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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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that threatened lake reg, very existence. shinagle sprinkler on out. jesse. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello there. i'm the associate a and this is the news. our live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, fears of mass atrocities and me and mar, with reports that troops are gathering and the rest of no show of strength by hungarian prime minister victor or ban on a symbolic day marking an anti soviets uprising was a united opposition as mounting it stiffest challenge and a decade italy's former interior minister goes on trial that kidnapping and the
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abuse of power for preventing a migrant rescue ship from docking and 2019. i . and tens of thousands of people from minority faith rally and bangladesh, protesting against a recent series of attacks on hindu temples and homes. and as for the houston astros are heading to baseball as well, series with the boston red sox in game 6 of the american league championship series. ah no me on laws conflict could be about to escalate into an even grace a human rights catastrophe. that's the warning from the un special rapport term
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who's fearing mass atrocities and even more loss of life. there are now reports that the military genta is deploying tens of thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons to the north and north west. that's where our as groups have been resisting its rule since the crew in february, the u. n. says the military used to similar tactics before carrying out genocidal attacks against the ringer and re kind state back in 20162017. at that point, about 740000 people fled into bangladesh. a quarter of a 1000000 more people have now been displaced since february's crew. the u. n says about a 1000 people have been killed. many others tortured or detained. while we spoke to the un special rap auto, tom andrews about his warning to the un general assembly, he says urgent action must be taken to prevent what may be clearance of operations . things are very, very tense. and what's happening right now is that we're, we have a dry season upon us. and that is traditionally a time when there is an escalation of military action. and we have seen the deep
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deployment of tens of thousands of troops, a heavy weapons and equipment into the north western regions of the country. a show, this is a very, very disturbing sign. we have seen increased human rights violations. many people were caught in the crossfire and were very, very concerned that we could be seen. now imminently a significant loss of life. i hope i'm wrong, and i'm hoping least these calls for restraint will be heard. but right now i'm, i'm deeply concerned. well, what we saw in 2016, a 2017 was a mass deployment in we're kind state of troops and weapons on a very systematic basis. and then all hell fire broke loose and these troops surrounded villages. they attack them ferociously. people, many people were killed, there were some incredible. oh richard, human rights violations and torture,
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just unspeakable violence. and so we're seeing that pattern. we're seeing the massing of troops. the deployment in areas that the of the hunter has decided is, is an area that needs to be, as they say, opening up clearance operations. now this is the term that everyone and me and more knows at least those in the ethnic areas that that means of potential very ferocious attacks and mass atrocity so on. and they've talked about clearance up. they defined the genocidal attacks against the rainbow s clearance operations and we're hearing that term used again. as we see, tens of thousands of troops deployed to the northwest of the country or moving on an rival rallies are taking place in hungary is capital in support of opposing candidates and parliamentary elections next year. thousands of supporters of prime minister victor or ban have been marching through budapest on the anniversary of
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the anti soviet uprising of 1956. he though faces an unprecedented challenge from a united opposition spanning the left and the rise piece. a mock is i a conservative mer, is their candidate. they're hoping to end all bands winning streak. he's now been in power for the last 11 years, etc. but still when it's amazing what the opposition is doing slandering us, threatening to confiscate our assets to prisoners. it's disgusting, what they're doing and it's not just us who are here in the front row. hundreds of thousands of people came out to demonstrate with us. they are sick of the opposition to short sizes. i just said in turned them corbin keepers. i think the opposition is not able to govern. they don't have any concepts. they only have one goal pony to out victor, or bam. who i think is the highest quality in europe. i feel he's europe's medicine politician. he has a vision for 30 or 40 years ahead, and i hope he stays in power or last spring and orac bruckner. he's the john monee professor and european studies at stanford university,
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berlin. he joins us now via skype from there. all right, thanks for joining us. again, i want to start with or ban his party is one what? 3 consecutive parliamentary landslides in the past 12 years. but it seems there are reports that many of the supporters out on the streets today, i've actually been bust in from neighboring countries. how much support does he actually have right now at home? well, this is hard to say in a country in which one has more than a decade to control media, to streamline public opinion, to bombard people with propaganda slogans that the european union is bad. and everything is orchestrated by charge sorrows and it's and to submit and it's big and hungry is threatened and they need a strong leader. so if you hear this over and over and over again, it's pretty difficult to say how much of this resonates in a country that is more conservative than liberal societies in the west of broken union. so well then, let's talk about his opposition,
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contended pizza marcus. i 49 year old catholic, conservative father of 7 know party affiliation. i was listening to him speak and it really feels like he's trying to capitalize on his face as actually as an outsider. well, this is the surprising thing because in the attempt to get its act together, the opposition managed to nominate the ideal candidate for society like hungary. the alternative would have been the vice president of the european parliament. and she sort of represents that you, which is considered in all that propaganda. the evil system that is to secular and not sufficiently conservative and not sufficiently hungaria. this new candidate is a family man. he's a male, he's conservative. he lived in the united states for a bit and understands that he can try to learn from what bernie sanders
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successfully did to mobilize the masses. we are talking about a pretty diverse 6 party opposition alliance. it feels like one of the only things they really have in common is actually wanting to defeat or been and as you say, some strategic decisions have been made to that effect. i'm curious about the choice of mock is, i guess it's hard for all down to vilify a man who really embraces the values that he actually promotes the things well, that is certainly a weakness that he doesn't have the same parameters and not the same financial fire power than he does that is empower for so many years now. but i think there is a strong appetite for change in the part of society that understands that being constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda and anti european sentiments is not the huge of a country in which a lot of people identify with european values and see themselves as europeans,
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speaking of europe, ian values, i know one of the things that marcus has said is that repairing hungry is relationship with the you. is he views that as the biggest issue there is rather too much when he is with autobahn. i imagine brussels will also be watching the run up to the spring elections very closely. well of course it is very important for your pin union to see what's happening in hungary because we are currently not only discussing will of law and the quality of democracy issues with hungary, but also with poland. and both countries tend to turn into something more authoritarian and beck each other. so it's not just a question of what is the future relationship between hungary and the european union, but also to send a signal that change is possible. what we have seen already in another country that is leaning towards an author re, terry, and trend, which is the czech republic,
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and people that managed to win elections against the ruling party as booking of winning elections, i see in his victory speech from the primary market i was saying that this election isn't exactly being run with an even playing field, given the resources that has at his disposal. do you expect the free and fair version and what you race as much as i've chances? well, it isn't very early to predict anything because what picked up on has been doing a lot more than a decade. is to prepare a toolbox to stay in power and how he will use it. his control of the media, his propaganda tools, the streamlining of public opinion and dismantling the separation of power. this remains to be seen. there's a very strong will to stay in power. this is not the idea off. you borrow power from the demon for a limited time. this is certainly a power guy who wants to stay and you will try everything he can to stay in office
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. we'll continue watching that very closely indeed, or at bruckner, there from stanford university, belin, always great to get your thoughts and insights. i'm out there. all right, thank you for joining us again. thanks for having me. well now it leaves former interior minister, mckayla, solve any, has gone on trial for his role and blocking a migrant rescue ship back in 20. 19 the far right politician is now juice of kid. nothing and the abusive power for preventing 2 vessels from docking days. adam rainy reports now from rome. with the trial of italy's former interior minister, mateo saline began on saturday in palermo. he stands charged with kidnapping, in dereliction of duty for preventing a boat from disembarking migrants after they were rescued at sea. the court quickly approved the prosecution's list of witnesses, including italy's former prime minister and the actor richard gear,
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who volunteered on the boat that was blocked from docking and defending the borders is a duty not only for a minister, but for everyone. and it's emphasized in our constitution, i think being accused of doing my homework is nonsense. i'm sorry that richard year is coming to testify the trial. i wonder if it's serious that richard gear of hollywood is going to testify about my behavior at a trial at the heart of the case. it's how be nice, 2019 order to block that boat, which was carrying a $147.00 migrants from docking on italian shores. the vessel operated by the spanish in geo open arms, had rescued the migrants in the middle of the mediterranean and spent 3 weeks waiting for safe port. so they could disembark, my friends, i think they play at the time. so vini had to create a closed port policy, meant to keep them migrants from trying to cross the mediterranean. that policy kept the migrants waiting about 2 weeks within sight of the italian island of lum producer. during that time,
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many jumped into the sea and attempted to swim to shore. the experience have been kept at sea had a devastating effect on the migrants, according to the psychologist who spoke to them that they were still on the boat. it lifted more little being kept on board meant they were re traumatized again and again, they felt continuously abused. it was an abuse of power in the southeast as he was just carrying out the policies of the government at the time. this trial comes right as my peers, calvin, he find himself in one of the weakest political moments of his career and in many of his statement keep deflecting from the main issues at hand and blaming the trial on an overzealous traditional system that he says is wasting taxpayers, money, if convicted south vini could face up to 15 years in prison, with more than 2 dozen witnesses said to testify, the case will carry on for several months. adam rainy, i'll dedira rome. ha! speaking of migrants in poland,
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a group of mothers have now gathered to show solidarity with migrants who are trapped at the board with better. ruth, the e. u accuses authorities and the batter russian capital mens of deliberately letting migrants and refugees cross into the block. the issue of how to deal with the crisis was a major topic as a 2 day lead to summit, but there still appears to be little consensus. well, correspondence step bass and spoke to migrants. and the germans, that you have like sig who made the journey to the e. u through valerie more awesome. and hussein managed to reach germany after spending weeks in no man's land between poland and bella. both both of them for the war and yemen and reached malaysia. it was bare. they heard of a new gateway into the you travel agent selling visa, invitations from ballard for agent is it's normally they, they have office and they work for 10 years. but they contract the global c and agents, my pass, i'm and hussein paid $1000.00 us dollars each to travel agents and took
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a plane to minsk from their attacks. he took them to the border where poland, they spent weeks in the forest between poland and bella was the bought a guy from both countries, pushed him back and forth across the border. they say the bell of russian gods refused to let me turn to men. they told us, you will, you will, i will kill you here. you will be di. no man's, it's your fault goes to berlin for they force you. yes. and they told us they cut, they give us a cutter. they told us ok, bull and pull me, go and get to the cutlass. yes, the they give us the cutter who was to cut the harboured wire. we were stuck being sent back and forth between the 2 countries for 20 days. valuations would tell us to go to poland polish for tenants to go the opposite direction to. but of us on the 20 days we have no access to food or water. and the pollution listed on the point by weapons after the new or peaches repeatedly tell us to go
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back to poland. but the pay was captured by the polish police again and brought back to the border. we told them below this border is so dangerous. take us so anyway they said we don't care, go to the hell. after finally making it into poland, they took a taxi to the german border where they were detained by the german police life. it's a great feeling, especially women to release quarters. they welcomed us and told us you are now safe and secure in our hands. why pass them and who sign have applied for asylum in germany, where they hope they can start a new life away from the war in the country. having barely survived their deal, they are urging other refugees not to travel to europe through battle. ruth steadfast and al jazeera life. see well, now it's been revealed that the u. s. detains the highest number ever of
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undocumented migrants in refugees on the border with mexico over the past year. more than 1700000 people. 147000 of them with children, migrants from mexico and central america and made up a huge share crossings began rising last year, but significantly, places after us presidents are biden took office. i saw plenty more ahead for you this news our including an alliance of notorious haitian gangs takes to the streets, insisting that they did not kidnap a group of foreign missionaries. the un suspends flights to ethiopian t gray region after government as strikes force on a plane to turn back and things get ugly for the lakers. both on and off, the court is more mad coming up and spin ah,
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now tens of thousands of people for minority faiths have been rallying in cities across bangladesh, protesting against a recent series of attacks on hindu temples and horns. at least 6 people were killed earlier this month as hindus were celebrating a religious festival and followed claims from the muslim holy book. the koran was disrespected in a temple. the protesters are calling for a judicial commission to investigate those attacks on there have been demonstrations by several different groups since communal, cautious 10 days ago. now, the government has deployed security forces and $34.00 out of $64.00 districts. security has also been increased at hindu worship. science, bangladesh has constitution, designates islam as the state, religion. but it also upholds the principle of secularism. hindus make up about 10 percent of the countries nearly a 170000000 people. rights activists have recorded more than 3000 attacks on the hindu minorities since 2013 tundra chowdhury is at those demonstrations and decor.
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baldwin for good, good. so about squat and the capital ga. gov. with those muslim christian booth. a don't want to play in love with the one just to many of them out on i suppose to some of the protest. this is what they have to say. but it can be of all, isn't a holy hindu book was banned, many hinders. we killed mine. only 2 women were roped. these incidents keep happening. one after the other. yet we never go to real justice. one of the clear suspect was arrested on thursday night, but people here said that the people behind the conspiracy should be brought to justice. and forbid, spose either k demand is of the state religion. this lunch should be abolished from the constitution. i think we were born here with taxpayers and contributed to the
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countries development in every sector. yet we're being attacked and marginalized in every way. now we're here to protest and fight for us survival. people believe those politics behind all this. they want the real people who are behind this time it still be brought to justice, not just scapegoat. if the justice is not met, they said they'll continue to protest incoming days. on the night she unruly is the south asia director at human rights watch and she's called on the government to do more to protect minorities. this has been up, you know, something that has been brewing for awhile and it, which is abandoned by the, by the sort of triggered that i could hear of which as it, as the, the person that has been arrested was, was a man who deliberately went and put the court on into, in a, in a him to shrine, which of course was the word was, would upset people up into this violence. but, you know, i mean, i am encouraged by the fact that we're bound to this. you civil society has come
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forward in the way that they have to deploy this kind of violence against him to my knowledge. you know, part of the problem is that we are seeing this kind of religious violence of across many parts of the world. and almost always religious minorities are targeted and it, what it needs is with the state to take very clear positions that they will not tolerate. this kind of thing that, that is public messaging for community hominy and that people are that are responsible, are property prosecuted. and unless that happens, and the message goes down strongly from the state that it will uphold the constitutional protections that are provided to minority groups. these kind of triggers will continue to hum minority groups. now pakistan has deployed $30000.00 extra security personnel to his lam, a bad to prevent violence at rallies by band political group. members have to rekey le bake pakistan are marching to the capital to demand the release of their lead m sod hussain receive 2 police officers and 2 protesters were already killed in the
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hall on friday during confrontations. protesters have tried to storm the offices of saddam's news agency. it was an unsuccessful attempt to stop a press conference by the forces of freedom and change coalition, which is part of the transitional government. the protesters were members of a breakaway faction. they want a temporary military administration while they rivals want a civilian government. turkey's president had ordered at 10 western ambassadors be expelled to calling for the release of a jailed philanthropist. osman kabbalah has been in prison now since late 2017. without being convicted. he was accused of financing the 2013 jesse park protests and participating in a failed crew, which he denies a joint statement from several countries, including the u. s. canada france and germany alleged that the case cost a shadow of a respect for democracy. now the leader as an alliance as 9 haitian gangs
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says its members are not responsible for kidnapping 17 foreign missionaries. the head of the g 9 has not through puerto prince, flanked by hundreds of people in defense of the armed grapes. man, your reply reports from haitian capital michaud force by members of the g. 9 gang in puerto prince wall images of heavily armed gang members marching freely through the city streets might seemed surreal to many. it's a scene that's become quite common in the haitian capital. some gangs like the g 9 or even trying to reinvent their image and appear more like a political organization than a criminal enterprise. hey, we want to build good schools. good hospitals have good, clean water. we are the sons of the nation. ah, on the streets dang, violence seems to be getting worse by the day. and growing insecurity means part of the job of public transport drivers is to always keep an eye out for trouble or
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voice above a bible. the police could do something for us because they're the law. so they're the ones that should protect us, but they don't do anything back. so we don't know what to do. ah dang. violence is not a new phenomenon in haiti. even government leaders have been known to use gangs in the past to exert political control. but locals tell us the scale of the band is reaching unprecedented levels. fullborne say, can we denobia who by uses you, we need security in this country who can't go on living like this anymore. we have people with guns everywhere and the police beats us with sticks and everything is really hard for us. we need change in this country level. ah, despite the dangers, people still have to go out. if they want to make a living. for many residents of puerto prince and for drivers simply commuting around town is one of the most dangerous activities they can do. running the risk of being kidnapped, being robbed, or getting caught in the crossfire of rival gangs, fighting each other over control. different parts of the city in estimated 50
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percent of territory in the haitian capital is said to be under the control of criminal gangs. and while the case of 17 hostages being held by a gang known as 400 muzzle has attracted international attention for an aid groups say, the magnitude of the security crisis has far reaching implications. the guys are expand day that power and they control on areas of the car. it's a cd. and again, it's a vicious cycle. if you have more insecurity, then humanity, actors, then the state authorities can no longer ring or she may die and serve is just an access to basic services to the population, which then leave the space to criminal gags to take power. this is the cycle we need to break while some fear becoming victims of violence. others have accepted the slow takeover by crime syndicates. a symptom, perhaps,
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of the distrust many have of authorities complicating the efforts to win back control of the city from the criminal groups who are trying to run it. on it's asked me to my now rappel at his input. i pens, money. what are you hearing about the status of those 17 hostages? now do we know how they're holding up? it's been almost a week now since the kidnapping took place and we still have no real status update on the, on the hostages. there's been no update on the status of the investigation, the status of the $17000000.00, that kidnappers are demanding for their release. the most recent developments that we've been reporting are that marks that demonstration that took place on friday with members of the g. 9 gang who were marching open openly, heavily armed gang members through the streets of the city before that it was that social media post by the gang for 100. melissa, which is the gang that's actually responsible for the kidnapping of the 17
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missionaries in that video. the gang leader is heard saying that he's willing to kill the hostages. if he does not get what he wants, those demands being $17000000.00 in exchange for the 17 hostages. now there's been no statement from government officials and this could be partly because of a bit perhaps a strategy by local authorities that are working hand in hand in close collaboration with u. s. federal agents here on the ground in haiti that may not want to reveal the exact strategy to secure the release of this of these hostages. but we should remind our viewers that this is a very delicate situation, made of exponentially more complex by the worsening security situation. here on the ground to associate man easy. so in your report, those protests of on slaven continuing in the gangs and out on the streets of the capital to what is the security situation like that. now there have been protests every day in the haitian capital since this starts, since the kidnapping took place. but what we're seeing now is that people are not only protesting against the worsening insecurity. they're protesting against
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widespread fuel shortages, a lack of clear government leadership. when it comes to these efforts to secure the release of the hostages. it's worth putting into context that violence here in the city didn't simply jump over night. there was a spike in violent crimes like kidnappings and extortion following the assassination of haitian president of mel moiz in july. and then again following that devastating earthquake that took place here in haiti in august. and then you have to consider that a lot of people have lost their jobs. they've lost their income linked to the ongoing coven 19 pandemic. so this is almost a perfect storm for the proliferation of violent crimes like kidnapping. and unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of optimism from people on the ground that things are starting to improve on our raffle at that for us on the ground. impose your friends. thank you so much, man. oh, stella had here on al jazeera, a growing population,
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living in poverty. we take a look at what's causing so much. again, it's 14 turning up the music people in libya are determined not to let the sounds of a popular condition done with the video. and in sport, this title rate stays red hot as formula one kicks off. it's north american tool. ah, well, iraq's been back to no attempt to know for about 4 days, so everything's cool then this is the weather is it should be at this time the i know particularly strong wind even the shamal has weakened a little bit of snow in the far north of pakistan as something significantly happening around the black sea. now if we zoom in to what's happening on monday,
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again, the snow's disappeared more or less, but there's a significant change in the caspian cold air that's coming out of really western russia is going to, i think pick up some shower, produce some showers, likely of snow over armenia, georgia and shout maybe of rain coming down towards nolan, iran. but the real nasty stuff is going to be nice inside a turkey significant snow here, right around the north coast. and the winds picking up again down to the boss for us in the gene coming down to the north coast of egypt. i think most levant will be fine. it'll feel little bit cooler, but looks as it'll be still sunny skies. in tropical africa on the eastern side, the wind is so weak now we'll get a few coastal showers and market issue. otherwise, somalia, kenya, and if you very largely dry but further west, the rain is starting to go sas with the sun. it's concentrating cameroon and gabon, but it's going south through dia, congo, and into the eastern side of anger in waves of very heavy rain.


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