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to death, you suppose i subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this says that these are live from go ha, coming out to the next 60 minutes. leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested. it's been compared to the fall of 19 eighties, drug lord pablo escobar, pushing past security forces, refugees, micros, determined to reach the united states itself on foot from southern mexico. our goal remains to compete in a position with the u. s. issues more calls for com days after north korea said
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that it test fired a new type of ballistic missile protests. as incident, i met with tear gas after looking at major bridge in the capital and, and for the atlanta braves, are headed to the world series for the 1st time since 1999. ah, maybe raining champions the alley dod, you're thinking think the other championship theory? ah. the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested starter antonio. oh so go sugar. who also goes by the name of antonio was captured in a remote corner of the jungle. president of undo. k says,
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it's the biggest blow to drug trafficking. since the death of pablo escobar in 1993 . i was here as prayer group to report dido antonio osha guys, widely known as a tonio, and had been on the run for more than a decade. columbia most wanted and most fear drug trafficker. now finally, in handcuffs after being hunted down by soldiers, what it was lot is cocaine producing nation or tornadoes. arrest is the biggest victory in its so called war and drugs in nearly 30 years as this ill. goldberg, this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country vehicle. and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's. they won't be. he was captured at as high doubt in jungle near the border with panama. more than 500 soldiers were deployed. one officer was killed yarmouth, glad guitar. we began and important satellite surveillance mission against him,
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with agencies from the u. s. in u. k. where with each movement with trace analysts with communications or the 50 experts and signal intelligence permanently covering the area with an exact coverage that allowed us to indicate what his movements were you to get him from his hiding place. born into rural family or tonia was a hard and fighter who switch sides from far left. gorilla to far i palo tree groups in 2012, he took over as the leader of the gods class from his brother, who was killed by police. he's wanted by the us from porting tons of cocaine for years from south america. the government says his group has been behind some of the worst violence columbia has seen since the signing of of p staying with fock rebels in 2016. there is the possibility that these bring down levels of violence, especially on the communities that he bet had been affected by these large organization. but, but indeed, i mean, there is no an effective a solution to the drug trafficking international drug trafficking problem. jose,
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by beheading these type of organizations that once all there been, are god exp, rollins in the world, no, nor in columbia. many fio, torn yields arrest mealy to a power struggle, and a tough war that could worse and the violence. brianca got their alta 0, thousands of migrants and refugees of set off on foot from southern mexico, hoping to reach the u. s. a. groups mainly made up of people from haiti, and central america who've been stranded in mexico for months. there was scuffle says, police tried to stop them out as there was john holeman reports now from mexico city. ha! another caravan emits cook. it's been a reoccurring picture of the last 2 years. migrants grouping together to try and full sway through the country and to the us. buddha. the only surprise it's at this time around. they have been stopped by mexican authorities yet. oh, about
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a 1000 people left up a tula, the city, close to mexico, southern booth with guatemala on saturday morning. they were trying to break through a ring of security pieces confining them there over months. they called the city of prison. i was another minute and i was having to think he forsake 7 or 8 months and then we been look up for a long time. we can't take it any more. we don't have war and we can't leave he nor gone to which is much worse. so we need to get out of here to feed our family up with alma oh, shoot the off the leaving top. a tula, a shield will of the national god, the blow, the road ahead. that usually signals the end, the caravans, detentions, deputations, this time around, of the struggle. most people go through. now they go on, but very slowly. mexican authorities have strictly prohibited buses,
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will taxis carrying migrants on foot, it will take them weeks to cover the about 2000 kilometers to the us, especially with women and children present. although the majority of those walking a men, where are they from different places, haiti, south, and central america. but most of something in common, they're playing poverty, political turmoil, or violence in their own lands. at the moment there, i mean to get to mexico city and get papers to stay. those who want to travel further to the us are assured of a cold welcome forces in texas. they are already been mobilized to stop them. that's if met goes authorities to do so. first and soon as under us pressure they always have done before. john holman, does it or mexico city the u. s. and south korea are again pressing north korea to refrain from carrying out more missile tests. days afterwards that had filed
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a new type of ballistic missile. the u. s. envoy for north korea is in sol for meetings about the tests and long running stalemate in nuclear diplomacy. north korea is refusing to return to talks until us drops what it calls hostile policies only from the fuel. from government to day, i had serious in depth discussions with representative kim over the proposal for an end of war declaration. we reconfirmed our shared stance that we are willing to discuss all matters, including north korea's interest once the dialogue with north korea resumes. as u. s. government has been expressing its willingness to talk and we hope that north korea response to this as soon as possible. we call the dca to seize these other papers and other different identities. and is that engage dialogue? we may like to meet with rebekah without me and we had me in the united states have with no oh we both with one positively outreach.
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joining us from so is young oak professor and military strategic studies at and i'm university professor good. have you with us? what does north korea mean when it talks of hostile u. s. policies? hello the c instead, u s. or the north korea, c s u s. s the air main enemy. so wow, we have, we have korean war. and after that, the u. s our forces are ah, station, the in south korea. so the u. s. u s. puts his inquiry a cell. i mean, is sir hoth? tar ah, activity. so well when they a talk color, the hust her policy towards most korea. ah, well, i mean the all infinite our activity, including the inequality asians and their insight i'll sanction. and even the u. s
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. courses inquiry a cell at while they see there's a hostile or i to what's the u. s. invoice to the north doing in soul right. now what's the, the point of his visit? how is this going to get diplomacy moving again? the other seeing a stab ah, well after thee ah, and i sum it in at 2019 there's no talk between the us and north korea and the south korean government sees these as her world, our grave mistake. so i, they try to, you know, connect them together as so the lease and her proposal of the south korean government is that our white on the try the air out the decoding b and the were am in the korean war. so including bad. i mean, there's a being these pool, the north korea, because i mean, they're in the middle of the
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o. copied pandemic. so i'm in all these kind of, you know, in was things can be seen as her opportunity. why, you know, nose could acer shooting order me so, but still in we'll, we'll have to okay. her talk to the north korea or a. so is the pine administration's approach likely to bear fruit or in the future compared with, with the trumpet, ministrations approach to north korea? yeah, well actually, i mean, it's quite different because i mean, the tampon station is, is, i mean, i mean, it's not traditional. the, traditionally, the, the u, the u. s. grant started says that the, i am in the middle east east of 1st concern when, when they were in the war and china, russia. and then other thing like that, north korea, lily, and up the list. and so i was back there back in trump,
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ordering his speech on it while the, the nose coding became oh, a kind of priority because of these are trumps. are proceeding tourist, pull the ah diplomatic victory a but by them. i mean really seasons are politician while healy tongue to be, you know, theresa, us good instead. teddy. really good talk to professor benny, thanks indeed daniel care in. so thank mia. mars military is under increasing pressure to engage with its opponents nearly 9 months after seizing power. they've been cause for talks to find a way out of the crisis. even from supporters of the military, of the giantess says that it will not engage with dissidence. including members of on cancer cheese, ousted government, the countries but in turmoil. since the qu, in february, a military crackdown has killed more than 1100 people. gunman have killed at least 10 people in mali in an attack on a base belonging to
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a paramilitary group known as the gander e. so it happened in the northern region of gao. the group was formed in 2009 of is backed by the army. it's unclear who's responsible for the attack. let's get more from how does eras nicholas hark was monitoring developments from a darker in neighboring senegal. nick, what more do we know? while adrian this attack took place on friday on the bridge of what bar. yeah. which is a key strategic location to protect the city of go essentially connect, go to the rest to, to the main order. read that leads to by my code. it happened just a 10 minutes drive from the mean use my base. remember there's at least 14000 un peacekeeping soldiers there and next to the french base back gun. so quite a brains in attack here on a city where there are so many armed forces on the ground against this realty group gun, the ice so which in the surrounding language means that children of the people it's
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made up of the former military officials that were either fired or retired and local people that are defending the city of go and as you explained, they were there before the 2012 invasion of arm groups linked to al qaeda. no, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack, but it has the hallmark of the al qaeda affiliate so much to the someone with the mean has launch several attacks against arm groups affiliated to or are militia groups backed by the government as well as us forces and french forces, it also comes at a time where we have an extraordinary visit of the un security council members are on the ground in molly trying to find a way out to this. what seems to be an endless crisis where the situation has deteriorated, greatly noticed in molly, but in the share and in neighboring burkina faso. and for the un security council where there is such a huge un presence on the ground involve the key to end. this conflict is trying to
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find stability in molly. they want the government of bama code to organize free and fair elections as soon as possible at the house. the former military doing that was now the president of molly a see me going to organize votes as soon as possible. there's also been pressure from human rights watch who has accused i'm groups and govern backed arm groups such as gander. i so of extra judicial killing of killing of civilians that they're meant to protect. they human rights. what say that they've recorded 14 death in custody. a perpetrated allegedly by the military or armed groups, and that's something that is key for the right group to try to regain that trust between security services and, and civilians. especially in the north end of the center of the country where we've seen increase attacks adrian r 0 nicholas hoc reporting live there from docker, senegal. many thanks. nick. still come here on that is our i'm adarine on
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a wild boar hunt in tuscany. we'll tell you why the hunt for this animal has taken on the greater meaning. western ambassadors who signed the letter criticising turkeys government wait to see where the anchor of really plans to expel them. at his force majesty show no mercy against brighton in the premier league. the details later in his views. ah, release him sudafed, tear gas a protest as who are blocking a bridge. and cartoon, they put up roadblocks and cut off the bridge linking the capitals, central, and northern neighborhoods. dozens of them gathered outside the presidential palace . people have been demonstrating for days now, calling for more civilian control over the government. let's go live to khartoum out there as hipaa morgan as their hip. what are we to make of this heavy handed security response?
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while it comes in, respond that to be protested in front of the presidential palace trying to expand the system that the established over a week ago. now they say they want the military to take over and dissolve the entire cabinet and, and make up a new one that is inclusive of everyone who took part in the revolution. in december 2018. when people protested against former president bush, which led to the military over throwing him in april 2019. now they say that they want to make sure that people understand that they have a large presence that they have supports on the ground. so they're trying to expand the area of the system from the presidential palace and trying to book every single entrance that or every single road that leads to the presidential palace so that they can be able to establish their fit, then to put pressure on the transitional government and the prime minister of the dog to dissolve his cabinet and appoint new members of the cabinet. but include members from the 4th of the freedom and change the national chart,
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the alliance. now this is all a result of a split between the forces of freedom and change coalition that the coalition that lead to government protests against for president. so i'm going to proceed, but not everyone in the coalition feel like they have enough representation in the government. because that coalition included arm groups included opposition, members who were outside, outside the capital in the process were ongoing. and when people were organizing for, for processes to demonstrate on the 3. so some of them say they feel left out of government participation and they won the prime minister to dissolve his cabinets. now, when it comes to the political development that has resulted in a stalemate in the political arena, the sovereignty counseling and the council of ministers are yet to hold the meeting . they have not had anything in the past 3 weeks because of the political tension. the council of ministers themselves, they say they find it very hard to pass any resolution or any, any bill that they've been trying to introduce to be able to continue with the transition prime minister. the dog has said this crisis is the most dangerous class
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of the transition will be rid of a thing, but so far their solution to it from any side involved. how service have a morgan live? in contra, however many thanks. cindy's. dozens of people are reported. have been killed and injured in yemen, after a messiah malfunctions had exploded in a residential area. but who the fight has fired it? south of dumb our city. several explosions were heard a short time later. it is, is go ruder. allied is on the brink of bankruptcy. like all carriers. it's been hit hard by declining travel during the pandemic, but it was already struggling with debt. jessica washington reports not from dakota . ah, and indonesia largest airport, passenger traffic is on the rise. as domestic tourism enjoys a resurgence after months of relative quiet travel restrictions at major airports around the country are easing. as the number of coven 19 cases falls. it's
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a welcome change for the countries aviation industry. but it may not be enough to save one major player drowning in debt. the countries oldest airline to route indonesia is edging close to bankruptcy. it's not a pretty picture in terms of the debts, amounting to hundreds of trillions of repair, which is coming up to billions. ah, the pandemic had a severe impact on the flag carrier. passenger numbers have fallen by 90 percent and flight frequency has reduced from 400 to less than 100 flights a day. the airlines total debt is now $4900000000.00, and the company faces several lawsuits over unpaid death. the airline c o. earth and city a put, told al jazeera steps have been taken to turn the company around, including renegotiating airplane, leasing,
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costs and restructuring loans. like many airlines around the worlds guru to indonesia has struggled through the pandemic because of travel related restrictions . but grew, does the finance or woes? it started long before the pandemic, and now the flag carrier faces an uncertain future aviation expert sega router. indonesia has struggled to compete with low cost carriers grappling with weak earnings while paying for a large and expensive fleet of aircraft that are mostly least 5 years earlier. we see some of the operational costs of go dice, increased dramatically and, and some awfully the measurement of flight. for example, a job about london is not the approved profitable. the airline is still mostly owned by the government. and the ministry of state owned enterprises has proposed rebranding. a state own charter service pillay to an as a passenger carry it to replace the router or putting in more state cash. the
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ministry declined in interview with al jazeera, the option of the bankruptcy liquidation of florida. is freddy, like the feasible option right now under pressure to resolve the crisis at gruder? the government faces a difficult choice. either try and save the failing and line, or let it collapse. jessica washington out to 0 to counter italy, is struggling with a rising number of wild ball. the animals of rampaging across farms causing traffic accidents at entering cities in search of food out as it was out of ready went out in tuscany with hunters who are aiming to keep the numbers down. the hunt is on. it's the 1st day of chin jelly wild boar season, and these dogs have caught the scent. it's a team effort and tuscany, while they scour the forest, a fellow hunter waits patiently in the hills above. he and others have staked out positions across a wide territory waiting for the right moment. loan hunters like this one are
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spread across there waiting for their team members to flush out the chin gala with packs of dogs. nearby the sound of gunfire, perhaps another member of the team. down hill. when we arrive we see they've had success hunting wild boar long central to tuscan culture and cuisine has gained an urgency. done the room in to the damage they've caused in recent years. is impressive. they now come into our gardens, even our houses, and into town, causing all kinds of damage. like you go out to water garden and you run into a bowl. nano, they even cause car crashes. hunters have kept their recreational pursuit in a new light, calling and out of control population. just decades ago in estimated 50000 bore room for the whole country. that number has risen to 2000000, causing destruction and invading cities. viral videos like this one, show
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a pack of wild for scouring room for food, fertile ground with trash strewn on city street. here, a family of 4 corner, a woman with her groceries. across the country. officials are testing different strategies. just after dawn outside rome, these park rangers check traps that were set the night before. clearly a successful night. thank was he. last year they caught more than $500.00 board this reserve. the head of the program says the important goal is within reach. a okey dokey acorn, i believe if we can catch up to a 1000 or so a year we can bring back a balance, maintaining the by diversity while reducing damage to agriculture and bringing down the numbers while boy and trying to city would see that of the 5, we saw in cages most were juveniles. these for quite young, just a few months old and park ranger say from a population control point of view, that's a good name because what they want to do is catch the bore while they're still
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young before they're able to reproduce though not killed immediately, the hard truth is, these boys will meet the same fate as those we saw in the hunt, though soon be slaughtered for the local market. well, adam rainy al jazeera rome, severe phil shortages of legible protest in haiti's capital, puerto prince prices of sword and some petrol stations of clothes. now, gangs have started to kidnap and kill fuel trunk drivers. on his eras. manuel ruffled reports fires burning in the streets of the haitian capital, while protest, super worsening. insecurity, have swept the city in recent days. demonstrations over fuel shortages are also becoming a daily occurrence. there are fears the city would come to a standstill if supplies art resumed soon. are you really that was i, i live with the government is not doing its job. they are the ones that you give us
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security. they should do everything to make sure pumps of petrol, so we can do what we have to do by blood red. oh, despite some gas stations already running dry hughes of motorists keep growing as detention at home. so yeah. the problem is the people in government, the richer fighting the pool some motorists tell us fuel is becoming so hard to come by. it can take days to get their hands on only a few gallons across the haitian capital. many petrol stations have closed their doors altogether. creating a black market for fuel. in recent days, the price of gasoline has gone from $10.00 to $15.00 per gallon and it's the cost that's only getting higher as the fuel shortage. worse. delivering fuel to residence has become more difficult as violence linked to criminal gangs spreads to more parts of the city. gang members have made a lucrative business out of extorting and kidnapping. petrol delivery driver will
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transporters are threatening a strike to protest against violence directed towards delivery personnel. women from opera, not very by gig. isaac, a reason why there's no pitfalls that some of the drivers have been kidnapped previously with the trucks in the owners of paid for the truck to be released, but left the driver behind and they were killed. not. that's why drivers now scared to go to the congo terminal, because they may get kidnapped music audio guy. though the recent abduction of 17 missionaries by haitian gang has captured global headlines, violence and kidnappings are challenged, that most residents here face on a daily basis. and between increasing insecurity, fast rising fuel prices and an economic crisis exacerbated by the ongoing. coby 19 pandemic security experts say the situation is a ticking time bomb for social unrest. manuel did apollo al jazeera, puerto prince. look at a weather update. next here on that is out, then tackling sky rocketing rents in berlin. will tell you what could happen to
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thousands of apartments owned by big corporations, movies that safety of a spotlight has family and colleagues. more the filmmaker killed in a shooting incident involving the actor, alec baldwin. at in sport, a front row showed out of the united states bomb pretty far. we'll have all the details coming up later. ah. well, a gale force winds have subsided. now in northern europe, there's more come admittedly, but for the time being it's an awful lot quieter. the stormy start from the point of view, rain is now developing in the central mediterranean. so let's head there 1st. there are warnings out in calabria, which is the toe of italy for floods the likelihood to day and possibly tomorrow's well because it's circulation is going to continue. you see the ar incentives as
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the heaviest down pause re mostly over the water, but it includes sicily, probably sardinia, certainly malta, and the northern part of tennessee. the whole circulation continues on monday. and again, the orange is focused in calabria. there's gonna be some flooding here, but that's where the focus is. it's fine for the west valley arts lucky. ok. now. spain and portugal, likewise as rain coming into western france bisbee. in fact, the next system from the land he is running through ireland into u. k. during sunday and monday, but ahead of it all look at this is suddenly when this is inducing, warm weather for all from london to stock home attempts is are slowly, slowly on the rise. they're not hugely different from normal. but london, for example, should be about 13, and we're seeing 60 no 70. now this of course is talia with longer nights and days means misty morning, sometimes foggy, but generally coin borrow. ah.
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when the news break, regardless of what's available with sales, people that have it when people need to be hi oh, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, they're choosing those sites because their civilian card algae 0 has teens on the ground hobby and they, their numbers are barely a 5th of what they've heard before. the 3003 invasion because of iraq security to bring you more award winning documentary and lives in the country with an abundance of results for the great bar and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we move full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress. invent indonesia. now,
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lou ah, it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian. sitting here in bo, how with the news out from al jazeera, the headlines leader of columbia's largest drug cartel has been arrested. the president has described the capture of datto antonio saga, also known as. but tanya, as the biggest blow to drug trafficking in columbia since the death of pablo escobar in 1993, the united states of south korea, calling for com. nearly a week up to north korea, testified a new type of ballistic missile. the u. s. envoy for north korea is in sol for meetings with south korean officials.


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