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and innovative production techniques. i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant after. see this is great. earth rise feeding the billions honor just iraq. ah, more reveal peon government air strikes on the troubled t gray region as it's new offensive. and as a 2nd week, ah, i'm how am i, he's in this is al 0 life and oh ha. also coming up the beneficial say there on course to register candidates for december's elections. but many hurdles remained before the bows. seeking divine
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intervention, church leaders and hates easy pretension protection from gangs targeting religious institutions. and a british robots, he was detained by egyptian officials for espionage is why when art lovers with her works, ah ethiopians, military has carried out more air strikes and t gray as a renewed campaign against rebels. we control most of the region intensifies among the sites hits was a facility in the town of edward being used by the t grow people's liberation front to manufacture military equipment. that's according to the governments clayton's been going on for almost a year. but here strikes and bombardments by ethiopian military increased over the past week. that's for the year end to cease humanitarian flights to the regional capital, mckelly mcbride, and as a strategic advisor with san research,
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a think tank, focusing on politics and security in the horn of africa. he's been comparing the military capabilities of the ethiopian military and the t g. ryan forces on the one hand, if he oh pierre is a state a government which had until recently, one of the most powerful militaries on the continent. and it has access to military assistance from allies. it has been purchasing weapons now munition, including drones, but also conventional armaments for ground forces for the last few months. while the t d f for the 2 grand defense forces is isolated as a blockade on the, on the to gray region, which means they don't have resupply. but at the same time, it is the 2 grand forces that seemed to have taken the advantage of the initiative
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. they have retaken control of most of the gray region. and they have now taken the offensive into neighboring alpha and regions with the intention of lifting the blockade on to the right and bringing the yoke in federal government to the bargaining table. the areas that have been bombed the facilities are far behind the front lines. they are at best sort of dual use facilities that could be civilian, might have been re purpose for. ringback for military reasons, but in general in warfare, you know, this sort of strategic bombing aiming for targets that really don't have any tactical or immediate value has as a very mixed record at best. and in some ways it seems to be galvanizing the 2 grand defense forces and their supporters. libby is electro commission says
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candidate registration for december's elections will begin next month. that the countries to rival legislative houses have yet to decide on how the vote will work . the peace deal struck last year means both must agree on a political framework before the elections can actually take place. i think china is in tripoli. he explains more about what is yet to be agreed ahead of the elections. we're just 2 months away from the scheduled nationwide elections in libya, but there's still some question that's what kind of elections libyans will see. will they be a general election with the parliamentary elections? what we see a parliamentary presidential election simultaneously? those are questions that have yet to be resolved, as the size have yet to agree upon a constitutional framework for those elections to be held. now earlier today, imagine say at the head of the high national electoral commission said
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a few things. one, he said the commission will not deviate from its commitment to implement free and fair elections. he says we plan on opening the door for candidates to register and the 2nd half of november. and this is really where the divide happens. who can run for president? what kind of powers the president have? according to the libyan political agreement, signed in 2015. the high council of state based in tripoli and the house of representatives, the parliament based and eastern libya. have to agree upon this framework to hold elections here and in tripoli. they've set some conditions. they voted on the conditions for who can run for president. that bar you have to control eastern eastern libya. they've allowed, they voted for condition that allow for have to, to, to run for president. now whether or not the very side, the high council state and the parliament can agree upon a framework within these couple of weeks in order for the elections to be held us
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schedule. we're not really sure. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of solution the various sites come up with an order for libyan to be able to carry out the vote. william laurence is a professor at the american university and a former us diplomats, who serves in tripoli. he says, libyans are tar just the current government and holding elections would be a major step forward. the reason we're having election is because the libyan population doesn't want the current government to stay in charge. it wants those parliamentary bodies. he mentioned even less to stay in charge. and one of the irony here is that the other responsibilities they're claiming to come up with the constitutional basis for elections under the 2015 agreement. neither of them ratify that agreement. and so really what needs to happen is both sides just have to forge forward with elections, which are going to produce as many problems. so, but really, libyans want to turn a page after 6 years of civil war. and
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a major step forward is the whole election and the big international conference last week in tripoli. what's for that reason? well, the, the very senior agent from trance from the us, from other countries, pretty much every outside power. they deal with their accept, the mercedes and the parties are supporting a political load or a military solution. so there's a lot of reasons why this could fail, but there's a lot of impetus to make it happen. investigate is in hates. he has so far failed to trace a group of american and canadian missionaries kidnapped 10 days ago as furs grow about their safety church leaders or warrants about their safety. attacking religious institutions was always considered off limits by criminal gangs that they have now become lucrative targets. manual wrapper reports from haiti's capitol. it's early morning in puerto prince and worshippers dressed in their sunday best are on their way to church as
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a wave of violent crime groups. the city many are praying for divine intervention against criminal gangs who are fighting for control over haiti's capital. religious leaders tell us, even places of worship have become a target for kidnappers. we go here. we know with our church that has been exposed because we are right there on the streets. a week ago, they tried to kidnap a member of our church by the grace of god should ruin why, so we all have been affected, but what is going on in the country? so far this year, at least 40 church members have been kidnapped in haiti. this includes 17 missionaries associated with a us based christian charity, who were abducted last weekend by a group called 400 miles. one of the cities most dangerous gangs, ah rare services across town. now count on added security measures like barbed wire fences and even metal detectors to screen for danger. this street in downtown port
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prince leads to a church and on sunday morning. so security guards block off the exits using motor vehicles and they keep a close watch on every one who crosses the ropes. the efforts are to prevent kidnappers from driving up to the doors of the church and abducting the pastor in just the 1st 8 months of the year, close to 800 people were kidnapped in the country. and the u. n. is pointing to another alarming trend. a dramatic increase in the number of women and children being targeted, given the links can take place at any given time of the day or the night, and anywhere it sometimes takes place a whole industry as whole or even in churches. so there is no safe space for children and more, and we really see that criminal games are using children, increasingly as partying shoes. it's an increasingly lucrative business in the hands of the criminal guys. this man who has asked us to hide his identity is
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a kidnapping survivor. he tells al jazeera that he still lives with the trauma of the experience and worries that it could happen again, as insecurity continues to grow. and feel at novel mouthful was medical until the yard and pick up the problem inside your la at la to have to figure out in for them to get nothing other i think marker out. good, good luck in the vehicle. going to hear more than a 100 addictions have been recorded in the country in october alone. haiti currently has the highest kidnapping rate in the world per capita. many hearsay violence has grown beyond the ability for authorities to control. ah, and that the last place they have left to find solace is in the mercy of god. manuel rap a low al jazeera, puerto prince columbia, as president says, the rest of the country's most wanted drug trafficker is the biggest hedge to the drug trade, the century. tyra antonio sugar, who also goes by the name of antonio,
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was captured in a remote part of the country, close to the border with panama. on saturday, he's the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel and the central ramp. yet he has more from book it up there. breath of dial antonio also got better known as alton yell is on the front pages of all the newspapers here in columbia, and the talk of the town here in the capital book with that. and beyond that, because this is a very significant arrest, but you would be hard pressed to find anybody who believes this carries the same weight as the death of pablo escobar back in 1993 as the president of columbia suggested when he announced that the capture people here will tell you that at the height of escobar power, those were much scarier times as bomb went off in a major cities across the country. also, escobar was a very public figure and a person who became a sort of robin hood for many
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a poor columbia answer while alton. yeah, he's definitely a household name here. and he is very powerful, especially in the north west of the country. but he spent most of his time hiding in the jungle, is no one will be very low, good news that he was captured and i don't think it's going to change much because the programs in the country remain the same company. and oh, no, no, no, not that area can mean i don't think it will have the same impact as death of pub last caliber that caused the real change in the country. and within colombian, society, this arrest doesn't feel to say the truth is that it's difficult to know just how much of an impact this will have on the elicit, the drug trade. the experts will tell you that if the demand of cocaine remains the strongest, most likely new leaders will appear that will replace them. what we do know is that the columbia wants to extradite auto near to the united states, where he will face
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a number of charges and where many people hope debbie will share secrets about both his operations here and his many international connections. i saw has claimed responsibility for saturdays blast and the uganda and capitol, at least one person died and 7 others were injured in the explosion. at a restaurants in the suburb of kampala, police say 3 suspected bombers disguise themselves as customers and fans. it exposes, in a plastic bag, still ahead on al jazeera where judicial enquiries sat to get away. the death of a black man at the hands of police of york police in 2014 and an election would result in dang, the poles in his breakfast. ah,
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it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best a line of 2021. now we should be smelling the snow. no one channel, mongolia. have a look at the temperature. so if you'd spell the snow from that you would not. so when does not really pushing its way out of china yet. in fact, if anything this bit of late summer rain is coming back into japan from the pacific, the r incentive suggests heavy rain through accuse you she, coker i'm more especially home shew during monday and tuesday, just catching tokyo as well behind it. there's a hint of another frontal system going through, but it's not dropped empty beijing. is it 20? limited by 10. so we know in a freezing is warmed up in hong kong. no spot on average. it's 20 about 2 days ago . so we got the wrong way, sees it seasonally, but the rain follows the sun that is going the right way is going south with the sun, but it produces build spinners on its way out and that's no exception. so suddenly,
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and i'm going to be particularly wet during tuesday. same is true or western me, i'm on eastern bangladesh, that's a wet spell. this is more or less them also drove complicated by aberrations and shape. not as wet in carroll o'connor because it been recently in so like, it probably will, but there's the rest of india is more or less as you might expect, a scattering a shout in the poll and water account. otherwise dry. the weather sponsored my cattle airways voted world best air line of 2021. global production is wasteful and straining our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jellyfish is delicious with a very light sea food taste and texture similar to calamari and innovative production techniques. and i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant. have to say this is great. earth rises feeding the billions on it
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just eat up. ah ah, this is al jazeera, a quick reminder, all of our top stories this are. if you b as may, the tree has carried outs, more airstrikes and the t gray region has renewed campaign against the rebels. intensifies protein has been going on for almost a year, but airstrikes and bombardments by the government increased over the past week. columbia's president says the rest of the country's most wanted drug trafficker is the biggest hits to the drug trade the century. tiro antonio saga is the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel. libby,
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his electoral commission says candidate registration for december selections will begin next month. the countries to rival legislative houses have yet to decide on how the fault will work. pro military protest is in sudan, have blocked major woods and the capital as tension is cruel. between the generals and the pro democracy movement tear gas was far as to clear protesters in khartoum relations of sart, between the military and civilians, shown power in a fragile transition government. it's supposed to lease it on 2 elections after a long time leader omar bashir was pushed from power in 2019. ever, morgan has more form cartoon. the response comes after the protesters in front of the presidential palace where they have been staging a 2nd for over a week. now trying to expand the area of the city and to try to pressure the government into dissolving itself. and a new cabinet be formed by the prime minister. now the reason why they states that
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sits in front of the presidential palace is because most of them are pro military. they want the military to take over and take charge of the country. many of them telling all to 0 that they want the military to handle the affairs of the nation until elections are held because they said that the government is representative. now the governor of her tomb issued a statement just after the dispersing of the protesters saying that those who are behind the blockade off the bridges and the roads are members of the former ruling party, which was assa, from power on april 2019 following months of anti government protest, he said that there are also a part of the groups that are participating in front of the city and trying to destabilize the, the country and trying to make it very hard for people to move. so that people can be a get frustrated to the point that they're drawn into violence now and again, the sit in has been going on for more than of for more than a week with processes demanding that prime minister of the land of dissolve his cabinet. and that the result of
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a split between the force of freedom and change coalition. that's the ruling coalition. that is right now running the government. it's been 7 years since eric garner uttered the words i can't breathe this. he was dying under the choke hold. of a new york police officer corners case lead to a national movement against police violence in the united states. in the coming hours of where judicial inquiry will begin looking into how the african americans death was handled. gabriel anderson's reports from new york. eric gardener was unarmed, and by all accounts, minding his own business. when new york police officers accused him of selling loose cigarettes outside a convenience store, daniel pen to leo, one of the officers on seen, put gardener in a cho, cold, and prohibited under department use of force guidelines. and that led to the death of the 46 year old father of 6, a grand jury decision not to charge pen to leo sparked nationwide protests,
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gardeners dying words. i can't breathe, became a national rallying cry against police brutality. 5 years later, pennsylvania was fired from the new york police department, and the city settled a wrongful death claim with gartner's family for several $1000000.00. but 7 years on gardener's mother, gwen carr says there is still work to be done. there is no justice for eric, eric is gone, but we still need closure and closure. what look like to me? if all those offices who was involved in my son's death that day, stand accountable. and there was transparency and which we know all of that was try and tried to be hidden. a judge granted when cars request to hold a judicial inquiry inter son's death. such inquiries are very rare. the last time one was held here in new york was over a 100 years ago, and it's not
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a trial. there will not be a jury, and nobody will be found guilty or innocent when it's over. but it's a way for lawyers to question powerful people that dealt with gardener's death and a way to get a public record of who knew what, when and why certain decisions were made. in a setback to the gardener family, the judge decided new york mayor bill de blasio does not have to testify saying he can instead submit a written statement despite being directly named in the inquiry. one of the critics say that reasoning undermines the very point of what the inquiries meant to address transparency. how do we whole our public leaders accountable if they're allowed to just submit statements, right? when you're named on a case and you're not being called to be active, participating, vocal and under sworn oh, it's
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a pass. the city fought against holding inquiry, arguing it was unnecessary. a spokesperson for the cities. lawyers declined to request for an interview. gabriel, as hondo al jazeera new york, mia mars military has accused the un of trying to incite violence in the country. the un has warned, there could be mass atrocities. after reports, thousands of troops were gathering in the north, the special report, her own men mar, says the tactics a roman as they reminiscence of those to poise before a bloody crack phone on the ring. a minority in 2016, but the jones a says the u. n. is using human rights as a political to, to intervene in me and mars. internal affairs is back to stones. electoral commission says those who turnitin sundays, presidential votes touched almost 90 percent, the incumbent shaft cuts emitters, jojo is expected to win in seeking
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a 2nd term and faces no little position. the harding reports, even before these votes are counted the results of this presidential election and whose becca stand or all but certain incumbent president, chef cut mir's. he of is expected to win another 5 year term, as there is no real opposition running against him. despite that, these voters are hoping to bring about whatever change they can king initially there the next 5 years, i would like to see live in standards raised to highest salaries, no poverty, but of employment and housing that. ringback would make us all happy afterward. mears, or you have came to power in 2016 after the death of his mentor, islam cat, him of who ruled the central asian country for 27 years. with a history of authoritarian rule, the country has never really had a truly democratic election. he is the best of a pretty bad lot. there's not out. no one has been able who has been allowed to emerge to be of, of truth ah, to,
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to do to be able to milder to challenge to mr. news your is, ah, with everything that i've said, the positive drought, you have to obviously admit that economic indicators of slipped simply because of coded nigi. the pandemic has hit is becca stands economy hard raising unemployment and the cost of living. especially in rural areas. even the problem was, resumes to the main problems or in the regions, not the capital in the capital. everything is more or less fine. people have water, gas, electricity in the other areas. unfortunately, there's a lack of all of this via mears who have has been credited with helping to boost tourism and ties with foreign powers. but the country now has to navigate new boundaries with new neighbors in afghanistan, the top. but the u. s. is still interested in continuing its military relations with a, with us bankers. and obviously russia is continuing to exercise a soft power to market power, et cetera. ah, the big question is whether you know the situation in afghanistan,
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it will spill over to these countries. there's a lot of concern that they at least stay secular and do not fall prey to the extremist influences. as mirrors are, you have went to cast his own vote at a polling station on the outskirts of the capital, touched kent. his chances of winning remain around 90 percent. leah harding al jazeera george's opposition of rallied against the imprisonments of former president. michelle, 2nd for the demonstration moves. hell's new, the jail we're 2nd really has been held for more than 3 weeks. he's been on a hunger strike since being arrested on his return to georgia. after living in exxon for years, the supporters are demanding authorities, transfer him to hospital for treatments. 10 western nations are waiting to see if there ambassadors will be asked to leave turkey. after precedence,
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richard cypert a one cold for their expulsion that was in response to the us and other western countries issuing a joint statement. calling for the release of the job businessman osman corolla, he's been accused of involvement and failed. kuhn 2016 and the finance in nation my protests, 3 years earlier. the husband of a u. k. charity worker detained in iran has gone on hunger strike after court ruled she has to return to prison for year. richard ratcliffe is set up camp outside the foreign office in london. nothing's going. ratcliffe was arrested into her on in 2016 and convicted of paulson to over through yvonne's governments. but new charges were filed against search just after she can police. it's an initial 5 year sentence that we have in front of the front office. don't another congress or someone wants for 2 years on it. so i was just trying to track the prison
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anytime soon. so we're here just to make the point of government changes. i've had some question for them to do some different. i'm wanting to say and you take submission in egypt since promising visitors. a unique experience is blending creations and thousands of years ago before it's made during the pandemic in baba takes a look. they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so what you might wonder does vis artist make the pyramids in gisele? she's called ada. and she's a british build robot that uses cameras and a robotic arm to create arts after being detained by egyptian customs. for 10 days, a de made it to the site on the edge of cairo in time for a unique card show. her contribution is this large clay sculpture with 3 legs, based on the greek riddle of the sphinx and lying sideways inside a metal and gloss sarcophagus aid. his hands had to be covered with gloves to
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protect the electric wires from the water. and clay were astonished by the sorts of technology other coming through on the human side. so either the mechanical humanoid is actually for shadowing, what can be done biologically. and so we are very concerned about that scope to really keys in today's the wider aren't show. he's called forever is now it's the 1st of its kind at the geese, a plateau, a unesco world heritage site. it features pieces by creators from around the world, many referencing the location in their works. washer financing, the start. 10 artists have participated to rejections and 8 foreigners. as you can see, we have huge sculpture and some of them are made in egypt and factories. it was honestly a great experience. it's about us coming together and the time where in a place where civilization basically started and knowledge rebirth because of
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covert, we've been separated for a year and a half and humanity starting to come together again. and it just goes to prove that when we work together, we couldn't achieve anything. so an international selection of artists including a mechanical humanoid. well, they do risk being upstaged by nature's own display. nadine baba al jazeera to paraglider reserve, survived the mid air collision along turkey, south west coast. the movements was captured by an onlooker in the area of new t. n. a rescued after falling into the sea. the paraglider were taking part in an international air games festival. and pakistani cricket fans are celebrating us to their team beats, arch rivals, india, in the 2020 cricket world cup in dubai. ah, these are the scenes in pakistan's commercial capital karachi. this is the 1st time
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focused on beaten deonna world cup match after 12 st defeats focused on a team thrash. the indians by 10 wickets. when in their opening match off competition i it was a very good match. i think we have won the world cup to day. i'm very happy that pakistan have one and also that it was against india. we are very happy, not a single pakistan, but stan got out. ah, how am i easy with the headline? so now to 0, we're getting breaking news and also done. roger's era has learned that the country's industry minister, the mayor of cartoon, and the prime minister's nitty advisor, have been detained. as comes a day after pro military protests in see don blocked major roads and the capital relations.


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