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i'm strong, we balance real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part when the lease is broke and programs in the, in the media now. mm. mm days after the ethiopian government launch to ass strikes in the to grind region. it says it's conducted more reg on sunday. ah, i'm fidel. this is elena. they're alive from dorm. i'm also coming up with alpha leader of colombia, his largest drug cartel has been arrested. the u. s. had a $5000000.00 bounty on his head. ah, refugees and migrants on mexico southern border fight,
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their way policy security forces trying to hit and we'll report from germany on the battle to tackle the sky. rocketing rental moccasin berlin. ah, begin in ethiopia, where the countries air force has conducted more strikes integrity. it's part of a campaign by the government to intensify the aerial bombardment of rebels who control most of the northern region. the military says it had facilities run by the to grind people's liberation front in the town of ottawa as well as a training site. the air force has been carrying out raids in the region for the past week. that's forced the united nations to cease humanitarian funds to the capital mechanic. despite warnings of a worsening humanitarian and hunger crisis, samuel get a true is an ethiopian journalist in our the saba ball. the says the government is suspicious. the un,
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despite the need for humanitarian aid. the chilton government is assisting that there are targeting military sites and places where the think the t p and f as training their troops. so they're saying the targets are not every day ethiopians who reside in the to grey region. again, it's to destroy that element. so for the t p, a left that they declared as a terrorist organization, the ethiopian government has been accusing the u. n. of providing weapons. even resources are and, you know, giving some kind of explanation of their success, the success they've been having since mid june. but in terms of ethiopia, ethiopia, again, as a very, you know, a powerful country in court in, you know, they, it's economy compared to other african countries perhaps. but it's still, i need depend on nation, and this will impact it in the long term because there are many,
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many pop priorities. and this conflict up, begun to november is again, in our far region upon our region, affecting millions of people in need of government support. the prime minister has been saying that this is about respecting the constitution of the country. it's defending its independence. that's why they've been having disagreements with perhaps the u. s. government, the bite and administration in washington dc. and other countries that have been pushing for if you're going to have some kind of negotiated c swire. but they've been saying from the get go that this is a local issue, the be sold, that should be sold by the theory and government. but again, it's are facing so many people that are now in need of immediate support. protests is backing. the military had briefly blocked major votes and a bridge and don's capital pension symmetry between the generals and pro democracy movement. tear gas with far declare the protest isn't courtroom. relations have
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solids between the military and civilians, sharing power and a fragile transition government. it's supposed to lead, sued on election after a long time leader, all the share was pushed from power in 2019. get more now from morgan on the latest developments in call to le response come after the processes in front of the presidential palace where they've been staging a 2nd for over a week. now, try to expand the area of the tend to try to pressure the government into dissolving itself and a new cabinet be formed by the prime minister. now the reason why the states that sits in front of the presidential palace is because most of them are pro military. they want the military to take over and take charge of the country. many of them putting out there that they want the military to handle the affairs of the nation until elections are held because they say that the government is not representative . now the governor of harpoon issued a statement just after be dispersing of the protest, saying that those who are behind the blockade of the breeches and the roads are
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members of the former ruling party, which was also from power in april 2019 following months of anti government protests, he said that there are also parts of the group that are participating in front of the fit and i'm trying to de, stabilize the country and trying to make it very hard for people to move so that people can be frustrated to the point that they're drawn into violence. now again, the system has been going on for more than for more than a week with processes demanding that prime minister to dissolve his cabinet. and that's the result of a split between the 4th of the freedom and change coalition. that the ruling coalition, that is right now running the government around $700000.00 people have been hit by extensive flooding and self through dom the 3rd straight year of floods, further endangering lives in the world's youngest country, beset by civil war, hunger and corruption. the un says south sudan has always been prone to cyclical droughts and floods. a climate change is making these disasters worse.
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the leader of columbia is biggest drug cartel has been arrested dyrock antonio sugar, who also goes by the name on tanya was captured in a remote corner of the jungle. presidents even decay says it's the biggest blow to drug trafficking. since the death of pablo escobar in 1993 prank up to reports, dido antonio osha guys, widely known as a tonio, and had been on the run for more than a decade. columbia most wanted and most fear drug trafficker. now finally, in handcuffs after being hunted down by soldiers, pay for the world's largest cocaine producing nation or tornadoes. arrest is the biggest victory in its so called war and drugs in nearly 30 years as this ill gold bristles. the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country vehicle and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo
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escobar in the 9 years ago. he was captured at his hideout in jungle near the border with panama. more than 500 soldiers were deployed, one officer was killed. you almost blood guitar. we began and important satellite surveillance mission against him, with agencies from the u. s. in u. k. where with each movement with trace analysts with communications, where the 50 experts and signal intelligence permanently covering the area with an exact coverage that allowed us to indicate what his movements were you to get him from his hiding place. born into rural family or tonia was a hard and fighter who switch sides from far lab guerrilla to far i pan notary groups in 2012. he took over as the leader of the golf klan from his brother who was killed by police. he's wanted by the u. s. reporting tons of cocaine for years from south america. the guzman says his group has been behind some of the worst violence. columbia has seen since the signing of of p staying with fog rebels in
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2016. there is the possibility that these bring down levels of violence, especially on the communities that he bet had been affected by these large organization. but, but indeed, i mean, there is no an effective a solution to the drug trafficking international drug trafficking problem. jose, by beheading these type of organizations, that one saw there been narcotics problems in the world. no, nor in columbia. many fail toenail to rest merely to a power struggle and tell for that could worse and the violence priyanka got their alta 0. my cannon has more from washington dc. the su go was indicted by a new york court way back in 2009. as since then, he's been indicted in a number of other courts than the united states in miami, as well as another set of charges within new york. these charges all relate to drug
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trafficking and certainly the state department has been on the search for her to go for a long period of time at one stage or stool at the stage. they have a dumpty of some $5000000.00 reward for information leading to his capture. now the situation as to extradition, that's very complicated. we understand that there is already work underway between the u. s. and columbia, in terms of arranging an extradition officer, remembering that much of the product that he traded was used here within the united states. but there's another issue pertaining to that as well. is that in the united states, he's wanted only on drug trafficking charges. he's likely, in columbia to be facing other charges of addition to drug trapping, including homicide, all sorts of other charges, which would carry a far more serious sentence. thousands of migrants and refugees and set off on foot
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from southern mexico hoping to reach the u. s. a group is mainly made up of people from haiti, and central america have been stranded in mexico for months. there was scuffles as police trying to sell them. john holman reports from mexico city. ha. 6 another caravan emits code. it's been a reoccurring picture of the last 2 years, migrants grouping together to try and full sway through the country into the us. buddha. the only surprises that this time around. they have been stopped by mexican authorities. yet i about a 1000 people left up a tula, the city, close to metzger, southern booth with guatemala on saturday morning. they were trying to break through a ring of security pieces confining them there over months. they called the city a prison. i was another minute and i went to have in the thank you for 67 or 8 months, and then we'd be look up for
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a long time. we can't take it any more. we don't have war and we can't leave he nor gone to, which is much worse. so we need to get out of here to feed our family, alma oh, shoot the off the leaving top. a tula, a shield, wool of the national god, the blow the road ahead. that usually signals the end, the caravans, detentions deputations, this time around of the struggle. most people go through. 7 7 now they go on, but very slowly, mexican authorities have strictly prohibited buses, will taxis carrying migrants on foot? it will take them weeks to cover the about 2000 kilometers to the us, especially with women and children present. although the majority of those walking a men, where are they from different places, haiti, south, and central america. but most of something in common, they're playing poverty, political turmoil, or violence in their own lands. at the moment there,
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i mean to get to mexico city and get papers to stay. those who want to travel further to the us are assured of a cold welcome. forces in texas state already been mobilized to stop them. that's in mexico's authorities. don't do so. first and soon as on the u. s. pressure, they always have done before. john holman, how does it a mexico city? still ahead on al jazeera western ambassadors designed a lesser criticizing turkey government to wait to learn that fatal angry reaction from the president election where the result is not in doubt. we haven't bose is in who's back histone ah or back to nor when i assert the revenue and potentially but event,
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the whole western asia attempt is back down to where they should be. the winds up particularly strong. we're waiting for the change of season. well, tempt to the shipment that has happened. we have briefly had some snow once again northern pakistan, but this might be a significant change that normally when the commander western russia ought to bring temperatures down. the 1st thing it's doing is producing significant rate in the form of thunderstorms for azerbaijan and iran, and probably those fell across it took my son as well, cold enough to show some mountain snow, but nothing worse than that. just yet. the picture, the size of the radio blitzer, so through tropical after a weakening monsoon means very few shouts in somalia or ethiopia, but conveniently him his the rift value part of it just west the roof valley. so through the, our congo you got significant, right? again, the rain is coming south with the suns is going into longer angola, but it hasn't really left nigeria behind a gap on old cameroon. so this is sidney, where it is wet, but not solely where it is wet. it's got
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a wide band of right. the moment for the sat still and you can link it out with this system which is bring significant right to the eastern side of south africa. and southern parts of bows. i'm big. that system will carry on to 2 days. ah, the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk, but little action is all about distract from create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically supported. the oil industry was a made bank roller for opposition to clock back the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing more to to have did miss years with thing? absolutely. on august eve lou
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories vessel. if you of his air force is conducted more strikes, antique, right. as the government intensifies aerial bombardment of rebels who control most of the move region. the air force has been carrying out raids in the region for the past week. but as, as backing the military have briefly blocked major roads and a bridge and don's capital. hedge submit between the generals of the pro democracy movement tag s was 5 to pay. the protest isn't casa thyroid, antonio sugar. the leader of columbia's largest drug cartel has been arrested. a sugar also known as atanya, is the most high profile drug trafficker to be captured since the death of pablo escobar in 1993 people and whose pakistan went to the
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polls on sunday to vote in the presidential election. the incumbent shove, cathy sawyer, is expected to when he seeking a 2nd term in office and faces. no real opposition. lahardo reports even before these votes are counted, the results of this presidential election and whose pakistan are all but certain incumbent president, chef cut mears a yes is expected when another 5 year term as there is no real opposition running against him. despite that, these voters are hoping to bring about whatever change they can king give me. she laid there the next 5 years. i would like to see live in standards raised to higher salaries, no poverty, better employment and housing that would make us all happy. yeah. me or do you have came to power in 2016 after the death of his mentor, islam cat, him of who ruled the central asian country for 27 years? with a history of authoritarian rule, the country has never really had
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a truly democratic election. have the, the best of a pretty bad lot. there's not now, no one has been able to, has been allowed to emerge to be true to, to do, to be able to mount the, to challenge to mr. new york. with everything that i've said, the positive drug, you have to obviously admit that the economic indicators of slips simply because of colgate ninety's. the pandemic has head is, becca stands, economy hard, raising unemployment and the cost of living, especially in rural areas. even a problem with doesn't leave the main problems or in the regions, not the capital in the capital, everything is more or less fine. people have water, gas, electricity in the other areas. unfortunately, there's a lack of all of this view mirror yet has been credited with helping to boost to arisen and ties with foreign powers. but the country now has to navigate new boundaries with new neighbors in afghanistan, the taliban. the us is still interested in continuing its military relations with
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a, with, with us beckers. and then obviously russia is considering just the size of soft power to market power, et cetera. the big question is whether you know the situation, it was in the get this done will spill over to these countries. there's a lot of concern that they at least stay secular and do not fall prey to the extremist influences. as mirrors are, you have went to cast his own vote at a polling station on the outskirts of the capital touch kent. his chances of winning remain around 90 percent. leah harding al jazeera gunman had killed at least 10 people in molly and an attack on a base of paramilitary group known as the gun to. so it happened in the northern region of gao. the group was formed in 2009 and is backed by the army von clair, who's responsible for the attack. because hawk is falling developments from the car and neighboring synagogue. another brazen attack in mali this time it against
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a government backed militia called the gondo e. so which in the ser, i language means the children of the land. this is a group made up of former military soldiers as well as local militia groups that have joined forces, a camp that is home to over a 1000 soldiers into places 10 minutes drives away from the un base, as well as the french backan base. at least 10 people were killed, many more were wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. no human rights watch accuse the malia and military as well as government backed militias of extra judicial killing. and this has increased since there has been an effort by the 1000000 government to support government backed militias. the united nations security council are asking the government of bomber co, led by former military june to
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a semi goiter to organize free and fair elections. as soon as possible. currently, they're scheduled to take place a by february 2022. however, there has been signs by this government to delay those elections. we're here to listen to the transition authorities and determine the best way to support them in their full efforts to realize this transition. we also come with clear messages on the need to organize the election, implement the piece agreement, and stabilize the center of molly. the crisis in molly has spread beyond its borders to neighboring leisure and burkina faso at stake. here are the people in this a hell. over a 1000000 people have been displaced because of the ongoing crisis, with the humanitarian situation degrading rapidly as a tax increase. uganda is president jo at
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a me was 70 says saturdays blast and the capital appears to have been a terrorist attack. at least one person dive in 7 others were injured in the explosion at a restaurant in the suburb of kampala, they say 3 suspect bombers disguise themselves as customers planted explosives in a plastic bag. no group is claimed responsibility for the attack. libby is electro commission says it will soon begin candidate registration for the same as elections, but because res to rival legend sort of houses have yet to decide how vote will work. a 2020 political deal between previously warring sides mean both must agree on a constitutional basis. a 40 and actions can actually take place. while a trainer is tripoli, he explains more about what's yet to be agreed ahead of the elections were just 2 months away from the schedule nationwide elections in libya, but there's still some question that's what kind of election libyans will see. will they be a general election with the parliamentary elections, what we see
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a parliamentary presidential election simultaneously? those are questions that have yet to be resolved, as the size have yet to agree upon a constitutional framework for those elections to be held. now, earlier today, imagine say at the head of the high national electoral commission said a few things. one you said the commission will not deviate from its commitment to implement free and fair elections. he says we plan on opening the door for candidates to register and the 2nd half of november. and this is really where the divide happens. who can run for president, what kind of powers that the president have? according to the libyan political agreement signed in 2015, the high council of state, based in tripoli and the house of representatives, the parliament based and eastern libya have to agree upon this framework to hold elections. here and in tripoli, they've set some conditions. they voted on the conditions for who can run for
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president. that board you have to control eastern would be in the eastern libya they've allowed. they voted for condition that allow for have to, to, to, to run for president. now whether or not the very side, the high council state and the parliament can agree upon a framework within these couple of weeks of an order for the elections to be held to schedule. we're not really sure. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of solution the various sites come up with an order for libyans to be able to carry out the vote. a former self african police woman has been found guilty of killing 5 relatives and her boyfriend to profit from insurance pounds. no mere rosemary in law who was also found guilty of the attempted murder of her mother as well as insurance fraud. after receiving around $95000.00, she signed relatives for insurance and then organized the motive she's due to be sentenced at the end of the month. the u. s. in south korea are again pricing
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north korea to refrain from carrying out more mis. i'll test days after i said it find a new type of ballistic missile. the us envoy for new career isn't so for meetings about the tests and long running style nation nuclear diplomacy. rather north korea is refusing to return to talk until the us drops. what it calls ha, solve, policy, turkeys bread and he said that 10 west and then baset is must be declared persona non grata or stripped of their diplomatic status. and immunity was a response to the us and the others issuing a joint statement. calling for the release of jail businessmen of one column. he's been accused of involvement and a failed coo and turkey in 2016 and the financing nationwide protest 3 years earlier. you denies it. the joint statement says the case has cast a shadow of over respect for democracy as a growing security presence near rocky capital baghdad,
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by supporters of pro iranian political parties, all staging a citizen demanding a recount vote from the parliamentary elections held earlier this month. and thumb, a threatening to take matters into their own hands. housing in berlin, like many other cities, is becoming increasingly unaffordable. berlin has recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal for authorities to seize more than 200000 homes and put them into public ownership. but a steadfast reports political and legal hurdles mean it may never happen. daniel digman is one of the last residents, still living in this large apartment block in the heart of berlin. jeff, take 101 flats. 85 have been empty for years with a company who bought it, fighting legal battles to demolish, to block, to make way for your part of it. and so many people are looking for houses, but yeah, that's just kinda. while most residents have left dickman decided to stay despite
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receiving threats and his car being sat on fire once mattered route, and vaudeville and facade, and we are furious. when did this happen to us? when did housing turn into a commodity? wife housing being trade, route, how is it possible for the public good? that's the big to make such as liquid as osha rants have skyrocketed as global investments have bought into berlin. real estate in a referendum more than 1000000 berlin us 57.6 percent of those who voted, chose in favor of buying out companies that own more than 3000 apartments. the name's garrett was changed with old buildings making play for new ones, leaving some long term residents. not much choice, but the move elsewhere. it's perhaps the most european cities here and when they have made it clear they are fed up. the referendum was based on provisions in the german constitution that explicitly says property can be expropriated when it's for
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the public good. but this legal expert believes the plan will be overturned in court. in germany, we have to cause 15 in the constitution, which says that nationalization is possible, but it's subject to what applied to every action by the state. it has to be proportionate, and there are many other more effective fraternities. nationalization won't cause a singer new apartment to be built and building new apartments. and many other matter. certainly more important than nationalization campaign, as in favor of the measure, don't agree. they say several legal opinions show that expropriation is possible. what we want the will of berlin's population to be implemented. we know it takes a while to draft a law. the question is whether they really want to do it or whether the city governments trying to hold it up and kick it into the long grass. that's something we won't accept. we've just had the most successful referendum in dylan's history.
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for most of daniel dick month neighbors, the referendum came too late, and soon he too might have to move elsewhere. they had honestly shut rivers. anguish. when does not to city, is it? does it just belong to the big corporation driven by the stock market? he's only purpose is to make profits for shareholders of any cost. so my next question is, what kind of life do we want in this city? a question that politicians here are going to have to answer, steadfast and al jazeera in berlin. and you ought exhibition in egypt is promising visit is a unique experience, splendid creations from thousands of years ago with works made during the pandemic . the dean bob takes a look. ah, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so what you might wonder does vis artist make if the pyramids in gisele she's called ada. and she's a british build robot that uses cameras and a robotic arm to create arts after being detained by egyptian customs. for 10 days,
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ada made it to the site on the edge of cairo in time for a unique art show. her contribution is this large clay sculpture with 3 legs, based on the greek riddle of the sphinx and lying sideways inside a metal and glass sarcophagus. aida's hands had to be covered with gloves to protect the electric wires from the water. and clay were astonished by the sorts of technology that are coming through on the human side. so ada, though mechanical humanoid is actually for shuddering, what can be done biologically? and so we're very concerned about that and i'm still to really keys into those us place the wider aren't show is called for ever is now it's the 1st of its kind at the geese, plateau, a unesco world heritage site. it features pieces by creators, from around the world, many referencing the location in their works. i was at finance data coin, 10 artists have participated, timmy tipton's and 8 foreigners. as you can see, we have huge sculptures. um and some of them are made an exception. factories it
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was honestly a great experience. i, it's about the ha, us coming together in the time where in a place where civilization ah, basically started and now it's a rebirth because of cold ed. we been separated for a year and a half and humanity started to come together again. and it just goes to prove that when we worked together, we couldn't achieve anything. so an international selection of artists including a mechanical humanoid, whether they do risk being upstaged by nature's own display. nadine baba al jazeera, ah, this is out there, and these are the top stories ethiopians. air force is conducted more strikes, integral. the government is intensifying aerial bombardment of rebels who control most of the northern region.


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