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seeing the location in their works, wash at financing the stock coin. 10 artists have participated to rejections and 8 foreigners. as you can see, we have huge sculptures. some of them were made an exception factories. it was honestly a great experience. it's about ah, coming together in the time where in a place where civilization ah, basically started and now it's a rebirth because of cold ed. we been separated for a year and a half and humanity starting to come together again. and it just goes to prove that when we worked together, we couldn't achieve anything. so an international selection of artists including a mechanical humanoid where they do risk being upstaged by nature's own display. the dream baba al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. if you're,
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these air force is conducted more strikes, integral. the government is intensifying aerial bombardment of rebels who control most of the northern region. the military says it hit facilities run by that great people's liberation front. and the town of ottawa, as well as a training site. air force has been carrying out raids in the region for the past week. samuel get at you is an independent ethiopian journalist. he explains the current situation integral the prime minister has been saying that this is about respecting the constitution of the country. it's defending its independence. that's why they've been having disagreements with perhaps the u. s. government, the biden administration in washington dc. and other countries that have been pushing for, if you're going to have some kind of negotiated c swire. but they've been saying from the get go that this is a local issue that be sold that should be sold by the yoke and government. but again, it's affecting so many people that are now in need of immediate support or tear
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says backing the military have briefly blocked major votes and a bridge in sedans. capital tier gas was fired to clear the protests and cartoon relations and sour between the military and civilian through sheer power in a transitional government. it's supposed to lead suit on to elections. darell antonio sugar. the leader of columbia's largest drug cartel has been arrested is the most high profile drug trafficker to be captured since the death of pablo escobar. in 1993 thousands of migrants and refugees have set off on foot from southern mexico. no hope of making it to the us. group is mainly made up of people from haiti and central america who've been stranded for months. gunman have killed at least 10 people, and marly and an attack on a base of a paramilitary group known as the gander. e, so happened in the northern region of gal franklin, who's responsible for the attack headlines coming up next on al jazeera is the
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latest installment of inside story. i'll see. think about. mm hm. twice against the to graham people's liberation front are increasing and so is the humanity italian cost. after 11 months of conflict in a few p. s t gray region, millions of people are displaced and nearly half a 1000000 of facing family life conditions. so how can agencies, is the crisis, this is inside story. ah
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hello and welcome to the program. i'm hash him a hell butler. it's been described as the wells worst, hunger crisis in a decade. and it's fear the situation here therapy has nor the regional tig ray will become even war bleak. the un has suspended all humanitarian flies to the regions capital mckelly. that's after an philippine government asked right, forced a un 8 fly to a board, a landing in mid air. federal forces have carried out several raids on the cities since monday, targeting what they say is a base in mccully bus used as an training site by take re rebels. it's part of an offensive by if you open government to push back the fighters the tick way people's liberation front of the t p l. f. has taken back large parcel. the region from government for sirs in recent months is also sees territory in the neighboring. i'm
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horror region the government and allied armed groups are trying to recover those areas, both sides so the conflicts are accused of committing a straw cities. if the opium federal government forces anti grey rebels have been fighting for almost a year, prime minister r b i had sent troops to the region in november after accusing their to pierre fighters of attacking a military base. the tip it earth has long dominated if the up in politics but has been at odds with prime minister abbey over reforms. the conflict has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 2000000 is also affected. ivy is relations with us. that's a major source of ha theo, pia, the government's relationship with the you, and also remain stance. last month, 7 humanitarian officials were expelled, accused of meddling with its affairs and sympathizing with the rebels. the un has
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accused the philippine government of imposing what is called a defacto humanitarian blockade on the region. the government says officials have inflator, the scale of the crisis. almost half a 1000000 people integrate, i estimated to be facing family lie conditions. the un says just one percent of 5000000 people in urgent need of aid. received some form of food supplies in the 1st 2 weeks of october. the ongoing asterix into gray hub halter deliveries of much needed food and medicine to the area. the letter again, guess from this about naming the like a member of the global if you'll be an advocate nexus out of nairobi is william davidson, senior, if another of the international crisis group and young being professor of politics
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and governance in africa at lived in university thank you for joining us now. i mean, so there's a humanitarian situation in the to gray region. the situation is getting worse. and the time when the un agencies was trying to deliver much needed help to the people there, the government stepped up its military campaign. how do you see the developments on the ground? well, i think the line of question has loaded a false. not the job down government has done is level best to make sure that the ground people get to monetary an 8. that's why it's allowed many or 9 years, including the many the various un agencies talk but age integrated planning. so the actual culprits for the but it's $3.00 to $8.00 being delivered to monitor
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and a being delivered to the us all the g b, which claims that the people invented lands in armada and therefore compact the proper delivery of money get in age to target. people now, having said that, even us was big, it has 3 grand people because the bank government has allowed both slides you in flight for mccully and also 100 trucks. by the way, for 428 trucks out of me seen before that left is using this thrust towards the war in our plot, and i'm out of egypt. you know, that's all this nodded to be able to pass on the ground. this is why sometimes you need to have 3rd, independent parties operating on the ground. william,
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the government was informed of the un flight. and they asked rank, took place, forcing the plane to return to the, to the capital to the above. a living many to wonder that this could be in town by the government to further deter or prevent 8 from being delivered to those spaces. well, i mean that's one interpretation of events and it's, it's hard for me to know exactly what caused that lack of communication. but i mean, with regards to the overall situation here in the phase of the war we are in, is that in june and the great forces resistance potentially force a withdrawal by the federal army to take right now, 2 weeks later, the 2 great forces went on the offensive and that was partly because of what they
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saw as a renewed blockade on gray. there was a blockade at the beginning of the war. that means no trade, no aid and vital services. telecommunications banking electricity were cut off by the federal government. so that the great forces went on the offensive to overcome that blockade. they will also try to weaken the federal military and allies, so they no longer preventative threats to take right. and they will also try to reclaim territory last to har, region, beginning of the war, that is, the phase of the war we are in. and there is no doubt that the federal government is placing severe constraints on a particular re partly to try and maintain as efforts to pacify before to submission. take right. the federal government is also worried about a diversion to the rebels. they are worried about fuel trucks going in, which i would like to please you are an operation will be used for the rebellion. now that is the reason why there is such a critical monitoring situation inside the brain. but of course,
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people also suffer an outside and in the area that i'm part of our region where the see great forces have done on the offensive to try and achieve those objectives. so young, this is a critical situation from a human humanitarian perspective, both in the takeaway region and also neighboring hollow, where the tip has managed to expand its military presence over there. and this was a moment where the us was delivering to was sending 2 flights a week to deliver a to the region. is the government trying to further step up its military campaign to take over the to region? or is it trying to send a political message to that a bit to be asked both, but the main thing is that they want to get the figure i forced out of the an offer region, which as william says, have been rated after the union natural. she's fire,
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or for our $28.00 john. the business g p. s. had no real business to go through these areas except for expanding the war indefinitely and see what it will bring them, you know, and it has not brought them anything more mystery for both of our population as well as their own population. because in this war situation, of course, all kinds of age, a transform gone, voice to any region in the fighting line is, is kept in, in terms of security and then struggling and so forth. which has hit, of course, the degree region in dire need of weight, but also the, the, i'm our agents. so we have come to the point that we don't know what the end game of the dpi is. what, what, what do they want? i think i agree with both my previous speakers that the the, the agent which has totally unnecessarily aggravated and dramatized is conflict in a manner which, which, which serves no political,
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military or human sharing purpose. yeah. but then i me go to name is the prime minister. ibm has said repeatedly that this was going to be a short trip to take over the territory and defeat the piano. that didn't happen the, the va to ryans are thing that the government is not genuine about a political settlement. so we are at a point where everybody is saying that why on all the part is coming together to negotiate a political settlement. because the t p is using both kinds of tricks and tactics and it's doing the international community about the intentions. now, the political agenda of the 11th is to throw the legitimate and elected government of prime minister ahmed. they want to return to paula and minority and the money
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which they enjoyed under privilege and hon. power for they would not stop their spot. the people, their leaders have repeatedly said in the open public domain that they would come and take over at the top about that they would, if not, they will dismantle to it your appeal. this is 46 years old project of the 11 that the grad elliot associated with the p. if they cannot roll it, you're the husky this month and a job. so all i'm going to talk about is when they go to just who drinking the international community and trying to get our lives among the international homes. but wherein taishan is here as your pointer, your entry. so william, the international community has over the last few months, stepped up, it's a criticism of the abbey. i am at government saying that it's about time to listen
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to the or concerns of the a therapy empathy people, particularly the to grey as though it's about time to start a reconciliation. but on one hand, you have the government's very skeptical of the t p. i have all the other hand you have there are 2 grey in saying that the government is using unity to adjust, dismantle and bring about a more centralized form of government under i be amat. well, i mean, i, undoubtedly there's very important political disputes including the structure of the, of the state that underlie that the civil war. but civil war is what it is. this is been a power struggle between the federal government and the 2 great regional government . now, right from the outset to the wall, myself, international crisis group or many others, what concerned about the level of resistance, including on resistance, there would be by to great region, it's leadership, it's people to this effort to impose upon them and what was already a struggle
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a political struggle over economy. well, we're 11 months into the war and what are the current dynamics of the 2 great forces and pushed out the retrain and ethiopian armies? for most of the great and in response to the fact that they still see some of that territory by, by our region, the federal government is still not providing critical services to be great. and there is a blockade. they have gone on the fence that occurred in july. we are now in late october. the great forces are moving steadily through incident and increasing the pressure on the federal government. so we are seeing a civil war which is continuing because there was no easy, quick victory for the federal government as promoted by the lights of me. and this is why the, the court negotiation, i don't think anybody is under the illusion that the great forces, it's a great leadership is not looking to assert its control and to install
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a government. and it's about which will cooperate with the great restore those services. focus on humanitarian, really respective res autonomy. that's obviously true. whether name and it's correct that the t p l f is looking to establish it. hedge minnie, this member is another matter entirely, but it is quite obvious to observe as if this war that it is so serious, so destructive. that trajectory is so negative, that it is absolutely imperative that all sides embrace negotiation and focus on humanitarian relief. and try and settle that political troubles and negotiating table, not through military force. yan, the international community has been critical of the government of prime minister abbey mad, particularly about reports of atrocities committed in the tig ray beecher . don't you see i b, i am at now left with very few options because the presence of
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a tree and forces operating in tig ray ah, have left some mixed messages for the people. not at all. the question assumes a wrong focus. the focus should not be on the bus driver, which may or may not have occurred in the 1st few months of the war. either by injury and forces all by forces, by the way, being persecuted by being persecuted and indicted by the job and attorney general. many dozens of cases against so get ready on the way the focus should be under the 100 times more massive civilian slaughters and human rights abuses which have been perpetrated by the keep in mind for reasons. if you look at the evidence, it is, you know, even for us season to be what it is totally shocking, bad, a focus should be met if he gives into this sources of social negotiation and with a force which has shown not to be serious about any negotiation or any talk, he will quickly lose support in the country and the people will turn against him.
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he has the option will be to mentally degrade the chief as they deserve because they have been expanding the conference in totally irresponsible and reckless manner. and to, to gradually, you know, have the leadership, the political leadership, what is left of it very low for the leadership, by the way, as well as the military leadership, people that have them arrested and put into trial in the federal courts. there's no other way, i mean, you cannot, you cannot look at the statement given out by people spokespersons about negotiation. just critical solution. it's all wind, it's nothing. it means nothing to them. if there's only a strategy to win time, i very sorry. i've studied this, but it's really a long time and in great detail that can be no hope put on the current leadership of your life. and we don't know really how much support they have from the right population. a lot of course, but know, and also to grow. there are many who don't support them,
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but mean you cannot work with them. it's impossible unless there is an alternative civil optical force which claims to present and can represent with the grounds in a better and constructive way. it will be no problem with that. you could ask me, but i'm sorry that that so it is. well, the, i mean the, in the americans, the europeans, the us, the african union have been saying the same message again. and again, that it's about time for prime minister. and to understand that he can not conduct the the issue of to gray region the way he is doing that is about time to talk politically, to the t p f to solve the problem. that is not happening any time soon. thank you. first, i would like to professor on the queue, john, you know, at the same time mister davidson was talking really repeating the false knowledge that he was on the bank. he and his team are no longer credible since the start of
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this conflict. and course not. what he talks about blocking off 3rd after the withdrawal federal forces from to guy the blockade. norman was spending billions of birth and tried to beat them for structure. now, any government was, is sold would protect the security and safety of the country if somebody and also the security of people after the policies fire, what has happened, which debits and glosses over that the piano forces invaded wide swath of territory in both are foreign. a model for me to throw cities my factors global at 600, in general, over 200, just a few days ago with charlie stuckey over 31 kin. how that's been my puckered
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l. amelia displayed how those a woman regretted these people, one apparently and when fully destroyed even public property cost without sounds called their forces. cheered any must human beings my factored on a month. the size not be highlighted, but internet is not a man in media. these are the facts. now, how could any government engage in reconciliation or negotiation when for media and often i talk, hold on that, cause i know the leadership, which is not about something about just exception. it's a control to dominate the job. it wants to do monthly. these are months in the public domain on media told by get our children and governor and the chairman which debit never mentions,
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never care to investigate or highlight or to speak about it talks about always this open government. okay. never heard that william, i've count sutherland point even to starting to come back to what he says. so the government, the government blame on sort of the government i gave you, i guess question. we can negotiate. one for a 1000000 people are under the yoke of keep your left any and up on and i'm out. okay. and the government does the job down. people who are rebel williams. the government has been claiming that he paid for trying to dismantle the unity of the government, the t p. f a the to grey as other same time. i was saying that the big problem is, abby is trying to dismantle the very notion of a unified yet the up here by trying to further just consider date, paula: and under his control. yeah, i mean, sure, as, as, as address, you know,
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there is that silly call political ideological disputes. so it's a power struggle, but it's a power struggle where there is this ideological context over the nature of the state back supremacy or power about the right balance between the region and the federal government. no, no, no doubt about it, but i think it's important to speak to name and concerns if we, if we listen to the list of atrocities that name and made. of course, we could have just said that these, what eritrea troops ethiopian truth and power forces missing those very trust is against gran civilians in the 1st phase of this war. and i think, you know, when a full accounting is done of the violence, we will find that actually, you know, considerable law was exacted against williams and took right then as a cut outside. but that is, of course not to say that the leadership is not culpable for mistakes and overseeing forces that have committed a trust with it. and these,
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they basically admitted that such a war is now concentrated in horror and up regions all of this western media who are apparently in a conspiracy that they have been consistently reporting on the very atrocities that name and mentions in china. in cocoa. so there's all sorts of allegations of new teen shutting and residential areas and executions. the point i'm trying to get out here is that if you take the uncompromising approaches of john, who wants to tell the 2 grand people, you know what their leadership is on them and just refuses to acknowledge any possibility of any sort of political process here. that is what is resulting in the civil war that's been ongoing november. we are, we are 11 months into the civil war. to great forces are no longer contained to some rural mountainous height out in gray. they are on the march through eastern. i'm hora. they are pressure and compulsion and betsy fits is as we speak,
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they are going to maintain that pressure on the i'm horror, government on the federal government and try and force the federal government into negotiations. now, i don't think anyone wants to see what will happen if it's a great force to get to decide ok and try and take all of that. what everyone wants to see, isn't that the knowledge of the severity of the situation and recourse to negotiations despite the political disagreement the bit. all right, disagreement the on the play, this will yet we're talking about a critical moment for all the policies, particularly for prime minister, because he has this stand up with sudan and egypt over the dom. that is, it of a 2 page building on the blue nile. you have the unrest in romeo, you have neither complex in the 2 way. could this be an opportunity for the all the parties to reconsider a new political order for the, for the future of the year? ah, yeah. yes. but it won't happen because we have
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a federal order. and i have not heard me say that he wants to dismantle the federal order. if we talk about dr. conflicts as the cause, which i'll, reflecting upon the guy before the war started was the most independent. the regional states in all of you had everything they wanted in terms of what's on the me budget and so forth. disagreements about the change in about all the things lead to the, to the conflict. but it's not going to go or change the federal order as some people may maybe wish and also from the very nationalist people they will render no parliament open. they will maybe reconsider certain aspects of the constitution as before. but the federal order rosters are and in fact i, by the way i find discretion sometimes a bit disturbing and i'm i stand not, i don't ship to me through by having non compromising attitudes and feeling if you've been a totally unacceptable lot of the previous speaker well,
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i'm not acceptable. well remind you that idea. i wish we had time to continue this conversation about the conflict in that gray region, but unfortunately, we're running after the time. but in the meantime, you end up being william davidson and ne, i means it again, really appreciate your time and your insight and looking forward to talking to you in the near future about the story was, continues to unfold in if the and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website a dot com for further discussion. go to all the facebook page, best facebook dot com, forward slash ha sites lawyer. you can also join the conversation on twitter. i'll hand that he's at a j inside story. for me. hash him out about, i'm the entire team here in doha bye for enough with ah
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a, in the country with an abundance of resources. and want indonesia, his firms forming, we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let's be part window. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now in the next episode of planets as to as the head of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air. giving you perspective of the changing face of the coal mining industry in ponies,
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will report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wise in greece is created new problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather joy for planets, s o s. on al jazeera, ah, this is al jazeera. ah hi there, i'm given l. this is the news ally from dell help coming up in the next 60 minutes . days of the ethiopian government launched air strikes in the chic dry region. it says it's conducted more rates on sunday. the powerful leader of columbia's largest
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drug cartel has been arrested. us had a $5000000.00 bounty on his head. and voters go to the polls in becca sounds. president le.


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