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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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the monsoon trough is heading south, there's still plenty of more right to carbon carola carrasco over the next couple of days. ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm mary animosity welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. a new migrant caravan leaves mexico on a more than 2000 kilometers journey to americas, southern or death. we look at afghanistan, security challenge taliban fighters are again targeted in the east and province of nangle. defending his decision to stop a rescue ship from docking. former italian interior minister goes on trial and
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paloma the onset death, which has shocked the phone. while you details emerge of the moments before a fatal shot was fired and is for attendance. with number one, i bought a cold time on her season and in the premier league in chelsea in 5th more misery on the half noise with the 7 gold crashing. ah hello, welcome to the program. we begin than use our in southern mexico, where thousands of migrants and refugees have set off on foot, and the hopes of making it to the us. my grand caravan left from the city of tempe a truly near the quarter mile in order, and more than 2400 kilometers south of the united states. now are attempting the
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treacherous journey across mexico on foot, but it's not without huge risk will than $200000.00 have been arrested by mexican security agents in recent months. many others have been robbed or murdered by criminal gangs. the us department of homeland security is aware of the caravan. the texas national guard says it's already strengthening the border. and these images film, just shortly after the caravan got on the way, even if they do make it the border, many migrants will end up detained and sent straight back to tampa schuler. earlier, we learned that the u. s. is detained, more than 1700000 undocumented refugees in migrants on its board with mexico in the past year. the highest number of recorded well, let's go live now to john home and who's following developments from mexico city. and what do we know about the response to this caravan and about how they've been dealing with any attempts to to prevent them making that journey to america's
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border. yeah, there has already been one attempt to stop them getting through. just to say we're heading out of top of tula, that there was a sort of shield wall set up by the country's national guard. and usually in the, over the last 2 years in which these caravans have been pretty spectacularly unsuccessful. that's been the sign for basically the national guard or migration authorities to surround the migrants to detain, to deport them. and basically the thing's been broken up. that's been the way it has been since the 1st caravans about more than 2 years ago. now this time, what happened is that somehow or another, they managed to win that way through that sheer wall of the national guard and carried on along their way. now they're going really slowly because although we're being told by our colleague on the ground, murray picked those p no r close collaborator, that the majority of the people in the caravan a man, there's also women and children there say can only move at
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a certain rate and also because mexican bus driver's transport of the operators have been strictly prohibited by the authorities for giving any one a lift. so they're gonna have to go on foot. and as you mentioned, it's about 2000 kilometers or more to get to the united states border if that's where they're heading. so this is a very slow moving massive people. and because they got through that 1st block by mexican authorities doesn't mean that they're necessarily going to get through the 2nd or the 3rd one. they're still right down in the south, the country. and for many years now, mexico has been feeling the pressure from the united states to stop people from reaching the u. s. southern border. this is the last country transit to that u. s. other border. so mexican authorities, a like me to try other things to stop people from getting through. now what the migrants themselves say, they say that this is basically a prison break. they say that many of them have been stuck for weeks if not months in this city of temperature that you mentioned. maria,
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that's right on the southern border with guatemala, and that's where a ring of notes can security forces and authorities are basically kept them home. then they're saying that they're struggling to find work or even meet their basic needs. they're that they're going, at least at 1st to mexico city, to was for the politicians and the congress leaders to awesome to stay in the country from burn on some of them. remember it's plea. we try get to get to the us border where as you mentioned, there's going to be a cold reception as well. thank you very much, john holman, in mexico city. joining me now for more on this story is kara long and associate director with us program that human rights watch shows me via skype from oakland, california. so obviously, as john was describing there, an incredibly large caravan on its way from southern mexico, towards the united states. now john was describing a sort of blockade or an attempt by mexican security forces to prevent people from
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making the journey. what specifically have you documented in terms of the treatment of these migrants in refugees so far on their journey? thanks for having a marianne. yeah, this is a situation in which a crisis is being created, but it doesn't have to be yes. there are a lot of people who are on the move in this hemisphere. a lot of people who are fleeing from insecurity from the effects of climate change and mexico have had them stuck in southern mexico and have used in recent months and weeks. excessive and abuse of force against people who have tried to leave the mexico and head towards the united states. united states for its part is also under biden. and using a hard line border policy that's, that's expelling people rapidly, including places like haiti, where they cannot be received in safety and all the while not following through on
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the promise of biden, the candidate made to have a holistic approach to migration to manage migration. and to have a humane and dignified border the, there's enormous disappointment here in the united states among human rights and civil rights activists who really hoped for something different. but i mean, i suppose that the reality is that you have many migrants that end up at the border where abuses sometimes take place. and the journey itself is very treacherous. we know that they are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, right? even murder by criminal gangs. so in many ways, is it perhaps important to find some way of managing the migrants or at least preventing them from, from putting themselves in, in harm's way. yeah, i mean, i absolutely, i mean, no one from no one from
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a human rights perspective wants to see people having to undertake irregular journeys. journeys that don't aren't as easy as you are. i might have getting a plane ticket and getting on an airplane and going somewhere that's, that's a recipe for harm recipe as you said, for being vulnerable to criminal groups, etc. but what do you do about it? and what we've seen throughout the trump administration and elsewhere in the world as well, right, is that hard line a purchase at the border? this approach that they've been initiation is taking now to expel people under title 40 to the use of what are essentially militarized. border forces that we have here in the united states called customs and border protection. border patrol. these are forces, we just released a report this week that showed that our department of homeland security here in the united states has had internal reports for years. hundreds of them from its own officials about the brutality of the treatment. the border patrol is given to migrant. this is not actually managing migration or changing the underlying
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dynamics of people on the move. what it is doing is exposing people to, to severe rights abuses and by ministration could do better. you know, it could be really focused on creating a safe and legal route to go because people will get an align if there is one. but also making sure that people who need to flee are, are, are received in with, with dignity and with humanity that you not just can do this. this is not a massive problem, except it has become a political one clar along. thank you. want to now turn to the increasingly volatile situation in afghanistan. as the taliban tried to establish a measure of security and stability, they found themselves the target of multiple attacks in the province of nan gar. separately, 2 roadside bombs killed at least 2 people, including a child. this was after 4 members of the taliban were killed in
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a separate attack. now there were bombs that were targeting a taliban vehicle, but no members or actually harm the no claims of responsibility. the i s group in afghanistan is known to be active and entrenched in the east of the country. a been a growing number of attacks claim by the ice group. just days after the taliban took control of bombing at cobbles. how may cause i international airport killed nearly 200 people since then. ios is continue to perpetrate, attacks against civilians. a sheer has our community is one of its main targets most recently in the northeast of the country. and in the southern city of kandahar a taliban stronghold, stephanie deca has more from cobble multiple security incidents on saturday in july all about that is the capital of nangle province in the east of the country. it is believed to be the area iceland. afghanistan has their main presence, the taliban has been carrying out operations against the group in that area. what we saw on saturday, one of the attacks against taliban had been in geo,
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that killed 2 of his bodyguards. also under signing. there was an isolated on a taliban police station and we understand there were casualties on both sides according to our sources. so this is part of a wider picture really of iceland afghanis on stepping up its attacks on minorities . we've seen 2 she a mosques attacked over the last couple of weeks one and couldn't do in the north one in the heartland of taliban power. in kandahar we've also had a tax here in cobble with the taliban is dealing with now even though they keep down playing it, saying that it's a minor threat. they're dealing with it. it's not a huge concern. i. ssl does not have geography, geographic jacked geographical hold really here, not canister, but they do have sleeper cells that they're carrying out at the moment. a real sort of message to the taliban that you know the message the tell about initially had that it was the only group to be able to maintain security in afghanistan. it has done that to some extent, in the sense that crime is down kidnappings or down a but these kinds of attacks are
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a message to the taliban by i so that it cannot keep the country safe as it's trying to manage it. now as a governing body of a state that rather than an insurgency. so certainly moving forward, we are seeing more and more of these incidents happening and, and the taliban having to rely on intelligence really on trying to deal with the threat that ice. okay. now, in terms of the increase of its attacks on the security situation here, still to come on this news hour from london will be focusing on me, admire reports of thousands of troops being gathered in the north of the country where armed groups are staging and define rebellion and then later in sport will tell you who became the 1st italian man to win the floor exercise at the world championships. ah, now it is for my interior minister imitates alvin. he has gone on trial for his role in blocking
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a migrant rescue ship and 2019 for right. politician is accused of kidnapping and abuse of power for preventing 2 vessels from docking on italian shores for weeks. adam rainy reports now from rome. with the trial of italy's former interior minister, mateo saline began on saturday in palermo. he stands charged with kidnapping in their election of duty for preventing a boat from disembarking migrants after they were rescued at sea. the court quickly approved the prosecution's list of witnesses, including italy's former prime minister and the actor richard gear, who volunteered on the boat that was blocked from docking. and a bunch of defending the borders is a duty, not only for a minister, but for everyone. and it's emphasized in our constitution, i think being accused of doing my homework is nonsense. i'm sorry that richard year is coming to testify the trial. i wonder if it's serious that richard gear of hollywood is going to testify about my behavior at a trial at the heart of the case. it's how venus 2001900 order to block that
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boat, which was carrying a 147 migrants from docking on italian shores. the vessel operated by the spanish and g o. open arms had rescued the migrants in the middle of the mediterranean, and spent 3 weeks waiting for a safe port. so they could disembark. my friends, i think they played at the time, sal vini, had to create a closed port policy, meant to keep them migrants from trying to cross the mediterranean. that policy kept the migrants waiting about 2 weeks within sight of the italian island of land producer. during that time, many jumped into the sea and attempted to swim to shore. the experience of being kept it see, had a devastating effect on the migrants, according to the psychologist who spoke to them while they were still on the boat. it lifted more little being kept on board meant they were re traumatized again and again, they fell continuously abused. it was an abuse of power that the savvy says he was
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just carrying out the policies of the government at the time. this trial comes right as my peer sardine finds himself in one of the weakest political moments of his career. and in many of his statements keep deflecting from the main issue to hand and blaming the trial on an overzealous judicial system that he says is wasting tax payers money. if convicted south vini could face up to 15 years in prison, with more than 2 dozen witnesses said to testify, the case will carry on for several months. adam rainy, i'll dedira rome, and poland. a group of mothers have gathered to show solidarity with migrants trapped at a border with that of ruth. the e. u accuses many of deliberately lacking refugees and migrants cross into the blog in whites calling form of hyper in warfare. the issue of how to deal with the crisis was a major topic of discussion at to day lead to summit, him brussels. the chief ruled out funding why offences but said fresh sanctions on batteries are a possibility on carrying prime minister victor or banners accused foreign powers
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of trying to meddle in his countries politics. thousands of people turned out for rival rallies in the capital past. the demonstrations were in support of opposing candidates in next year's parliamentary elections and came on the anniversary of the anti soviet uprising of 956, and in bother reports. looking back 65 years and into the future, tens of thousands of hungarians march, the budapest in support of prime minister victor alban. the date marks the anniversary of the 1956 anti soviet uprising here, but with parliamentary elections expected. next april. this was also a chance for albany to rehearse his loins. but who fell more? would you basil brussels to day speaks to us and treats us along with the pole as if we were an enemy. we have a feeling of deja vu the air of the soviet doctrine permeates europe. that's all. well, it is time for them brussels to understand that even the communists could not defeat
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as accurate as we are, the sand and the machinery. the stick in the wheels see they have on all or bands right wing finish party has 13 consecutive landslide victories in the last 12 years . but with next year's vote looking tighter, they've introduced measures such as an income tax rebate for families opens also stepped up his strong anti immigration rhetoric. his recent refusal to take in asylum seekers and restriction of media freedoms has put him at odds with other e. u. leaders stuckey t as in cat, centralized tasha, yankee, the 2022 election will be a decisive election and we will have to join our forces ahead of him. ok, pen. hungary is really being attacked by the west. what yet all cycled. how you trying to stop all been, is this man peter marchese who supporters stage their own rally? he's the mayor of a small farming town. more importantly, he leads a 6 party opposition alliance and their neck and neck with fidel in opinion polls.
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in absolute visa, cordova york city, i am absolutely hopeful. i think this will be a very important election. the primaries have also shown us that this will be a historic election because it's never been such a unity and hungry. the opposition leader is promising to tackle corruption, introduce the euro currency, and draft a new constitution like our basic goals for all of left and right. is a hungry to be a democracy or to be governed by the rule of law or in market economic and part of the european union. these 4 basic values we all share. the result of mixed use vote to have real implications for the countries relationship with the outside world. between now and then both sides will continue arguing that they represent true hungarian values. nadine barbara al jazeera turkeys president has ordered 10, west and ambassadors be expelled after they call for the release of a jailed philanthropist. asinine corvana has been imprisoned since late 2017.
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without being convicted. it was accused of financing. the 2013 gassy park protests and participating in a failed curve, which he denies. a joint statement from several countries, including the united states, canada, france, and germany, alleged the case cast a shadow over respect for democracy. rapp bruin is the president of the global situation room consultant, sienna, a former u. s. diplomat, he says, president adon is testing western nations. he is trying to flex his muscle to see how far he could push the west, especially washington. because he believes that after having i had some success with his efforts to rebuff attempts from washington and the west to exert more influence over turkey's decisions. especially when it comes to matters like human rights. he is now in a stronger position and you're, you're seeing him test out just how far he can take it. washington is going to be
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loathe to escalate the situation. and also, as i mentioned, you to bite in just is not able to back up some of these threats with robust action . and so you'll see perhaps a turkey's ambassadors packing up in a lot of these european capitals as well as here in washington. but there will be an attempt to de escalate the situation, try to offer or to won a road off of this a highway to more trouble. we'll see if he takes it. now me and mars military is reported a massing trips in northern regions with fairs, and now the major atrocity could take place. the land is received information indicating that tens of thousands of trips and heavy weapons of being moved into rest of regions in the countries north and north west. that's where i'm groups have resisted its rule since the colon. february. man was military. you similar tactics before carrying out attacks against there were handling rack on state in 2016 and 17, which the un described as genocide. al jazeera spoke to the un special appetite on
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human rights in me and my tom andres. he says urgent action must be taken to prevent mass atrocities. things are very, very tense and what's happening right now is that we're, we have a dry season upon us. and that is traditionally a time when there is an escalation of military action. and we have seen the deep deployment of tens of thousands of troops, heavy weapons and equipment, into the north western regions of the country. a show, this is a very, very disturbing sign. we have seen increased human rights violations. many people were caught in the crossfire and were very, very concerned that we could be seen now imminently a significant loss of life. i hope i'm wrong, and i'm hoping these, these calls for restraint will be heard. but right now i'm, i'm deeply concerned. well, what we saw in 2016, a 2017 was
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a mass deployment in we're kind state of troops and weapons on a very systematic basis. and then all hell fire broke loose and these troops surrounded villages. they attack them ferociously. people, many people were killed the worst incredible. oh, richard. human rights of violations and torture, just unspeakable violence. and so we're seeing that pattern. we're seeing the massing of troops. the deployment in areas that the of the hunter has decided is, is an area that needs to be, as they say, opening up clearance operations. now this is the term that everyone and me and more knows at least those in the ethnic areas. that just that means of potential, a very, a ferocious attacks and massive tropical so on. and they've talked about clearance up. they defined the genocidal attacks against the rainbow s clearance operations.
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and we're hearing that term used again. as we see, tens of thousands of troops deployed to the northwest of the country. tens of thousands of people from my north face have been rallying in cities across bangladesh, protesting against a series of attacks on hindu temples and homes. at least 6 people were killed earlier this month as hindus a celebration over let your festival. if one of claims that the muslim holy book the koran was disrespected in a temple, a protest is a calling for judicial commission to investigate. the attacks will have been several demonstrations since their religious violence broke out 10 days ago. the government is deployed security forces in $34.00 out of $64.00 districts secure. she's also been stepped up at hindu worship. site. i'm with ashes constitution designates as long as the state religion but it also upholds the principle of secularism. induce, make up about 10 percent of the countries, nearly 170000000 people rights activists recorded more than 3000 attacks on the
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hindu minorities since 2013 town. their chandry was at one protest in the capital dot com. i was with a professional the other day i saw about sla and the capital ga gov. people from all walks of life and in those muslims. first, john, but they have gathered here to progress the gun was took place in last several days across the country against him. go bang augustus. they had a protest, i want justice, many of them out on a hunger side. we spoke with some old protest. this is what they have to say. to be of all is a holy hindu book was burned, mainly hinders. we killed mine, only 2 women were roped. these incidents keep huck any one after the other. yet we never go to real justice. one of the clear suspect was arrested on thursday night, but people here said that people behind the conspiracy should be brought to justice and forbid, spose an advocate demand is that the state religion,
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this love should be abolished from the constitution. i think we were born here with taxpayers and contributing to the countries development in every sector. yet we're being attacked and marginalized in every way. now we're here to protest and flight for a survival. people believe those politics behind all this. they want the real people who are behind this time, it still be brought to justice, not just scape goat. if the justice is not met, there's no point in it. you're brought up. incoming days. pakistan is deployed $30000.00 security personnel to resolve about to prevent further violence at rallies by a band political group. members, if jeffrey kill up a pakistan also known as t l. p. r mart changed to mon felisa. valinda site has st. rezani the 2nd day of mass rallies to police officers were killed in the hor, on friday when they were run over cheering confrontations to protest as also died
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now, unrest and s with teeny, is left thousands of people killed and injured over the past few months. african nation, which was known as swaziland until 2018 is africa, is lost. absolute monarchy, but protest is a demanding democracy. king mister t must, which he has ruled the country for more than 35 years. he's consistent with this is called for, but it's chloroform and coding of his powers. pro democracy protest began sweeping the country in june and july. the initial demonstrations were crushed by the police and the army with 27 people killed in one week. now, another round of protest is interrupted. the swaziland democratic nurses union says bertie nurses were injured and a bystander was killed when the army and police opened fire on their raleigh for better living conditions. meanwhile, the government is accused demonstrators of causing damage and the economic losses were almost $70000000.00. dollars to say they are angry that the king has fell to
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improve education and access to basic services. natasha good aim reports. the campus of car bois high school, belies its academic excellence as the best performing it is swati. now its library and textbooks are chart and classrooms vandalized during unrest linked to pro democracy protests. that is not good, because as, as a school, we always try to fall harrigan lennox in class to teach them. we are still not yet good in online learning. we are trying to use it as on pod is handled for to good phones to support us began in jude. many students have boycotted classes demanding free education. only primary school is free. although the government pays for high school for the neediest students, the population is increasing in this country of more than one point. 1000000 people . but the government says there aren't enough jobs. that's why it's prioritizing
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education. $24000.00 high school students will graduate this year and enter a job market with a youth unemployment rate of 54 percent high school student bermondsey missle. lenny anticipates, he'll have to build his future abroad beginning with the university and south africa next year. because for then chris in the country was, hasn't been something that has just from up it's been something that has been, you know, in the events leading up to this point. so it's no surprise that you know, everything is happening the way it is. so i think it's miss for me like go study, i'll say last year a cyclone destroyed du du z ley du bay's home where she lives with her son and grandchildren. she says the government sent a team to survey the damage and promised a disaster relief fund would provide her money to rebuild. she has not received
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a dollar or a block of concrete. the family doesn't have running water or electricity that won't got sent. that'll what troubles me is that i have nothing to keep these children. if i could just get my home rebuilt and food, well, that's when i had trouble finding. the children in debate says she can't stop worrying that her mud house might collapse during the next heavy rain. natasha name al jazeera bonnie as for teeny, no watching and he is our life in london much more still had on the program. farmers in spain, a taking inspiration from mother nature to beat the odds in a harsh climate. and in sport, manchester said he shows no mercy against brighton. ah
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now it has been stormy in northern europe at the last few days. that's easing now, but it's still different between north and south in the middle. the middle is quiet and quite warm from spain right up to towards germany. but i dont case on the side of said the story with god. in fact, we've changed the wind direction. is more of a sudden i for the next few days that will be particularly noticed in stock, o rising by several degrees. and even though the rains come in to london, it goes from $14.00 to $15.00. so this is like an improve the situation, but very typical of autumn, stormy and then a bit of relief, a bit of warms, but more significant rainstorms at least are gathering to a circulation look at this is sundays forecast. so for places like calabria in italy, sicily than to the north coasted to near this circulation, it's pretty nasty as persistent, potentially flooding, re, particularly for italy, and strong with circuits across malta. i'm a producer. as an example.


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