction of people really has that back. the current government and the current really coalition is not included everyone who took part in the revolution, but she dcfs military has carried out more strikes and a northern tegra region. the government says if targeted rebel facilities and admired sabri, fighting has been going on for almost a year. but as strikes by ethiopia as military increased over the past week. and that's for the united nations to cease human as you're in flights to the regional capital mcclay. columbia government says the leader of the country's biggest drug
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cartel will be x drive to the u. s. duran, tanya, or saga, better known as, or tanya was captured in a raid on saturday. the u. s. offered a reward of $5000000.00 for information leading to his arrest to accuses him a smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine with billions of dollars. libya's electoral commission says candidate registration for december's elections will begin next month. but the 2 rifle legislative houses have yet to decide on how the vote will work. a peace deal struck last year means both must agree on a political framework before the elections can take place. and they're just 2 months away. so those are the headlines that is, continues, he announces era after this is europe stated, thanks a lot by far ah
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a mother. yeah. get home. all that is you still fish or you got it and you do. well, if i always a push, there i go on the shell with. i mean fists and some will tire. mm mm. which might be low, seventies are necessarily just, you know,
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is david just got his courtesy pacino's got him. chevy voltage initials and he gets you a collision. some of the finishes go. first of all, satellites settle michelle's at which you must. you may want to do the tables your prison on. if you more could you shall, and you must on to me all really cost. i think kevin got more of a limb to jelic musket willis, city level collision pieces. premier video yoseph, the doctor, the phonics question were approved. got you on that list of possible, katya cuba, county dakota? 16 to georgia on the what? you all boy, all the cable shortly muley thought that if you do all this is permitted to do the de fossil barrett 15 on book you have about placing pool is all way of elk. when the clusters for the decline, you have a good catch. you live,
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you do as usual. people beaufort really did philosophy. mm. see? oh boy. on to ski's person. on more of a glove law feller de macola feel feel ah they don't listen to no b,
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all keep middle plus is energy. well, michelle comes on ha, religion from kosovo from phillip with his b. c on this, let me see for a full full jalisa june a i think 2016 model. of course. that just keeps your long clue. the journalist. yes. so she can feel free to where should you were often, but it was built in
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one plus one. so when i was, if you, when you think on the 12 ball so, so 2012, so no more played on one unit. you know, we celebrate up good is i tony pile up nippon opportunity the next few minutes. you want to keep the feel as good as you need a for the positive because, you know, we're the one for the month. the rest on jack told us also can join us. it was, you know, it is, i don't suppose you also gonna make it on what you're in some good dancing. don't want to proceed about going to or yeah, monday, a budget if you fail will know. so no 2nd fail continue. i'll jump these, all the push, the least few molecular. he'll sit, although i don't,
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i mean to develop a with with my mostly much the problem. did you want like assume a bus to measure just was not just you fail or if you don't to i mean mass bar code . yeah. did you meet off? i don't really know that you could is up on those are i want you to, i need to much school with cream 1st. it it go on really doesn't matter. just get your icon at the level you l mental countries on
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the bus. but young the young it over to bush, could he miss on show? so that's really more yeah, yeah, here in there, i don't what i tell them when they want to say i strongly next close. you know, a way that most of you know what you would if you're still not set up or not. so don't tell me. i don't think so you might just, right. i thought it. i felt like our yo, yo yo ma, catherine, will you show near this new mass? it's a new or yeah, there's just a mom. this is just a my son him up. but claire, key to fed, still do it on the get, you know, a 1000000 impact to measure a by see, but it says, welcome to fairport, i guess, you know, he didn't even weigh it, put
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a g o in this one is also that they only camilla is camilla i think i think if you do want to talk with kathy is on top of that. if you want to do more for sure, you get a minute. you're not that bad or moment. don't let a jan. this voice over by the dog is on the body, divide that by cache. it's a d r. it's local can fit. it wasn't sure what the most of it is that be done with these people that don't got the feeling. a lot of the future, the voice if they are not to go and develop a 16 it means that there is a. ready crucial collab excision, nobody could you, do you see now you see what i feel like a moment if you could do it, what do you mean?
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most people want to miss out really because while he's and he's not, i was marconi la new york to i want you to. katy auto used to more toy above. i'm a dish. why the cube sally's that because you want but don't be, don't give those good. mm. think seditious for chrissy will come up with confidence. power in muslims. you were in the city. reconcile, reconcile. no one is dizzy. fremont. conclusion is i'd prefer on the food to log in to new could be building garcia. could be move in, could be been local, living will be cooking lazy macdonald, if you will. you spell a normal dual are millbrook,
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so bowman buckler call your bmw fuel control. you can click on the low due to reform to or b, a r c a t p a
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to color also, martin is as easy as pussy david jealously. she r one poor julie galleria jim lee. now, when i came in, i saw supervisor, we got up to some bonus. you're going to join us at the do the general think of $226.00. 1 is the one that came out of the lowest package up here for him into the a leo on they will be told yamato, the for the only sufficient, confronting now, if they're not support, unquote contain, he needed to place aniko with the toys else. you can also d, r is, are fair, which is our val just, you know, for a
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job on, over this with it's also sort of what so unless you do something about this, at least you both got to talk about spies on the bus to pass. i can come like towards what would you care for the food world, vic, lubo to work. will you do a pipes hip such ish, bhaskar as one parsley. still my pajama gummy massy to super, super, super close to gene novela. begin both in the blue are both map can m c. so basically with miss v,
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julia louisiana or featured in the and ms. yetter and gone yamaha. you see that the junction protocol or gap, legacy charlane ma'am, which will is it only never boscus? he be a key piece or was it the short? must? cuz what is it a level collision piece? premium technology do. since she's showing wrong, twan feed me all men don't key matoney me only shall surely can shop at their core . i make sure we don't do the couldn't all said to what she did, she did you let your what is here to help from antonio. okay. and the potential for them most even wanna ah
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if you can tell them just you simple think could you get rid of people who are new here now as if he had to remember? so let me, ah me with talk to come and talk about it before i spoke up at just up direct your call most home probably a latino she said if timothy dock medical fund da da da center stuck on on a treat it with what bus a vice booth. what really my son, what for let you look over little little, dont long no to renew tomorrow,
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but that will contribute to groupon. woocommerce up in dogwood. really people. what are you seems to think with where you're going to be in. what you, vic, michael, it walk, jaw discussion when it's on retreat towards what your, what his dia, equal level 2 been l. millersville. homer doesn't did it. oh oh, oh, oh, super storm. hello. this is foreclosure. we'll do this with new jersey. as you say, good job. like uh, i see the good news, leslie. oh god off a zillow. went on and off. what is the, what is the company to keep looks like if you look. but if i put my car with los and talk with the person, oh for sure, the sure that was
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okay. because the pick up that's all valid with will all get more just in with the deluxe level to learn about. but that's about a common movies. i probably did is crucial macaroni pressure to stick on should be 49, a pick up a you know, well most of the funeral home to call in i speak to kentucky central. no, you so far more of a bakery with paula offend versus opposite of those work for us even, you know, civil should sometimes look as a motel as soon as if it cannot, you yeah, i can put you on the immunization drive. it could be an issue for, you know, a better football budget that i can do. oh, well, box me a good for the appointment. i was
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only short of all this year. so please contact me back if you could dumb it. country as you all take after this, lucy, both go to missouri. bunch of those so much on the mean. lovely dealership, baltimore. g. a. okay, hang on 120 contact. something to make sure you've left with a couple of couple it was a couple, a couple of weeks. this was awesome. yeah. it's wasn't as you know, a woman with, you know, a jayla. oh yeah. but i thought it was really bush. i just thought it was
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will take that kind of camera. got a bomb, apparently off off a little fog with what dr to dr. lenny i'm talked about was a discount to come, monsieur copy, so copy some of them, but i thought member commercials or was it was a new copy of what you continue to do. it will go to greg. i'm is i'm you log in autos, missy pavilion. joe could have done a book about the problem with
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lester was a who's your partner in bullshit? oh point w tomorrow, but with i this was one of the resident up to the government. the mother was a normal go visit. woman get with dish
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bags all 3, e g was you lose you from t mice produced from scenario to so just goes on. foresee. read you. ah, susan, on 1st, would you go, lou? ah, was him beyond me? well, i to were tuscany village and wanted to marry as uncle or lawyer is that lou scenario play. oh, i saw a spot i was always from some me who by collie of while we sure where the even fellows are fussing. mazano was holly upon a crystal only from villages as the jig. this one is to look up quite quite,
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i'm going to be my job to south places in those gallow l of your brother in the fall there. i suspect sir william established laza loves him upon someone from 4 to the front of me and when my lease given him just this ozzy in cuba, willow food, phillip, my mom, maria, please, i need the offer. if you live for a do it when they put on a loop loop in the bus in winter, was he can kill it if it wasn't. oh, yes, and would soon? buncombe in melissa's nosey movies. romanov suggest is in mrs. smith's as we're talking to her lover ah
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with along with your really got up with exhaust that much of a firm called the bill it young lead dustin now uses our comes every class in our your it with 0.20 pulled you up with a favor for your little school
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can say box, well is act unethical more sex is charlotte hall county when i'm pre me. i'm is holcombe. say you see sick on the on when you what her scenario and what i go shop . see? pam. i did an interview always tom on the pony mill. don't come sauers. he says pullman no. or see jeanette. sacramento put his our door to 6. 0 he do know the pano of a close. now you are not showing your shock to was 80 per month. nora as a 12 it could you kathleen govea. i fish it as well. this is how can it caught you verbally? a baguette you verbally by get take obligated to polymer. dr. polymer de la vega again. i just don't make any, shall i like les, since you were ballier seen in my life, what you by the program was the focus. i will you either dominie, me to me concrete, orthodontist o'clock it for to swap piano,
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or they put my c panel domain to the tea bus to adams. if is, could you put that on the discouraged kilometers? okay. oppressive do missouri football or no electron in for most who magruder's off? ah oh, gone on i was move where bar on oil versus color. st albrighton i was was offered to ser, responding to georgia policy. chew you said because reports i've been shuffled. hi, this is gone. ah, oldest seekers working here is 7 days a week job that's grown with
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a community. my father purchased a black and blue sky. started to do the funerals in london and a family. we saw a stopping boggling to which and began business partners. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who do them. jeff is such a level. nicer east and undertakers. this is europe anal to sierra. ah, that is at the time a year where you she does not want to talk about the baby in put into middle east in general, west asia, nor is there immediately unless you're up in the caspian. lexi, we'll get to that in the 2nd. for doha is an example of a dell state. the temperatures are absolutely average every now to get me pick up. the shamal is come back on tuesday, not a very strong one. so things stay very pleasant to be out. this time of year. we seen snow recently, not math garza pakistan. that's more or less disappeared now. and although you got
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a northerly breeze coming across the caspian sea temperatures are hugely dropping that rain. no be sunday. storms in northern parts around took medicine but could asked by john as well. that's good to spread towards it. took my son. where's the recent snail? the snout being falling sunday and monday by tuesday has gone from turkey. a pretty picture here. light winds dazzled, levant all the action at shabby is for the western central mediterranean. as for africa, tropical africa, we're given the weakness now the monsoons not much reading, going on somalia with european the rich valley is the key for what's happening. western if you're west. all right. big rain moving as far cyrus is north. mongolia could golly, right on the rift seas rain every day, but little wind to drive it through. ah, the facing longer, allison, shorter deadlines,
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south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0 one, east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience in south korea on al jazeera, ah, breaking news out of sudan where soldiers of detained civilian members of the governing council, including the prime minister, abdullah hm. dog. ah, i'm come all santa maria here in doha, continuing coverage on out to see or all the vents in sudan. this monday, prime minister handle case said to have been moved to an unknown location after refusing to issue a statement in support of the military's actions. protesters are denouncing the detention live pictures.


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