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ended up lining the pockets of private investors. also, how to mon, for goods is leading to arise enforced and child labor from exporting coating cannabis lobbies, ambitious to self medical marijuana. counting recalls on al jazeera, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network are now to sierra, ah, the united nations suspends flights the t cry region after ethiopian government to ears tried to prevent a plane carrying aid from landing. ah, we want to manage a 0 life from headquarters in delphi and debbie navigator, also ahead and do activists rally and
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bangladesh holding for an end to communal violence. italy's former interior minister matego sardine goes on trial for refusing to let a spanish migrants rescue ship dogs in an italian fords. turning up the music were in libya, where people are determined not to let the sounds of a popular tradition die. ah, hello, fighting is intensifying between government forces unto grey and rebels in ethiopia, northernmost states. the un has now suspended all aid flights. duty gray after one fits plains, was forced to turn back due to government air strikes, lower burden. manley reports oh, you sound to celebrate 3 gun, my a rings out into great capital mckelly as captured government soldiers,
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a corralled and trucks, and pirated mccalla, it's been the epicenter of conflict between government forces and to grind rebels for almost a year. air strikes have been raining down in the city for 4 days, and the government says it's aiming at military targets. some local reports say it's also hitting civilian infrastructure for the good part of the year. we had no access to the to great region. we haven't had access for the money weeks since june . so again, it's allegations going back and forth between the ethiopian side and, and the t p a left. but what we know for certain as that many or so feet, your parents have become displaced. there are conditions so far, farming the latest air strikes a forced the you and to a bought a humanitarian flight from landing. i think this illustrates just one more example
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of the direct impact of conflict on our humanitarian operations. plain and simple. um, right now, our flights are suspended, the lack of access for fuel trucks, for cash, all the basic necessities that fuel our humanitarian operations are so we can help the millions of people in te gray doctors. the mikella is ada referral hospital are seeing firsthand the effects of a severe shortage of food and fuel. worried parents sit by the beds of their children and go to the doctors, tell me she is my nourished. my daughter is sick and i'm terrified for her. the un says acute malnourishment among children has surged in the grey province. it says the conflict rabbit's region has descended into the world's worst hunger crisis and a decade with no more net. he's wounded because of war and suffering from lack of
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food. and there's no clear and in sight. while emma's say government forces and grand rebels remain far from a compromise. many remain vulnerable to starvation, disease, and dangers of a protracted conflict. nor got manly to 0. hinder, activists and bangladesh are rallying in the capital dock against the recent spate of communal violence. at least 6 people were killed at a hindu festival earlier this month. as follow claims from holy book the per on was disrespected in a temple, a hundreds of muslims have been protesting in the countries worst religious violence in more than 10 years. bangladesh, the constitution designate islam as the state religion. but it also upholds the principle of secularism. hindus make up about 10 percent of the countries nearly 170000000 people. but rights activists have recorded more than 3000 attacks on the
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hindu minority since 2013 tanveer child re is that the demonstrations in dhaka. there are thousands of people gathered here when i'm standing, displaces known as shock, square right next to the dock, a university campus. there are people from all walks of life, mostly main. those christian, this protest was called by several organizations. the key one is the bangladesh hinder, but this christian alpha c h, and no, a lot of people actually write all so protesting through hunger strike. and it's a nationwide protest that has been going on for the last several days. now most of this paper was saying that the key demands are that islam, as a national religion should be abolished from the constitution. they won the real culprit to be brought to justice. those behind the scenes that thing there are political motives behind it. now the police have arrested a person which was rather identified through cctv camera. his name is eric bala
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same now his relatives. another saying this person is mentally ill and he's also a drug addict. so mad not too many people are convinced that thing that people behind this they may have used this person to place the koran in the, in the podium pavilion. they also one stop to social media instigation. there's been lot of chatter last several days in the social media, even it took a regional dimension even in indian side, people who support b. j. b and members of b, j b. what instigating, they were saying that india should intervene in bangladesh on bang their side. there are a lot of false videos and instigation, a lot of different kind of chat. they want to stop doing that, and they one can speak rather investigation to bring the political motive and people who are politically involved, who instigated this brought to justice. otherwise, the protests will continue in bangladesh. the united nation says that fear of mass,
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atrocity crimes and me and mar as thousands of soldiers gather in the north. the one special roberts are on me, and mark says, a new report shows the military government has probably engaged in crimes against humanity. more than a 1100 people had been killed in about 8000 arrested since a crew and february mean mars outgoing un special envoy has warned the country is at risk of civil war. she spoke to al jazeera diplomatic editor james bass about the alarming number of protesters in prison that this really terrible. because i know the people also many who are now in prison. and it's really so sad that nothing is moving. all you worried this is either now or about to become a fully fledged civil war. yeah, that's my worry. because now the situation is different from
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1988 or 2006 because the people they had in the last 10 years, a certain freedom. and also now there are equipped with iphones and the social media are very active. and the, the main source of information in jamar, a facebook, twitter, and therefore they, if i follow these done, i see they are very determined not to keep up. and if they don't give up and if they are so angry to also use while ends than i think it goes on and on, that's the while and we create otherwise, islands. and therefore, i fear a full blown internal armed conflict. you say things are different this time and the civilian population is different this time. why then would the military give up power? they've got it because if they were going to give up power,
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they know with this population they would face accountability for the crimes. they committed not yeah, yeah, that's my guess that they don't want to keep up. and that was also the root causes off the cool because they realized we after the, a successful election of the and all the november last year, they realized on sunset she was very much determined to make now the reforms happen . and now the military realize, oh, she really wants to change the constitution changed some cheap blow. therefore we have to act and to change the situation. italy's former interior minister mateus l v needs appearing in court for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019 for right politician prevented 2 vessels from docking . for days they were carrying hundreds of people. rescued from the mediterranean desperation lead to some migrants jumping off on the tempting to swim to shore,
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prosecutors accused of any of kidnapping and dereliction of duty. adam rainy has more from room prosecutors in their company. civil plaintiff have submitted a list of more than 2 dozen witnesses to testify, and that they're pretty high profile, ranging from the former prime minister, who served above se, that's prime minister, former prime minister can say. and even on that list is actor richard year because he volunteered for a period on one of these ships and he's seen as a possible witness. we also expect to see my tails have any himself appearing, although he's not currently the interior minister. he's still a very high profile politician in italy. he's a member of mario that argues governments in rome, but he's in recent days, been fighting for his kind of political relevance because there's other rising powers in that movement right now. it's very large, both politically and legally,
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to see a former interior minister on trial and italians realize that important. but this same time, we're also a very different italy than just 2 years ago. at that time in 2019 the migrant crisis, the refugee issue in europe in italy was the pre eminent story for talent and for the international media covering it shall be neat with the face of an anti migrant movement. here with closed door, he said, he says he was just carrying out the policy of the government and he shouldn't be on trial for what was a government policy in place. we also have a very different italy and the relevance these days mathias mateus have been in himself. as i mentioned earlier. he was this case in many ways, book in his career. he was this rising star on the right. now, he had competitors on the right that are buying for power and looking to dislodge him from this important leadership position. still ahead on al jazeera, a notorious alliance of haiti, gangs take to the streets insisting they didn't kidnap
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a group of foreign missionaries, a population, and poverty increasing. we look at what's causing anger and a switching. ah, now the rains are coming south with the sun as opposed to, but in that process they sometimes store and when they stole, they tend to produce stormy systems. this one, for example, is winding up just the west of the philippines. and with the ne monsoon that follows this zone of rain coming south, you tend to get very heavy right in viet nam and in cambodia and some parts of time that certain the case during sunday and monday. now, as yet, we're not seeing much in the way of rain in most frustrated by some pretty vicious storms as you probably know in queens and tiffy round brisbin recently,
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but they're out of the wagering sunday. the hot weather through most of the north of the constant is being tempered by increasing cloud and shout. it's still warm in western australia purse up to about $29.00. but where it's been particularly unpleasant, temporarily. i think it'll be all right, but the showers do tend to return for monday and again, it's sudden queens and include brisbin goods could see some pretty big thunderstorms. whereas in victoria melbourne's, enjoying nice bit sunshine, not warm, sunny 15, but it's a nice bit sunshine with the same and new zealand. well, what do you expect? it's a wind from the tropics. it's not cold, it's bringing a lot of rain to north and south. i'll mostly on the western side that's on sunday on monday, a bit of a day off. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road, la road, walk, indonesia, whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy,
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and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me park linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah ah. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the sour to grind, forces have paraded hundreds of captured government soldiers and the regional capital mccully. dozens of trucks carried them through the streets, amid the sounds of celebratory gun fire and forms into activists in bangladesh. heaven rallying in the capital jacka against the recent spate of to you know,
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violence. at least 6 people were killed at a hindu festival. earlier jasmine, italy's former interior minister mateo selfie and he's appearing in court for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship and 2019. it was carrying hundreds of people rescued from their mediterranean. dozens of inmates have escaped from a prison in nigeria during and attacked. the facility in ohio state was over run by gunman on friday night. officials say it's not clear how many people were fried. an investigation is underway. it's the 3rd jailbreak in nigeria this year. only a fraction of those who got out have been re captured a 3 pakistani police have been killed in clashes with supporters of bands political group. hey, vehicle ran over the officers after violence broke out in the hall, members of to speak in a baked pakistan known as the t o p,
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or demanding the release of their leader, san jose in receipt. he was arrested earlier this year accused of inciting violence . the leader of a group of 9 haitian gang says his members are not responsible for kidnapping 17. for missionaries. the head of g 9 has marched through port au prince flank by hundreds of residents in defense of his armed groups. many well rap hello reports. oh sure, force by members of the g. 9 gang in puerto prince, wal images of heavily armed gang members marching freely through the city streets might seemed surreal to many. it's a scene that's become quite common in the haitian capital, some gangs like the g 9 or even trying to reinvent their image and appear more like a political organization than a criminal enterprise. hey, yeah. we want to build good schools, good hospitals have good clean water where the sons of the nation ah, on the streets dang, violence seems to be getting worse by the day. and growing insecurity means part of
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the job of public transport drivers is to always keep an eye out for trouble or hold off of my of when the police could do something for us because they're the law . so they're the ones that should protect us. but they don't do anything back, so we don't know what to do. ah, gang violence is not a new phenomenon and hate, even government leaders have been known to use gangs in the past to exert political control. but locals tell us the scale of the violence is reaching unprecedented levels. fullborne was sick and we did not be who by usually when we need security in this country, we can't go on living like this anymore. we have people with guns everywhere, and police beats us with sticks and everything is really hard for us. we need change in this country level. ah, despite the dangers, people still have to go out. if they want to make a living. for many residents of puerto prince and for drivers simply commuting around town is one of the most dangerous activities they can do. running the risk
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of being kidnapped, being robbed, or getting caught in the crossfire of rival gangs, fighting each other over control of different parts of the city. an estimated 50 percent of territory in the haitian capital is said to be under the control of criminal gangs. and while the case of 17 hostages being held by a gang known as 400 muzzle has attracted international attention for an aid groups say, the magnitude of the security crisis has far reaching implications. the guys are expand day that power and they control on areas of the cap. it's a cd. and again, it's a vicious cycle. if you have more insecurity, then humanity, actors than the st absorb, t can no longer ring. a shimmering giant service is an access to basic services to the population which then leave the space to criminal gags to take power. this is the site we need to break while some fear becoming victims of violence. others have
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accepted the slow takeover by crime syndicates. a symptom, perhaps, of the distrust many have of authorities complicating the efforts to win back control of the city from the criminal groups who are trying to run it. manuel rap aloe al jazeera, puerto prince. russia has reported a record number of couple 19 deaths for the 5th day in a row. only about a 3rd of the population has vaccinated. one of the lowest rates in the world, president vladimir putin approved a week long nationwide. workplace shut down to try to prevent the spread of the virus. jonah hall reports russia's cove at $900.00. something the authorities can no longer ignore each day. this week has produced record numbers of infections and deaths. forcing the return of some restrictions. russians themselves having to reckon with a low vaccination rate and high levels of misinformation. what is no notion samara or she new story? it's a very sensitive issue. a burning issue for all health care walk is because we read
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what's on social media and see the most negative information coming from our country citizens regarding vaccination pop over here at hospital number 23 in the city of new novgorod, the i. c. u is full of coven patience, most unvaccinated. only a 3rd of the population has taken up the offer of a russian made jab. russia was the 1st country to announce vaccine last year, but public mis trust, largely dating back to the soviet era, has kept many people away. vehicle is above oscar. listen. they came for our grandmother. she was 83. she died right away after catching it. she wasn't vaccinated, i'm begging all the russians, please get vaccinated, because it's really dreadful and dangerous. president putin has ordered offices to close for a week at the beginning of november, the 1st national restrictions since the early months of the pandemic last year. why the lockdown measures have been announced for the capital moscow with
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a vaccine passport system being introduced in saint petersburg. but the new measures along with renewed appeals to get vaccinated come in the face of widespread public apathy. come when you have the witness, sheila, until we can tackle the root cause the driver of this rise in cases, nothing will change. and that's the mandatory mosque wearing and it's vaccination. only these 2 components will add up to a formula for success. last year's early lockdown was unpopular and drove the economy into recession since then. mixed messaging on state run media has fueled public skepticism. the time may have come for the kremlin to gamble with its approval ratings, if it's to stem a rising. covey tied jona whole al jazeera. the tie government is targeting critics if it's current a virus vaccine plan with many ending up in jail. most have been charged with defaming the monarchy because the king owns the only firm producing jobs in the
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country. scott hiler has more from bank i. earlier this month, supporters gathered in front of bangkok, reman prison, calling for the release of protesters jailed for royal defamation or article $11.00 to $2.00 of those had been the only participants of a protest which resulted in them being held without bail i sigh. government can get the oxygen, government, a monarchy, and all the benefit at the protest in front of the headquarters, the pharmaceutical firm, owned by thailand, king siam bios science. the 2 protest this question, the government's move to award and fund its local astrazeneca vaccine production solely to the firm. the backbone of thailand, cove, at 19 response, when opposition m. p. 's asked for greater transparency, the government released the copy of the contract between astrazeneca and see him by sign. the critical sections of the contract were blacked out like the budget, the schedule for vaccine distribution and numbers of shots that
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a leading opposition figure also charged with royal defamation. for criticizing the sign bias 9th deal was officially read his charge last week and i was questioning the desk period of this deal doubt whether it's beneficial to to the monarchy. because if there is any failure in the production, then the people will question the king as the ultimate or no other company. and he said the government's hands are tied. it can't pursue legal action against psycho bios science with the king as the firm's head. in responding to a question from al jazeera, regarding the jailing, a peaceful activist for protesting outside sign bio sciences headquarters, astrazeneca declined to comment. kenneth torn sees the government crackdown a public outcry about the deal to be a low point for the country, saying there are more royal defamation cases now than ever before. i think this is
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the edge of freedom been dialing one wireless group pushed for the charges against the 2 young protesters saying they're focused on the wrong issue. her pull up and i think the conflict of interest is not the issue that we should focus on. we have to focus on the current crisis, not the fact that the company will have the patient and right to produce more vaccine in the future. so while governments and leaders around the world are working on ways to move on from the pandemic, adopting a policy of transparency about coven 19 thailand's government appears to be focused on putting people in prison, who are asking for that same openness. got hardly al jazeera, bangkok, china's parliament has passed legislation to cut homework pressure on students. the full law hasn't been published, but parents are being asked to manage children's time so they can rest and exercise . private tutoring is to be limited. government is considering legislation that
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would punish the parents of quote, very badly behave children, unrest, and s 14. he has left thousands of people that are wounded in the past few months. processors are demanding democracy and africa's last absolute monarchy. but it's affecting the economy with more than $68000000.00 in damages and losses. that's also the name reports. the campus of car bois high school, belies its academic excellence as the best performing it is for teeny. now it's library and textbooks are chart and classrooms, vandalized, during unrest, link to pro democracy protests in is not good. because as as a school, we always try to fall harrigan lennox in class to teach them. we are still not yet good in online learning. we are trying to use it on pot is handled for to good phones to support us began in jude. many students have boycotted classes,
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demanding free education. only primary school is free. although the government pays for high school for the neediest students, the population is increasing in this country of more than one point. 1000000 people . but the government says there aren't enough jobs. that's why it's prioritizing education. $24000.00 high school students will graduate this year and enter a job market with a youth unemployment rate of 54 percent high school student bermondsey missle. lenny anticipates, he'll have to build his future abroad beginning with the university and south africa next year. because of all this in the country was hasn't been something that has just from up. it's been something that has been, you know, in the events leading up to this point. so it's no surprise that you know, everything is happening the way it is. so i think it's miss for me like go study,
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i'll say last year a cyclone destroyed du du z ley du bay's home where she lives with her son and grandchildren. she says the government sent a team to survey the damage and promised a disaster relief fund would provide her money to rebuild. she has not received a dollar or a block of concrete. the family doesn't have running water or electricity. it won't got sent that will. what troubles me is that i have nothing to keep these children . if i could just get my home rebuilt and food, well, that's when i had a trouble finding. the children in the debate says she can't stop worrying that her mud house might collapse during the next heavy rain. natasha name al jazeera bonnie, as for teeny traditional music is making a comeback in libya. it's called maloof and it's played by bands on special occasions, including weddings and religious holidays. there used to be just
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a few performers, but that's changing. as malik trainer reports from tripoli, maloof, in classical arabic means fashionable or familiar. but libya, it's what they call traditional music. it usually include singing musical instruments and praises to god. use of new for the prominent thinker of maloof and libya. he says the type of music has a rich history here. then had that front of it. mother for originated in andalusia that came to northern africa and made its way to libya, morocco algeria antennas. yeah. it's a simple form of music with few instruments. it's been passed on from generation to generation before. it was only played during religious occasions like to marvel, and before they were only a few bands in libya and they were all in tripoli. but now every city has numerous bands. this crowded tripoli have gathered for molar the prophet mohammed birthday. they celebrate by singing mellow ha. maloof is not form that has deep roots in
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libya. it's very beautiful and we enjoy it. the words poetic and speak of love and blessings. it touches upon our culture and tradition, and i hope it lives on through the generations to come them tells us where we came from, who we are, or heritage or culture. everything about a kind of gives you a sense of pride of where we come from. honestly it's, it's awesome, seeing all the faces out here in the songs and dancing and everything like that. awesome. we're centuries, people of mars to triple is old cities singing and dancing during this revered holiday. that tradition continues to this day. it's that events like this that you can feel how special and how important my to delivering for this and, and living culture. hundreds of people are gathered here today thinking songs of predictor and spirituality. but it's not just that events like this, them a lucas place. it's also a boss and most libyan wedding. during this wedding, people enjoy their meals while listening to a live performance of maloof in the background use of philip,
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his father was one of the most famous middle fingers in libya's recent history. he's now continuing his father's legacy. his band is one of the most sought after during weddings in tripoli. why? levin? what are some interesting that maloof is now a master? most social events like engagement parties, weddings, and even business conferences. young men now learning to play musical instruments because it's a trait that's in high demand. back at the moulded gathering and far from the politics of the visions of libya, these people celebrate through an ancient art form, a tradition they hope will continue for generations to comp. now, trina ultra 0, true blue. ah, hello again. the headlines and al jazeera to guy and forces separated hundreds of captured government soldiers through the regional capital mikella. dozens of trucks were.


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