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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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of godaddy is sadie, like that feasible option right now under pressure to resolve the crisis at gruder, the government faces a difficult choice, either try and save the failing airline or let it collapse. jessica washington, out as you jakarta, spain's prime minister has promised to speed up aid to people whose homes have been destroyed by lava in the canaries. amiss is what is caused all of that damage. this are these live pictures of the camera via volcano and la palmer island. it's been interrupting for nearly 5 weeks now. more than 7000 people have had to flee their homes. rivers of lava continued to destroy land and buildings. ah. this out there, and these are the top stories. the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested. columbia's president says daria antonio sugar known as alton yell
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was captured in a meticulous operation. the u. s. had put up a 5000000 dollar war to help locate him. died went on your issue that i'll yes or danielle. this is the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking in this century in our country. and this blows only comparable to the follow pablo escobar in the ninety's murder of policeman soldiers, social leaders, as well as a recruiter of minor issues. he is also known for the insanity that led him to abuse, adolescent boys and girls. sick, one, thousands of migrants been traveling from southern mexico in the hopes of making it to the u. s. the groups mainly made up of haitians and central americans who had been stranded into patricia for months. there were minor scuffles as they pushed past state police who were trying to stop him. taliban forces been killed in a day of multiple attacks, enough on a sons' east among our province. this comes the security operations continue
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against iso. no group has claimed responsibility. italy's form interior minister material vinny has gone on trial for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019 is accused of kidnapping and abuse of power. the faro politician prevented to rescue vessels from docking for days turkey's presenters demanded 10 western ambassadors be expelled for calling for the release of a jail philanthropist. osman kabbalah has been in prison since 2017. without being convicted. russia has recorded a nurse reported, sar. russia has recorded a number of deaths on the corona virus, a record number for the 5th day in a row president vladimir putin approved a weeklong nationwide workplace shut down. only about a 3rd of the population is vaccinated. spain's prime minister's promise to speed up aid to the people whose homes have been destroyed by lava and canaries. the comer of yale, a volcano on la palm island, has been erupting for nearly 5 weeks. as the headlines news continues head on out 0
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. on counting the cost, the g $20.00 death release deal, which was supposed to help poor countries, but ended up lining the pockets of private investors. also how to mom for goods is leading to arrive in force and child labor and from exporting coating cannabis columbia's ambitious to self medical marijuana. counting the cost on al jazeera english round of gunfire run out to the streets of the account with no glass. they went to see the judge, judge terry fritz, although not the duma, we investigated judgment. the statement litigation about the vision. it's a last to loss pollution. our legal court haven't gone away. hello, i'm richard. kiss burton. you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported. here are the media stories we're examining this week. accountability proves elusive in lebanon, and many of the journalists covering the country are not healthy. if you're the
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russian government and you're tired of complaining about news coverage, you don't like. there are plenty of ordinary citizens who can do that for you. the death of former u. s. secretary of state colin powell, the coverage, the obituaries have been to kind and another country gets another news channel. when i see you talking about a quick glimpse of why british viewers are tuning out rather than tuning into g b news. 14 months after large parts of beirut were leveled in a cataclysmic double explosion that went off in the cities, port the investigation into what happened that day. and why has turned ugly the judge in charge of that investigation? target the tar has made some enemies powerful ones in the political establishment. but taras, pursuit of justice and accountability, his interrogations of top government and security officials, have turned him into the target of
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a smear campaign in the media and online. on our over 14th tensions over baton investigation spilled into the streets. what started as a demonstration, calling for the judge's removal ended in a shoot out scenes, reminiscent of lebanon civil war. the narratives on what happened at that demonstration are conflicting and have only added to a polarized and often toxic media debate in lebanon at a time when its people are suffering. and the state is often unable to meet their most basic needs. our starting point this week is favorite ah, oh my it's been just over a year since parts of downtown fe roof were obliterated. close to 3000 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in the cities port and left there for years. a ticking of time bow that despite all the warnings eventually went on hundreds of
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de rudy's paid with their lives thousands more with their horns and the injuries they suffered. it was one of the biggest non nuclear explosions in history and the reverberations including some of the media coverage of the investigation and the man leading it have been reviewed. but there are clear signs that some powerful people don't like judge tarik, but tar and his idea of justice. this is both again, that when you look for example ebony state that a lot. but it didn't a front page headline saying, fear god, be thought and believe, what is that if it's not the best product, what is it? this is not janet, isn't this, isn't you levin even for lebanon? and it should not be okay. and as best as i am to the principal of freedom of speech, that i limits starting with the principle of do no harm. and this is simply hate speech. tara method is a judicial investigator who promised to reveal the truth,
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but the political class in general and hezbollah in particular, are trying to silence this investigation using a variety of tools, including media at the thief on half the what the have you done? that? i look the had the attacker cost would be the same as what i thought with it could be a bad may when i'm i started has, will not employs june the las activists and social media who answers to right against judge b. tar. and accused him of being politicized, saying he will reveal fake information and not provide a true and objective report. so as a consequence, the investigation has now become a polarizing issue. and the where one stands is really dependent on their political affiliation. and then the absence of concrete evidence of what happened on august 4 . conspiracy theories now reigned supreme. the ever since 15 years of civil
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war ended in 1990 and the rival malicious transformed into political parties. lebanon's power structure has been carved up amongst them. the president is always a christian, the prime minister, a sunni muslim, the speaker of parliament, a. she's the highest offices of institutions like the central bank and the courts are apportioned along the same lines. judge baton has interrogated or issued arrest warners against officials from across the political spectrum and has been getting blow back from all corners. the most aggressive and impactful counter messaging that's come from has both the iranian back that she a party has the tools, digital know how and social media following to make the judges life different. so how does this happen? it's easy. they get paid the way with
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a public speech to help people think someone should be eliminated. because they pose a threat because they are a traitor. behind all the holly had my list in sabby y m f c s c c a stand. that's the se, lab abeline daily. then that repeated my influences on social media using hashtags like baton, is playing with fire. baton is a pull. it decides judge in order to destroy his image in the way it's characteristics nation. we see this play out on a 3 different levels. it could be just an activist who supports political party in journalist with a column at main street media outlets. and then there is more serious and dangerous tools used by various political parties nowadays, which is the digital army. we've seen hashtags against judge baton funding very
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quickly on twitter and what looks like a coordinated campaign by electronic our needs. for the most part, these hashtags are used by accounts with either very small followings or exceeding the large followings anonymous accounts that appears sudden need to engage in these campaign. and this is an indication that there is an intention and coordination support and enter the investigation and all those who would like to see it come to fruition. they can definitely continue and definitely not the work of amateurs. this is the judge who is trying to do his job. he is supposed to be completely independent and no one has that to question what she is doing. and he absolutely should not become either the sweetheart or the enemy of didn't it only add to his vulnerability because in a country as divisive as lebanon, someone who is the fact or someone else's. and in that campaign culminated a week and a half ago on october 14th with
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a protest that turned deadly supporters of hezbollah and the amal movement, demanding the removal of judge baton headed for bay roots talis of justice when they were allegedly targeted by snipers from the saudi backed christian party, the lebanese forces not to be confused with the lebanese armed forces, who were also on the seat. what happened next is as clear as mud and was made muddier by the various accounts available on law. there are 3 theories, are conspiracies on what happened at that day in the unit. the 1st one is that the lebanese forces had snipers positions on residential buildings and were taking aim on has balance and will supporters as they were marching for the palace of justice . the 2nd one is that the lebanese armed forces fired 1st at these marchers or protesters and then they returned fire. and the last one is that the has bella and
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i'm a supporters were the ones who at that 1st entering sensitive neighborhood and that a residence defendant themselves all 3 versions of the story. then some elements of the truth. but the full story remains incomplete. getting some of the players to defend their journalism on this story is a challenge. we tried the newspaper, alex par through its editor in chief ibrahim, alameda. we contacted alman our television as well as correspondent alley, more tata, of our nadine and former m. p. and newspaper editor nasser candy, all either declined to be interviewed or failed to respond. the harassment and intimidation aimed at judge guitar is also being directed at outspoken lebanese journalists. and there is some history to consider to be wary of. look, man, sleep was a journalist and filmmaker, a prominent critic of his baba,
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who said he was getting death threats over his work. hurley or this year when sleep was found dead after taking 4 bullets to the head. there has been our leaders, son, joe, wildness that i like. tweeted the loss of some people is in fact an unexpected game hash tag. no regrets has bala has since denied it. had anything to do with celine's murder, a case that liked the giant explosions that left much of a root looking like a war zone remains unsolved. before the assassination of man asleep has been lost. supporters, who's to intimidate him? a lot of social media. he have posters, blasters on his door, telling him to stop by taking his will law. he speech is used to will the public opinion that just device destination because they make people think this person is worthless, violence the moral and should be executed. actually that house has belie works and
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it's been the g c, the most beach engendered in the country. even the most good agent amongst you, and that is at night they go to their houses and they have to face the video that they are being threatened by an establishment by a group that has a long history of that fascination. this is really very serious and it has the whole conversation in lebanon when it's ready to present of how the whole country is taken. hostage, everyone is picking up colon power, who rows through the ranks of the american military. right to the very top before being appointed us secretary of state died earlier this week. he was 84 years old, joanna, who has been going through the coverage of his passing his career. the obituaries jo powers was always going to be a complicated story to tell. it wasn't absolutely and much of the coverage focused on paul as a trailblazer. the 1st black american to be named and the chairman of the joint
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chiefs of staff, the 1st black men to be secretary of state in the nation, paying its respects to colin powell, who spent a lifetime breaking barriers, somebody who would broke racial glass ceilings and who was a towering figure. however, powell is and should be remembered for what he said at the un security council in early 2003, when he parroted some of the bush administration's motion a tore his life. the justifications for the war in iraq that were the alleged weapons of mass destruction. saddam who signed fictional links to al qaeda and pole even brought a vial to the security council, which contained what he said was an iraq. he made and tracks which is a biological weapon. now the bush administration was always going to invade iraq, whether without policy help. but what he did was he took those lies and presented them to the world through the un, no power later. describe that speech as a blot on his record and not some block. but if you dig into that record,
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it's not the only one. no, there is, for example, vietnam the me like massacre in which american soldiers killed hundreds of young to me, civilians including children. paul himself was present at that event that he was involved in the subsequent investigation and the cover up in the end, it took american journalists to expose what really happened. they're not colin powell. so that's what he really should be remembered for me like iraq, but many news organizations, not just in america, are glorifying his memory stead. it's important to note though that those obits, most of them, they mention iraq, but the shortcomings with those all bits with the journalism, as it so often is, is in the emphasis was that the emphasis but also tone. and there were a lot of critics on line who pointed that out. for example, a professor at the university of london la la holly, who tweeted, colon powers justification of the iraq war in 2000. and 3 was only one of the more
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recent times he lubricated the machinery of imperial warfare. and someone else on twitter said that people were out here wishing a man to rest in peace. he deprived thousands of other people from is just unfathomable. and the american left leaning magazine jacobin titled his a bit to read this way, colon power, politely anguished, war criminal, dead at 84. ok extra. as we reported last week, the awarding of a 2021 nobel peace prize to moscow based journalist. dimitri more art off was a clarion call on the challenges the 4th estate faces in russia. the authorities there have been gradually, systematically clamping down on journalism targeting outlets critical of the kremlin or that have revealed graft and wrong doing on the part of the rational eat . the very same day as the nobel announcement was made. another 13 journalist and media outlets were classified by the russian government as foreign agents. that's a classification that makes practicing journalism. they are difficult if not
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impossible, and it's far easier for the authorities to justify that kind of crack down when they can argue that the initiative didn't come from them. that it came from a citizen, for instance. that's where so called patriotic activists come in. ordinary russians working for kremlin friendly organizations who make official complaint about journalists that start legal proceedings that government is happy to pursue and enforce the listening post topic. now for now, on efforts to criminalize critical news outlets in russia and the patriotic activists who are doing their part, 0 one lane design desirable. it literally means land and then in your family can and from brian,
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does that mean or media completely split into 21 green carries it's workout, honestly and in good faith. i mean, i've run out for the others and try to to initial country for a client. the client is well known, the usa department in the ca, lucy was coming hanging in with the speed with which is unfolding. it was like someone, high up simply said enough, someone who was done with independent journalists in russia. he just woke up one spring morning in 2021 and decided let's just put an end to this. this will show up in chef blue. since then, it's been open season on january, dozens of news organizations and reporters have been blacklisted. classified as
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foreign agents, undesirable or both. nobody nice for 1000. what spurred you authorities to act? it could have been the botched poisoning, but laughing abounding now imprisoned. his opposition movement outlawed, for which the kremlin faced few consequence. perhaps the authorities were triggered by what the full in neighbouring bellow roof, where the government was hunting, john las down. or was it the larger context? the theory, the investigative bombshells that have exposed russian officials revealing rampant corruption of vladimir putin in a circle and beyond. we tried to touch the most doubled the most. under reported topics. we did a series of articles on the secret families of russian top rank officials
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thought was mister putin, there was a story on his secret wife and his previously unknown daughter. we established that they had really enormous wealth. the story, it was like a big bump in russia, so we don't know for sure what was the immediate story, which made them angry, but i guess all of them in july project and non profit registered in the u. f was labeled an undesirable organization. rahman badani who was also labeled a foreign agent, learnt with new status on holiday with his family and made a decision not to return to russia. one of the more curious aspects of the case brought against product and other media organizations. if the role played by pro kremlin activists like vitale but i didn't bother the new, the former employee of rushes, interior ministry, who once could vladimir putin,
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his political idol, he's active on instagram way, shows photos of himself rubbing shoulders with rushes. elite breton made the complaint, the kick started proceedings against private in it. he cited verbatim an article from statement broadcaster r t, which alleged project had received foreign funding a little. we saw the investigation on our tea. we saw that roman banyan does not hide his links with a u. s. and decided to consult the prosecutor's office to check project funding and list these journalists as foreign agents. these people who are trying to create the so called revolution in this country are completing an order from the american intel services. and they aren't hiding the fact. they say what they're doing. the mafia examined the close relationship between the director, rush and foreign intelligence service. again and, and building their property,
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developer, god, nathan, much of the fine monster seemed bumping. the business man taking a swim in his personal pull. but i didn't says doctor investigation cross the line from where it's going to story about the head before an intelligence are almost the same as terrorists. show me one country where people are deliberately running around filming heads of state filling the intelligence chief. but then it is lucky that our authorities for special services let him and journalists like him leaving the russian authorities. they need to have a full who make the complaint that we are breaking the law. these guy was mr. but i mean, in our case, he does something for the russian authorities. and he received some benefits from that. some money with angela and
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i run into a nation which represents the interest of the community of citizens. what does it mean that for some kinds of snitches for the kremlin who calls me that position? media, why doesn't army give me that the trunk men, they are just frontman, put forward to create the illusion that there is a big group of actively fighting for freedom of information and information sovereignty only. great, i'm not sure the scheme has worked. and if you meet them, you realize that these people want one thing power. and they use these strange methods of complaining about independent media to get power for them. so that was me. lydia, you're part of the mosque base correspondence for medusa, whose headquarters are in latvia, and the consequences of being a foreign agent thing designed to slowly kill off the business model that allowed medusa to become russia most popular independent media outlets. medusa sold
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advertising to funded journalism, including to stay turned company through bolted after it was lifted as a foreign agent. the outlet last more than 95 percent of of advertisers in a week. foreign agents are required to post this warning along fight whatever they publish. this also needs to be included on personal post on social media. the label foreign agent, not only to turn advertisements, but also exhaustive and contributing. however, it doesn't appear to have put off medusa. as audience. donations from a 100000 readers have kept the outlet afloat for now. this is english lesson did the, i'd say our audience even got slightly bigger because everyone was suddenly interested in who this russian fought an agent twice. this repression made people have
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compassion for us. and we had a successful crowd funding campaign. if this whole story of enemies of the people, foreign agents, and undesirable organizations had been put in motion 5 years ago. when people still trusted the government, it would have had an effect. but now i think it's very limited. unfortunately, shalise leads russian youth consumers with the choice journalism produced by what the kremlin fees as loyal patriot or that produced by trade. the foreign agent law 1st adopted in 2012, an expanded federal type thing is being used against almost anyone to receive money from abroad and both a political opinion ah, but many of the critically minded newfound now emerged off the previous government to control tv. the press, they know how to adopt to survive based on my experience based on soviet
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experience, i believe that russian journalism can survive the future and survival of rational, independent investigative journalism is in potential collaboration. we're all on the attack, and the only way to survive this attack is to be altogether new. there is a lot of media outlets or surviving on the subscription model. and as far as i can tell, medusa isn't about to close. despite the regression risk enough subscribers, so i can only conclude that russians are prepared to pay for the news to keep informed, to get insight into what was looks like. as long as they have this wish, i think we will definitely survive. and finally, there's a relatively new player on the british broadcasting landscape g b news. just with the u. k. needs in
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a country where most of the newspaper sold already lean to the political right. helping sell politicians like boris johnson and policies like breakfast to voters. now there's a 24 hour news channel that does the same. it's mission was described as being a counter voice to the walk warriors and the establishment media in britain. g b is launched in june, kind of, it was more like a blue up on the launch pad. it's early broadcasts were a technical disaster. advertisers fled the channel as did the journalist. it was building its brand around ex bbc hand. andrew neil: now that has up and running, giving british viewers a taste of the fox news formula. we've put together a few clips of what g b news looks like. so you have to, what's the next time here? the listening post showing me now is s a s b squadron veteran rusty firm, and welcome roughly to talking pines. ah, has not years very good to have you here. i've learned
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a very important lesson in the last few minutes, which is when you're doing research live during a program, just don't just type pro hobbit, just if you're freedom means i might catch covert from you, then. so be it. if my freedom means you might catch covert from me, then so be it. for the sake of freedom, yours and mine together, i will cheerfully risk catching coolard bars. johnson's not a bad role model, actually because we know that he's a bomb viva. he likes to drink, he likes a bite to eat these highly libidinous amount of appetites, basically avenue, getting concerned about islam and many of the cultural practices in communities tonight or media watch special. we ask companies boycotting g v, news for peddling hate? are you talking about is shook a growing region. a 3rd of female workers have had the winds with one or one east
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investigates. why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera ah angry algebra with the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel. diary antonio sugar has been arrested in a military operation. ah . hello there i'm is chelsea attain this is al jazeera live from durham also coming . ah, and you, my grand caravan.


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