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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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exit on during a climate in crisis on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others cannon. i was thrown fear guy by the police on purpose in fires instead of going on with the way that you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. ah, how there i'm the stars he attainder hall with the top stories here on out as era. the leader of columbia's biggest drug coulter has been arrested. the country has presidents as dire antonio with sugar, who is also known as a toni l. was captured in a meticulous operation. washington had put up a 5000000 dollar award for help in finding him. dial antonio, issue i'll yes or danielle,
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this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country. and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's murder of policeman soldiers, social leaders, as well as a recruiter of minor issues is also known for the insanity that led him to abuse adolescent boys and girls chick allison to ramp. yes, he is in bogota with small this was the biggest drug trafficker in columbia. he has been so for the last 2 decades, really as you was leading major trafficking group and known as the golf cartel that operates in the north of the country, mostly close to the border with panama. that's the base of this organization that has, according to colombia, an intelligence some 1200 armed men. that's their base in the north of their country. but they operate in more than $300.00 municipalities across columbia
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. and they are considered to be responsible for, for the exports of the majority of the cocaine. that reaches at the united states and europe from cologne. a group that has been expanding increasingly in the last years and that it has grown even more since the peace deal between the columbia government and the far rebels back in 2016 occupying spaces where they give the yeah. help influenced before in the country. he was the most wanted man in columbia, and it, while it's surprising that he has been finally arrested, is also true that the government that as a use to all of its power to try and arrest this man. thousands of my guns have been traveling from southern mexico on the heights of making it to the
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united states. the group is made up of people from haiti and central america. he's been standing now and temperature last month home and has moved from mexico city. suffer to lose a point at the moment in which met skin security, security forces have basically been keeping people trapped inside of that like a bubble trying to contain them as a try and get further north. so this situation in which after mumps about people broke him out and then got this far is already that's further than people have managed to get in quite a while. now what tends to happen is when they try get fervor north, they're still right on that southern border if they're picked off by the national guard in terms of those road blocks, there's of rest, those migration authorities. so that's what's likely to happen that they're not even going to get out of the south of mexico on the way to the united states. taiwan has been rocked by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake. the epicenter was off the coast of yi lan and the
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northeast of the island. people have also reported a strong shaking in the capitol, taipei, for there are no reports yet. of any damage in or injuries. in afghanistan, several taliban members have been killed and attacks in nangle har province in separate incidents, to roadside bonds, killed at least 3 people, including a child official say the bonds targeted a taliban vehicle. no group has claimed responsibility. severe fuel shortages have sparked more protests in haiti's capital, the cost of fuel his sword there and some petrol stations of clothes and gangs, and now started kidnapping and killing truck drivers. spain's prime minister has promised to speed up aid to people whose homes have been destroyed by lava in the canary islands. the convey via volcano you're watching live pictures from there right now. and the palmer has been a rupture for nearly 5 weeks. more than 7000 people have fled their homes, rivers of lava, destroying land and buildings. while those the headlines,
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they'll be more news here after blood and tears stay with us. oh, ah, primes once had an empire covering enormous areas of the world and millions of people. but after the 2nd world war, the countries it had colonized began to demand a french withdrawal and south rule france did not want to let go and was drawn into terrible wars. in indo china, madagascar, and algeria, syria and lebanon were granted independence. and trouble similar in sub saharan
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africa and the caribbean. however, france could simply not hold back the tide. and the 7 year war, an indo china ended in a humiliating defeat. north africa was next, and both tenicia and morocco left the french union. while the battle for algeria raged on. this is the story of the end of one of the largest in pies, the world as ever seen. and how the blood and tears shed decades ago, a still felt in the world today. by the summer of 1956, the war in algeria had been going on for nearly 2 years. french troops met the forces of the national liberation front,
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the f l. n. with all mighty force and inflicted huge losses, the evelyn needed to regroup and to try and regain the initiative. it completely changed strategy. it took the war to the very heart of the capital, algiers. and in september 1956. it planned an attack that would have a far reaching implies suitable lo love. papa hale tillman is assembled jameton bow. katy cross create a play low. so ga. gov monte al sewell. ha, those tito, the american don't city. no, no. vol. lady backed over new york city. ha, don't palmer's up the the don't we'll leave. so swell up a new sway. thimble sure. let me grab it in lieu gong. let's see dungy kitty dollar who passed the bell is it did all the while people player when they offer me
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machine glass. a my warm our membership that daniel has the vehicle so i'll play from suit me on to new de pleasant. that girl offset the players, lucian, the shirts, his law was early. this he did to a 3rd of all of the clue. no more like least show her la mancha de la bull in the shower on julius car exclaimed, as now he knew this was his haughty a sheet to push to you 10 wise jeep belgy mesh on. gosh, as for more g, that price on this is near produced death hoya me new, new bow a do year may may
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a did was sure can to more on the path it glucose from salted my bush. she completely in that quicker pottery most abs will deep. alex please your come what to do? the ali khamenei footed me can wasn't much on the outcome. julie excuse. you all have a cookie there. elysia. good person to depict that. she'd ye must. ha, ha ma'am. mm. good, put oh, shit to post a don't on did the what key. he the hot to home the mill lot. very quickly. how small mushrooms fuji bit on a hazel algiers was the most french of all al jerry in cities and had never experienced such a violent attack. several people were killed and doesn't injured, including children lisa santa. so camille just
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city jim inpatient chilly mit silva. sonya name barto. oh god, they bought the maku for year. not only colonial. oh la la shore it actually doing up um if you national to t material upon the se killer, i fell on odds. i shall know. shaka issued provalshie showed up. well, actually with the french authorities retaliated, and in january 1957, the announce marshall law and ordered paratroopers a suite, the arab old town, the casbah, the battle of algiers had begun. a felon leaders fell one after the other as the paratroopers arrested, and then tortured them. ah,
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his uncle, my vehicle for you. well, i do them. if it's fun, really depot zeal. well, bessy better yelled at the game for fiscal would issue out. woman unity don't sick go to machine. i do bosky, lsu. if he hold olivera said finally, did miss shaw's shoulder simone is should know. you don't tundra social news. she read through t. do p is, was your subtlety buckland. he pulled it up, but his dish? claremont assaulted her daughter and sharp or she is because it all yelled, is it from me she ri, north chicago who never missed it on did his tip on the timer. she'd be a boy said watch, let them dinner. now miss of israel,
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diana a little bit. oh, to dodge, so been, you know, shorter than it is. room climate houses are, is all suck, lifted as will go by. a pon pon is omitted her ear de mando them on. i'm going to her seat belt halsey im comparing a notorious jones though says evil near becker. dru good remembers. it's too early . if in need of any of it, i think i'm see, company bar is on the ammonia, not this one. he knows. yeah. hip and you just don't come papa e bottles. him. he pavilion. oh no we it's a doll. he lumpy, ill doctrinal trip to refresh, appear to sure doctor miserable deonna, daughter of the nato. luke on her to shiver, remarked, all new comments are your leaves. she built all lucre
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a shuttle. mm hm. oh gosh. ave volvo, vol. gosh cooper, keshawn, audrey vick lavonne hoover. it was for doug celebrities, layla to see she sunday miracle she daveille fletcher brought on. genevieve priscilla don't yell the french army knew it could behave, however it light because it would be supported by the french authorities. regardless. the number of epolina attacks decreased and its leadership was gradually eliminated. among the arrests was the milk bard bomber. zuraw dress is he tells a p bullshit the if from behaviors who he pre asia feel super high. these are the paulette pearl de la. dr. winful deal. okay. any deal of need is that through math
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and english, more soberly. book a very good me call. no as quick, so cook up on it. the other thing. if elliot prompted the 20th to let dr. palm, now caesar maxima, basketball. marcia talked to tim shashi to clear class, he proceed door. yes, earlier he there mom pu hormonally left but the crackdown in algiers also triggered a french crisis of conscience. intellectuals like pulse why maria openly expressed their outrage despite media censorship. the french people could no longer close their eyes, torture would damage frances reputation at home and abroad, permanently. ah, c, algerian war continued. it provoked a major political and constitutional crisis. a may 1958. charles de gaulle was
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brought back as prime minister, and he immediately terminated the 4th french republic. only 3 days after taking power. he flew to algiers. he said, daddy's algeria is dead. and if we don't understand it, we'll die with of he'll get hauled again. de la, this is all so little meg or mill mill, told her to go to seek her cuz she was last year. her enormous simply got all the whole 50 more. i finished. well. mit become a me. oh, in front of a huge crowd. the girl gave one of his most famous speeches, but also one of the most ambiguous,
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a turkey here by using the farmer's form. josie complete, la, secure, issued la fontose, i saw pushy. i like a chicken rough company. if you're not with my luck, i think like, ah, to see, we'll see the g. it's the coolant cookies and i still know julie too. sure. he said to call the cuckoo silas. hi, glare. good fellas, dominique la villalpando. ah da. goal words to bring the evelyn to the negotiating table. he freed prisoners and
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announced the major economic development plan while maintaining military pressure. many algerians believed in him, including the muslim sorta dazzled deliveries in the french army. on the 23rd of october, 1958, the gold took a historic step by calling the f a n for what he called repay debach piece of the brain in fairly bob ages b. j. your doorstep us all good keanu releford reset. if you know what you want all, humility, us, your or your family, it follow for no law bid them have still closed and converse. honda all
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said till uncle little unclear local parent, he veneer visited law school nurse physiological, stitcher, new municipal, the police the f l. n fort on to separate the evelyn and ordinary people. the french colonial authorities moved nearly a quarter of the algerian population into camps over 2000000 people in shocking conditions. a young socialist graduate, michelle hawker, went to algeria and wrote a report on the camps which was leaked to the press. it forced the government to urgently release funds to feed bin turned population, and care for the weakest. ah the evelyn meanwhile was in terrible shape. its leadership decimated and its soup
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numbers half, but it remains resolute despite the prospect of yet more bloodshed. algeria monopolized the goals attention, but he realized he also had to deal with the future of sub saharan africa. it's overseas, they, back to mall and polynesia in 1958, he embarked on a major african tore to try and avoid the disintegration of what was left of french africa. his plan was to unite the colonies into a community of states under french control through a referendum 1st off madagascar, to a warm welcome. then on to ivory coast with the leeks and fed one ye control political life on france's behalf. ah,
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in madagascar and ivory coast de goal had nothing to fear. there was a glitch in guinea. however, where secretary spoke his mom. i had to give me your opinion with the goal was humiliated and again, in the senegalese capital, the car where placards calling for immediate independence put the goal for once on the back. good, good, good, good, good, good. but despite these protests, french colonial africa generally rallied to the goals. com. although france was
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accused of electoral fraud and of neutralizing opponents in the referendum only guinea voted no to the new colonial french community. on the 2nd of october, 1958, guinea became the 1st french colony in sub saharan africa to gain independence, a but guineas independence triggered a rapid chain reaction. other african countries also started demanding full independence. the goal realized that he was losing control, and that is great dream of the african union was dying. 1960 was a year of great change. in less than 10 months, 15 new african states joined the movement for independence. for many african former members of the french parliament now governs their own
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countries. like phillips who said, why need in ivory coast? only aforesaid ask things are the synagogue africa experienced a collective euphoria of freedom, hope and joy? ah a y a p the love valley oak our moon bear sure. the nose also to madonna da given adela bow about
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me not to tom. yeah i can never get it didn't one way. but i don't wanna gamble fully at the thumb. toma well, i got you got a lot at the london great good. they fall with their offer to let your flag within a teach. ah, france had no choice but to let go of his once glorious empire in sub saharan africa. only a handful of territories remained and their 2 nationalist movements were increasingly gaining ground. in algeria, things were different. the french didn't even officially refer to the conflict as a war, but simply as events. however, this nameless war now entered is final and most violent fees. de goal had already given way to the naval in sub saharan africa. and when he spoke on the 4th of
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november 1960, he knew that the days of french algeria were numbers e, all 3 elected a whole j, we'll is say dish. she d also known this reply from a new vote. yes remark, audrey, no oh, oh well no more than a yearly follow me papa. all day news, i was really as yet again the 132 year link between france and algeria was about to be broken. anxiety spread among the french living in algeria moody bus fuels. i talked to steve at bucks he had you komatsu, oscar santiago, more than it did to sick jimmy noise, but patty, of so bad. oh, so he just said it's a to ha dollar for me every destroy. send me. oh, chris, can you ma'am and divide this pretty pretty ticket?
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ah french people who wanted desperately to stay in algeria went on the offensive. in february 961, they founded the secret army organization. the o a s o s a tax over several months were violent and bloody in algeria and in france. on the 18th of june, 1961, the o a s bombed the strasbourg to paris express, killing 24 people. france went into shock. the goal had thought the algerian situation was under control, but it was slipping from his grasp. france was at the mercy of the combined threat of the o. e. s. and algerian, evelyn and the police in paris began to take the law into their own hands. on the 17th of october, 1961, they attended
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a peaceful evelyn demonstration near the shahan metro station in eastern paris. with bloody consequences. that dark night, the police killed algerian demonstrators and through their bodies into the river say, the death toll remains unknown. but some algerian estimates say over 200 people were killed for the french government. something had to be done. the goal is leadership. and the evelyn had been negotiating the basis for algerian independence for some time in the spa town of a valuable center doubled again. he also told re dizzy a fee of you deuces will need to discuss your senior shoes as you see legal assembling to do them. if you need a bond on, do i have your li medicine, li memorized as, as all what we are they glued on at these modality? drill? zeus as it up. let me do these remarks. simila sauce was on today. we'll have
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dinner. get your thoughts as you did bomb, should we drugs through d, miss your i complete the a via accords were more than a year in the making. the $93.00 page agreement included clauses about francis military rights in the sahara. in return, the evidence demands for self determination were accepted along with a package of financial and economic aids. but in the cafes of the shores, it easy to reasons focus on the headline cease 5 or low. these are called if you're interested for digital buff. what is up lead? you can't go wrong, was it your 15? i'm on. been when such an been when tough call. bush feel equal vanishing. but the violence took a new turn. the o. e s stepped up. it's a task to try and sabotage the if ya courts. the goal is government, however,
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would not tolerate the toys violence. and on the 26th of march, 1962 shooting broke out on the streets of algiers. the french army, fired on o. yes, supporters. o 80 o s support has died in these clashes with french police for the colonial settlers in algeria. it was a very deep wound indeed. they finally realize that they no longer belong in the new algeria.
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algerian independence was not simply the end of a political iraq on a human level. the lives of many thousands of people were turned upside down. oh, ah, ah, confronted with some of the worlds was des quality, mongolia government has begun shutting the nation's polluted capital. cities, coal mines, ah. but as the struggle rages to save the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who are living beneath it? ah witness. at the coal face on i'll just say around compelling journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued by the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know
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enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your bro? in deliverance? i made that red al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah wow. hello there, i'm this nancy attend. whoa, whoa! at the top stories here on out as aaron, the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested columbia as president as darrow antonio shoe gun, also known as tanya was captured in a meticulous operation. washington had put up a 5000000 dollar award for help in finding him. dial antonio, issue gar. i'll yes or danielle, this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in
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our country. and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's murder of policeman.


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