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the project is helped by the amsterdam based common land foundation, who call it organic regenerates, have cultivation, and healthy foods is produced by help the landscapes with help be agriculture, and that's healthy food at yet. do you know, help to your people healthy people? the farmers receive no direct subsidies. instead they will rely on future profits from their produce, including tomatoes, almonds, wine, honey, and all of oils working with mother nature seems to be paying off caffeine. stansell al jazeera ah hello, that is his al jazeera and these are the headlines. the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested, can be as presidents as dire antonio of sugar, known as a toni l, was captured in a meticulous operation. the u. s. had put up
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a 5000000 dollar reward to help location. dido antonio or sugar? i'll yes, ordonia. this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country. and this blows only comparable to the fall of pablo escobar in the ninety's murder of policemen soldiers, social leaders, as well as a recruiter of minor. and she's also known for the insanity that led him to abuse. adolescent boys and girls. thousands of migrants have been traveling from southern mexico and the hopes of making it to the us. the group is mainly made up of haitians and central americans use and stranded and top of trula for months. john holeman has more from extra city supper to liz of point at the moment in which met can security security forces have basically been keeping people trapped inside of that like a bubble trying to contain them as a try and get further north. so this situation in which, after months of that,
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people have broken out and then go this far is already that serve them. people have managed to get in quite a while. now what tends to happen when they try and get further north, they still write on that. so the border is that they picked off by the national guard in terms of the rope float states of rest, those migration authorities. so that's what's likely to happen that they're not even going to get out of the south of mexico on the way to the united states. several members of the taliban has been killed in multiple attacks and nangle hall province. this comes as security operations continue against iso hungary as prime minister has used foreign powers of meddling in his countries politics. think to all that was addressing supporters of thousands turned out for rival rallies in the capital. budapest, italy's former interior minister material solve any has gone on trial for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship and 2019. he's accused of kidnapping and the abuse of power.
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well, those are the headlines i'll have more few here after the stream. talk to al jazeera, we are. how would you describe tiny bugs? relationship with the us? we listen coffee, one tedious not hopeful coffee. 19 nesbit, tangible demonstration of the failure of human. so today we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. i'm on al jazeera, i thought i am, i friends have a dean filling in for family. okay. on the stream this week and bringing you this week's bonus edition of the show coming up, i'll take you behind the scenes for extra coverage, a forced evictions happening in india as well as a conversation about the activist economy. but 1st this year we witnessed a significant shift in public opinion across the world really when it comes to palestine fueled in large part by the violence and gaza war this past may. and
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after the show on monday, our conversation continued with rapper, low key and activist. linda sar store. i started out by playing a statement from award winning musician john legend affirming the rights of palestinians to live in dignity to journalist matthew hassan. and then we discussed the role of celebrity and the growing movement. have a listen. when i see what's happening in palestine to the palestinian people where they are clearly not being able to experience the full rights that they deserve. and a extremely unfair and difficult life, they're forced to live up. i had to say something is not fair is not just and given that israel is the recipient of so much america in aid and support and is, is named is one of our strongest allies. we should hold them to a higher standard and what they're doing with the palestinian people is not fair and, and it shouldn't be done in a and in our name and with our resources contributing to it. loki, i mean,
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you know, as someone who, you know, also as an artist, makes music. i mean, you see someone like john legend, you know, say something that i guess it's not that bold and kind of inflammatory. and yet when i watched it live, i was kind of like what's happening is this really okay and you know, cuz it's so rare. and i wonder if you think that if there are more celebrities with their followings that speak kind of as directly as he does saying not only should we hold israel accountable, but to a higher standard. what, what do you make of that comment? but also it's that useful in changing things. yes, it's useful, but it's also a product of what's about pressure. growth always comes from the summer. you have the national union of students in this country that have a b, b, s, pos to be the motion. you have the largest trade union in this country, united parts to be the motion in 2010. yeah,
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the leadership of the union are let yet to implement this by its membership being clear about why it's why once with celebrities, they are also receptive to that kind of push from below. and it's essential that that continues. and as you see more people within society, the more you will also see those within the public high speak out a bit more. israel obviously has 18 understanding of how to kind of this figure, the perception or b s through its proxy, that it has organizations not only in the u. s. this is organization that linda saw so knows all about the anti defamation league in 1969, the f b. i had an internal memo. the question whether the a d. l was in violation of the registration or foreign agents act because of how close it was. susie israeli government. and what you have seen really is it use
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this cover of racial justice to fight against b d. s. to try this figure this them on to a palestinian rights as somehow being rooted in some form of racism. but you also have organizations in this country who closely work according to the trustees report of the board of deputies, right? organization put in its own report. it was closely with the israeli embassy that has strengthened links with the ministry of strategic affairs. and with the idea, this organization is an an and see yes organizations. and clearly, unfortunately within the media, a lot of these organizations are taken at face value, right? instead of that more very sickly and linda, you know, he talked about being rooted in racism. i, you know, just to quote one small part of this article that i referenced in the live tv part of the show roughly on the moon. talked that linda about how jewish attitudes on
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zionism are changing. he said, it's something that really struck me. i don't know, maybe it's just me. zionism is rooted in trauma and fear. it's about survival and love of the jewish people. but like any other ethnic nationalism, zionism establishes a hierarchy. it's about prioritizing our safety and well being, even at the expense of others. it relies on an alternate historical narrative at a time when for 4 years we've struggled with all these alternative narratives and alternative fact center. i just think this is such a salient point because you know, change always comes best from within. so i've always wondered, even as a kid, when i saw this injustice and linda, i wonder your thoughts like is palestine or will there be liberation for palestinian people so long as this aspect of kind of zionism is not addressed. amongst jewish people, i know low keys made the point of distinction between how many people who are
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jewish, who live in israel versus jewish people across the world, like 60000000 versus i think 6000000. how critical is this aspect of the argument to you? it's extremely critical and in order for us to get true liberation and freedom in palestine and historic palestine, we need a jewish people to be on board with that to understand that our liberation, as air of people, as palestinian people, as jewish people is, is intertwined. and that one cannot be free without the other, and you cannot build a nation state that is supposed to promise safety and security for one people at the expense of another people. and when you have these conversations, i've had them with young people in college campuses across america, amongst jewish organizers, and even folks who say that they, they tell me, oh, i love israel, but i don't like what israel's doing. and i have these conversations with them. they to have been fed a long narrative and now they're at a place where they can't deny reality. so one, now you have organizations like bits felon who's calling israel the part i'd state
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right. you're having groups like human rights watch, put out reports of hundreds of pages of why israel is in apartheid state. right. having more members of parliament in the u. k. and other european nations, including here, of course, in congress, calling israel and apartheid state, calling it ethnic cleansing, is really starting to get to a point where a lot of our jewish allies and even those who are not, you know, super right wing zionist book, consider themselves to be what they call progressive zionist to say, wait a minute, i can't really put my name on this, right? yes, this is, this is apartheid. this is not route what we support. and so that's why this, this conversation is important. then the reckoning is happening amongst a lot of these jewish organizations and pro israel organizations and really amongst their young people and in it that's what gives me hope. and when we talk about hope, we ought to wrap up in a couple of seconds here located. but i want to come, you, you know, we've seen receded, please get reelected here in the u. s. we saw on omar get reelected despite all the things she said, mm hm. in support of palestine and critically of israel,
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betty mc column, who introduced the bill to condition military aid. every time you know, someone shows that actually you can do it in your political career, can be and relative to their districts. and you see labor delegates sparking a row in the u. k with the parties leadership by demanding sanctions against israel for it's apartheid policies. i mean, do you think this really is a watershed moment where we're going to see more and more of this, or is it like 2 steps forward one step back? unfortunately, the label caught c has a leadership which describes itself as an unqualified supporter of zionism without qualification you have it's. he's funded by trevor chim, who is an israel lobbyist. you know, in the united states she, out of the democrats, came at $10400000.00 per day. so the way the state, so of course, these are massive, massive limitations that we're talking about. the palestinians will liberate themselves. of course, it would be helpful if the united states and britain consult collaborating in their
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suppression and oppression. and you know, the vital point at the end of the day. ready is for us here in the esper and in the rest of the world is to point seats with trees that we might not say in the shadow . because while they say that resistance is futile, we say no resistance is football. now, sticking with that celebrity activism angle, i want to share a reason behind the scenes conversation between me. ok, and a panel of activists phemie wanted to know if they could pick one celebrity activists to work with. who would it be? not right about this a lot and i think for i would be james bond that you know, i think of her as truly someone who embodied celebrity that activism every time she has left her voice. she's done it with truth and passion. i think about the way that she is rallying climate change now in your promises didn't never buy another piece of clothing and go without them gets arrested and she just continues to use a platform for good. and so jane funding would be my top choice.
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yeah, i was wondering how many pieces the clothing jane already has. i mean, she's probably already be both of us. i think i'd love to partner with to me actually, because i think it would be really amazing to partner with somebody, not so much experience and actual leadership in terms of leading the most important fights that we have today, which i completely agree. are the fights for our right to exist on this planet each and every one of us. so leading an anti racist policy, which is fully based environmentalism, fully based, and democracy, and people actually learning to live together on this planet that we all share. i think he would be a fantastic high profile partner. thank you lisa my, my vote goes to i plus to jane on the just say i would vote for i will come next. and lisa and then in africa i can pick
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a range of people, but angelie could you from a friend, this is a student that is a play mostly educations who religion and most powerfully the playbook for communications and media that he's ever released back begins activism and therefore, i think we have to recognize when we are talking about have to short time span to turn things around that re on. i would say that to be more creative to while we make sure that the celebrities don't go crazy on us. but we find the ways in which we can draw that energy and help them amplify the messages of justice. that because you need to do a large audience, much will then be able to reach at the moment. you would be great if you have a celebrity that came into the room and actually could use their career to actually hold the audience where visionary leaders, who actually, you know, as you talk about you who are involved as accurate as nice as,
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as both of you are then could actually talk about what your own agenda would be for change as opposed to particularly launching certain kinds of products and supporting the agenda which are based to these kind of celebrities use a partnership which is to try to bring certain items onto the customer or because they're more attractive folks who are like a big guy when it comes to that act, the show, right? because one of the things is as activists that constantly fighting against multi $1000000000.00 corporation. and then here you are putting activist again, one another to fight for money. when we know and moving we need to do is show us all the barry and to collaborate. so when it becomes that kind of education that more entertainment, you know, entertainment become dangerous. you know, and i'm glad you show even when to go online because it would really do more harm than good much. and you know, it wasn't that bad product. it's not going to help,
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but it wasn't that competitive element, however, like that. the one true thing about the activists, the fact that today isn't active or organizations have to compete for a little something. yeah, we're in the past are used to be much more regular funding from donors. and now activists have to be able to have extremely photogenic beneficiaries. they have to have, you know, all sorts of reports and strategic outcomes, you know, at the level of a harvard trained economist. and then they also have to have celebrity. so you actually get to media space, it attention. sounds like a terrible world to have to compete in. so guess i also have, well, i have one more ask of you and that is in this equation, not only do we have the important crises that we have to face as a global community. we also have people who want to do good, who want to help, and then not too sure what to do. what should they look out for? what are the warning signs? where should they? where should they volunteer? where should they contribute? what should they do?
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lisa, you have a lot of on says he does right. briefly thought yeah, yeah. if somebody's selling you something, you should be suspicious of that because we don't need more things. and 2nd of all, there are lots of things people can do to be involved. i mean, i would never say there's not such a thing as a need for an activist volved met. you can also celebrate basic things like paying your taxes, voting in politicians that are willing to support pen and you raise decision as a global health care. oh, absolutely. you know, i, i live it is in the social democrats state, but you know, it does work. i can agree making a rehear, katrina generation of change makers that you're not going to buy away into sustainable fashion future. you know, it's about buying less, buying better and really coming into activism. so we're having to retrain young people to call policy makers as we did for this bill to light up their owns. and so there are plenty of ways in our organization really tries to make it inclusive and
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accessible, using your voice. your so much more and then people realize and cool. i just sort of say what i was doing in a work hasn't been inspirational to me. i hope many people listening to this will supported lisa. i endorse what she said. it needs last come in fear. i think that we need to create a context. we're busy enough space for everybody to participate. but we, we participate as equals and each of us might bring different skills to it. i might things, so these are planning some disobedience, southern communication skills and thought somebody else who's connected to the media because a celebrity might be able to open up space. now, yes, maybe the 1st interview, they go into it and on the own. but what stop celebrity from saying to a media outlet? i'm not going to do any interviews with you unless the 2 or 3 key people in this
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movement for this cause i would mean those interviews. so strategies can use it, they can use their voice to lift up the voices that need to be. the truth is we don't need to yet more and more voices of celebrities. but celebrities can you voice to help pick up other people's voices. and of course they going to have to use their own voice as well. i'm not saying they don't, but at the end of the day, i think today i would appeal to celebrities as human beings, but mostly as parents. that to those celebrities who are parents, you need to recognize that your children's lives and your grandchildren slaves as much as a risk, as our children's lives and, and so on, right. and therefore, use your power of public presence in a responsible way, in a humble way, in the strategic way. and don't ever use that power in a way that breeds more consumption, that we don't need,
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or which actually elevates your own status and undermine the status of activists or people makes thousands of people in northeastern india have been evicted in a controversial moved by the government and it led to a conversation that our guests so aren't ready to have and here is what that say after our broadcast. it was a dentist or it will in visit this stuff and they had been doing what they promise . there is no gray area in between the bees. if he has said whatever they have said it's in black and white and they are green. what they have say, and actually visit me is not an if they met what i've done. they, well, what did he is and they, i mean, what are they? what the see i with my blog. it might, it might look broad hasn't become the other end. if you look a, please, please, if he's joy, it looks problematic. let's see why he thinks it looks problematic. a bill collector point was us. yes. you see when the largest number of people are getting
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displeased because of the illusion, it is the government responsibility to have them here. they're not re headed to getting data. they are, you know, taking, taking over bliss lane. we haven't had they done anything bad that they have not re eval david do yeah. evidence yet. it is not. yes. did you see i'm not doing a job. they are not okay. did oh okay. you know that we're gonna, we're gonna, we're getting, we're going to get another perspective, maybe a voice of reason. i mean she's, you know, jury maybe rightfully questioning about the evidence and you know, because i'm says he has the evidence tell stub, what is the motivation in your mind behind these evictions? and what is abdul column right when he says that there is evidence that they have not been properly rehabilitating families that have been made homeless? yeah, i mean, i would say that the eviction has always been politically charged subject and it's
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been in fact, one of the main driver picks up and not only be guarding the muslims, but the tribe is versus one pri bills. you know, the 1st eviction started with the tribals of some from the forest so that it should not, i would not just begin with the present with you, but she does kind of a continuation of a narrative. so that means, i mean, the floor plan will go back again and again to that there is the floor plan policy . we don't have enough record. there's a lot of, you know, complexities involved in that because of which it is a rehabilitation runs into trouble because of the said, i would, you know, i really agree that the, that the government has started on that level will just agree to that that, that this government has a intention, ah, you know, reforming the landlord and they have coming to enforcement admission called less than that. would you be very difficult a
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i miss, i'm why he's on his dog getting the word. well, mostly the addiction has been done in the event during her during who has a one second do. are you? there is jury you asked cow question accounts to please respond to one. so then yeah, the, i do agree that the they don't do it at them at the recall mission you can say or change of land laws. and this is the act and all that. but by convention is that they know it. that is where i should, we should focus again, is that you do. so what we've done nature of political economic to do with the nature of quote unquote development that the state is embarking on. right. and it did not necessarily be something very was it was something very welcoming, but this is the only real estate and the land disposition rate is benny. hi. and
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this is basically all belonging to sit. she didn't drives or she will or otherwise amenities. and this is something that is we are, we're missing all over not you're still india, where this new development is it where, you know, is it a cast up? is it fair to at least accused that b, j. p of focusing or targeting? muslims have been golly, origin or do you disagree that that's not fair. dory. one second, please see, i mean, regarding this particular issue we feed, just reduce it to students are getting up in volume. mostly it will be alongside of your wifi, of course, but i, but of course i agree that it, what happens if you see it all, it can be a part of the larger agenda, right? that said the fund debate, that's a different way and, and obviously that's an amazing for another time. but during, that's what i was referring to about, about the trying to maybe maintain a majority. that is not muslim. ah, you know, in, in, in,
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not only the last election but also the previous elections and future elections. see these if he has not targeted doubles teams. as i have been telling that for the very beginning, it is a busy day who has been actually in favor of the internet in years off on this people. when we call him is in his office. people we have to look at the history of saw was, goes well back from to 1200. do you know, do i and then 6, b, c, because we, we, we, the us, i miss people might have forgotten about ducking vicki. i mean, people who have actually for the battle of killing, i don't know that since that that there has been a lot of immigration. and if you look at the origin of a sub, the most of culture has developed a within a sub without any boundaries. and did it been never like if you got a son is as a psyche we cannot know or differentiate?
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i will. so from the mostly because, i mean yeah, i'm a also and then i get thank you. mm hm. okay. i a yeah, i don't call them you name immigrant bengalis. they have been trying to get a sympathy over the international eddie, not a family called an extra one when like, well what? well, my one, my daughter during during i want to give them a chance to tell us what he thinks so unfortunate. he said, unfortunately, but, you know, for as much as i mean, you know, i would just share on a human level. if i was being made homeless in a pandemic, i don't know that i would have to try very hard to gain sympathy. i think people would empathize with me because it's an unfortunate situation for anyone to find them. so i'm not, i'm not talking about the addiction right now and during defended. ok. ok,
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i'm talking about the with alarm has been talking about these it the been targeting the right, which i actually do agree. okay. so, so she disagrees abil column. i'll give you the last word. what do you, what, what were you saying when you said it's unfortunate? because she would have to disagree and ostend, but unfortunate is debt number one, even in the did particularly or we had asked miss lydia. they pointed that even the muslim of in the zinnias oddison, they are also facing eviction now. but to what was still has mentioned that he, he was actually, he was trying to be very careful of not making controversial comment. that is what i understand. but that what we see on ground is dead. it is sharon. yes, deborah, every chance where lawn muslims are also also a getting evicted. but if you see that be friends, please,
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please allow me to make this point. i didn't of it did. if you see that be friends, that different is dead, it gets of muslims. you find bed this, where each and against muslims you will find it is, is caught mediately, thirst. you will see it be human eyes is ship. that's our show for today. thanks for watching and see you next. ah, ah, i've never seen so much devastation, more experienced how quickly everything can change as the current of ours pandemic searched the events in india became much more than just story. 0, one was affected. we couldn't keep the people we cared about, ally and there were times on air when i had to hold back tears. that every day i was driven to convey the connect of trauma to make sure that despite
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the high numbers, we didn't forget that every single death represented a family's worst moment. and how in the most suffering could have been avoided. i became a journalist to tell the story of what is happening, but also shows the wide context. i'm elizabeth crohn, m multiple people and told ashley including my father that he was going to killer us laws prohibits some people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearm. boat lines investigates the gaps in the system that allow the law to go unenforced. and the deadly consequences that ensued we shouldn't have was in the box that are just for show unwilling question on al jazeera la new is a popular filming location in friends. when it comes to stories about drugs,
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crime and radicalization, tired of negative stereotypes, youth worker, the dna dewey is reclaiming its image by putting its young residence behind the camera. the stories be don't often hear told by the people who lived them. then moody would. this is europe. on al jazeera. ah, the leader of can't be as big as drug cartel dire. oh, antonio was sugar, has been arrested in a military operation. ah, hello there, i'm miss dorothy attain. this is al jazeera life from durham, also coming up. ah, a new migrant caravan pushes past security forces in mexico and an attempt to reach
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the us afghanistan, security challenge taliban fighters are again targeted the.


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