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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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processed, you will, you will lose it. it will be the last for holding a documentary. explores how autocratic leaders undermine democracy to consolidate their power through the eyes of those who dare to stand and defy it. our country deserves so much better than being ruled by a cliff to critique the kraidish opposing autocracy. democracy maybe on al jazeera, ah sees of mass atrocities in man, man, with reports troops, a gathering in the restive notes. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up, italy's full, my interior minister goes on trial, the kidnapping and abuse of power for preventing
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a migrant rescue ship from docking back in 2019 a growing population, living in poverty. we look at what's causing so much anger in ascertaining and spain's prime minister vows to speed up millions of dollars in aid to lava covered areas of la paloma. ah, hello and welcome to the program. me a mass conflicts could be about to escalate, escalate into an even greater human rights catastrophe. that's the wanting from the un at special rapid tour who fees, mass atrocities, and more loss of life. there were reports the military john to is deploying it, tens of thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons to the north and north west. that's where armed groups have resisted its rule since the qu, in february, the u. n. says the military used similar tactics before carrying out genocidal a x against him. j in the were kind stay in 20162017. about $700.00.
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40000. people fled into the dish. a quarter of a 1000000 more people have been displaced since february is comb. the un says about 1000 people have been killed and many others tortured or detained. we've spoken to a special rapid, her tom andrews about his warning it to the general assembly. he says urgent action must be taken to prevent what may be clear clearance, operations. things are very, very tense. and what's happening right now is that we're, we have a dry season upon us. and that is traditionally a time when there is an escalation of military action. and we have seen the deep deployment of tens of thousands of troops, a heavy weapons and equipment into the north western regions of the country. a show . this is a very, very disturbing sign. we have seen increased human rights violations. many people
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are caught in the crossfire and we're, we're very, very concerned that we could be seen now imminently a significant loss of life. i hope i'm wrong. and i'm hoping these, these calls for restraint will be heard. but right now i'm, i'm deeply concerned. well, what we saw in 2016, a 2017. was a mass deployment in we're kind state of troops and weapons on a very systematic of based and then all hell, fire broke loose and these troops surrounded villages. they attack them ferociously . people, many people were killed the worst incredible o riffing human rights of violations. and torture, just unspeakable violence. and so we're seeing that pattern. we're seeing the massing of troops, the deployment in areas that the of the hunter has decided. it is an area that
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needs to be, as they say, opening up clearance operations. now this is the term that everyone in me in more knows at least those in the ethnic areas. that just that means of potential. a very, a ferocious attacks and mass atrocity so on. and they've talked about clearance up . they defined the genocidal attacks against the rainbow s clearance operations and we're hearing that term used again. as we see, tens of thousands of troops deployed to the northwest of the country is no use for my interior minister imitators. sylvania has gone on trial for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019. the 5 right politician is accused of kidnapping and abusive power for preventing through vessels from docking for days that were carrying out hundreds of people carrying hundreds of people rather rescued from the mediterranean desperation, led to some migrants jumping off and attempting to swim to shore. just sort of them,
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i'm sorry for 2 reasons. for the time i didn't spend with my children and for the money of the italians are spending on this political trial organized by the parties on the left. and then a bunch of defending the borders is a duty, not only for a minister, but for everyone. and it's emphasized in our constitution. i think being accused of doing my homework is nonsense. and adam rainy has more from ron, the judge and the court accepted the list of witnesses submitted by the prosecutors more than 2 dozen witnesses among them. the hollywood actor richard gear, and in addition to the statement we just heard from vini, he use that opportunity to ridicule the process. that's somewhat what he does a lot here in italy, when there's a serious issue at hand, like the fact is ation this charge of kidnapping him, dereliction of duty. he starts to question the powers that be how they have any right to do this and ridicule the system. doing it saying what is a hollywood star? he actually said earlier today have to tell us about whether i'm
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a good or bad person. it's about actions that took place only 2 years ago, but 2019 was a very different italy and which migration and these desperate people crossed mediterranean with the biggest issue that italians faith in their media. and also took to the polls when they voted. elevating my pay $70.00 to such a place of power and what that does significantly. now, let's see, the current italy of 2021, which the pandemic continues to be. the biggest issue for italian. so they're not as concerned with this strong arm policy that let me have any rise to power. they want to see a strong italy back in shape back in form with people getting back to work and the economy growing. so people are watching it closely, but solving in hopes, of course, is to show that he still maintains this strong opposition to immigration here in italy. and that he still has the political savvy and ability to push aside any challenger's to that leadership position on the rights. rival rallies are taking
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place in hungry as it marks the 65th anniversary of the uprising against the soviet union. thousands of pro governments supporters have been marching through budapest prime minister is currently addressing the crowd. you can see live pictures, a victim old, and an opposition late event will start later in the day. water in poland. mothers have gathered to show solidarity with migrants trapped. the border with bella, ruth, the e. u accuses authorities in the bellows. capital names of deliberately letting them cross into the block. in one it's been called, what's been called a form of hybrid warfare. the issue of how to deal with the crisis was a major topic and it's 2 day later summit. but there appears to be little consistent that bethany spoke to migrate in the germans city of live c for my journey to the truth. and what awesome and hussein managed to reach germany to spend the weeks in no man's land between poland and bell of both of them for the
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war and yemen and reached malaysia. it was beard. they heard of a new gateway into the e. u. travel agent selling visa, invitations from ballard for agent is it's normally they have office and they work for 10 years yet. but they concert the global see and agents, my pass, i'm and hussein paid $1000.00 us dollars each to travel agents and took a plane to minsk from their attacks. he took them to the border where poland, they spent weeks in the forest between poland and bellows. the beauregard from both countries pushed him back and forth across the border. they say the bell, a russian god refuse to let me turn to men. they told us, you will, you will, i will tell you, he will be dying. no means that you should go to boland for a force you to. yes. and they told us they cut it, they give us a cutter. they told us ok, bohlen,
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from here go and here to the cutter. yes they did. they give us the cutter to what? to cut to the harvard wire either yet we were stuck being sent back and forth between the 2 countries. the 20 days valuations would tell us to go to poland, and the polish will tell us to go the opposite direction to but of us. but 20 days we had no access to food or water and pollution. police would either point by weapons such as india or peaches and repeatedly tell us to go back to oakland. but the payer was captured by the polish police again and brought back to the border. we told them below this border is so dangerous. take us to anyway, were they, they said we don't care, go to the hill. after finally making it into poland, they took a taxi to the german border where they were detained by the german police life l. it's a great feeling, especially when the job police quarters. they welcomed us and told us you are now safe and secure in our hands. what are some and who sign have applied for asylum in
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germany? where they hope they can start a new life away from the war in the country? having barely so fight their ordeal, they are urging other refugees not to travel to europe. through banner ruth steadfast and al jazeera lipsy has been reveal the u. s. detained the highest number ever of undocumented migrants and refugees on his portal with mexico. in the past year, one and 1700000 people, including 147000 children, migrants from mexico and central america, made up a large share crossings began rising last year, but significantly escalated out to us president joe biden, to call since he knew activists in bangladesh have been rallying in the capital dhaka against outbreaks of violence. at least 6 people were killed at a hindu festival. earlier this month, it followed claims. the muslim holy book, the koran was respected in a temple. they have also called for
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a hunger strike. there have been demonstrations by several different groups since camino clashes 10 days ago. the government has deployed security forces in 34 out of 64 districts. security has also been increased at hindu worship sites, bangladesh is constitution desi, banks, islam as the state religion. but it also upholds the principle of secularism, hinders make up about 10 percent of the countries annually. 117000000 people rights activists have recorded more than 3000 attacks on the hindu minority since 20. 13 tan via chandry is at the demonstrations involved. this report from deca harvey for pick up the other day. i saw about sla and the capital ga gov greatly from all walks of life in those muslim 1st john, but they've done or did report us like gun was took place in las vegas. most of the country again saw him go bang augusta. they had a protest, the one justice,
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many of them out on a hunger side. we spoke to some of the protest. this is what they have to say. all is a holy hindu book was burned, maintained as we killed my notice. to women were roped these incidents keep happening. one after the other. yet we never go to real justice. one of the clear suspect was arrested on thursday night. but people here said that the people behind the conspiracy should be brought to justice and forbid, suppose an advocate demand is of the state religion. this lumps should be abolished from the constitution. i think we were born here with taxpayers and contributed to the countries development in every sector. yet we are being attacked and marginalized in every way. now we're here to protest and flight for a survival. people believe the politics behind all this. they want the real people who are behind this time. it still be brought to justice. not just stay brought. if
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the justice is not met, there's no point in it. you're brought up and coming days. min actually again, glee is the south asia directorate, human rights watch. she's called on the government to do more to protect minorities . this has been up, you know, something that has been brewing for a while. and it, which is abandoned by the, by the sort of trigger that occurred here, of which as it, as the, the person that has been arrested was, was a man who deliberately went and put the core on into, in a, in a him the shrine. which of course was the word was what upset people up i into this violence. but you know, i mean, i am encouraged by the fact that reminded the she civil society has come forward in the way that they have to deploy this kind of violence against him. to my knowledge, you know, lot of the problem is that we are seeing this kind of religious violence of across many parts of the world. and almost always religious minorities are targeted. and
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it, what it needs is for the state to take very clear positions that they will not tolerate . this kind of thing that, that is public messaging for community hominy and that people are that are responsible, are property prosecuted. and unless that happens, and the message goes down strongly from the state that it will uphold the constitutional protections that are provided to minority groups. these kind of triggers with continued to hum minority groups still head on al jazeera and alliance of haitian gangs takes to the straits existing. they didn't kidnap a group of foreign missionary and turning up the music where in libya, where people are determined not to let the sounds of the popular tradition dine. ah,
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now the rainy season is starting in indonesia, but you still got massive fed up in the philippines and running into southeast asia . in fact, we'd have half october's average rainfall in this part of vietnam in just 80 hours . there will be more of it because as the rain study comes, as you've got that, that ne monsoon chasing the tense to enhance the road. this might even turn into a tropical storm. slowly moving during sunday, south of all of that course. some of the energies come out of the atmosphere because it's for the north, but it still looks wet and sumatra, and particularly western sub job including jakarta and peninsula malaysia. that then also that, of course, the consequences is much dryer through most the china. the korean pincher in japan now very little in the way, right? it's warmed up on misty se inside china, hong kong, up to 25 or 26. japans cooled down and dried up no of the monsoon rains should be going south. you got more to come in category in particular,
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but also i think the eastern side of bangladesh and this, again, shouldn't be there. already. we seen 10 times the amount of rent you might expect in this part of the northern pakistan for october. and there's more to come on sunday. it won't meant to as much that could be some flooding from it. but we draw again by monday. ah, join the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on systems across the world and amplified your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not a lock concrete, his response, i believe. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools here that we must build a finish. this screen on al jazeera lou.
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ah, ah, and are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily anne. gwyn a reminder of our top stories this ella. the un says it feels conflict in me and my ease escalating with a potential for mass atrocities. there are reports and military and john tay is sending tens of thousands of troops to the rest of north and north. west of the country. easily is former interior minister mateo mateo rather sylvania has gone on trial the his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019. he's accused of kidnapping and abuse of power if i ride politician prevented 2 vessels from docking. today's and team do activists in bangladesh have been rallying in the capitol dhaka against
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a recent spate of communal violence. at least 6 people were killed at a hindu festival. earlier this month, pakistan has deployed at $30000.00 to extra security forces to his lamp, but to prevent violence at rallies by a band political group. members of the t l. p. marching to the capital to demand the release of their leader sat, hussein resumed. it's the 2nd day of mass rallies. 2 police officers were killed in the hall on friday when they were run over. during the confrontations, 2 civilians were also killed. the u. s. wants to know why israel has designated 6 palestinian civil society groups as terrorist organizations. israel targeted palestinian and g o. l hawk and adam mia as well as the research center. the defense ministry excuses m funnelling money to a group called the popular front for liberation of palestine needed. abraham
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visited the offices of 2 of the palestinian and jose, which is in and health organization is one of the oldest of thing in n g o operating since the 19 seventy's and people who work here see that their main mandate is exposing these really violations under occupation, they've been at the forefront of efforts at the international criminal court, which is prosecutor announced it's opening an investigation into alleged work crimes in palestine. israeli government is saying that help and the 5 other organizations are being controlled by a left wing palestinian party called the popular front for the liberation of palestine to have a new it's not true. those are allegations, it's a lie. they lied and believed. this is a political decision and has nothing to do with security the same as the silence the voice of these organizations and finish their role on an international level. israel doesn't tolerate criticism the campaign against palestinian and jose is not
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new. they've been targeted with raids, arrest our municipal orders to shut them down. as on the whole cut out, they came over, blew up the door, stole our money, confiscated our recruitment, and when they tried to stop our funding and failed the escalated by declaring this to terrorist organization. now these organizations, they have nickel to do to fight back against the israeli decision and are hoping the international community would put pressure on israel to back track on its decision. the later of an alliance of 9 haitian gang says its members and not responsible for kidnapping 17 foreign missionaries. the head of j. 9 has matched throw, put a prince flank by hundreds of people in defense of the armed grips. and while rap low repulse a show of force by members of the g, 9 gang in puerto prince, wal images of heavily armed gang members marching freely through the city streets
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might seemed surreal to many. it's a scene that's become quite common in the haitian capital. some gangs like the g 9 or even trying to reinvent their image and appear more like a political organization than a criminal enterprise. hey, we want to build good schools. good hospitals have good, clean water. we are the sons of the nation. ah, on the streets dang, violence seems to be getting worse by the day. and growing insecurity means part of the job of public transport drivers is to always keep an eye out for trouble or holy stuff about when the police could do something for us because they're the law . so they're the ones that should protect us. but they don't do anything back, so we don't know what to do. ah, gang violence is not a new phenomenon. hayden, even government leaders have been known to use gangs in the past to exert political control. but locals tell us the scale of the band is reaching unprecedented levels . fullborne seeking, we did not be
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a big associate. will we need security in this country? we can't go on living like this anymore. we have people with guns everywhere, and police beats us with sticks and everything is really hard for us. we need change in this country. ah, despite the dangers, people still have to go out. if they want to make a living. for many residents of puerto prince and for drivers simply commuting around town is one of the most dangerous activities they can do. running the risk of being kidnapped, being robbed, or getting caught in the crossfire of rival gangs, fighting each other over control of different parts of the city. an estimated 50 percent of territory in the haitian capital is said to be under the control of criminal gangs. and while the case of 17 hostages being held by a gang known as 400 muzzle has attracted international attention for an aid groups say, the magnitude of the security crisis has far reaching implications. the guys are expanding the power and they control on areas of the car. it's a cd. and again,
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it's a vicious cycle. if you have more insecurity, then humanity, actors, then the state authorities can no longer ring, or she may die and services an access to basic services of book nation, which then leave the space to criminal gags to take power. this is the site we need to break while some fear becoming victims of violence. others have accepted the slow takeover by crime syndicates. a symptom, perhaps, of the distrust many have of authorities complicating the efforts to win back control of the city from the criminal groups who are trying to run it. manuel rap, a low al jazeera, puerto prince. they've been coals that com and dialogue and ease with tany, which is africa's last absolute one. i came, dozens of people have been killed or injured in months of pro democracy, protests,
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mediators from south southern africa's original blank say the king once an end to the violence, anti chicken ang, reports from bonnie. the campus of car bois high school, belies its academic excellence as the best performing it is swati. now its library and textbooks are chart and classrooms vandalized during unrest linked to pro democracy protests. it really is not good, because as, as a school, we always say before having linens in class to teach them, we are still not yet good in online learning. we are trying to use it for some part is wonderful to good phones, to support us began in jude. many students have boycotted classes, demanding free education. only primary school is free. although the government pays for high school for the neediest students, the population is increasing in this country of more than one point. 1000000 people
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. but the government says there aren't enough jobs. that's why it's prioritizing education. $24000.00 high school students will graduate this year and enter a job market with a youth unemployment rate of 54 percent high school student bermondsey missle. lenny anticipates, he'll have to build his future abroad beginning with university and south africa next year here. because of all this in the country was hasn't been something that has just from up. it's been something that has been, you know, in the events that we're needing on to this point. so it's no surprise that you know, everything is happening the way it is. so i think it's miss for me, like go study, i'll say last year a cyclone destroyed du du z ley du baze home where she lives with her son and grandchildren. she says the government set a team to survey the damage at promised a disaster relief fund would provide her money to rebuild. she has not received
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a dollar or a block of concrete. the family doesn't have running water or electricity. no one got that. well. what troubles me is that i have nothing to keep these children. if i could just get my home rebuilt and food, well, that's what i have trouble finding. the children in the debate says she can't stop worrying better. mud house might collapse during the next heavy rain. natasha name al jazeera bonnie. as for teeny sadie arrive, he says it's aiming to range ned 0 carbon emissions by 2016 crown prince. muhammad been salman made the announcement days before the global climate summit in glasgow . the read says it'll be focusing on trying to capture cotton before it enters the air and storing it rather than reducing reliance on fossil fuels. saudi arabia is one of the world's biggest oil producers to spain. now,
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when prime minister petro sanchez says, his government is accelerating aid to the island of la pa, mom, i volcano has been spewing, lover and ash for nearly 5 weeks. scientists say there's no sign of an end to the russians. agriculture and fishing have been hot heat and around 7 and a half 1000 people have been forced to leave their homes. not undone in less bit of don't give up. you hope we are. the solidarity of the spaniards is here on the island of la palmer, the spanish government here, and will be here every single day of this crisis. and every day, once it's over, the spanish government will be here. you go to and to royal, it's been deployed to investigate how he erupt. sion is impacting moraine life lava has flowed into the sea and underwater habitats. a covered nash to libya now and traditional music is making a comeback. it's cold, mellow fanned. it's played by bands on special occasions, including weddings and religious holidays. they used to be just a few performance,
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but that so chance changing as malik traina reports from tripoli. maloof in classical arabic means fashionable or familiar, but olivia, it's what they call traditional music. it usually include singing musical instruments and praises to god uses no. so as a prominent thinker of maloof and libya, he says this type of music has a rich history here. then hadn't been a fit mother for originated in andalusia, that came to northern africa and made its way to libya, morocco algeria antennas. yes. it's a simple form of music with few instruments. it's been passed on from generation to generation before it was only play during religious occasions like to marvel, and before they were only a few bands in libya, and they were all in tripoli. but now every city has numerous bands. this crowded tripoli have gathered promoted the prophet mohammed birth if they celebrate by singing maloof. oh, for maloof is not form that has deep roots in libya,
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is very beautiful, and we enjoy it. the words poetic and speak of love and blessings. it touches upon our culture and tradition, and i hope it lives on through the generations to come them tells us where we came from, who we are, or heritage or culture. everything about a kind of gives you a sense of pride of where we come from. honestly it's, it's awesome, seeing all the faces out here in the songs and dancing and everything like that. awesome. we're centuries, people of morse to triple his old cities singing and dancing during this revered holiday. that tradition continues to this day. it's that events like this that you can feel how special and how important to him to live information and living halter . hundreds of people are gathered here today thinking songs of predictor and spiritual. but it's not just that events like this. my mother has played a fossil, a boss, and mostly been wedded during this wedding. people enjoy their meals while listening
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to a live performance of maloof in the background usa phillip his father was one of the most famous middle fingers in libya's recent history. he's now continuing his father's legacy. his band is one of the most sought after during weddings in tripoli. why levin? what are some of his name? maloof is now a master. most social events like engagement parties, weddings, and even business conferences. young men and now learning to play musical instruments because it's a trait that's in high demand, back at the molded gathering and for from the politics and the visions of libya. these people celebrate through an ancient art form a tradition they hope to continue for generations to comp. now, trina ultra 0 true blue. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. this our, the un says it feels conflict in me and my is escalating with appetite.


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