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is flying over the ridge fraying something they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange coming soon on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i marianna mossey, welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes, days after as strikes in all the integrity, ethiopia as air force says, it's launched, more rates targeting rebel health facilities and western government speak out in support of a jail turkish businessman. now there ambassadors could be expelled from the country. a big win in columbia's war on drugs. the leader of the largest drug
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cartel is captured. he'd been on the run for more than a decade. and the in egypt, the pyramids visa of a backdrop for spectacular ot exhibition featuring what of the world's fust broke baltic artists and in sport, max 1st stop and wednesday, united states gone k plus livable recall their biggest when at manchester, united as mm hm. and fella grabs a hat trick in a 5 mill hammering. ah, welcome to the news our, our top story, few of his military is carried out more as strikes integrity. as a renewed campaign against rebels who control most of the region intensifies. the air force says it hit facilities run by the tig, right people's liberation front in the town of ottawa, as well as a training site and take rise west. but a tpl i've spokesperson says,
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one of the right struck me a local hospital. well, if you open government forces in those loyal to the t p, i laugh, have been fighting for almost a year. the raids of picked up over the past week. that's foreseen. i to nations to cease humanitarian flies to the regional capital mckelly. despite warnings of a worsening humanitarian and hunger crisis playing out of morning that speak to political analyst quite tim gabrielle. he joins us live now from all low. it's been a year since this conflict began. it's already caused massive destruction displacement thousands of lives have been lost. is the war now expanding in terms of the effects on the civilian population and losses on the battlefield? yes, indeed, it has been expanding for several months now. after the, if you have been government troops were pushed out of the capital to grow and make
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a new they've been expanding towards the capital. i do some of our and they've been taking over large parts of the region and are also active in the far region. their main target is to lift the siege that has been put on to ride for the past 12 months. were now nearing the one year mark of the start of the war and, and it's actually a potentially coming to an end sometime soon. more do you. what do you mean by that tension coming to an end of the to grand defense forces are now surrounding eh, say, and the, if you're in military is crumbling. and so with this pace, if this trajectory continues, it's not going to be a long time before they actually reach out to some of them. and this is the context
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in which the airstrikes are actually taking place. the targets aren't military at all. they've been hitting hotels, hospitals, and industrial areas, and it's a way of diverting attention away from these for the government, catastrophic military losses. but as you point out, the government has the capacity to conduct as strikes and turn to cause damage at to on civilian targets. as well as t p f fighters. so in that sense, is it really, is it realistic to say that the t p l f. despite that, they've managed to show themselves to be very aggressive. fighting force in recent months will be able to necessarily branch out of tag or i am har, and a far they're already. i mean, no, they traveled several 100 kilometers and they are not are too
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far from the capital at this stage. so the next battle font is going to be the big one. the last one perhaps is going to be dessie. after that, the capital is not far away, of course is does that mean that it's, it's, it's something we can take for granted that they will reach out to us about the trajectory points, 2 points in that direction, essentially. and the government for the past 6 months haven't been able to really score any major military victories. they have the last one. sorry. oh, sorry. now i was just gonna ask because they, they have deployed at troops to darcy, haven't they? in it, in order to counter the, the t p l f. incursion. if the t p left managed to, to continue to make progress as you say, what then would be the, the ultimate objective. is it to force the government to accept that their terms for an agreement stop fighting?
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the major issue is to list the humanitarian blockade. and that's, i think one of the reasons why they've been successful is because the whole of to guy has an option. but to fight, so if you're a young man or young woman integrate your option is either to just sit and starve to death or to fight. and for that reason they've actually managed to mobilize a very big army a. so the main agenda, the 1st criteria is to in that humanitarian locate after that. so we have to consider that the war is not only integrate, there's an insurgency in romeo in been jungle and other parts of the country. so this country needs a political dialogue. there needs to be some sort of political process. there is so much that one can do with 2 military force that applies both to those opposing the government and the government as well. so i think the, the 2nd major purpose of the armed resistance now is
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a political process which the government has been denied or resisting so far. you make an important point that the problems in, in ethiopia actually go beyond take brian, there are some very serious and difficult conflicts happening elsewhere. could this, if there isn't some end the fighting soon? could this result in some sort of unraveling? how much of a threat is this to the stability in the unity of ethiopia? when we think about unraveling, we need to divide it into 2 things. there is a social donation, which i think has already happened. the social bonds are ruined. in many ways, amongst many people on a permanent basis, and there is the in, you know, institutional side of things. and that is also unravel extensively. you know, the military is more or less in shambles. it's, it's, it's destroyed. one can say that the ability of the state to maintain law and order is severely compromised around the country. its ability to provide services is also
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significantly hampered. so i think the social dimension has already is gone in many ways. the institutional one is also unraveling. you know, quite quickly, so you know where we are already is quite catastrophic. you know, millions of people are starving in a man made famine. hundreds and thousands of people are armed and fighting a war. and most likely, the casualties are in the hundreds of thousands. when we get to find that data to count the casualties. so we are already, i think, deep into in the process of unraveling. i would say thank you very much. joining us from azako, tim gabrielle. thank you for having we go to molly. now why a gunman have killed at least 10 people in an attack on the base of
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a power military group known as the gun, the east. so this happened in the northern region of gao. group was formed in 2009 and is backed by the army. it's not clear the soldiers as well as local militia groups that have joined forces account that is home to over a 1000 soldiers that took place just 10 minutes drive away from the un base, as well as the french back kind of base. at least 10 people were killed, many more were wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. no human rights watch accuse the malia and military as well as government backed militias of extra judicial killing. and this has increased since there has been an effort by the 1000000 government to support government backed militia. the united nations security council are asking the government of by michael, led by former military june to see me going to organize free and fair elections. as
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soon as possible. currently, they're scheduled to take place by february 2022. however, there has been signed by the government to delay those elections. we're here to listen to the transition authorities and determine the best way to support them in their full efforts to realize this transition. we also come with clear messages on the need to organize the election, implement the piece agreement, and stabilized the center of molly. the crisis in molly has spread beyond its borders to neighboring yaeger and burkina faso at stake. here are the people in this a hell over a 1000000 people have been displeased because of the ongoing crisis with the humanitarian situation degrading rapidly as a tax increase on me and mars military rule. as of accused the united nations of
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trying to incite violence following its latest reports on the conflict nation, the u. n. as one, it could be mass atrocities, with reports of thousands of troops gathering in the north of the country. special oper, teramy and mos, as the tactics are ominously reminiscent of those deploy before a bloody crack down on the re hang a minority in 2016 does military regime of hit back claiming that the u. n. is using human rights as a political tool to intervene in its internal affairs watching the news, our life from london also to bring you on program. when a focus on haiti, where fuel pumps are running dry, the price is going up and the cost for delivery drivers could be there. life also are met or any on a wild boar hunt in tuscany will tell you why the hunt for this animal has taken on greater meaning. and later on in sport, france finding has a most a g p. while champion will bring all the details later on
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ah, 10 western nations a waiting to see if there are baset as will be expelled from turkey, of the president regime. typo on or did they be declared persona non grata. this comes in response to the u. s. and others issuing a joint statement, calling for the release of jell businessman, osman kabbalah. he'd been accused of involvement in a failed coo and 2016, a financing nationwide protest, 3 years earlier. the ambassadors have not yet been notified of their status, but the expulsions would mark the deepest rift between turkey in the west during ida ones, 19 years and power if they are carried out. well, asked le dean touched by. she's a senior policy fellow european council on foreign relations i spoke to earlier and she says it is could be owed one's way of trying to engage with the west. well, that's
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a said to for even by the standards of this current turkish government. but that's clearly what our to onset. so now that your foreign ministry i thing is trying to find a formula expelling the u. s. and master and the german ambassador and all the nordic ambassadors that would really stand shock waves through not just turkeys. you know, foreign policy establishment, not just get turkey and trouble with its allies, but also the financial markets president on is obviously a man who has who wears his emotions on his sleeve when he's angry. he's angry when he is happy, he's happy. but there's also a stylistic issue, his way of dealing with hard times difficult time challenges have always been upping. the ante is a risk taker and he's taking a huge he, i think everyone is aware that he's taking a huge mega risk. but he usually,
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it gets ups the ante escalades, hoping that his counterparts would, you know, sort of take a step back or tone down or offer engagement. it's being l is the biggest blow to drug trafficking this century. the leaders of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested in an operation involving hundreds of police officers. diary antonio, it was sugar, who also goes by the name on tanya, was captured in a remote corner of the jungle close to the border with panama. brianca go to has mal dido, antonio osha is widely known as or tonio and had been on the ron for more than a decade. columbia most wanted and most fear drug trafficker, now finally in handcuffs, off to being hunted down by soldiers for the wolves launches cocaine. producing nation, or tonia rest is the biggest victory in its so called war and drugs in nearly 30
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years as verse ill gold. this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country. and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's. he was captured at his hideout in jungle near the border with panama. more than 500 soldiers were deployed, one officer was killed almost lead guitar. we began an important satellite surveillance mission against him, with agencies from the u. s. in u. k. where with each movement with trace analysts with communications, where the 50 experts in signal intelligence permanently covering the area with an exact coverage that allowed us to indicate what his movements were you to get him from his hiding place. born into royal family or tonia was a hard fighter who switch sides from far led gorilla to far i paramilitary groups. in 2012, he took over as the leader of the golf clerk from his brother, who was killed by police. he's wanted by the u. s. reporting tons of cocaine for
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years from south america. the government says his group has been behind some of the worst violence. columbia has seen since the signing of a p steel with fox rebels in 2016. there is the possibility that these bring down levels of violence, especially on the communities that he bet had been affected by these large organization. but, but indeed, i mean, there is no an effective a solution to a drug trafficking international drug trafficking problem. jose, by beheading these type of organizations, that once all there been narcotics problems in the world. no, nor in columbia. many field toenails arrest mealy to a power struggle, and a tough war that could worse and the violence. brianca got their alta 0 for necessary. let's go to alexander m p at he joined us from the colombian capital bug, a tar and government there. as compared this to the capture of pablo escobar,
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3 decades earlier. what has been the reaction among people there? yes look, everybody obviously here thinks that this is a very significant but if you start talking to people they will tell you that it's not comparable in carrier least the same weight as that at the death of pablo escobar back in 1993 in that for a number of reasons because people believed that at the time of escobar is highest power, things were much more dangerous. those were more scary. they were scary or times for a lot of people, especially in big cities or in main cities across to a much of the country. also, escobar was a very public figure. he became a sort of robin hood for many poor columbia. and while they're on the other hand, oh yeah, it's obviously very powerful, endangered,
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especially in the north west of the country buddy has spent most of his time in big john go. also people don't think that this will have the same impact culturally here in the country. and because of just how big of a public figure escobar was, and also because it made me believe this will not change as much the business they listed fit, trade of narcotics, the in columbia. been now that also near live gone. others will appear new leaders that will replace him. thank you very much. from boca allison graham, he at 14 protest is backing the military of briefly blocked major roads and a bridge and don's capitol as tensions grow between the generals and pro democracy movement tear gas was fine to clear protest as and cartoon relations of salad between the military and civilian sharing power and fragile transitional government . it's supposed to lead sit down to elections after a long time,
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leader amount of the share was pushed from power in 20. 19 hippa, morgan has more from hard to the response comes after the processes in front of the presidential palace, where they've been teaching assistant for over a week. now, try to expand the area of the sits in to try to pressure the government and to dissolving itself and a new cabinet be formed by the prime minister. now the reason why this page that sits in front of the presidential palace is because most of them are pro military. they want the military to take over and take charge of the country. many of them coming out of their that they want the military to handle the affairs of the nation until elections are held because they said that the government is not representative. now, the governor of whom issued a statement just after the dispersing of the protest, the saying that those who are behind the blockade of the bridges and the roads are members of the former ruling party, which is out from power on april 2019 following month of anti government process,
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he said that he also part of the group that are participating in front of the city . and i'm trying to stabilize the, the country and trying to make it very hard for people to move so that people can be frustrated to the point that they're drawn into violence. now again, the system has been going on for more than for more than a week with processes demanding that prime and it's happening to him to dissolve his cabinet. and that's the result of a split between the 4th of the freedom and change coalition. that's the ruling coalition. that is right now running the government. now as a growing security presence in the iraqi capital, baghdad, supporters of pro iranian political parties staging a citizen. they are demanding a recount of votes from the parliamentary elections held earlier this month. was sinclair and tara southern parties secured the largest number of parliamentary seats protests of denounced the vote as a scam. they've given the electoral commission until monday to announce a manual recount, otherwise they say they'll take matters into their own hands. meanwhile,
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libby as electro commissions, as candidate registration for december's elections will take place next month. but the countries to rival legislative houses have yet to decide on how it work. at 2020 political deal between previously warring side in both must agree on a constitutional basis before the elections can actually take place apart. will be a key step in the us back protest and more than a decade of violence and political unrest in the country. malik trina has more from the capital, tripoli. we're just 2 months away from the scheduled nationwide elections in libya, but there's still some question that's what kind of election libyans will see. will they be a general election? will we see parliamentary elections? what we see a parliamentary presidential election simultaneously, those are questions that have yet to be resolved, as the size have yet to agree upon a constitutional framework for those elections to be held. now, earlier today, imagine say at the head of the high national electoral commission said
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a few things. one you said the commission will not deviate from its commitment to implement free and fair elections. he says we plan on opening the door for candidates to register and the 2nd half of november. and this is really where the divide happens. who can run for president, what kind of powers the president have. according to the libyan political agreement, signed in 2015. the high council of state, based in tripoli and the house of representatives, the parliament based in eastern libya, have to agree upon this framework to hold elections here and in tripoli, they've set some conditions. they voted on the conditions for who can run for president. that bar you have to be controlled eastern would be in the eastern libya they've allowed. they voted for conditions that allow wholly for have to, to, to, to run for president. now whether or not the very aside the high council state and the parliament can agree upon a framework within these couple of weeks of,
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in order for the election to be held the schedule, we're not really sure. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of solution the various sides come up with an order for libyans to be able to carry out the vote. the poles of closing is back histones presidential election, where the incumbent is expected to easily win. shall cut matters. zoe of is seeking a 2nd time in office on face is no genuine opposition, but his lawyer is rebuilt, ties with russia in the west, and another 5 year term. we're likely to his back on opening up further to foreign trade and investment. we're hiding has more even before these votes are counted, the results of this presidential election and is, pakistan are all but certain incumbent president, chef customers that you have is expected to win another 5 year term as there is no real opposition running against him. despite that, these voters are hoping to bring about whatever change they can can give me the next 5 years, i would like to see live in standards, raised higher salaries,
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no poverty, better employment and housing. that would make us all happy mirrors you have came to power in 2016 after the death of his mentor. islam cut him off who ruled the central asian country for 27 years. with a history of authoritarian rule, the country has never really had a truly democratic election. have the best of a pretty bad lot. there's not now, no one has been able to, has been allowed to emerge to be true to, to do, to be able to mount the, to challenge to mr. new york. with everything that i've said, the positive trend, you have to obviously admit that the economic indicators of slip simply because of colgate ninety's. the pandemic has head is, becca stands, economy hard raising unemployment and the cost of living, especially in rural areas. even the problem with the, the main problems are in the region, not the capital in the capital. everything is more or less fine. people have water, gas, electricity in the other areas. unfortunately, there's
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a lack of all of this view mirror yet has been credited with helping to boost tourism and ties with foreign powers. but the country now has to navigate new boundaries with new neighbors in afghanistan, the taliban. the us is still interested in continuing its military relations with a, with, with us back in august, the russia is considering judge, the size of soft power. can optic power at attachment? the big question is whether you know the situation in, again, this data will spill over to these countries. there is a lot of concern that they at least stay secular and do not full upgrade to the extremist influences. as mirrors are, you have when to cast his own vote at a polling station on the outskirts of the capital touch kent, his chances of winning remain around 90 percent. leo harding al jazeera to that all in his out flight demand is taking off again in indonesia. but is it too late to
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stop the country's most prominent airline being grounded, a good place to live, or a way to make money balances have voted to take back their apartments. but it might not been alice bought re on the trade deliver more pain to that arch rivals barcelona. ah right the autumn gales in the snow. they both had a go at scandinavian bits of gold near caused some damage. were that things a surprise? me quite and then we have still got an autumn storm as nearer iceland is still a bit weaker, but i guess in northern europe, this is a bit more active there, but we'll start with the north and here given the winds and our died that we could have suddenly or southwesterly we drawing up, warmer weather now is going to be wet in norway. the snow is a long way all through finland with temperatures and stock home in london for
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example, are on the rise above normal. this will continue won't be blue, sunshine, they will be a bit of a breeze. no, be rain or showers on their way through to all or know your but the picture is not a stormy. will not immediately measure west and scuttled by the tuesday. this, however, is stormy. it's not so much the strength of wind this amount of rain in the slow moving nature of the circulation in calabria, which is the tower of italy. there are warnings are flooding. they'll probably be renewed through monday and tuesday. that rain could well effect sol did here. certainly sicily and malta and the north coast. the tune is unit carries are going through tuesday, spreads it out to the adrian towards lavinia as well. now the rains in this part of bhaskar west africa should be going south and yet its reading now as far north as bank. sure. ah. but the latest news, as it breaks the president is allowed to impose
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a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days. without congress's approval, we detailed coverage for his rights group in southeast asia. say they confirmed about the arrived in reported cases of working conditions from around the world government. unsecured agencies up described a recent incident as planned with the aim of the stabilizing the country in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech. and algeria, i thought he could not hold back the tide of algerian independence or keep francis colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series, al jazeera explorers, how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today. reluctant is french, the colonization on al jazeera l. lou
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. ah, welcome back main stories. now, if you appears air force as it hit local military installations and ted cry as fighting intensifies in the long conflict about the tig, right people's liberation fonts as an area near hospital was actually it. 10 western nations are waiting to see if their ambassador will be expelled from turkey after president regime typo on order. they'd be declared persona non grata that governments of cool for the release of jail businessman, osman kabbalah, and columbia's most wanted drug trafficker has been captured. presidents as the rest of day, or antonio suca, who also goes by the name of tanelle, is the biggest hit to the drug trade. this century. now and voice from
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a southern african regional block cent seat to ascertain, he say the countries president is ready for dialogue off to months of antique government protest. thousands of people have been killed since the pro democracy movement began in africa last absolute monarchy. earlier this year, actually the say king of miss what t the 3rd has consistently ignored calls for a form. it's actually the name has more now from the capital and bonnie saturday would have been the 22nd birthday of mo fauna said belly mug, who's at san san delayed, died 3 days ago after being.


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