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please the needs and current to fast cut matisse counties. aaron ah ah, and you migrant caravan puts his paws security forces in mexico an attempt to reach the u. s. ah. other mon calling the saw desert lie from doug, also coming up a bonus on security challenge. taliban fighters are again targeted in the eastern province of dunbar. as the security operation continues against deisel and defending his decision to stop a rescue ship from docking, the former italian terrier minister goes on trial in sicily and rallies in
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bangladesh. his anger grows over recent tags, taunting hindu temples, annoyed. ah, we begin in mexico where thousands of migrants and refugees have set off on foot and the hopes of making it to the us. the groups made up all mainly made up sorry of haitians and central americans who had been stranded in southern mexico for months. there were minor scuffles as they pushed ball state police were trying to stop him. the huge crowds set off from top, a tulip, which is near the guatemalan border. a moment, 2400 club to south of the u. s. the group is attempting the treacherous journey across mexican foot, but it's not without huge risk. mexican security agents have arrested more than 200000 in recent months. and many others were robbed, old,
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murdered by criminal gangs. the u. s. department of homeland security is deployed. 1000 state troopers and texas rangers joan the holeman, joins us live from mexico city. john, what's going on now with this caravan were just spoken to collaborate to their on the board of mighty peters, and who's watching over the caravan for us. and people are now going to sleep in a school in a small community called out road pretty gone. now that's really close to where they set off from peculiar, it's only about 14 kilometers away from that. but what we're being told is that this curve and that started with maybe a $1000.00. so people in it has only been increasing in size as they've gone on. and that wouldn't have been a tool by what you just talked about. the fact that they had a confrontation with the national guard who put the shields across the road, going out of top of schuler, this city, that's almost on the border between mexico and guatemala. usually at that moment,
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over the past 2 years, that's when caravans have basically been stopped, people have been detained, people have been deported, and that's been the end of that. but in this case, the people pushed they got through and now they're at this community there, at least on the 1st step of this journey they're trying to get to mexico city. and then eventually a lot of them will be trying as well to get to the us border. they still got about 2000 kilometers to go. but this will be, it does succeed, which is highly unlikely. one of the 1st caravans in 2 years to do so. this is one of the things that failed repeatedly when people have tried it since the early ones . now, her department of homeland security evolved on the american side of the board as all the texas state ranges, the house is going to work out for people in the care of and what's the post exam you can talk about yeah,
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i mean the past examples over these 2 years since the 1st huge ones that the world, so when this phenomenon of the caravans begun, has been pretty much of a mitigated failure. and it hasn't been usually on the us food. it's been long, long before the top of 2 layers of point at the moment in which mexican security security forces have basically been keeping people trapped inside. is that like a bubble trying to contain them as a try and get a new. so this situation in which after months about people are broken out and then go this far, is already that serve them. people have managed to get in quite a while. now what tends to happen when they try to get a new place to write on that? so the border is picked up by the national guard in terms of those ro float sets of rest those migration authorities. because that's likely to happen, that they're not even going to get out of the south to mexico on the way to the united states. now you mentioned, if they do get to the us border,
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they're going to get serve resistance from us forces. but the us is strategy not just in the last 2 years, but under president trump before him on the president, obama has been to use the mexican security forces to stop people before they even get to the us border and to contain migration in that way. so president biden's administration were presumably hoping that this is what happens. again, remember the met close relationship with the united states. it really depends on it's no of a neighbor about 80 percent of export go from it. go to the united states. so that dependence can translate into mexico, making migration efforts. radio on behalf of the united states or mexico would argue that it's on behalf of its own sovereignty. gentlemen, that live in mexico city. now the leader of the, of columbia's biggest drug cartel has been arrested darya, antonia, as you got known as often yell was highly sought after by columbia and the u. s. he
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was arrested on saturday in a military operation. washington describes him as the leader of an armed and violent drug cartel. it had put up a 5000000 dollar reward to help located in a thought, i saw that several tele by members been killed in multiple attacks in nangle province. in separate incidents, to roadside bombs were killed. 2 roads bombs killed at least 3 people, including a child official say the bombs were targeting a tell him on vehicle. no group has we're claimed responsibility. but there has been a spate of it or the tax by an ice will affiliate since the taliban took power in august. stephanie deca has more from cobbler multiple security incidents on saturday and jalal about that is the capital of nangle province in the east of the country. it is believed to be the area iceland. afghanistan has their main presence . the taliban has been carrying out operations against the group in that area. what we saw on saturday, one of the attacks against taliban had been in geo that killed 2 of his bodyguards
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. also under signing. there was an isolated on a taliban police station and we understand there were casualties on both sides according to our sources. so this is part of a wider picture really of iceland afghanis on stepping up its attacks on minorities . we've seen 2 she a mosques attacked over the last couple of weeks one and conducing the north one in the heartland of taliban power. in kandahar we've also had a tax here in cobble with the taliban is dealing with now even though they keep down playing it, saying that it's a minor threat. they're dealing with it. it's not a huge concern. an eyesore does not have geography. geographic drought, geographical hold really here in afghanistan, but they do have sleeper cells that they're carrying out at the moment. a real sort of message to the taliban that you know the message the tell about initially had that it was the only group to be able to maintain security in afghanistan. it has done that to some extent, in the sense that crime is down kidnappings or down a but these kinds of attacks are a message to the taliban by i so that it cannot keep the country safe as it's
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trying to manage it. now as a governing body of a state that rather than an insurgency. so certainly moving forward, we are seeing more and more of these incidents happening. and, and the taliban having to rely on intelligence ready on trying to deal with the threat that ice. okay. now, in terms of the increase of its attacks on the security situation here, italy's former interior minister matches of vini has gone on trial for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019. the far right politician is accused of kidnapping and abuse of power. if face is the maximum of 15 years in jail, if convicted of rainy ripples from room. with the trial of italy's former interior minister, mateo saline began on saturday in palermo. he stands charged with kidnapping, in dereliction of duty for preventing a boat from disembarking migrants after they were rescued at sea. the court quickly approved the prosecution's list of witnesses,
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including italy's former prime minister and the actor richard gear, who volunteered on the boat that was blocked from docking. and a bunch of defending the borders is a duty, not only for a minister, but for everyone. and it's emphasized in our constitution, i think being accused of doing my homework is nonsense. i'm sorry that richard year is coming to testify the trial. i wonder if it's serious that richard gear of hollywood is going to testify about my behavior at a trial. at the heart of the case is having these 2019 order to block that boat, which was carrying 147 migrants from docking on italian shores. the vessel operated by the spanish and g o. open arms had rescued the migrants in the middle of the mediterranean, and spent 3 weeks waiting for a safe port. so they could disembark, my friends, i think they play at the time. so vini had to create a closed port policy to keep them migrants from trying to cross the mediterranean. that policy kept the migrants waiting about 2 weeks within sight of the italian
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island of lum producer. during that time, many jumped into the sea and attempted to swim to shore. the experience have been kept at sea had a devastating effect on the migrants, according to the psychologist who spoke to them while they were still on the boat. it lifted more little being kept on board meant they were re traumatized again and again, they fell continuously abused. it was an abuse of power in the southeast as he was just carrying out the policies of the government at the time. this trial comes right as my peers finds himself in one of the weakest political moments of his career. and in many of his statements, he deflecting from the main issue to han and blaming the trial on an overzealous traditional system that he says is wasting. tax payers money, if convicted south vini could face up to 15 years in prison, with more than 2 dozen witnesses said to testify, the case will carry on for several months. adam rainy dedira,
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rome hungry is prime ministers, accused horem. how's the meddling in these countries? politics fit to organ was addressing supporters as thousands turned out for rival rallies in the capital, budapest, the demonstrations were in support of opposing candidates in next year's parliamentary elections. and the mother report looking back 65 years and into the future, tens of thousands of hungarians march, the budapest in support of prime minister victor alban. the date marks the anniversary of the 1956 anti soviet uprising here. but with parliamentary elections expected next april, this was also a chance for albany to rehearse his lines. but who fell more? would you basil brussels to day speaks to us and treats us along with the pole as if we were an enemy. we have a feeling of deja villa. the air of the soviet doctrine permeates europe. that's all. well, it is time for them brussels to understand that even the communists could not defeat as i do. yeah. we are the sand and the machinery. the stick in the wheels
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you they have on off or bands right wing finish party has 13 consecutive landslide victories in the last 12 years. but with next year's vote looking tighter, they've introduced measures such as an income tax rebate for families opens also stepped up his strong anti immigration rhetoric. his recent refusal to take in asylum seekers and restriction of media freedoms has put him at odds with other e. u. leaders stuckey t as in cat, centralized tasha, yankee, the 2022 election will be a decisive election and we will have to join our forces ahead of him. k pin. hungary is really being attacked by the west. what at all cycled. are you trying to stop all by and is this man peter marchese who supported stage their own rally? he's the mayor of a small farming town. more importantly, he leads a 6 party opposition alliance and their neck and neck with fidel in opinion polls and upset. i am absolutely hopeful. i think this will be
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a very important election end of the primaries have also shown us that this will be a historic election because there has never been such unity in hungary. the opposition leader is promising to tackle corruption, introduced the euro currency, and draft a new constitution. our basic goals for all of us left and right is a hungary to be a democracy. and to be governed by the rule of law in market economy and part of the european union. these 4 basic values we'll share. the result of next he is vote could have real implications for the countries relationship with the outside world . between now and then both sides will continue arguing that they represent true hungarian values. nadine barbara al jazeera took his presents as demand in 10 western ambassadors be expelled for calling for the release of the jail philanthropists. us, when corolla has been in prison since 2017 without being convicted, he was accused of financing the 2013 jesse park protest and participating in
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a feld coo, which he denies a joint statement from several countries, including the u. s. canada france. germany alleged the case cost a shadow over respect for democracy. turkey is called the statement irresponsible. still a head on out there on the onset, death on which is shot the fell won't new details emerge of the moment before the fatal shot was fighting and fighting the old town farmers in spain, working with mother nature rethink the rewards. ah well that's extraordinary. wants withdrawl from the east coast. now the winds turned round. for his encounter nissan. you asked him to drop by 10 degrees. and that drop in temperature means is a meeting of minds here and the potential for big storms and parts of the mid west
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and the central plains. but the big story to me like to be this, this october storm on the pacific seaboard could greedy be a record breaker, the wind strength is touching hurricane. the rain persistent could easily get flash flooding. there are of course, fire scars. he has the rain will easily flood down the mountains in central valley . you can be wet anyway. gus of 120. confirm. that's hurricane force and snow up to meet a wet snow and the whole lot expands the winds. not quite a struggle. monday. the rain going south towards a la, maybe in san diego, and the snow following it is going to cause some significant problems, but to some degree is welcome is increasing the snow pack fairly early. second harrigan, narrow. maybe rick is strengthening that will make landfall some time on sunday, or early monday, or miss coast of mexico. that's where most of the energy is going to be in central america. that's one way to watch. but to the east of that, it's just more big thunderstorms focusing probably on cuba and the northern yucatan
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peninsula. ah, the gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world news wanted cuts out needed to oakland and development school to attract international shipping companies to become a p middle east. and huh. for trade and money skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato. castillo's gateway to whoa trade. lou. ah,
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your check out is there a reminder of all the top stories? thousands of migrants have been traveling from southern mexico in the hopes of making it to the u. s. the group is mainly made up of patients in central americans have been stranded in a put you look for months until the bon fulls has been killed. that i have multiple attacks and afghanistan, eastern nangle hall province. this comes a security operations continue against iso. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. include that former interior minister, matthew sylvania has gone on trial by his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019. is accused of kidnapping and abuse of power. the far at politician prevented to rescue vessels when docking for days. tens of thousands of people for minority fights have been running in cities across bangladesh. there protesting against a recent series of attacks on hindu temples and homes,
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at least 6 people were killed earlier this month during a hindu religious festival. it follow claims that the muslim holy about the koran was disrespected in a temple. the protesters are colon for judicial commission to investigate the attacks than their children was at the demonstrations indica. husbands of professional that gathered in, at starbucks law and the capital gaga. people from all walks of life in those muslim christian, but they have got adhered to purchase a gun. what took place in last several days across the country against hindu bang. augusta is they had her protest. i want justice. many of them out on hunger side. we spoke to some of the protest, i didn't want to have to say, i could be of all it. i'm other to handle. holy hindu book was banned mainly hindus . we killed minority to women. we wrote these incidents, keep happening. one after the other. yet we never go to real justice. one of the
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case suspect was arrested on thursday night, but people here said that the people behind the conspiracy should be brought to justice and for be exposed. an advocate demand is of the state religion. this lumps should be abolished from the constitution. i think we were born here with tax pass and contributing to the countries development in every sector. yet we're being attacked and marginalized in every way. now we're here to protest and fight for a survival. people believe those politics behind all this, they want the real people who are behind this time it's to be brought to justice, not just scapegoat. if the justice is not met, they said they'll continue to protest in coming days. mom she unduly is the south asia director, human rights was she's called on the government to the law to protect minority groups. this has been up, you know, something that has been brewing for awhile and which is abandoned by the, by the sort of trigger that occurred here. which as it as to the person that has
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been arrested, was, was a man who deliberately went and put the court on into, in a, in a, him the shrine. which of course, was the web was what upset people i into this violence. but, you know, i mean, i am encouraged by the fact that by me the she civil society has come forward, am in the way that they have to deploy this kind of violence against the hindu minute. you know, part of the problem is that we are seeing this kind of religious violence across many parts of the world. and almost always religious minorities are targeted and it, what it needs is for the state to take better care positions that they will not tolerate. this kind of thing that there is public messaging for come in and harmony and that people are that are responsible, are property prosecuted. and unless that happens, and the message goes down strongly from the state that it will uphold the constitutional protections that are provided to minority groups. these kind of
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triggers will continue to hum minority groups. hawkiss on has deployed to $30000.00 extra security personnel and as long as it's in a bid to prevent violence at rallies by ban. political group. members of 30, cale about pakistan have been marching to the capital to demand the release of their leader. saw the same result was arrested earlier this year accused of insight violence. court documents have revealed that us act. alec baldwin was told that a gun that he was handed on a movie set was safe. an assistant director allegedly indicated the prop was unloaded by shouting cold a gun, but when baldwin fired the weapon on the set of the film ross, he fatally shot cinematographer, helena hutchins, the films director standing behind her was also wounded. no one has been charged full of l. has the latest on the shooting from los angeles insiders anonymous sources have been speaking some fatty reputable news organizations here in the
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united states. not going to stress that these are their accounts, but they paint a show a picture of a sat where it appears many were concerned about a lack of gun safety. they referred to an incident last saturday in which alec baldwin, stung double apparently was given a gun that he was told was a cold gun, which means that there is no light ammunition twice. it was discharged and live ammunition. i was released, we have that camera operate as a parent and compact complain that conditions were unsafe. it's alleged that apparently some members of the crew walked out in protest and it's believed that other members, fresh members were brought in to replace them as the shoot had to be concluded. and some of these camera operators and others made complaint they say, and they say that the feeling they were given was that this was a rush job. the job had to be completed. we're also hearing about what appears to have happened on thursday, given that gone by the assistant director, alec baldwin, under the impression that it was cold. therefore said the assistant director also on that impression documents. so while those sources saying that
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a number of firearms are on my beliefs, re, they've not been taken away. the big question is, why we're the crew so close to this gun. now the reason for this is because in hollywood now, it's pretty typical when there is a gun seen by use fake gun. thus because c g i post production is so powerful that they can add the muzzle flat smoke all the other effects in post production. sometimes they will use a replica, sorry, a real gun, but they would use blank grounds. the reason is because they want to get the re coiled, reflects perfect. it is almost unheard of for live rounds to be used on a movie set. one of the world's biggest polluters, saudi arabia has pledged to reach net 0 carbon emissions by 2060 crown prince by how it bounce been salon made the announcement days before the global climate summer to glasgow. maria says it'll focus on capturing carbon before it enters the air and storing it rather than reducing reliance on fossil fuels. the kingdom is
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the world's largest exporter of petroleum, but the empower chief executive of the state old joint. saudi aramco, i mean nasir, says it's counterproductive to demonize hydrocarbons. the rest of the will need to do its bond demonizing that hydrocarbon industry is not going to help anyone. we need to work together collaboratively as a seat. we need to be inclusive in our policies and not define a group of farmers in southern spain, say they testing a new approach to agriculture. her non valley is a desert like area that gets very little rain in the winter. the pharmacy, it can be a challenge to get anything from the soil and the hoping to change the covering. stansell reports. friend martinez is a farmer on the mission trying to work the land against difficult odds in northern m. o. m. i. there we do not have more than 15 or 20 centimeters of soil in a desert. a step desert that in winter is very cold. runker liza,
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some of the most difficult conditions for agriculture in the entire world is what you can do in other locations. you cannot do here if you cannot avoid it. instead, martinez and other farmers in the area are using a new approach in order to maximize yield from what is a harsh environment. this includes mixing crops to improve the health of the soil. they call it poly cropping, that we have transformed in agricultural farm into a forest. only the only difference is to change crops. the olive trees for the pines in between. instead of having other types of bushes, we have our peppers or cojet, sal obgyn. basically the same ecosystem, the same by diversity and fertile soil is a forest. it's a unique way of addressing a massive regional difficulty helplessly but really my good than in law. her mind problem, we have practically throughout the mediterranean sea. it is the loss of 1st off soil. the proliferation of certain crops in certain plantations cools, is the saw to be completely bare and exposed to the right, which is increasingly to rent your vehicle money. to overcome this,
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once harvesting has been completed. farmers lay down a green cover of vegetation to protect the soil from extreme temperatures. these include mediterranean herbs, serial crops, strips of turf and legumes. not only do they ensure that the bare soil is not exposed to the elements. they also restore nitrogen to the soil, which can encourage healthy plant growth and all without and he decides the project is helped by the amsterdam based common land foundation, who call it organic regenerates, have cultivation, and healthy goods is produced by help b landscapes with healthy agriculture and that's healthy food at the end. do you know, help to you? people healthy people. the farmers receive no direct subsidies. instead, they will rely on future profits from their produce, including tomatoes, almonds, wine, honey, and oliver oils working with mother nature seems to be paying off. caffeine
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stansell al jazeera, spain's prime ministers promised her speed up, aid to people's homes had been destroyed by lava in the claire is. now you're looking at live pictures of the cuba of yellow volcano and la palmer island which has been erupting for nearly 5 weeks. walden, 7000 people have been had 2 of us. that's a, sorry, actually, flea the homes now the rivers of lava continued to destroy land buildings. and traditional music is making a comeback in libya. it's called maloof and is played by bands on special occasions, including where weddings and religious holidays. malak china reports from tripling maloof in classical arabic means fashionable or familiar. but olivia, it's what they call traditional music. it usually include singing, musical instruments and praises to god, uses nasir as a prominent thinker of maloof and libya. he says the type of music has
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a rich history here. then had it been a fit mother forage, an aged in andalusia that came to northern africa and made its way to libya, morocco algeria antennas. yet it's a simple form of music with few instruments. it's been passed on from generation to generation before it was only play during religious occasions like maryland before they were only a few bands in libya and they were all in tripoli. but now every city has numerous bands. this crowded tripoli has gathered for molded the prophet mohammed, birthdays. they celebrate by singing mellow ha. maloof is not form that has deep roots in libya. is very beautiful, and we enjoy it. the words poetic and speak of love and blessings. it touches upon our culture and tradition, and i hope it lives on through the generations to come them tells us where we came from, who we are, or heritage or culture. everything about a kind of gives you a sense of pride and where we come from. honestly it's, it's awesome. seeing all the faces out here in the songs and dancing and everything
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like that 1000 were centuries people of mars to triple his old cities singing and dancing during this revered holiday. that tradition continues to this day. it's that events like this that you can feel how special and how important matter is delivering for little and living culture. hundreds of people are gathered here today thinking songs of predictor and spirituality. what if not just that events like this? my mother, with plain thoughtful, i must mostly been well during this wedding, people enjoy their meals while listening to a live performance of maloof in the background. usa, philip, his father was one of the most famous middle fingers in libya's recent history. he's now continuing his father's legacy. his band is one of the most sought after during weddings in tripoli. why? levin? what are some interesting that maloof is now a master? most social events like engagement parties, weddings, and even business conferences. young men are now learning to play musical instruments, but this is
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a trait that's in high demand. back at the moulded gathering and far from the politics and the visions of liberty. these people celebrate through an ancient art form, a tradition they hope will continue for generations to comp. now, trina, ultra 0, triple ah, bizarre zara. liza top stories, thousands of migrants have been traveling from southern mexico in the hopes of making it to the u. s. the group is mainly made up of patients in central americans have been stranded in tupper trula for months. john holeman has more from mexico city capitalism point at the moment in which met can security security forces have basically been keeping.


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