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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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and upfront, he thought, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on out with era. ah, i'm alamo, he didn't. doha, with the headlines on al jazeera and if you of his military has carried out more air strikes in the northern t gray region, the government says it target had rebel facilities in adore and might sabri fighting's been going on for almost a year, but it strikes by you feel he is military increased over the past week. that's force the un to cease humanitarian flights to the regional capital mckelly. the prime minister has been saying that this is about respecting the constitution of
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the country. it's defending its independence. that's why they've been having disagreements with perhaps the u. s. government, the biden administration in washington, dc. and other countries that have been pushing for, if you're going to have some kind of negotiated says wire. but they've been saying from the get go that this is a local issue that be sold, that should be sold by the yoke and government. but again, it's affecting so many people that are now in need of immediate support. columbia's government says the leader of the country's biggest drug cartel will be extradited to the us. tyro, antonio suger, better known as ot and yell were captured in a rate on saturday. the us offered a reward of $5000000.00 for information leading to his arrest. thousands of migrants and refugees continued on sunday to walk through the southern mexico, hoping to reach the u. s. a traveling in a group to protest against restrictions by mexican authorities. libya's electoral
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commission says candidate registration for december's elections will begin next month. but the countries to rival legislative houses have yet to decide on how the vault will work. i saw has claimed responsibility for saturdays blast in the u. guns and capital. at least one person died and 7 others were injured in the explosion at a restaurants in a suburb of kampala, george is opposition. have rallied against the imprisonments of former president mikhail. that 2nd feeling he's been on hunger strike since his arrest. 3 weeks ago . he was detained after returning to the country from exile. well, those are the headlines. stay with us on al jazeera part to evolve. 0 world is next . ah,
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this image is living on much as ziemen, nablus now allow the men to see marius partners from abroad, including from ukraine. korea that i saw at the guard. oh sure. oh, i was good. there was in university and after i was see my friends, these and nice my my my sitting with them asked to were both you here is that that passed away? i ok. so you take in. oh, good jani ruba. yes. my last but let
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model. misha, mom, the spit home ok, bottom in this method. ben is alec. let's see, was a, in the hotel at chub ab, and i'm been it for fishermen. our been, that's all was that's about all in lavish, missouri landing the heck a year or so. and the control photograph of carmel, why selby emmons will be getting an account off of the office camera in that there was no heritage in the far how it down there. look at that somehow. and i didn't have as an hourly mobile fisher had as well. my initial at la can in ohio canning him, can in one day account as an analyst. if the other hand,
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this lab is small smile, it's always been on the n mcclung as a new order i'm. i also noticed and now coming to a small office whenever i was wanted to smile, i'm in the new router and melissa, mental crime. i'm a little bit off the old marcus and myself in the day i've learned, but the thermostat said lee beggs, i was reckless. okay. that's what i thought i'm senior. yeah. well, a give me my, not that i'm, i used to not receive much from the start that with the lead javascript use much in the community. and there's a lot of is that i love israel. if not the, when you have thought that, you know, goes in a form of need in the dark. but i see new york when i came across that was not
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going to let you create another thing, but yet yes or no. thank you for the lives at the, the bill of china. it's nicole employees that will ship it up there in the next room when you, when you brought the what the process idea i, i i, i didn't know what to do. okay, but i hope for my daughter's my daughter's rogue.
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oh oh you judge it is, but they all saw lot road closing. ringback some rigs is facing. yes. as tim is sarah hudson rubble, my family out ill. i had a saddle in rome, a bid number dial on my bill. number, isabella. hi. yeah. sobalin net you thought you the thought of it a must have a not look at on the out the zon or sorry about that. hi, i'm on cielo. yeah, i mean, what about done work on a mr. hammond miles in sam leah. out of dock it nearer son and i had i on my la la mar been to his family. i'll have a full do. nena leyha mind those model a miss sarah ha, maddie out there have been a somebody i've been in mad the at going to do shop. been prompted that.
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ah. but with that him and he can. oh yeah, i'm in charlotte probably. you know? yeah, fishing 9 lane. i wish you all he might all of them just for the rest of it and let them aside that we would side you one little side go we'll handle fear that official in the me after the she and in law. but she hadn't even been mad for trouble. we have been bay b a border yard, take us out of it, and then let me get that and we had them and get them to hand them a hand. you wrote my hand around this album i
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oh, don't worry about play out and i think i'm and i bought one more flash. oh i didn't bother. i'm just a minute. hello, fat or not had the gl dollars, i'm been it shows table at the 70 can nobela something it la la la, and is she a slow hacky? her mac, i'm at this out at their mark masada can at this of ship them of your miss said it sure. fish. well a give high at that. give aleck ikea can was yeah, i sent the power of a lakers off. why that shouldn't affect the federal into by law, even the patient dies. but about how, how in law, in on,
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because normally i'm not sure how i am about that. if you got my business related, know, was this, what does my legal son nicholas type this in the demo? it was his kitchen and i don't make a new roof. new mom not much tell know much what is a good night and i make this work. but thank god, so yeah, a key star. now ice cream. was this it all go? oh yeah, no i am under. oh ha
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. ah i wonder how the school men from you korean with a just think to life on now justine did a long way from dead own families and maybe it was a conscious shop for them. ah ah
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no. there wasn't a vehicle i li. sonya which normally of from sky this a little gun with quick thought our little guy will give that he had say, will belittling j. e a r t a hello oh there from what shows not sure what he's gonna ah check engine room valid eyes. yes sir. ah, ah
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another 100 from all? does he still in canton? look, when i'm clearing on holly to min minutes, mom, mom shifted more than my face only young couldn't dollar nor toll shuffle. lottie live saw in a bit see her. ah! the litany. i'm in all i'm, i tell her it off. it's full. i'll call wafa wake your was smuggle pallana foot. i know nicole the car. nicky ami a scripts can part of the movie run in the hollow. see how they'll be neutral,
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hollis, my official had i get it, or i look on them all in miami hollow crime. i kind of with on a hot sandy year with pick up my i let live with 0. this is yolanda some follow up on the glenn on layla. how on them i have a form you've done in a while for or philip the minimum war for the threatening non i n g zippy crime. i n g a whole school cry. not so little of all for 40 a month. idols walk up to my early
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a meal with the police so called a few calls. i mean, a few calls that haley known, the cone. i know the relative. ah the last time i had which katya, as bella, bless jesse mac and you know, she could change the new but the most thought about us mccraney. do
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you you took up stages postal with me at the bowie uber, there's the lean stallion. but it's about it's the air dumping into this country and thanks for your question. cuddle share in your long and there's like some yeah yeah. vision rather still falling. are you sure you know as or 3, but i just have somebody come partner and got me out unless you have the zip code that you could you know, blow up ah,
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it's clear that you samaritan guys are doing their best to integrate into what must be a very different way of life, but talk about the addition of samaritan society. what does it think of then i put a siobhan legacy at all, but also to let you know be if i lost my father, can british americans allow, could i know my son? i grew up. mr. i do like my little hobbies, you will buy my auto visit a weekly dejana. i could have bought it yet. so what do you know? she miss coffee if sarah oller, i'm sorry, i learned me by mister, i'm the cas dash gazda. i mean, skin mazda hatchway. yeah,
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almost. i live on the she black la. hello monica. she would have thought it must do much. would in delhi june. if i've been shipping for bad. yes. well, a beller bella bimmer hod, missouri bellfield mileage. phillip, this is my bill. i couldn't transcribe said have been added on where you should be count ah, [000:00:00;00] a with
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a family. this when i bought a ball there, i missed what i needed to call the h. i v a n a d mad there lot old. yeah. a lot. i mean i've been up with my job with educate log
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with ah, does feel like i still got eva at the store? ya beach not christopher del will bring him over. she was, was allowed to slip actually been with nipple, but she used the key by my neatness cuz i've been with you young man, you've stuck on your snow back up. yeah. years with that just yet during the week for the 2nd the state is on your tonight. yeah. blood the come cuddle, sham. fuck ah, a . 6
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with ah
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ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah
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yes oh oh my time the samaritans of munchausen has come to an end. though i know that we will
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always keep in touch. every one i met was warm and was coming dead with not was placed between us. what i learned the most was that met its can mean different things to different people. in this case, it's about community, but also about the survival of religious group that has existed for many centuries . but to end with it's only fair to give the last word to medic and julia who we met on the wedding day. now the i see the, i don't feel of the baby boy is much more than happy family event. it's one small step in the survival of our community. ah, a pink lake nitika attract tourists and under pins,
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the local economy thousands depend on its precious souls. ah, al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface that threatened lake red bus very existence center goal spring plate. on al jazeera news, news, news news . news had been some big hail storms in, for example, idaho recently as what sweep the engine the pacific is fairly cold air coming. it
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was still fairly warmer and in the central plains. now the whole system windy up and going through the great lakes. i think we'll find the eastern seaboard particularly stormy the next day, but immediately it has been the pacific coast. and even on monday, california still going to get hit quite hard. we've had a huge amount of rain and snow. the whole lot going south is a cold front. the behind the is colder is vices. they're driving the mountains, the passes for to be closed. they will be paris. jesus flashed flooding like in the central valley of california. and wind warnings, mostly their strongest in for example, washington or b c. but all we're down the coast. it's not particularly good. that's how the rains got to l. a and san diego. this is an early and wet start to really winter, really from look at that. now that was the worst. the storms has gone to the rockies by tuesday. the next ones communes may me a rain story come late tuesday. here's something more seasoned the normal. rick
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will make landfall sunday night or early morning. it will fall upon a hurricane, but his main risk is going to be once again the amount of rain it brings to this part of mexico. there will be flashlights and butterflies. ah. in the vietnam war, the us army used to fighting toxic, had the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive in chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brang something they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. coming soon on al jazeera, global food production is wasteful and straining our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jelly fish is delicious with
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a very light sea food taste and texture seminar, calamari, and innovative production techniques. i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant after say, this is great. earth rise feeding the billions honor, jesse iraq. ah mauricio peon, governments air strikes only trouble t gray region as it's new offensive. and as a 2nd week. ah, i'm how am i he did this is al jazeera life and oh ha, also coming up the beneficial say their own course to register candidates for december's elections. but many hurdles remained before the bows.


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