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oh yes, he's expected to when i started back now to the rest of the diner, antonio shook off the leader of columbia's largest drug cartel. as he said, he's that country's highest profile crime boss to be captured since the death of pablo escobar back in 1993, said jo guzman is the director and co founder of columbia risk analysis. he says, this arrest will have little impact on the drug war did basic equation of the drug war, which is a very inflexible supply and in elastic demand coming from the united states in europe and other consuming countries. so just a changing auto nil ah, is going to be quickly replaced by other drug king pins. we're going to continue taking advantage of that basic equation that their supply and there's demand. and people will continue doing cocaine in the pacific coast and in the caribbean coast, where the glendale world for operates. these cartels don't manage the cities,
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but the rural areas, parts of the wood, ela and you can your parts of the wire hook, oak parts of charcoal remain under the control of many of these organizations. now, the government has the full ability to move and to participate in operations in these areas. but after the government leaves these organizations take control. i think it's an unquestionably a victory for the government and for the authorities that are able to demonstrate that they have the ability to have intelligence assets to have. i'm an, a very closely coordinated operation against the most wanted criminal of the country. so i don't want to undermine the importance of what that means, but strategically, the larger picture doesn't suggest that this is a game changer. all gunman have killed at least 10 people in mali. now attack on a base of a paramilitary group known as the gun diesel. it happened in the northern region of
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gulf, a group performed in 2009 and is backed by the army. it's unclear who is responsible for the attack. because hawk is following developments from dakar and neighboring cynical another brazen attack in mali. this time it against a government backed militia called gander e so which in the sir i language means the children of the land. this is a group made up of former military soldiers as well as local militia groups that have joined forces, a camp that is home to over a 1000 soldiers into places 10 minutes drives away from the un base, as well as the french backhanded base, at least 10 people were killed, many more were wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. now, human rights watch accuse the malia and military as well as government backed militias of extra judicial killing. and this has increased since there has been an
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effort by the 1000000 government to support government backed militias. the united nations security council are asking the government of bomber co, led by former military june to a semi goiter to organize free and fair elections. as soon as possible, currently, they're scheduled to take place at by february 2022. however, there has been signs by this government to delay those elections. we're here to listen to the transition authorities and determine the best way to support them in their full efforts to realize this transition. we also come with clear messages on the need to organize the election, implement the piece agreement, and stabilize the center of molly. the crisis in molly has spread beyond its borders to neighboring leisure and burkina faso at stake. here are the people in
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this a hell. over a 1000000 people have been displaced because of the ongoing crisis, with the humanitarian situation degrading rapidly as a tax increase. you can do as president you what he was 70 says saturdays blast, and the capital appears to have been a terrorist attack. at least one person died and 7 others injured in the explosion at a restaurant and a suburb of compiler. and he said 3 suspected bomb as disguised themselves as customers and palm to the explosives. in a plastic bag, no group is claimed responsibility for the attack. while than 206, the inmates are escaped from nigeria in prison on friday have been recaptured. nearly $800.00 broke out and oil estates when again blasted the prison wall. the dynamite or the $500.00 is still in the run. it was the 3rd major attack on a prison this year. turkeys president has said that 10 west and
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ambassadors, mosby declared, persona non grata or stripped of the diplomatic status. and immunity was a response to the us and others issuing a joint statement calling for the release of jail business. then osman kabbalah, he's been accused of involvement and a failed coo and turkey in 2016 and financing nationwide protest there. 3 years earlier. he denies this. the joint statement says the case is cast a shadow over respect for democracy. it also knows that the charges against cabala have changed over time and cold on turkey to resolve his case. quote, in line with talkies international obligations and domestic law, turkey is called the statement irresponsible. results are di is in a stumble and he says, these spat could seriously impact relations between the nato allies. definitely this having such a diplomatic spat with the, the most prominent countries wonder earth is not going to have the turkish economy in a right track. so just this country's majority of them are nato members,
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and turkey is one of the most important nato country as well. so if that happens, turkey will literally expel is need to allied ambassadors at germany is number one, turkeys number 13, pardon their france or sees and not very much prominent trade partner and the u. s . is the largest nieto member as well, including sweden, denmark, new zealand, and some other companies as well. so this will definitely bring turkey into a direct direct confrontation to promote the competition with the western camp, which is not going to be a good news for the turkish economy. however, this was in a make him processed turkey recently over syria, east mediterranean, and north africa. has been having lots of problems with the usa and some other important european companies owned in room in rome, there will be a g, a g, 20 meeting next week. prisoner was expected to meet president biden dare,
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but if the explosion of this diplomat happened, one of these invoices happens. then there are concerns that this meeting will not happen in room between present avalon. and by then that could further deteriorate the relations between turkey and the western countries. there is a growing security presence in the iraqi capital baghdad. i support his of pro iranian political parties, a staging assistant, and demanding a recount of votes from the parliamentary elections held earlier this month. and some threatening take matters into their own hands. i thought until i had has more from banked ass security measures that have been tightened near the green zone and baghdad, after the protest has tried to storm into the green zone. and they say that they will, they will continue protesting here until the election commission return is what they consider hijacked boats. now these protested as our supporters of the political parties that lost in the legislative election. they have given
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the election commission at 72 hours of tomato m a to end on monday afternoon. and they say that if the election commission is not responding to their demands by a conducting a whole recount a manual recount of old votes, then they will take matters into their own hands. on the other hand, the election commission says that it has received over 1400 complains and appeals so far it has turned down a few hundreds of them and it says it will look into the appeals and complains only the appeals and complains that are supported by evidence, now, these are protested as have tried to storm into the green is own. the green zone is a very significant area because it has a high profile at headquarters of civil international and domestic institutions,
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including our diplomatic missions and also including the u. s. embassy. now, the protested as say that they will continue protesting here until the election commission in response to their demands. they have set up dozens of tents and they say that they will not leave this place until the election commission conducts a manual recount of all the votes. thousands of migrants and refugees have set off on foot from southern mexico hoping to reach the us. the group is mainly made up of people from haiti, and central america have been stranded in mexico for months and the scuffles has placed trying to stump them. john holman, reports from mexico city. ha! another caravan emits code. it's been a recurring pietro. the last 2 years, migrants grouping together to try and fools away through the country into the us
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border. the only surprise it's at this time around them been stopped by mexican authorities, yet i about a 1000 people left up at eula, the city close to mid career southern board with guatemala on saturday morning. they were trying to break through a ring of security pieces confining them there over months. they called the city of prison. i was of many can i once have been detained, he forsake 7 or 8 months, and then we'd be look up for a long time. we can't take it any more, we don't have war gone and we can't leave he nor gone to, which is much worse. so we need to get out of here to feed our family. only my oh, shortly after leaving capitulate a shield will of the national guard, the block, the road ahead. that usually signals the end, the caravans, detentions, deputations, this time around, after
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a struggle. most people go through. now they go on, but very slowly, mexican authorities of strictly prohibited bosses will taxis carrying migrants on foot. it will take them weeks to cover the about 2000 kilometers to the us, especially with women and children present. although the majority of those walking a men, where are they from different places, haiti, south, and central america. but most of something in common, that fleeing poverty, political turmoil, or violence in their own lands. at the moment their i missed to get to met, screw city, and get papers to stay. those who want to travel further to the us are assured of a code woke him forces in texas state radi being mobilized to stop them. that's if met screws authorities don't do so 1st and soon as on the u. s. pressure, they always have done before john homan. how does it mit screw city?
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the u. s. in south korea are again pressing north korea to refrain from carrying out more missile tests. days after it said it find a new type of ballistic missile usa invoice in north korea or as in sulfur meetings about the tests and long running stalemate and nuclear democracy, nuclear diplomacy. rather, north korea is refusing to return to talks until you ass drops what it calls, haul style policies, housing and berlin, like many other cities, is becoming increasingly unaffordable. berlin has recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal for authorities to seize more than 200000 homes and put them into public ownership. but if it falls, reports political and legal hurdles mean it may never happen. daniel digman is one of the last residents, still living in this large apartment block in the heart of berlin. jeff, take 101 flats. 85 have been empty for years with
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a company who bought in fighting legal battles to demolish, to block, to make way from your part of it. and so many people i'm looking for housing, but it, yeah, that's just kinda. while most residents have left digman decided to stay despite receiving threats and his car being sat on fire, once master food and vaudeville and facade and we are furious. when did this happen to us? when did housing turn into a commodity? wife housing being traded on my candidate. how is it possible that a public good, destiny, big used to make us as soon as osha ransack skyrocketed as global investments have bought into berlin? real estate in a referendum more than 1000000 berlin us 57.6 percent of those who voted, chose in favor of buying out companies that own more than $3000.00 apartments. the land garrett was changed with old buildings making play for new ones, leaving some long term residence, not my choice, but the move outs, where it's
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a pattern that exist in most european cities, but here and then they have made it clear. they are fed up the referendum was based on provisions in the german constitution that explicitly says, property can be expropriated when it's for the public good. but this legal expert believes the plan will be overturned in court. in germany, we have 215 in the constitution, which says that nationalization is possible, but it's subject to what applies to every action by the state. it has to be proportionate, and there are many other more effective fraternities. nationalization won't cause sing a new apartment to be built and building new apartments. and many other matter. certainly more important than nationalization. campaign us in favor of the measured don't agree. they say several legal opinions show that expropriation is possible that we want the will of berlin's population to be implemented. we know it takes
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a while to draft a law. the question is whether they really want to do it, or whether the city governments trying to hold it up and kick it into the long grass. that's something we won't accept. we've just had the most successful referendum in berlin's history. for most of daniel dick month neighbors, the referendum came too late, and soon he too might have to move elsewhere. them grad honesty, start. reverse anglers, doesn't have to city. is it? does it just belong to the big corporation driven by the stock market? he's only purpose is to make profits for shareholders at any cost. so my next question is, what kind of life do we want in the city and a question that politicians here are going to have to answer step, fasten al jazeera in berlin. italy is struggling with arising number of wild boar. the animals are rampaging across farms, causing traffic accidents and entering cities and search for food. at a brady went out with hunters aiming to keep their numbers down. the hut is on the
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1st day of change alley wild afore season, and these dogs have caught the sent it a team effort and tuscany. while they scour the forest, a fellow hunter waits patiently in the hills above. he and others have staked out positions across a wide territory waiting for the right moment. loan hunters like this one are spread across there waiting for their team members to flush out the chin gala with packs of dogs. near by the sound of gunfire, perhaps another member of the team down hill. when we arrive we see they've had success hunting wild boar long central to tuscan culture and cuisine had gained an urgency. donnie switch room in to the damage they've caused in recent years is impressive. they now come into our gardens, even a houses and into town cause and all kinds of damage. like you go out to water garden and you run into a bowl. nano. they even cause car crashes. hunters have cast their recreational
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pursuit in a new light, calling and out of control population. just decades ago in estimated 50000 ball room for the whole country. that number has risen to 2000000, causing destruction and invading cities. viral videos like this one, show a pack of wild for scouring room for food, fertile ground with trash strewn on city streets. here, a family of 4 corner, a woman with her groceries. across the country. officials are testing different strategies. just after dawn outside rome, these park rangers check traps that were set the night before. clearly a successful night. because he last year they caught more than $500.00 board this reserve. the head of the program says an important goal is within reach. a okey dokey acorn, i believe if we can catch up to a 1000 or so a year we can bring back
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a balance, maintaining the biodiversity while reducing damage to agriculture and bringing down the number while boy and trying to city would see that of the 5 we saw in cages most were juveniles piece for quite young. just a few months old and park ranger say from a population control point of view, that's a good name because what they wanted to do is catch the bore while they're still young before they're able to reproduce. though not killed immediately, the hard truth is these boys will meet the same fate as those we saw in the hunt, though soon be slaughtered for the local market. adam rainy al jazeera rome and when you art exhibition in egypt as promising visit is a unique experience. it's blending creations from thousands of years ago with works made during the pandemic. andy bober takes look they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so what she might wonder, does this artist make the pyramids in gazer?
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she's called ada, and she's a british build robot that uses cameras and a robotic arm to create arts after being detained by egyptian customs. for 10 days, ada made it to the site on the edge of cairo in time for a unique caught show. her contribution is this large clay sculpture with 3 legs, based on the greek riddle of the sphinx and lying sideways inside a metal and glass sarcophagus. 8, his hands had to be covered with gloves to protect the electric wires from the water. and clay were astonished by the sorts of technology that are coming through on the human side. so ada, though mechanical humanoid is actually for shuddering. what can be done biologically? and so we're very concerned about that and i'm still to really keys into those us place the wider aren't show is called for ever is now it's the 1st of its kind at the geese, a plateau, a unesco world heritage site. it features pieces by creators, from around the world, many referencing the location in their works. i was had financed out a coin. 10 artists have participated to rejections and 8 foreigners. as you can see,
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we have huge sculptures. some of them are made an exception factories. it was honestly a great experience. it's about ha, coming together in the time where in a place where civilization ah, basically started and now it's a rebirth because of cold ed. we been separated for a year and a half and humanity starting to come together again. and it just goes to prove that when we worked together, we couldn't achieve anything. so an international selection of artists including a mechanical humanoid, whether they do risk being upstaged by nature's own display. nadine baba al jazeera sports thanks on al jazeera with an historic day for livable thrashing. bit arrivals. manchester united by 5 goals, more or less. ah,
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it's the world's most populous democracy. diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous change context. india takes them in depth look at the people and politics of india . exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade so as a for context, india and alex is either 2nd. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that a scene united kingdom fail, it citizens,
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britain's true colors coming soon on al jazeera. ah ah ha ha. you very much came while we start with the premier league where majesty united have suffered their heaviest home defeat against liverpool. the red devils were crashed at 5 now at old trafford. now be kicked out, opened the scoring afore yoga up side. and another 5 star performance on the homicide on the tipton strike. us your the hat trick break. give you a buzz report as the highest point african in the history of the permalinks is all very simple move. second,
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a point behind tell in one of the gold in the last 3rd. we were exceptional. we were clinical, we were ruthless. our high breast was outstanding. be really one balls in grade areas um, formation top, all these kind of things you want to see as a coach. i worked out really great the differences now that you usually don't scored under the situation have pretty much and that's what we did and that's why we were fall up off time. second half, early, 5. know, and the red card game over and pressure continues to mount on barcelona code to ronald comin after his teams at to on last to real madrid. and the 1st sal classical of the season. barcelona putting a limbic performance in front of over 86000 fans address and knew that either
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alabama opened the squire for reale on his al classical debutante half hour marked . les goal from lucas falcon, gave karla until art is aside. 3 points. as we all move top of light iga y basha, i still down in a put i should move let's go back to the paralegal west time continued their recent good form defeating london rivals taught them. we found tanya scored the only goal of the game and the 7th, the 2nd minute. the hunters move, move into the top for with that when fab you're quite at out or has that become the 1st french minute to wendy moto g p championship. emma her either finished for the at the media romania grumpy enough to clinton the title. after is close to scribe with francesco vanya crushed with 5 laps to go. quarter arrow claimed the championship with 2 events remaining. the race at mcdonald was
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won by spaniard. mark marquez seems so rude. i have no, i have no words. he's not the way i wanted to win because of trickle crushing bob and we managed to get a really great year and a lot of victories for june grade, frazzled in for me i won the united states called k. guess on the way in a few minutes time championship need that mike swift stop. and we'll start from pull position alongside miller's, hamilton or sharpens red bull team. it says your pin, if it will start from fed on the grid in austin, texas. on a day of huge football rivalry is that the world of cricket to had its own massive grudge match at the t 20 woke up india and pakistan met each other for the $200.00 to a time. and for the 1st time in a world cup i found to weigh as the winning team chasing $152.00 runs for victory, a sound reached the target without losing a wicked acton by them. scold 68100. 1 tops. hold
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a for the batch with 79. fireside to the flesh between sri lanka and by the dish and nothing too serious. well, just an exchange of pleasantries bangladesh, a batted 1st and posted the challenging $171.00 runs. but for lanka managed to reach the target was 5, what gets in hand and 7 boars to span of course expectations are much good. you know, 1000000 people are hoping to bring the hoping that we will be bringing the car back on. ah, and the experience i would say not be, have couple of experience guys were paid more than $5060.00 games. international investor lever, the atlanta braves are heading to the well say for the 1st time in 22 years, they beat raining champions. the, at a doctor's in game 6 of their national league championship series faced the houston astros in the world series game one is on monday. as is open. i got honestly over.
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i could just hold it together cuz it was pretty la comes at ya. i after all the years and everything you go through and now to be able to experience this is really something really cool. and mouse's champion. hi missy munster yamaha swan. his 1st pga tour event on home soil. the japanese thought finished the final round with an eagle to clinch a 5 sought victory. not to pull me kim. thank you very much for that sana, a somali filmmaker cover up at has won the top prize that the 1st pocket film festival in booking a faso, his film, the grave dig. his wife is a drama about a man's struggles to raise money to pay for his wife's surgery, and beat $16.00 other films to receive the golden stallion award. and just over $35000.00 his prize money. the competition was open to african directors, making movies for africans as news am, tomorrow they will be back with you in just
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a moment. plenty more of the days. ah, with planets is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the club. 26 climates summit al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities, but the climate emergency. witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from green and on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so
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unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us out there were well shows how a community in santa is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources. the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front hits, hot, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera in the next episode of planetary swiss ahead of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air, get a new perspective with the changing face of the coal mining industry in ponies. will report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wall flies in greece since created new problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather. toys for planets as well as on al jazeera
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ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera ah, days off to as strikes in north integrity, ethiopia is at for says it's launched, more aides targeting rebel health facilities. ah, hello, i'm marianne massey and on that you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. 10 western government speak out in support to the jail turkish businessman. now there ambassadors could be expelled from the country . a big wind in columbia's war on drugs. the leader of the la.


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