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is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah. the united nations suspend slides to t gray region after ethiopian government air strikes prevent a plane carrying aid from landing ah, you're watching out a 0 light from a headquarters and i'll find any navigator. also ahead and do activist rowdy and bangladesh calling for an end to compliance. italy's former interior minister mateus albini goes on trial for refusing to let
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a spanish migrant rescue shipped off in an italian forts and the u. s. demands clarification from israel after it declares 6 palestinian rights groups as the terror organizations. ah, hello, fighting is intensifying between government forces anti bryan rebels and ethiopia as northern mo, state the un, her suspended all age flights to t cry after one if explained was forced to turn back due to government airstrikes. laura burton manley reports oh, you found it. celebrate re gunfire, rings out into great capital, mckelly as captured governments, soldiers, a corralled and trucks and paraded. mccalla has been the epicenter of conflict between government forces and to grind rebels for almost
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a year. air strikes have been raining down on the city for 4 days, and the government says it's aiming at military targets. some local reports say it's also hitting civilian infrastructure for the good part of the year, we had no access to the to gray region. we haven't had access for the money weeks or since june. so again, it's allegations going back and forth between the ethiopian side and, and the t p enough. but what we know for certain as that mina, so feet your pants have become displaced. there are conditions. so far famine the latest air strikes a force, the un to a bought a humanitarian flight from landing. i think this illustrates just one more example of the direct impact of conflict on our humanitarian operations. plain and simple. um, right now, our flights are suspended, the lack of access for fuel trucks,
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for cash, all the basic necessities that fuel our humanitarian operations are so we can help the millions of people in te grey dr. the mckelly is ada referral hospital are seeing firsthand the effects of a severe shortage of food and fuel. worried parents sit by the beds of their children, his asthma. good, the doctor stephanie. she is my nourished. my daughter is sick and i'm terrified for her. the un says acute malnourishment among children has searched in the to grey province. it says the conflict ravage, reach and have descended into the world's worth hunger crisis in a decade with a little net. he's wounded because of war and suffering from lack of food. and this no clear and in sight. while analysts say government forces unto grey and rebels
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remain far from a compromise. many remain vulnerable to starvation disease and thanked us of a protracted conflict. nor go to manly outer syrup and to activists and bangladesh or rallying in the capital. docker against the recent spate of communal violence. these 6 people were killed at a hindu festival. earlier this month, it followed claims. the muslim holy book, the koran was disrespected in a temple tanveer child re is up the demonstrations in darker. there are thousands of people gathered here when i'm standing. this place is known as shock square right next to the dock, a university campus. there are people from all walks of life muslim, main, those christian. this protest was called by several organization. the key one is the bangladesh hinder, but this christian alpha c h and know a lot of people actually right also protesting through hunger strike and it's a nationwide protest that has been going on for the last several days. now most of
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these people who are saying that the key demands are that that is slum as a national religion should be abolished from the constitution. they want the real culprit to be brought to justice. those behind the scenes that thing there are political motives behind it. now the police have arrested a person which was rather identified through cctv camera. his name is eric bala same now his relatives. another saying this person is mentally ill and he is also a drug addict. so mad not too many people are convinced that thing that people behind this they may have used this person to place the koran in the, in the podium pavilion. they also one stop to social media instigation. there's been a lot of chatter last several days in the social media. even it took a regional dimension, even the indian side people who support b. j. b and members of b, j. b. what instigating?
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they were saying that india short entered vain and bangladesh on banging their side, there are a lot of false videos and instigation, a lot of different kind of chat. they want to stop doing that. and they won a con space. i ran a investigation to bring the political motive and people who are politically involved, who instigated this brought to justice. otherwise the protests will continue in bangladesh. italy's former interior minister mateo saline is appearing in court for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019 the 4 right politician prevented 2 vessels from docking for days. they were carrying hundreds of people. rescued from the mediterranean desperation led to some migrants jumping off and attempting to swim to shore prosecutors, a que cell, vinny of kidnapping and dereliction of duty. adam brainy has an update from rome, prosecutors in their company. civil plaintiffs have submitted a list of more than 2 dozen witnesses to testify, and they're pretty high profile,
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ranging from the former prime minister who served above the need. that's prime minister for our prime minister content. and even on that list is actor richard year because he volunteered for a period on one of these ships and he's seen as a possible witness. we also expect to see my tails have any himself appearing, although he's not currently the interior minister. he's still a very high profile politician in italy. he's a member of mario that argues governments in rome, but he's in recent days, been fighting for his kind of political relevant because there's other rising powers in that movement right now. it's very large, both politically and legally to be a former and tear administered. try and at times realize that important. but this same time, we're also very different italy than just 2 years ago. at that time in 2019 the migrant crisis, the refugee issue in europe in italy was the pre eminent story part time. and for
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the international media covering it was the face of an anti migrant movement. here with closed door, he said, he says he was just carrying out policy of the government and he shouldn't be on trial for what was a government policy in place. we also have a very different italy and the relevant these days of my, my pay off having himself, as i mentioned earlier, he was this case in many ways, book in his career. he was this rising star on the right. now, he has competitors on the right that are buying for power and looking to dislodge him from this important leadership position. the us says it's killed, a senior al qaeda leader in a drone strike and northwestern syria. the strike comes 2 days after an american outpost in the south was attacked. us central command says the death of abil. how many of them i thought will disrupt the armed groups ability to carry out global attacks. while i saw enough gone, astonish, says it carried out
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a bomb attack that left the capital in darkness. on thursday, the explosion hit a high voltage line supplying imported power to cobble and other provinces. the attack is a further blow to tele bonds efforts to stabilize the country of gonna son is heavily dependent on electricity imported from its neighbors. is becca son, until it gets done. the u. s. wants to know why israel has designated 6 palestinian civil society groups as quote, terrorist organizations. israel targeted palestinian and jose and helped me here as well as a research center. the defense ministry accuses them a funnelling money to an armed group, the popular front for the liberation of palestine. and the palestinian prime minister says the designation violates international law. honda region d, a senior fellow at the middle east institute and director of the palestine program . he says israel labeled the groups as quote terrorist organizations because they expose human rights violations. when you dig down in terms of the
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criteria that these really used to designate these groups, you find that it's, it's quite as tenuous connection that they made. there are several degrees of separation. i think it's, it seems pretty clear that these are organisations are annoying to israeli authorities because they shine a bright light on israeli human rights violations. and they also do the same with palestinian human rights violations by the palestinian authority. they are generally widely seen as credible in the international community in by other governments, by, by civil society groups around the world. i think this, i think to most people looks like a pretty transparent attempt to shut down criticism and
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accountability by, by civil society groups. it's the same sort of thing that you see in an authoritarian regimes elsewhere in the region for the hold on, i'll just euro urgent calls for people to get vaccinated in russia after another day of record corona virus infections. and we consider the behavior of the bellows government as a hybrid to attack the people used by no crushing victims. you pledges to keep up the pressure on dollars that lose out any funding for offense to hold the flow of my group. ah it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. now though we're well into ought of an
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it's been stormy in northern europe. much of central europe been fairly quiet recently from spain through france and towards in parts of germany. lease cars, precious high here. but at the side it has been stormy, windy stuff, in northern europe, the wet stuff in the south, particularly in the western mediterranean, where in the valley, eric islands, it's been really wet, 98 millimeters 136 percent of what you expect for the whole month and it fell in 12 hours. well, that stormy weather is still around, but it's drifting away from the body. eric, so the window briefly be there. then it's the northern shores valgy area at risk, but only temporarily. and again, spain, porch cool, and france are enjoying fine weather. most of italy is rush hours around to the east to that now bay near for example. but look at what's happening in the, to ready and see the central medicine circulation setting up to bring really wet weather, to malta, to cicero, to calabria. and if the answer to the northern coast opportunity, this taking place during sunday, and probably last into monday. now having said it's been stormy and is still fairly
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windy. i think at least in the baltic, say sure, and saturday as i was, is progressing from west to east to winds. will ease me. in fact, we're picking up something a southerly. so the change in the feeling is fitting much warmer. the next couple of days. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world best airline of 2021 in the country with an abundance of results. trade, foreign walk indonesia, his big firms. for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part linda. this is broke and progress. invest indonesia now, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, the me on the, on our to gray enforces a paraded hundreds of captured government soldiers and the regional capital mckelly . dozens of trucks carried them through the streets and the sounds of celebratory gun fire and corn into activists and bangladesh had been rallying the capital against the fate of no violence. at least 6 people were killed at a hindu festival. early over the month. italy's former interior minister mateo appearing in court for his role in blocking a migrant rescue ship in 2019. it was carrying hundreds of people. rescued from the mediterranean. russia has reported a record number of cobra,
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1900 jeff for the 5th day in a row. only about a 3rd of the population is vaccinated. one of the lowest rates in the world's president vladimir putin approved a week long nationwide. workplace shut down to try to prevent the spread of the virus showing a hollow reports, rushes cobra, $900.00. something the authorities can no longer ignore each day. this week has produced record numbers of infections and deaths. forcing the return of some restrictions. russians themselves are having to reckon with a low vaccination rate and high levels of misinformation. what is no notion, samara, what's your story? it's a very sensitive issue. a burning issue for all health care walk is because we read what's on social media and see the most negative information coming from our country citizens regarding vaccination pop over here at hospital number 23 in the city of nations. novgorod, the i, c, u is full of coven patients, most unvaccinated. only a 3rd of the population has taken up the offer of
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a russian may jab. russia was the 1st country to announce the vaccine last year, but public mistrust largely dating back. the soviet era has kept many people away. his above whiskers listened through. there came for our grandma, she was 83. she died right away after catching it. she wasn't vaccinated. i'm begging all the russians, please get vaccinated, because it's really dreadful and dangerous. president putin has ordered offices to close for a week at the beginning of november, the 1st national restrictions since the early months of the pandemic last year. wider lockdown measures have been announced for the capital moscow with a vaccine passport system being introduced in saint petersburg. but the new measures along with renewed appeals to get vaccinated come in the face of widespread public apathy. come when you deal with net gear up the sheila, until we can tackle the root cause the driver of this rise in cases, nothing will change. and that's the mandatory ma, squaring, and its facts,
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a nation. only these 2 components will add up to a formula for success. last year's early lockdown was unpopular and drove the economy into recession since then mixed messaging on state run media has fueled public skepticism. the time may have come for the kremlin to gamble with its approval ratings, if it's to stem a rising covey tide joan. a whole al jazeera, though ukrainian presidents is accusing moscow of orchestrating europe's energy crisis. vladimir zalinski is urging brussels to work with kiev against what he calls gas aggression. russia says its suppliers are fulfilling obligations under existing contracts. it says it has to fill its own reserves ahead of winter. the european union says it's extremely concerned about growing numbers of migrants in refugees crossing from neighboring by the ruse. it's accusing minsk of what it calls state sponsored smuggling. but countries are divided on how to tackle the
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issue. some say the block must insert people's rights, aren't taken away, and others are calling for a fence to be built as part of a new migration tax. the issue dominated the final day of the summit between you leaders and brussels on friday. we will keep up the pressure on the new crashing co regime. we have already proposed targeted measures to reverse. these are facilitation for the regime and it's proxies. and we are ready to explore options for further sanctions, not only for individuals, but also for entities or companies. second, we agreed that we need concerted action. and belarus, as we observing now, is looking at opening new routes. it has offered further visa waivers, traditional 3rd countries, and we will continue our engagement with these countries to limit this state sponsored smuggling step austin spoke to my grants and the german city of lipstick,
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who made the journey to the you through belarus. more awesome and hussain managed to reach germany after spending weeks in no man's land between poland and bellows. both of them fled the war and yemen and reached malaysia. it was there they heard of a new gateway into the e. u. travel agent selling the, the invitations from ballard. the agent is its normally they, they have office and they want for 10 years. but they contract the global see and agents. my dad and hussein paid $1000.00 us dollars each to travel agents and took a plane to minsk from their attacks. he took them to the border with poland. they spent weeks in the forest between poland and bella was the bought a guy from both countries, pushed him back and forth across the border. they say the bell of russian goth refuse to let me turn to men. they told us, you will. you will,
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i will kill you. he will be by no means it's your fault. go to berlin for you. yes. and they talk us because they give us a cutter. they told us ok bull on for me. go and get to the cutlass. yes. the, they give us the cutter to do was to cut the harbert wire. we were stuck being sent back and forth between the 2 countries. the 20 dave valuations would tell us to go to poland, the polish for tenants to go the opposite direction to. but of us, the 20 days we have no access to food or water and the pollution police would either buy weapons after the new or peters repeatedly tell us to go back to oakland . but the pay was captured by the polish police again and broad back to the border . we told them below this border is so dangerous. take us. so anyway, they said we don't care. go to the hell. after finally making it into poland,
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they took the taxi to the german border where they were detained by the german police life. it's a great feeling, especially when you lease quarters. they welcomed us and told us you are now safe and secure in our hands. why pass them and who sign have applied for asylum in germany, where they hope they can start a new life away from the war in the country? having barely so fight their deal, they are urging other refugees not to travel to europe through battle. ruth steadfast and al jazeera leipzig, us detains more than one point. $7000000.00 undocumented migrants on refugees on its border with mexico over the last year. that's the highest number ever recorded . $147000.00 of them were children, migrants from mexico and central america make up a large share of the total crossings began rising last year, but significantly escalated in the months after us. president joe biden took office
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the leader of the notorious alliance of 9 haitian gang says his members are not responsible for kidnapping 17 foreign missionaries. the head of the giant has march through port a prince flanked by hundreds of residents in defense of his arms groups. meanwhile, rapid reports o show of force by members of the g. 9 gang in puerto prince wall images of heavily armed gang members marching freely through the city streets might seemed surreal to many. it's a scene that's become quite common in the haitian capital, some gangs like the g 9 or even trying to reinvent their image and appear more like a political organization than a criminal enterprise. hey, we want to build good schools, good hospitals have good, clean water. we are the sons of the nation. ah, on the streets dang, violence seems to be getting worse by the day. and growing insecurity means part of the job of public transport drivers is to always keep an eye out for trouble or
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holy stuff about when the police could do something for us because they're the law . so they're the ones that should protect us. but they don't do anything back, so we don't know what to do. ah, gang violence is not a new phenomenon and hating even government leaders have been known to use gangs in the past to exert political control. but locals tell us the scale of the violence is reaching unprecedented levels. fullborne seeking, we did not be a fool by yourself when we need security in this country. we can't go on living like this anymore. we have people with guns everywhere, and police beats us with sticks and everything is really hard for us. we need change in this country level. ah, despite the dangers, people still have to go out. if they want to make a living. for many residents of puerto prince and for drivers simply commuting around town is one of the most dangerous activities they can do. running the risk of being kidnapped, being robbed, or getting caught in the crossfire of rival gangs, fighting each other over control of different parts of the city. an estimated 50
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percent of territory in the haitian capital is said to be under the control of criminal gangs. and while the case of 17 hostages being held by a gang known as 400 muzzle has attracted international attention for an aid groups say, the magnitude of the security crisis has far reaching implications. the guys are expand day their power and they control on areas of the gap. it's a cd. and again, it's a vicious cycle. if you have more insecurity, then humanity, actors than the state of georgia, t can no longer ring or she may die and serve is just an access to basic services to the population, which then leave the space to criminal gags to take power. this is the cycle we need to break while some fear becoming victims of violence. others have accepted the slow takeover by crime syndicates. a symptom, perhaps,
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of the distrust many have of authorities complicating the efforts to win back control of the city from the criminal groups who are trying to run it. manuel rap, hello al jazeera, puerto prince. 3 pakistani police have been killed in clashes with supporters for bands political group. a vehicle ran over the officers after violence broke out on the horn. members of to hey, kayla, big pakistan, known as the t l. p. or demanding the release of their leader, san jose. recently, he was arrested earlier this year accused of inciting violence. the world health organization has promised to overhaul its structure as an internal culture to prevent sexual exploitation. an independent report found at least 80 cases of abuse by w. h o employees and aid workers, the staff for the democratic republic of congo to fight ebola. paula donovan is the co director of a free world and it's code blue campaign to ends. impunity for sexual offenses by
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un personnel. she says the us hasn't responded strongly enough. i think it's, it's frightening, frankly, it's a step backward for impunity, or it's a step forward for punitive to step backwards for the un, the u. n. and w h o, in this instance, part of the un is acting like an oligarchy. they are not doing what the u. n. is supposed to do, which is to set and then uphold standards to promote the rule of long due process and so forth. instead, they've decided to take matters into their own hands, and they are putting complete control over criminal matters. these are felony crimes that people from w h o and other parts of the un has been accused of. and they, they should never be handled by w h o. i challenge the definition of w h o commission as independence,
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w h o appointed its own 2 commissioners and then led this entire process which just delayed justice and still there is absolutely no hint of criminal justice for these crimes that would be carried out by the appropriate national authorities in his jurisdictions, these crimes were legibly carried out. conservationists and georgia are fighting to protect a family of endangered eurasian authors living on a river island in the centre tbilisi, illegal gravel mining and waste dumping have destroyed much of the species natural habitat. robin forest j. walker reports in downtown to please see at dawn, the fisherman a not the only masters of the croft. this is the moment a family of authors is seen on a fishing expedition, an extremely rare encounter. captured by a local filmmaker. it was absolutely astonishing. for me to find the alters right
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in the middle of the city, sir, ordinary how lie finds a way to, to drive in places where he never expected. one moment you have them swimming towards your than your film and, and then they're gone and you'll never see them again until next to lucky day. the altars have their home up stream on this river islands. waters are a critically endangered species in the caucasus and their surviving here in the only natural forest left in the city. hill accessible to cats and dogs. and without climbing equipment, humans, a photocopy i gave you though, when we set up camera traps and took photos of horses here for the 1st time. that it was a very emotional moment for me. we find the occasional footprint, but research is of worried. no pico fraud thought to go. what is heavily
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i think the situation is worse. and now, 3 years ago we were seen many more traces droppings, and we've seen this year. i never thought i'd get excited about animal droppings, but here is incontrovertible evidence of all to poop. a cramps claw from a fresh water crab eaten from this river by an autumn the island is virtually all that remains of the ot is habitat in the city. 70 heck, days of natural forest, the meadows have been destroyed in just a few years by illegal waste disposal and gravel mining. local residents have 4 to successful campaigns, ends the destruction. now they want the area restored to its natural state. i think it's more sustainable way of investing money to have a result, maybe not to morrow and in one year, but in 10 years. but it will be like a 10 times on
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a 10 times larger territory and it will have like 100 times larger impact maintaining by a diversity ecology of the city. researches have showed the island is void to sensibly sees or to population plans to turn it into a recreational park. have since been shelved. it's now a candidate to join the european emerald network of protected areas. there is still hope for these authors, and that footage like this will inspire their human neighbors to cherish them or risk losing them forever. robin 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi. ah, hello again. the headlines and al jazeera to grind forces operated hundreds of captured government soldiers through the regional cap on the calais. dozens of


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