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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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ah, kind of a watching al jazeera and remind you about top stories, the sound, rival rallies, have taken place, and hungary as capital in support of opposing contend of commentary. elections next year. thousands of support as a prime minister. victor all have been marching, but he faces an unprecedented challenge from a united opposition. italy's format interior minister, montana. salvia has gone on trial for his role and blocking a migrant rescue ship and 2019 use the kidnapping and the abuse of power to far right. politicians prevented 2 vessels from docking for days. and taliban forces had been killed in a day of multiple attacks in afghanistan is eastern none. go ha, province. this comes as security operations continue against iso. no group has yet claimed responsibility for those attacks. well, let's hear more from michael simple. he's a professor at the mitchell university for global peace and security and justice at queens, university, belfast, and also a former deputy use special representative to afghanistan. he joins us now via
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skype from dublin. and professor, as we said, still didn't have a claim of responsibility for all of the attacks today, but we've certainly seen an uptake in attacks from ice along mosques and several cities, even the capital. what's your reading of the security situation now? this certainly seems to be a message for the taliban. yes, the taliban are facing. what looks like the early stages of a new insurgency. because these of the old government forces are really down not, not yet fully organized. they may, they may start things later on. it seems most likely that it is not his amik state dice, which is carrying out these attacks. they're not only in eastern afghanistan the here. hm. oh, they are also operating in the northeastern, under northwestern. afghanistan. they are, this is the force which it pose the most direct and military threat to the taliban . while the attacks that we've seen have been highly typical of iso, right? they're hard to predict. they have as our correspond, steph said,
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fairly broad geographical spread. does the taliban have the intelligence or the security capacity even try to combat this or put, could this potentially invite more foreign involvement? well, me currently there and the other 2 kinds of foreign involvement. there's foreign fighters who are i'm some of them are allied with taliban. some of them are allied with dice. are probably they're becoming more active inside afghanistan. and then of course, is the question of foreign forces getting involved in counter terrorism. that taliban are they? they consider dice to be a deadly enemy. they are. i'm rounding people up. they. they say they've, they've brought a 150 new suspects to cobble who are arrested in eastern afghanistan. but the taliban do not have a fraction of the counter terrorism capabilities that the previous government, hard to tell, a bonham just overthrown and the problem the taliban face. as that, i mean there's no, there's no prospect of serious international assistance for the taliban given the
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way that they come to power and the other problems with their rule. i'm so the taliban face having to spend pretty much all the revenue that they can gather inside afghanistan on their military to deal with this and other potential threats and expect the rest of the world to provide humanitarian assistance to look after the civilian population. because the taliban are simply not prepared to use that revenue, which they still gather from the customs on the civilians. so this also appears they could be a message for myself, for the international community. the taliban obviously wants recognition. so how much of the taliban potential legitimacy now rests on actually being able to keep law and order and fight iso so well, it's a, it's not just an issue of their international legitimacy. it's also their domestic legitimacy. because one of the, the claims that the taliban made to the, the population over the years was b a. because because we're tough when we're in power, at least there will be security. andrea within the 1st 2 months of hands are
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discovering. well, that's not actually the case. unfortunately, security problems persist even with the taliban in power. so that, that is, that is one of the factors which has didn't have the taliban has an internal legitimacy and perhaps their ultimate not mixed. the, the method is to might, to my mind that you need some kind of a political settlement which the taliban declined to pursue. and i think that that's also a message that they'll get when they talk to international tutors. nobody is, nobody is queueing up to hand over budget support to the taliban, or to finance their, their armed forces because of the way that they insisted in coming to power with asia with a monopoly of power. well, let me ask you, then, about the financing and this disillusionment, the obscenity seeing in the african community because of the huge amounts of funds are still frozen. an ice, obviously, pretty tough and many people in afghanistan at the moment. so could that choice then potentially backfire create even more of a climate for iso recruitment? perhaps? oh, absolutely. uh for the moment they,
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you know i ssl is in it so on the top 5 problems for the taliban, but it's not the uh, the main problem. the main problem that the taliban face now that they're in government is they do not have the running the money to run a country or something like 35000000 people. and that's a really like a lived reality for people who are sitting in like the in taliban operated government departments because they are literally under siege with thousands of indigent afghans. people who are newly newly find themselves in poverty. because yeah, they've is a 1000000 people to be pushed out to work with a collapse of the government that with the banking system out fios has the, it has basically been frozen, which means that people can't get access to money. businesses can't operate. and there is a real soon army of out of poverty hitting afghanistan. and the taliban have no means to deal with it. that's their 1st problem. and that's which is causing members of the taliban and the other population to ask you. why did you go ahead
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with this? if you had not foreseen, and you had no plan to deal with this economic crisis and you're right that they hear. there are various reasons why dice is suddenly able to recruit people again v off because there is no, there is no other opposition to the taliban in the field at the moment that they are members of armed networks. you who are not aligned with the taliban. the only place that got to go to at the moment is go to dash my whole central there, professor mitchell and steve global p. security and justice. and also for met deputy, is special representative to afghanistan. always get to get your thoughts on out as they are. thank you for joining us again. professor becker on leaving on and there have been cause the com and dialogue in isadine, which is africa. last absolute monarchy, dozens of people have been killed or injured in months now of pro democracy, protests, mediators from southern africa as regional blocks, a the king once an end to the violence though. and hashtag a name report from and the bonnie the campus of car bois high school belies it's
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academic excellence. as the best performing it is swati. now it's library and textbooks are chart and classrooms vandalized during unrest link to pro democracy protests. it is not good because as, as a school, we always decide before having linens in class to teach them. we are still not yet good in online learning. we are trying to use it to pass on pot is handled for to good phones to support us began in jude. many students have boycotted classes demanding free education. only primary school is free. although the government pays for high school for the neediest students, the population is increasing in this country of more than one point. 1000000 people . but the government says there aren't enough jobs. that's why it's prioritizing education. $24000.00 high school students will graduate this year and enter
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a job market with a youth unemployment rate of 54 percent high school student per menzies miscellany, anticipates he'll have to build his future abroad beginning with the university and south africa next year. because of all this in the country was hasn't been something that has just from up. it's been something that has been, you know, in the events leading up to this point. so it's no surprise that you know, everything is happening the way it is. so i think it's miss for me, like go study, i'll say last year a cyclone destroyed due to the late debate home where she lives with her son and grandchildren. she says the government set a team to survey the damage at promised a disaster relief fund would provide her money to rebuild. she has not received a dollar or a block of concrete. the family doesn't have running water or electricity going
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cuts out that will. what troubles me is that i have nothing to keep these children . if i could just get my home rebuilt and food, well, that's what i haven't got trouble finding. the children in debate says she can't stop worrying better mud house might collapse during the next heavy rain. natasha name al jazeera bonnie as for teeny, well, we can now speak to one de la julia. he is the secretary general of the opposition people's united democratic movement and he joins us via phone from and the been a in us for teeny, really. i'll stop by asking you about the situation on the ground there right now there's, we see this protest band and place internet restrictions. what's the state of the protests and the people organizing them right now? thank you. my. so please give us the people are pressing on. we are calling for the democratic zation of the country. they're calling full time to call
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from the one to you in a double critique to sheet. and of course, the continuous chris democraix wanted to call this one de la. we're seeing pictures now of people being carried away on stretches. there have already been conflicting reports of the death toll. we know it sent me in the dozens since june. can you give us a sense of what you've seen and if that's causing fear to spread, that it's quite difficult to come up with a conclusive the wall that has been unused by the team on the people. continuing the regency, if you see beginning of june and to now we have 950 people were killed in lieu and we had almost 100 people informed to run to now we had it last might not have been short ideas or so
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please all under the command, it's just the week, possibly we have students more than all one other people who have to have out of my tutoring, goodman's wish that by called by police, where they can come in. who cheated betty chuck this morning when the guy was to me, you can reach him and we just have a 2 year old to get him to school. going, trying to has been cute, 3 days in the soon do. saw him about to kill me out of when the king is, is committing war against his people. i know a southern delegation has been in the country trying to help resolve all of this. and they're saying that kim's want that that wants to have dialogue,
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would you be willing to engage to daniel in the progressive forces? he's been a liberal flaming. h meant to be even have a police document calling equally to wait for the 22nd, where we spell out. we need to go out and just laws your political been political party in need to an entirely new structure that we do to talk to you to see when you went to more question. so we have only one delay. i must ask you though, over the years your members are also alleged have taken part in the tax, petrol bombs 5. how far does your party believe it should actually go in order to push for the change that you are asking for? as far as it goes at 5 a month, it seems to me lucky you seem to be
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using your own has been using college. busy police to be totally sold. people who challenge us only the accumulation point even proscribed in 2008. but we will not look back down because we don't we tween pumpkin for us anything while i'm down to church and we should come one day to do that. the secretary general of the opposition people's united democratic movement speaking to us from 14. thank you so much for joining us. one de la here on out of here. now a group of farmers in southern spain. so they're testing a new approach to agriculture and, and via is a desert like area that gets very little rain. and also from, from the winter, the pharmacy, it can be
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a challenge to get anything from the soil and they're hoping to change that. and catherine stansell reports. friend martinez is a farmer on the mission, trying to work the land against difficult odds in not than in boy a mother. we do not have more than 15 or 20 centimeters of soil in a desert, a stick desert that in winter is very cold, every run can lisa, some of the most difficult conditions for agriculture in the entire world is what you can do in other locations. you cannot do here if you cannot avoid it. instead, martinez and other farmers in the area are using a new approach in order to maximize yield from what is a harsh environment. this includes mixing crops to improve the health of the soil. they call it poly cropping, knows that we have transformed in agricultural farm into a forest. only the only difference is to change crops law, the olive trees for the pines in between. instead of having other types of bushes, we have our peppers or cojet, sal obgyn. basically the same ecosystem, the same by diversity and fertile soil is a forest. it's
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a unique way of addressing a massive regional difficulty helplessly but really my good than in law. her mind problem, we have practically throughout the mediterranean sea. it is the loss of 1st off soil. the proliferation of certain crops in certain plantations cools, is a saw to be completely bare and exposed to the rain, which is increasingly to rent your vehicle money. to overcome this, once harvesting has been completed. farmers lay down a green cover of vegetation to protect the soil from extreme temperatures. these include mediterranean herbs, serial crops, strips of turf and legumes. not only do they ensure that the bare soil is not exposed to the elements. they also restore nitrogen to the soil, which can encourage healthy plant growth and all without health decides. the project is helped by the amsterdam based common land foundation, who call it organic regenerates, have cultivation, and healthy goods is produced by help b landscapes with healthy agriculture. and that healthy food at the end do you know,
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help to heal people healthy people. the farmers received no direct subsidies. instead, they will rely on future profits from their produce, including tomatoes, almonds, wine, honey, and all of oils working with mother nature seems to be paying off. caffeine stansell al jazeera while saudi arabia says it's aiming to reach net 0 carbon emissions by 2016 conference. mom had been sama made that announcement days before the global climate summit and glasgow. the re add says it will be focusing on trying to capture carbon before it enters the and storing it rather than actually reducing reliance on fossil fuels. saudi arabia is one of the world's largest oil produces the chief executive of the state oil giant. saudi ramco on the nasa said it was counterproductive to demonize hydrocarbons. but that is the we'll need to do is by demonizing the hydrocarbon into the city is not going to help anyone. we
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need to work together collaboratively. i think we need to be inclusive in our policies and not the fight to the pandemic now. and russia has reported a record number of deaths from the corona virus for the 5th day in a row. there were nearly 38000 new infections and about the 1000 fatalities present . got him imprison, has approved a week long nationwide. workplace shut down to try to prevent the spread of the virus. only about a 3rd of the population is vaccinations. that's one of the lowest rates in europe. a neighboring ukraine also has low vaccination rates with only 15 percent getting inoculated sofa. despite the availability and choice of jobs, and it too has reported record numbers of infections and death for the 2nd day in a row, falls in the capital and other areas with high contagion rates will be shot for 2 weeks. and romania is now putting new restrictions into place to deal with a such in cases it will reintroduce
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a night curfew and make vaccination certificates. mandatory for most activities that move comes as the country reported reco numbers of daily deaths and infections this month. more than a 3rd of the adult population in romania is now fully inoculated. now, in iranian governance, speech was abruptly interrupted on saturday. after an unknown man struck him across the head, it happened in the runs east, as by john province. during a visit by the interior minister, the police are looking for the identity of the man responsible. how traditional music is making a comeback, and lydia, and told meliss, and it's paid by bands on special occasions, including weddings and religious holidays. many training reports now from tripling maloof, in classical arabic means fashionable or familiar. but a libya,
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it's what they call traditional music. it usually include singing musical instruments and praises to god, uses in a soup as a prominent thinker of maloof and libya. he says this type of music has a rich history here, then hadn't been a fit mother for originated in andalusia. that came to northern africa and made its way to libya, morocco algeria antennas. yet it's a simple form of music with few instruments, it's been passed on from generation to generation before. it was only play during religious occasions like to marvel. and before they were only a few bands in libya, and they were all in tripoli, but now every city has numerous bands. this crowded tripoli have gathered promoted the prophet mohammed birth if they celebrate by singing mellow ha. maloof is an art form that has deep roots and libya is very beautiful and we enjoy it. the words poetic and speak of love and blessings. it touches upon our culture and tradition, and i hope it lives on through the generations to come. them tells us where we came
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from, who we are, or heritage or culture. everything about a kind of gives you a sense of pride of where we come from. honestly it's, it's awesome. seeing all the faces out here in the songs and dancing and everything like that. awesome. we're centuries, people of morse to triple his old cities singing and dancing during this revered holiday. that tradition continues to this day. it's that events like this that you can feel how special and how important do delivery information and living coulter. hundreds of people are gathered here today thinking songs of predictor and spirituality. what if not, does that event like this? my mother played a thoughtful, a bus mostly been wet is during this wedding. people enjoy their meals while listening to a live performance of maloof in the background. usa for la debbie's father was one of the most famous middle fingers in libya's recent history. he's now continuing his father's legacy. his band is one of the most sought after during weddings in
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tripoli, while from one us of interesting that maloof is now a master, most social events like engagement parties, weddings, and even business conferences. young men and now learning to play musical instruments because it's a trait gets in high demand. back at the moulded gathering and far from the politics of the visions of libya. these people celebrate through an ancient art form a tradition they hope will continue for generations to comp no, trina ultra 0 true blue while it is now time for sports and here santa thank you very much. in the stars yellow with saw with premier league and a hat trick from chelsea's mason mile to kept off a very memorable afternoon for the blues. they smashed the team, are coming at last annoyed 7 mill, the fender bender, chill well scored for the 4th consecutive game. can't open bas, going early on, and then grab too late goals to finish off the hammering. chelsea will mean top of the table often mine matches very happy with the performance and very happy with the intensity and very happy with the effort that we put into this game. and it was
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not a force game in consecutive game in as favorites. and i like how we approach these game step snow. there is no cha ching and there is no holding back. we play all in . i wasn't quite as comprehensive that from manchester city, but it's called a comfortable for one victory. a way to brighten city found all their goals and the 1st half city feels holden netted twice. man city had 2 points behind chelsea, but liverpool have the chance to regain 2nd place when they faced my stay nighted on sunday. australia have opened their campaign at the t 20 woke up with the 5, a wicked victory over south africa. the all these were set and modest target a 119 runs. and while they are not in control for most of the innings, south africa showed some nate fight, which included at this fantastic catch by aden ma chrome, australia caught the required runs that was just to bolster,
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spur the torment format involve the 2 groups of 6 teams each with the top 2 in each pool moving to the semi finals. i think it was on the rock. i guess. i mean, it told me if you want to we but yeah, in the short water minutes, i'll think no matter how you when it was a better feeling, you like up the next morning. so i'd better winning and losing. so yes, i believe it's on the why england opened their tournament with a resounding victory over defending champions, the west indies, the windows were bows out for just $55.00 runs the lowest ever total the torment by top here, nation england look forward and reaching the target with more than half their overs the fair tennis world, number one actually bought, he has decided not to compete again this year, meaning issue want defend her title at the season and in w t. a final australia made the toys due to the continuing cove with 19 travel and
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quarantine restrictions in her country while the wimbledon champion 15 titles this year, but hasn't played since the us open to september. but he says she's focused on winning her whole grand slam and melbourne in january. the houston astros, i have a reach the world series for the 3rd time in 5 at seasons. here john c o r y ball or the last that shit, do they be the boston red sox or 5? nothing. in game 6 of the american league championship series, astros will play either the atlanta braves, all reigning champion, the la dodgers, atlanta lead that series by 3 games to to you know, these guys felt that we were going to get to this point and use of matter of belief . now we know before it happens, you have to believe and, you know, these guys believe,
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los angeles lakers have downplayed the heated exchange between 2 of their star players, antony davis, and why howard had to be separated. often argument turn physical happened during a time out and their loss to the phoenix suns. the lakers have but tested have tasted, defeats in their opening to games of the season. you know, we were competitors. if you don't get a man a certain things on the floor that you feel i should have done better than what are year for. so you know, we like to has a ball club. we like to adversity. i like diversity and i like it even more when to man in a team and come together and, and talk about it and move on. i mean that's what we're a man. do you know let it linger? you say what you got to say and you, you talk about a move on us. we do center in formula one. max 1st happens rivalry with louis hamilton has continued at the united states gone k ah, to video ignore it. don't worry about it. read go drive, it was not happy one,
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hamilton passed him and doing a practice session in austin, texas, or stop at least the driver standings by 6 points. qualifying is later on saturday . he's out there, you know, check spot bump in to find a ride compromise with the car hasn't been easy so far, but i mean l 2 positive things to look up and yeah, we'll continue to work on the overnights. the one was really the session made some changes and i wasn't happy to and i'm still not such a bad place, but i think we lost some ground to what they gained ground. so we have some work that it's not as always a motor g, b, italian, francesco benya claim to his 4th consecutive pull position, qualifying fastest for the immediate romania gone. p and mazano, championship leader 5, your car throttle had
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a shocking day and we'll start from 15th banana a 2nd in the standings. 52 points behind it's identical are bartolini made the history of the world gymnastics championships in japan. it's amazing. performance. gave him a gold and the man's floyd's the size to come in the 1st italian to win the world title in that discipline. and more than $1000.00, more as the gathered for the funeral of canyon at long distance runner, agnes europe. the 25 year old olympian was found stabbed to death 10 days ago in her home town. police have arrested her husband on suspicion of her murder. she was laid to rest in western kenya. and thus was what for me, i hand you back to natasha. thanks him or santa holla, one more story and brazil's famous christ to redeem a statue has had a make over. it's been lit up as you can see that bright pink to mark breast cancer
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awareness month. the disease is the most common type of cancer in women and survival rates vary greatly depending on when it's detected, as well as the quality of treatment asset from manus darzy, tender heart. but i'll hand you over to marry him and london will have more for you and just ah, ah, in the country was an abundance of resources. great. already won indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part when the this is growth and progress, invest even easier. now, leaders from the world's biggest economies will convene in rome this month to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all ice will also be on the g twenty's response to the climate emergency. can they find a way to prioritize the planets help? oh, good g d p. special coverage on al jazeera question, the narrative identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit, the listening pace, deconstruct the media on al jazeera, global production is wasteful and it's training our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jenny fish is delicious with
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a very light c food taste and texture seminar, calamari, and innovative production techniques. and i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant path to see this is great earth rise feeding the billions on a jesse who play an important role protecting you. and oh. ringback 2 interface m afghan is don security challenge. taliban fighters are again targeted in the eastern province of manga. ha, ah, hello, i'm marianne mozy, and then you know, watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. and you, my grand caravan leaves mexico on a more than 2000 kilometer journey to america in order to sending his decision to
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stop a rescue ship from docking. former italian interior minister goes on.


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