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he asked to present russia typo and one ordered they'd be declared persona non grata that governments of coal for the release of jail businessman, osman kabbalah, and columbia's most wanted drug trafficker has been captured presidents as the rest of their antonio suca, who also goes by the name and tanelle is the biggest hit to the drug trade this century. now and voice from a southern african regional block sent the to s for teeny say the country's president is ready for dialogue. after months of antique government protest, thousands of people have been killed since the pro democracy movement began in africa. last absolute monarchy. earlier this year, actually say king of miss what t, the 3rd has consistently ignored calls for a form. it's actually the name has more now from the capital and bunny saturday would have been the 22nd birthday of mo farner said, belly mug who's as san san delay died 3 days ago after being caught in violet pro
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democracy protests when he went to the mobile phone store, my buddha says, a witness told him his 1st born was shot in the back by a police officer and left to die. do make is lazy. they don't k up i go, i see that an elbow dos you, which it was my sides. and i see to, to marie was going to be something, something fi not given to me, maybe even to discount the government says, since pro democracy protest began in june, 35 people have died. amnesty international says that number is much higher, more than 80. many people are now saying something that was wants inconceivable, in africa's last absolute monarchy. that after 35 years of rule, king the swati, the 3rd has enriched himself while ignoring the struggles of the people. and it's time for his reign to end. and a new era of democracy to begin. one delay lulu is
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a secretary general of one of the largest political parties in his white, teeny, a 1973 decree benz parties from sponsoring candidates to run for parliament. he says, all the corruption in the country can be traced back to the king. he doesn't give a damn to human life. that's how divorced and corrupt. he has become. we have been taking the beating whole pin that one dig is of the 2 will open any, reduce it by like all their sports and to take does he has, he's not listening. king ma swati says he hopes to launch a national dialogue in the coming months and called for peace in this country of just over 1000000 people. for martin bonnie, deputy mayor jab lani new marlo says a sweet teenie needs to address corruption and that lies with parliament. we are at a very precarious, painful,
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agonizing phrase. but what is good is not to we all agree that we don't deserve this weekend to for, to members. now, the beginning in my humble submission is that let everybody with throw the anger and let's come together. go forward at the moment, the buddha isn't sure how he and his family will be able to do that. they have yet to bury sandy lay. people have described a swat teenie as one big family, but there is no sign yet. that family is ready to heal. natasha can aim l. jazeera and by bonnie as martini. well, now we go to haiti because i've been protest. i have a severe fuel shortages and the capital prices have stored and some petrol stations have been forced to close. now, gangs have started kidnapping and killing fuel trunk drivers. manual rapid reports
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from poor to prince ah, fires burning in the streets of the haitian capital. while protest, super worsening insecurity, have swept the city in recent days. demonstrations over fuel shortages are also becoming a daily occurrence. there are fears, the city would come to a standstill if supplies art resumed soon. are lit up was i? i ended up with the government is not doing its job. they are the ones that you give us security. they should do everything to make sure pumps of petrol. so we can do what we have to do by plug. despite some gas stations already running dry cues of motorists keep growing as detention at the pump. and when the problem is, the people in government, the richer fighting the pool, so motorists tell us fuel is becoming so hard to come by. it can take days to get their hands on only a few gallons across the haitian capital. many petrol stations have closed their
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doors all together, creating a black market for fuel. in recent days, the price of gasoline has gone from $10.00 to $15.00 per gallon and it's the cost that's only getting higher as the fuel shortage. worse. delivering fuel to residence has become more difficult as violence linked to criminal gangs spreads to more parts of the city. gang members have made a lucrative business out of extorting and kidnapping petrol delivery drivers. you'll transporter's or threatening a strike to protest against the violence directed towards delivery personnel. women from opera, not very by gig, either a reason why there's no pitfalls that some of the drivers have been kidnapped previously with the trucks in the owners of paid for the truck to be released. but lift the driver behind and they will kill, was given up. that's why driver's now scared to go to the congo terminal, because they may go kidnapped guys. though the recent abduction of 17 mission years by haitian gang has captured global headlines, violence and kidnappings are challenged, that most residents here face on
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a daily basis. and between increasing insecurity, fast rising fuel prices and in economic crisis exacerbated by the ongoing. coby 19 pandemic security experts say the situation. is it taking time zone for social unrest? manuel of a low al jazeera for the prince. the u. s. in south greer. again, pressing north korea to refrain from carrying out more missile test days after it said it fight a new type of ballistic missile. the u. s. envoy fan of career is in soul for meetings about the tests and long running stalemate and nuclear diplomacy. young is refusing to return to talks until washington drops what it calls our style policies from different from government to d. i had serious in depth discussions with representative kim, over their proposal for an end of war declaration. we reconfirmed our shared staff that we are willing to discuss all matters, including north korea's interest once the dialogue with north korea resumes. as
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u. s. government has been expressing its willingness to talk and we hope that north korea response to this as soon as possible. we call it to seize these provinces and other, the thing with that is that engage in dialogue with them. and we have me in the united states, i was no, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. in the nation, airline corridor is on the brink of bankruptcy. i call carriers its been hit hard by declining travel in the corona virus pandemic. the indonesian government is devising a takeover plan if the company is on able to renegotiate leases and restructure its debt. jessica washington reports from jakarta, ah, and indonesia largest airport, passenger traffic is on the rise. as domestic tourism enjoys a resurgence. after months of relative quiet travel restrictions at major airports
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around the country are easing. as the number of coven 19 cases falls, it's a welcome change for the countries aviation industry. but it may not be enough to save one major player drowning in debt. the countries oldest airline to router indonesia is edging close to bankruptcy. it's not a pretty picture in terms of the debts amounting to i, mrs. calion, sylvia, which is coming up to billions. ah, the pandemic had a severe impact on the fly. kerio, passenger numbers have fallen by 90 percent and flight frequency has reduced from 400 to less than 100 flights a day. the airlines total debt is now $4900000000.00, and the company faces several lawsuits over unpaid debt. the airline c
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o, a fun city. a portrait told al jazeera steps have been taken to turn the company around, including renegotiating airplane, leasing costs and restructuring loans. like many airlines around the world's gerda, indonesia has struggled through the pandemic because of travel related restrictions, but grew does financial woes. it started long before the pandemic, and now the flag carrier faces an uncertain future aviation expert sega router, indonesia has struggled to compete with low cost carriers grappling with weak earnings while paying for a large and expensive flight of aircraft that are mostly least hi, fierce earlier we see some of the operational costs of go guys increased dramatically. and then some of the in the measurement of flight, for example, java london, is not the approved profitable. the airline is still mostly owned by the government . and the ministry of state owned enterprises has proposed rebranding. a state own
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charter service pillay to air as a passenger carrier to replace gruder or putting in more state cash. the ministry declined in interview with al jazeera, the option of the bankruptcy liquidation of florida. is freddy, like a feasible option right now under pressure to resolve the crisis at router. the government faces a difficult choice, either try and save the failing airline or let it collapse. jessica washington out a 0 to carter. now china space agency says it's launched a satellite dedicated to cleaning up space junk. ah, a long march rocket blasted off from swan province on sunday. chinese state media says it'll test new debris mitigation technology. there are 27000 pieces of debris being tracked by nasa as more than a 100000000 in orbit that
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a too small to be followed. now, housing in berlin, like many big cities around the world, is becoming more and more on affordable residents. that voted overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal for authorities to seize more than 200000 homes and put them into public ownership. but as that vast in reports, political and legal hurdles mean it might never happen. daniel digman is one of the last residents, still living in this large apartment block in the heart of berlin. jeff, take 101 flats. 85 have been empty for years. with a company who bought in fighting legal battles to demolish, to block, to make way for new apartment, it antique, and so many people i'm looking for housing, but it, yeah, that's just kinda. while most residents have left digman decided to stay despite receiving threats and his car being sat on fire once mattered route, and vaudeville and facade, and we are furious. when did this happen to jeff? when did housing turn into a commodity? wife?
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housing being traded on my candidate. how is it possible for the public good? that's the big use to make us as soon as osha ransack skyrocketed as global investments have bought into berlin. real estate in a referendum more than 1000000. berlin us 57.6 percent of those who voted, shows in favor of buying out companies that own more than $3000.00 apartments. the lens garrett was changed with old buildings making play for new ones, leaving some long term residents. not my choice, but the move out where it's perhaps the most european cities. but here in the lynn, they have made it clear. they are fed up. the referendum was based on provisions in the german constitution. that explicitly says property can be expropriated when it's for the public good. but this legal expert believes the plan will be overturned in court. in germany, we have 215 in the constitution, which says that nationalization possible,
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but it's subject to what applies to every action by the state. it has to be proportionate. and there are many other more effective fraternities. nationalization will cause a sing a new apartment to be built and building new apartments and many other men. certainly more important than nationalization. campaign us in favor of the measured don't agree they say several legal opinions show that expropriation is possible that we want the will of berlin's population to be implemented. we know it takes a while to draft and all the question is whether they really want to do it or whether the city governments trying to hold it up and kick it into the long grass. that's something we won't accept. we've just had the most successful referendum in berlins history. for most of daniel dick month neighbors, the referendum came too late, and soon he too might have to move elsewhere. them grad honesty, start reversed as anguish. when does not to city is it? does it just belong to the big corporations driven by the stock market?
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he's only purposes to make profits for shareholders at any cost. so my next question is, what kind of life do we want in this city? a question that politicians here are going to have to answer step, fasten al jazeera in berlin. now the husband of a u. k. charity work detained in iran is gone on hunger strike officer. a court ruled she has to return to prison for a year. richard radcliffe is set up camp outside the foreign office in central london to try and crush diplomats to do more for his wife needs a gar. radcliffe was arrested into iran in 2016 and convicted of crossing to overthrow iran government a child. she, her supporters and rights groups deny new charges of propaganda against the ruling system were issued a month after she completed her initial 5 years sentence. we're in front of the front office congress, georgia. someone was for 2 years on it,
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which is just nothing was threatened with prison anytime soon. so we're here just to make the point. government changes. i've had some question for them to do something different. i'm willing to say now italy is struggling with a rising number of wild oars. the animals are running through farms causing traffic accidents and entering cities in such a food. item rainy traveled with some hunters who are trying to keep their numbers down. the hut is on the 1st day of change alley wild afore season, and these dogs have caught the sent it a team effort and tuscany. while they scour the forest, a fellow hunter waits patiently in the hills above. keen others have staked out positions across a wide territory waiting for the right moment. loan hunters like this one are spread across there waiting for their team members to flush out the chin gala with
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packs of dogs. near by the sound of gunfire, perhaps another member of the team down hill. when we arrive we see they've had success hunting wild boar long central to tuscan culture and cuisine has gained an urgency. done the switch room in to the damage they've caused in recent years. is impressive, they now come into our gardens, even a houses and into town cars and all kinds of damage. like you go out to water garden and you run into a bowl. nano, they even cause car crashes. the hunters have kept their recreational pursuit in a new light, calling and out of control population. just decades ago in estimated 50000 ball room for the whole country. that number has risen to 2000000, causing destruction and invading cities. viral videos like this one, show a pack of wild for scouring room for food, fertile ground with trash strewn on city street. here, a family of 4 corner,
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a woman with her groceries. across the country. officials are testing different strategies. just after dawn outside rome, these park rangers check traps that were set the night before. clearly a successful night was he. last year they caught more than $500.00 board. this reserved the head of the program says important goal is within reach. a credo, gay corn. i believe if we can catch up to a 1000 also a year, we can bring back a balance, maintaining the by diversity while reducing damage to agriculture and bringing down the number while boy and trying to city and see that of the 5 we saw in cages most for juveniles, for quite young, just a few months old and park ranger said from a population control point of view, that's a good thing because what they wanted to catch the bore while they're still young before they're able to reproduce though not killed immediately,
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the hard truth is the bore will meet the same fate as those we saw on the hunt. though soon be slaughtered for the local market one. adam rainy. i'll just 0 room coming up as sorry. dave liverpool thrashing. that better arrivals. manchester united by 5 goals. ah. question the narrative, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit. the listening pace, the key constructs the media on al jazeera november announces era. all through a year of turbulent weather. well, leaders gather in glasgow for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning full lines goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the u. s. 1000000 in congress on both in
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parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the law called trigger, a political, quite immersive personal, short documentary africa, direct show cases, african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic, and course for a boy called impact the sporting event november on al jazeera blue . ah, the was 1st robotic artists has had her works displayed in egypt. the humanoid made the ancient egyptian sculpture with her own hands. after 1st being created herself
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by a tina 30 international engineers and experts, her peace is on show in visa and an exhibit blending modern wonders with the last remaining wanderer of the ancient wild. and the mother reports. ah, we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so what she might wonder, does this artist make of the pyramids in gazer? she is called ada, and she is a british build robot that uses cameras and a robotic arm to create arts. after being detained by egyptian customs for 10 days, ada made it to the site on the edge of cairo in time for a unique card showed. her contribution is this large clay sculpture with 3 legs, based on the greek riddle of the sphinx and lying sideways inside a metal of glass sarcophagus. 8. his hands had to be covered with gloves to protect the electric wires from the water and clay were astonished by the sorts of
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technology. so the, coming through on the human side to ada. though mechanical, humanoid is actually foreshadowing what can be done biologically. and so we're very concerned about that and i'm scope to really keys into those us place. the wider art show is called for ever is now it's the 1st of its kind at the keys, a plateau, a unesco world heritage site. it features pieces by creators, from around the world, many referencing the location in their works. i was at finance data coin, 10 artists have participated to rejections and 8 foreigners. as you can see, we have huge sculptures. um and some of them are made an exception. factories it was honestly a great experience. it's about us coming together in the time where in a place where civilization ah, basically started and now it's a rebirth because of cold ed. we been separated for a year and a half and humanity starting to come together again. and it just goes to prove that when we worked together,
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we couldn't achieve anything. so an international selection of artists including a mechanical humanoid. although they do risk being upstaged by nature's own display, nadine baba al jazeera support. now with santa thank you very much. marian wahl with our department, diego manchester united has suffered their heaviest home defeat against liverpool. red devils were thrust 5 neil at old trafford, opened the scoring for your club side. and another 5 sa performance for mohammed tele gibson striker, called the hat trick was breaking the buzz record as the highest point african in the history of the family. who 2nd appointed behind chelsea rolo. i can't say now that i felt any worse than this because
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this, this is the worst off in the lowest of i've been in front of the goal in the laughter . exceptional clinical roads less of course, is the worst feeling that you feel rock bottom and the feeling that we but the feeling we've had that we are getting to where we want to be has been there. but then in the last few weeks, we hit the brick wall, our high pressure was outstanding. be really one balls in great areas. formation. top all these kind of things you want to see as a coach. of course, the results lately haven't been good enough to say and dance it's hands up and that brings down in anyone's mind, probably it was a dobby, especially that happened to me as well. you don't want to go out there and it makes, i want to give all the interviews and all these questions. so that's for sure. not a nice night. and yes, of course are people in author now has
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a 106 goals in the premier league. his liverpool team made sad you money. and chelsea legend drug are the only other 2 african place to have reached the century of goals in england. top division. pressure continues to mount on barcelona co to ronald comin after his teams at to on last to real madrid. and the 1st a classical of the season, barcelona putting a limpid performance in front of over 86000 fans that can't move. jerry, the alabama opened the scoring for re all on his own. classical debbie on behalf our marketing lay gold from lucas, a volcano that gave carline to lotus side 3 points. as we all moved the top of lanesha, alberta still down in 8. what i should have begun article, her happy one because it's l classic her, which is the most important match and we wanted away from home. and we're very
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happy about it. but unfortunately, it's only worth 3 points. i don't like to talk about the other team but we played well, but i also think barcelona performed well to not moment in part of the to classical she. yes, losing and cross come out for barcelona means more than just losing 3 points. i get this perfectly, but there's no time to cry about it because on wednesday we have another match off in the netherlands. could this be the goal of the season? check this out, belgium forward to really going gay with the superb back hill vall in to the top corner. that proved to be the winning goal for right on in over a that i'll come on. 5 your quarter r o has become the 1st frenchman to win the moto gp championship. the yamaha rider finished 4th at the amelia romania. gone enough to clear the title offerings closest rival francesco. but anya crashed with 5 laps to go. there are
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claimed the championship, but with 2 events remaining, the race as miss donna was won by spaniard. mark marquez. she's so rude. i have no, i have no words. he's not the way i wanted to win because of trickle, crushing bob and we managed to get a really great year. a lot of victories. boardroom great for hazard knoxville, stop and has extended his lead in the formula one cham bishop. after winning the united states. go on play. the red bull driver started on pole but was overtaken at the start, but louis hamilton. he took the lead on lap 13 after hamilton made his 1st pit stop . the dutchman took the checkered flag head of hamilton by 1.3 seconds for stop and now leave the championship by 12 points on a day of huge football libraries that the world of cricket had its own massive grudge match at the t 20 woke up india and pakistan and met each other for the
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$200.00 a time. and for the 1st time in the world cup, pakistan walked away as the winning team. chasing 152 runs for victory. basil reach the target without losing a wicked captain about by some ord, 68 y huh. that is one top score for the match with $79.00. fires start to the clash between sri lanka and bangladesh. nothing too serious. just an exchange of pleasantries. i know there's a battery 1st and posted the challenging 171 runs, but we lanka managed to reach the target was 5 wickets in hans and 7 balls too bad . and that's a sport for me. i send you back to marian and london. santa thank you. well, that's it for the news hour, but i will be back very shortly with another full bulletin for you. we'll see you in a bit. oh
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ah and manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the coff. 26 climate summits al jazeera, so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so
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unaffected in fighting climate change. fault lines, investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. algae, they were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the stream takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera to many have been forced to flee their homes, escaping violence, conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. food lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives, and fueling migration exit on doors. a climate in crisis on al jazeera,
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there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media cast right on al jazeera government shut off, access to social media ah days off to as strikes in northern to gray ethiopians, air force, as they've launched more raids, targeting rebel held facilities. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm the mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. protest is block roads in sedans, capital assa, crying.


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