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ah now it has been stormy, northern you have the last few days. that's easing now, but it's the difference between north and south in the middle, the middles, quiet and quite warm from spain right up to towards germany. but i don't case on the side of said the story with his gun. in fact, we've changed the wind direction is more of a suddenly i for the next few days that will be particularly noticed in stockholm, rising by several degrees. and even though the rains come in to london, it goes from $14.00 to $15.00. so this is like an improved situation, but fairly typical of autumn, stormy, and then a bit of relief, a bit of warms. but more significant rainstorms at least are gathering to a circulation look at this is sundays forecast. so for places like calabria in italy, sicily than to the north coasted to near this circulation. it's pretty nasty as
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persistent, potentially flooding, re, particularly for italy, and strong with circuit across malta. i'm a producer as an example. right? it's head away from your down to africa. the still been some rather late season rain around the ivory coast, giving unusual flooding and the rain that she came a long way in lad almost up to see how she should not be doing this time of year. nevertheless, it is not true for the next 2 days, the concentration probably edging back again towards nigeria. ah, global food production is wasteful and straining our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jelly fish is delicious with a very light sea food taste and texture similar to calamari and innovative production techniques. and i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant. have to say this is great. earth rises feeding the billions on
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a jazzy truck in the vietnam war. the u. s. army used to heidi talks to car, beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive incident chemical warfare a decade later. the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, bringing something they didn't even see the foot. 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. coming soon on, al jazeera lou . ah,
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walk back. look at the main stories now, thousands of haitian and central american refugees and migrants have set off from southern mexico in an attempt to reach the united states migrant camera left from the city of tampa. today near the border with guatemala, a few hours ago. at least 4 taliban security forces have been killed in a series of attacks and afghanistan's eastern angle ha province, a roadside bomb targeting a taliban vehicle, also kill 2 civilians. it comes as the taliban continues to deal with the threat from i still am country. and italy's former interior minister met herself. ini has gone on trial, israel and blocking a migrant rescue ship from docking on italian shores for several weeks in 2019 far right. politician is accused of kidnapping and abuse of power. well now to haiti, the kidnapping of 17 for mission reason. the country is highlighted there, worsening security situation,
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criminal gangs of reportedly taken over half of haiti's capital, and he resident say they have no choice but to live under the control of some of the most powerful gangs. money. rapid reports from puerto prince o, a show of force by members of the g. 9 gang in puerto prince, while images of heavily armed gang members marching freely through the city streets might seem surreal to many. it's a scene that's become quite common in the haitian capital, some gangs like the g 9 or even trying to reinvent their image and appear more like a political organization than a criminal enterprise. oh, we want to build good schools, good hospitals have good, clean water. we are the sons of the nation. ah, on the streets dang! violence seems to be getting worse by the day. and growing insecurity means part of the job of public transport drivers is to always keep an eye out for trouble. oh, holy scuffle, bible, the police could do something for us because that the law,
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so they're the ones that should protect us, but they don't do anything back. so we don't know what to do. ah, gang violence is not a new phenomenon in haiti, even government leaders have been known to use gangs in the past to exert political control. but locals tell us, the scale of the band is reaching unprecedented levels. fullborne, thank you. he did not be a by you, so you, we need security in this country who can go on living like this anymore. we have people that guns everywhere and police beats us with sticks and everything is really hard for us. we need change in this country level. despite the dangers, people still have to go out. if they want to make a living. for many residents of puerto prince and for drivers simply commuting around town is one of the most dangerous activities they can do. running the risk of being kidnapped, being robbed, or getting caught in the crossfire of rival gangs, fighting each other over control of different parts of the city. in estimated 50
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percent of territory in the haitian capital is said to be under the control of criminal gangs. and while the case of 17 hostages being held by a gang known as 400 muzzle has attracted international attention for an aid groups say, the magnitude of the security crisis has far reaching implications. the guys are expanding the power and the control on areas of the city. and again, it's a vicious cycle. if you have more insecurity, then humanities, i heard to us that the state of georgia tease can no longer ring. or she may try and services an access debate services to the population, which doesn't leave the space to criminal guys to say power. this is the cycle we need to break while some fear becoming victims of violence. others have accepted the slow takeover by crime syndicates. a symptom, perhaps, of the distrust many habit of authorities,
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complicating the efforts to win back control of the city from the criminal groups. we're trying to run it. manuel rap, a low al jazeera, puerto prince court documents show that gone the u. s. act. alec bolen fired on sat killing. a woman was handed to him on the instruction that it was safe. it's claimed an assistant director indicated, the port was unloaded by shouting cold gun cinematographer alena hutchins was fatally shot on the set of the film rust on thursday. the films director who was standing behind i was also wounded. alec baldwin has been questioned, but no one has been charged. the crew member who handled weapons on the sat as previously spoken about had doubts in doing the job of fella val joins us live now from los angeles and, and, phil. any more details emerging on the, the protocols and the sort of regulation around this, this gun on the film, sat in how this could have happened while details. imagine marian probably of
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regulations that perhaps will not followed up more to the point because we're getting lots of these snippets of information, some courtesy of the affidavit that you just refer to those be released in new mexico, others courtesy of sauces, anonymous sources who's speaking to numerous very reputable news outlets here in the united states and the image they gave is of a sat where many were concerned that gun safety protocols were not being followed to the level that they should. we've had reports that a week ago, alec bald wins a stunt double fired a gun that he was given. he was told it was a cold gun, which is the way of ferry to a gun that has no live ammunition in it. when he fight it live, ammunition came out this shock, people so much that one camera operator a complaint officially, he said that this was completely unsafe. other members, apparently members of the crew apparently walked off, sat in protest, and it's alleged that they were replaced by new away michael, fresh members because his production had to keep running. and they say that they were given the sense that it was just a rush. they had to keep on going with health nav david. what apparently happened
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with alec baldwin. apparently he was given this gun by the assistant director. he was told, as you say, it was a cold gun. the assistant director was also under the impression that it was a cold gun, and he took it out of the holster. the 2nd time apparently that he took it out, that is when the fatal shot misfired. and it had helene hutchins and the director who was standing behind that they were just to the side of the set because they weren't filming a scene at the moment. had they been filming a scene that had been at a safe distance, but they were not filming a scene of the time. they were just lining up their shots. it hit her in the chest, obviously fatally wounding her. and it hit him in the shoulder. he was taken the hospital but late to release. it wasn't a life threatening injury. we've also heard about these audio recordings that have come to light from elk with how to read. now she is, the gun handler was the gun handler on the set of this film. the audio recordings are from a podcast that so she recorded some weeks back in which she referenced her last movie, where she appears to highlight, i will say, is a level of experience regarding the process and the procedures that have to be
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followed. and that is one of the details that the police will not be looking at. remember, this is an active investigation. they think they know parts of what might have happened here. they are also though having to speak the eyewitnesses, they're having to piece it all together. and at the moment there are more questions than answers. martin. thank you very much. from los angeles for lavelle hundreds of indigenous and bearer. people are living in a park in the center of columbia's capital. and we displaced my violence in their territories a year and a half ago. now they are protesting after government, stop providing housing and financial aid. our sandra gracie reports from bogus our for 20 days. hundreds of indigenous embed have been living and tense and other plastic sheets and book with the national park located in this city center. like most here, i know that his family were displaced from their village in western columbia a year ago. after being caught in the crossfire of rising violence between on groups in the military, at 1st they received housing assistance in covey,
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$900.00 subsidies. but the relief package ran out in september, and they've ended up here saying they have nowhere else to go down. we can't feed ourselves some eat some don't and the winter is hard here. if we had a safe way to go back, we would. but if we can't, then we need help. the camp conditions are dire. 5 kids have ended up sick in intensive care unit. this week about some 1500 them better are currently homeless in the city. few speak. spanish 1000 have been relocated to a camp outside bush with basic amenities, city outdoors. these agree, it's not ideal, but it's all they can offer late in pick it up. what i law, the subsidies gone begin indefinitely by the district. they had an exploration for the band and the victims law regional national entity should begin reparations
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process. we're waiting for that to happen and hopefully they will also be able to return home policy. and on friday, the capitol police issued an order of eviction giving outdoor. it is 48 hours to try and convince the bearer to voluntarily moved to a different camp on the outskirts of braga before forcibly removing them. the previous attempt this week to conduct a pre removal census ended in scuffles 2020 was the most bio, if year in more than a decade in columbia and with continuing conflict in remote areas. many more indigenous people could be forced to resettle in cities like bobo time coming months. so meal is the indian asking in yoga level, thousands of indigenous people that to seek refuge in cities as a result of the violence, the war and the arm groups operating in their territories. they are being sacked by those who wants to take the gold, the wood, and the other resources. all they want is to be able to go back. but unfortunately,
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there is no real return policy. a complicated humanitarian crisis, the critics say will only worsen unless it's root causes or addressed allison. but i'm beauty and jesse, i've gotta how some news from austria government there is considering imposing a locked down on the on vaccinations, infections that continue to rise. now countries, chancellor alexander schellenberg, says new rules will come into force. if pressure on the health care system get worse. under the plan, people would need to prove they've been vaccinated all recovered from the virus in order to enter venues like restaurants and shops. cases of spite over the last 2 weeks where that more than 3 and a half 1000 infections reported on friday. and then the government in thailand is cracking down on critics of its curve at 19 vaccine plan. dozens of people have been jailed and charged with defaming the monarchy for questioning why the country's king owns the only farm producing the vaccines. scott jaila has more from
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the capital bank hawk. the earlier this month's supporters gathered in front of bangkok, reman prison, calling for the release of protesters jailed for royal defamation or article 11 to 2 of those had been the only participants of a protest which resulted in them being held without bail high, high government can get together the government, a monarchy, and all the benefits at the protest in front of the headquarters of the pharmaceutical firm owned by thailand, king size bio science, the 2 protest this question, the government's move to award and fund its local astrazeneca vaccine production solely to the firm, the backbone of thailand, cove, at 19 response, when opposition m. p. 's asked for greater transparency, the government released the copy of the contract between astrazeneca and seen him by a sign. the critical sections of the contract were blocked out like the budget,
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the schedule for vaccine distribution and numbers of shots that a leading opposition figure also charged with royal defamation. for criticizing the sign, bias nice deal was officially read his charge last week and i was questioning the dispirited of this deal doubt whether it's beneficial to to the monarchy. because if there is any failure in the production, then the people will question the king as the ultimate or no other company. and he said the government's hands are tied. it can't pursue legal action against psycho bios science with the king as the firm's head. in responding to a question from al jazeera, regarding the jailing, a peaceful activists for protesting outside signing bio sciences headquarters, astrazeneca declined to comment kinda torn. he's the government crackdown a public outcry about the deal to be a low point for the country, saying there are more royal defamation cases now than ever before. i think this is
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the age of for you don't be di, lan one, wireless group pushed for the charges against the 2 young protesters saying they're focused on the wrong issue. pulled up and i think the conflict of interest is not the issue that we should focus on. we have to focus on the current crisis, not the fact that the company will have the patient and right to produce more vaccine in the future. so wild governments and leaders around the world are working on ways to move on from the pandemic. adopting a policy of transparency about cobit 19. thailand's government appears to be focused on putting people in prison, who are asking for that same openness. got hardly al jazeera, bangkok in spain, and unlike region in the province of grenadier, is in canada is no ideal for farming is very little rain there and frost from november to april. it's a challenge to get anything from the soil, but farmers have started
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a project that hopes to change that catherine stanford reports. friend martinez is a farmer on the mission, trying to work the land against difficult odds in northern m. o. m. i. there we do not have more than 15 or 20 centimeters of soil in a desert, a stick desert that in winter is very cold every run can liza some of the most difficult conditions for agriculture in the entire world is what you can do in other locations you cannot do here if you cannot avoid it. instead, martinez and other farmers in the area are using a new approach in order to maximize yield from what is a harsh environment. this includes mixing crops to improve the health of the soil. they call it poly cropping, that we have transformed in agricultural farm into a forest. only the only difference is to change crops law, the olive trees for the pines in between. instead of having other types of bushes, we have our peppers or cojet, sal, obgyn. basically the same ecosystem, the same by diversity and fertile soil is a forest. it's
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a unique way of addressing a massive regional difficulty, tail preview, but prelim aagot than him or her mind problem. we have practically throughout the mediterranean sea. it is the loss of 1st off soil. the proliferation of certain crops in certain plantations causes the saw to be completely bare and exposed to the rain, which is increasingly to rent your vehicle money. to overcome this, once harvesting, have been completed. farmers lay down a green cutter of vegetation to protect the soil from extreme temperatures. these include mediterranean herbs, serial crops, strips of turf and legumes. not only do they ensure that the bare soil is not exposed to the elements. they also restore nitrogen to the soil, which can encourage healthy plant growth and all without patty decides. the project is helped by the amsterdam based common land foundation, who call it organic regenerates, have cultivation, and healthy goods is produced by help the landscapes with healthy
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agriculture. and that's healthy food at yet. do you know, help to you? people healthy people. the farmers receive no direct subsidies. instead they will rely on future profits from their produce, including tomatoes, almonds, wine, honey, and oliver oils working with mother nature seems to be paying off. catherine's down, so al jazeera still had all and he is out. a gap between 1st and last in the premier league proved to be 7 goals more on chelsea's big when coming up after the break with florida is approaching a tipping point. in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit, al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witness screen films documenting the human experience on the
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frontline planet. at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population, people and power off why politicians have been so ineffective in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and upfront, he thought, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera, hulu. ah, ah,
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max on his hand now it all the sport. thank you very much, mary. i'm always thought with the premier league and a hat trick from chelsea's mason mount capped off a very memorable afternoon for the blues. they smashed the team, are coming. alas, no, it's 7 know the up until will order for the 4th consecutive game. mount open the scoring early on and then grab that too late goals at to finish off the hammering chelsea or mean top of the table after 9 matches. very happy with the performance and very happy with the intensity and very happy with the effort that we put into this game. and it was not a force game in consecutive game in as favorites. and i like how we approach these games. there's no, there is no cha ching and there is no holding back. we play all in well,
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it wasn't quite a comprehensive from manchester city, but they scored the constable for one victory. a way to brighten city found all their goals in the 1st half of phil photon net did that twice. man, city or 2 points behind chelsea, but livable have the chance to regain 2nd place when they face man, united on sunday. it doesn't matter. the sequences, it doesn't matter, we just say the only way we have to have a little success or how success. well, what success is to huff, the ball to play with the book. and we started losing bulls. and we're start the simple things. we don't a complicated one that's happened. newport news. good. and you, chauffeur. and is a good lesson for the future. cricket now in australia have opened campaign at the t 20 woke up with the 5 wicked victory over south africa. the, all these were set a modest at target 119 months. and while they looked in control for most of their
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in, in south africa showed some late fight australia got the required runs, were just to bolster the term and for much involved. 2 groups of 16 each with the top 2 in each pool. moving to the semi final i think it's 1 o'clock on the last, i guess. i mean, it's all me if you want to we but yeah, in the short water minutes, i'll think no matter how you when it was a better feeling you like the next morning, like better winning and losing. so yes, i believe it's all the way england opened a tournament with there was sounding victory over defending champions. the west indies, wendys were bold for just $55.00 runs the lowest ever total, the aside your nation or wicked in reaching the target with more than half their over there. coming to the we will know,
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expected accept credit goes to all about the unit and the feeling as well. 2 weeks feel except she will let you cut, you would do it taken. and just like i said, we couldn't, you know, of a 100 thing better as well. tennis? well, number one, nasty bars he has decided not to compete to again this year, meaning a she won't defend her title at the season ending w t. a finals else training made the choice due to the continuing coven, 19 travel, and quarantine restrictions in her country or the wimbledon champion. 15 titles this year, but hasn't played since the us open to september. but he says that she's focused on winning her home grand slam and melbourne in january. for the 3rd time and the last 5 seasons, the houston astros will feature in the world series. they closed out the american league championship series after winning game 6 against the boston red sox. you soon will play the atlanta braves raining champions, the la dodgers,
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atlanta and lead that series by 3 games to you know, these guys dealt with that. we're going to get to this point. and it's a matter of belief that you know, before it happens, you have to believe and you know, these guys believe in the ab, anthony davis and white howard insist that they've moved on from the ugly incident . on friday. the pair had to be separated off an argument with turns physical. what happened during a late because that time out and their loss to the phoenix sun. what howard and this is the law. we just had a disagreement about something that was on the floor. should we both very passionate about when we didn't want to lose his gay, you know, so we both just you know, very passion. we got it out the way we drove me and things happen for me doing iraq around what we sorry, we keep it to ourselves. and i say after
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a situation happened mandy age. we talked about it in a while. the lakers might have bigger problems to deal with after losing their opening to games of the season. what, how to go for master's champion. hi, dicky mariama holds a one shot li, the heading into the final round of the pga tour and japan local favorite car did the 3rd round to on the 68 believe in him, just ahead of american camera thing. got it. moto g, p town, and francesco. bonnie, i claimed his 4th consecutive pull position qualifying for this for the immediate romania going in. mcdonald temper shipley to 5. you walked out, had a shocking day, and we'll start from 15 on. yeah. is a 2nd in the standings? 52 points behind it sounded. nicola buck, tony made history at the well gymnastics championships in japan,
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this amazing performance gave him gold in the men's flow, exercise becoming the 1st time in to win the world title, and that and more than 1000 more as a gathered for the funeral of canyon long distance runner, agnes it to europe, a 25 year old and in p. and it was found to stab to death 10 days ago in her home, police have arrested her husband on suspicion of her mother. she was laid to rest in her hometown in weston, kenya. and that's a spot for me, a hand you back to marry him in london. okay, thanks very much. santa. just one of the story to bring you. a red giant al has been photographed in the wild. the 1st time in a 150 years. a team from london, imperial college sports at the shelley's eagle out in a rain forest in ghana. previous reported sightings in central african locations have been unconfirmed. shirley's eagle was 1st identified as
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a species in 1872 by british zoologists. that route south. louise, i'll be back in a moment with another bulletin for you see, on effect. ah ah and with confronted with some of the worlds was des quality, mongolia? government has become shutting the nations polluted capital, cities, coal mines. ah. but as the struggle rages to save the
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environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who are living beneath it? ah witness. at the coal face on al jazeera, ah, i've never seen so much devastation or experienced how quickly every thing can change as the current of ours pandemic savaged the events in india became much more than just story. oh, every one was affected. we couldn't keep the people we cared about ally and there were times on air when i had to hold back tears. but every day i was driven to convey the connect of trauma to make sure that despite the high numbers, we didn't forget that every single death represented of families in the worst moment. and how and not suffering could have been avoided. i became
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a journalist to tell the story of what is happening, but also shows the wider context. i'm elizabeth moran. m. o. v. the hero world, a washer blue . a new migrant caravan leaves mexico on a more than 2000 kilometers journey to americas southern border. ah, oh, i'm mary. i'm the mozy in london in watching al jazeera also coming up from the program . i've gone histone security challenge. taliban fighters are again targeted in the
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eastern province of non goal setting is decision to stop rescue ship from docking. the former italian interior minister goes on trial and alabama.


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