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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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as is, has proposed rebranding. a state own charter service pillay to air as a passenger carry it to replace gruder or putting in more state cash. the ministry declined in interview with al jazeera, the option of the bankruptcy. liquidation of a. is freddy, like the feasible option, right? no. under pressure to resolve the crisis at gruder, the government faces a difficult choice. either try and save the failing and line, or let it collapse. jessica washington out 0 to carter. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. ethiopia, the air force has conducted more strikes, integral. as the government intensifies aerial bombardment of rebels who control most of the northern region. air force has been carrying out, raising the region for the past week. protest is backing,
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the military had briefly blocked major roads and a bridge. and don's capitol is tension similar between the generals and pro democracy movement tear. gas was fired to clear. the protest isn't called whom relations of south between the military and civilians. sharing power and fragile transition government. thorough antonio chicago, the leader of columbia is largest drug cartel has been arrested. the sugar, also known as a toenail, is the most high profile drunk traffic to be captured. since the death of pablo escobar in 1993. my cat has more from washington dc. this to go was indicted by a new york court way back in 2009. since then, he's been indicted in a number of other courts than the united states in miami, as well as another set of charges within new york. these charges will relate to drug trafficking and certainly the state department has been on the search for to
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go for a long period of time at one stage or still at the stage. they have a bounty of some $5000000.00 reward for information leading to his capture. hundreds of people in haiti protesting more than 2 years of severe fuel shortages. prices continue to thor in some federal stations of closed gangs of other kids having few truck drivers. gunman have killed at least 10 people in mali and an attack on the base of a paramilitary group known as gun. so it happened in the northern region of go. it's on collections responsible fully attack. libya is electro commission says it will soon begin. candidate registration for december, selection of countries to rival legislative houses have yet to decide how the vote will work. oh headlines. i'll have another update for you here on al jazeera. well after one, i wanna say shortly, bye. bye for now. mm. with
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whole india is one of the world's largest produces of sugar for its workers are facing a strange phenomenon. i book, but in the more pe, monday i'm debate to love my they always thought of i'm that on my they italy, law, capex. i just thought that my fellows live, i go in one district, a food of women are having their rooms removed 10 times, the national average. them will appreciate that it will of what else is philip name a lip as you got out of them. but are these surgeries in the women's best interests? life is regarded for wanting to know how to cancel and change
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a relic with c name. well, i'm from them. they're due to christie, is she? if i'm lump $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates the surgery scandal plaguing indies. sugar industry. lou for aah! probability has been working in these fields since she was ting. ms. old. that that i did that. she works t now the day under the blazing sun with only one day off a month. i never heard that after
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i paid i have been looking online with her. he still has not only from the heat, but also from a very premature menopause. 7 years ago, at the age of 26, probability underwent a complete hysterectomy to remove her uterus and ovaries of other pot. emily bern, i. but i think it a little bit gilbert. look at our file, i lamina mo, up it giller there. at that, look that up. yeah, look for the delay payment that that have been the cynically ill and dad le blood lab with damn, i do, i think if what i mean there are many cases like probabilities in the b district. part of india sugar belt
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in the state of my harass trough. but why is it happening? one woman is fighting to find answers for the past 6 years. social worker, many she talker has been traveling across the region to record all hysterectomy cases. but today she's in kut water, a village of agricultural workers could well, i could now lay out a kill among a meeting again a if that then to that
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a bus. i left a mini, she started investigating this issue when she was approached by a sugar cane carter who revealed she'd had her uterus removed at the age of 20. ever since she's been collecting evidence from women who have had similar surgery. 30 logwood miller into was left for those 30 love to me, but i just you don't to be sure you guys lilia, hey, i got a budget. then he had thought he got up this week. i lin, i e dawn scene chad made thing. chad. but the thing regularly sa, highly teaches us who supp area. i need these out when i did, she's out, but i, i does any of the lead with natalie. i like all the information is known to down by minissha and her sister and i,
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i didn't work hayes. i looked at gender more pay when j. i'm job big dilemma. they will store to come that on my they italy, law cup. ha, jasper. good. by finance. lyla, by guys in the safety of their homes, women talk about their experiences. often for the 1st time, sheila was just 22 when she had her operation 10 years ago. i mean, we give away money. i wanted to let us know and leak has own bottom of the doff and anybody now above it, let her deny me, does get a play. it isn't bad after a simple alter sound, the doctor prescribed a complete hysterectomy like many others. sheila said she was not made aware of the side effects. my cousin, i'm glad for myself. i do think that jeff prevailed on coming.
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oh, god damn, i'm dear. come up there by 11 dad, dad. i so the death of baffled sound had to come to little. yeah, for back it up. i said, i knew the operation cost sheila, the equivalent of 6 months, celery a decade later, she still paying and all that kid, he had her guard loaded the from these heads out of bed up. but today said due by to be she can any go at don't read any guy did this because she shivered up our new day by total patient. glad monday. somebody fell up as little by my nella there we love to do as she was indebted to her employer, a man hired by sugar factory to recruit agricultural labourers. mm. mm. recruiters are in charge of hiring over a 1000000 workers across my harassed estate. before the harvesting season begins,
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as a witch of owned isabel, always dangled with then jangle was your daughter in a bath also by the beautiful authorities, but also vividly what belongs dolock boot articles or by deals are the bill of own bottled legs a month i believe i have no way to like build on their gender, come guides, a wall or you're glad you did. one on or not, it was was told i took the organ of all of the got gonna vendor, develop a grid permanent for music. my going to be forgotten. anybody? ha, gotomypc regarding the monitoring syllabus. absolutely. janesville and gainesville milligan will not be a little bit yet a 20 year old grey car is already thinking about a hysterectomy. she says she suffers from recurrent violent pain. it's cause a mystery to her. i got my wife, i take it back. well me i would
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a oh my gosh i dont know bad play. oh, i love what bad micheler in the recruiter told her she could have the operation at the end of this season. tamela barbara, if it mean she'll be able to keep her job, she'll do it. me here, ral unbundled mother boy a mad half a mile of one. 7 must know if i could, i can wait on the co borrower on the but i that i actually ricka has been working in the sugar cane fields with a family think she was 10 this year she'll be accompanied by her husband, her 2 children and her mother and her sister, they only have a few hours left to prepare for the long journey ahead. lie down
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with reco belongs to one of the floors, caffeine, india. at the age of 13, the fall the forster into an arranged marriage. at 15 she gave birth to her 1st child, a daughter. i thought i'd break his father's son who used to be a farmer who cultivated his family's land. but over the years, global warming has taken its toll on the soil. i'm really finding a fine and i am i live by nea claremont as comfy bourbon required. a book of emily are gonna go to the mike
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fools and it's time to depart. oh, come on. our family. say they goodbyes. kind of a heated a, b b. i bernard wanda de la garza and i got with home every year more than 1000000 seasonal workers are employed in my her rosters, sugar cane fields. they cut and collect the crop to supply to the processing plants .
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ah, from the factories set up, camps on vast, empty plots of land. there's no electricity or running water. this is where sugar work is from all over the country will leave for the next 6 months. we find reca here she arrived a couple of days ago. he has been out of academy not oh, yes, i'm in the bathroom and i am yeah, of course but i by me that i thought he had found so that i jeremy met chattman ham . he doesn't i'm out. he might have been with a local answer. do i adored them along
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with that? and to me, being a woman in these camps is a challenge in a society where menstruation is to boo. rick a tells a she cleans is improvised sanitary pad only when she's alone. mostly at night. i am going to the fat mancha minister for unit if luna logan jacqueline, i mean i thought that by like, good little, don't get up with that. i think like i left them my job. i won my than own the lack of hygiene in sedentary facilities in these camps can cause gynecological infections. according to doctor ne yema, a frame from shar to hospital in delhi. during menses,
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the men should be explained how to maintain their bidding and hygiene. they should be using clean clots if they're using and how don't maintain it to that they don't catch an infection because this is the dime their majority of the females have unity tract infection and other infections. and no opinion region blue. it's the start of the harvesting season and rec, as work leaves him with little time to take care of itself. so i thought that i would, i think the next 6 months, she'll get up at 3 a in to cart and carry these bales that can weigh up to 70 kilograms. echo as in that a cover i did up on the breaker in a husband can earn round $1200.00 in
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a season record doesn't get play for the days when she doesn't work. i now have, i have cash. i got i mom, i've got that. i've got, i've got a lot of money i've got i sure i want to pay no good economical a month and america because my soil idly bear with me gilbert dedlock, their bible dead. they went to look um they would have with the deal rather than a me that it was that of the valid the my, my daughter that aka mr. jessica just there. donna, money. her father. just an app. you're going out of the bush. i come in math and thought window, not in the building, but i thought it be the little to just the gum good. ah,
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everyday tons of sugar cane are delivered to the factories and processed at this facility with many just gives us a tour. the crystals of in dried for a few hours for the several years, india was locked in a fierce waste with brazil to become the world's top sugar producer in
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2019 it finally succeeded couches have been instrumental in this achievement butter. employers aware of the health problems they face. he i a little more with with with raising awareness among politicians is exactly what maneesha has been trying to do
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for the past 5 years. she wants to introduce us to son, to buy a sugar cane carter who narrowly avoided an operation. and you can sort of us on a path to how to pack it. we'll keep the bios synthetic. courtney good. do i need do a read a letter by chance? um, okay. and that there lane fix in any sim, worcester, antique that they test $190.00 thanks to militia. she went to get a 2nd opinion at a public hospital, the doctor, they told her that a hysterectomy wasn't required and instead prescribed 3 months of treatment. okay, impression to find patients. some doctors go directly to the villages and organized free screening camps. i found my boss, i'll go to that for him. i told you about him. you mind my there hadley malakai like my doing without her probably me. but it was, i was,
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i really modified only to my those my world of out of doing that years up. and if i live at lamar, my dad jennifer limited them on monday. he told them, i tell them, gosh, what mirabella could up, a lawyer color and my length that, but ne, yeah, but mainly when younger lithuania order couldn't dr. globally. she be la. i don't get the value. lafelle either wasn't alone. do you have a white glove reloaded? so a lot of people don't get lost when i would i be kidding, medically, but then when you have a good model number to last, jefferson got all of them in the b district. the epicenter of the problem many, she says she's discovered an elaborate scheme to persuade female agricultural workers to one to go hysterectomies. these operations can cost $500.00 or more. the equivalent of about 6 months wages by anna cathy who, man, okay, any a d dot sar gave her that it cleared off that we had that, that some hazard month that he, that's a thought and i'll say keep going on top of them are not his job familiar with that
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. that up. i play my game cove more keyed up at and t in there now. hey, la b a. hey, ernie. down willis center. ah, i took it up and that denise took dummy hood that in 2018 manisha and a group of female sugar cane cutters went to mum by india's economic capital. in front of the press. they denounced malpractice in the industry after the scandal broke in the local media. the government responded by saying it wanted to in these operations and set up controls but to day private clinics are everywhere in the city of bead. and they still advertise hysterectomies. we visit one of these clinics, we're about 10 women are in the waiting room. most of them are agricultural workers . on the 1st floor,
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one woman is waiting to have surgery while another has already been operated on godaddy. so that god definitely will avoid out of the way out of the lives in the opperation cost to the equivalent of 8 months work in the fields and plunged her into debt. we meet doctor gold in his office. he prescribed a total hysterectomy for some to buy. we miss bescham sa is we, she's a well, she said as you go shows you and she did leg or the examinations here and everything. and she said as she was saying that she needed an insight. but then she left another and you don't say that she didn't need to say, how did it maybe bigger? i don't mind. give your business yet. say maybe she lives gone. i isn't she lane. maybe the media safe as
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a lead will the young pro fees are some tonight years as an game lane? things with i think the that is not true. nowadays. loading i was taking the punish knoxville soldier after the commission after the guy molars shaking posterior therapy. only when he used the one. mm hm. then that people curbing us to the doctor in vitus to witness an operation where a sugar cane carter will have her uterus removed. he tells it it's a very good reason. a big pile are and they all right, bear with her. if you had been down looting method, enough of medicine, a method of leading. you can take a look of the filters and you find a lot of that kind of cases here. many of
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the cost involved with all these fibroids could be the cause of the intensive chronic pain that these women experience. but the question then is why it is so many female agricultural workers develop such conditions in the rage? it could it be because of environmental pollution? ah, to investigate this, we returned to the bead region with a kid, provided by a french laboratory. this kid is able to detect the prisons of almost 1800 different pollutants. and 49 metals. we collect strands of hair from 5 sugar cane cutters. prove, undergone hysterectomy. what do you want to say here? i can grade rented, know that i've gotten
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a guy. yeah. i knew you. oh. are given i am in the book with done now. now, with within the samples to france to be analyzed in a bar tree. one month later, we received the results lesson with traces of pesticides were found, and even more alarming. the women's hair contained metals in unprecedented quantities toxicologist. nadine saw dig, explains on outside the nettle suggestion and continue national obama as he leads caliah on clerk. a graph while was also on the wireless. so you took city clinic by merely ponies officially, they do not want to see nor don't the noise found
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a supper. this is called separate the 2nd my to the 2nd catch up as ish cod. the defect t gen dos lou barrier monroe's metals occur naturally in the environment in very small quantities. but they use in the production of agricultural fertilizes as well as in chemical and high tech industries. is problem toxic levels of the highly soluble metals can spread over hundreds of kilometers in rivers and water tables. the joint and abdominal pain that these women suffer could be due to their work on contaminated lands. if so, his direct mays weren't resolved there afflictions, we contact the ma, harass dra health authorities with our test results,
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but receive no response from anesha. the findings add another layer of complexity to her work in a long was eating with only know may in had oh. 5 it was only thing mm. while the quest to understand the cause of the surgical scandal continues, these women have already won their 1st fight by sharing their experiences. they have shown a light on the issue. the next battle is for truth and justice. ah,
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fishing gauss and shorter deadlines, south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explores the dark side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera ah. in the country with an abundance of resource raid already won indonesia whose firms for me we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy,
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blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the lease is growth and progress, invest indonesia now. mm. mm. days off to the ethiopian government launch to ass strikes in the to grind region. it says it's conducted more wrecked on sunday. ah, i'm fidel. this is elegy, they're alive from deluxe. also coming up valvoline of columbia largest drug cartel has been arrested. the u. s. had a $5000000.00 bounty on his head. ah. 7 refugees and migrants on mexico.


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