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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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ah, but as the struggle rages to save the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the menu and they're living with whitney. at the coal face analogy, same ah, i'm on con, into all the top stories on al jazeera, the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested columbia as presidents, as daria antonio, sugar known as alton yell was captured in a meticulous operation. the u. s. had put up a $5000000.00 reward to help locate him. alexander up yet he has more from book it was the biggest drug trafficker in columbia. he has been. and so for the last 2 decades, really as you, as the leading major trafficking group are known. busy as the golf
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cartel that operates in the north of the country, mostly close to the border with panama, that's the base of this organization that has, according to colombia, an intelligent some 1200 armed men. thousands of migrants have been traveling from some mexico in the hope of making it to the u. s. the groups mainly made up of haitians and central americans who have been stranded in touch for the for months. several balaban members have been killed in multiple tax and anger. ha, province. this comes with security operations. continue against iso. no group has claimed responsibility. italy's former interior minister, mature solvina, has gone on trial for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019 is charged with kidnapping and abuse of power. the foreign politician is accused of preventing 2 rescue vessels from docking for days hungry. his prime minister has accused foreign powers of meddling in his countries
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politics. victor alba was addressing supporters as thousands turned out for rival rallies in the capital, budapest, the demonstrations were in support of opposing candidates and next year's parliamentary elections. and turkey's president is demanded 10 western ambassadors be expelled according to the release of a jail philanthropist. osmond kabbalah has been imprisoned since 2017 without being convicted. he was accused of financing the 2013 guest of protests and participating in a fell coup which he denies. tens of thousands of people for minority fights have been rolling in cities across bangladesh. they are protesting against recent attacks on hindu temples and holmes. it follows allegations that the muslim holy group, the koran was dis, a respected in a temple those the headlines news continues, hey, on out 0 after this is europe. ah
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a mother. yeah. get home on that. is you still with office? sure you got it, and you do. well, if i know is it pushed, if i go on the shell with ah,
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my bill is young. with necessarily just you know, is david just got his clinic pacino's castillo chevy, sort of initials and he gets you a collision of industry since you 1st of all said we'll need settle, mutual. sit with you about your move on to the table. so please call me if you would, could you a shout on my cell, demi old, we have a cost, i think you've got more a problem to jelic was cuz willis, city level collision piece, expedia, i believe you do. the also conductor. the phonics question we're approved, but you're able to resolve all possible catchy too, but wanted to call to 6 pm to joke us on the what you all boy, all the cable shortly. really talk about if you do all this is to me to do the de fossil but 15 i'm talking about places to live all way of elk, when the clusters for the decline, you have a good catch you live,
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you deal was usually people both at the leading josephine c. envoy on to ski, spot 2 or more of a glare. love for the macola feel, feel ah
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with all my office is ready. i am a shall come saba, religion from kosovo. from phillip with a c. r before lynette misty. bought a mirror to support your solution for full dialog. me see julian just due to having the pony. she rational, but i think what it says t mobile operators. lensky. sure. of on clue. the journal up was yes. so she can she do it for you? but it should go in with
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a few more, you click on the quote. all so, so 2012, so animal planet, when you get a new plan opportunity to excuse your cheap the feeling is good. anyway, for the positive, because you know, we're the one positive month or less on jack on this also can join us in a beetle is i don't suppose you also gonna blow it all more. do him some good dancing. don't want to proceed about going to or you know, a budget. if you fail will know so new come, fail, contin all subsidies, these, all the prestige. they used to see molecular eel sheet all the time in the did that
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a, with a, with my mostly much the problem. did you want like those we up some of us to measure i was not just you fail. oh, you don't to, i mean mass bar cookie. ok, what did you made off? i don't really know that you could is up on those on. i've only had $0.20. what was here with it go, cassandra doesn't matter. just get your icon at the level you yeoman dot com
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to the best, but young suspect could young it over to bush couldn't middle until you chose to pass. remodel. yeah. here in there. i don't what i did on the name or you feel i strong. next close, you know, a would interested on that corner. so don't tell me. i don't see you might see that's right. i thought it, i felt like our anita yo, yo, yo market sort of will you show near this new marsh it's i played a new already id. is there just a mom? this is just a my son him up, but claire, key to fed, still do it on the get, you know, a 1000000 impact to measure a see. but it says, welcome to fairport,
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i guess you knew he didn't even when you put a g o in this when you're sourcing that, diana camilla is camilla. if you do want to talk with me, that is on top of that. if you wanna view more sure. you get the choice app here. thank you much. you, you're not that bad or moment. don't let a jan, this voice over by the dog is on the thought. divide that by gosh, it's a d r. it's local can fit. it wasn't sure what the most of it is that be done with people that don't got the feeling a lot of the future, the voice, if you are not to go and develop a 16, it means that there is a. ready special collab excision, nobody could you do you see now you see what here. i feel like a moment if you could do it, what do you mean?
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most people want to miss out globally because while he's and he's not, i was marconi la new york to i want you to catch ye auto used to more to war above . i'm a dish. why? the cube? sally said, because you want but don't belong to schools in since initial school chrissy will come up with comp when your power emergency with the city because i like um so i mean no one who does have cruise control is all prefer on which was the full 2 locker id, so for me to new, could the building cartoon cool to move? it could be been local, even more. recruiting leisure
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. went down on the you will you spell a normal dual? are millbrook so when buckler call, you feel go sure. we can corner the low due to you form to or b a l g process with you to please a
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to close to mr. debbie jealously. she on one poor. thank you, julie. julie know when i come up on the phone with you going to try to do the gym to think of to 2 other one is the one that was picking up from him from illegal and it will be til tomorrow, before the only system issues confronting you, know if you don't sample contain he don't agree with the pleasure of speaking with a deal. you sound fair, which is fair use to enough. you
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know, so that's all about this picture of also watson. and now if you need me to pull up my bike, i got to post. i can come in, you know what? you care for of old vic lu boynton. she woke, will you do a prayer, hip such ish, buske, her song, pos, are still my pajama come. i'm marcy to super. so you possible last usual lafelle i begin motion in a blue or purple napkin m c. so basically with these food, easy to, well,
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julia, louisiana, or featured l. the l ms. yetter tank on yamaha. you see that the junction protocol or gap, legacy charlan you ma'am we surely still, she never is boscus. he be a key piece or was it the short muscularity level collision pieces? premier video since she's showing schwane swan, she's me. omen talkie gymatorium. yeah. only she'll shortly can shop at that car. i make sure we don't do the couldn't all said to what she did, she did you let your what is here to hold for me to go look at the potential for them. loss even wanna ah
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if you need you can tell them just you simple. think could you get rid of people who am the lawyer as if he hadn't remember? so let me. ah. the white folks talked your comments about it before i spoke up at just up direct your come on home, probably a latino. she said if she mr. dar medical for da da da center stuck on ok. but that's with what was the well the i was vice on. what really, my son, what for the others are you look over the don't look which was you don't like you
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know, to, you know, to what that will be to prove all newcomers up and obviously people uh, what are you seems to think with, well, you can read in what you, vic, michael, it walk. jaw discrete over what this one retreat to are in what you put his dia, equal level 2 been l. millersville. homer doesn't did it. oh oh oh oh, super storm. hello. this is felicia goosgo, new jersey. as you say, good job. i see the good news, leslie? oh god off a zillow, went on and off. what is the, what is the company to keep looks like if you look. but if the day off my cock with most and talk with the person who issue the issue,
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that was easy. because lucas typically that's all valuable to all. get moses did went to the lodge up in a common movies. i probably did industry. so macaroni should have spoken should be 49, a mall has to pick up a, you know, well no, he didn't know helping to come in and speak to continue to central. no, he's so far more of a credit with over some percent of those work for us even. you know, so sometimes when you look at the motel as soon as if it doesn't connect, you yeah. just to let you all know what kind of new immunization i believe could be an issue for, you know, a football budget that i can do or well bunch me a good for the appointment
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was only short of all this year. so please contact me back if you could dumb it. country as you all take up to the is lucy, both go to missouri for children so much on the mean. lovely dealership spoke to mcgee. i submitted a almost comfortable something of interest. you've left with a couple it was having a couple, a couple of weeks. this was possibly our wasn't is you know, wanting to put us up with that. you know, a lot of pos might meet them a whole . yeah. but i thought it was really bush. i just thought it was,
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we'll take that kind of camera. got them with her. she got a bomb, apparently off off a little of all good with money till i knew i talked about was a discount to come, monsieur copy, so copy some of them, but i thought member commercials or was it was a new copy for to continue to do it will go to greg. i'm is i'm you log off in auto's missy pavilion. joe could have done a
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party. who's your partner in bullshit? oh, all your body tomorrow. little legs. with what i did rather than up to the government. at the moment that was a lot with norma. go like with what when you get with them
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and that is all gree e g was you lose you gum t my petition scenario too. so just goes on. foresee read you are susan. and 1st, when would you turn lou? ah, was him beyond me while our to were to was good. javan cooper. now, i to mary franklin, our lawyer in saint lou scenario play. oh, i saw a spot as well as from some me who barclay of a while. sure and proper the even fellows are fussing. mazano ali planet crystal ali burns ali decides b g. this one is to look up quite quite. i'm going to be my disciples of
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i seen those gallo here in the fall there. i suspect sir william published laza loves how about someone from 12 to one i me and when my lease the william just this asi to willow food for those who my blue moon worked with lizzie. the also teeth, if you me for a do it when they put on a loop loop in keep us in when chelsea can kill if it wasn't. oh yes. another another but sin buncombe in malicious. no. see move as well. we know it's a cliff is in mrs. what some of us were talking to earlier battle ah
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with well and are certainly who got up with exhausted from on the laptop or a phone call to view it. young blood dusty now uses our comes every class in our your it will when she 0 point to really put up with a favor for you all at home. school
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can say bus wow. is unable to learn more sexy, some shotwell county, we don't pre me from what is cocoa say you see sick on the on when you what ho scenario and what i go shop. cbm. i did an inner new always to him on the pony mill . don't come south, he says pullman new or seizure, me so i can manage to put his aldo to secure while he do the pano of close in iraq, one ga, ga, to was ag department, no order of moving project 15 q of young minor fisher. so this is how can it caught you verbally? i get you verbally by get, take up. we don't. yes, you trip ali modell your body motel. i began again. i just didn't make any. shall i fool lation you at balise hyundai? might i what you bought? a diploma. what is focus valuable? july the meeting me to make and $3000.00 or so cla, useful to show up yama,
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or the po mosley pummel domain to the to bus to one which if it's good, you don't these you school just kilometers. look it up, kathy, do, missouri bush, but no one at you wanna leave foremost who buddhism with or john on i was move where, blah, blah, this is carla st. all. boyer denied was. was off, it was up north responding to georgia policy. chew you said good cause reports, i can chose a school. i oldest. undertakers working here is 67 days a week job that's grown with
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a community. my father purchased a black ambulance fan and started to do the funerals in london and the family. we saw a stopping boggling. gotcha. and began isn't partners this stories we don't often hear told by the people who did them. jeff is such a level of nice. east and undertakers. this is europe anal to sierra. ah, well that's extraordinary. wants withdrawl from the east coast. now the winds turned round. for his encounter nissan. you asked him to drop by 10 degrees. and
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that drop in temperature means is a meeting of minds here and the potential for big storms and parsley midwest in the central plains. but the big storage limits like to be this thickness, october storm on the pacific seaboard could greedy be a record breaker? the wind strength is touching hurricane. the rain persistent could easily get flash flooding. there are of course, fire scars. he has the range easily, flat down the mountains in central valley can be wet anyway. gus of 120 confirm. that's hurricane force and so up to meet a wet snow and the whole lot expands the winds, not quite as strong on monday, the rain going south towards ally, maybe in san diego, and the snow following it is gonna cause some significant problems. but to some degree is welcome is increasing the snowpack fairly early. second hurricane neuro maybe rick is strengthening that will make landfill sometime on sunday or early monday at on this coast of mexico. that's where most of the energy is going to be
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in central america. that's one way to watch, but to the east of that, it's just more big thunderstorms focusing probably on cuba and the northern yucatan peninsula. ah, ah. the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel daria antonia sugar, has been arrested in a military operation. ah mon calling this old zera live from death also coming up. ah. and you migrants caravan pushes. paul security forces in mexico in attempt to reach the u. s. i've got his own security challenge. taliban fighters are.


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