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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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for the screen takes to fight the climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah. hello there, i'm associate a, this is the news. our live from our headquarters here and are hop coming up in the next 60 minutes. tell about members are targeted in a series of attacks in afghanistan's eastern anger. ha, province. as a security operation continues against, i thought a show of strength by hungarian prime and a civic to albany as he faces a united opposition ahead of next year's election. the southern african regional
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blog says he's what he needs king is open to dialogue. after pro democracy protest intensified this week and displaced by violence, hundreds of indigenous colombians set up a protest camp and the capitol demanding financial aid. and his 4 majesty city are heading for a big victory in the premier league. but not quite on par with chelsea. the blues inflicted more misery on the half list, nor it with the 7 gold thrashing. ah, well we begin this news hour in afghanistan where taliban forces have been killed in a day of multiple attacks in easton, longer hall province, in a separate incident to roadside bombs, injured 3 people and killed one child. this all comes as security operations continue against iso. and let's get more on this from stephanie decker. she is on the ground force in cobble stiff multiple attacks in one day. what do we know about
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them at this point? that's right. you mentioned a couple of them there. you also had an incident where one of the taliban heads of a town about n g o was targeted in an explosion, a roadside explosion. he survived that 2 of his body guards were killed. you had an attack a carried out by iceland, afghanistan on a taliban police station. we understand from our sources, with casualties on both sides are difficult to confirm exactly the numbers at the moment, but we do understand we do know that there has been a longstanding conflict going on with isolate nangle province. villalobos is its capital is believed to be sort of the main area where iceland, afghanistan has its, has its presence has its headquarters, if you will. but it's very different here in the sense that it's not like the, the group has a lot of geographical whole. that is more of a different threatening. you do have the taliban that have upped, you know, they're, they're, you know, emissions against the group. not just in,
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in the east of the country, jalal about also here in cobble because you've had a spade of attacks over the last couple of weeks. and the telephone does maintain that it's not a huge threat, but it is something that they're taking seriously. but still, stephan cost down on the capacity of the taliban to actually maintain security in order in the country. surely. well, this is exactly what they're doing. i'm experts will tell you that the amount of manpower that i saw has here isn't huge, probably topping around 2000 people that doesn't hold large areas of geography. what it's doing is a launching unpredictable attacks. we've seen them now. yes. in the east they moved north to couldn't do a mosque there. she almost during friday prayers south at the heartland of taliban seat of power. if you will in kandahar province the friday before last you had a tax also here in cobble in the capital. so you have a warfare, if you will, a message by ice is trying to destabilize the taliban as it moves from an
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insurgency to trying to govern this country in a very difficult time. this does have to tell you the fact the international community is withholding billions of dollars of age means it salaries haven't been paid in months. people don't have money to pay any, you know, they don't have money to feed themselves and that's not an exaggeration. this does create a very dangerous environment for recruitment, for people to be, you know, i tried to defect from the taliban. so this is a concern here and i think, you know, it is a threat going forward, particularly things at the intel about hester rely on intelligence to have to you know, prevent. so this is something that is ongoing now, but certainly i think iceland, making it very clear that even though the taliban always played the security card that they could maintain security in this country, they've done that to some extent when it comes to kidnappings and crime is down, but the attacks are that that ice will have certainly escalated on the taliban in the last couple of weeks. and he and stephanie jack available, the latest from cobble. thank you so much, steph. while moving on on the united nations, it says it v as
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a mass atrocity crimes in myanmar, as thousands of soldiers now gather in the north, the un special replica on me. and mom says, and you report shows, the military government has probably engaged in crimes against humanity, more than 1100 people have been killed and about 8000 arrested since that qu, back in february, we spoke to the un special rapture, tom andrews about his warning to the general assembly, he says urgent action must be taken to prevent what may be clarence operations. things are very, very tense and what's happening right now is that we're, we have a dry season upon us. and that is traditionally a time when there is an escalation of military action. and we have seen the deep deployment of tens of thousands of troops, a heavy weapons and equipment into the north western regions of the country. a show . this is a very, very disturbing sign. we have seen increased human rights violations. many people
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are caught in the crossfire and we're, we're very, very concerned that we could be seen now imminently a significant loss of life. i hope i'm wrong. and i'm hoping these, these calls for restraint will be hurt. but right now i'm, i'm deeply concerned. well, what we saw in 2016, a 2017. was a mass deployment in we're kind state of troops and weapons on a very systematic basis. and then all hell, fire broke loose, and these troops surrounded villages. they attack them ferociously. people, many people were killed, the worst incredible o riffing human rights of violations and torture, just unspeakable violence. and so we're seeing that pattern, we're seeing the massing of troops, the deployment in areas that the of the hunter has decided it is an area that needs
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to be, as they say, opening up clearance operations. now this is the term that everyone in me in more knows at least those in the ethnic areas. that just that means of potential. a very, a ferocious attacks and mass atrocity so on. and they've talked about clearance up . they defined the genocidal attacks against the rainbow as clearance operations. and we're hearing that term used again. as we see, tens of thousands of troops deployed to the northwest of the country. now turkey, as president, has ordered 10 western ambassadors be expelled for calling for the release of a jail philanthropist. osman corolla has been in prison since late 2017. without being convicted. he was accused of financing the 2013 jesse pomp protests and of participating in a failed coo, which he denies a joint statement from several countries, including the u. s. canada france and germany alleged that the case cost a shadow over respect for democracy. well, let's bring in brett brewer and he's the president of the global situation room
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consultancy, and also a former us to promote. he joins us now from washington, d. c. but let me start by asking you about the timing of this call. it's been in prison since 2017, the european court of human rights world. he should be released immediately back in december 2019. that obviously hasn't happened. so why this moved from out on now? well, i think this is opportune is him honor to once part. he is trying to flex his muscle and to see how far he can push the west. especially washington, because he believes that after having had some success with his efforts to rebuff attempts from washington and the west to exert more influence over turkey's decisions. especially when it comes to matters like human rights. he is now in a stronger position and you're seeing him test out just how far he can take it. well, we've also seen that on some his knows that the us with that weapons patches from
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russia is this now potentially also a break with western europe, especially as it could have some repercussions with the council of europe. i think it's a break with the west, an early one and knows that washington is worried that a nato ally is going to have these russian arms that russia is being used for leverage by order one by, on kara and washington's in a tough spot here in bite, and quite frankly, has just not been paying a whole lot of attention to the international agenda. and that allows the likes of her to want other countries as well to try to throw around some of their weight and see what they can get away with. well, if biden is distracted elsewhere, what kind of response we like to see from the west, especially from washington d. c. o. and you don't expect that at all. washington, this could be loathed to escalate the situation. and also, as i mentioned,
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you know, by didn't just is not able to back up some of these threats with robust action. and so you'll see perhaps turkeys ambassadors packing up in a lot of these european capitals as well as here in washington. but there will be an attempt to de escalate the situation. try to offer or to one a, a road off of this a highway to more trouble. we'll see if he takes it on looking a little closer to him then. oh no one has been consolidating power after those events of 2016. so what's the state of things now? corolla isn't the only one who's up? no, he isn't. and certainly there are a lot of concerns about our early one, some of the cracked down, some of the less than democratic moves that he's been making. and so i, this is a pivotal moment. the west really does need to stand up, does need to tell erred one if he want to remain a respected member of the club in turkey. really has been
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a privilege member in many respects of a lot of these international fora. you have got to abide by certain basic international principles in ur to one, as you said, has thrown his nose at the west on a lot of these points. how much can he get away with? it's still an open question right now. the president of the global situation rein consultancy, always going to get your thoughts on out there. thanks for joining us again back. so plenty more. had you this news hour, including italy's home and hear him in a fit, goes on trial for kit, nothing. and the abuse of power for preventing a migrant rescue ship from docking and 2019 tens of thousands of people for minority faith rally and bangladesh, protesting against the recent series of attacks on hindu temples. i'm home and and thought will tell you who became the fast italian man. so when the floor exercise, well championship,
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ah, now rival rallies have taken place in hungary capital in support of opposing candidates and parliamentary elections next year in thousands of supporters of prime minister victor, all that had been marching through budapest on the anniversary of the anti soviet uprising of 1956, he faces an unprecedented challenge there from a united opposition spending both the left and the right. pizza marcus, i. conservative men is their candidate and they're hoping to end all bands winning st. he's now been in power for the last 11 years. what would you best feel? brussels today speaks to us and treat along with the poll as if we were an enemy. we have a feeling of deja. the air of the soviet doctrine permeates europe as well. it is time for them, brussels to understand that even the communism cannot compete as we are the signed in the machinery. the stick in the wheels are basic goals for all of us. left and
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right is hungry to be a democrat, to be governed by the rule of law in market economics and part of the european union. these 4 basic values we all share. our basic goals are the same. so yes, we have to speak together. i know you'd have to try everything in their power to break up this elias, but if we can stick together, we will eventually definitely been for that as well. to orac bruckner, he's a professor, european studies at stanford university, berlin. he says there may be enough appetite for change and hungry to threaten all bounds. hold on power on has more than a decade to control media, to streamline public opinion, to bombard people with propaganda slogans that the european union is bad and everything is august rated by george sorrows and it's anti semitic. and it's, you know, whole big and hungry is threatened and they need
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a strong reader. so if you hear this over and over and over again, it's pretty difficult to say how much of this resonates in a country that is more conservative and liberal societies in the western european union. the attempt to get its act together, the opposition managed to nominate the ideal candidate for society like hungary. the alternative would have been the vice president of europe in parliament. and she sort of represent you, which is consider in all of us propaganda, the evil system that is secular and not sufficiently conservative and not sufficiently hungaria. this new candidate is a family man. he's a mayor is conservative. he lived in the united states for a bit and understands that he can try to learn from what bernie sanders successfully did to mobilize the masses. but i think there is
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a strong appetite for change in the part of society that understands that being constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda and anti european sentiments is not the future of a country in which a lot of people identify with european values and see themselves as europeans, italy is for the interior minister imitator. sal vinny has gone on trial for his role and blocking a migrant rescue ship in 20. 19 the far right politician as it used of kidnapping and the abuse of power for preventing 2 vessels from docking for days. adam rainy reports now from rome. the trial of italy's former interior minister mateo saline began on saturday in palermo. he stands charged with kidnapping, in dereliction of duty for preventing a boat from disembarking migrants after they were rescued at sea. the court quickly approved the prosecution's list of witnesses,
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including italy's former prime minister and the actor richard gear, who volunteered on the boat that was blocked from docking and defending the borders is a duty not only for a minister, but for everyone. and it's emphasized in our constitution, i think being accused of doing my homework is nonsense. i'm sorry that richard year is coming to testify the trial. i wonder if it's serious that richard gear of hollywood is going to testify about my behavior at a trial. at the heart of the case is having these 2019 order to block that boat, which was carrying a 147 migrants from docking on italian shores. the vessel operated by the spanish in geo open arms had rescued the migrants in the middle of the mediterranean and spent 3 weeks waiting for a safe port so they could disembark. my things i think they play at the time is how many had to create a closed port policy meant to keep them migrants from trying to cross the mediterranean. that policy kept the migrants waiting about 2 weeks within sight of
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the italian island of land producer. during that time, many jumped into the sea and attempted to swim to shore. the experience have been kept it see had a devastating effect on the migrants, according to the psychologist who spoke to them while they were still on the boat. a less than a more little being kept on board meant they were re traumatized again and again when they felt continuously abused, it was an abuse of power that the sardine says he was just carrying out the policies of the government at the time. this trial comes right as my tech savvy me find himself in one of the weakest political moments career. and in many of his statements keep deflecting from the main issue to hand and blaming the trial on an overzealous traditional system that he says is wasting taxpayer money. if convicted south vini could face up to 15 years in prison, with more than 2 dozen witnesses set to testify, the case will carry on for several months. adam rainy,
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i'll dedira rome and tens of thousands of people for minority faith have been rallying in cities across bangladesh, protesting against a recent series of attacks on hindu temples and homes. at least 6 people were killed. alley of this month as hindus was celebrating a religious festival that followed claims that the muslim holy book the koran was disrespected in a temple. the protest as a calling for a judicial commission to investigate these attacks. handy, childrens, at those demonstrations and decamp. calling for progress the other day i saw about sla and the capital ga gov. people from all walks like windows muslim 1st and we'll do a gun walk. took place in last several days across the country again saw him go bang augusta. they had her protest. i want justice, many of them out on a hunger thought we spoke with some old protest. this with all is
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a holy hindu book was bend, mainly he knew we killed mine. only 2 women were raped. these incidents keep happening one after the other. yet we never go to real justice. one of the clear suspect was arrested on thursday night, but people here said feebly behind the conspiracy should be brought to justice and forbid. suppose an arbitrary demand is that the state religion, this love should be abolished from the constitution. i'm going back to it. we were born here with taxpayers and contributing to the countries development in every sector. yet we're being attacked and marginalized in every way. now we're here to protest and fight for a survival. people believe those politics behind all this. they want the real people who are behind this time it still be brought to justice, not just scape goat. if the justice was not met, there's no point in it. you're brought up and coming days. now pakistan has deployed $30000.00 extra security personnel to islamabad to prevent violence at
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rallies by a band political group. members of to regular bake pakistan are marching to the capitol to demand the release of their leader, sod. hussein ridgeview to police officers and 2 protesters were killed in the hor, during confrontations there on friday leader as an alliance of 9 haitian gangs as its members are not responsible for kidnapping 17 foreign missionaries. the head of the g 9 has marched through puerto prince, flanked by hundreds of people in defense of the armed grapes annual rapidly reports a show of force by members of the g. 9 gang in puerto prince wall images of heavily armed gang members marching freely through the city streets might seem surreal to many. it's a scene that's become quite common in the haitian capital, some gangs like the g 9 or even trying to reinvent their image and appear more like a political organization than a criminal enterprise. hey,
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we want to build good schools, good hospitals have good, clean water. we are the sons of the nation. on the streets dang, violence seems to be getting worse by the day. and growing insecurity means part of the job of public transport drivers is to always keep an eye out for trouble or wholly survival. the police could do something for us because they're the law. so they're the ones that should protect us, but they don't do anything back. so we don't know what to do. ah dang. violence is not a new phenomenon in haiti. even government leaders have been known to use gangs in the past to exert political control. but locals tell us the scale of the band is reaching unprecedented levels. fullborne seeking we did a vehicle by usually when we need security in this country. we can't go on living like this anymore. we have people with guns everywhere and the police beats us with sticks and everything is really hard for us. we need change in this country level. ah, despite the dangers, people still have to go out. if they want to make
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a living for many residents of puerto prince and for drivers simply commuting around town is one of the most dangerous activities they can do. running the risk of being kidnapped, being robbed, or getting caught in the crossfire of rival gangs, fighting each other over control of different parts of the city. an estimated 50 percent of territory in the haitian capital is said to be under the control of criminal gangs. and while the case of 17 hostages being held by a gang known as 400, melissa has attracted international attention for an aid groups say, the magnitude of the security crisis has far reaching implications. the guys are expand day that power and they control on areas of the car. it's a cd. and again, it's a vicious cycle. if you have more insecurity, then humanity actors, then the state absorb cheese can no longer ring or she may try and serve as an access to basic services to the population,
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which then leave the space to criminal gags to take power. this is the cycle we need to break while some fear becoming victims of violence. others have accepted the slow takeover by crime syndicates. a symptom, perhaps, of the distrust many have of authorities complicating the efforts to win back control of the city from the criminal groups who are trying to run it. manuel rap, hello al jazeera, puerto prince. now hundreds of indigenous and barrow people are living in a park in the center of columbia's capital. they were displaced by violence and their territory in a year and a half ago. now they are protesting. after the government stopped providing housing and financial aid, and a sandra ram, cassie reports now from by the time for 20 days, hundreds of indigenous embed. i have been living in tense and other plastic sheets and book with the national park, located in this city center. like most here, i know that his family were displayed from their village in western columbia
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a year ago. after being caught in the crossfire of rising violence between on groups in the military. at 1st, they received housing assistance in covey, 900 subsidies. but the relief package ran out in september and they've ended up here saying they have nowhere else to go down to them. if we can't feed ourselves some eat some don't and the winter is hard here. if we had a safe way to go back, we would. but if we can't, then we need help. the camp conditions are dire. 5 kids have ended up sick in the intensive care unit this week, and i will drive out some 1500 them better are currently homeless in the city. few speak spanish. a 1000 have been relocated to a camp outside book with basic amenities, city outdoors. these agree, it's not ideal, but it's all they can offer money in. pick it up. what i law,
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the subsidies gone begin indefinitely by the district. had an exploration for the band and the victims law regional national entity should begin reparations processing. we are waiting for that to happen and hopefully they will also be able to return home policy and of friday. the capitol police issued an order of eviction giving outdoor. it is 48 hours to try and convince the bearer to voluntarily moved to a different camp on the outskirts of braga before forcibly removing them. a previous attempt this week to conduct a pre removal census ended in scuffles. 2020 was the most violent year in more than a decade in columbia. i made continuing conflict in remote areas. many more indigenous people could be forced to resettle in cities like bogota in coming months. so meal is the indian us continually thousands of indigenous people that to seek refuge in cities as a result of the violence,
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the war and the arm groups operating in their territories. they are being sacked by those he wants to take the gold, the wood, and the other resources. all they want is to be able to go back. but unfortunately, there is no real return policy and a complicated humanitarian crisis that critique say will only worsen unless it's root causes or addressed allison. but i'm beauty and jesse, i've gotta still ahead here on al jazeera fighting the odds. how farmers in spain are working with mother nature and weeping. the rewards turning up the music people in libya on determined not to let the sounds and the popular tradition die. and, and sport manchester city, it show no mercy against bryson. those details for you lisa, in the news that ah
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well, iraq's been back to, nor term to know for about 4 days. so everything's cool down. this is the weather's, it should be at this time. do you know, particularly strong wind even the ship has weakened a limit of snow in the fall north of pakistan as something significantly happening around the black sea. now if we zoom in to what's happening on monday, again, the snow's disappeared more or less, but there's a significant change in the caspian. cold air is coming out of really western russia is going to, i think pick up some shower, produce some showers, likely of snow over armenia and georgia and shout maybe of rain coming down towards nolan, iran. but the real nasty stuff is going to be nice inside of turkey, significant snow here, right around the north coast, and the winds picking up again down to the boss for us in the gene coming down to the north coast of egypt. i think most levant will be fine, it'll feel a little bit cooler, but it looks as it'll be still sunny skies. in tropical africa on the eastern side,
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the when to so weak. now we get a few coastal showers and market issue. otherwise, somalia, kenya, and if you very largely dry but further west, the rain is starting to go. sas with the sun is concentrating in cameroon, and got bomb. but it's going sites through dia, congo, and into the eastern side of anger in waves of very heavy rain. ah, but it's the was most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing moment to see context, india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the cult 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me, fade is. those are for context. india analysis either compelling. we
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keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion in spite, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been on august night, he was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. lou ah ah, hello. they are watching out a 0. that's remind you of our top stories this our rival rallies have taken place, and hungary is capital in support of opposing contenders and parliamentary
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elections next year. thousands of supporters of prime minister victor all been have been marching, but he faces an unprecedented challenge from a united opposition. italy's former interior minister mathias albini has gone on trial for his role and blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019 is accused of kidnapping and the abuse of power. the far right politician prevented 2 vessels from docking for days. and taliban forces had been killed in a day of multiple attacks in afghanistan, east and nangle har province. this comes as security operations continue against iso. no group has yet claimed responsibility for those attacks. well, let's hear more from michael sample. he's a professor at the mitchell university for global peace at security and justice at queens, university, belfast, and also a former deputy use special representative to afghanistan. he joins us now via skype from dublin. and professor, as we said, still don't have a claim of responsibility for all of the attacks today, but we.


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