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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 9:30am-10:00am AST

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al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah hello there, i'm associate a and how at the top stories here on out of era, the leader of columbia is biggest drug cartel has been arrested columbia. presidents has dire antonio shogun, also known as of tonia, was captured in a meticulous operation. washington had put up a 5000000 dollar reward for help in finding him. dido antonio also got ali as ordonia in. this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country. and this blows only comparable to the fall of pablo escobar in the ninety's murder of policemen soldiers, social leaders, as well as
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a recruiter of minor. and she's also known for the insanity that led him to abuse. adolescent boys and girls. thousands of migrants have been traveling from southern mexico and the hopes of making it to the u. s. the group is mainly made up of haitians and central americans who have been stranded and tougher to look for months now. john holmes has moved from mexico city. tougher to lose a point at the moment in which met can security, security forces are basically been keeping people trapped inside like a bubble, trying to contain them as a try and get further north. so this situation in which, after months of that, people have broken out and then go this far is already further than people have managed to get in quite a while. now what tends to happen when they try and get further north, they still write on that. so the border is picked up by the national guard in terms of the rope, lots of rest, those migration authorities. so that's what's likely to happen that they're not
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even going to get out of the south of mexico on the way to the united states. taiwan has been rocked by a magnitude 6 point to earthquake. the epicenter was off the coast of land and the northeast of the island. people have also reported strong shaking in the capital type pay. there are no reports of any damage, no injuries. several members of the taliban have been killed in multiple attacks and none go ha province. this comes as secure as you abrasions. continue against iso. italy's former interior minister imitators solve any has gone on trial. the his roland blocking a migrant rescue ship and 2019. he's accused of kidnapping and the abusive power. and the congress ship is called firewall anchored off canada, south west coast. 16 crew members have been evacuated from the vessel. 5, remain on board one outs, back to blood and tears. ah
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. the 8 year algerian war ended on the 18th of march, 1962, when the french government and the algerian national liberation front. the evelyn signed the treaty known as the abl accords. it included an immediate cease fire, and pave the way for algerian independence when, whoops, of french, colonial settlers who fundamentally opposed the deal, clashed with the french army on the streets of algiers. on the 26th of march, 196280 were killed. many europeans living in algeria had to face the reality that they were not part of the new country. in the next few months between $8.10 people per day left the country where many of
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them were born hastily taking with them their most precious possessions, draw sierra but all uncontrollable. brilliant coleman was bus. garages to flee bus could have a model. pasco pasco should continue to go to cushy me and covered and put you on, cuz i'm about to noon. bu. good with them. but to pull a girl did a mother. but hey, stephanie had said to gail mother, but i said of you move in this if you need to build you people of european origin born in algeria were known as the pin was the black feats over a 1000000 of them crossed the mediterranean when they arrived in france, many landed in a country where no one was waiting to greet them. it was working on this
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mail with their little name. as you can conduct a bumper is on formula pretty abrupt mc eskoville. valona may go up a whole isabel do domains all is all bill do. not that he earned the trail visionaire a posture still eager to the decrees as shown. i don't think i've ever corneus him all shipper a resort viola, a she salt divorce of what his uses to wake his own keys of. why should the son of a have deal with people who had been uprooted, had to start completely afresh to rebuild homes, find work. they also had to try and integrate into a country that was sometimes hostile, often indifferent to them and did not seem ready to welcome back so many at once.
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on the 5th of july, 1962 algerians finally flew their own flag. the french estimates that around 300000 people died in the 80 a war but algerian figures as high as one point. 5000000 lose rolled in the bonded is your loss is you wanted off or not from now that you can do in yelling, coil blue divide. i love to fall of washington dal. see the, you know, like on the next of the local mail, will our vote dear look on the road to the julia and abandon. was like a little darker to jewel gabriella. missile, eleanor contessa she'll he little i go she your prayer if you don't to go through leo versus should i more glove who are jillions?
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it was a jubilant moment. but their joy was soon tempered by yet more bloodshed. the abl accords provided for the protection of various groups including the european pin, while in the ascii, muslim auxiliaries in the french army. but despite this evelyn radicals launch a systematic massacre of thousands, many europeans who wanted to stay in algeria were brutally murdered. and for the ocoee, this was the beginning of a long night. may the french government band there returned to france. in algeria, there were at the mercy of the f. l. n. missouri as she yet on alicia don't be, shall. on the altar, she no longer did not want to go flip her world. exactly. it only evolved trickery . did she didn't i stay alabama valley
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tens of thousands of ascii were murdered in algeria. ah, ah. ah, system work or to live phil? anything on trade on it cause he'll give you more bare house to plant cut also could could to donna do lucas image sheet. clea de la fos is just the steer and massacre knew it. our library on farm, your funk. it be all after? yes, my market i sent it to you and your unclear are you still? does your condo or prima or not re dishonest or fail? must actually devante thought. de la mifflin says, japan oscar, i brought your dollars to sacon. just $300.00. i talked
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with for the pin while any ocoee, the choice was torn between a suitcase and a coffee. some ocoee were able to get to france, thanks to a few officers disobeying orders, but it was only a tiny minority. whereupon glue bertolsi turned button mock. i'm just only count darcy. come. come to you bit either. to tell you on the ha sima could you ought to 40 this. yes, you please. because real yankee, certain places would have to kill that oppose. it gets a lot less. it would be economic as of yet. so debbie, all right, we're going to leave not do them again, but he blew or to call to that innovative go in a buzz, but don't be that of the
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propaganda of the time portrayed a warm welcome by the french authorities in france, the ocoee were house together in remote camps, far from prying eyes. there were the undesirables, invisible symbols of defeats. but many ocoee were secretly sent back to algeria. when i drop a cross from dune, aquila horse unnatural francisco marker, those on the 2. on the to garage room to ball firstmerit to check his august post. neither france nor algeria emerged unscathed, from the conflict on both sides of the mediterranean, 2 nations west cards for decades, by what the french of the time called simply events in algeria.
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ah, algeria is independence was not the endo frances african colonial projects. the goal was convinced that francis future lay in close cooperation with its former african colonies and in preserving what remained of the impact as well as friends, strategic interests. these territories abounded in raw materials. their independence must not threaten frances energy resources. the president appeared on television didn't fit good at the in the us your and i did a to a fees would be a see, but to yeah, the bought a new if he's not, you know, any, i feel a lot that the head you know, to go grew may said, dad is a call,
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grew up lead, don't know, y'all knew, she said, i know a little better than senior 5 going to be and i feel is his kidneys up a thorn. gold gold? gold log back he france did not intend these to be reciprocal arrangements with equal partners to go wanted frank speaking africa to become francis private to preserve this was also the time of the cold war. and to prevent the spread of communism, nato instructed franz to become, quote, africa's policeman jack falcon, a former free frenchman in world war 2 and loyal goalies, became the head of what was called, ha, suffering. his mission to ensure that the game of franco african
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friendship was played to france's robes. so in november, 1960 in cameroon, the new leader of the opposition party, felix mommy, was assassinated. his killer was a member of the french secret service. william best head this left president, he jo with no opposition. he remained in power for 22 years in tow go to president savannah's olympia wanted to do without france. he was killed by a group of soldiers supported by the french officer in charge of presidential security. in the 19 sixties and seventies france intervened militarily more than 20 times to ensure that the right african leaders we're in place to serve. it's me now,
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if you'd like to know doable, desolate bonus. domestic knuckle mar ordered up at the goddess shield and isn't entered levels. september through went to as tally of the club in addition to de gaulle up reliability shonda. she'll go nobody shonda. do the 2 separate latasha del, at the levels lead the credenza troy you mere last caustic of colonial rita. this is all traditional sued, is of that i put a teach her. i think i forced lean in. will no pearly going to me to so so sat on the manner to say the still hipaa here early be very basic. couldn't you 0 however, the goals 1960 is we're not just about half week over one and a half 1000000 people still lived in the french overseas territories.
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the camaro send djibouti reunion island, diana and the caribbean, polynesia, and new caledonia. many were worried that history may have passed them by their call for a less colonial relationship with france. independence even fell on deaf ears between europe and america, the goal, one said, there is nothing but dust and we don't build states on dust. part of the french strategy, me overseas territories was the same as in africa to put its placement in power. in 1963, the goal even st. his former prime minister michelle debate to reunion islands.
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debris stood in the french, marla. mm. entry election, bundled local news, but no, we would look either at all why there was a miniature farmer if we with my god. so loaded a gauntlet of god's image. if i, if we, which are god we're going to lose all about going to be the legal me. oh, oh. oh, on surprisingly, debris was duly elected as the member of parliament in paris hall reunion islands. a year later, he had his main opponent and leader of the communist party pulled up just charged with undermining the integrity of the states possess suitable burden on cultural destiny. dip all due zone, boyish up in every press. yo yo nuclear holy these out. if it up what he says, he's all to my thought, le, let me zoom. you sold a should so woof my mail and i see you and some streak on those are already caught
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up with he, sir, yet i pressed, so fucked, disavow. i most shoddy, sorta, zip was all boulevard. jess was arrested. the communist party, dissolved and re union island fell into long de goal also used investment projects to buy political deference. a rocket launch site in cool. french, guyana and in whoo, aurora polynesia, a nuclear testing center, to replace the algerian side of the gun. that franz had to evacuate. 40 dish up japanese on a ship. the ship. god aren't going to just you. any other jo?
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she's yours deal the global social or develop mall juggling button. so it doesn't just reward shawn. it direct on should keyed was shreeve, this from up on one another friends strategy was to displace people on re union island, martinique, and guadalupe. the government at the office for the development of migration in overseas department or will be done for short. it's organized the migration of young working people to france, reducing the risk of a whole generation calling for independence. or will matter. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha g, g m, n was audrey up, those men, the policy, the procedure, got brooklyn on a look. there were no way for me. rely on oil. i was waiting on
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a comedy without. nobody always thought there y'all do it when you, when we, when we renewed, you were to renew so it will appear when it her did not the dollar mark to new with all about a negative good or bad, where you're the order. ah, but hope quickly gave way to dissolution. the bully domains as they were known, soon understood that they were doomed to doing only menial jobs for velvet review them, etching tie is all possible nephew cranford took little down. i could have wholesale town very little huddle nearby. mendoza, but to declare the, you'll all, sir. secrecy carefully shed popular channels on here. the farmer. oh yeah he very
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okay. lona panera's, the buffet to feminine wi fi ticket is up now with bassi aqua dawn, i presume. nicholson the backups in the summer, but the shadow fair. i also took obscene it, did this to nick a saw. have you don't over 20 years, tens of thousands of young people migrated to france. a whole generation was uprooted and suffered the races in that was common in europe. in the 19 sixties and seventies on cove mach norco to them decal, fuel horses, all his young cody, he had his reddened farm, derenzo came up, push came, a disconnect, balsamic army, dom, diligent nunez. if anyone in the office a committee could have found verbally demolish with false little meds, you may think all day you come, you know, or test was yes law but in the 19 sixty's,
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france continued to track down in the overseas territories. in march, 1967 in g booty, the crowd called for independence by the army, moved in and several demonstrators were killed. 3 months later, construction work is invited, who demanded a pay rise. a riot broke out and the police fired into the cloud, killing several demonstrators. 3 sessions. nothing changes as the saying goes, ah, ah,
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in the c panel with jeff, you could, as he says to set, do, could it is all to yes, this was all set. what get her set? oh, they flew me to come see secret said that from that piece. chill had yet no in touch. so i've half because he left class. i took unity. ah me. 1967 still haunts the people of guadalupe. a mural was finally put up to commemorate what's widely considered to be the last french colonial act of violence. lucy los cur. visit to the prison june she passed your cur realty. so who is in alice from the play?
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but christian bliss, you are basically protect cur setancolon for these old kisses. solaire the generic, generic power hush, initials, kill cabal. good ted kersey, the crew come kick assures dirt to pascall, begging you on calling for city 30 again. 2 years later, in april 1969, the goal resigned as president but the dust of empire, as he called the overseas territories, remained caught of france. they still gave the country an enormous sense of global power. in the next decade, djibouti the commerce and the new hebrides all gained independence. but despite the crises, attacks and referenda, france managed to hang on to the islands of my yacht, new caledonia, polynesia,
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and all its overseas did back to mall and regions. de gold successes never fundamentally questioned the general's colonial legacy results won't be due valley. these is galveston and full swan medieval old feigns to revisit this inglorious period in the republics history. however, after decades of silence, the most violent and proven crimes were gradually denounced that the highest levels the bloody repression in madagascar and the choy massacre in synagogue, as well as the violent colonial conflict in algeria were old, after much debate, ultimately condemned. but all the official ceremonies, tribute sent speeches could not overcome the nostalgia on one side and the frustration and resentment on the other. d colonization remains
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a contentious legacy that deeply divides french society to this day. the wars of independence, the hidden crimes and massacres have all left their mark on the perpetrators, the victims, and their descendants to day. oh ah, one of the crucial issues for those who suffered and still feel the impact of colonization now is who tells that story. and exactly what that story is for truly bosh a sub bundled prison. suspicious me, camacho in bosh, scantily by young craig, or did she did?
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you get also suited up keel brewster or roger? yeah. he anthony salseto on. it's a police drive. it can go to these shows, can sit festival, a pretty big data set for most, discuss your canoe, a, prove a beautiful kasey equivalent committee, korea, m e republic, all screwed. all the really pushes awful or is all find pretty little follow thermal po phelps with hava. you do have for small your house. need you all see that building shows. those awful issue. did you feel you look on this panel pushed? well, you looked at home pretty do the law you exempt. mitigate or does she miss? i thought he did not wish to canada is approaching
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a tipping point in the lead up to the coff. 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate, emergency witness screens, films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. phone lines investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera
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seasonally, we're back to know that even a rock temperatures come back to where they are. there are no particularly strong winds the moment around the edges. for example, the black sea where it looks rather stormy. and this snow in the known part of pakistan, there is some action going on. now with temperatures back down to normal in doha, what tails most, it's a humidity if you've got a sham are blowing. i returned on tuesday. it's dry. feels fine. if not, it gets quite humid and misty and feel hotter than you might expect. i know 35 is hot, but not a here live in the raving peninsula. now there's a picture for monday, the snow fades, but a caspian scott is normally come again there. a shower is picking up that we are snow showers in the caucasus. of course, eventually they'll produce snow showers and thunderstorms, likely in that part of iran. if you're in turkey and you're on the north coast, this is not a good day for you snowing lambert right along the coast. fairly windy, that winds picking up again through the bus was the gym,
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and the eastern men down to walls, north of africa. normally, egypt in particular, for tropical africa, caught looking picture in the eastern side. however, it's not so further west. clearly there is rain running through d, r c and down towards northern angola. the picture in kigali is of daily thunderstorms. now usually at lunch, but not always ah, talk to al jazeera, we ask how would you dislike with relationship with the us? we listen copied, my kid is not all 4 of 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of humans . so we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on out 0. leaders from the world's biggest economies will convene in rome this month to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all ice will also be on the g twenty's response to the climate emergency. can we find
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a way to prioritize the planets help over g d p. special coverage on out to see if with the leader of columbia's biggest drug can't tell has been arrested. it's been compared to the fall of 19 eighties, drug pablo escobar. ah, good morning, joe hoffer one. i'm him all santa maria. this is the world news from al jazeera, pushing past security forces, refugees and migrants determined to reach the united states have set off on.


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