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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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parties, weddings, and even business conferences, young men, and now learning to play musical instruments because it's a trait bits and high demand back at the molded gathering. and for from the politics of the visions of libya, these people celebrate through an ancient art form a tradition. they hope will continue for generations to come. no trainer, ojo 0 true blue. now a red giant owl has been photographed in the wild for the 1st time in a 150 years. a team from london's imperial colors spotted the shelley's eagle owl and a rain forest and garner scientists have described it as a sensational discovery. ah hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the u. n says that she has conflict in me and mars, escalating with a potential for mass atrocities. and says the military gentle sending tens of
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thousands of troops to the rest of north and north west of the country. un special repertoire for me on mount tom andrews made the warning to the general assembly. things are very, very tense and what's happening right now is that we're, we have a dry season upon us. and that is traditionally a time when there is an escalation of military action. and we have seen the deployment of tens of thousands of troops, heavy weapons and equipment into the north western regions of the country. so this is a very, very disturbing sign. we have seen increased human rights violations. many people were caught in the crossfire and were very, very concerned that we could be seen. now imminently a significant loss of life. i hope i'm wrong. turkey's president has ordered 10 western ambassadors be expelled for calling for the release of a jail philanthropist. osman kabbalah has been in prison now since late 2017
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without being convicted. a joint statement from several countries, including the u. s. canada, france and germany alleged the case cast a shadow of a respect for democracy. rival rally is a taking place and hungary is capital in support of opposing candidates and parliamentary elections next year. thousands of supporters of prime minister victor, all that have been marching through budapest. he faces an unprecedented challenge from a united opposition spanning both the left. on the rise. italy's at former interior minister, mateus albany, has gone on trial for his role and blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019. he is accused of kidnapping and the abuse of power. the far right politician prevented 2 vessels from docking for days. tens of thousands of people from minority faiths have been rallying in cities across bangladesh, protesting against a recent series of attacks on hindu temples and homes. oh, those are the headlines. i'll have more news for you here on al jazeera after fault
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. mine's just there with us. ah a to some police operator. oh hi. i have a missing employee and i'm wondering if there's a possibility of doing a checkup of the house last time i saw them was tuesday. what address are you doing? yeah, which is the 22, i believe some other employees have noticed that you've had some argument with what she said was her husband at work to complete it. or can i have
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a wellness check on my daughter in law and everything had a check book fair? she didn't go to look for the last today. the guy she, you are eating her so i don't know she's alive or not. i need somebody to check on her or right now. my friend was with me and got her, her house. everything was dark and quiet. we broke the window and i climbed through and i went through the house. mm mm. i opened her bedroom door and i seen her in there.
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your mind is weird things to you because at 1st i thought who is that girl? they look like dolls actually. in the room was so quiet and i knew she was gone because there is no spirit in the room. there was dead on january 18th, 2018 jasmine willis was killed by our partner terrace. for dillard, he shot or at least 6 times with a clock $22.00 pistol. then he turned the gun on himself. juris should never had a gun. fillings and some people convicted of domestic violence are banned from having firearms under us law. but these are ineffective and rarely enforced gap in the system are allowing domestic abusers to keep their guns,
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which actually consequences ah, every month, an average of $57.00 women in the us are shot and killed by their intimate partners . a number of these offenders were prohibited from having guns because of their criminal records. but we don't know how many because no one's keeping track. for nearly a year, i've been collecting and analyzing data on domestic violence homicides, and more than 20 states coming through thousands of pages of court filings and police reports. i found that over a recent 4 year period, at least 90 people were convicted, charged for implicated in the death of their partners and others using guns they
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weren't allowed to have under federal law. johnson partner terrace was one of them. oh, in 2014. he was convicted of domestic violence, assault against girlfriend. he lived with which should have prohibited him from having a firearm. but these must fell out how gun should be relinquished or taken away. their enforced sporadically or in turns his case not at all. he carried a gun throughout his 3 year relationship with jasmine, me remember him showing me a gun or something. i don't know if i saw him carrie or son in their room. one time when he saw the gun was there for protection or something. i really know that i knew that i had
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a gun. did you worry about your sister or as bother, you know with i always think of the videos we have of her when she would just be goofy and laughing. jasmine, very charismatic. she fun. some are she ok? she went to college and she was 17. she graduated pretty young. she was one of the lot of energy. she liked to dance in pictures in artwork. she just amazing person. yeah. ah. she bought a house at 21 years old. she still worked, 2 jobs aren't played soccer and was abused. i just don't know how she did all that
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exercises with kitchen. oh, why? she sent me a video for more on january 16th. my faith is gorgeous. she was taking care of one of her patients. you, you can tell me, i just want to do exercises with you. crazy. oh, i know my hands are always cold, but my hearts were right. not last time. i heard johnston's voice. when was the 1st time you had a bad feeling? who's kind of from the beginning? he would always be where she was. if they were here, he was here with her. if she had to go to work, he would go with her. that was my 1st clue and i was like, doesn't this guy have a job or something like he never left her alone? i went to the house. less than a handful of times. i wasn't allowed to go over there and he would isolate her,
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keep her away from us. we didn't get us here very often or if we did it was he was around. oh, do you like to look at her like she couldn't laugh or being goofy anymore? ringback that's how i kind of started noticing her personality change. ringback ringback ringback ringback we knew something was wrong, so interesting. not knowing that like my sister is getting abused by somebody that we talked to on a daily basis. we were totally oblivious for like 2 years because they were together for awhile and i think it was like in the summer we found out like she like randomly something like a dry house taunting because that's when you like. thinking about everything,
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a lot of us will be an interview to victim jasmine. well, i understand you. fuck somebody down. what led to that ellen and you got the got the thing. i mean, i thought he was was there bulletin to maxine that she floated. okay. do you think i should still let you? and i was like only brown is saying, please stop. please. okay, like one into the room. hello. i'm at the back and it does run cuz i wasn't sure if you following me through the question,
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the rocks couldn't want to run the road. i've been in a coma, a big me with question i came up here to stop like a security card. i wanted to call, i was scared like he's been like a kid. that would be the 1st person that he would go to her. i just wanted to let her know and they can think over it at all. and when she came to have me,
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she didn't have shoes on and she had marks on her neck marks on her arms. her back was all tore up and her shirt was basically barely hanging on the sleeve was tore off. she's like, mom, it was my fault. it was my fault, am i? it's not your fault. just before do, i don't even find charging you semester frowns. are going to solve the deadly weapon. domestic violence. kidnapping terrace was arrested and liter charged with 2 felonies. he was ordered not to have any firearms by the $7500.00. you'd quit, no acts of domestic violence, possession of firearms, have no contact with jasmine of any sort except through legal proceedings. and you're not back within 3 blocks of her residence to understand that. yeah,
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thank you mr. for dylan. but the judge stopped there once again. terrace was in order to surrender his gun despite his domestic violence record. the laws are incomplete. it doesn't say that the judges have to order police officers to go get those guns. it doesn't say that they have to do a follow up hearing to make sure that the person actually turned in a gun like they were ordered. so basically we're operating on, on our system, but i think it since a really terrible message to both survivors who are being told we don't really have her back. and we are gonna issue this order, but we're not gonna do anything to make sure that you're actually safe. and i think it, it also sends, at the absolutely wrong message to perpetrators that they can break the law that they can endanger the lives of their partners. and other people
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ah, after 2 weeks in jail terrace was released on bond. and according to police reports, he went on to a use jasmine ah. in november 2017 jasmine ran out of her house to escape terrace. some of it was caught on a neighbor's security camera. she told detectives about that night. i was about to take a shower and i just got scared. i just ran. hi, jasmine is really only for home as terrorist leads her back inside. a student, can you tell me why you got scared? he was upset. i didn't do i just, i just wanted to get away to feel like a village. which li, like i feel like i'm being pushed in,
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pulled in feeling is that he digging a bigger hole in i don't know what to do. jasmine was killed 2 months later, 6 months, 6 times 30 days. that the courts allowed him to be around her. knowing he had a gun, the cards knew, the investigators knew the police knew he had a gun and there was no money. and forrest in i found these gaps in the system, in cases across the country. ah,
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i knew that he was i supposed to have a gun because he was a convicted felon. i figured that they would keep track of that, you know, the, the officers, the officials that are supposed to. oh, lisa rucker's older sister ashley began dating chad upshar in 2014. by then can have been convicted of stocking, an ex girlfriend and shooting into her house as a felon. under both federal and florida law. he was prohibited from possessing a firearm. but he carried one anyway, multiple people and told ashley, including my father that he was going to killer. we had heard about him hitting her with a pistol. she told me that she told me that he hit her in the head with a gun. not someone to leave. they will not get out of my apartment. my sister's boyfriend. why have any weapons you know?
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so that night when did you realize he had a gun? when he pulled it out. he walked past me past ashley. he pulls out a rifle and he points it out and every part of me was like, not really going, shoot me. as i turn my head down, it was everything with black. heard a loud noise. hello guys, remember my god. when i came to the 1st time, ashley was about 6 feet away from me. i just saw blood around her head. chad shot lisa and ashley before fleeing. according to police. the bullet had way in the back of my head here in came out my cheek. it
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next my carotid artery, and it basically shattered my mandible bone in pieces. oh, oh, i kept saying help me. i'm dying. help me. i'm dying. but apparently my, my jaw was so messed up the you can even hear me. hello. that was jesse gurgling. i ashley and lisa sons were there. they were $9.00 and $4.00 at the time. i looked over and i saw my nephew standing over my sister. and he was crying. and i as cold noticed that i was awake as he came over to me. is that mommy, please don't die. ah, lisa was in
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a coma for 2 days. ashley was shot once in ahead and died of her injuries. she was 30 years old. do you think if he had his gun taken away, ashley would still be alive? yes, i do. if he wasn't there with the gun and would have happened. oh . ringback ringback ringback chad was indicted for several felonies, including 1st degree murder. i contacted him in jail for an interview. i wanted to ask him how he got the gun, but he and his lawyer didn't get back to us. ah, the long around here and my daughter, scott. someone needs to start being held accountable and what happened with chad is not unusual. over the past several months, i spoken with a number of families whose loved ones were killed by their abusers and that is
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exactly what happened to ryan domestic violence. offenders are rarely ordered to surrender their firearms and women are 5 times more likely to be murdered when their abuse have access to a gun. why should be here was her son. her son should have his mother knew what should happen if i had to answer. i would have my daughter here who's at fault here is that the justice system is a law enforcement, is it that we have weak laws, all of the above. i think enforcement is expensive and it's challenging. it requires a lot of coordination between all different stages of law enforcement re between police and prosecutors, and probation officer is and sheriff's department to make sure that that gone is actually taken away. and that type of coordination is just not something that people have decided. it's worthy of putting resources into why was
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no one, no one from the judicial system or lease officers, no one decided to say, hey, this is a convicted felon. and it's reported that he has a weapon. so why don't we just go and, you know, get a warrant search or house to find it, take it, let's get it back. you know, obviously the legal we failed that victim because we didn't have a framework in place where we could go and take that fire right now. is the wild west as far as guns in the hands of abusers. and i introduce legislation because i don't believe has to be that way. congressman swallows legislation would require the federal government to develop procedures for abusers to relinquish their guns, but without enough support. the legislation died in congress twice. he introduced it again earlier this year, but it's unlikely it'll pass in today in america,
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the right front of the user to own a gun is greater than the right of a victim, to be se, finding a way to account for the number of firearms that someone has as important as to enforce relinquishment. we are truly flying in the blind. so why have a law on the books if it's not being in force and it's not working right, we need to fix that. we shouldn't have laws on the books that are just for show. the laws really can't do anything if we don't have a way to verify whether a defendant has a firearm in the home. we don't know of the country how many people are prohibited who have firearms and that's terrified. ah, is anyone were no, it's the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives are the atf agency in charge of enforcing the nation gun
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laws. how many people are prohibited from having guns? because a felony convictions and qualifying domestic violence, misdemeanors. oh, i don't know that number. i'm not sure anyone knows that number with precision and how many domestic violence homicides are being committed by people who are not allowed to have gone. i don't have that number. so you don't know how many people have died at the hands of partners who are prohibited possessors and we don't know how many prohibitive possessors are out there. i don't know we certainly track the number of firearms that we see. but our mission is focused on investigating violations of federal laws and not following up on local misdemeanor domestic alex convictions. as far as we know, we reveal are the only ones who've been collecting data on prohibited offenders who
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kill their partners. the reason that the federal government isn't doing this is complicated. most convictions that make people federally prohibited happen in state courts and that information doesn't always make its way to federal officials. that just the american system that it's very decentralized. these convictions and domestic violence restraining orders are issued across the country and local courts . and in each of those places, i have an opportunity to identify the violations or we'll tragically, a lot of these only come to law enforcement attention when something terrible was happen. shot worth in the heart was the lay shot in the helm, the entire sport kill them. so this country doesn't do prevention particularly well. the fact that the system is reactive is
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really the core of the problem. we don't take the trouble take the time to actually take the gun away before they can harm another person. we punish them on the back end, and by that time it's off until the hang up is that americans love their guns. americans own more guns per capita than any other developed country. and we are loath to take them away even in situations like this one. we don't know how terrorist got the hand gun he used to kill jasmine or how chad got the rifle. he's accused of using to shoot ashley and lisa and we may never know there well reports of him having a weapon. he should have been more regulated. not only are there very few mechanisms to make sure guns are taken away from printed offenders. there's also no
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national firearm registry and federal law and some states don't require background checks for private gun sales. there needs to be a better way to enforce that. felons don't have access to weapons. i know it's hard . i get that. they can get it one way or another. steal it, buy it off the streets, whatever. so go one step ahead. be one step ahead of them. i feel like a lot of government people don't see how bad of an issue. it really is. they don't see the ripple effect from it. after ashley's death, her son moved to another state to live with his dad, who lisa hasn't seen her nephew in several years. and her son hasn't been the same since the shooting. she is withdrawn. he
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used to be just open and different. he always tells me how much he misses my sister and my nephew, i'm worried that it will stick with him forever. you know, they say children are resilient or they're, they're not supposed to see that there as, as a go through that. it's crazy to think it'll be 22 next year she made she was a hit me like a weird birthday next year. it's just hard not having jazz around she's in our lives. not unfairly. i just try to know
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that she's now safe and not getting hurt. it just makes you angry. the system didn't nothing out ah, in the country with an abundance of resource rate and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part when denise is growth and progress, invest in the media. now frank assessments is likely to change biking behavior at all. it's not going to change their behavior, they are going to continue to do what they do. and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, ah, fears of mass atrocities and me and mel with reports that troops are now gathering and the rest of no ah, hello there, i'm this dorothy van. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up a show of strength by hungarian prime minister victor alban. but the united opposition as mounting it stiffest charla.


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