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report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wall flies in greece since created you problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather. toys for planets us with on al jazeera, ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera ah days off to as strikes in north integrity, ethiopia is at for says it's launched, more aides targeting rebel health facilities. ah, hello, i'm marianne massey and london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. 10 western government speak out in support to the
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jail turkish businessman. now there ambassadors could be expelled from the country . a big wind in columbia's war on drugs. the leader of the largest draw called tallies captured. he'd been on the run for more than a decade. and in egypt, the pyramids of visa, the backdrop for spectacular ot exhibition featuring the walk of the wells fust broke tick artist ah loan, welcome to the program. our top story, ethiopia is military, is carried out more as strikes integrity as a renewed campaign against rebels who control most of the region intensifies the air force as it hit facilities run by the tag, ry people's liberation front, and the town of ottawa as well as a training site integrity west, but a tpl i've spokesperson says one of the, it struck near
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a local hospital. if you open government forces in those loyalty, the t p l f. have been fighting for almost a year, but raids of picked up over the past week, acts force the nighted nations to cease humanitarian flights to the regional capital mckelly. despite warnings of a worsening humanitarian and hunger crisis, playing out in the region was sam. you'll get to choose any for europe in journal, as he's based in addis ababa. he says, a government is suspicious of the united nations despite the, the desperate need for aid. the chilton government is assisting that there are targeting military sites and places where the think the t p and f as training their troops. so they're saying the targets are not every they ethiopians who reside in the to grey region. again, it's to destroy the elements. so for the t p, a left that they declared as a terrorist organization, the ethiopian government has been accusing the u. n. of providing of weapons. even
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resources are and, you know, giving some kind of explanation of their success. the success they've been having since mid june, but in terms of ethiopia, ethiopia, again, as a very, you know, a powerful country in court in, you know, the economy compared to other african countries perhaps, but it's still on a depend on nation, and this will impact it in the long term because there are money, money, part priorities, and this conflict of begun to november is again, in our far region upon our region, affecting millions of people in need of government support. the prime minister has been saying that this is about respecting the constitution of the country. it's defending its independence. that's why they've been having disagreements with perhaps the u. s. government, the bite and administration in washington, dc. and other countries that have been pushing for,
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if you're going to have some kind of negotiated c swire. but they've been saying from the get go that this is a local issue. the be sold that should be sold by the theo and government. but again, it's are facing so many people that are now in need of immediate support to sort of bring you some developments from marlene, our gun that have killed at least 10 people in an attack on the base of a paramilitary group known as the gun that is so this happened in the northern region of gao. group was formed in 2009 and is backed by the army. it's not clear who was behind the attack. algae there is nicholas hack has more from the car in neighboring santa go. another brazen attack in mali this time it against a government backed militia called the gander e so which in the ser, i language means the children of the land. this is a group made up of former military soldiers as well as local militia groups that
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have joined forces, a camp that is home to over a 1000 soldiers into places 10 minutes drives away from the un base, as well as the french backhanded base, at least 10 people were killed, many more were wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. now, human rights watch accuse the malia and military as well as government backed militias of extra judicial killing. and this has increased since there has been an effort by the 1000000 government to support government backed militias. the united nations security council are asking the government of bomber co, led by former military june to a semi goiter to organize free and fair elections. as soon as possible, currently, they're scheduled to take place at by february 2022. however, there has been signs by this government to delay those elections. we're here to
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listen to the transition authorities and determine the best way to support them in their full efforts to realize this transition. we also come with clear messages on the need to organize the election, implement the piece agreement, and stabilized the center of molly. the crisis in molly has spread beyond its borders to neighboring yaeger and burkina faso at stake. here are the people in this a hell over a 1000000 people have been displeased because of the ongoing crisis with the humanitarian situation degrading rapidly as a tax increase. ah, now tenant western nations a waiting to see if there ambassadors will be expelled from turkey after the present regime type, odo on ordered that they be declared persona non grata. it comes in response to the
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un and are the u. s. and others issuing a joint statement, calling for the release of jail, businessman osmotica, viola. he'd been accused of involvement in a failed coo and a financing nationwide protest. 3 years earlier, the ambassadors have not yet been notified of their status, but the expulsions would mark the deepest rift between turkey and the west during our de ones 19 years and power if they are carried out. well i sa, i didn't touch bashes as senior policy fellow at your european council on foreign relations. she joins us over skype now from a stumble. thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us. could you start by explaining, could you start by explaining why president are the one that is so upset about this declaration by the ambassadors, which pretty much reflects the ruling that was made by the european course of human
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rights. well, the ambassadors from 10 countries, including turkey's close allies, like germany and united states, recently signed a joint letter to the church government calling on the government to abide by the decisions of european court of human rights. as you pointed out and released or small couple. now coll kabbalah has become a household name in turkey. at this point, he is the science of turkish civil society of turkish philanthropists activists and a business man who has been in jail for 4 years, accused of inciting violence against the government. first, he was accused of sponsoring jesse unrest and then later on linked to the coo and now espionage charges various different cases. but the masters are finding the evidence flimsy and the calling for his release. now the couple
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a case has been an ongoing story between europe, united states center he u. s. congress, the biden administration, european parliament have repeatedly called for his release, but presently entered on. so this as meddling in turkey's domestic affairs. he was very upset clearly and cooled for the cold, for the inbound orders to be declared persona non grata likely than to lead to their expulsion d. thank well, that's a said to for even by the standards of this current turkish government. but that's clearly whatever to onset. so now the turkish foreign ministry, i think, is trying to find a formula expelling the us and master, and the german ambassador and all the nordic ambassadors that would really stand shock waves through not just turkeys, you know, foreign policy establishment,
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not just get turkey in trouble. with its allies, but also the financial markets, the markets when they opened. right. and so you make an important point it, because obviously turkey has had various diplomatic spots in the past, but there are 10 countries involved in this. 7 of them are members of nato, as is turkey. how could a crisis on this scale affect turkeys relationship with the outside world, particularly the u. s. the e. u and nato. i sang, it would really lead to a sense of marginalization for turkey has been trying to recalibrate, reaching out to normalize its relations with some of its regional rivals recently. and has really been trying to man ties with diverse, particularly with the biden administration that as wide an administration has started out with the policy of cool children,
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turkey in its 1st 6 months. but recently there's been greater and greater engagement on afghanistan and other re, regional issues and everyone has been present. everyone has been very keen on meeting president biden in new york. he couldn't during the general assembly at the united nations, but now the meeting was scheduled for g 20 this coming weekend in rome. so the obvious question is if turkey was to declare these ambassadors persona non grata, including the american ambassador, what the u. s. president still meet a president and there do on and if he would shy away from doing that, what would the impact be on dervish markets? right, so why then would he do this at a time of rising inflation and financial instability in the likelihood of the turkish lira weakening even more? as a result of us it's really hard to figure out
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a president. hurdle on is obviously a man who has, who wears his emotions on his sleeve when he's angry. he's angry when he is happy, he's happy, but there's also a stylistic issue. his way of dealing with hard times, difficult time challenges have always been upping. the ante is a risk taker and he's taking a huge he, i think everyone is aware that he is taking a huge mega risk. but a usually a gets the ups the ante escalades of hoping that his counterparts would, you know, sort of take a step back or tone down or offer engagement. this may well be the case that he's also frustrated by this lack of engagement from the west over the past few months, not just abide an association, but also european. well, he is really escalating,
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in some sense by sort of hoping this will do so since you say not, it's a move that risks straining relations even more. thank you very much. appreciate your analysis osler, i dean dash bush from european council on foreign relations. thank you. now it's being held as the biggest blow to drug trafficking. this century leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested an operation involving hundreds of police officers. darrow antonio, it was still go, who also goes by the name antonio was captured in a remote corner of the jungle, placed the order with panama. frank, a good to has more. dido antonio was sugars, widely known as a tonio, and had been on the run for more than a decade. columbia's most wanted and most fear drug trafficker. now finally in handcuffs after being hunted down by soldiers, put the world's largest cocaine producing nation. or tony was the rest is the
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biggest victory in its so called war and drugs in nearly 30 years as verse ill gold bristles. the hardest blow that has been dealt with drug trafficking in this century in our country, every goal. and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's. they won't read. he was captured at his high doubt in jungle near the border with panama. more than 500 soldiers were deployed. one officer was killed. you almost blood guitar. we began and important satellite surveillance mission against him, with agencies from the u. s. in u. k. where with each movement with trace analysts with communications or the 50 experts and signal intelligence permanently covering the area with an exact coverage that allowed us to indicate what his movements were you to get him from his hiding place. born into rural family or tonia was a hard and fighter who switch sides from far lab. gorilla to far i power military groups. in 2012,
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he took over as the leader of the golf klan from his brother who was killed by police. he's wanted by the us from porting tons of cocaine for years from south america. the kaufman says his group has been behind some of the worst violence. columbia has seen since the signing of of p staying with fock rebels in 2016. there is the possibility that these bring down levels of violence, especially on the communities that he bet had been affected by these large organization. but, but indeed, i mean, there is no an effective a solution to the drug trafficking international drug trafficking problem. jose, by beheading these type of organizations, that one. so there the narcotics problems in the world. no, nor in columbia. many fail toenails, arrest mealy to a power struggle and tell for that could worse. and the violence priyanka got their alta 0, watching al jazeera life in london. still ahead on the program. the fuel pumps are
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running dry. in haiti, the price is going up and the cost for delivery drivers could be that like, ah, route the autumn dale's in the snow, they both had a go at scandinavian bits of gold near call. some damage were that things a surprise? me quite. and there we have still got an autumn storm is nearer iceland is still a bit weaker, but i guess in northern europe, this is a bit more active there, but we'll start with an off and here given the winds and our died that we could have suddenly or southwesterly withdrawing up warmer weather now is going to be wet in norway. the snow is a long way north through finland with temperatures in stock. home in london for example, are on the rise that above noble. this will continue wont be blue sunshine. there will be a bit of a breeze, no b, rain or showers on the way through to all or no europe, but the picture is not
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a stormy will not immediately measure western scotland by the tuesday. this however, is stormy. it's not so much the strength of wind is the man to write in the slow moving nature of the circulation in calabria, which is the tower of italy. there are warnings out for flooding. they'll probably be renewed through monday and tuesday. that rain could well effect sol, denise, certainly, cecily and malta. and the north coast. a tune is unit carries on. going through tuesday, spreads it out to the adrian towards lavinia as well. now the rains in this part of africa west africa, should be going south and yet his reading now is funnels has been june. ah, when an ethiopian mother put her daughter up for adoption, she knew little of what was to come. with family, bon, 7, traumatized child, torn between 2 world struggles to return home in
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a profoundly human story, exposing deep floors in denmark's adoption system. a girl in return, a witness documentary on al jazeera lou . ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. ethiopia is f for says it's hate local military installations in take rise fighting their intensifies in the yellow conflict. but the tag, people's liberation fonts as an area near a hospital was actually hit. gunman of killed at least 10 people in the north of
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molly's gal, reach, and it's not clear who was behind the attack on the base of a parliament, our military quote known as gunn de isa. and columbia's most wanted drug trafficker has been captured, the president says, the arrest of dido antonio was to guy who also goes by the name antonio is the biggest hit to the drug trade vis century sophomore on this. let's go to us under amputee choices from the colombian capital bogota. so obviously it's being held by the colombian government. is that the biggest step forward since the death of pablo escobar in 1993? but what did the people of columbia think about this? well, most people here indeed care they think that this is significant, but at the same time i think you would be hard pressed to find anybody who thinks like the price is that the best has the same or carries the same impact as the
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death of pablo escobar back in 1993, and that is the case for a number of reasons. escobar was a larger than life figure. he was a very public figure on like 14 year old, who spent most of its life in the. nobody really has ever seen them unless, if it was on the pictures that the police have shown since he was the most wanted person here in columbia and ask about also a spent break. li are poor people, important neighborhoods of his home town of me the year, and he became a sort of sort of a hero for a lot of poor people in the country. he had a theme thing, congress. and then he very old for li. confronted this state here, through a terror campaign with bombs that exploded the here in the capitol, booked in the,
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in the very public places, killing hundreds of innocent people. and so away and he died. i think the effect was much larger. now people hear that people we've talked to say yes, this is definitely a significant success for the governmental and most people don't think they will make a great change in the way that the business of drug trafficking operates in the country that might not even make a great to change in the way that the golf clan, the criminal organization that also yeah. lead that operates in the north of the country. not only they moved tons of cocaine to the united states and europe, but they also control illegal gold mining. the legal mining of other things in different parts of the country. they also tax the movements of migrants from columbia to pass on my and the feeling is that the people under him will be able to
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continue with yoga and the station operating in the same way. thank you very much about guitar lessons are important to us. now protest is back in the military of briefly brought to major roads in a bridge, sedans capital, as tension scro between the generals and the pro democracy movement to gases, fired to clear the protested and hard tune relations of salad between the military and civilian sharing power in a fragile transitional government, it supposed to lead to don 2 elections after a long time the, the amount of a share was pushed from the hour and 2019 it, but morgan has more from him. the response comes after the processes in front of the presidential palace where they've been staging assistant for over a week. now try to expand the area of the sits in to try to pressure the government and to dissolving itself. and a new cabinet be formed by the prime minister. now the reason why this page that
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sits in front of the presidential palace is because most of them are pro military. they want the military to take over and take charge of the country. many of them coming out of their that they want the military to handle the affairs of the nation until elections are held because they said that the government is not representative. now, the governor of whom issued a statement just after the dispersing of the protest, saying that those who are behind the blockade of the bridges and the roads are members of the former ruling party, which is out from power on april 2019 following month of anti government process, he said that there are also parts of the group that are participating in front of the fit. and i'm trying to the stabilize the, the country and trying to make it very hard for people to move, so that people can be frustrated to the point that they're drawn into violence. now again, the system has been going on for more than more than a week with processes demanding that prime and it's happening to him to dissolve his cabinet. and that's the result of a split between the force of freedom and change coalition. that's the ruling
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coalition. that is right now running the government. well, in other developments, the u. n. is saying climate change is to blame for intense flooding and south sit on the worst in the region. in 60 years, around 700000 people have been affected and the livelihood of 11000000 more risk. while cyclical droughts and floods are common in south street on climate report. released early this week want of increasing climate shocks across much of africa. i've been daily protest. oh, the severe fuel shortage is in the haitian capital prices have sought and some petrol stations have been forced to close. now gangs have started kidnapping and killing fuel truck drivers. i know raffle airports from puerto france ah, fires burning in the streets of the haitian capital, while protest, super worsening. insecurity, have swept the city in recent days. demonstrations over fuel shortages are also becoming a daily occurrence. there are fears, the city would come to
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a standstill if supplies aren't resumed soon or that was i ended up with the government is not doing its job. they are the ones that you give us security. they should do everything to make sure pumps of petrol. so we can do what we have to do by the plug that despite some gas stations already running dry cues of motorists keep growing as detention at the pump. and when the problem is, the people in government, the richer fighting the pool, some motorists tell us fuel is becoming so hard to come by. it can take days to get their hands on only a few gallons across the haitian capital. many petrol stations have closed their doors all together, creating a black market fuel. in recent days, the price of gasoline has gone from $10.00 to $15.00 per gallon. and it's the cost that's only getting higher as the fuel shortage. worse, delivering fuel to residence has become more difficult as violence linked to
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criminal gangs spreads to more parts of the city. gang members have made a lucrative business out of extorting and kidnapping petrol delivery drivers. you'll transporters are threatening a strike to protest against violence directed towards delivery personnel. women from opera, not very by garza. a reason why there's no petrol is that some of the drivers have been kidnapped previously with their trucks, donors of paid for the truck to be released, but left the driver behind and they kill was given up. that's why drive of now scared to go to the cargo terminal because they may go kidnapped guys. though the recent abduction of 17 missionaries by haitian gang has captured global headlines, violence and kidnappings are challenged, that most residents here face on a daily basis. and between increasing insecurity, fast rising fuel prices and in economic crisis exacerbated by the ongoing. coby 19 pandemic security experts say the situation. is it taking time bomb for social
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unrest? manuel, of a low al jazeera, puerto prince. libya's electoral commission says candidate registration for elections in december will take place next month. the countries to rival legislative houses have yet to decide how the vote will work. a 2020 political deal between previously warring sides means both mystically on a constitutional basis before the elections can actually take place. power will be a key step in the us back, processed and more than a decade of violence and political unrest in the country. 11 picasso works have been sold at auction for more than $100000000.00. collection was featured at the bellagio hotel in las vegas for more than 2 decades. the m g m resorts group says this that will help further improve the diversity of its fine collection. the auction took place 2 days before what would have been these spanish artists, 140th birthday pablo. picasso died in 1973. when
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how the world 1st robotic artist has had her works displayed in egypt. the humanoid made the ancient egyptian sculpture with her own hands. after 1st being created herself by a team of 30 international engineers and ex, but a peace is on show and ease out an exhibit blending most wonders. but the last remaining wanda of the ancient wild that the barber reports. ah, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so what she might wonder, does this artist make of the pyramids in gazer? she's called ada, and she's a british build robot that uses cameras and a robotic arm to create arts. after being detained by egyptian customs for 10 days, ada made it to the site on the edge of cairo in time for a unique card showed. her contribution is this large clay sculpture with 3 legs, based on the greek riddle of the sphinx and lying sideways inside
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a metal and glass sarcophagus. 8, his hands had to be covered with gloves to protect the electric wires from the water. and clay were astonished by the sorts of technology that are coming through on the human side. so ada, though mechanical humanoid is actually for shuddering. what can be done biologically? and so we're very concerned about that and i'm still to really keys into those us, but the wider aren't show is called for ever is now it's the 1st of it's kind of the geese, a plateau, a unesco world heritage site. it features pieces by creators, from around the world, many referencing the location in their works. i was had financed ada coin. 10 artists have participated, timmy tipton's and 8 foreigners. as you can see, we have huge sculptures. um and some of them are made in egypt and factories. it was honestly a great experience. it's about ha, coming together in the time where in a place where civilization ah,
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basically started and now it's a rebirth because of called ed. we been separated for a year and a half and humanity starting to come together again. and it just goes to prove that when we worked together, we couldn't achieve anything. so an international selection of artists including a mechanical humanoid, whether they do risk being upstaged by nature's own display, the diem barber al jazeera. you can find much more and everything we're covering right here, al jazeera dot com. ah . so quit main stories now and if you, if he is military is carried out more as strikes and tag ryah's fighting intensifies and the year long conflicts federal air force says hip facilities run by the took by people's liberation front in the town of adara as well as a training site in the west of the region.


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